Trollhunters (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

Arcadia's Most Wanted

1 -[sniffs] Mm! -[metal clattering] Smells delicious.
-Hey! Who's out there? -[gasps] Oh! Oh! -Let me in, let me in! -Get your own Dumpster! -[whimpering] -Uh-uh.
No room.
Ah! -[gnomes chattering] -[screams] Oh! [man] Jason, good boy! Come on home! Come home, Jason! [line ringing] -[rat squeaking] -[both scream] -Mm! -What are you doing out and about -this close to sunrise? -Oh.
You expect me to stay put in this dirty old shack? I'm a proper lady.
[rat squeaks] Apologies if these temporary accommodations don't meet your standards, but there's only so many places one can hide.
If you prefer, there's a vacant, old port-o-john on Third and Main.
-[glass shatters] -Oh, I'll take the rust wagon.
Just got tonight's final tally.
Every troll accounted for, except for one.
-Which one's Glug? -Oh, you know Glug.
She's hairy, green, always in a tub.
-[grunts] -Right.
Well, she's missing, and that's kinda a big problem.
Not to worry, Master Jim.
[grunts] Oh! As long as she doesn't stir up any trouble, we shall locate her before-- [woman on TV] Trouble is brewing in Arcadia.
A recent crime wave is terrorizing our city.
Vandalism, break-ins, trespassers in the night, missing pets As your re-elected councilwoman, I say no more! I am hereby stepping up police presence across Arcadia.
To those responsible for these crimes, the law is coming.
We will hunt you down.
-[gasps] -Uh [Usurna] What are you babbling on about? -You look like you've seen a gruesome.
-It spoke.
It was her.
The Pale Lady! Oh, please, that ridiculous relic? This ruse may sway the Underlord-- This time, it is real.
You do not understand.
She reached out.
I felt her.
She is nothing but a foolish legend.
-Quiet! She might hear you.
-She is not here.
She has no power over me.
-I'm so tired of hearing about Mor-- -Don't! Don't say it.
Say what? Morgana.
Morgana, Morgana, Morgana! [Morgana] Call to me.
[gasps] [Morgana] Call to me, and it is yours.
This can't [Dictatious] What are you doing? -You can't-- -Gunmar must not know of this.
Whatever this is, nothing good can come of it.
But it's a relic.
Ancient, revered And now, lost to the ages.
[Dictatious gasps] Uh-oh.
[Gunmar] Dictatious! Where is my advisor? You and I must keep Gunmar on the path to victory.
Our path.
[Morgana] Call to me.
[sniffs] "See you soon, pookie.
Can't wait for lasers.
" Kissy face, thumbs up, explosion GIF.
[phone dings] Rocket ship, smiley cake? -Is that good? -Huh? What good? Oh.
Oh, sorry.
Darci and I have a laser tag date tonight, and I'm hoping it's the perfect place to share our first kiss.
The lights are low, adrenaline is high, lasers are everywhere.
Humans strange.
Must find Glug.
[sniffing] Oh! [growls] [cat screeches] -Glug's tub.
Jim and the others haven't seen her either.
-What did she do, disappear? [chuckles] -Mm-mm.
Trolls can't do that.
-What do you want? -Uh, we ain't quite open yet.
-Glug missing.
-I told you, she has been acting strange.
-Uh, we don't know for sure.
-Know what? [Gut] Before she was a brewmaster, Glug was quite the troublemaker.
Off eating cats and stealing shiny things.
[Rot] When we all got booted from Trollmarket, she was real unhappy.
[Gut] Said the party was over, and she wanted to start it up again.
Look! The crime spree! The police are looking for Glug! Blinky needs to see this.
-We gotta stop her before-- -[siren wailing] -Freeze! Hands in the air! -[Rot] The fuzz! -Busted.
-[indistinct police radio chatter] -[officer] I can see you! -Oh, my gosh! -[officer] Don't move! Oh, not again! Not again, not again! Not again, not again! -[siren wailing] -I can make it, I can make it Stop! Hey, I remember you! You're that kid who said he had no bones! -You seem to be running just fine now! -[exhales deeply] No, I was just [pants] I was just [groans] You were just coming with me.
-Not good.
-[car door closes] [whimpering] This is bad.
Ten years in juvie bad.
Keep cool, man.
Keep cool.
Keep-- [shrieks] So, if it isn't the little man I've been hearing so much about.
-Who? Me? -No.
The other sweater-vest, mop-top, dopey-eyed dimwit behind you.
[grunts] What's your deal, son? My deal? [stammers] I don't know.
I like magic and Go-Go Sushi and my-- Didn't ask for your life story, apple-cheeks.
-What were you doing out there? -Nothing, sir! Nothing! [scoffs] Sure.
It's over, kid.
I know everything.
-And I mean everything.
-Uh, I No, you don't understand! This is all a big mistake! You're right about that.
A great big mistake that's dating my daughter! -Okay.
Now, I'm lost.
-I'm Detective Scott.
Oh, weird, that's my girlfriend Darci's last name.
[grunts] I'm her father! Ohhh! Ohhh.
That's right, "Oh.
" You stood her up tonight.
-But that's 'cause you arrested me! -Don't talk back to me, son! You know, Domzalski, my sweet little girl really likes you.
In fact, I've asked around.
Everybody likes you.
But I don't.
And now that I've seen your rap sheet, I definitely don't like you.
[chuckles] -Reports of breaking into -[screech] joy-riding in a stolen truck, and now, picked up for trespassing.
What do you gotta say for yourself, Domzalski? Um I'm an orphan.
I never had a chance? -Don't play games with me! -Ah! -What the? -[bell jingles] This belongs to the McVey cat.
Been missing ever since the break-in last week.
Where'd you get this, kid? What do you know? -Oh, please! I can explain! -[man] We have a 2-11 in progress.
Break-in at Sal's Motor Bikes.
All units respond.
Detective Scott.
I'm on my way.
-[sighs] -And you're coming with me.
Oh, please, Mr.
Scott! I can't go to jail! I really don't do well in confined spaces! Hmm.
I could let you off easy, if you never see Darci again.
Your call.
Think about it.
[tires screech] [radio chatter] This is a disaster! Six new Vespas, all gone! The GTs, the Primaveras -Six, you said? -Brand-new.
Chrome so shiny, -you could see your reflection.
-Shiny? Stolen? [gasps] Oh, no! Glug! Come on, Jim! Pick up, pick up! Hey, I know him! He trashed one of my scooters a while back! What a surprise.
That little perp's crimes just keep multiplying.
Wonder what else we're gonna find out tonight.
[indistinct police radio chatter] [Scott sighs] So, were these track marks here before? -No, not that I'm aware.
-Think I know where your Vespas are.
Dispatch, this is Detective Scott.
-[cell phone ringing] -[Jim] Hey, what's up, Tobes? Jim, help! I found a cat collar, and Darci's dad, -he's trying to lock me away forever! -Toby, slow down, man! No, listen! Glug's smashing windows, stealing Vespas She's in the sewers, man! We gotta get to Glug before the police-- "Before the police" what? Who are you talking to? What is a "Glug"? A gang? What's Glug got to do with this crime scene? [lock clicks] -[door handle clicks] -Open the door! -I can't! I really can't! I'm sorry! -[Jim] Toby, who's shouting? Open up or I'll Oh, no, you don't! [grunts] -[engine starting] -Hey, open the door! [whimpering] [groans] -Hey! -I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm an orphan! [Scott] You little What about my Vespas? Dispatch, I have a runner.
Pursuing on foot.
Suspect has a sweater vest and a very punchable face.
[siren wailing] [engine revving] What am I doing? [Jim] Toby! Tobes! What is going on over there? I stole a cop car! I'm in a high-speed chase! [tires squeaking] -What? Toby, get out of the car! -Ugh! You're right! They can track me! Stupid Toby! Stupid, stupid! [grunts] [siren wailing] [indistinct police radio chatter] Only the guilty run, kid! You hear me? Only the guilty run! Toby, hello? Talk to me, Tobes! [coughs] Let's go.
[sneezes] You sure? Maybe you should stay here.
You sound pretty sick.
I'm fine! Glug can wait.
Let's just find Toby.
-He couldn't have gotten far, right? -[banging] What was that? [dog barking in distance] -[both screaming] -Open the window, quick! Open the window! [grunting] Oh! I'm a wanted man, Jim! You gotta hide me! -[siren wailing] -But you'd be harboring a fugitive! Toby, calm down.
Darci's dad's a cop, and he was tracking down Glug, who's been stealing jewelry and pets.
She's the one who's behind the crimes.
But now, he thinks I did it.
[sighs] And, in response, you steal a cop car? I panicked, Jim! Doesn't matter.
We gotta move.
The cops are about to arrest our missing troll.
Oh, boy.
Let me make a call.
[line ringing] How else could the Gumm-Gumms have gotten into the warehouse, huh? For all we know, you ate the signs keeping 'em away! I didn't touch those things.
Well, somebody stole those signs.
What, they vanished into thin air? -Compatriots, please.
-[clamoring] -Calm yourselves.
-[both arguing] [grunting] Master Jim? [gasps] What? -[arguing continues] -I'm on my way.
[grunts] -[banging, glass shattering] -You two, figure it out! Huh.
Let's go! Wait, let me grab my staff.
Um How did? [gasps] [Jim] Claire, come on! We gotta move! [all scream] Gah! Come on! You can't creep up like that! Apologies, but with your human constabularies combing the sewers, discretion is absolutely paramount.
Can't believe I'm going to jail 'cause a stupid tub troll is a klepto! Claire, any signs of Glug? What signs? What would I know about signs? [sniffs] Mm.
Can't smell Glug.
All right, we're splitting up.
We got a troll hunt, people.
As I was saying, Aaarrrgghh, I've asked Master Jim to resume training with me, but he claims he's got it covered.
-What do you suppose he meant by that? -[sniffs] -Um -[growls, sniffs] Mm.
Uh, walking around these sewers isn't exactly helping my nausea.
[coughs] -I feel like I'm running on empty.
-It feels like we all are.
But, as long as Gunmar's got Trollmarket, all we can do is try to survive and wait for our chance to-- But I gotta survive this cold first.
[sneezes] -[sniffs] -Claire, you know, if you're feeling that bad, I-I can search for Glug by myself.
-No, I'm fine.
[coughs] I totally got-- -[rat squeaking] [screams] -[retches] -[groans] Glug? If you can hear me, I know what it's like to be a fugitive.
We're both hardened criminals! But you gotta turn yourself in! [footsteps departing] Glug? Hey, wait! [panting] [gasps] Whoa.
[gasps] Whoa.
[gasps] Oh, Glug.
-What have you gotten yourself into? -[metal clanging] Glug? [muffled gasp] [sighs] Everyone's out runnin' about, and I get a little me time.
-Glug! -Why you in Glug tub? Oh, hey! I thought you was gone-- I-I mean, lost.
Glug not lost.
-But you were out on a wild rampage.
-Rampage? No, just gathering ingredients for more glug, see? -Starting party again.
So, you didn't do none of them crimes around town? I gotta tell the Trollhunters.
[sniffs] [Glug] Mm.
After some fresh batch of glug, of course.
[footsteps approaching] -[gasps, whimpers] -[knuckles cracking] You said there'd be no witnesses down here.
Since when did kids run around in the sewers? This whole podunk town's full of idiots.
Wait, you-- The-The-- The burglaries were done by actual burglars? -Wow, this one's a real Einstein.
-The Vespas, the jewelry -But why take people's cats? -What are you talking about? -We didn't steal any cats.
-[Toby] Well, then who--? -Oh, that part was Glug.
-[man on radio] All units report in.
[man whimpers] [muffled grunting] [thuds] -Detective Scott here.
-[muffled grunts] [Scott] Somewhere under Franklin Street.
You! I never should've Wait.
-Why are you gagged? -[clattering] Hey! Out where I can see you! Hands up! -Nice and slow.
-[grunts] -[groans] Ow.
What are you doing? -[Toby grunting] [Toby whimpers, grunts] Trying to get us out of this.
I specialized in escape artistry at magic camp.
[grunting] Come on! [grunts, sighs] [sighs] What does my daughter see in you? Gone for five minutes, and you two somehow lead a kid and a cop to us? This is not good.
We gotta bail.
Aw, you want a diaper? Because you're being a real baby! I'm not a baby! Listen, however this plays out, maybe I overreacted earlier.
-Just Darci's everything to me.
-She means everything to me, too.
-Does this mean I can date your daughter? -Don't push it.
-[clanging] -[woman] Hey, hey, wait.
-What's that you got there? -I found it on the kid.
What is it? A toy? Like a laser sword or some--? [groaning in slow-motion] -Oh, no.
-You knocked the cop out cold! Whoa, whoa! Look at that thing! [chuckles] No, don't look at it! It's just a toy.
He's totally right.
How? I can't even It-It's flyin'! How's it flyin'? It's gotta be high-tech magnets, or a drone, or Whatever it is, it's gotta be worth a fortune! [man] Detective Scott, we're entering the sewers.
-Come in.
-The cops.
We gotta book it.
Yeah, yeah.
Leave the haul, grab the flyin' rock.
Hey, let's bring the kid.
Might need collateral.
[yells] [muffled screaming] -Toby! They're taking him! -[Scott] Wait, what? -Mr.
Scott! We gotta get him out of here.
-Can you get him to safety? -I'll go after Tobes.
-Think so.
How you gonna catch 'em? [rat squeaking] A GTS 300 Super Sport.
Maxed to the nines.
Oh, I'll catch 'em.
[rat squeaking] [tires screeching] [muffled screaming] -Boss, we got company! -Keep movin'! The heat's comin'! Holy-- Hey, get away from me! [Scott groans] Toby hands off princess.
Oh, just wait here.
I'll get some help, okay? -[siren wailing] -Hey, down here! Officer down! What is going on? I got freakin' Lancelot on me! [screams] [woman] See ya, freak show! [grunts] Aha! Magic! [woman shrieks] -Ha! -[Jim] Toby! Jim, over here! -[gasps] -Not one step further! You hear me? Okay, fine! Just don't hurt him! I don't know what you Renaissance fair freaks are, but we're not goin' back to San Quentin, you hear me? [rats squeaking] [grunting, growling] [indistinct chatter] [Blinky grunts] [growls] -[man] Run! -[metal clanging] [woman screams] [man] Monsters! Save us! Boom.
[imitates explosion] Last thing I remember, the suspects had me detained, and then black.
-Somehow, I wound up here.
-[distant shouting] -What the-- -Those Renaissance people! -[Scott] It's the perps! -[woman] I don't know! Ahh! -[man] Hide us! Get us away from them! -[woman] There's monsters in there! -Take us to San Quentin, now! -[lock clicking] -What's got them all spooked? -[metal clanging] [Toby grunting] Hi, Mr.
Detective Scott.
[chuckles] It gives me great pride to say the criminals have been caught, all thanks to Detective Scott, with the help of brave, young Toby Domzalski.
-Both heroes! -[applause] [giggling] My little Toby Pie did something.
[blows nose] Hey, Mr.
Detective Scott? Thanks for not throwing me in jail forever.
Least I can do.
Just stay away from my squad car.
-[applause] -[chuckles] Maybe you can date my daughter.
-Ah! -With a chaperone.
[growls] [gasps, squeals] Toby! You're amazing! You did it! [Scott] Darci! Okay, that's enough.
Well, uh, that's happening.
Is it just me, or was taking down a few human baddies tonight kinda refreshing? Yeah, when we're done with Gunmar, we might have a future in crime fighting.
-And they're still going.
-[gags] [grunts] Where is it? [grunts] There must be something here! [grunts] [Morgana] Call to me.
And the key to Eternal Night it is yours.