Tricky Business (2012) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Infidelity, adultery, cheating - whatever you want to call it.
It's big business.
And it's getting bigger.
It's pretty sad when a relationship breaks down.
When that happens, nobody wins.
I suppose I have to sit up the back row of the seminar again today? Lily.
Um I don't think you should be here today.
What? I've had a visitor.
I've been warned off you.
I'm going to kill my father.
No, no, no.
No, it wasn't your dad.
Younger guy.
Solid build.
Hasn't seen a razor since Tuesday? It's pretty weird having some total stranger walk up and tell me how to run my love-life.
Who is he? He's a guy I work with.
He's close with my sister, so she must have said something.
How many people know about us, Lily? You won't see him again.
Let's just do the seminar and I'll get it sorted.
You understand we've got to be discreet, yeah? I mean, what we've got, it's great, but it's not Facebook fodder.
You get that, don't you? Of course.
I'll tell them to pull their heads in and it'll be OK.
Let's let's give each other some space today.
You and I together at a seminar, it's, um it's not a good look.
I said I would get it sorted and this is me sorting it.
Kate said she was heading straight to a gig in town.
You know where exactly? Yeah, I could ask Matt, but that would get ugly fast.
I'm kidding.
It's OK.
Target acquired.
I thought I made it dead clear! Lily, I'm working.
Stop work! You're interfering again.
You have to back off.
Get out of the way.
I have backed off.
Way off.
So sending Matt over to threaten Marcus? That's very low-key.
Oh, wait, no, actually, it's psychotic! Matt pretending to be some sort of heavy is not going to make a difference.
Truly, I had nothing to do with that.
The whole 'control freak big sister' thing, Kate, it's over.
You're screwing up your own life.
Just leave mine alone, OK? I'm in Figtree for a few hours.
Shopping mall.
The old girl with the broken ankle? Broken ankle, possibly fraudulent.
It's hard to fake a broken ankle.
Well, insurance companies like to dream.
And she's claiming a lot.
Yeah, well, you're good with old ladies.
I can't believe you shirt-fronted Marcus Woodward.
Sorry? Don't pretend you didn't monster him at uni yesterday.
Oh, we might have had a quiet word.
Lily has gone ballistic.
It was a complete invasion of her privacy.
She's blaming me and she'll probably never speak to me again.
Thank you.
That was so sweet.
Sorry? That's exactly what I would have done, if I was a bloke and not Lily's sister, but instead a good friend, because good friends do what they need to do.
But I'd probably steer clear of him now.
I'm clearing out my stuff.
I will not work with a wolf pack full of nannas.
Lil, I was just telling Matt off, and he's really, really sorry.
Yeah, look, I'm really sorry.
I overstepped.
You think? Why do you even care about my love-life? II brought Matt into it.
So it WAS your idea? No.
No, no, no.
It was all me.
It was nothing to do with Kate, OK? It was spur of the moment.
None of you get it.
I love this man.
OK? I want this man.
And none of you are going to ruin that for me.
We're sorry.
Let's just get on with it.
There's lots to do today, and you can talk to Marcus later and get back to wherever it is you were going with him.
I'll get the mail.
So, a spot of bother with Lorraine Webb, huh? Yeah.
Not that she's a blood-sucking leech or anything, but this this is going to push our insurance premiums up no end.
Cameras catch the accident? Yeah, worse luck.
Couldn't accidentally delete it, though, could I? Yeah, it might upset her lawyers.
Probably not a good idea.
I'm the safety officer, you know? Spilled drinks are the bane of my existence.
Soft drinks are bad enough, but milkshakes, they're the worst.
And look at this guy.
Kids are bad enough, but this guy.
Total jerk.
Doesn't clean it up.
Doesn't report it.
Here she comes.
Can I get a copy of all your CCTV footage burned onto a disk? Yeah, no probs.
Banana smoothie.
The Exocet missile of spilled drinks.
Only she's bunging it on a bit, though, isn't she? It's just a bloody ankle.
Mate, she is an old lady, and I've seen the X-rays.
Not pretty.
Yeah, well, whatever.
Oh, the pain was a hot poker through my leg.
I've never felt anything like it.
Sounds like it must have been awful.
And it went on for hours and hours.
Until somebody at the hospital gave me something for it.
Knocked me right out.
Well, I'm sure you'll be back on your feet soon.
Oh, I don't think it'll be the same.
I've got to have rails put in the bathroom and the stairs out the back fixed.
Here we go.
Oh, it's lucky that Anton has got time to pop in and see me.
Oh, it's fun.
Hey? I can beat you at Scrabble.
Oh, I let you do that.
Watch the ladies! Ooh.
Uh No bickies.
That's fine.
We have to go for a shop, Aunty.
More bills to pay.
You're the gentleman from the shopping mall, aren't you? I'm working on behalf of the insurance company, Mrs Webb.
I shouldn't be talking to you.
You'll find some excuse not to pay.
You'll call me a faker.
No-one is saying your broken ankle is faked.
No need to worry about that.
Thank you.
You're very nice.
Do you have a wife? No.
Because Anton has a sister.
And, uh, she's going out with a motorcycle gang person.
But it won't last.
Thank you.
Ben Napier.
Dave Bedford, Copy and Print Solutions.
This is my business partner Ryan.
G'day, Ryan.
You won't sell him anything.
I'll leave you to it.
You're not really a copier guy, are you? No.
Matt Sloane, Sapphire Mercantile.
Thanks for that.
That's OK.
It's embarrassing.
Um I think my wife is you know, the usual.
Being unfaithful? You do the private investigator thing, right? Stake-outs and Surveillance.
When it's needed.
She's not looking me in the eye.
Then last week she told me she was going to a day spa with a few friends.
I saw one of them at a cafe downtown.
So she's lying.
I understand.
I hate telling you this.
Look you want to know where you stand with your wife.
I follow her, find out what she's been up to, and I report back to you.
Very simple.
But don't follow her.
I found this in the bin at home.
It's for a motel in Bulli.
And this time each week, I travel to Sydney.
I stay overnight.
Gives me a full day to work with the contractors.
So you think tonight? Looks that way.
Listen, could you manage this right away? I mean, if she's doing this to me, I'd like to know.
This must have been hell for all of you.
Our house burnt down.
It wasn't our fault.
When's the insurer going to pay? Well, there is a process that we need to follow, and this is part of it.
Well, you've got the police report.
What else is there to say? Well, the report confirms it was arson, but they can't name a suspect.
We were at Di's mother's for the evening.
Max and Eli were at sleepovers.
So Is there anyone that you would consider an enemy, a business rival with a grudge? The police asked all of this.
There's nobody.
I'm sure it was just vandals.
Let's go back to the start.
Do you have the mortgage details, the deed to the property? Everything's burnt.
Photo albums.
Kids' toys.
Everything about us as a family and the life we had has gone.
This is part of the process, is it? You and try and trap us with cheap tricks? This mob, they're not going to pay.
This is a waste of time.
Edward, they have to ask these questions.
Excuse me.
We're going to be late for school.
Yeah, look, I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I, uh I upset your mum and dad.
They're always fighting.
Shh! Max.
Well, yeah, mums and dads do that sometimes.
Were they fighting before the fire? Worse now, but we should have done the party.
It would have made Dad happy.
So you were going to have a party, were you? Well, Mum was.
With her friend.
They said it was a secret.
We missed his birthday.
Gee, if I was you, I'd speak to your mum's friend and try and get that party happening again.
That'd be fun.
Well, he hasn't been back.
It was just that one afternoon.
Was that, uh was that Bob, was it? No, Glen.
But I'm not supposed to tell.
They said it was a surprise party.
I see.
Mrs Nugent? Are the kids at school? Of course.
What about your husband? Is he at work? What do you want? I need to ask you about Glen.
Who told you about Glen? I know.
That's what counts.
So, there's another man.
Your husband finds out, there's a row, he gets mad.
The question is, was he mad enough to burn his own house down? You need to understand.
Edward doesn't know.
He can't know.
Are you sure your husband's none the wiser? We were going through a rough patch and I met Glen one night when I went out for a drink.
He was a really lovely bloke.
We clicked.
For a few weeks, it felt good.
And then you brought him home and the kids caught you.
He turned up at the house more than once.
That was when I said it was off.
And then he wasn't such a lovely bloke.
He took it badly.
At first he was devastated and then he got angry.
He threatened to tell Edward.
And he said he'd wreck my life.
I'm sure he did this.
Waited till we were out, used our own mower petrol.
Yeah, you need to tell the police.
I can't.
Ed would find out.
He'd walk.
Well, if you don't, the insurance payout will not happen.
But they have to give us the money.
It wasn't us.
They can't prove it was us.
Di, how many lawyers have you got? And the other thing is that I have to disclose the fact that I know Glen.
You can't No, I'm bound by law to give full disclosure.
I can't sit on anything.
My family is more important than the money.
Maybe you could talk to Glen.
Get him to confess, say it was a mistake.
I could promise him some money.
I can't do that sort of deal.
But you could find Glen.
Tell him that I want to talk.
Hey, I spoke to Lorraine Webb and she seems legit.
Although she said she was in pain for hours, but she fell in the shopping centre just after it opened at 9:00.
Slow ambos? Well, her hospital notes state that she was in the ED and sedated by 9:45.
Half an hour of pain like that might feel like a day.
Rick Taylor.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
That was the anti-corruption commission.
They've brought me forward to tomorrow morning.
Finally, your day in court.
And there's no need to be nervous.
You were the victim.
You weren't to know what was really going on, were you? Were you? No.
There you go.
Nothing to worry about.
Get in there, show them the documents, prove that your mate was ripping you off.
Only me.
Flying visit.
Emma's home.
She's working.
Not that I'm checking up - she has piano again.
Where'd you get to? I was thinking.
Now I'm going to uni.
The seminar's over.
I can tell someone everything is fixed? Sure.
'Cause we're all good, aren't we? No more hired goons storming the campus? Yeah, I told Matt it wasn't on.
You're free to make your own mistakes.
Great vote of confidence.
Thanks for the support.
Just don't expect me to be in your cheer squad every time you want to jump off a cliff.
Lily Christie.
How was the seminar? Sorry I missed it.
Yeah, it went smoothly.
And I haven't had any more visitors.
So far, so good.
Look, I have got a control freak for an older sister.
I'm not on a desert island there.
And that guy, you will never have to see him again.
We both still want this.
But how do we get what we want? Well, you can trust me.
You do trust me? Of course.
But having your family involved, it's it's complicating things.
Well, it doesn't have to.
There's a lot at stake for me, Lily.
What are you doing, Marcus? It was simple and it was good and I don't know.
I Are you OK? Who are you? I'm Alex.
I rudely threw myself under your bike wheels yesterday.
What, so now you're stalking me? No.
No, I was just chucking the frisbee and, uh So what's that guy got to do with your family anyway? So you were eavesdropping? No! I wasn't I can lip-read.
I lip-read.
So I was partially deaf till I was eight, so I just picked it up.
Do you want to get a coffee or a or a biscuit? You are very strange.
I'm sorry.
I just I want to go home.
Well, that's great.
'Cause I'm going to your place too.
I can see the dancers.
Can't you? Powdered wigs.
Big dresses.
I suppose I'm compensating for eight years of silence.
I get it now.
You're a muso.
I'm totally allergic to musos.
Why that then? Why go A sharp to B flat? Change in tone colour.
Tone colour.
See, they're dancing, but the dancers are sad.
They're sad because it's only the 16th century and no-one's invented the iPod yet.
Do you play? They say talent runs in families.
Taught myself to play the guitar.
From YouTube.
For two whole weeks.
She can play the first verse of 'Time of Your Life'.
And I nail it, kid.
Every time.
I want you sitting your fourth-grade exam in six weeks.
I suck at this bit.
So bad.
Well, where's the melody leading? Where's the rise and fall? The F.
I know.
First floor, second on the left, yeah? Yep.
We'll see you in the morning.
We might stay a bit longer.
We'll see how we go.
So what name did you put in the registry? Bob and Sandra Bates.
Bates? At a motel? Couldn't resist.
So Ben Napier's sure his wife's going to turn up here? That's his hunch.
Bed's a bed, I guess.
Spoken like a true bloke.
Do you have interesting taste in beds, do you? You'll never know.
So Napier has no idea who she's seeing? Not a clue.
This is us.
Pretty ordinary.
Good bed, though.
You think? I don't know.
Yeah, it's big.
It's firm.
What more do you need? You can monitor the whole courtyard from over here.
No dozing off, though.
You might only see them for a few seconds.
You'll have to drop by when you can.
Bring supplies.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
There's corn chips in the bag.
I'll leave you to it.
Bye, then, Sandra, darling.
We're supposed to be married.
Married people don't fondle.
I'd fondle you.
If we WERE married.
For at least the first few years.
I'm going to go.
I'll take the car.
Stop it.
I was hoping that now the both of you were adults that you and Katie would find some balance.
I'm an adult? When did that happen.
You were arguing about the professor.
Katie worries.
You know about Marcus? I've got big, flapping ears.
And I'm fine with it.
He's an older man.
I understand the attraction.
I can stop whispering into my phone.
Yes, well, I don't think your father's going to be too thrilled about it, so please give him some time.
Thanks, Mum.
You know, I really think it's going to work out.
He's been talking about leaving her, and once that happens, we can be a bit more open.
Leaving her? His wife? I thought you were fine with it.
Didn't Kate blab everything? No, Katie didn't say a word.
And they never leave their wives.
Everyone says that.
Play another song, OK? Has anyone seen my old contact book? I burnt it when you retired.
She didn't, did she? No.
It's in the desk in the office.
Something's happened.
No, nothing.
It's just her being Lily.
Why are you here? Tracking down a civil engineer by the name of Glen Dawkins.
Against my better judgement.
Why? Is he dangerous? Possible arsonist.
I really should tell the police about him.
Well, you know their number.
As you can see, your son's meeting up with people on the delivery run.
That kid looks homeless.
How can he afford drugs? They always seem to find a way.
See right here? It looks like something changes hands.
Could be drugs.
Of course.
What else could it be? I'm not so sure.
Dean got into that scene when he was younger.
He spent some time away.
I thought he got through it.
I gave him a job.
Now this.
Can't you bug his car so we know for sure? No, that's not legal.
No matter how much easier that would make our job sometimes.
What about a bit of old-fashioned footwork? Yeah, I could ask around.
ID some kids, see if they have history.
I need to know.
If I confront him with this and I've got it wrong, it'll destroy us.
Oh, here we go.
Opening time.
Hello, Lorraine.
What have you done to yourself? That has got to hurt.
Thank you.
It's very kind of you.
Getting around the kitchen is such a pain.
Well, I'm sorry to call at this hour, but I need one more question from you.
Why am I talking to you again? Because horrible things happen to us, Lorraine, and sometimes it's even our fault.
But we need to be able to put them behind us.
How did you really break your ankle? I-I fell in the shopping mall.
Did you have a fall here? Trip on one of the rugs? There's a hidden camera at the front of the arcade and there is footage of you arriving.
Your ankle is clearly broken before you slipped on the puddle.
Please don't please don't tell my nephew.
I think he's going to find out, Lorraine.
He's all I've got.
If he stops coming around You must have been in agony.
I fell over in the backyard.
I dragged myself inside and I called a taxi.
Why didn't you call an ambulance? Are the police coming to get me? I haven't written my report yet.
It's my job, Lorraine.
I have to put a report in.
If I rang and dropped my claim, would that make it go away? I can't say.
But retailers don't like bad PR, so you never know.
I could split the money with you.
Lorraine Where's your ballerina? Oh, I dropped it and it smashed.
I'm having a good day, aren't I? Hey.
Thought you weren't coming back.
Haven't finished my corn chips.
You should be grateful.
I brought Thai.
For two? Well, you can't eat and watch at the same time, so I thought I'd stay for a while.
No, you're just being nice.
Any sign of our client's wife? Uh, no.
But there's a couple with Victorian plates across there.
And there's a guy that I'm guessing is a travelling rep.
There's a Chinese tourist family.
And there's at least one room on short turnaround.
Yeah, they rent the rooms out by the hour to couples.
Couples in a hurry.
Well, that's promising.
Maybe Liz Napier is a woman in a hurry.
Well, that's a pity.
She's got all the time in the world.
She should enjoy herself.
I'm completely onto you.
You're being very obvious.
Taking an interest in my sister's wellbeing.
You think I'm trying to get in your good books.
I have to say, I'm a little hurt.
Just being friendly.
Well if I misjudged you, I'd say sorry.
But I haven't.
So I won't.
Looks like I'm here all night, then.
It's not that bad.
They don't turn up by 1:00, you can stay here.
The bed looks comfortable enough.
It does, doesn't it? Mmm.
It does.
So, is it working for me? Being a friend? Yeah.
Little bit.
Love you.
I appreciate that.
Uh, Peter WAS his boss? OK.
Corrimal Road later today.
That's perfect.
Thank you.
So, young lady, uni or the office for you today? Why is everybody suddenly so interested in my young life? Just back away from the Lily.
"Back away from the Lily.
" Getting close to Glen the engineer.
What, the firebug? Mmm.
I thought you were going to let the police handle it.
I didn't get around to making that call, but since I'm getting so close, I figure might as well try and save Di Nugent's marriage while I'm at it.
That's not usually what we do around here.
No, but sometimes going by the book causes chaos and pain that people don't really need.
So you're just going to throw the book away? No.
I want to ask a bloke a few questions before it all goes public.
Can't see any harm in that.
Glen Dawkins? Good luck tracking that bloke down.
What, he's gone to ground, has he? He's gone to India.
Yeah, quit without notice, flew out.
Left me one surveyor short.
Any idea why he went to India? No, he hardly talked the best of times.
Had girlfriend troubles.
Pretty much fell apart for a couple of months.
Then he cheered up a bit.
Found a new woman, I think.
Next he's all smiles and off to Mumbai.
When was that exactly, when he went? The day before we started the Darley Road widening.
10th of February.
Could have killed him.
Why? What's he done anyway? Well, if he went early February, possibly nothing.
And this is a document you claim you were shown as proof of the VFT project? Yes.
What Trevor didn't show me was that second document, the email showing the whole thing was off.
I checked the dates, and he knew the train wasn't happening before he scammed the money out of me.
So you're just an innocent victim in this? Yeah.
$100,000 is a lot of money.
Tell me about it.
Thanks for coming in, Mr Taylor.
So what happens next? Security will show you out.
No, I mean, am I in the clear now? Thanks for coming in.
What, so that's it? Morning, Mr Taylor.
You did good.
Doesn't feel like it.
Well, you proved to them that Ogilvy bloke was dodgy.
You're in the clear.
It's all over.
Wish it was over.
You know, they treated me like everything I had to say was lies.
They gave me nothing.
I'm sick of it.
I'm not going to roll over.
I do not have to take this.
Take what? Uh, I got him a coffee with a sugar in it.
He is like a bear with a sore head.
Hey, I got a result with the Figtree shopping arcade.
The old lady was bent, so break out the champagne.
Well, maybe you can help me with my case.
I have been photographing Dean for over an hour speaking to dropouts and I have no idea what they're saying.
I just really need to tell his dad something.
You people are thick.
It's obvious, isn't it? You need a lip-reader.
I'm really not sure I can give you guys what you want.
You'll be fine.
You were spot-on yesterday with my overinvolved family.
It's a long story.
But this is serious, isn't it? If I had to go to court and swear We won't bother you with that, Alex.
OK? Just watch them.
If you can understand even a few words, it might make all the difference to where we go with this case.
But no pressure.
Can't really see the kid, but the older guy Dean.
"Dude, how they hanging?" Boys.
Fifty's all I've got.
" Fifty what? "If you spend it all on goon, you're dead.
" Goon? Is that a drug? It's crap wine.
Dean's giving away cash but telling them not to waste it.
Now he's asking where the kid's crashing tonight.
He's mentioning something about Street Angels.
It's a charity and they help out with jobs.
So he's not selling dope, coke, E's? "Dude, lose the homie gear.
"Then get yourself a proper pair of shoes.
" Wow, Alex.
This guy's straighter than you are.
He's getting in contact with kids in trouble and he's giving them good advice.
Are you sure? Mm-hm.
How Lip-reading technology.
Alex Rudan here.
I thought so.
Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
Dean's offering a lot of helpful advice on how to get jobs.
It's useful stuff.
He's mentoring them.
He tells them where the shelters are, who they should be avoiding.
Sometimes he even gives them money.
My Dean.
He's been through some tough times, but he's learnt from it all.
If he was my son, I would be very proud.
I knew you took it personally, but it wasn't a banana smoothie this time.
Music to my ears.
How's the old girl not screaming? So she's willing to withdraw the claim.
How far you guys want to take it is up to you.
Yeah, I'll kick this one upstairs.
One for the big boys.
I'll write the report.
That's Anton.
Who? Why? That hoodie.
Can you go back to the angle where he spills that drink? Yeah, sure.
Same hoodie.
Same guy.
So, uh who's this Anton? I thought I knew, but now I'm not so sure.
Hey, Anton.
That hoodie's getting a bit of a workout, isn't it? Hi.
No, I was just visiting Aunty.
What have you got under there? Excuse me? What are you using, eh? Pawnbroker? eBay? Now the shopping arcade cash is gone, you'll have to milk her even harder, hey? Hey! I saw you at the mall.
You planned the scam, didn't you? It was your idea.
I wanted to take her to the hospital, but But then I had this idea.
I thought she could make some cash.
And she said yes.
Cash you could steal.
No, no, no, no.
I mean, she doesn't mind.
She trusted you.
She completely needs you and you are nothing but a leech.
I just need money.
And, yeah, she needs me.
What are you, some sort of cop? I'm a merc, alright? Button it.
I can't believe it didn't break.
This all must be a bit of a shock for you.
You know, we should have a look around the house, see if Anton took any other valuables.
We can give a list to the police.
Oh, not the police.
They can track it down.
II didn't smash the ballerina.
Anton took it.
I know he did.
He's been taking things from me for years.
Why should I care? That's your stuff, Lorraine.
Anton has been company.
He does shopping for me.
He's all I had.
And now you've given him to the cops.
They'll be coming for me next, so thank you very much.
You're going to be alright.
You know, the council's got a lot of community services.
They'll have a lady come around who will help you.
A lady coming around to help me.
I'll never see Anton again, will I? Jim Christie again from Sapphire Mercantile, Mrs Nugent.
I'll try and catch you after school hours.
Thank you.
So you're back to square one with the arson case? Yeah.
We still have a suspect in the frame.
I should call the police, actually.
You don't think he's good for it? No, he left the country a month before fire destroyed the Nugent house.
Possibly with a woman.
Maybe he got someone else to light the match.
No, it doesn't feel right.
And if I go to the police, Di Nugent's cheating will be exposed and there goes her marriage.
On top of everything she owned.
That's a good day's work.
Well, you don't have a choice.
Di has to take responsibility.
She knew cheating would threaten her marriage.
I think relationships are a little more complicated than Old Testament rules and marriage certificates.
Which is why we have those rules and marriage certificates.
To set boundaries.
Like in a jail? You should cut her some slack, Dad.
We're contracted to the insurers.
You should really call the police.
When marriages get wobbly, people make mistakes.
Maybe they shouldn't have to pay for them for the rest of their lives.
Mistakes? Exactly.
Thanks, girls.
That has really cleared everything up.
I need to explain how it's got to be.
It's not a good time.
What do you want now? Oh, Mr Nugent.
I didn't realise that you would be at home.
Uh, I just wanted to tell you that certain interesting angles have been followed up but have not been productive.
What? Uh, that is to say, certain stakeholders have had their likely participation downgraded.
You sound like the damn insurance policy.
Are the police looking at the stakeholder too? No, not yet.
Uh but they will be soon.
Is this some sort of legal words you need to recite? No, Ed.
We'll talk it through.
Sorry to be a spanner instead of an oilcan.
No! I get it.
No, give it to me.
Hey! Give it! Hey! Max! Hey! Hey, give me a look at that.
That is a beauty.
That's a Mustang P-51, circa 1944.
Where was that plane, Max? Well, look at that.
"Happy birthday, Max.
4 June 2009.
" Got this for your birthday.
I was seven.
And now you're 10.
I thought all your toys were burnt.
Uh, Max, now, this is one of those times when you really need to tell the truth.
Do you understand? Where was this plane when your old house burnt down? I took it out.
Did you take it out before the fire? I told you to throw it away.
Well, Mum and Dad were fighting and Dad said that they should have a fire and get the money and that would fix everything.
It was a joke, mate.
I I mean, I wasn't serious.
Ed, what have we done? Oh, Jesus.
What have I done? Oh, Max.
My boy.
Oh, sweetheart.
You're worried about my family? They're worried about ME.
You can relax.
Sure, I'm 22, but you like that.
You think I'm some freshly opened flower and you want to open up my mind to the ways of the world.
Get in.
Get in.
I'm no flower.
I grew up in a family of mercantile agents.
I've sat in the back of Dad's car while he served repossessions on cars belonging to friends' fathers.
I've seen brothers and sisters tearing at each other, rolling down the front lawn over some dodgy will dispute.
So don't tell me that you're worried about my family, because they love me.
And, yes, they interfere, but if you and I can find something good and make each other happy, they'll want to be a part of that.
Not standing out on the front lawn screaming.
Hello? Hey! Nice of you to drop by.
Why aren't you watching? Has Liz turned up? No.
She didn't come last night.
She didn't come this morning.
I reckon it's not happening.
Maybe she's not in the mood.
What? Maybe she's not in the mood.
Or maybe Ben's got it wrong and there is no boyfriend.
Matt! Quick! She's here! What?! We're on! Oh, you're kidding.
Come on.
You shooting? Yeah.
Yeah? Yeah, I've got it.
Yeah, that's her.
Oh, this'll be good.
Oh, this'll be fun.
You getting the guy as well? Yeah.
Do you know him? That's Ryan.
It's Ben's business partner.
The easy part's done.
Look, I've met him so I'll do it.
Hey, Ben.
Kate Christie from Sapphire.
Did you find something? Uh, yeah.
And, uh is it what I said? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
So you've got proof? You love your wife, don't you, Ben? Yeah.
Then don't take these photos, mate.
Don't do it.
Don't look at them.
My advice to you, you give her another chance.
Matt No, listen.
There's no such thing as a perfect marriage, mate.
If you want to salvage yours, you go to your wife, you tell her you know she's messing around, and you ask her I'm sorry, Mr Napier.
These are for you.
You ask her to stop.
It's time to go.
It's not up for discussion.
It's not even part of the job description.
Why is it always about contracts and professionalism with you? The client was making a mistake, alright? End of story.
In your opinion.
It's not even your call to make.
Kate, I was giving him options.
No, you were lecturing him.
What was that, anyway? "There's no such thing as a perfect marriage"? Are you kidding me? Relationships 101, Kate.
Some people need a refresher.
You don't even know that man.
That is so typical of you! You want to know how a book ends before you start reading it.
That doesn't even make sense, not even coming from you.
It makes perfect sense! If you just opened your eyes! I'm right here.
The door.
This is an office, you know.
Other people do work here.
I'm sorry.