Trigun (1998) s01e23 Episode Script


I first picked up a gun at the age of seven.
And I fired it.
I remember that the trigger was strangely easy to pull.
I laughed.
I laughed because that one shot had silenced the sickening trash who had titled himself my guardian.
It was that simple.
And so, I was free.
Yes, tomorrow, things would be different tomorrow.
But things always go from bad to worse.
I can't escape.
Life is like an incessant series of problems all difficult, with brutally limited choices and a time limit.
The worst thing is to make no decision waiting for the ideal conclusion to present itself.
Make the best choice in a split-second.
We're not like God.
Not only are our powers limited but we sometimes have to play the Devil.
I didn't want other kids to grow up like me so I started up an orphanage.
It gave my life meaning.
I was doing things for the good of others.
It was my little bit of happiness.
But sometimes, I still think this planet is the worst.
It's a horrible planet.
What do you find so amusing about this, Knives? Nuts.
It's full of soot.
He wasn't going to shoot me! Please please don't look at me like that! Think of the circumstances.
You still need work.
Every moment hesitated is a moment gone of life.
I'm sure I taught you that.
Why are you here? Have you lost some weight, Nicholas? I was traveling with a real troublemaker.
Conflicting worries are not good.
Kill him.
But Knives told me to bring him! That order has been retracted.
Then, the money You will be paid, as promised.
I also guarantee the lives of the kids in December upon the name of Chapel the Evergreen of the Gung-ho Guns.
And as of now you too, are a Gung-ho Gun.
Deal with the situation and then, inherit my title.
His expression He's acting like he killed the kid.
Blame me if you blame me.
Hit me if I need hitting! Then, I'll Mr.
Priest? Oh, good! You are here! Meryl and I made you some sandwiches.
Please eat them, if you like.
Oh, yeah! You like your coffee black, right? Why don't you say anything? Hm? About the kid I killed! I don't know what to say.
What you said was right and Mr.
Vash was also right.
I don't like people to die, but What would you have done? I don't know.
I don't know either!! I don't understand him.
How can he say such things in this time and place? How can he say such things seriously?! Because that's what he's always done.
I know because I've watched him.
Vash has lived his entire life like that.
"Thou Shalt Not Kill!" What the hell kind of a churchman are you?! I've lived a different life than he has.
I've been ordered ordered to protect him, ordered to guide him.
But those things don't matter any more.
I honestly wanted to save him even if it meant killing a child, I wanted to save him.
I have to choose one or the other.
It's strange.
Where did I go wrong? I've I've always chosen the right path, haven't I? You smell nice.
Please eat the sandwiches.
Will you eat them with me? Milly sure is late.
I don't know.
What should I do? What should I say? Rem Are you leaving without saying goodbye? I shouldn't have hit you the other day.
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Listen, Wolfwood.
I think it could have been avoided if Not another word!!! We live too differently! You and I were destined to come to this! Let's settle the Quick Draw tournament we started so long ago, here and now! But why?! If I tell you, will you die? Draw! DRAW! All right, but will you do something in return? Yeah, what? When this is over, don't shoot anyone ever again.
When this is over, don't shoot anyone ever again.
So I'll become a living target just like you? What do you plan to do about this?! I don't know.
Answer me one thing! What do you intend to do once you see Knives? He stole someone I loved from me.
Do you want revenge? I don't know.
I don't know! I see.
So that's how you live.
That's how you chose to live.
You really You really piss me off! Wolfwood? Take cover! Where's it coming from?! It's Caine! He's probably sniping from the outskirts of town.
- And he's not alone.
- What? Caine's yours.
You'll be able to find him.
The other one is mine.
"The Stampede" is a nickname, right? At least tell me your real name.
Forget it.
You plan to carry it to the grave.
The hell I do.
Out with it.
Just between you and me you don't need to know that.
The die has been cast.
Now, down to business.
You no, never mind.
Wolfwood?! I hear gunfire in town Milly, what are you doing here? I'm staying here, ma'am.
He told me to stay here.
I'm staying here until he comes back.
This way! Liquor? He led me in here! The lag between shots and the angles of impact gave you away.
It wasn't easy finding you! Your gun is kind of broken so why don't you head on home? It's too hot out here.
I'm glad you see it my way.
Where? Where will he attack from?! He'll get me!! What is the best choice? Tell me!! Is this good enough? Is it?! This is all I can do.
Ah, that felt good! This is a huge disappointment I can't believe you wasted the 10 years I spent on you.
No, I didn't.
I'm using what you taught me, in my fashion.
May you go with God's protection.
What's wrong? I failed to save another life.
Oh, well.
Every mortal man is bound to make a few mistakes.
Just be more careful the next time.
It isn't something I can accept that easily! Then let it get to you.
That is also the mortal way of life.
Mortal Knives is in Demitrihi.
Knives? Wolfwood, how do you know that? I hope you don't mind me barging in.
In spite of my profession, I've never actually made a confession.
I justified my actions by blaming it on the times saying I did it to protect the children.
I took many lives, thinking there was no other way.
My sins are too heavy too heavy to ever atone.
Still I feel really happy with myself today.
It can be done.
Once you stop to think about it there are plenty of ways to save everyone.
Why didn't I see that? That tastes good It's bad for the baby, dear! I'm sorry, honey.
If I'm reincarnated I'd like to live somewhere where life is easier.
Somewhere with nothing but peaceful days somewhere with no stealing nor killing Eden.
In Eden, I I'll live with him and the girls, and No! I don't want to die!! I still have so much to do! I want to stay with them! Was I? Was I wrong? Does this mean I was wrong? I guess it would be presumptuous to ask for forgiveness.
I can't stand it.
Repeated tragedy.
Repeated pain.
The wishes of man are so strong, and yet so frail and weak.
To live.
To stay alive.
Who would have known that survival was this hard? this painful? I must choose.
I must make the choice.
In the moment intertwining life and death can I choose to remain a human?