Tricky Business (2012) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Sending Matt over to threaten Marcus? That's very low-key.
Oh, wait, no, actually, it's psychotic.
He's been talking about leaving her and once that happens, we can be more open.
His wife? There's a lot at stake for me, Lily.
What are you doing, Marcus? You know, I did work six days a week for about 100 years and you barely saw me.
Now we're gonna make up for that.
The trip.
It's off.
I couldn't enjoy myself knowing we'd left you with this mess.
Yeah, there are skills that you pick up in this job which, uh, can help you in other areas of life.
Uh, for instance, learning how to read people, um, anticipating how people might react to bad news.
But I've gotta say, people still will surprise you, even when you think you know everything about them.
The favourite, Night Raider, jumps well, it's outside Silver Swizzler.
Justin's Luck away.
Silver Swizzler trying hard Come on, girl.
Get onto it.
Come on.
No No! What? No, no, see? Mate, that's what I'm talking about.
She's better than that.
She's much better.
Look, something is seriously wrong with her.
I'm not kidding, mate.
I'm gonna go see her.
Can I meet you here tomorrow? OK, yeah.
What time? Um, 7am, yeah? Great.
Hey, hey, Matt.
Here he is.
Hey, meet my baby.
This is Silver Swizzler.
I call her Swizz.
Come on, girl.
So, yeah, mate, you saw her last night.
She finished way back in that field.
Dead set, she was an absolute cert to win that race.
Two weeks ago, she'd have blitzed that field, mate.
Left 'em for dead.
You think someone got to her? Gino Carmelli, he actually offered to buy my girl.
It was a month ago now.
He knows his dogs, he knows she's special, hey? So, I pretty much told him he's dreaming.
Now I reckon he might be trying to intimidate me, eh, into selling her or I don't know, really.
Well, yeah, look, Hamish, I'm happy to look into it for you.
But it is gonna take some time, OK? Now, time, that equals money.
Look, mate, I don't care what it costs, alright? If you can find what I need, that's all I'm looking for.
Oh, cheers, darl.
Can you hang on? Hey, this is Matt Sloane.
Hey, Matt.
He's gonna find out who poisoned our girl.
Well, I'll give it my best shot.
Good luck.
Anyway, we'd better get a wriggle on.
Gotta get to work, eh? You work for the council, do you? Uh, yeah.
I'm on the roads at the moment.
But this little girl, she's our ticket to a better life.
I just need you to find out who got to her, eh? Yep? How'd you go? Easiest repo ever.
The guy couldn't wait to get rid of it.
Really? He's sick to death of teenagers trashing her.
That's the formal season for you.
Are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
And you? Yep.
No, I'm not.
Can we talk about what happened, please? Not now.
Hey, I think I dropped my mobile in your car.
Can I have your keys for a sec? Yeah, they're on my desk.
Notices are all up to date and I will drop these to the post office on my way.
You going? Got a lecture in an hour.
Oh, with I'll catch you later.
Marcus? Ciao, Dad.
Bye, darling.
Have fun.
How are the dogs? Oh, they're a different breed.
How'd you go? Good.
Easy repo.
So, everything's? Mm.
It's good.
Well, that's, uh that's good, then, I guess.
Is it? Yeah.
And, you know You're not alone in the office, are you? Mm, yeah, that's right.
Right, OK, well, I've got to see a few men about a dog, so I'll be back when I'm back, alright? See you then.
That was Matt.
He's on a greyhound case.
Suspected doping.
They're highly strung creatures, greyhounds.
It's not in the car.
I must've left it in the holding yard.
Not as easy as people think.
Not any bunny can turn the bunny around.
Yeah, So you've got a lot of responsibility? Oh, correct.
Hey, uh, I had a hot tip that ran nowhere the other night.
Silver Swizzler.
What's so funny? You got your tip from the owner, right? Yeah, I did, as a matter of fact.
You know Hamish? Yeah.
Nice guy.
That dog of his? Mm.
Really? Ask anyone.
Well, he told me he reckons it's a potential champion.
Reckons it might have been got at.
No way.
Look at the odds.
Never anything like a favourite.
Catch you later.
Yeah, see you.
Excuse me? Do you work around here? Sometimes.
Do you know anything about that factory closure? Afraid not.
Owner's skipped, taking his workers' entitlements.
Oh, sorry.
Steve Evans.
Rick? Just Rick.
That's a nice car.
That belong to you? Shoalhaven Finance.
And you're just minding it for them? Something like that, yeah.
Look, uh, nice to meet you, mate.
Hey, listen, any chance you can keep an eye out for us and if the shyster turns up, give us a call? I've got better things to do with my day.
Mate, the guy's a crook.
I'll take your word for it.
I don't know him from a bar of soap.
There'll be some easy money in it.
There's no such thing as easy money.
You have a good one.
Yep, you too.
I was just on my way home.
It's a shame I can't give you a lift.
That's a big shame.
I'd love a lift.
You know I've got my own pad now? Your Lily pad? Mm-hm.
Converted garage, separate entrance.
It's way more comfortable and there's no gear stick.
Yeah, I'm not sure that's a great idea, given the level of interest from your family lately.
Then perhaps we could have a conference this weekend down the coast? Yeah, I can't.
Not this weekend.
How about next weekend? We've got that lecture in Canberra.
But everyone else from the course will be there.
I've always found that to be part of the fun.
Slipping away from the crowd.
I, um I need to take that.
I'll, um see you soon.
Hello? Find your phone? Yeah.
Where is everyone? Lily's at uni, Matt's on a job and Dad's helping Mum get the boat ready for hire.
Well, they must really love that, eh? Seeing other people living their dream.
Water under the bridge, I guess.
I really want to talk to you about what happened yesterday.
Kate, you don't want to talk about it, alright? You just want me to say that I'm OK with it.
You two are free to do what you want, but not here.
Not in the office.
I'm sorry.
Now, can we drop it? I promise nothing like that will ever happen again, not here.
Wait, so, who's coming for dinner again? He's an old university friend.
I haven't seen him for nearly 30 years.
Why not? Well, he's been living overseas.
Fork goes on the other side, love.
And, um, friend as in boyfriend? Have you finished your homework? That means yes.
What's his name? His name is Ross Beechworth.
Jim, what are you doing? I lost the afternoon, I'm a bit behind.
So, I'm trying to catch up.
Could you and Kate please not talk mercantile all through dinner? It will bore him witless.
I'm sure we'll be riveted by his tales of derring-do as an accountant.
He works for the International Monetary Fund.
He travels the world.
Whoa-ho! How'd you meet up with him this time, Nan? Uh, he's out here on a junket, darling.
And he tracked your nan down.
Maybe he should have been a merc.
Hi, darling.
Sorry I'm late.
You're not.
Don't tell me Lily's actually having dinner with us tonight.
No, she's got something on at uni.
Nan's having an old boyfriend over for dinner.
Really? Ross Beechworth.
Claire Watson.
Well, Claire Christie now.
Come in.
A small contribution.
Oh, thank you.
That's lovely.
This is my husband, Jim.
Welcome to our humble abode.
Oh, well, thanks for having me.
It was great to get your call.
Oh, well, I-I read that Ross was in town, so I called and left a message at the conference centre.
Ross, this is my daughter, Kate, and her daughter, Emma.
Um, Jim, can you do the honours? I'll get some champagne glasses.
It's so good to see you.
Come in.
So, Ross, as an accountant, do you have any tips for a struggling small business owner? If you're struggling, my first tip is usually sack your accountant.
We can't afford an accountant.
I'd have to sack myself.
So, what was Nan like in uni? Ooh, your nan was the coolest girl on campus.
I don't think so.
And when she got up on that stage You were on stage? Acting? Even better.
Your nan was lead singer in a band.
Mum, you never told us that.
No, look, really.
Um we did three gigs before we split up.
Dad, did you know about this? Mm.
Oh, yeah.
Of course, yeah.
There's no secrets between your mother and I.
The coq au vin should be almost done.
I hope you brought your appetite with you, Ross.
Oh, do you remember that party? Do I? I haven't been able to look at peppermint schnapps since.
Oh, yeah! Did you really know she was in a band? No, I had no idea.
Ah, there's your cab, Ross.
Why do they always turn up so quickly when you don't want them to? And never when you do.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, you too, Jim.
All the best.
See you.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then.
Indeed you will.
Ah, what's on tomorrow? Claire's agreed to give me the guided tour.
See how everything's changed.
Come on, I'll see you out.
Nice guy.
Hey, guys, Rick's on TV.
These girls were looking forward to their big night out at their high school graduation, but that was before they encountered this repo man.
Is this the most hard-hearted man on the South Coast? There's no such thing as easy money.
Find out tomorrow on 'Wake Up Gong'.
You've gotta be kidding.
And now, because of him, that dream is a nightmare.
Him being this man - a heartless misery merchant.
A repo man who would only give his name as Rick, but who we positively identified as Rick Taylor from Sapphire Mercantile.
Can you believe this guy? Samantha and her friends had booked and paid a deposit for a stretch limousine for their night of nights.
I feel dreadful about what's happened.
He was happy to hand over the keys.
Turn it off.
As your lawyer, I need to watch the whole thing.
So, why didn't you just refund the girls' deposits? I can't.
The finance company's got it.
- Shoalhaven Finance? - They've got everything.
It's OK, Bill.
It's not your fault.
Finally, they sent around their Their gorilla.
Rick Taylor, the repo guy.
How do you feel about crushing the dreams of a battler like Bill? I don't know him from a bar of soap.
Who do you do this dirty work for? Shoalhaven Finance.
Shoalhaven Finance.
Easy money.
And the girls who booked and paid a dep He did not ask me that, alright? They put different questions in there.
Golden rule - never, ever, ever talk to the press.
I didn't even know the camera was on.
I've been set up, Jim.
Look, no-one watches this rubbish anyway.
It'll blow over by lunchtime.
Well, maybe dinnertime.
OK, let's answer them.
Matt Sloane.
Sapphire Mercantile.
Kate Christie speaking.
Yeah, listen, I'll call you straight back.
It's Claire.
Hello, darling.
It's my greyhound guy.
No, no, no, you don't understand.
Can you please listen to me? Hello? Hello? That was Shoalhaven Finance.
They just pulled all their business.
Our biggest client.
No way.
Where are you going? To change their mind.
Rick! Harriet, that story was a complete hatchet job, right? I did not say those things.
I'm pretty sure I know what I heard, Rick.
OK, look, I said them but they were taken entirely out of context.
Do you know how many phone calls I've had to field this morning? We've had them too.
We're sure it'll blow over if we just ignore it.
Sorry, Kate, no can do.
Banks and financial institutions are very sensitive to the public mood.
Look, we have been out there for years, doing the hard yards for you guys, right? We're the ones at the coal face, copping the abuse, the threats, the tears.
I understand that.
We've had a very long and successful relationship with Shoalhaven Finance.
Surely that's gotta count for something.
I'm sorry, Kate.
It's not my call.
Head office have decreed that Harriet.
I wish things could be different.
Please, have all our files returned by the end of business today.
Right, so, see, here's proof, mate - proof someone's out to get my dog.
I came out here this morning.
I found this.
Would the guys you suspect know where you live? Yeah, of course.
Listen, a while back, someone else's dog just happened to get their feet all cut up on broken glass.
If that happens, mate, your dog's never gonna race again.
Look, I gotta say it looks like a jar of nails fell off the shelf and shattered.
Yeah, well, that's what it's supposed to look like, mate, but how's that gonna happen? Possums.
Honey, you know what they're like.
Look, we put locks on our bins.
It wasn't possums.
Can you put some surveillance cameras or something in here? Uh, we can, but, um, it is an additional expense.
I don't care, mate, just do it.
Hamish Listen, if it wasn't possums, it's really unlikely that they're gonna come back.
Well, why's that? Well, they've got their message across, haven't they? Nothing else was tampered with or touched.
Yeah, so, it must have been possums.
Corrine! Possums go looking for rubbish, not for hardware.
Listen, listen, it's early days, alright? Now, let me continue with my enquiries and I'll catch up with you later and let you know how I'm going.
OK? Hi, professor.
Lovely day for some private tuition.
Is this seat taken? Um, Lily Hello.
I'm Simone.
Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm in your chair.
Sweetheart, this is one of my undergraduate students, Lily Christie.
Lily, this is my wife.
It's nice to meet you, Lily.
For some reason they took longer to make the herbal tea than they did the coffee.
I'm on the caffeine-free stuff.
It's just one of the sacrifices us pregnant women have to make.
We're 12 weeks, so we've just started telling people our wonderful news.
Congratulations, that is I'm so sorry, I have Would you please excuse me? Congrats.
Lily? Lily, please don't leave.
I'm in no condition to chase you.
I know who you are.
I don't know what you mean.
I'm just I'm one of Professor Woodward's students.
You're not the first person to fall for Marcus's charm.
I wasn't either.
I was you.
And eventually, he did leave his first wife for me, just like you so desperately want him to leave me for you.
Um I'm so sorry.
Lily, I understand.
You must hate me so much.
You're young and you're pretty.
And you must be smart, otherwise Marcus wouldn't be interested in you.
But he's not gonna leave his child for you.
And if he did, you wouldn't respect him, would you? Ah! No.
Great! The papers have picked it up.
Apparently, at this time of year, all the stretch limos are booked solid.
And their formal's tonight, is it? Yep.
Honestly, what's the big deal? Why can't they just catch a cab? Did you get a cab to yours? No, I didn't go to mine.
You didn't? No, I was 8.
5 months pregnant.
I could barely walk, let alone dance.
That must have been rough.
I got over it.
So will they.
Life doesn't always have a fairytale ending.
That's two days in a row.
People are gonna start to talk.
Sorry, I was just trying to be You probably just want to be left alone.
His wife's having a baby.
What? Hey.
You want me to go for the throat? Yep.
So, apart from a mouthful of jugular, what exactly do you want? I'm assuming you want an on-air retraction? I couldn't care less about that.
I want to save the business.
And that means making them pay in cold, hard cash.
So, we go for pecuniary damages? Yeah.
You're aware if we go in hard and we lose, it could bankrupt you? That'll mean losing your mercantile licence.
Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.
I'm instructing you to go for it.
Alright, I'll get the ball rolling and we'll debrief over dinner.
My choice, my shout.
Are you saying you've got a previous engagement? I'll see you at 7:00.
Thanks, Frankie.
My absolute pleasure.
So, I, um, spoke to the network's legal people.
And? All very predictable.
They were outraged, threatened a countersuit.
I laughed in their face and gave them 48 hours to make an offer or we take them to court.
To court? Did you know that Kate and Matt were coming here? Rick and Frankie are here.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, they've seen us.
Let's go somewhere else.
No, no, no, it's too late.
Let's just sit down.
No, let's go.
What a surprise.
You must join us.
No, no.
Please, join us.
Pull up a chair.
There is no moral justification for monogamy.
I mean, look at nature.
The males battle it out each season and the females pick a winner.
It's just the way it is.
So, a few thousand years of civilisation means nothing to you? Not compared with millions of years of evolution.
Come on, guys, get onboard with this.
I mean, this explains why most men are alley cats.
What about albatrosses? Albatrosses mate for life.
OK, so, there are a few exceptions, but you know, who wants to be an albatross? I'd much rather be a tiger.
I've just gotta go to the loo.
Oh, I'll go too.
The boys seem a little uncomfortable out there.
Frankie, so am I.
What? Why? I'm just not ready to go on a double date with you and my ex-boyfriend.
I'm sorry.
I'll go.
I'll leave.
No, don't.
Then what? You were here first, so Matt and I should leave.
Rick's a hottie, I'm sure he's great in the sack, but at the end of the day I'm not desperate.
So, let's just go out there, have a couple more drinks and try and have a few laughs, OK? Yeah, OK.
You know, if you're attracted to Rick, you should just go for it.
You sure? Yeah.
Just I really need that drink.
Oh, Ross.
Sorry to drop by unannounced.
I stupidly misplaced your phone number.
Took a punt you guys might be home.
Oh, well, Jim's still at work.
Kate's at dinner.
Emma's with a friend.
And Lily's well, who knows where.
Then I probably should go.
It was just a spur-of-the-moment idea.
Actually I would kill for some intelligent company.
That's not peppermint schnapps, is it? I, uh, did consider it for old times' sake, but settled for a 20-year-old cognac instead.
Oh, good.
It's not nearly as lethal.
Come on in.
Do you want to dance? Uh it's not really my thing.
Phew! Ooh! This man can really move.
Sure can.
I've gotta take this.
We need more wine.
Not for me.
Oh, Kate, come on, you need to relax.
Live a little.
It's a school day tomorrow.
So, I'll write you a late note.
Rick, you'll have a splash.
Uh I know you will.
We'll have another bottle, thanks.
Same again.
That was Hamish, my greyhound guy.
The dog's sick again.
Are you going? Well, yeah, he wants me to, but there's probably not much I can do.
What do you think? Yeah, you should go.
You'll be OK to get home? Yeah, I'll be fine.
Good luck.
Well, we're not gonna let that put a dampener on our evening.
And there's Berlin.
You've got to see Berlin.
I don't know a thing about Berlin.
Oh, it's wonderful.
Berlin has more parks than Paris.
More rivers and canals than Venice, Amsterdam and Stockholm put together.
Actually, Jim and I were Well, we planned to sail to the Whitsundays.
We even restored a boat.
It was a labour of love.
For me, anyway.
Well, that sounds pretty wonderful too a home-grown adventure.
It's never gonna happen.
Claire? I'm fine.
Just one door closes, another opens.
Jim's back at work and loving it.
And I'm back getting physio clients and Not loving it as much.
No, not No Oh, that's life.
And at the end of the day, who knows what the future holds? Come with me.
What? Come with me.
Let me show you the world.
And I promise you, I will never ever take you for granted.
Mmm Yeah.
I got here as soon as I could.
What's happened? Mate, she's really crook, mate.
I've had to scratch her from the race.
She's been vomiting.
She's got the runs.
Is there a vet? Yeah, well, they took samples.
But, mate, we've been with her the whole time.
Nobody's even had a chance to even get close to her.
So Hon, I reckon it's time we take her home.
Yeah, look, you're right.
Hey, Matt, I don't know.
I'm sorry, mate.
I No, it's fine.
It's fine.
Yeah? Oh, what are you doing up? I couldn't sleep.
There is no such thing as just a few drinks with Griffo.
Phew! Anyway, he reckons his brother-in-law will be able to get some work out of the credit union, so that's good.
How was your night? Quiet.
Have you eaten? Yeah.
Yeah, I have.
Left the car at the club.
I'll get a lift in with Kate in the morning.
So, do you, uh Do you want to go to bed? I won't be long.
Have you seen your dad anywhere? Left about 10 minutes ago with Kate.
I'm not sure how hot that is.
I don't mind.
It's over with me and Marcus.
Your call or his? His pregnant wife's.
Why is life so complicated, Mum? It just is sometimes, kiddo.
Frankie, it's Rick.
Listen, I need you to hold off from proceeding with the case against the network.
Well, I'd rather not say just yet.
I've got an idea and I have to see if it works.
Thanks, I'll call you back soon.
Thank you.
I have a proposition for you.
I'm listening.
Rick, hi.
I've got Shoalhaven Finance back as a client.
How? That's fantastic.
You didn't intimidate the journalist, did you? No, I came up with a good idea.
Go on.
OK, Sapphire drives the girls to the formal tonight in the limo.
What? Courtesy of the wonderful, generous, community-minded finance company.
That's not what we do.
It is if we want our biggest client back.
What about What? Insurance? They've agreed to indemnify us.
Harriet's already organised media coverage.
Kate, come on.
This is a lifeline.
We've gotta take it.
I guess that's pretty great news, then.
Yeah, it is, but we've gotta move quickly, alright? I'll see you soon.
OK, see you soon.
Thank you.
Rick just got Shoalhaven Finance back.
Oh, you've got to be kidding.
Jim, it's Rick.
We've got a bit of a problem.
You remember that journo, Steve Evans? Yeah, well, he's onto me.
I think it's time for the old switcheroo.
Hey, mate.
So we're gonna have to stop meeting like this.
It's the blue Commodore station wagon about 50m down the road.
Yeah, my car is in the car park.
I thought you were coming home.
Something's come up, darling.
I'm about 50 clicks south.
I've got a news crew following me.
They think I'm Rick.
Well, you've always got an excuse, haven't you? It's a pretty good one, though, don't you think? Claire, are you there? Must have dropped out.
Hamish isn't here.
Yeah, I just saw him leave.
But it's you I need to talk to.
Don't see how I can help.
How's the dog? She's OK.
Yeah? You must be relieved.
Well, I'm guessing you weren't trying to kill her.
It had to be you, Corrie.
You're the only one who had access.
Are you gonna tell Hamish? I have an obligation to tell him, yeah.
But I'll give you the chance to do it first.
What are they gonna find when the test results come back? Antidepressants.
The ones I take to get through a day.
I wanted a family.
Instead, I share a bed with that dog.
I just wanted him to realise that this dream is just selfish and stupid.
It's OK.
I'll tell him.
Look, the good news is they went for it and Jim's leading them further south.
The bad news is he forgot to give me his keys.
I'm not gonna make it back in time.
What?! You set up the whole deal.
Yeah, I know.
Believe me, I want to be there.
I can't be in two places at once.
Someone that end is gonna have to drive the limo.
What's happening? I look like a dork, don't I? Not once we fix this.
You actually look alright in that suit.
Oh, you'd go that far? Matt? Duty calls.
Have fun.
OK, let's go.
This way, girls.
I thought I might find you here.
What's happened? What's wrong? Nothing.
The girls are happily at their ball and I don't have to pick them up for a few hours.
Then, what? Your carriage awaits.
It's me.
Sorry I'm late.
I led those idiots on a wild goose chase for the entire afternoon.
You should have seen their faces when they realised I wasn't Rick.
Oh, maybe you maybe you had to be there.
Yeah, maybe.
I had a drink with Ross last night.
Oh, yeah? He popped in on the spur of the moment.
Mm nice.
He offered to show me the world.
Oh really? He asked me to go away with him.
Oh, did he? What did you say? I'm still here, aren't I? Not that I wasn't tempted.
I've given up my dreams, for what? This was supposed to be short term, but look at you.
You're as happy as a pig in mud.
And I'm just marking time.
Sweetheart, marking time? You You've got your physio, your Damn the physio.
I want to travel.
I thought that's what we were going to do.
Yeah, we were, yeah, but things changed.
I mean, the business and Kate needed me.
She needed us.
I know.
Right now, I need you.
Do you want me to leave the business? I don't know.
I don't know.
See? Life can have fairytale endings.
Even if they come a bit late.
I thought you said you're a lousy dancer.
Maybe I just never had the right partner.
Matt It's OK.
It's a slow dance.
Thank you.