Trollhunters (2016) s03e01 Episode Script

A Night Patroll

1 [both grunting] [gasps] He knows where our hideout is! - We can't let him get back to Gunmar! - He's heading toward Arbor Street.
- Tell me you put up signs there.
- I thought you did.
[alarm blaring] Better make this quick before the neighborhood finds out.
[coughs] I got it.
Wait, don't use your-- [groans] - [man] Hey! Shut that thing off! - [Jim panting] - Oh, no.
- [growls] - You okay? - Don't slow down for me.
Ha-ha! - [growls] - Eat my geomancy, Gumm-Gumm swine! Uh, Blinky, you've got the wrong sign! [gasps, screams] - [gasps] - What's going on out here? Huh? What the? If only Arcadia knew your mom's campaign was actually keeping them safe.
The signs are no real defense, Master Jim.
Merely a Gumm-Gumm deterrent.
Judging from tonight, I don't know how much longer your sleepy little town will be safe.
That Gumm-Gumm, you think he was once one of you? Hmm.
Gunmar turn friends.
[Toby] We can't think that way, guys.
He saw where we were hiding the trolls.
He would've told Gunmar.
And since he's taken the Heartstone, he has only grown stronger, making his defeat even more difficult, if not impossible.
[grunts] For weeks, Gunmar's been sending his minions to do his dirty work.
Why doesn't he come up himself? What's he waiting for? Sadly, that is the question Arcadia's fate hangs upon.
What is Gunmar plotting next? [coughing] Well, this stalemate is torture.
I don't know how many more of these late night study sessions I have in me.
[Aaarrrgghh] Hmm.
- Hey! You look just like a Gumm-Gumm.
- [Aaarrrgghh] Yes.
- No.
Too risky.
You can't spy on Gunmar.
- We lost you once, old friend.
We cannot lose you again.
Gunmar strong! Do nothing, Gunmar grow stronger! My choice! It would be a waste of a hulking brute.
You get in, you get out.
No unnecessary risks.
[whimpering] Mm.
[bell tolling] There's our cue.
We shall head back to our refuge.
Will you be joining? Go on.
I wanna enjoy the sunrise while we still have 'em.
[Jim breathes deeply] [yawns, groans] [loud clattering] [clattering continues] - [Jim gasps] - Oh, hey, hon! Uh Mom? What are you doing home? Aren't you supposed to be at work? - Oh, gosh.
I must've lost track of time.
- Are you painting? [chuckles] Well, if you can call it that.
Come on, don't sell yourself short.
I'm sure-- - Whoa! Whoa! No, no, no, no, no.
- Is it that bad? No, no.
It's-It's, uh It's-It's thought-provoking.
[sighs] I don't know what came over me.
I had this vivid dream last night and woke up with the urge to express myself.
So, I'm painting.
You-- You dreamed this? Better get going.
I can drive you to school - on my way to the hospital.
- Actually, I promised Claire I'd walk her.
[chuckles] I was just on my way.
And they say chivalry is dead.
- Oh, no.
- [Claire] Her memory's coming back? I wonder if she remembers her epic romance with Strickler.
[Grunts] Ugh.
I don't even want her to know he's back.
[coughing] Claire, I told you not to use your Shadow Staff.
You've had that cold since you opened that giant portal.
It's just a cold.
[Sniffles] I've survived the Darklands.
A little cold won't-- [sneezes] Maybe I'll take a little break.
Get that thing off of my lawn! Uh, it's okay, sir.
I'm Councilwoman Nuñez's daughter.
She wants support to keep the neighborhood crime-free.
If you don't get that sign out of here, the crime rate's about to go up! Geez, mister! It's just a sign.
Everyone else has got one.
I am running against her! - Hammes is my name! - Gotta go! - Let's cheese it.
- [Jim] Let's go! Sorry you're gonna lose! - [man] Why, I oughta--! - Ahh! Time to go! - [man] Come back here, you - [Claire] ¡Hasta luego! [man] I will chew you up and spit you out! [grunts, growls] [growls] - Report.
- Our scouts never returned.
[growls] [growls] Instead of seeking the hole the traitors cower in, we should storm the surface and seize the humans' weaponry.
Use it against them.
They have explosives that level cities, ripe for the taking.
And then what? We're only as strong as the night lasts.
Every dawn will decimate our forces, giving the humans the advantage.
But that will change when we bring forth the Eternal Night.
[Aaarrrgghh gasps] [Gunmar] Dictatious, has she spoken to you? Of course! Just last night, the Pale Lady gave me a vision of the human Trollhunter dead at your feet.
And? And your allies mourned him from inside your stomach because you ate them.
[Laughs] This tells me nothing! [grunts] The Eldritch Queen swore I would usher in the Eternal Night, but she never told me how.
I found my strength, regained my army.
She speaks through you.
- So, tell me.
- [Usurna coughs] Gunmar.
Perhaps she will tell you when the time is right.
- [grunts] - No! Please! [sighs] [grunts, coughs] Leave.
[Dictatious whimpering] [Aaarrrgghh] Oh [growls] Thank you for your timely intervention.
As of late, the Pale Lady-- Ugh! "The Pale Lady.
" "The Eldritch Queen.
" Why don't you just call her by her real name? - Morga-- - No! Her name is cursed! Oh, save it! She and your visions are a farce! How dare you say her words are a lie! What words? I've never heard a whisper from that phonograph, and neither have you.
If you know, then why did you defend me? We all want Gunmar to take the world back, but he is waiting on a superstition to guide him, when it should be us.
You want to work together? "Want" is overstating it.
If we don't, it'll be our heads! - Ugh! - [school bell ringing] [coughs, sneezes] Ugh! Okay, Nuñez, that time I was not out of the blast radius.
- Sorry.
- You need to take the night off.
Not happening.
It's my turn for night watch, and no one needs to carry my-- [sneezes] - Oh, my goodness.
That's so gross.
- You're working way too hard.
Remember, life's a balance.
- Ugh! - [Darci] T.
, over here! - [gasps] Hey, G.
- Hey, um Oh! Uh - [chuckling] Uh Um - Uh Okay, okay.
Look at the hot sauce that showed up on our front door, C-Bomb.
He's from Arcadia Oaks Academy.
[indistinct chatter] Hmm.
- Is that Big D? - [grunts] [sighs] "C-Bomb," is it? Consider me blown away, because you are nuclear.
- [chuckles] - So, uh what brings you to our humble school? - And what'll it take to send you back? - [coughs] The Battle of the Bands is coming up.
Ash Dispersal Pattern, that's my band, will be crushing it, but we're encouraging others to give it a shot.
[gasps] Didn't you open up for Papa Skull at the Boxtop? You were sick! [Sneezes] [chuckles] Well, it looks like I'm not the only one.
- [chuckles] - [chuckles sarcastically] Claire, we should enter.
We could be a cover band.
Call ourselves Oh, oh! - Mama Skull! - [chuckles] I don't know.
You know, really? Mama Skull? I don't know, I don't know.
I mean, it's the end of the school year, and we're already pretty booked up with all those after-school activities.
[chuckles] Actually, a friend of mine told me I needed more balance.
- Count us in.
- Ka-boom! Shotgun on vocals! I look forward to seeing you again, fair Lady Claire.
[chuckles] [Strickler] This is going to be different from your usual training, Young Atlas.
[breathing heavily] [Strickler] You will need to learn to let go.
No more holding back.
Release what's inside of you.
These are the dark magics.
You're learning.
There's a little more fight in you today, Young Atlas.
I don't wanna talk about it.
[Grunts] Still feeling bad about hiding our lessons from Blinkous? I don't think he would approve of your methods.
- Blinkous wouldn't understand.
- Hey, you call this training? Whoa! [Strickler] I'm not trying to train you! I'm trying to kill you! [grunts] To kill Gunmar, you'll need to fight like Gunmar.
You won't win by playing fair.
[both grunting] Again, what is the code of changelings? Rule one.
There's honor among assassins.
Rule two! Rule one is a lie.
There's no such thing as honor.
[Grunts] Rule number three? Everything and everyone is a tool to get what you want.
And I want to kill Gunmar.
[screams] [panting] [Strickler groaning] Hey, are you okay? - Whoa! - You can't even save yourself.
How can you possibly save your friends or your family? [yells] Don't push out the darkness.
Embrace that rage.
Let it fuel you.
Your humanity is your weakness.
[grunts] [Nomura] Use the darkness, Trollhunter.
[gasps] [Strickler] Same time tomorrow, Trollhunter? [growls] He's not ready.
His humanity will get him killed.
[Blinky] Take this sustenance.
Let it sustain you, my brethren.
Something seems to be troubling you, Master Jim.
Um - I know what it is.
- Uh, you do? Apologies, I haven't had any time for your training.
As you can see, my four hands have been full.
- [farting] - Ah! That is not a toilet, Plagsnork! Ugh! I tell you, they don't listen to me, Master Jim.
I used to think Vendel's cantankerous nature made him a difficult leader, but now I see it was only a form of survival.
No worries, Blink.
Training can wait.
[stammers] I'll manage.
A-tisket, a-tasket A sockey in a basket - What color you got for me? - Sadly, only white remain.
What's the point of comin' down here when all the free swag is a drag? When you gonna take out the big bad bossman? This ain't no fit life for a troll.
How long you expect 'em to live in this dump? - Hey, I'm working on it, okay? - [gate opening] [all screaming] [screaming] [chuckles] Aaarrrgghh! Ha! You're back! What word did you bring, old friend? Two words.
Eternal Night.
- [gasps] - Just how bad are those words? Oh, the very worst.
The mere reason we locked Gunmar in Killahead was that he was trying to bring [hushed] the Eternal Night.
The time where trolls would reclaim the surface from mankind.
The good news is that the Eternal Night is just a lore, a myth used as a rallying cry to unite trolls against humans.
Gunmar doesn't actually know how to bring such calamity, does he, Aaarrrgghh? No.
But searching.
Okay, then we have time on our side.
Aaarrrgghh, you did well, but I need you back there to be our ear to the ground.
- Can you do that? - Glad to.
[Barbara] So, you've had this cold for two weeks.
Any other symptoms? Yeah, to be honest, I've been tired all the time and spacing out.
According to my tests, you're in absolute perfect health.
I think we can chalk this up as a case of teenage-itis.
[Chuckles] This happens a lot.
Finals are approaching, and you kids think everything is the end of the world.
If you only knew.
- Thanks, Dr.
That's a relief.
- [chuckles] Please, it's "Barbara.
" How are things with you and Jim? Every time I ask, he gets tongue-tied.
It's good.
He's great.
Well, that's because he's surrounded by great women.
[Chuckles] Take care of yourself, Claire.
Get some rest.
Thanks again, Barbara.
I will.
Master Jim, thought you could use this.
I managed to scrounge up all the components for brewing a fine cup of coffee.
Except I had to use someone's old gym sock for the filter.
I know.
I'm not a fan of the French roast either.
- How goes the watch? - It's given me time to think, Blinky.
This Gunmar stuff and the Eternal Night.
- What if I don't have it in me to stop it? - We've discussed this before.
- Your heart is stronger than you know.
- What if heart isn't enough? This is Gunmar.
He's ruthless.
He-- He doesn't show mercy.
Yes, Gunmar is savage, and that's precisely why we left his violent ways and searched for a new path.
Master Jim, as our Trollhunter, you have been, eh, awful.
So many times, making horrible, horrible mistakes.
Hey, I'm trying my best.
And that is why I would follow you to the ends of the earth.
You are human.
You grow.
You learn from your mistakes.
You always try to make the right choice.
Unlike Gunmar, I believe we trolls can grow with you.
Let's hope you're right.
[gasps] The signs.
Where'd they all go? [Jim] What just happened? [bushes rustling] [gasps] Jim! - [growling] - Oh, no.
For the glory of Merlin [grunts] We've been compromised! We must defend our ground! [banging] Trolls, stand with me! For tonight, we - Whatever.
- [growling] [grunting] [grunting] Everyone! Down to the sewer! [Yelps] - Avant! Ah! - [Jim grunts] Whoa! [panting] - There's too many of them, Master Jim.
- We have to get them all-- [laughing] I told you this husk wouldn't stop coming after you.
- [grunts] - But you let Draal live.
Now you will die! [growls] [grunting] - [panting] - [growls] [growls] Draal, you're being controlled! [Gasps] - [laughs] - [grunts] I don't want to fight you.
Are you comin' or not? Time to make like pea soup and split! No.
I'm sorry.
I must help Master Jim! [panting] [growls] [metal creaking] You stole this world from us! The time of man is at an end! Only one can rule the earth! [grunting] [Gunmar] The night is coming.
[metal creaking] The Eternal Night is inevitable! And I'll still be there to fight you, Gunmar, if you ever show your face.
You can't hide forever.
[Sniffing] Your humanity will be your undoing.
You should have killed Draal while you had the chance.
[gasps] [grunting] [amulet whirring] [yelling] [both grunt] Master Jim! - [Gunmar grunting] - [Jim panting] Master Jim! Don't do it! [Gunmar] Do it, Trollhunter! If you think your armor's too much to shoulder today, I'll make sure it'll break you tomorrow! I found you once.
I will find you again.
Kill him! [yells, pants] I'm the Trollhunter.
Master Jim, we must leave at once.
You cannot escape me.
[voice echoing] I'll find you! There must be something substantial in here I can use to tide over Gunmar.
Oh! Blast these eyes! - [indistinct whispering] - [gasps] Who is that? Who's there? - [whispering continues] - [whimpering] [gasps] - [female voice] I will return.
- [creaking] I will return.
I can't stop crying [gasps] over you - [female voice] I will return.
- It's her.
I will return.
I will return.