Tricky Business (2012) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

I didn't have any idea it was gonna go belly up.
I will get that evidence.
And you! Without asking me, he took our money.
He lost all of it.
Don't you think you should've told me sooner? I hate you! No wonder Rick's staying away from us.
Why don't you tell me how you really feel? I call it like I see it.
You don't need enhancements.
Can I say something? You look particularly beautiful.
Do you think we have a perfect partner? It might be a good idea to keep a low profile on the home front as well.
You mean stay clear of Kate? Something like that.
It's gonna be about Emma now, not me.
If you want to make someone happy, you've got to be happy.
We're in the business of helping people.
If someone's willing to face their problems, we'll help them find a way through.
But there's only so much you can do if people aren't willing to help themselves.
Seamus O'Leary? Who's asking? I'm Rob.
We spoke on the phone.
Soft hands for someone who's been labouring for 10 years.
Well, the missus likes me to look after myself.
So you're self-employed? Yeah, I just do labouring when I have to.
Right now the money's a bit tight.
Tell me about it.
Look, I'm not gonna pay you extra just 'cause you're older.
Mate, I'm fine with that.
I just need the work.
And you know what you're doing? Yeah, mate.
I've done plenty of roofing jobs.
Look, I like to work quick.
Get the job done, take the money and move on.
Sounds good to me.
So you need an extra pair of hands or what? Alright, you can start by tying off that ladder.
Time to get up! Come on, get moving! You're not gonna miss any school.
How is she? Faking sleep.
She learnt that from you.
she's in for a shock.
Just give her some time and let her settle back in.
Mum, she just ran away.
I'm not gonna reward that by pandering to her.
I'm not suggesting you pander to her.
I just She needs new ground rules.
I need to get a better handle on her.
She's a teenager.
She needs some space.
Speaking of which, I was talking to your dad and I suggested that if he clear out the garage then I can take my physio stuff out there and then Emma can have the front room.
That's your work space! The garage will be alright.
Just clear it out and fix it up a bit.
No, I can't get you to do that.
I'm not gonna reward her by giving her a new bedroom.
You had a scare, I know.
If you give Emma some space, maybe she won't need to go looking for it.
Yep, you've got a lot of damage up there, love.
That needs a proper seeing to.
The thing is, my husband is overseas for a month.
We were hoping you might be able to do a patch-up until he got back.
Patch-ups are for cowboys.
You need a decent amount of new tiles and some new flashing.
And with all this rain lately, you don't want the place falling apart.
Not with the little one on the way.
Uh, so, how much are we up for? Uh, material included, I'm thinking about two.
Hundred? Thousand, love.
Oh, um I don't know if we can afford that at the moment.
Well, the thing is, if you don't get it done, then you could end up with a flooded ceiling and it's gonna cost you a fortune.
OK, um I'll tell you what.
If you pay me cash, I'll give you a 15% discount.
You can't say fairer than that.
Thank you.
We can get started right now, if you like.
Should I sign something? Oh, don't worry about that.
Just nip down to the bank, get the cash.
Meanwhile, we'll get started.
Thank you, Mr O'Leary.
Oh, call me Seamus.
Catch you later.
Cheers for that.
I reckon you sealed the deal.
No worries.
Grab the gear.
I'll be round back.
And grab the tarp from the back.
What are you doing? I, uh You haven't got any mints, have you? You want to work for me, we need to get one thing straight.
You don't go snooping through my stuff.
Mate, I wasn't snooping.
I just don't want to be breathing garlic over you all day.
The missus was a bit heavy-handed last night.
Hey, get a move on.
Can you let me out here? It's only up the road.
Mum, just drop me off here.
Thank you.
We need to discuss a few things.
Am I grounded? No.
Please tell me you're not driving me to school every day.
We just need to establish a few rules.
What kind of rules? I need to know where you are and what you're doing at all times.
What? You need to come straight home from school and finish your homework before you get free time.
Any free time needs to be accounted for.
And if you're going to a friend's place, I expect to know about it before it happens.
Are you trying to ruin my life? No, I'm just being a mum.
You were never like this before! Well, you never ran away before.
This sucks.
I'm just doing this because I love you and I worry about you.
And so does the rest of the family.
Here's your lunch.
Hey, you forgot something.
Have a good day.
I love you.
G'day, mate.
Come in.
Cheers, Jim.
Claire's just mixing up her potions.
I'm a physio, not a witchdoctor! How's the shoulder? Oh, still pretty sore.
Have the police found out yet who robbed you? Uh, no.
They just keep hitting brick walls.
A bit like you did, really.
Oh, mmm.
Yeah, well, look, I wouldn't worry too much.
They'll catch up with them soon enough.
Hello, Dave.
Any improvement since last week? A bit, a bit, mmm.
Still a bit sore, though? Oh, I just can't move it properly.
Go through and I'll see if I can work some of the black magic on you.
Oh, um, will I see you at the meeting later? Mmm, yeah.
You bet.
Uh, I'm a bit worried about him.
He still seems shaken up.
Can you talk to the surf club? Maybe they can give him some time off.
Oh, you know Dave.
Doesn't matter what they say.
He's a workaholic.
Yeah, but he needs to recuperate properly.
OK, I'll put in my 10 cents' worth.
Rick's doing the Fair Trading case, so one of you will have to do the car repo job.
Well, I've got to serve some papers, then I've got to duck into the surf club for a quick committee meeting.
Yeah, right.
For a quick pint.
No, it's serious, actually.
We lost that 10 grand we raised for the nippers centre in that robbery at the club.
Assistant manager got mugged on the way to the bank.
Matt, can you do the car repo? Shouldn't take long.
You can squeeze it into your day.
Sorry I'm late.
Had an early tute.
Really? What was the subject? Oh, nothing exciting.
Looked pretty exciting to me.
Oh, my God.
You saw us? Well, it's hard to miss you when you're snogging in the main street.
Actual embarrassment.
This must be serious.
Tell me about him.
Come on, I'm interested.
Can we please not talk about this? Where'd you meet him? Kate At least give me a name.
And that's all you're getting.
Yeah, I like it.
Marcus seems a lot older than your usual friends.
How's Emma going? Fine.
Mum's talking about moving her clinic into the garage so Em can have the front room.
And you wanna keep her on a tighter leash? No.
I suppose I could move out there.
And why would you want to do that? So Em can have my room.
She gets the space and you have her right next door.
Oh, right, and you get your own private love shack.
I need a coffee.
"Ooh, Marcus, welcome to my love shack.
" Come on, you'll have to tell us about him sooner or later.
Can you please just mind your own business for once? You think you're a big man, do you?! Taking the family car?! Mate, I'm acting under instruction from the finance company, alright? Hitler was acting on instructions! No, he wasn't.
How's Jaiden meant to get to school now or football training? We're just meant to walk, are we? Oi! Back off.
Listen, no-one has to walk anywhere, alright? You get your payments up to date, you get the car back.
It's quite simple.
Once you've got the money, the car will be at the Gong-Tow yard.
Hey, Matt.
Hey, Monique.
Another one for you.
Got the condition report on the vehicle? No, I haven't.
No worries.
Come into the office, I'll get you a form.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Get out! What are you doing? Get out of the car now.
It's our car! Open the gate! No, no, no.
Not gonna happen, mate.
Mate, the gate is reinforced steel.
You take on the gate, the gate wins.
Now, get out.
Get out.
This is great.
I guess we could have another one.
Mate, that fundraising carnival was an organisational nightmare.
Yeah, and it nearly killed Dave, who was working 80 hours a week.
We can't have another one so soon.
Besides, no-one's gonna donate their money all over again.
Well, they might - if they know about the robbery.
Well, let's just wait and see what the coppers come up with, eh? If they were gonna catch the bloke, don't you think they would have done it already? We're the committee.
It's our job to come up with some alternative.
Here he is - Dave.
Did Claire fix you up alright? She tried.
We're just working on a plan of attack figuring out how to raise money for the nippers centre again.
Come and help us throw some ideas around.
Oh, no, boys.
I might just get to work.
Yeah, well, you'd better take it easy.
We've told him.
He won't listen.
He's got the guilts.
I'd feel the same way if I lost 10 grand.
Yeah, well, he was mugged.
He didn't have much choice in it.
Gee, he looks exhausted.
Tried to get him to take some time off.
You tell him.
Yeah, I will.
Excuse me, fellas.
Gonna have to get this.
No worries.
Yeah, I'm at the surf club.
No, I won't be long.
Sure Uh yeah, look, about half an hour.
I was thinking dinner.
How about that new Italian place on Beach Road? I'll have to call you back.
Can I help you? Ha ha.
Very funny.
Oh, Rick.
I didn't recognise you in the whole What are we calling this? It's called undercover.
Catching unlicensed builders for the Department of Fair Trade.
I'm liking it.
What are you doing here? Oh, I'm finished for the day.
It's not even noon.
Don't tell me he was onto you.
No, Seamus is a tightwad.
He only pays by the hour, not the day.
Reckons he doesn't need me this arvo.
I told Fair Trading we'd get this guy.
He's been ripping people off for months.
I know, and we will.
I couldn't work for free.
He would have got suspicious.
We need to prove he doesn't have a licence.
I've checked his wallet.
He doesn't have a licence.
Yeah, but, if we don't catch him in the act, we'll lose him.
I know.
I've got a plan but I need you.
Just in time.
Cheese and ham toastie.
That'd be great.
Thank you, darling.
Tough morning? Oh, not so much tough as odd, really.
How was Dave when you finished up with him? Not so good.
He, um he's got a tricky injury.
What do you mean by 'tricky'? Well, he seems to be in a fair amount of pain, but I can't seem to find any inflammation in the muscles, so I told him to go and have a scan.
From your experience, someone with that injury could they lift a heavy crate above their head? No.
No way.
Not with the sort of pain he's describing.
Why, is that what he did? I saw it with my own eyes.
What, you think he's faking it? It doesn't make any sense.
What if he was embarrassed about the mugging? Maybe he wasn't assaulted, he was just threatened, and had to make it sound like he had to put up a fight.
Or maybe he wasn't mugged at all.
We're ready to go.
How did you go with the owner? Yeah, good.
We saved her from getting ripped off by an unlicensed builder.
She's on board now.
Well, I've spoken to Fair Trading and they're on their way.
It's a shame I can't be there.
You just concentrate on finishing the paperwork.
I gotta go.
Hey, you must be Seamus.
That's me, love.
Zoe's gone to the hospital for a check-up.
She asked me to hold the fort while you were here.
Has she been to the bank yet? Yes.
You haven't finished already, have you? I'm a fast worker.
If you could get the cash.
I want to get going.
OK, good.
Oh, um, while I do that, could you do me a favour? What's that, love? Would you mind checking out the roof just one more time? What for? Well, there was a noise, just now, in the ceiling, like something had fallen in.
A noise? Yeah, like a shattering sound.
I'd hate for Zoe to have to call you back again.
It'd be great if you could give it a quick look.
Yeah, that'd be a problem.
Uh I'll check it out.
Come on.
Come on.
The cops are on their way.
Leave you to it.
Hang on! You can't just go.
Well, I'm not a babysitter.
You're not seriously gonna leave me on my own? They're in a car.
What are they gonna do? Plenty.
When people get angry, they do things like that.
Or worse.
Thank you.
It's pretty hot.
You got anything to drink? Yeah, I'll get us something from the fridge.
You're not that far in arrears.
Now, I've got a friend at the finance company.
Why don't you get out, we'll give them a call, see if we can get your car withheld from the next auction.
What do you say? Buy you a bit more time.
You can't take your car today.
You know that.
Have you got aircon in there? No? Whoo! Must be getting pretty hot.
About 40 degrees, I reckon.
Can I have a drink? No.
Yeah, course you can.
Just come out and get it.
It's all yours.
Come on.
Can't see anything.
Are you sure you checked everywhere? Yep.
Well, try right at the back.
I think the noise came from somewhere over there.
Are the police here yet? It's not the police, it's Fair Trading.
And they'll be here any second.
Please go back inside, Zo.
There's nothing here, love.
I'm gonna have to make a move.
What are we gonna do? We can't let him leave.
Go back inside, go back inside.
Hey! Hey, what are you doing?! No way.
I saw him.
He lifted the crates and put 'em on top of the fridge.
So he's getting better! Not according to Claire, he's not.
Well, Claire's wrong.
I know it's tough to hear, but we've got to consider the possibility.
He raised most of the cash himself.
He worked harder than anyone.
Mmm, yeah, I know that.
You've seen what he's like.
He's been gutted since that robbery.
But don't you think it's weird? 10 grand stolen in broad daylight, no witnesses.
Something's not right.
So, what now? You want to call the cops? No.
No, I want to do some digging, see if I can find some proof.
Griffo Hey, Jim.
Hey, Dave.
What are you doing back here? Uh, just clearing up a few things with the Griffmeister.
Can I get you a drink? No, thanks, mate.
Statements and accounts.
Do all the digging you want.
But it all balances.
So, Dave's been doing the accounting? Yeah.
Because I trust him.
What the hell are you playin' at? Put my ladder back or I'll call the police! Can he do that? Yeah, he can.
But he won't.
Oh, about time.
Back in a sec.
Kate Christie? Yes.
Kevin Stanton, Fair Trading.
Oi, mate, tell that cow to put my ladder back.
A bit drastic, I know, but I had to keep him here somehow.
Well done.
We've been after this one for ages.
Let me down! Well, thanks, Kate.
I'll take it from here.
Yeah, yeah, alright.
We'll be here.
Well, we're not very high on the police priority list, but they will be here.
They'll be roasted alive by then.
Yeah, with any luck.
Mr Winton, at least let your kid out.
It's dangerous in that heat.
None of us are going anywhere! Mrs Winton, come on.
You don't need all three of you in there.
Shove it! Don't waste your time.
You know the police are on the way? Big whoop! You realise you're trespassing now on private property? Do you understand? I'm trying to help you, but you're making it pretty bloody hard.
You've got it hard?! Yeah.
Do me a favour! We're not Todd, what's wrong? Todd, open the window.
You need air.
Tell 'em to tell 'em to Todd! Todd! What's he doing? Dad! What's happened to Dad? Call an ambulance.
Todd! Todd! What's wrong with Dad? Vicki, open this door now.
Open it.
What's wrong with him?! I don't know.
Do something! He's my husband! You'll have to follow us.
Jaiden, move it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Mrs Winton, you can't.
Get out of my way! Listen - the car's been repo'd, OK? I'll drive you.
So you just get to keep it? No Forget about the car! Alright? Your husband is what's important.
I'm sorry.
It's just all been a bit much lately! It's OK.
Look, let me take you to the hospital, then I'll make some calls, try and get you a bit of breathing space, OK? The car's over here.
Ooh! Jeez, Jim, what's all that? Homework.
Listen, uh, Jim, can I ask a favour? Mmm.
Yeah, sure.
What is it? Yeah, it's about the Corruption Commission.
Look, I really want to head to Sydney and speak to this IT bloke, see if I can find out what was on Trevor Ogilvy's computer.
Well, if you can find out why a senior government official is sneaking off to a backyard IT workshop, I will cover for you.
Thanks, Jim.
Good luck.
OK, that was weird.
I called Fair Trading to check that they got our invoice.
They reckon that Seamus O'Leary guy was legit.
What?! The investigator said he had a licence on him.
But Rick couldn't find one and he didn't show one to Zoe.
Are you sure they're talking about the right guy? I triple-checked.
Well, that doesn't make sense.
Unless the investigator was crooked too.
Taking backhanders and not reporting people? Yeah, maybe.
Could you let your mother know I might be a little late? Sure.
Ooh! Have you thought any more about the garage? Yes, I have thought about the garage.
Look, if you all agree to pitch in and help me clear it out, I imagine it is doable.
Has Lily told you her bright idea? No-one needs to move anywhere, Dad.
Come on, Kate.
Em could use the space.
She's right, you know.
As school gets harder, she'll need somewhere private to study.
Yeah, I guess.
Well, I don't know where I'm gonna put all MY stuff.
See you at home, girls.
I know why you want to move out so desperately.
Can you tell Mum that I might be late home too? What can I do you for? I, uh, want to know about one of your clients.
Are you from the Tax Office? Mate, do I look like I'm from the Tax Office? I don't know - it could be casual Friday.
Look, I need to know what you did for a bloke called Trevor Ogilvy.
Never heard of him.
Mate, this is important.
I don't discuss clients.
I have a code.
Does that code still apply if they're criminals? Are you a cop? I'm someone he screwed over.
I know he brought his computer here, alright? He didn't want to get it serviced through government channels.
He didn't want it just maintained either, did he? He wanted the hard drive replaced.
I want to know what was on that hard drive.
I have an Anti-Corruption Commission hearing next week.
I really don't want to have to bring this up.
You WILL be tax-audited.
For the last seven years.
Suit yourself.
He wanted me to trash the drive, but it's a waste, because I can just clean it up and re-use it later.
Are you telling me you still have that hard drive? Yeah.
It might take me a while to find it.
Are you still going with those books? Mmm.
Find anything suspicious? Well, the books balance.
Just taking a look at the monthly statements.
Think I might do them in bed, actually.
Not exactly light reading.
Well, needs must.
Goodnight, ladies.
So, I signed your school report.
It's on your bed.
It said you were enjoying learning the keyboard.
We could look into piano lessons for you.
Why? Well, the piano's right there.
We might as well put it to use.
You're just finding more reasons for me to stay at home.
I forgot to tell you - something arrived this afternoon.
Special delivery for Emma Christie.
It's a bookcase! Yeah.
And there's a card too.
Oh, awesome.
It's from Rick! "Let me know if you need a hand putting it together.
"Love, Rick.
" Oh, that's nice of him.
Want to help put it up? Yeah.
You have to do your homework first.
Well, the quicker you do it, then the quicker we can put it together.
It's OK.
Don't you think you're being a bit hard on her? Like I said - new ground rules.
Kids need their freedom, Katie.
And you think having her own room is gonna solve everything? Well, I think it might help.
I heard Lily's suggestion.
I think that's a good compromise.
I know she wants a pad for her new love-life.
You know about that guy? Yeah, of course I do! How? Well, I've got ears.
And not a word about this to your father yet.
I think he works at the uni.
How do you know? Because I overheard her on the phone and she called him 'Professor'.
Really? That's outrageous.
Why? She's just having a little bit of fun, that's all.
With a uni professor? Well, maybe he's not.
Maybe she just called him that as a joke.
Mum, it's no joke.
He's probably having fun with half a dozen students.
Well, not necessarily! Are you seriously happy to sit back and risk her getting hurt? No.
I'm happy to give her a little bit of space.
Which is exactly what I think you should be doing with Emma.
Well, I'm just asking you for a little bit more time.
Yeah, look, whatever you can do it would be great.
OK, great.
See you.
How did you go yesterday with the car repo? I didn't see you.
Oh, good.
Here's today's job.
I want you to surveil Professor Marcus Woodward.
He teaches environmental science at the uni.
What's he done? Uh, his wife thinks he cheated on her.
Oh, come on, seriously? I know! She's a friend of mine, OK? Just do a bit of digging around the uni, see if he gets friendly with his students.
And, um one more thing - Lily knows the claimant, so she's a bit embarrassed by it.
Wants to keep it quiet.
Just a need-to-know basis.
You're trying to get rid of me, aren't you? Second day in a row.
Of course not.
No? You're not ready to talk? I didn't say that.
What, you ARE ready? I didn't say that either.
It's got to be one or the other.
Things are really complicated right now.
And you're not helping.
I could help, though, if you just talk to me.
Come on.
I'm a good listener.
I don't have the time or the head space to think about this stuff right now, OK? OK.
So have dinner with me.
You don't give up, do you? Not till I get what I want.
So, dinner? Yes.
Yeah? Yes.
I'll get to work, then.
I spent all night trawling through these.
And they balance, right? Yes, they do.
What did I tell you? You can't go throwing around accusations Hang on.
Hold your horses, Griffo.
They balance.
But on closer look, there are plenty of weird discrepancies.
For example, small amounts going out regularly at the beginning of each month, and towards the end of the month, large amounts coming back in to balance the books.
So? Well, coming in and going out of the same account - Dave's account.
How do you know? The numbers match on his pay slips.
That's not all.
Two weeks ago, the account was down nine and a half grand.
But no-one noticed 'cause it was only short for 24 hours.
The next day, it balanced again.
The day after the mugging.
It is a classic pattern.
Dave is a gambler.
We'll have to tell the police.
I'd like to give him the opportunity to come clean.
So, do you want to tell him or should I? You're the expert.
I'll give you some space.
You're gonna have to get a name tag if you keep spending so much time here.
What's up? Uh Sit down, Dave.
We need to have a chat.
Are you sure? That doesn't make sense.
Whatever you're doing is gonna have to wait.
What's the emergency? Fair Trading.
You think the Fair Trading bloke was dodgy as well? He has to be.
We both saw Seamus in action and the inspector let him walk.
I just spoke to Fair Trading - they want us to prove it.
I know that look.
You've got a plan, haven't you? Mm-hm.
And this time, I need you.
Good to go? Bob the Builder at your service.
He's here.
What do I have to do again? Alright, for a start, just try to stay calm.
That's easy for you to say.
All you have to do is pretend that Rick is a builder called Robert and he's here doing renovations on the garage.
I can do that.
OK, and he's acting as a builder without a licence, so we're hoping the Fair Trading investigator is gonna offer him a deal not to prosecute.
Dodgy inspector.
And answer the front door.
Oh! Right! Yes.
What if I forget my lines? You'll be fine.
Just have a big breath and answer the door and I'll take over.
Hey, she'll be fine.
You need roughing up.
Ooh! Easy.
I was joking.
Close your eyes.
You're enjoying this, aren't you? It could be worse.
There's a bag of manure over there.
Don't you dare.
Just like the old days, eh? Working together.
We've never stopped working together.
I'm gonna go save Mum.
I'm trusting you.
I won't let you down.
But you're going to.
No, you are.
I think it's better in the long run if you come clean yourself.
But, mate, then the whole town will know and everyone will hate me.
Dave, it was a stupid thing to do.
But we're not gonna leave you high and dry.
I mean, at the end of the day, we're still your mates.
We'll vouch for you, support you and get you some help.
But you've got to take the first step.
Look, Jim I put absolutely everything into that fundraiser.
And, you know, we were 10 grand ahead - 10 grand and I'm you know, I'm just trying to make some more money for us.
But I'll get it back, I swear.
Dave No, just give me a couple of days and I'll double it.
I'll double it, and then no-one needs to know.
You're digging a deeper hole for yourself.
You might get a win, yeah, sure.
But long-term, you're gonna lose.
What about my job? I'll talk to Griffo and fight to keep you on.
No guarantees.
Bloody ruined everything, haven't I? Mate, you lost control.
Now it's time to start taking it back.
I guess I don't have a choice, do I? No.
Will you, um come with me to the cop shop? Of course I will.
Here you go, mate.
Get your ticket.
Another one bites the dust.
Thanks, Ms Christie.
You people are doing a really great job.
And thank you, Mrs? Kennedy.
Mrs Kennedy.
I'll have someone send you a list of licensed builders in your area.
Well, thank you.
I'll see you out.
What's with the face? He fined me 1,000 bucks.
What? He didn't ask for a bribe? Yeah, I dropped that many hints, he just laughed at me.
Must be straight.
Uh but Seamus isn't a licensed builder.
That doesn't make sense.
He didn't fine him.
Or he knew it was a set-up.
Hello? Oh, OK.
Hi, Kevin.
No, no.
I'm packing up.
No-one can hear me.
Is the merc still there? No, she's inside.
I couldn't discuss this in front of her.
But if you still want to make that fine go away, you can.
How? You pay me.
How much? $500.
$500?! Or you can cop a fine.
It's up to you.
So, how do we do this? Mr Wallace? Kate Christie from Sapphire Mercantile.
The evidence you wanted about your inspector taking kickbacks? Check your inbox in a few minutes.
Now we've got him.
Fair Trading are gonna interview him when he gets back to head office.
Yeah, well, if he turns up.
They're also reporting him to the police.
What's he doing here? Hey.
You're supposed to be on surveillance.
Yeah, yeah, I am.
That's your mate there, yeah? The professor's wife? Wife? Yeah, well, I figured it's his wife.
Matching wedding bands.
He picked her up from their place.
There's no students around, though.
Seems pretty straight to me.
There's a delivery for you.
Katie, can we have a working bee tonight? Start clearing out the garage so I can get organised? Sure.
Em will be rapt having her own room.
Who did you help? Uh, it's no big deal.
Lil, can we have a private word? Am I in trouble? It won't take a sec.
I'm going out for a bit.
He's got a wife.
You're having an affair with a married man.
I know.
What? I know he's married.
They're not happy.
He told me.
They look pretty happy, Lil.
Well, he's faking it.
Are you gonna keep seeing him? What the hell gives you the right to interfere in my life? You're my sister.
And you're a control freak.
No wonder Emma ran off.
Don't make this about her.
You may have screwed up with Em, but don't try telling me what to do.
This is wrong.
No, THIS is wrong! Using company time and resources for your own weird investigations.
He's using you, Lil.
It's none of your damn business what he's doing.
I am a grown woman.
I can see whoever I like.
So just butt the hell out.
Your client didn't seem too happy.
You should have told me.
Oh, it's alright.
These things usually have a habit of sorting themselves out.
Not without casualties.
You still owe me dinner.
Who are they? Uh, just a family doing it tough.
I made life harder on them.
How? A bloke locked himself in the car I was repo'ing.
Had a heart attack.
Is he alright? Uh, yeah.
He pulled through.
It's not your fault.
Yeah, but it feels like it was.
I was too tough on him.
Sometimes we need to be tough.
But sometimes things aren't that black-and-white.
I was too hard on him.
I should have pulled back.
I know how you feel.
It's sweet.
I think his wife drew it.
Can I help you? Yeah, I hope so.
You're into, um, environmental science and conservation.
Yeah, well, listen.
If you want to conserve that handsome face of yours, you might want to stop taking advantage of your students.
Who are you? I'm a friend of Lily Christie's.
Well, she's a student.
I have coffee with my students occasionally.
So what? Coffee? What, is that what you call it to the other faculty? I'm not doing anything wrong.
Oh, yeah? Do you think the woman you live with at 5 Colson Drive would agree with that? Mind your own business.
No-one wins in this situation.
So, man up, do the right thing.
Is Kate gone? Yeah, she just left.
How'd you go with that dodgy building inspector? We got him.
And I got someone else too.
These were on Trevor Ogilvy's hard drive.
This confirms the fast train is going ahead.
Yeah, and this one says it's not.
Look at the dates.
Well, this came first.
He knew the fast train had fallen through before he told me the land was worth a fortune.
It was a set-up.
And now I've got proof.
Are you serious? Yep.
Once the garage is cleared out, Lily will move out there and you can have her room.
Mum! That is so great.
Thank you! It was actually Lily's idea.
And Gran's.
Thanks, Lil.
I'm gonna go grab some more stuff.
- Lily - Don't.
You need to understand why I did it.
And you need to shut up.
If I could afford it, I wouldn't be in the garage.
I'd be on the other side of the world just to get away from y you.
You're so good at organising things? You can sort that out.
Don't say it.
Oh! Would you watch where you're going? Thanks! Will do.
Thanks for this, by the way.
It'll be ace having my own room.
I promise I won't come barging in when you need your privacy.
It's gonna be your space.
You're growing up now and I'm gonna let you start making your own decisions.
You're in control, Em.
Oh, Kate, you have a visitor.
Oh, I I did organise a music tutor for you.
Someone from school.
Miss Travis-White? Someone called Alex.
Mr Rudan? I understand if you're not into it.
It's totally your decision.
Mum, he's he's great, OK? This is the coolest thing you've ever done.
Hi, Mr Rudan.
Alex is fine.
Um so, I hear you've got a piano.
I do.
Yeah, come through.
At least I got something right.
It's good.