Trigger Point (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

[SPEAKER] This is clearly
a sophisticated terrorist attack.
It'll take more than a bomb to stop me.
Hello, darling. [EXPLOSION BOOMS]
Hoist by his own petard.
We've lost our two key leads
that could have led us to the group.
What about Alex?
[SPEAKER] The cause is more
important than any of us.
We have to lose anyone
who represents a threat to our mission.
It's all protecting
your own neck, isn't it?
You don't give a shit about Alex.
You don't give a shit about the victims.
You don't even give a
shit about your team.
Do you know what, I'm done.
I've been given a bomb with instructions
to hand deliver the device
to the London Stock Exchange.
She won't stop until she brings
the entire criminal justice
system crashing down.
It's my time, it's my time.
Do you know who I am?
Of course I know who you are.
Come on then.
Lana Washington.
You're good at your job, aren't you?
At least Alex brought
you to us in the end.
Where is he?
Waiting for you.
What are you doing?
[HOPE] Our friend Alex
was playing both sides.
It's not true.
[HOPE] Leading us to you, you to us.
Hoping we'd cancel each other
out and he'd get away with it.
Trying to ride his luck.
I swear to you, it's not true.
So we may as well see
how lucky he really is.
Don't do this.
Oh, I'm not doing anything.
It's up to you, Lana.
One of these triggers is wired
to the detonator inside Alex's helmet.
The other one isn't.
You're a fucking psycho.
I'm not the one who walks towards bombs.
Choose and you live.
Maybe he does too.
I'm not doing it.
Even though he betrayed you?
I swear to you, Lana, I never did.
I never.
[HOPE] He'd swear on his dead family
if it saved his own skin.
I know what you did. I saw it.
You pushed Tom Youngblood
down a shaft to his death
while he was helping people.
Go on, then.
You could have saved him.
You just had to choose.
She wants a word.
How much do you know about May 1968?
Group of French students
unhappy about single-sex dorms
in the Vietnam War?
They started a wave of protests
that nearly brought
down an entire country.
What, so
So you and him wanna share a dormitory?
They struck at the right time.
Capitalism was failing.
There was ridiculous inequality.
The workers weren't being paid enough.
Does any of this sound familiar?
Add to that a lying political class
and I think you've got everything you need
to start an uprising.
You can't be serious.
The people are angry.
They just want a push
in the right direction.
Once we overthrow the
government, it's a clean slate.
Right, well, good luck with that.
Under the streets, there is
the freedom of the beach.
And you're going to help us.
You are going to deliver
the decisive blow.
I've just been notified
by protection command
that the home secretary's coming in
for a meeting this afternoon.
That's correct.
She's asked to attend
my 2:00 p.m. briefing
with the heads of section.
Could that not have
been done remotely, sir?
What's your concern?
You don't refuse the home secretary.
Well, I mean, the
raised threat level, sir,
and the fact that our officers
are already being targeted?
I think she'll be safe here, DI Batra.
We've been watching him for a while.
He's the kind of man whose pride
will eventually give you an opening.
I can't argue with that.
The home secretary's
visit to CTHQ this afternoon
allows us the perfect opportunity.
In one move, we can decapitate
so-called law and order in this country.
People have a right to know
they don't need to live
with the repression that they're used to.
Instead, they live
in a fair, don't they?
I think you're too indoctrinated
by the system to comprehend.
I think you use too many big words.
There's no way you're gonna get into CTHQ.
And definitely not gonna get anywhere
near the home secretary.
No, but you will.
I believe you call this
a command operated device
in your line of work.
I phone it, I enter a code, it blows up.
That amount of explosives,
innocent people will get killed.
But didn't you know?
All cops are bastards.
So what, you want me to walk into CTHQ
with that briefcase?
This is the cleaning company
who have the contract for
central government buildings,
including CTHQ.
Yeah, but it was an Oxford
with a front bencher.
It's how we, well, you get in unhindered,
through the service entrance.
The bomb will go in
there until we're inside.
You'll be in the back with
all the cleaning gear.
Once we're in, you'll be able
to bypass the main security
and head upstairs.
There's no chance I'm doing this.
[VAL] Where have you been?
You might like to see this.
The whole house is wired.
If they try to leave,
we'll detonate the device.
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Oh, not before I kill your mum and dad.
[LAUGHS] Easy, Lana.
Do what I say and your parents live.
You, uh
You gonna make the right choice this time?
[LANA] Dad, it's me.
[JEFF] Lana.
What is it, love?
Listen, Dad.
It's okay, it's okay.
Whatever it is, it's gonna be all right.
Dad, listen, you can't leave the house.
They're watching you.
There's a bomb in your house.
In our house?
It's gonna be fine.
I'm gonna get you out.
So what do we do?
Tell us what to do.
Just Just don't leave the house.
Don't call anyone for help.
Just gotta do something for these people.
But they're watching you.
There's cameras.
- If you try and leave
- Lana.
What's going on?
How did this happen?
They came yesterday while you were out.
They said they were from the Met.
It was, it was a precaution or something.
Oh, no, no, no.
Jesus, Val! How can you be so gullible?
Well, they had ID!
So what?
Lana always says to
check with her before we
Well, maybe you'd
have bloody remembered,
had you been here.
Hell, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And I was under the bloody impression
you couldn't stand the sight of me.
So what, you were just
gonna stay out the way
till it all blew over?
Yeah, well, pretty much, yeah!
I mean, no, I suppose not.
Look, can you at least remember
roughly whereabouts in our
house they installed a bomb?
All right, let's go.
Uh-uh, side door.
The back entrance is just over here.
Get ready, Lana.
Whoa, watch it!
They've increased security.
There are dogs.
Can you hear me?
What do you expect?
Wait, dogs, are you sure?
That, that's risky, that is.
They'll smell the RDX.
Turn around.
What, what, what's going on?
Why are we turning round?
I told you I'd figure it out.
Gimme a fucking chance.
Oh, don't worry, your mum
and dad aren't dead yet.
And your claim just now that
you could figure something out,
was that just desperation too?
No, I can do it.
I can build a bomb inside.
Out of what?
Collected evidence.
From data analysis.
They keep hold of tiny samples.
Not enough on their own,
but put together, yeah.
And they could do the same job?
Enough to take out the home secretary
and anyone within three feet.
I will kill your parents if
you're messing with me, Lana.
Alex did manage to leave
us with something useful.
Access to all the main
building security cameras
inside CTHQ.
We'll be able to see you wherever you go.
And put this in your ear.
It's so I can talk to you.
And you'll need to wear
this around your neck.
It's the induction loop for the earpiece.
You'll be able to hear me
anywhere inside 800 feet.
But you can't hear me?
No, one way.
So if I tell you what to do, you do it.
And wire this phone to the device
so I remain in control of the bomb.
You kidding me?
You'll find a way to get it inside.
What if someone else calls it?
It's code protected,
same as the other one.
What are you gonna do
with the device in the van?
When emergency services turn up,
we can park the van in the middle of them.
Make a nice secondary.
Fucking hell.
Home is just a phone call away.
Take it, Lana.
We wanna see you inside
the building in one minute.
58 seconds.
You do like to take it to the wire.
Hi, Lana Washington, expo.
I forgot my lanyard,
but I'm here to see Dr.
Reeves in bomb data analysis?
Is she expecting you?
Got some evidence that needs a look at.
Dr. Reeves, there's a Lana
Washington here for you.
- Can you go through again,
Okay, arms up.
It's probably all the
shrapnel in my body.
Plenty of it.
Okay, turn around for me.
Oh, wait for Dr. Reeves, please.
Yeah, sure.
I can take it from here, thanks.
Told you you'd find a way in.
You all right, mate?
Yeah, good.
I've got these. I need to log them.
Do you wanna bring 'em up then?
Wash, what's going on?
Do you trust me?
Yeah, of course.
I've got a favour I need to ask you.
Bring up the lift camera.
We haven't got it.
Why not?
They're installed by the manufacturer.
It's not a live feed.
I need your pass and the OME code.
That's quite a favour.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't
ask if I didn't need to.
Okay, we've got you on the third floor.
Look to the camera on your
right if you can hear me.
Hello, Lana.
Your mum and dad are counting on you.
- Lana?
- Danny.
- What are you doing here?
- Carry on as normal, okay?
We're being watched.
This gang that we're after,
they're watching us through the cameras.
Just keep doing what you're doing.
What are you up to, Lana?
I hope you're sticking to the plan.
I need your help, Danny.
Don't react, but this gang,
they've, they've wired
my mum and dad's house
and if I don't do what
they say, they might die.
What do they want you to do?
Pass me your snips.
What the hell's going on here?
Just pass me your snips, Danny.
Don't make a thing of it.
Get Alice, go to my mum and dad's,
and don't do anything until Sonya calls.
Alright, you've got the
tools, now let's build the bomb.
So, the room, this whole
thing's packed with explosives.
No, what are you doing?
I'm just going for a tiny little look.
Don't be daft, you don't
know about explosives.
I know about wiring.
- It's all right.
- No.
It's all right.
[LAUGHS] Things aren't good
between your mum and dad,
are they, Lana?
No, sorry, you're absolutely right.
It's none of my business.
I'm not like you.
I'm not ready just to give up.
[HOPE] Looks like our guest has arrived.
Thank you so much for coming.
We really appreciate it.
Right this way.
Well done, Lana.
Should have recruited you long ago.
What the hell are you doing here?
Sir, apologies.
Sonya in bomb data analysis isn't able
to attend the meeting, so
she's asked me to step in.
You can't be serious.
I'm the person most qualified
to talk about the devices
used in this campaign so far.
Well, no, I'm sorry.
This is, this is unacceptable.
Sir, I know we didn't leave
on the best terms yesterday.
You called me a brown-nosing twat.
I know, sir, and I'm sorry, genuinely,
but the home secretary
might want expert input
on the devices.
Alright, we'll park this for now.
Stay and fill in for Dr. Reeves.
It's appreciated.
Thank you so much for coming.
Thank you, a pleasure.
We'll start imminently,
so please do take a seat.
Thank you very much, everyone.
Please sit down.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Hi, thank you.
Good afternoon, Home Secretary,
and thank you for giving
us a moment of your time.
This situation is dynamic
and moving at pace.
Therefore, we will be brief.
Thank you.
And thanks to all those present
for the work you've been doing
in the most trying circumstances.
Please continue, John.
Thank you, ma'am.
What's the plan, Lana?
Does he take it to her
or she going to him?
We will speak by exception only.
The purpose of this brief
is to lay out the progress
of this investigation.
Looking at the group behind the attacks
and the evidence we have
as to their identity,
including the physical evidence,
which we believe will lead
us to a swift resolution
without further loss of life.
We are dealing with a
group not previously known
to the police or the security services.
Their bombing campaign has targeted
both in and around the city of London,
using a level of
sophistication not seen before
on the UK mainland.
What kind of sophistication?
Well, I have here a few examples
of the improvised explosive
devices they have employed.
We have been in
communication with Interpol
and Five Eyes, who likewise
have not seen this type
of ingenuity associated
with domestic terrorism
and certainly not on this scale.
I'd like to ask our explosives officer,
Lana Washington, to join me.
Lana is the lead technical
expert in this case,
in the absence of Dr. Sonya
Reeves from bomb data analysis.
She has particular expertise
in defusing bombs and can
offer specialist insight
into the likely identity
of the group responsible
for the disa
Experience tells us that
improvised explosive devices
have an identity that is very
particular to their maker.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I've had worse off your mother.
I'm just, just can't stop grieving.
Neither can I.
It's funny, how long we've been married,
we've got such different
ways of dealing with stuff.
Well, I bottle things up, I think.
I push things down.
Keep myself busy.
Kind of person I am.
I'm not.
You can say that again.
I don't blame you for Billy.
It's not your fault.
But it's not your fault either.
Hey, hey.
Listen, it's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be okay.
[HOPE] What's the plan, Lana?
The first device Lana
is going to show you
With all due respect, John,
I'm not interested in the
type of bombs being used.
I want to know how you're going
to catch the terrorists behind this.
I understand that, Home Secretary,
but the nature of the devices used
Is sophisticated, I get that.
But what measures are actually being taken
- to hunt down the perpetrators?
- Lana.
Of course.
If we examine the granular intelligence.
Forgive me, ma'am.
Sorry, but I, I agree
with Commander Francis.
An understanding of the
device is the only way
to establish who's behind it.
This is a command initiated device.
A bomb like this would allow
the bomber greater control
to hit their planned target.
What's unusual about this is
it's not triggered just
by calling the phone.
You have to enter a four
digit code to set it off.
This is bomb making of the highest order,
so an understanding of how it's made is-
Yes, exactly, thank you very much, Lana.
Do it, now.
No, it's not close enough.
You're all clear. Take positions.
DS Morgan.
Do we have everyone out?
Just those attending the briefing
and those in close proximity left.
Okay, have we been cleared to proceed?
We are authorised to use
lethal force if required.
And of course, this device
is only one of a variety
of initiation methods used.
You can clearly see the complexities
that we as a team have faced
in the course of our investigation.
Armed police are in the building.
Closing in.
You're gonna have to make a move, Lana.
It's you or your mum and dad.
And variety indicates
either a bomb making team
or a very talented individual bomb maker.
As individuals tend to stick
to the type of device they
have the most success with.
So whoever it is is a
clean skin, someone new.
So while we have hundreds of
personnel working this case,
it's true we have very
few actionable leads.
[HOPE] Now, Lana.
But indication suggests
that another attack is
[RECORDING] This call
is being redirected.
Armed police, stop!
Stay there!
Stay still.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
Move forward.
Batra, will you call Sonya, please?
- Sure, yeah.
- Move forward.
Stand back!
Everyone follow [INDISTINCT]
to your nearest exit.
All right, CTHQ.
That's it, house go.
Okay, now, very, very
gently catch this, sir.
- You got it?
- Got it.
You guys all right?
[JEFF] Come on, Val, come on.
There we go, there we go, lovely.
Nice and gently, gently, gently, gently.
You got her?
- Yeah.
Nice and gently, please.
Well done, Val, well done, well done.
Easy, easy, it's okay, I've got you.
You good?
Here we go, we got it.
Easy as pie, here we go.
- All right, guys, let's go.
- Bye.
[SPEAKER] You wanna get that
door for me, mate, please?
Tell Wash her parents are safe.
You diverted the call
from the phone they gave you
and it gave you command of the device?
That's clever.
But why then did the bomb
you built get all the way
to the home secretary?
Because I needed them to think
it was them setting it off.
The real device required a four digit code
that only they had access to.
Why didn't you alert our officers
as soon as you entered the building?
Because they would've
killed my mum and dad.
But you could have
killed the home secretary.
I was trying to take
control of the situation.
- Lana
- And
[JOHN] You took a hell of a risk.
In doing that, she saved
other people's lives.
I think we'd do well
to remember that, sir.
What about the others?
I gave you their location.
Armed police, get down!
Don't move, don't move!
There you are. Been looking for you.
You been hiding in the loo?
You all right?
No, I'm not.
Look, do you want to go?
I'm happy to cover for you.
No, I can't go, it's Danny's wedding.
I'm just gonna get shit-faced.
Well, that sounds like a good idea.
Oh, thank you.
[ALL] Cheers.
Who are you looking at?
I think he's one of Danny's uncles.
He's checking you out.
Yeah, look at them eyes.
Go and say hello then.
No, I'm not gonna leave you.
Oh, sod off and go and say hello.
He's hot.
I'm gonna drag you there if you don't go.
All right, all right.
Go on, go on.
That'll be the last you see of her today.
Uh huh, yep.
Oh, here he is, man of the moment.
Come here.
It was nothing, it was nothing.
Oh, he's a very modest man, isn't he?
You and Danny only saved our lives.
And listen, Lana, she did all the work.
Yeah, I'm gonna take the
credit 'cause I'm his boss.
Oh, this is unsettling.
I'm gonna go, bye.
You scrubbed up well, Dad.
Yeah, looking great, love, yeah?
Yeah, you all right?
Yeah, tip top, tip top.
Oh no, how's Mum doing?
Look at her. She's fine.
Nice to see her out.
Mind you, if she gets on the dance floor,
you'll have to help me restrain
her before there's carnage.
- Hi, you all right?
- All right, love?
Her outfit looks even cooler than mine.
Billy would've liked this.
No, he wouldn't, he hated parties.
He had two left feet, couldn't dance.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, true enough.
You okay?
[DANNY] All right.
No, Danny, listen,
I'm, I'm happy for you,
but this is where I draw the line.
- Not taking no for an answer.
- Right, Sonya.
Let's go, let's go.
I'm after you, come on.
- Thank you.
- Fair.
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