Tricky Business (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

And worst of all, threaten my daughter's future.
You can't control cows, so, run with it and something good might happen.
Like getting pregnant at 17? What do you want to know? Why you and Rick really broke up.
He made a mistake.
A very big mistake.
I might as well take you home now.
I'm waiting for Rick.
I need help with homework.
You can't expect Rick to help you every time.
Why not? You broke up with him, not me.
We're still friends.
I hate you! No wonder Rick's staying away from us.
What do you want? I want you to to buy me a drink.
You sure this is what you want? Pretty much all I've ever learnt about mothering has been from Mum.
Although sometimes I'm a slow learner.
She's also taught me about respect, and I take that into my work as well.
You have to be really mindful not to judge people, their choices.
It's OK to advise, but not to interfere, because it's their life, not yours.
I'll have another coffee, thanks.
Bit stronger this time.
Anything else? You have to be a bit nicer than that if you want to get a big tip.
I've got a tip.
Hey it was fun, and you know it.
The fact that you can't deal with it, that's your problem, not mine.
Right now, you're a problem being here, OK? So, go, before you blow my cover.
What - as a waitress? I think you're doing a pretty good job of that yourself.
One more coffee, and I'll get to work, boss.
Food scraps go in the bin.
Dirty cutlery goes in that container.
And the plate can go in the dishwashing rack.
Oh, of course.
Sorry, Lara.
Oh! And if a customer's harassing you, please, feel free to pass them on to me.
He actually wants another coffee, so Over here.
When did you say you last worked in hospitality? It's, uh it was a few years ago, I've got to admit.
How long did it take you to get the hang of it? I trained as a chef before I bought this place.
I've had plenty of practice.
It wasn't a family business that you took over? Why would you think that? You're just so good at it.
It's like you've been doing it for years.
No, uh I'm the first one in my family to go into business.
They were very supportive.
I wouldn't have made it work without them.
Table two.
Two Are you sure you want to come back for the lunch shift? Yes! The more I can learn, the better.
314 - that's it.
Let's go.
Oh! Ooh! Are you right? Careful.
What's a bloody rock doing in the middle of the lawn anyway? Check these guys out.
Yeah, they're garden gnomes.
To you, maybe.
To me that looks like a fortune on eBay.
That is a fully intact set of the seven dwarves.
We've got Dopey, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, Doc.
Come on, Chad, help me out here.
Uh Sleepy, that's six.
Tell you what.
I'll look it up on my phone.
No, no, no, no, that's cheating.
No, it'll come to me.
Uh forget it.
Just give me the front door key.
Hey? I I thought you had the key.
You've forgotten the front door key? We're gonna have to drive all the way through peak hour traffic, Jim.
I'm so sorry.
Lose have a day's jobs - forget it.
No time.
We are gonna have to get creative, my friend.
We have been employed to go in and repossess goods in lieu of unpaid rent.
How we do that is a technicality.
But as far as Kate's concerned this never happened.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Uh, look, I'm flattered, but it's time you moved on.
And concentrate on work? Exactly.
Alright, that's what I'll do, then.
Thank you.
Mrs Hudson? Gaye? Mr Sloane.
Yeah, Matt.
Nice to meet you.
Can I get you a tea, coffee? Uh long black with a jug of fat-free milk on the side.
The milk should be warm, not boiled.
Long black, warm milk.
How was the drive down from Sydney? This is the man I want you to find.
It's your husband? Soon to be ex.
And you think he's in this area.
Someone said they saw him around Coalcliff, yes.
But you haven't been able to contact him.
He changed his mobile number, left his job, his wife, his dog, his responsibilities.
How long ago was this? Three months.
Long enough for him to work out what he really wants apparently.
This is it.
Separation? Divorce.
So, have you got the divorce papers? I want to find out where he is first, take it from there.
Hope it's OK for you.
Unlikely, but I have low expectations.
Anything else I can do for you? Maybe later.
Lara's a really nice person.
She's warm and she's friendly, and she just loves her job, which she is great at.
Is she happy? Yeah, seems so.
And you can tell she just clearly adores her husband and her kids.
Oh, that's great.
I'm glad.
Has she mentioned her parents? Mmm, in passing.
You know, Jenny, if you wanted to get in contact with her, you could go through government channels.
But what if Lara doesn't know she's adopted? Could you find that out from her? Mmm.
Without giving it away? Yeah, sure.
So, you never had any other children? No, there were complications with the birth.
I can't imagine what you must have gone through giving up your baby and having to live with that all these years.
Yeah it's been hard.
But, you know, I was 15, and there weren't a lot of options in those days, especially living in a small country town.
- Ugly? - Nuh.
And don't google it.
It is on the tip of my tongue.
Is this on the list? Yeah, that comes with us.
We'll grab the bubble wrap from the car once we've identified the rest of the items.
Brass vase.
Vase vase.
It's not really jumping out at me, Jim.
Uh what is that right there in front of you? Last time I checked, vases don't have lids.
I've seen Japanese vases with lids.
Ceremonial vases.
Looks like it hasn't been used in a while.
Here, take this.
That's it - Sneezy.
That's the seventh dwarf - Sneezy.
Good on you, Chad.
You'll want to invoice promptly on this one.
The ticket scalper scam? Yeah, it's a national case.
Could take a while for the company to process.
That would be so annoying.
What - waiting for people to pay up? It's kind of what keeps us in business, Lily.
Oh, duh! No.
I mean, turning up to a concert, having paid big money for tickets, and finding out somebody else is already in your seat.
Be enough to put you off.
Then I guess you won't be wanting the free tickets they've offered me as a bonus.
Who? You know, some international band.
Who?! Boys Who Don't Wax? Mousse.
Boys Who Don't Mousse! They are absolutely huge.
Really? Yeah! And you know who's a massive fan and would love you to death if you took her? Emma.
How's it going, barista sister? Let's put it this way.
I will not be giving up my day job.
Not a word.
Hey, Mum.
What are you doing here? Oh .
your dad forgot his glasses.
I've no idea when Dad will be back in the office next.
My feet are killing me.
I don't know how Lara does it all day all that standing, all those annoying customers.
So how's it going with Jenny Doyle? That's why you're really here, isn't it? Mum, you know I can't discuss the case.
Oh, come on.
I gave you the case.
And Jenny's an old friend, not a case.
At least as far as I'm concerned.
Were Jenny's parents really that strict? Oh, yes, yeah.
But I don't think my parents would have reacted any differently.
It was the time.
Teenage mums weren't encouraged to raise their children back then.
I was so lucky to have you and Dad.
Slow day? Slow town.
What can I do for you? I'm looking for this guy.
Have you seen him? Yeah, he looks a bit like a bloke who comes in here sometimes.
I haven't seen him for a while, though.
You could try the pub.
Thank you.
You barely looked at it.
How can you be sure? I don't know him.
Well, he might have lost a bit of weight.
He could be thinner.
What did he do? Did he start a fight? Did he vomit on your floor? What? I have the right to throw you out, you know that.
So don't make me.
Beer garden.
Bring your beer.
Yeah, that's him.
You're right.
He is thinner.
Also bluer last time I saw him.
Bluer? That's why Bruce won't talk to you.
He was in the front bar watching TV, eating his schnitzel, and suddenly keeled over.
Yeah Yes.
No, we knocked it off first thing this morning.
Yeah, a cream brick veneer with a hedge.
Hey? Oh, really? Uh, yeah, well, that that would have been, uh Yeah.
No, different jobs, same area.
OK, no worries.
Yep, straight onto it.
No worries.
Thank you.
Everything OK? Yeah.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Chad, we've got to take care of something.
What? Hey? Oh doesn't matter.
Come on.
Come now! Dad We burgled a house?! Keep your voice down, will you? It wouldn't have been a burglary if we'd got the right house.
No, but we had the address, the paperwork.
Yeah, unfortunately I read 314 Bond Street, instead of 3/4.
You forgot your glasses.
Well, you forgot the key.
Anyway, let's not start finger pointing.
What we do is drive over there and put everything back the way we found it.
Just pray they don't come home in the meantime.
And everything's gonna be alright.
It's gonna be fine.
I've got a good feeling about this.
Didn't we park here? Where's my car? You're kidding.
I've checked the registries, the death notices in all papers, as well as the online obituaries.
No Terrence Wallace Hudson is listed.
I'm gonna head back up to Coalcliff.
Can you email me a list of all the funeral homes in the area? And ambulance stations, hospitals, whatever else you can think of.
We're dead.
We are so dead.
What's up? Hey.
Uh nothing.
We're dead tired carting furniture up and down stairs.
Full-on repo.
Fair enough.
Dad, I heard you utter the words 'no worries' on the phone before.
You only ever say that if something big has gone down.
I could call Kate.
No, don't call Kate.
We burgled a house and my car got stolen.
And the stuff from the house was in the car.
So, the goods you stole were stolen? And my car.
I love that car.
I only got it detailed the other week.
A bit of perspective, Chad.
You lose your car, you lose your car.
We lose the contents here, we lose everything.
Any idea who took the car? No.
Which is why we need to be calling the police.
Yeah, and what are we gonna tell them exactly when they discover the contents of the car are not ours? Hang on.
Jim, I can't find my phone.
Was it in the car? This is the worst day of my life.
Pshaw! Did you download that Find My Phone app? Yes.
Yes, yes.
If it's still in the car Find the phone, find the car.
And pray the stuff is still in it.
Yeah, just keep going.
A little bit further.
Should be coming up, this one on the left.
This one here? Yeah, this one here.
Keep going.
There it is.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
There's my car.
Well, we're not out of the woods yet.
We need to make sure we get all the contents.
Away we go.
G'day, fellas.
You get that one.
I'll get this one.
Mate! Mate! You cooperate and I won't call the cops, huh? Why not? Because I'm not waiting for them to take forever to turn up, ask stupid questions, fill out paperwork and then let you off with good behaviour! All I want is my car and all the stuff that was in it.
Understand? Coffee.
Oh, good work.
Chad, well, everything's there, apart from the brass vase.
There's your phone.
Thank you.
We had a deal.
Alright, but Gran is not gonna be happy.
Gran, there's a couple of blokes here to see you.
Be nice.
What do you want? I believe you have something of ours.
Make me an offer I can't refuse.
Hey, Jim, I never saw this before.
It's got 'Floyd Mancuso' engraved on the lid.
Give me a look.
This is not a vase.
This is an urn.
An urn? Does it have As in one with ashes in it? Mmm.
Well not anymore, I'm afraid.
We're just gonna have to take it back without them.
No, we can't afford any more blunders.
Meet me back at my place.
Whoa! Oh, look out.
Miss Australia's here.
Hello, Mrs Christie.
Hello, Chad.
So, busy day, hands on? Yeah, I've had three clients already this morning.
I think I'm gonna ask them to provide their own towels.
You'd save a fortune on detergent.
Might put me out of business.
I actually prefer the smell of sunshine on my towels, not smoke.
Why are you barbecuing now? Chad just wanted to see how they work, these ones.
Actually, truth be told, I was thinking about getting me one.
But you know what? They are pretty smoky, aren't they? Yeah, they can be.
Slow day, then? Oh Could say that, yeah.
He's handsome.
My younger brother.
He's single, if you're interested.
Oh yeah, thanks, but I'm actually sworn off men at the moment.
Have you got any other siblings? No, just Vince.
What about you? Yeah, I've got a younger sister.
She's great.
She's in top form at the moment.
She just met her birth mother.
That must be a big deal.
She's always known she was adopted, but she was scared to get in contact 'cause she didn't know how Mum would feel.
And Mum was really supportive, so Sounds like a positive outcome for everyone.
Speaking of outcomes, I don't think I'm really cut out for this job.
I think you're right.
She doesn't know.
And, if she does, she deserves an acting award.
It's hard to know whether that's good or bad.
It certainly makes things trickier for you.
It certainly makes it a much bigger decision, especially if she's happy.
You're still her mother.
Am I? Here we go.
Good? That's it - perfect.
Wonder what Floyd would have thought about today's adventures.
Sorry, mate.
Rest in peace.
From now on.
Yeah, if we don't have good reception, they might suspect that someone has broken in.
And we certainly don't want the cops sneaking around.
Can't believe we got away with it.
You left the TV on.
No, I didn't.
I barely watch the stupid thing.
Reception's rubbish.
It's fine now.
Do you think your brother popped in and fixed it? Craig wouldn't know how to use a microwave.
Hey, Floyd's urn has been moved.
Look at this.
What?! Should I ring the police? And say what? "We scattered our dog's ashes and somebody put them back"? Oh, then it's a miracle.
Floyd has returned.
Matt Sloane, Sapphire Mercantile.
Need a hand with something? Uh, yeah, I do, actually.
I'm looking for this guy.
I believe he had a heart attack and died recently.
I just wondered if maybe you attended him.
Yeah, that's Lazarus.
Terry Hudson, I know him as.
This guy was gone, finished, an ex-human.
Then, suddenly, he sits up and he says, "Drinks are on me, mate.
" Hold on.
He's alive? Yeah.
We took him straight to the hospital to get checked out.
Last time I saw him, he was as alive as you or me.
Uh thanks, mate.
I owe you one.
Hey, good luck getting any info out of the hospital.
At least you know for sure he's not dead.
He may as well be as far as finding him's concerned.
Not big talkers, the people in Coalcliff, huh? Yeah.
I can't blame the hospital for following their privacy guidelines.
I wouldn't want some stranger being handed my personal details.
I know.
You barely share that information with the people that you work with.
Mmm, yeah, you give away too much too soon all the mystery disappears.
So what do you plan to do next? Uh, I'll be in Coalcliff.
See ya.
So go on, then.
You know you can tell me.
What? You and Matt.
That's ridiculous.
What's ridiculous? Nothing, just life.
Mmm? I have some VIP tickets to an outdoor music event tomorrow night.
It's an all-ages gig.
Would you be interested? Who's playing? Oh, some boy band.
You've probably never heard of them.
Boys Who Don't Mousse.
Boys Who Don't Mousse? Yeah.
Rick! You are totally awesome! How many tickets did you get? Two.
Have you got someone you can go with? Texting Britney ASAP.
I'm going, Mum.
Well, it just would have been nice to be consulted first.
OK, you can go, but you have to be dropped off and picked up, OK? In the side street.
No, at the front door.
Well, I could do it.
Front door will be fine.
Mum! Hey, beautiful girl.
Where's my blue shirt? Which blue shirt, honey? I wanna wear it to the gig, Mum.
It should have been washed by now.
I'm not your slave, young lady.
If it's not in the washing basket, it won't get washed.
Cool, I'll go naked.
You'll be lucky to go at all at this rate.
You can't stop me.
Those tickets were a present from Rick.
Make her do her own washing.
If you make her feel more grown-up, then she might start behaving more grown-up.
When did you get so wise? Hey.
Can we have a talk? Go away.
You're 14 now.
I should be treating you more like an adult.
Em, I wanted to tell you the real reason why Rick and I broke up.
It's yesterday's news, Mum.
Without asking me, he took our money.
Our joint money from the business.
And he he invested it in something that failed.
We lost all of it.
And I felt like I couldn't trust him anymore.
Don't you think you should have told me sooner? I mean, the business is still running, Rick's back.
You only decided to tell me when everything was right again.
See, you say you don't wanna treat me like a kid anymore, but you're still doing it.
Cheers, here's to a bullet dodged.
And to the health of Sapphire Mercantile.
You breathe a word of this and I know.
Crr! You celebrating? Mmm, another successful day's work.
Completely uneventful.
So something happened? Nope.
She's stirring you.
Stirring you? Nah, I'm right, thanks.
I've got loads of other stuff here.
Carrot sticks, celery.
I'm on a bit of a detox.
Heads up.
Yep, we got a blue SSV8 Sportwagon, license plate EWE 44E.
That's him.
Keep an eye on him, will you? Yep.
Why would you tie old shoes to the back of your car? Oh, no.
That means you've just got married.
Let's go.
Fergus Pryor? And his lovely wife, Rebecca, yes? Congratulations.
We're from Sapphire Mercantile.
We're here about the car.
What's this about the car? Nothing.
What's this about the car? My instructions are to deal with your husband.
The car's registered to him.
We'll come back another time.
No, no.
We'll sort this now.
It's no problem.
What's he done? I'm behind on the payments.
You don't own it? He doesn't own it? We've sent several letters of demand and we've warned you the next step would be repossession.
You seriously don't even own this car? Not quite.
Any other little surprises you've gone and spent the money on when we should be saving for a house deposit? Spent the money on the wedding.
You what? That's awesome.
It's none of our business.
We'll come back another time.
He did that without asking me and now we have no car.
How is that awesome? We'll get out of your hair.
It's awesome because most of the guys we come across blow the dough on booze, gambling or other women.
Now, your husband spent it on you.
Thank you for your message.
What else did you find out? Being a mum is hard work.
I had a fight with my daughter last night.
She thinks I treat her too much like a child.
She's right.
And now you're gonna tell me that you wouldn't change a thing.
Kate, I've been over and over this in my head.
There is no new spin you can put on it.
Lara will never really get to know herself.
She can't look at her mother and see where she's come from.
Why she is the way she is.
But she learned her behaviour from her parents, not from my genes.
Do you think she's happy now? She could be so much happier if she got to know you.
Then she'd see the full picture and know who she really is.
Jenny, you owe it to her.
So you found Terry? Fantastic.
What's his address? I can't actually give that to you.
But you know what it is.
You discovered his actual street address? Yes.
And that's what I'm paying you to find out.
So give me what I paid for.
I'm not allowed to do that.
What? I have to protect his privacy.
His privacy? Mm-hm.
He's the one in the wrong here.
The law says that I can only give you his address if he agrees to it.
The law treats the abandoned wife like some kind of serial killer? Typical.
If the situation was reversed, then you might want your whereabouts protected.
But, listen, I'm happy to serve the divorce papers, if that's what you'd like.
I mean, that's what we'd usually do in this situation.
I'm not your usual situation.
That was the world's longest lunch meeting.
So did you find that missing husband, Terry thingy? Uh, one slight hitch.
Which would be? Weird client.
Never had one of those through here before.
Hmm, she's desperate to get her husband's address, right? So she can get a divorce.
Then as soon as I get the address, she backs off.
Decided she still loves him? I reckon the divorce papers might just be an excuse, so she can turn up on his doorstep and have a go at him.
The course of true love never runs smooth.
You read too many women's magazines.
That, my friend, was Shakespeare.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, we're talking Shakespeare, are we? Yeah, I'm just broadening Lily's mind a bit.
What about you? What have you been doing? Busy saving a brand-new marriage by repossessing the groom's car.
As you do.
It was a brand-new bride, right, still in the frock.
She's about to walk out for good and Chad puts his oar in.
And tells her that the groom's awesome because he spent the car money on her.
It's a bit personal.
She loved it.
She wrapped her arms around her husband, told him he was the most romantic man in the world.
Or the least organised.
Well, she practically begged us to take the car away and by the time we left, they were deliriously happy.
It was like they'd won the lotto.
Mate, I hate to say it, but you're a genius.
15, 19, 21, 25.
Yeah, no, no, no.
That's great.
Appreciate it.
Those lottery guys are surprisingly keen to give their money away.
You think Gaye thinks her husband's won the lottery? Yeah, I bet you anything.
Bit of a long shot, isn't it? Well, I saw a sign in a newsagent up in Coalcliff.
They're looking for a lottery winner that hasn't claimed the prize.
5 million.
Well, who wouldn't wanna claim that? Someone that doesn't know they've won.
But the wife does? How does that work? Maybe she's psychic.
She probably heard about it and recognised the numbers.
These will be birthdays, wedding anniversary, things like that.
Look, 19 - that's gonna be a date for sure.
What's her name? Gaye what? Hudson.
OK, so now for the numeric card, right? G being the seventh letter of the alphabet.
A, one.
Y, 25.
E, 5.
H, 8 and so on.
That still doesn't prove that he's the winner.
Yeah, but it sure looks like it, doesn't it? Her ears must be burning.
The mention of all that money just sitting there unclaimed.
Can we ask for a share from the lottery guys if we locate the winner for them? Matt Sloane.
Hello, Gaye.
Yeah, I'm free right now.
Thank you for doing this.
I couldn't have faced it on my own.
You'll be fine.
The hardest thing is making the decision.
Yeah, well, I'm not so sure about that, but Shall we? Oh, we just need to wait for Claire.
Mum? I wanted lots of reinforcements.
Of course.
Oh! Oh.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Let's do it.
You'll be OK.
Kate, you're back.
Can't stay away.
I keep telling everyone that you've got the best coffee in town and they insist that I bring them in.
I hope Kate told you that she's one of the finest waitresses we've ever had.
She's lying.
I am.
Here you go.
Thank you.
One for you.
Thank you.
Kate doesn't need one.
I have to let you know that there are three slices of strudel left, so if you want them, you'd better be quick.
I'm sorry, I should do introductions.
This is my mum, Claire.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
And this I'm Jenny.
A friend of Claire's.
Hi, Jenny.
Thanks for coming.
Thank you.
I'll leave you to it.
You alright? Terry Hudson? Oh, I'm not interested in buying anything.
Matt Sloane, Sapphire Mercantile.
Um, I have a delivery here from Gaye Hudson.
Do I have to accept it? I could just slip it under the door when you close it.
What does she want? Could be about your big lottery win.
That's just a guess.
She didn't say anything, but I If I can work it out "Dear Mr Hudson, we've been instructed "to act on behalf of Gaye Hudson "in the matter of divorce proceedings blah, blah.
"We believe that your recent lottery winnings will be deemed "by the court to form part of the marital estate blah, blah, blah.
" Do you think she's happy? I've worked 90 hours a week up in Sydney.
We had the big house, the fancy cars, the overseas holidays, but we weren't happy.
We never saw each other.
And then one day, my heart stopped.
Just stopped.
Had the paddles the whole business.
I quit work and wanted to move down here and just take it easy.
She was furious.
We fought.
I'm sorry you don't need to hear all this.
Look, it's fine.
It's fine.
Lawyers' letters, they often have a strange impact on people.
What more proof did she need that money doesn't buy happiness? Well, maybe it doesn't for you.
But we all want different things, don't we? Anyway.
Can you just wait there a sec? Yeah, yeah.
If she wants it that badly.
Uh I'll need an armed guard to take this back with me.
It is OK for you to deliver that? Uh You'll be reporting back to her.
Yeah, yeah.
It's cool.
I feel the adrenaline already.
Don't let it freak you out, mate.
It's just a piece of paper.
Remember - easy come, easy go.
Well, I'll go and pay and thank Lara for looking after us so beautifully.
I am so not coming in here and making cakes in my spare time.
Oh, I thought's that what mothers did.
Mothers are for cherishing and for making a fuss of and for looking after grandchildren, then handing them back.
I'll write that down.
I'll deny everything.
Please, just one.
Just one of your famous chocolate cakes.
Just a little one.
You drive a hard bargain.
One cake - chocolate - and that's it.
I'll get this.
Thank you.
She's gonna do it.
I'm glad we snavelled the last of the strudel.
It was delicious.
I'm glad you liked it.
It was my mother.
She made it.
Is that your mum? You can hear her coming a mile off, can't you? Is she still here? I'd like to compliment her.
Mum, this is Jenny.
Jenny would like a word.
I'm Roz.
Jenny Doyle.
Congratulations on the strudel.
It was excellent.
Oh, thanks.
And one more thing, um Your daughter she's very talented.
She's a credit to you.
She's not too bad, is she? You're very lucky.
Both of you.
Kate, slow down.
Please? See? Jenny will never have this.
Her daughter slow down in the street for her for no reason other than she's her mother.
But Lara hasn't missed out.
You saw the beautiful relationship she has with her adoptive mum.
And what Jenny did today was the ultimate act of unconditional love.
She put her daughter's happiness above her own.
But she had a choice this time.
Thanks to you.
Why are you such a good mother? You following a manual or something? I'll let you in on a little secret.
We're all faking it.
There you go.
Do you know what this is? I have a hunch.
He told you.
No, it's my job to work things out.
I can't believe he just handed it over.
What did you say to him? Nothing in particular.
What did he say to you? He said something about if you really wanted it.
He's finally lost his marbles.
Yes! No.
It's a note.
"Dear Gaye, believe it or not, "I've just saved both our lives.
" Easy come, easy go.
Hang on, they're Em's.
What these? Yep.
Thank you.
Found these two loitering outside some concert.
How were Boys That Don't Mousse? It was sick.
Do you wanna? Still ignoring me.
Do you want an orange juice? Mm-hm.
Checking out your photos.
Sandwich? Mm-hm.
Who's the dark guy with the designer stubble? It's Matt.
You didn't say he was so hot! No wonder your mum pashed him.
Um, do you wanna go up to my room? Mm-hm.
Anything you'd like to add to that newsflash, Kate? No.
The one she loves the most We've looked everywhere, she's run away.
Is the one she drove away.
We'll find her.
Don't! This is all our fault.
Her daughter is gone and there's one more shocking twist yet to come.
I don't know what to do.