Trigger Point (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[BATRA] Well, this is
clearly a sophisticated
- terrorist attack.
- Stop!
[HASSAN] And you had to
be the one to run after.
Could just do without you making my life
any harder than it is right now.
We have reason to
believe that this event
has been targeted by a
violent terrorist group.
That bomb removed by my team
would've flattened your house
- and killed everyone in it.
- Understood.
I've had enough of
dancing to their tune.
And we'll start by
bringing Alex into custody.
I'm not one of them. I'm not part of it.
I'm just a tech guy.
[LANA] We need to know
what they're planning next.
It could be anything. They're
messing with your heads.
If you've got any feelings
or anything on your plate
that you wanna talk about,
then you know I'm here, yeah?
My daughter died. She
was being bullied online.
She took her own life.
The police, well, they
didn't do a damn thing.
Start by telling me everything you know.
Alex gave me a verbal
description of each gang member,
and they're led by a woman, suspect A.
I can run the description
through our date bases.
[LANA] Ta.
So Alex turned up on your doorstep?
Yeah. Last night, asking for help.
And he's risking his life to help us.
I gave a clear order.
I wanted him brought in.
Yes, sir.
Look, if he approaches
you again, you call it in.
If you hear anything
from him, you call it in.
I don't care if it's hard
to speak in front of him.
You find a way to communicate
with us. Do you understand?
Yes, sir. Understood.
[JOHN] All right, share these
descriptions with the other agencies.
Sonya, what else have we got?
Uh, we've been able to pinpoint
that the RDX likely originated in Poland.
They have a well-developed black market.
It's easy to source.
Importing RDX into this
country is not as easy.
It means having people at strategic points
both here and in Eastern Europe.
Uh, we've been talking to
Polish counter intelligence ABW.
They've been tracking
an illegal arms dealer.
Now, about a year ago,
they obtained footage
of their target speaking to Nicholas Hood,
our power station bomber,
when he was in Poland
for his chess tournament.
They shared the video within Interpol,
but since Nick's nationality
was then unknown,
it hasn't been flagged
with UKIC until now.
And look. A woman.
Well, could this be the same woman
who killed DCI Youngblood, suspect A?
Oh, GCHQ can do a
biometric analysis. Yeah.
- [JOHN] And who's that?
- Suspect B.
We'll crosscheck the suspects
with the CCTV from the crime scene
in the hours leading up to each attack.
Okay, circulate the image of suspect B
to every officer on the force.
I want an all patrol ops.
But what about press, social media?
No, if we tip the public off,
they'll go to ground and
we'll never catch them.
The element of surprise
is our strongest play.
And remember, the order is
report, follow. Do not detain.
- On it, sir.
- Sir.
The one connection between
all the Wave attacks
is Webster King whose house
was nearly destroyed yesterday.
Yeah, our financial crime
specialists are on the case,
but Webster King has
interests in the power station
and was owner via the
British Virgin Islands
of the Tritia Global
Analytics data company.
So he was also former business partner
of Cabinet Minister Matthew Polfrey
and owner of Bullion Wharf,
the scene of the scooter attack.
He could provide insight
into the gang's next potential target.
Let me deal with Webster King.
It'll take more than a bomb to stop me.
Thanks for calling.
Okay. Commander.
- [JOHN] Sir.
- Thanks for coming.
I'm sorry if I wasn't fully
appreciative yesterday.
It was a close call.
Your team saved my life.
Well, uh, that's what
we're here for, sir.
Do you have any leads?
We have one man in custody.
The attackers appear to be
revolutionary anti-capitalists.
The militant wokerati.
We do wonder,
why do you think they're
singling you out in particular?
So many business
people these days pretend
to buy into all that ethical green crap.
But I'm honest.
When it comes to making money,
you have to get your hands dirty.
So these attacks are personal.
When I take over a failing company,
you have to cut back a lot of dead wood.
[JOHN] Which would create some enemies.
Winners always have enemies.
My assistant tells me I
get a lot of hate mail.
I'll have her share it with you.
Of course if it's all the same to you,
my wife is very keen
we take our honeymoon.
I've got a small island in the Adriatic.
It's pretty safe there.
She was a bit shaken.
Yes, of course. [CELLPHONE RINGS]
- [WEBSTER] That's her now.
- It's quite understandable.
We'll be flying tomorrow.
Don't hesitate to get in touch.
Of course I wanna know
about any developments
and I am most anxious to help.
The home secretary speaks
very highly of you.
Commissioner material she thought.
Thank you, sir. Uh, that's,
uh, that's very generous.
[OFFICER] It's the best angle we've got.
Coming from this direction.
[HELEN] Sir, what have you got?
Well, initially nothing,
but we just widened the
parameters around the search again
and look, see.
From Bullion Wharf,
the CCTV cameras in the immediate vicinity
were disabled for the actual attack.
So we checked approximately 20 minutes
before the scooter bomb.
[HELEN] It's the same guy.
Yeah. Yeah, it is. Suspect B
We've got a second property
leased to Nick Hood.
Central 35 to all units.
RVTs, Arkham Road, SW19.
High risk of IED.
So he rents out a few properties.
The scooter bombs caught his attention
and he recognised Nick
Hood from the photograph.
Hood has been a tenant
for about 12 months.
Letter box is glued shut.
I can't see anything behind the door.
We're gonna need access to the rear.
Absence of wires on entry.
Well, it looks like no one's living here.
And we've got what looks like
a brand new filing cabinet
in the middle of a kitchen.
We've got a lot of paperwork in draw two.
I can see a driving
licence, but it's face down.
I'm gonna send you some
screenshots. Hold on.
Understood. Take your time.
Shit. Expo two to all
units. We have IED contact.
Light sensitive switch attached.
I'm gonna have to use the expanding foam.
We need to cover the LDR.
Expo two to all units.
LDR is covered, but the
device is still live.
This is just a temporary fix.
All units to wait out until neutralised.
I've been monitoring
internal police coms
and look whose photo they've got.
Where is he?
gone to get supplies.
We need to get him back here now.
[LANA] This driving licence
It's got the name Mark Griffiths on it,
but Nick Hood's mugshot.
All right. Yeah, good work, Lana.
Glad I could help. [CELLPHONE CHIMES]
Lana, we gotta make a move.
Uh, yeah, two minutes.
- We'll turn 'em in soon.
- All right.
[VAL] Hello, it's Val.
Please leave a message after the tone.
I'll get back to you. Bye.
It was a victim operated device
using a light dependent resistor.
A bit like what we saw
with the collar bomb.
Right, well, neighbours we spoke to
suggest it was only Nick coming and going
occasionally during the day.
So the driving licence you found
in the name Mark Griffiths
was used to rent a van
from a van hire company
in Streatham the day after
Nick returned from Poland.
We then tracked the van
from Streatham to Scotland
where he drives onto the ferry
from Stranraer to Belfast.
We then tracked its
route down to Enniskillen
close to the Irish border,
but we then lose sight of the van
for approximately two hours
before it reappears on camera,
heading back up north to Belfast.
- Was he alone?
- On the way there, yes.
On the way back, there was
someone else behind the wheel,
and the speed cameras picked them up
on the M1 just outside of Belfast.
That looks like suspect B to me.
- Agreed. Any GPS data?
- No use.
These guys are too consistent.
They're swapping out sim cards,
burner phones, et cetera.
What about the two hour window?
I'm liaising with the Guarder.
Good work.
Good work.
[VAL] Hello, it's Val.
Please leave a message after the tone.
I'll get back to you. Bye.
Hi, Mum. It's me. Um,
listen, I'm sorry. I
Lana, possible sighting of suspect B
in a hardware store in East London.
Central 35 to all units.
Suspect have been tracked to
Fullbrook Industrial Estate.
Standby to deploy.
He's taken us straight to 'em.
[OFFICER ON RADIO] Be advised,
the suspect is likely armed
and considered extremely dangerous.
Let's move in. Go, go, go.
I've got the stuff. I'm at
the warehouse. Where are you?
[GANG MEMBER 2] I'm sorry.
We lose sight of Hood in
his van near the border,
but two hours later he's captured
making the return journey.
We think that he might've
collected explosives
trafficked from Poland.
We've got no intel beyond
him arriving at the border.
Any ideas?
If you're crossing the
border at Black Lion on the A4,
there's a small port at Sligo,
which is a 40 minute drive
or an hour 20 there and back.
Fits your timeframe.
There's no time to come
by sea. What about air?
There's Knock International Airport,
but it's an hour 30 drive
once you cross the border.
Um, Hood picked up a passenger
at some point, suspect B.
I got the images you sent.
We'll get onto the airport
for you. See what we can find.
Yeah, almost certainly suspect B.
He's been matched to the
photos. No other suspects.
Right. They obviously
knew we were onto him.
Yeah, he was leading us back here.
Well, it looks like they cleaned out.
They didn't leave much behind.
And because he'd become a
liability, they just took him out.
Toys stuffed with explosives.
What were they planning?
this'll work for now.
right, let's get on with it.
[ALEX] What happened to the other guy?
He'd understand that the
cause is more important
than any of us.
And we have to lose anyone
who represents a threat to our mission.
- Who is it?
Hello. Yeah. We were forced
to sabotage our operation.
We had no choice.
Of course. Close it down.
Whatev-Whatever you say.
Yes. Uh, has the money
been paid into the account?
Right. Okay. Okay.
What were we needing from
the electronic store?
Wifi booster. Yeah, we still need it.
He could go.
They're picking me up in 10
minutes. I haven't got long.
One of the Wave gang members is dead.
They're monitoring police
alerts, so they knew.
She knew.
Listen, there's someone else.
Someone higher up. The money.
The woman in charge got a call.
Man's voice telling her to stop.
- And will she?
- No way.
I found this.
Trace the money.
What are you playing at?
Sir, I had to go and meet him.
You disobeyed a clear order again.
Like I told you before,
sir, Alex doesn't trust you.
Any of you. But look,
that's not important.
Suspect A is not the leader.
There's somebody higher up.
That's who you need to be investigating.
I expressly told you not
to meet him by yourself.
That you were to find a way to contact us.
I made a split second decision.
He wanted to meet me alone.
You need to trace the money.
Not Alex. There's somebody higher up.
Is anyone listening to me?
[JOHN] Who the hell
do you think you are?
Somebody that cares about saving lives,
- not their own career.
- Excuse me.
There is someone higher up.
[JOHN] You are completely out of line.
It's all political with
you anyway, isn't it?
- [JOHN] Stop.
- It's all playing games.
It's all protecting
your own neck, isn't it?
You don't give a shit about Alex.
You don't give a shit about the victims.
You don't even give a
shit about your team.
Do you know what? I'm done.
I'm fucking done working for
a brown nosing twat like you.
There you go. You got your
job back. Knock yourself out.
Lana, wait. Lana, where
are you going? Listen
Helen, just give it a rest.
All right. We're not mates.
Look, I know that. I am
just trying to help you
Stop pretending like you give a shit.
Stop acting like I'm a
nice person. I'm not.
You know, me and Thom, we were
gonna make a go of things.
He just never got round
to telling you. Sorry.
- Oh, you okay, Helen?
- Yeah. Yeah.
We, uh, we still don't know
suspect B's real name yet.
So, um, what about you?
Yeah, the Guarder in Dublin
Counter Terror called back.
He spoke to a local officer.
There's a private airstrip at Birdhill,
close to the border.
High net worth individuals often fly in.
He's just sent me a list
of all incoming flights
- over that time period.
- Good. Sounds promising.
Also, we just spoke to GCHQ.
They say that the biometric template
for both images are an exact match
on facial, anatomical, and gait.
That means that the firefighter
caught on CCTV at Tritia
is the same woman
who was at the arms
dealer meeting in Cracow.
They're both suspect A.
And she'll be added to
a primary watch list
by the authorising officer.
So next time she pops
up on our system
If a probe image is submitted
to the watch list and matched,
an alert will be issued immediately.
I'm sharing a list of passenger manifests
and private planes landing
at Birdhill with you.
Bloody hell.
Webster King has flown
into Birdhill airstrip
a total of nine times in the last year
on a Bombardier Challenger jet.
Flight registration number,
Golf Bravo India Foxtrot Yankee.
Turns out he owns a small castle locally.
Birdhill Airport is just 40 minutes
from where we lose the
van driven by Nick Hood.
But his name doesn't appear
on the 8th of February manifest.
King didn't fly in that day,
but the same Challenger jet did.
They spent about 20 minutes
on the runway unloading goods
before departing for London City Airport.
Yeah, and what's the betting
that suspect B also
disembarked at Birdhill?
Well, what's King's
connection to the Challenger?
Does he own it?
Well, it's a British plane
owned by a shell company
and it's registered in Ireland.
Check the flight history for
- [BATRA] Uh, Golf Bravo
- Yes, yes, yes, I know.
See if the dates match with
Nick Hood's flight to Cracow.
You what? But you love your job.
You got what you wanted.
You hated me doing it.
Yeah. Yeah. But I mean,
we've never tried to stop you.
Not since the day you left.
No, I left home at 16.
You never stopped me.
I went to a war zone, to Afghanistan.
I mean, it says it all, doesn't it?
But like you keep reminding me, Mum,
I didn't need you like Billy did.
- I didn't need that.
- What are you talking about?
It wasn't like we all came back.
There was, there was 12 of
us. We were a solid bunch.
Six came back. Yeah.
And then I did this job
and I was good at it.
But did I make a difference?
Not really. Billy died.
I mean, you must hate my guts.
I couldn't save your own son.
Knot died, the closest thing
I had to family. John died.
And I didn't even like John.
I couldn't stand the guy,
but I didn't wanna see him blown
up in front of my eyes, no.
And then Thom.
Thom died. Yeah.
Do you know what I do day to day?
No. Look, you never talk about it.
You've never asked.
I'll tell you what I do.
In fact, I'll tell you what I did today.
Today I tried to diffuse a bomb
that if it had have gone off,
i-it'd have gone through every
bone and muscle in my body.
You'd have been picking me
up off the floor bit by bit.
The other day, there was a
woman chained to a radiator
with a collar bomb.
A collar bomb right around her neck.
I have never seen somebody
so petrified in all my life.
And do you know what
happened? I couldn't save her.
Her head just blew off
right in front of my eyes.
Imagine that. You haven't
got a fucking clue.
Lana. Lana.
You know Billy wasn't your fault.
Thanks, Dad.
Wasn't your fault.
Thanks for telling me that now.
That's really helpful. Yeah.
Six months later, Billy wasn't my fault.
Well, it's just typical
because you're a selfish git.
Why don't you run off,
Dad, like you always do?
He runs away, don't he, Mum?
Like you said, he runs
away and he hides. Yeah.
Listen, you're no better.
Get your shit together, 'cause
you're no use to anybody.
That's a wicked thing to say.
Okay, let's just take
a minute, all right?
Calm down and we can talk properly.
It's the truth, Dad.
You been on me pecking
my head for how long.
"Ring your mum, sort your mum out."
You can't deal with it.
Well, let me deal with it,
Mum. You're a pisshead.
And I'm sorry that I wasn't the daughter
that you wanted me to be and
Billy was your favourite.
That's ridiculous. I wanted
both of you to be happy.
Do I look happy? I can't
save the people that I love.
I'm done. I have zero fucks to give.
It wasn't clear initially,
but when looked at differently,
the attacks on King are
actually to his advantage.
One of Webster's shell companies
is among a number of businesses
bidding for redevelopment of the site
much like [INDISTINCT] Power Station.
Yeah, he's trying to
lower the asking price.
We already know about Tritia Global.
I-I actually had an
interesting conversation
with the FCA earlier.
Turns out Tritia was under investigation
regarding improper data sharing.
Right up until the bomb
destroyed all the vital records.
Hancock Seal and Pool Non-Profit
is a holding company
of Webster's foundation
of which recently deceased
minister Matthew Polfrey
was a former business partner.
Reports point to a recent
falling out between the two men.
Also, local counsellors say
that far from being sentimental
about his country estate,
King has recently put in plans
to build 2000 new homes on
the site within three years.
One more thing. Lana's receipt.
The fertiliser was purchased by a pig farm
with little need for fertiliser.
I'm sure it's a front.
We're chasing confirmation,
but I wouldn't be surprised
if Webster King is the lease holder.
King is the poster boy for
this new breed of billionaire.
Running things in their favour,
convincing governments to
look after their interests.
Look, less than 24 hours
ago, King himself was targeted.
If Lana hadn't driven
that Land Rover away,
he woulda been killed along
with the rest of the guests.
Sorry, your theory just doesn't add up.
- Danny.
- Lana, you all right?
Yeah. Good thanks. What's up?
Look, what's going on?
You need to talk to me,
because you just walked out
without saying anything.
Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.
What you said to Helen, that
was completely out of order.
Yeah, I know.
No, you're not the only
one that cared about Thom.
All right?
I know, Danny.
It's just, Francis was
not listening to me.
And, um, I know I
shouldn't let it get to me,
but he's impossible for me to deal with.
You just need to look in
the mirror for a second.
You haven't been so easy
to deal with yourself.
Yeah, I know, Danny.
It's just, it's all starting
to, uh, get on top of me.
With, um, Thom and Billy and Knot
But you've really been
stepping on some toes, mate.
I know, you're right. You're always right.
Okay, so what are you planning to do?
Are you gonna come back or
Um, I don't think so.
I probably burnt too many bridges there.
- How is it at HQ?
- Alex was right.
Like you said, there was
someone behind it all.
- Yeah.
- Webster King.
They're saying he's the money.
But if that bomb had
gone off at his wedding,
then he'd have been toasted.
He wasn't in the room. Do you remember?
[DANNY] So here's the big
man giving his speech, yeah?
Everybody telling jokes and
toasting to the happy couple.
Now, everyone, you just enjoy yourself
while our two families must
now endure the purgatory
of wedding photos.
The family being ushered out. There.
See, Lana says this is
a false flag attack.
Webster isn't the target. He's the money.
Webster's wedding guests.
Most of them could be
described as enemies.
I mean, he made a joke about it himself.
But he was using the
terror campaign as a cover
for assassinating his business rivals.
It's a move straight out of
the Russian oligarchs playbook.
Yeah. They call it piranha capitalism.
It's predatory appetite
and score settling amongst super rich.
Sir, the plane that landed at
Birdhill on the 8th of Feb,
uh, Golf Bravo India Foxtrot Yankee,
it's just been confirmed
it flew in from Cracow.
Okay, surveillance are reporting
that Webster King's just
been seen leaving his house
with several items of luggage.
He's moved his honeymoon up.
The Challenger jet is
currently on the runway
at Cobden Hill Airfield in Surrey.
Pilot submitted a flight
plan about half an hour ago.
It's due for takeoff later
today. Two passengers on board.
- Destination?
- Kuwait.
Weird place to have your honeymoon.
Kuwait doesn't have an
extradition treaty with the UK.
If he leaves now, we'll
never get him back.
Okay, this is it.
We're past the threshold.
I need to speak to the commissioner
first, but we're on. Let's go.
[DRIVER] I'll take your
bags on board for you, sir.
Come to see me off, Commander?
No need for you to come in person.
Or have there been some developments?
We need to talk to you
about your connection
to the recent spate of terror attacks.
If you have any questions,
I'm happy to answer them in writing.
But my wife is on route,
and the minute she arrives,
that plane is taking off.
Can't allow that, sir.
I've been the subject
of a terror attack.
For my safety and that of my wife,
I wish to leave London
for somewhere my security
can be guaranteed.
I'm afraid this
aircraft's been grounded.
[WEBSTER] On whose authority?
Air traffic control at my request.
Then I'll have to
call the home secretary.
As you know, she's a close friend.
The home secretary herself
felt this was the best way to proceed.
We'll need you to accompany
us down to Counter Terror HQ,
where we'll be conducting the interview.
Now you're just being silly.
DS Morgan.
Webster King, I'm arresting
you under Section Five
of the Terrorism Act 2006 for
committing acts of terrorism
and assisting others to commit such acts.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention when questioned
something which you will
later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be
given in evidence. Cuffs.
No. No. No need for that.
Go on. Do it. Not so
confident all of a sudden.
Just come with us.
You're making a huge mistake.
People like me don't go to prison.
It's my wife. She's on her way.
Go on then.
Hello, darling. [EXPLOSION BOOMS]
I'm fine. Thank you.
Looks like he was a target after all, sir.
You all right, sir?
He said it was his wife calling.
Yeah. I don't think it was.
No. No, of course
They must've tampered with his phone.
I need to brief the commissioner.
- Okay. Yes?
Okay, thank you. Bye.
Sir. That was Batra.
The terrorist just posted another video.
[JOHN] Hoist by his own petard.
Yeah, so Webster King
thought that he was in charge,
but it looks like the
bombers were just using him.
And it seems like his usefulness expired.
And now they're off the leash.
We've lost our two key leads
that coulda led us to the group,
suspect B and now King.
Well, what about Alex?
See if he'll talk to us again.
He's our primary lead now. We need him.
[HELEN] Okay.
[REPORTER] 24 hours after
a failed attempt on his life,
billionaire banker Webster King is dead
in what the Metropolitan
police are describing
as a major terrorist incident.
King reportedly died
in a targeted explosion
at the hands of the gang known as the Wave
who have claimed responsibility
for a spate of bombings across the capital
in the past weeks.
As with previous attacks,
the gang has released a photograph
taunting both the victim's
family and the police.
We would like to warn you
as the following images are disturbing.
- Alex.
- Lana.
You all right?
I've been given a bomb with instructions
to hand deliver the device
to the London Stock Exchange.
I'm certain they know I'm a mole
and this bomb's meant for me.
Right. Send me your location.
- I can get you a patrol car
- No, don't!
You have to come. Alone. You
promised. Otherwise I'm a dead man.
[LANA] I can't. Alex,
I'm not on SO-15 anymore.
I don't care. You have to
help me. You said you would.
No, I know, but I'm not authorised.
I don't even have my kit.
You're still expo, aren't you?
Lana, I'm carrying a bomb and
it's your job to diffuse it.
Right, um, can you find
a safe location nearby?
Are you near any parks?
I'm in the middle of the
city. Where am I supposed to go?
Um, can you see any empty buildings?
And just try and stay away
from as many people as you can.
What if it detonates?
I'll be framed as a cold hearted murderer.
- I'm fucked, aren't I?
- No, you're not. You're not.
Just need to, uh, stay on
the phone to me. Stay calm.
Keep looking around. You see anything?
All right.
I think I might've found somewhere.
Sending you my location now.
What's that look for?
It's just orange juice.
- Never said a thing.
- [VAL] Didn't have to.
I know what you're thinking.
Well, you're wrong. I was
thinking of going for a walk.
Please don't pretend you're
gonna ask me to come with you.
Sorry, how come you're so
sure I wasn't gonna ask you
to come with me?
'Cause you don't actually
want me to come with you.
Yes, I do want you to come with me, Val.
Well, you should've come out and told me
in the first place then, shouldn't you?
Oh, shot this. And
you're right actually.
I don't want you to come with me.
[VAL] Always forgetting his bloody key.
[VAL GASPS] Hello.
[ALEX] They killed him. Webster King.
I know.
All this time they
were only ever using him.
The woman in charge
is so much more dangerous
than he ever was.
So they gonna stop now he's dead?
Not a chance.
She won't stop until she brings
the entire criminal justice
system crashing down.
Is that it? Yeah. You
need to get out of here.
I've got this. Go on.
How'd you do it?
Day after day.
Just get used to it. If
it's my time, it's my time.
Go to safety. You're gonna
be fine. All right? Go on.
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