Tricky Business (2012) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

The government declared it will permanently scrap all plans to build a fast train service between Sydney and Melbourne.
You saw the cabinet papers.
It was signed off.
People change their minds, especially politicians.
The fast train project was real, Kate.
It was a red-hot goer.
Where did you get this from? A bloke at the Transport Minister's office.
It's a bank cheque for the full amount I owe.
I have to move back to the Gold Coast and work for them.
So, what? It's all over just like that? You're coming with me.
I can't walk out on Sapphire, alright? This is the best job I've ever had.
I hate you.
No wonder Rick's staying away from us.
Without asking me, he took our money.
He lost all of it.
Don't you think you should have told me sooner? Who's the dark guy with the designer stubble? It's Matt.
You didn't say he was so hot.
No wonder your mum pashed him.
This job is all-consuming.
It kind of creeps up on you.
And, um, it's not one of those jobs that you can just cruise along until you retire.
Which I gotta say, is, um You know, it's fine if you love it.
And I I did love it.
And I still do.
I still do love it.
But I think that maybe I didn't get the balance right.
I wasn't always paying enough attention at home.
Whereas Kate Now, Kate has always made sure that she's a mum first and a merc agent second.
Which means she has had to sacrifice quite a lot in her personal life.
Captain's log.
After three nights surveillance the phantom steak stealer is still unidentified.
It's dawn and I am pulling the plug.
Another night waste Adds new meaning to the concept of a stake-out.
What? Did they just chuck it over the wall? Mm-hm.
Keep it simple, stupid.
And, um, security were the only ones on-site.
So it has to be them.
He's reviewing their contract.
I bet.
He said we can keep the lamb.
If this fits in the fridge.
Eugh, it's disgusting.
So how's Emma doing at basketball camp? I haven't got the first idea.
Maybe I should feel guilty about it.
But I'm quite enjoying the fact I haven't got the first idea.
Relaxing, eh, not having your little one in your hair? You should go to bed.
Yeah? While the mouse is away.
I thought that I was clear.
You and me - not going anywhere.
It can't.
Emma's confused enough already.
Morning all.
Just been doing the payments again.
It would be nice if people were as prompt as we are at paying our dues.
If they did that, Dad, we'd be out of business.
When's Lily back? And when's that photocopier getting fixed? Oh, that would be tomorrow and today - in that order.
This is my transformation.
How do I look? Very professional.
Better be.
This target is a super-corporate-plus woman.
Paula Conti, absolute high-flier.
Knows everything that needs to be known about business.
Except for understanding the clause in her contract with the previous employer that stated, "Thou shalt not work in the same field "for two years after leaving us.
" Maybe she didn't read the fine print.
I need to prove she's still trading.
If I pull this off today, there's a really large bonus.
I'll go through your notes.
Thank you.
See you, darling.
See you.
Ooh! She does look scary.
Come through.
We weren't scheduled until midday.
I'm just here to drop off the figures, confirm we're still on track for our meeting.
I certainly am.
This is all the information I requested? Yes, of course.
We're very keen to improve our productivity.
And I'm told you're the person to help us do that.
They're our current figures.
We're both on track then, aren't we? Yes.
It's always useful to get an early feel for the person you're dealing with, isn't it? Hmm.
Catch them off balance.
That wasn't my intention.
You must have read my CV, Miss Christie.
I'm very experienced.
I know all the moves, even the tricky ones.
I look forward to our chat later.
So do I.
Rick Taylor.
All I need to know.
Welcome to the other side of the fence.
You're served.
I got served just before from the Anti-Corruption Commission.
It's a ploy.
They like to catch people off guard.
Well, it's only a preliminary enquiry.
Maybe I should just not show.
That would be a mistake.
These people at the ACC play a hard game.
If they want you there, you turn up.
Who else has been approached? Well, I called a couple of the investors.
And they got letters as well to come in for a chat.
Any indication as to what information the Commission have? Well, why would they tell us that? I guess because I got everyone involved on the fast train, I'm at the front of the queue.
Acting on illegally obtained information.
They're going to come down hard.
You need to get all your ducks in a row and march them in behind you.
Well, I've already got one duck in my sights - Trevor Ogilvy.
He's the one that convinced me the fast train was happening.
He supposedly had the inside information.
I'll cover for you.
Thanks, Jim.
How'd you go? That woman is a piranha.
It's like she's employing us.
Well, what you've got to do is get her to agree to take on a productivity study for us, get an invoice up-front, and we've nailed her for breaching her restraint of trade agreement.
You make it sound so easy.
Get up.
You're still here.
You're snoring.
Go home.
I'm too whacked to go home.
And I don't snore.
We could record you.
We do have the technology.
Get up.
Oh, God.
I'll have a coffee or the road won't be the only thing I'm hitting.
Now, this is when you should offer me a lift.
I'll be suitably grateful.
And I'd be suitably out of time to get ready for my interview.
Get a coffee.
Get yourself home.
Where's Rick? I don't know.
Do you want to brush up on your pitch to the piranha? OK.
Try me.
Does anyone else want one? No, thanks.
Yes, please.
Sapphire Mercantile.
Kate, it's Mum.
Is your dad there? Yeah, sure.
I'll just grab him.
I'll talk with you.
I just wanted to know if he was with you.
Why? What's wrong? What's happened? It's Emma, isn't it? Is she hurt? I don't think there's any reason to panic.
It's just that we've been looking for her.
What? What do you mean? Well, she didn't turn up for breakfast this morning.
And we thought she'd just slept in or gone for a run or something so Is her room OK? Not broken into? No.
No, it's nothing like that.
It's just that she missed breakfast.
And now she hasn't turned up to meet the bus for training.
What about her things? What? From the room.
Oh, it's gone.
Everything's gone.
Stay right there.
I'm coming down.
What for? She's not here, Kate.
She's gone.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what to say.
We've looked everywhere.
She's run away.
We need to go down there.
You know how this works.
The local cops, they're on it.
They're not on it.
She's a runaway.
She won't be listed as missing till at least 48 hours after.
Kate, think it through.
She disappeared during the night.
She's probably miles away.
Emma doesn't know which way's which at the moment.
I've been an idiot and a bad mother.
It's all my fault.
Look, she's probably just trying to get attention.
All kids try and wind up their parents, Kate.
You did, I can tell you.
Rick, where are you? I need you to call me back.
It's really urgent.
What did Mum say? She couldn't talk, she's driving.
She's coming back here.
Why? Well, she thinks it's somewhere that Emma might come.
Runaway home.
That doesn't even make sense.
Where did Rick go? Why would she be with Rick? Because if you're right about her being upset, then it's logical, isn't it? Let us know if I can do anything.
Hello, Trevor.
You've been keeping a low profile.
Let go of me! What? So you can slither under another rock? Forget it.
I wanna know what happened.
You knew that fast-train scheme wasn't happening, didn't you? I didn't have any idea it was going to go belly up.
Let go! I don't believe you.
And there will be cabinet papers, minutes, memos, emails a paper trail that will prove you're lying.
I didn't know! Security! And I will follow it.
And I will get the evidence.
And I will nail it to the wall with you.
You won't find anything.
Get this lunatic off me.
I'm not going anywhere.
Come on.
Get off him.
I don't know you.
Come on.
I've never seen you in my life.
I will get that evidence and you! Alright.
Message bank again.
Where is he? Why don't you head home, chase up any other friends? And I'll call the client on this Conti thing, get that put on hold.
But it's urgent.
The client's going to give us a massive bonus if we can close this case today.
Hey, hey, hey - this is more important, right? Got it? Yeah.
I've got it.
I prove she's breaching her non-compete agreement with Scarborough.
I get her to invoice us up-front for work she's going to do for our pretend company.
The invoice is the proof.
Uh, get it done by close of business.
I've got it.
She's sharp.
You need to be credible.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Wear a suit.
A suit? That pressed your buttons, didn't it? Yeah.
If you hear anything, I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you.
What would it be? Damn it.
Emma? Oh, it's me.
Have you heard anything? No.
I've tried all the numbers I can find.
But most of them are on her laptop.
And I can't get into it.
Well, where's Lily? She's good at these things.
She's not due back till tomorrow.
Emma could be anywhere by now.
I'm sorry.
I called as soon as I was sure there was a problem.
Mum, I'm not blaming you.
No? I am.
I should have known something like this was gonna happen.
The way she's been behaving.
Don't you put all this on yourself.
It's been hard for all of us.
And Emma's young and I'm I thought I heard voices.
What's going on? Where have you been? Asleep.
I had my earplugs in.
She changes her log-in all the time.
But I'm nosey.
So I know the latest one.
This is interesting.
What? Oh, no.
Is it what I think it is? What? I keep old case clippings in here.
And some other things.
That newspaper article about Leon Stanic? Why the hell would she keep that? He's ancient history.
I don't know.
And Emma's taken the clipping with Leon's photo on it.
'Anthropologist Wins Major Prize'.
This isn't about what happened with Matt.
She's been planning this for a long time.
She's taken off to find her dad.
Oh, Dad's on his way.
He's got a mate at the Electoral Office looking for Leon's address.
How would Emma even get his address? She doesn't have access to the electoral roll.
Why not? She's a resourceful kid.
Maybe she's seen you guys at work and done some digging of her own.
She's always known about her dad.
Not all this.
I've told her the basics.
You know, how we were too young and it didn't work out.
I should have never let her see that article.
How long does it take to get an address? Maybe Emma already got it.
Thanks a lot.
Anything? No.
He's moved since the last election.
I'll try his university.
There's nothing in the scan file.
Maybe on Facebook.
No, she doesn't have Facebook.
She's got Facebook? I told her she couldn't have Facebook.
How long has she had an account for? Did you help her do that? Of course not.
Does it even matter? I can't believe this.
She runs away from me.
Then she lies to me.
What is going on? All the kids have Facebook whether their mothers like it or not.
It's just about compulsory.
She's de-friended me.
De-friended? Unbelievable.
I'll have to sign in as her.
I'll try a different log-in.
How many teen passwords can there be? Try Google.
I thought Google did everything.
We did.
And it does.
He's got a pretty impressive CV two PhDs, research papers.
I wonder if he's still available.
Poor joke.
What Google doesn't have is anything as simple as a number or an address.
Just forget it.
What's going on with the university? They've got me on hold, playing 'Greensleeves' on tubular bells.
You'd think they'd at least Hello.
I told you before.
I'm not a relative.
But I need to speak to him urgently.
For the reasons that I gave you.
A young girl's safety could be at risk here.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Hang on.
Just hold on.
Leon Stanic is my daughter's father.
She's missing.
We think she's trying to get in contact him.
So I don't give a damn about your policy.
This is an emergency.
Thank you.
Why? What's happened.
She'll see what she can do.
What are you going to do? Is that the Conti thing? Yeah.
How long are you going to be? Well, no.
I'll send Lily over to the office.
Dad, you can't We're doing this.
Take the computer.
It's portable, isn't it? Yeah.
No, she can cover for the photocopier bloke.
Get that evidence.
So how did your company hear about me again? You don't know you're a legend? You have a very good reputation.
I think my boss talked to the personnel guy over at Consolidated.
Your boss, Ms Christie, seemed keen to deal with me personally.
Then you turn up instead.
What happened? Office complications.
You know how it is.
Tell me, from an operational point of view, what changes do you think you need to make? Put a figure on it.
A figure? Yeah.
Um Yeah well, I mean, it's not all about figures, is it? I mean, uh Well, there's personalities too.
How do we deal with those? I mean our company is, uh well, it's like a family.
The chairman, he's a bit of a patriarch.
And Ms Christie? Kate? Uh, Ms Christie.
Yeah, she's a a little terrier, that one.
She's happy to give the chairman a run for his money, that's for sure.
Sounds like you need to find someone else.
I crunch numbers, deal with staffing levels, not personalities.
And to be honest, I generally deal with companies at the top end of the market Fortune 500, not family businesses, even if they're transitioning up.
I can pay you a fee in advance, if you like.
If you want to just invoice me right now, I can have a cheque on your desk in less You're not listening to me, Mr Sloane.
You can't afford me.
Mr Ogilvy, how kind of you to drop off your hard drive.
That is all I need.
Rick, where the hell have you been? I've been leaving messages.
In Sydney.
I haven't checked my phone.
Why? Is there a problem.
There's a problem.
Emma's gone.
What do you mean, Emma's gone? What's happening? What are you doing in Sydney? It's not important.
What's going on? Is Emma OK or what? I don't know.
The police are across it.
But I'm chasing some possibilities myself.
Where exactly are you? Bexley.
But I can head anywhere.
You're closer.
You start driving.
I'll do the same.
Head south.
I'll call you with her dad's address.
I'll meet you there.
Her what? I'll explain later.
Just go.
Kate, let me go.
You're emotional.
You're far too Dad, I'm fine.
I'm completely in control.
Look, Leon's not even picking up.
I mean, it could be a waste of a trip anyway.
I need you to keep trying that home number.
OK? Liaise with the police.
Call me if they find anything.
And, Lily, keep trying to crack her Facebook account.
OK? Yeah.
I'll be at the office.
I'll call you guys if I get anything.
Show them your ID, get a receipt, bring it back to me.
And how come you can't do it? Because I don't have an ID.
- Hello.
- Wow! Your phone DOES work.
What you doing? Minnesota? Yeah.
Yeah, Look.
I can't really talk right now.
I'm um I'm undercover.
Under the covers.
Who with? Been calling and calling.
You don't answer.
What do you want, Minnie? You.
I thought it would be easy up there.
But I really missed you.
Can we talk maybe? I got this job to do.
Work first.
I'll hold off on my offer till later.
Off offer? What offer? So any luck on the Facebook? I've bypassed the auto locker.
I've tried every single boy band and TV show I can think of.
But I cannot work out what her password is.
What are you doing here? Looking for a case file.
Kate called.
Leon Stanic's parents have moved.
Then I remembered his father was a creditor in a bankruptcy filing about a year ago, so I might have a contact somewhere.
I'm not too sure about that social network thing.
I think it's more antisocial network, if you ask me.
"I've got 1,000 friends.
" Sure.
10 of them are 40-year-old perverts pretending to be Justin Beaver.
Bieber, Dad.
'Beaver's more your porn network.
Not 'Bieber'.
Your mum was saying that Emma changed her other password? 'RICK-ROCKS'.
Yeah, a couple of weeks ago.
It's about feelings, her situation, really, isn't it? So something else like that.
That's good thinking.
The flipside.
Yes! I'm in.
It's just a matter of common sense.
I'm in too.
Tell your mum to meet me at that address.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
The last time I saw Verka Stanic was years ago.
And when she saw me coming, she crossed over the road.
As far as she's concerned, Kate dudded her twice.
I know.
Hello, Verka.
I'm sure you rem What do you want? It's an emergency, otherwise we wouldn't be here.
We need to get in touch with Leon.
Oh, really? An emergency after all this time.
Our granddaughter has gone missing.
If I might be allowed to finish.
If your daughter wants to see my son after all this time, then it must have something to do with, say, his success.
What? Retrospective child support perhaps.
Yeah, I can promise you that is the last thing on our minds, or Kate's.
Emma's in trouble.
We think she's gone looking for Leon.
She's your granddaughter too.
Verka, are you going to tell us where we can find Leon or not? Fine.
We won't bother you again.
- Go on.
- Lakes Haven.
I said number 23.
I knocked on the door.
There's nobody home.
There's a couple of papers in the yard.
The mailbox is empty.
I figured they've gone away, forgot to cancel the papers.
Someone's still collecting the mail.
So I went to the neighbours.
Have they seen Emma? There's no-one home there either.
Well, then we need to break in, see if we can find out where they've gone.
Hey, settle down, alright? We will find her.
Don't you see this is all our fault? If everything hadn't got so screwed up, it would be exactly how it used to be.
And Emma wouldn't have given her father another thought.
But instead she's run away, Rick.
She's run away from us, from this mess.
And probably got herself into a worse one.
We drew a blank here.
Anything on that computer? Yeah.
Leon has a daughter named Molly.
Emma's friended her.
She's been doing some cyber stalking.
Lakes Haven.
Any mention of her school? Lakes Haven.
There's a whole lot of photos she's downloaded, but Do you have somewhere they might have gone? Lakes Haven - is there any mention of it there? Uh There's photos of a resort that they go to a lot.
"Lakes Haven," you said? OK.
I've gotten into Emma's personal pages.
She's been finding out everything that she can.
Lakes Haven - vans, cabins and units.
There's two.
One in WA and one on the NSW coast, just south of the Royal National Park.
Thanks anyway.
See you.
Dad? I think we might know where she is.
So why are holding out on me? This whole offer I can't refuse.
Because it's not one I've made before.
And I'm scared you will refuse.
Try me.
I know it's a lot to ask.
And I know you're really getting into your job here.
I meant it when I said I miss you.
But I have to be on the Gold Coast if I'm going to clear this debt and stay on track.
I would love you to come up there and see if we can give it a go.
Give us a go.
Yeah, Chad.
I need your help.
Why? Because this Conti woman is a tough nut.
I bombed out on getting the invoice.
We've got to get some other evidence fast, by the end of the day.
Hang on.
I have to go.
It's really urgent.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
I haven't said no.
What would you do? It's an offer I don't want to refuse.
You mean, all the blood's run from your head to your nether regions and THEY don't want to refuse? No.
Minnie's grown up heaps.
And we just click.
Alright? But then there's There's this, the job.
Look, I'm not running a lonely-hearts service here, mate.
I don't know.
Here we go - a visitor.
Wish we could hear what's going on in there.
Who's going to pick up my car? We'll worry about that later.
What were you doing in Sydney anyway? Let's just focus on this, huh? So your friend tagged me on Facebook? At your gymkhana, yeah.
Your horse is really cool.
Her name's Candy.
What's yours? Um, Bella Swann.
Like Bella from 'Twilight'? Yeah.
I get that all the time.
Only mine's 'Swann' with two N's.
Um, are you going swimming? 'Cause I can put on my cossie and go with you.
My dad doesn't like me going swimming by myself.
Strict is he? I think he's a bit of a control freak.
You know, 'cause I'm not his.
Him and Mum got married when I was really little.
Pretty cool though, taking on someone else's kid.
Do you want me to stop for a bit? No, just I want to find my little girl.
Just drive, OK? Hey! Caught you.
Lunch is ready, Molly.
No swimming right now.
This is Bella Swann.
How cool is that? Hello, Bella.
I'm Molly's dad.
If we can't go swimming, can Bella come for lunch? That should be fine.
Just ask your parents first, Bella.
I'll do that now.
What do your parents do, Bella? Oh, you know, my mum's a basketball coach.
Yeah, women's.
She's not full-time, though.
You know, she stays at home most of the time.
But she says I can be a handful.
I've got a photo of her.
It's a year old but she hasn't changed much.
We think she's looking for the Stanic family.
What's your dad do? Um, he's a surgeon.
General or specialist? Specialist.
Feet mainly.
He fixes feet.
He's actually the top toe guy in the country.
Toes are his thing.
Maybe I will have some more chicken.
Emma! Emma! Kate? I'm Leon Stanic.
You're so crazy.
I'm sorry, I Oh Um this is This is Rick.
He's my partner.
Oh! Congratulations.
I mean, he's he's my, um He's just my business partner.
I'm Caroline.
Caroline, this is Kate Hi.
uh, Christie.
And Rick Taylor.
Kate's an old friend.
We went to high school together.
And Bella? Or is it Emma? I'm their daughter.
It's history.
She's your daughter? I'm so sorry.
Go and see if your mum's OK.
But I want to Now, Molly.
Emma, we better go wait in the car, yeah? I'll call the others, let them know.
Alright? It's, uh, interesting to meet you.
Just so you know, Molly's from Caro's last marriage.
It's none of my business, Leon.
I'm sorry Emma caused so much trouble.
No, it's It's something I should have dealt with a long time ago.
It never felt like the right time.
She's a great kid.
You've done a good job.
And you were right.
I wasn't ready for a daughter back then.
Well, it was a pretty dumb trick.
Pretty cool investigating, though, huh? Don't talk to me about investigations.
I spent the whole afternoon flashing your photo at people.
You've got a photo of me? Yeah.
So? Look, I don't have a dog.
I had to keep something in there, didn't I? You two work well together.
That's not always enough.
Sometimes you've just got to accept that people's feelings change, you know.
And you've got to deal with it and move on.
Have you? Has she? What do you want to do now? What do you mean? Well, I'm not going to tie you up and force you into the car.
Do you want to come home or what? Are they alright? Well, they're just going to have to deal with it.
Just like we did.
You were clever tracking them here, though.
Facebook, huh? Why didn't you let me meet my dad? I never hid him from you, Em.
I just He'd just gone, made a life of his own.
And in the beginning, like I told you before, I don't think he was even ready to be a dad.
I wanted him to be, Em.
Sorry, Mum.
It's OK.
I'm sorry.
Please, just talk to me.
Don't ever do that again.
Oh! I love you so much.
Call your mother, Lily, and put her out of her misery.
Rick's called her.
She'll be doing somersaults.
Nice suit by the way.
Hey, Lil, this will stack your freezer.
Uh, thanks for holding the fort today.
Listen, Jim, something else has come up.
Minnie wants him to go to the Gold Coast with her.
Uh, wow! Bouncer to the head.
Are you going to go? II wanted to say yes.
I mean, she's changed heaps and I still really care about her.
But I'm just getting into this job.
And I love that too.
"Too"? Hmm.
I don't know what to do.
Well, we'd miss you here.
But if you want to be with this girl Sometimes you've got to let things go.
Sometimes the best outcome is to have your cake and eat it too.
How? Well, I've got plenty of contacts in the game in Queensland.
I could organise an introduction for you.
That's if you decided to go.
Yeah? Yeah, you'd do that? Of course.
Thank you, Jim.
Plus, um, it could be a good solution to our little problem with Ms Conti.
If you've still got that RF antenna.
Uh yeah.
I do.
But I told you two I know, it's highly illegal.
But if you're working interstate, it's not a problem, is it? Different rules, different accreditation.
I don't think I should be hearing this.
But he is right.
It's going to be like losing a brother a really annoying baby brother.
So? Yeah, let's do it.
Yeah? But we'll have to take the van.
I'll just call Minnie on the way.
Matt? Yeah.
We don't want any connection to Sapphire Agency with this.
And make sure that the Conti woman doesn't see anything, especially you.
Chad's the one going to be breaking the rules.
OK? But I'll keep a low profile too.
Speaking of which, it might be a good idea to keep a low profile on the home front as well.
You mean stay clear of Kate.
Something like that.
Are you going to be having the same little chat with Rick? Oh Heads up.
Hey? Cheers.
See you later.
Is this going to work? Yeah.
No, it definitely should work.
I mean, I poured enough water down that utilities well to drown a croc.
So her wi-fi will be down, she'll contact her service provider.
And when she does, we will provide service faster Hang on.
Faster than they do.
I want to make a complaint.
And get it fixed up immediately.
My internet's down.
And it has to be a service problem.
It just went down for no reason.
It's ridiculous.
I need this service to be efficient.
Lucky we got here so quickly.
Nuh, it's still down.
Have you got an extension? In the kitchen and the bedroom.
Do me a favour.
Go pick one of them up.
If you hear a bunch of clicks, let me know.
Keep listening.
And call me when you hear them.
Clicks? Oh! Clicks.
Keep listening.
I think your problem may be out on the street.
Water damage maybe.
We were so worried.
That's great.
And do you know what she does when she's worried, monkey? Bakes.
They look good.
Give me a hug first.
Welcome home, darling.
They're your favourite, Em.
Mum, do you really think it's a good idea to encourage this behaviour? Em, check this out - Molly Stanic's Facebook page "O-M-G, I have a sister.
Well, a half-sister anyway.
" And, Em, we have to have a chat about this whole Facebook thing, OK? Emma, come upstairs.
Let's get changed.
And then we can eat some biscuits.
Three grand.
Scarborough's financial adviser dropped it in.
Thank you very much.
That was speedy.
Dad would be impressed.
How'd you do it? The files? Uh, I cannot tell a lie, so I'll keep my mouth shut.
It's probably best you don't find out, Kate.
Not you too.
I stayed out of the shonky bits.
I don't believe that for a second.
Hey, how's it going? Hi.
- Come on, kids.
- Sorry.
Um, we thought you might like to celebrate.
Wow! Thank you.
We have some celebrating of our own to do.
Yeah, we do.
So I hear.
You guys sure you're ready for this? Sure as we can be.
Wish us luck.
Good luck.
Ah, relationships.
We all need luck in that department.
Not you guys.
Hey, Kate, thank you for everything.
Ready to go? Yes.
Come on.
Take it easy, eh? See you, mate.
Take care.
The RF gear, it's all yours.
Oh, good on you.
Take it easy, guys.
See you.
He'll be back.
You OK? Yeah.
Emma's home.
Rick does what he does to make me happy, I think.
And, um, is that a good thing? Is trying to please good? You know, your dad, um Mmm? Told me to back off.
Did he? And what did you say? But I will, though.
If you want me to.
I don't want to make your life harder for you.
It's got to be about Emma now, not me.
If you want to make someone happy you've got to be happy.
So how are you going to do that? Her little sister is hiding a big, big secret.
How much damage will this kiss cause? What gives you the right to interfere in my life? And how did a father fighting for his family end up fighting for life? What's happened to Dad?