Trigger Point (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

Last night, a bomb
delivered by drone destroyed
a transformer at the Isle
of Dogs power station.
[JOHN] Thom was an outstanding
officer. Liked by all.
Are you doing all right?
You okay?
[LANA] No, yeah, I'm fine.
[WOMAN] This morning, a digital timer
was sent to a journalist.
It's set to count down to 7:00 PM.
Why do you think that is?
Right, we have a possible target.
[LANA] Expo Two, we've got an IED.
[ALEX] I'm not one of them. Not hardly.
I'm just a tech guy.
We need to know what
they're planning next.
They wanna sweep away
the whole corrupt system.
They love playing games.
[JOHN] What exactly are you saying?
That there has to be another bomb.
[DANNY] Oliver Jenkins.
He's special adviser to Cabinet
Minister Matthew Pulfree.
This latest attack was a
meeting in a government building.
Cabinet Minister Matthew
Pulfree was killed,
along with two civil servants.
Another two in the room
were critically injured.
What do we know about the bomb?
Well, the device was in a laptop
belonging to Ollie
Jenkins, one of the dead.
We'll know more once we've
got chemical confirmation.
Could it be a suicide attack?
That's unlikely.
Jenkins was ambitious, successful.
Politically, he held no radical opinions.
The device could have been inserted
into this laptop without his knowledge.
DS Morgan.
Alex is on the line.
Everyone, quiet. Quiet!
Put him on the speaker.
[ALEX] There's gonna
be another attack, today.
They've asked me to set up
cameras so they can film it.
I think it's another drone attack.
Drone attack?
[ALEX] Multiple IEDs.
How many?
[ALEX] 12.
It's Alex.
It looks like he sent a link
to an untraceable messaging service,
saying he can't talk where he is.
They're loading devices into a van.
He can't see the reg
plate from his position.
Come on, Alex.
If it is drones, we
need a way to intercept.
[TERRORIST] They're ready for you.
Let's do this.
Shit, we've lost him.
You've got 12 remote cameras here.
They're all connected to that.
It's a WiFi booster ranger extender.
It'll act as a kind of base station
to receive and transmit the live feed.
It'll just piggyback on
the nearest WiFi network.
All you need to do is
switch these cameras on,
then they'll link up authomatically.
Do you know where we're going?
He sent an address in the
Docklands, one hour's time.
Live link to follow.
Let's go, everyone.
Possible drone attack inbound.
[DISPATCHER] To all units,
REP is Bullion Wharf, E-14.
Bullion Wharf, E-14.
[COMMANDER] Shut down all
airspace over East London.
Drone attack imminent.
I need a two-mile cordon
and a disposal unit for 24 hours.
[COMMANDER 2] Expo Two,
we need anti-drone hardware.
Expo Two received. We'll deploy
our signal jammers on arrival.
Morning rush hour. The area's
gonna be absolutely rammed.
How long until the
anti-drone gets up and running.
About five minutes.
It'd help if we knew what the target was.
Well take a look.
We're at the centre of capitalist London.
We're a stone's throw from
the world's top banks,
London's financial centre
surrounded by luxury apartments.
- I mean, take your pick.
- This is your scene, Lana.
Thank you, sir.
Expo briefing, officers to me, please.
We believe we're dealing with 12 airborne
proxy IEDs, target unknown.
Transport method,
unmanned aerial vehicles.
Get everyone indoors, everyone undercover.
If you see what you think might be an IED,
do not approach, alert your nearest expo.
Well in that case, we should
evacuate the entire area.
Just get as many people
off the streets as you can.
All right, guys. You heard
her, let's clear the streets.
Boss, there's a lot of ground to cover.
Maybe we should split up.
I can take this path. You take the other.
Yeah, thanks, Hass. I'll let
you know if I need your help.
Copy that. Just thought
it might be a better use
of our resources, boss.
Let's go.
[OFFICER ON BULLHORN] Please stay calm
and make your way to safety.
Please keep moving this way.
Alex has sent the link
through for the drone cameras.
And it's not loading.
Will you get the iPad up?
[OFFICER] Everybody keep moving.
It's time.
Heads up. Intel incoming.
What, is it still not loading?
Born ready.
That sounded like it was ground level.
- What is going on?
- They on the list, Lana.
Don't know.
Oi, get off there, get inside!
It's a scooter, it's not
the drones, get back!
Get out of the way!
Get off this, get back! Clear the way!
There's cameras on the scooters.
Expo Two to all units,
IEDs are not being transported by drones.
They're on the scooters.
Repeat, not on the
drones, on the scooters.
Get off the scooter!
Lana, wait. Wait wait,
don't move, don't move.
I'm okay.
You know you're not here to be
pulling people off scooters.
I'm all right. Just gonna go down there.
You been playing hero again, Wash?
You all right, mate?
Yeah, I'm fine.
But you need to take
better care of yourself.
You're right in the thick of it.
All this, and what happened to Thom.
And you getting straight back
on the job. That's a lot.
You saved lives today, but
you know it takes its toll.
If you got any feelings
or anything on your plate
that you wanna talk about,
then you know I'm here, yeah?
No rest for the wicked.
How are you, Lana?
Have the medics checked you over?
Yeah, sir. I'm fine.
Just a few minor scratches.
I'll need your full report
for the home secretary.
ASAP, I'm afraid.
An attack of this size
If you need to take the day,
I'm sure Hassan would
be more than capable.
No, that's fine, sir.
I'll get that to you today, no problem.
See you back at HQ then.
Once we've wrapped up here.
Thanks, sir.
That's all remaining scooters
accounted for and disarmed, sir.
Thank God.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Head back to HQ.
Hi, Mum, I'm at work. I can't really talk.
Okay, okay.
I'll swing by on my way,
but can't stay for long.
See you in a bit, bye.
Little detour on the way.
[VAL] You take it
like it never happened,
acting like you haven't a son.
It's not healthy.
And sitting upstairs
in his room all day,
that's healthy, is it?
Sitting upst
[LANA] What's going on?
Sorry, love, didn't hear
you come in. You okay?
Yeah, I'm working.
How's it all going?
- Sit down, love.
- No, I'm all right. What's up?
Cup of tea or
No, stop fussing me and
tell me what's happened.
She says she wants a divorce.
Well you obviously don't mean that.
All I said was,
something needs to change, that's all.
- Can't go on like this.
- Like what?
He's never here.
You're never here, Jeff. Even
when you are, you're not!
You know he's been hiding around at yours
- all the time you were home.
- I aint been hiding!
Yeah, well, that's all right, Mum.
It's okay if people need,
you know, their own space.
You'd know.
All right, well, I'm
sorry I had to get away,
but I had to.
You know, this didn't just happen to you.
It happened to us all.
I'm well aware of that, thanks, Lana.
You, both of you.
Both of you, you just
left me here on me own.
Drowning in all this grief.
Sorry, sorry. Do you think
I am not feeling this too?
All I ever wanted was for Billy to be
the man he could have been.
He was a good boy.
He wasn't tough like you, Lana.
I can't help that, Mum.
He needed us more.
What was it you used to say?
He should take responsibility.
He was a grown man!
Now how was he ever gonna learn
to stand on his own two feet
with us always hovering over him?
Danny, listen, can you
just give me two minutes?
Yeah, two minutes please.
You had to just jump in
every time he did something stupid.
All right, listen, stop.
We all tried with Billy. We did, we tried.
He wasn't well, Mum, he was ill.
Can we stop blaming each other
and start looking after each other?
Start loving each other please.
Are you all right?
Are you sure?
- What?
- Yeah.
[HASSAN] Danny said
that you'd run towards
one of those devices.
Yeah, I saw a woman
on one of the scooters.
Nearly got to her in time.
And you had to be the
one to run after her?
Yeah, that's what we do, isn't it?
You're the senior, Wash.
- Have you still got a problem with that?
- No.
Okay, you saying you
coulda done a better job?
We're not in school,
okay? You're a good boss.
But you're taking risks.
You're a valuable asset
as an expo, you know that.
But it seems like you
don't give a shit anymore.
Oh no, I do give a shit.
I could just do without you making my life
any harder than it is right now.
What's the number one cause of
death for expos in the field?
- Are you being serious?
- Complacency.
Things go to shit when you lose your cool.
Okay, you've been on a personal crusade
since you lost your brother and Thom.
Just, don't die on our watch.
- Are you both ready?
- Yeah, ready.
[JOHN] They've just posted
another video. Patrick.
Our tech team's currently
trying to trace the source.
I think it's safe to assume
it'll be another dead end.
What about the devices they used?
We're still waiting on forensics.
Hass, you disarmed
several of them, didn't you?
Yes, sir. Command
IEDs detonated by phone.
When we get the forensics back we can
What about the
construction of the devices?
The initial assessment,
very well made, very complex.
Best we've seen the group use so far.
Today's attacks seem a step
up on almost every level.
Confidence has been severely
shaken. The markets are down.
What about Alex's location?
We haven't been able
to trace his IP address.
So he'll help us but only on his terms.
And always at arm's length.
Sir, he gave us solid intel today.
Well his intel's
solid, but his assumption
that drones were involved
cost us lives today.
Could he be playing us?
I can't say.
I can, sir.
I really feel like he's trying to help.
Feelings aren't gonna help us solve
this case, though, are they?
May I remind you?
You're here at my discretion
to provide knowledge
and support in your role as expo.
We're the detectives.
And as such it's our job to
explore every possibility.
Sir, understood.
I just think he was really brave
to put himself in that position.
As a civilian, sharing
vital intelligence to you,
the police, putting his own life at risk.
He warned us about the attack
on the cabinet minister,
and you heard him on the phone today.
He was petrified, but he
still found a way to help.
You mean he tried. At best.
But his intel's always a
little too late to help.
Sir, I really think
You're being incredibly naive
if you think we can
trust this man entirely.
Sir, Lana is right, though.
Alex did put himself
in direct line of fire,
which would suggest he wants to help us.
But we only have Alex's word for it
that he put himself in harm's
way, so the jury's out.
And unless you're suddenly an
expert in criminal psychology.
No, sir, I'm not.
It's simple.
Until we have evidence to prove otherwise,
Alex remains a suspect.
Lana, Lana, can we
Look, I know we don't
exactly see eye to eye.
If you wanna win Francis round,
you have to act like the
sun shines out of his ass.
So keep my big mouth shut, is that?
Well, picking fights with him
isn't exactly helping the team dynamic.
Is it? It's just causing more problems.
And he really, he doesn't like
being contradicted in public.
You know, you just have
to make him feel like
some of the best ideas are his.
You don't need to explain to
me how to deal with Francis.
I know how to deal with assholes like him.
I've been doing it since I
was 16 when I joined the army.
God, you are so difficult
to talk to. Do you know that?
Yeah, well,
it was Thom's idea anyway.
He didn't like Francis any
more than you or me, but
he still won him over.
He was smart like that.
Okay, I'll bear it in mind.
Sir, we've got Alex
on an untraceable line.
Alex. Appreciate you calling back.
[ALEX] Today's attacks aren't over.
There's talk of something
else, something bigger.
Well, we're gonna need more
specifics from you, Alex,
if that's to be of any real use.
[ALEX] What happened this morning.
The video, the kingdom must fall.
It is all connected to what
happens next. It happens today.
All I heard was something
about a big house,
how this was gonna be
their crowning glory.
So there may be an attack,
but the nature of the attack
and where it'll be and what it
consists of, you don't know?
[ALEX] That's all I
have. That's all I know.
I, I've gotta go.
- So what do they mean?
The big house. Their crowning glory.
The kingdom must fall.
However unlikely, we have to consider
the target may be Buckingham Palace.
We need to speak to
their head of security.
No, wait.
If it's an attack on a royal residence,
I need to speak to the commissioner first.
Keep working up alternative
angles, just in case.
Right then.
[CLEARS THROAT] Let's say that he's wrong
and it's got nothing to
do with the royal family.
Buckingham Palace could be
a deliberate red herring.
Well, whatever's it gonna be,
it's gonna be somewhere meaningful.
When they have a target in sight,
they execute with precision and care.
Except today was chaotic.
I'm not so sure.
Can you bring up the map please?
What do you mean? There's
no discernible pattern.
Zoom in. That's the financial district.
One fixed point.
An area they can control,
the scooter rack.
Ground zero.
Yeah, well, that's Bullion Wharf,
one of those pseudo public
spaces that seems public
but's actually owned by corporations.
So the, the buildings, the public square
and the surrounding streets
are all privately owned.
In this case by renowned brokerage firm
Hancock, Seale and Poole,
who are leading the charge
among finance giants to
buy up land and property
growing up there,
investments worth billions.
Hancock, Seale and Poole?
HSP, wait, that, that rings a bell.
HSP is one of the firms
behind Ratea Global Analytics.
Who's the current owner of HSP?
Webster King.
He's currently facing several
investigations amid rumours
of bribery, and he's also taken
several government bailouts
while pocketing a cool 2.4 billion
from the sale of his previous company.
Nice guy. Sounds like
a prime target to me.
Find out where he is today.
Okay, they're taking it seriously enough
to call an emergency
COBRA meeting right now.
They want us down there.
Sir, we're exploring
an alternative angle.
Webster King, he owns the development
where the scooter rack was located.
And, the previous target
Ratea Global Analytics.
But if Webster King's a
target, the commissioner needs
to know before he walks
into that COBRA meeting.
King's a high-level political donor.
- Webster King's not in London today.
- Where is he?
He's getting married at
his estate in Hartfordshire.
Hm, well, they'll be there, won't they?
Hedge fund billionaires,
probably a couple of cabinet ministers.
They kingdom must fall.
I mean, King is a credible target.
They've attacked his assets,
and now they're gonna go after
him and his fat cat mates.
Either way, if it's the
palace or Webster King,
the commissioner will want to
consult the home secretary.
I'll attend COBRA.
Second unit, you head to
King's estate in the country.
I'll join you there ASAP to make sure
everything's handled as it should be.
Let me manage Webster King.
Tread carefully, and don't forget,
you're representing the entire
metropolitan police service.
I'll need an expo with me.
Ever met the commissioner before?
Okay, Francis has the team scouring
every inch of Buck House.
Okay, well, I hope one of us is right.
Hi ya. DS Helen Morgan, SA-15.
This is Lana, our senior
expo, and number two, Danny.
Inspector John Pierce, Mid Hearts.
We've got round the venue, and my unit
is currently searching the perimeter.
This is the private firm
in charge of security.
DS Helen Morgan,
counterterrorism command.
We're here on urgent police business.
We have reason to believe that this event
has been targeted by a
violent terrorist group.
Sorry, who's in charge here?
I am, Duncan McMorton.
My team call me Mac.
We've got six units
patrolling the sights.
What intel can you share?
Only that it's a credible threat.
My team need to sweep this
entire area, immediately.
How credible?
We've been onsite for a week.
24-hour surveillance,
every single guest passes
through a metal detector,
so there's no chance an IED
would have been planted
without us knowing it.
My men and I are professionals.
Great, then you'll
understand we have a job to do.
So why did they send the B team?
You're a DS. Where's your SIO?
Some of my colleagues
are currently investigating
a second high-profile location.
Right, so you're not even
expecting to find anything here.
We still have to search the site.
Understood, and you have our support,
but you're not asking
us to evacuate, are you?
No, not immediately. Minimal disruption.
Listen, we're not here to make a scene.
What order did the deliveries arrive?
Was there any last-minute
changes, any additions?
We're gonna need to see a list
of everything that came through today.
All right.
I need a list of all
deliveries brought to me ASAP.
- Ma'am.
- Thanks.
We swept the floor yesterday.
And what arrived today?
The cake was delivered this morning.
Do you wanna check that?
Can you at least try to blend in?
[VELCRO TEARING] Is that better?
Speaking of managing
conflicts of interest,
I'd like to welcome all my
great rivals and competitors
who are here celebrating with us today.
Despite the fact that
we've played hardball
with each other for several decades,
we're also civilised men.
And so, like the Christmas Day ceasefires
along the Western Front between Germany
and the Allies in 1914, I'd like to toast
to our very own truce, over
this delicious Cristal 2008.
But don't worry.
Hostilities will resume
as normal tomorrow.
Now everyone you just enjoy yourself
while our two families must now endure
the purgatory of wedding photos.
You might want to pick up
some tips while you're here.
My wedding aint gonna
look nothing like this.
Sorry for the interruption, folks.
My security team just
needs to do a few checks.
Nothing to worry about.
You all enjoy yourselves.
No, all clear.
Told you. Now fuck off.
Hey, are we done here yet?
Just one more thing I
need to check on the list.
Here we go.
Just give me a sec.
What have we got, boss?
Two locked doors.
That's weird.
They're not just locked.
They're bolted shut.
Let's check underneath.
It looks like there might have
been a repair job under here.
Pass me the screwdriver.
I'll take a look.
Yeah, one sec.
Shit! We have a timer-operated IED.
We've gotta get this truck moved now.
Get everyone evacuated.
There's enough explosives under here
to take out the whole building.
Go, Danny, now!
Everyone make their way out the far exit
and down the stairs!
Keep moving!
[AGENT] Everybody on your feet please.
[AGENT] Calmly please!
As quick as you can!
Come on, let's go!
Move please!
Keep moving.
You okay? You all right?
That was impressive.
You better have some decent
fireworks at your wedding.
Not these flash bastards.
Yeah, good one.
Mr. King?
Commander John Francis.
You and your guests are very fortunate.
That bomb removed by my team
would have flattened your house
and killed everyone in it.
Rest assured, we'll be
providing you with round-the-clock
protection until we've
caught the perpetrators.
You have my word, sir.
My family and I are grateful.
The commissioner asked me to
express his deepest regrets.
He sends his assurances
that we'll do everything
in our power to keep you safe.
We won't let them win, sir.
Thank you, Commander.
Oh, Mr. King, this is Lana Washington,
our senior explosives officer,
who was responsible for finding
and moving the IED to safety.
A debt of gratitude to
you and your team, Lana.
Happy to be of service.
Better to arrive late
than not to come at all.
Well I'm sure it's been a
nasty shock for all of you.
That Land Rover was my
grandfather's. His pride and joy.
Meant a great deal to us.
Well, if you'll excuse me,
I must get back to my wife and family.
Yes, of course, sir.
We'll get forensics to
send everything off to Sonya.
It was a timer switch, pretty basic.
But the size of the main charger,
1,000 kilogrammes of explosives.
They're becoming more
ambitious every time.
Which is I've had enough
of dancing to their tune.
We need to get on the
front foot from now on,
and we'll start by
bringing Alex into custody.
You want to arrest him?
You're gonna have to find him first.
We still haven't been able
to verify his credibility.
If we have to put pressure
on him or force him
to wear a wire, we will.
Please, sir, don't do that.
I think you're making a mistake.
From everything we know,
they're too clever for that.
From everything we know?
We know precisely nothing.
They've been a step ahead from the start.
Sir, it
It's time we took the lead.
Please, I need your help.
You're the only one who can save me.
[LANA] What are you doing here, Alex?
I didn't know what else to do.
And how did you get my address?
You gave me your phone
number, at our first meeting.
Ever since then, I've
been able to track you.
All right, anyone else got it?
Only me.
- So I'm safe?
- Yes.
You're safe.
Look, I need your help
to stop these people.
I can't do it by myself.
Alex, I'm sorry. I've
gotta call this in.
No no no, don't please.
I know I got myself into this shit,
but just give me a chance to make it good.
[SIGHS] Fine. Sit down, tell me then.
I was
Mr. Normal.
Happy, I had a lovely family.
Wonderful wife.
Daughter I adored.
Well-paid job, systems engineering.
Two years ago,
my daughter died.
She was 13.
She was being bullied
online. We didn't know.
She started self-harming. It was horrible.
The tech companies, they didn't care.
They're only in it for the money.
Their algorithms fed her
illness hundreds of videos.
She took her own life.
And the police, well, they
didn't do a damn thing.
I'm sorry, Alex.
Our marriage broke down. Lost my job.
Friends, everything.
Yeah, I get that.
When I was at my lowest,
I hooked up online with this cyber group.
They were fighting back
against big tech, big business.
Like Robin Hood, internet guerrillas
standing up for the little guys.
We exposed secret files,
sabotaged corrupt businesses,
transferred money from their bank accounts
to deserving causes.
It was a sort of, justice.
Or revenge.
But no one seemed to notice.
So the group decided to cross
the line into the real world.
These, these guys are clever.
Many more will die before you stop them.
And if the police screw this up,
I'll be the fall guy.
I mean, it never ends well
when you look like me.
But I'll do whatever you think.
I trust you.
Why me?
Because you're not a cop.
You could get killed.
Maybe I could do some good.
Help bring these people down.
Are you absolutely sure
this is what you want?
I am.
And if I don't make it,
ha ha, through this,
tell them,
tell them Benjamin Mamouda
was one of the good guys.
That your real name?
I'm trusting you, Lana.
Don't give that to the police.
- I won't.
- You're the only one I'm dealing with.
Start by telling me everything you know.
[BENJAMIN] They're planning
something else right now.
I don't know what, but
it's something terrifying,
and they're gonna keep coming.
They won't stop. No one
in this city's safe.
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