Trollhunters (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

Bad Coffee

1 [roars] [roaring] [Darci] A-one, two A-one, two, three, four.
[playing rock music] We wanna be mean We wanna be mean 'Cause mean is the scene If you know what we mean Yeah! - [girls] Yeah! Yeah! - [grunts] Yeah! [Morgana] I am with you.
You are mine.
[Mary] Claire? - [Darci] Claire? - [Mary] Claire, are you okay? [groans] [Mary] What happened? You, like, went to the twilight zone there.
I, uh, um lost myself in the music.
Um, Claire, your nose.
Uh, maybe I should sit this one out.
Maybe you should sit school out too.
I mean, that's not normal.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
You're right.
[Strickler] Changelings call it "Grave Sand.
" Derived from the pulverized bones of fallen Gumm-Gumms, Grave Sand aids us Changelings in shedding our human form and embracing our more trollish nature.
In humans, the Grave Sand should hone your feral instincts.
It changes your nature.
- Some of the changes are permanent.
- What do I do? [sniffs] [grunts, coughs] - [Strickler] How do you feel? - Angrier.
Use that anger.
[grunts] [grunting] Aaah! Shh! [grunting] [screams] Great Gorkus! What is the meaning of this insanity? [sighs] What is she doing here? And you.
I should've known.
Gunmar takes Trollmarket, and of course you slither out from under your rock.
[coughs] They're here to train me, not lecture me.
If I'm going to kill Gunmar [coughs] I need to fight like Gunmar.
Master Jim, your voice, your eyes.
[grunting, stuttering] Oh.
[sniffing, grunts] Yuck! You gave him Grave Sand.
That's not meant for humans.
- [panting] - [Blinky] Oh, dear.
Master Jim, look at me.
The very reason the Amulet chose you is your humanity.
[grunts] And following your human instincts hasn't failed you yet.
[panting] [coughs] I'm sorry.
I lost myself.
Jim is a good kid, but a good kid can't kill Gunmar.
Brutality and deceit won't suffice either.
Sometimes deceit is the only option.
[coughs] Lies may work for you, but not me.
[chuckles] You lie to your mother every day.
I protect her [coughs] to keep her out of this.
We have a greater concern.
According to Aaarrrgghh!!!'s reconnaissance, Gunmar has left Trollmarket.
He still chases the Eternal Night.
Until we learn more, we must remain vigilant and use this time to prepare the right way.
Let me just go grab my stuff.
We must take every precaution in the event Gunmar strikes.
- Mom, I packed you a lunch! - [Barbara] Down here, honey! [Barbara grunting] Uh-huh, uh-huh.
No, no, no.
[Grunts] So, what do you think? I call it "Goodbye, Walt.
" You warned me he was bad news, but I didn't listen.
Then he vanishes without a goodbye.
What kind of man does that? Hence the horns.
They're symbolic.
Wow, Mom.
Quite the imagination.
[Barbara] Oh, thank you, sweetie.
First your father, and now him.
- I swear, if I ever see Walt again-- - On that note, [chuckles] gotta run.
How can Claire still be sick? It's one sick day, Tobes.
Claire needs her rest.
- Hey, champ.
Your mom has to work late.
- [groans] What do you say to pizza? Dad-- Coach, I told you not to talk to me in school.
I know I'm not your father, but I'd like to be your friend.
[grunts] - Come on, bring it in.
- [groans] [coughs] Jumping jacks, now! Give me 20! - One, two - Uh no, 50! three, four.
[Grunts] You heard nothing, Lake.
Got it? - [grunting] - [metal clanking] - Oh, great.
- The teachers' lounge.
- The educational no-fly zone.
- Just cover me, okay? [Coach Lawrence] Kids these days You try to open up to them, then they shut you down.
Well, at least you get a reaction.
I became a teacher to make a difference.
Now I just make them fall asleep.
[Señor Uhl] Oh, quit grousing, Lenora.
My students stole my truck, and tried to poison me with a Diablo Maximus Breakfast Burrito.
Detention does nothing.
No discipline, no respect.
Surprise teacher dance party! [vocalizing] [grunts] [Señor Uhl] This is a strict no-dancing zone, Domzalski.
[Coach Lawrence] Oh, what? Empty again? Come on! Am I the only one who makes coffee? What? I-- What-- Why's the coffee on the floor? [sniffs, groans] Smells organic.
[gurgling] [students panting] [sipping] [growls] Oh, you wanna text and run? Okay.
Well, how about this status update? [screams] - [panting] - What the--? That's your best? - I'm doing the best I can, sir.
- Let me ask you.
How have you not been eaten by a hawk with those embryonic little legs? Oh, look out.
Run, little worm.
Run! Jeez, who peed in his coffee? Cut him some slack, Coach.
[grunting] Your father might've taken your lip, but you're playing on my field now.
If it wasn't for your mother, I'd have shipped you off to military school, Son.
You said you wouldn't say anything.
- Dude.
- Dude.
- Dude.
- Coach and Steve's mom? You think I like picking up pimple pads and pudding snacks? [stutters] You're a disgrace, Palchuk.
- [Steve grunts] - [camera clicks] [sobs] I hate you.
I hate you! I hate you! Tobes, maybe there was something in his coffee.
[latch clicking] - [sniffs] Oh, no.
- What did you do? I must've grabbed the wrong can.
- It's okay, Steve.
- [grunts] Coach might have made coffee with Gumm-Gumm ashes.
He drank dead troll? - This is you, Lake, isn't it? - Uh, I'm sure Jim had a good reason.
It was a huge mistake.
He drank something that's making him act like a troll.
[thuds] [Coach Lawrence] Teenagers.
[Snarling] No discipline! [gasps] Whatever you did, Lake, you better undo it, - or I'm gonna undo your face.
- [line ringing] [Coach Lawrence growls] [cell phone ringing] Young Atlas, it's fourth period.
Shouldn't you be dissecting a frog? - [both] Strickler? - Hypothetical question.
What if someone accidentally ate Grave Sand? What? It's not meant to be consumed.
That would amplify its effects tenfold.
[chuckles] No need to be concerned.
It was just Toby's cat.
[meows and hisses] - [snarls] - [Toby] Meow! Tasty cat.
- [sniffing] - [gasps] - So how do we help the cat? - He's coming! [Strickler] I'd recommend putting the cat down.
[howls] - It's the only merciful thing to do.
- What? [meows and hisses] What if that's not an option? What if the cat means a lot to Toby? [Toby meowing] Stop meowing.
To bring him back, you need to break through his delusions and emotionally connect with him before his altered state becomes permanent.
- [whispers] Permanent--?! - [Toby meows] Now, how one emotionally connects with a feline is debatable.
- [meowing and hissing] - [growls] You're no cat! [meows] [yelling] [clamoring over cell phone] [Barbara] Oh, work? Well, the hospital and I agreed it might be best if, you know, I took a little time off.
Well, let's catch up next week.
- [Coach Lawrence snarling] - [screams, panting] - [yells] - [screaming] Hey, TP! Oh, hey.
Uh Señor Uhl went totally loco.
He made our entire class wash and wax his truck.
Same with Miss Janeth.
She flipped a desk and started eating our test papers.
- [Mary] Like, literally ate them.
- [Coach Lawrence grunting] - [chuckles] - [bell rings] - Come on, Mary.
- [grunts] - [Mary] My next class is with Señor Uhl.
- Whew! The power balance has irrevocably shifted.
We have to get the students out of here.
Oh, no.
Where did Coach go? Calm down.
We'll call Claire and portal the teachers to a safe place.
- Yeah.
- [line ringing] She's not picking up.
Any other ideas? I was saving this one for Arcadia Fitness Day, but - [chalk squeaking] - [in Spanish] Dead cats.
They taste like candy.
[Burps] [Toby, over PA] Attention.
El Guerito Taco Truck is parked outside.
Free tacos for everybody as long as they last! [all cheering] [in Spanish] They taste like candy.
[Seamus] Hey, watch it! [growling] [Strickler] Miss Janeth? [snarling] Mm, Strickler.
You're back.
I have a feeling Mister Lake wasn't entirely honest with me.
[Señor Uhl] Adiós.
[Strickler grunts] One of us.
One of us.
One of us.
[overlapping chatter] - [boy] What? - [girl] I'm starving.
- Dude, like, where's my tacos? - [metal clanging] Hey, Toby, what are you doing? - [Seamus] Dude.
- Let us in.
Let us-- Wait.
Why am I fighting to get back into school? [Scoffs] This is ridiculous.
[Mary] Let's just go find those tacos.
I don't even care.
All right, the kids are gone.
That leaves the teachers.
We better hurry before they get stuck in beast mode forever.
[Strickler over PA] You've been a bad student, Young Atlas.
[Strickler] When students disobey, it falls upon their teachers to dole out punishment.
- Sounds like he got a caffeine fix.
- I'll take Strickler.
- Steve, you handle Coach Lawrence.
- I'm on it.
- Eli, you got Miss Janeth.
- Yes! Toby, Uhl.
Emotionally connect with Señor Uhl? He doesn't have emotions! - [door opens] - Miss Janeth? [door closes] Sounds like you could use a pep talk from your favorite student? [growling, grunts] [Ms.
Janeth] "So wise, so young" - "[chortles] they say do never live long.
" - [screams] - [Ms.
Janeth cackling] - [grunting] [growling, grunting] [growling] "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child.
" - [growls] - [screams] Señor Uhl? Hola.
Señor Uhl? - [in Spanish] In a place of La Mancha - [thunder rumbling] whose name I do not want to remember - De La Mancha, de La Mancha - Sounding pretty, señor.
So, how does an Austrian dude become a Spanish teacher? - I bet it's a beautiful story.
- De la Mancha.
De la-- Yeah.
[drawn out, breathless] Whaaat? Or maybe it's not.
Maybe it's personal.
Probably personal.
We don't have to talk about it.
[whimpers] [exhales] [growls] - [grunts] - [screams] - Who knew you were so flexible? - [in Spanish] Little cat.
- [Coach Lawrence panting] - [whistle blowing] Coming down.
[sighs] [inhales] Coach, wanna talk? [grunting] Coming down.
[whistle blowing] You sure seem to like that whistle.
Maybe you can take it out so we can talk like men.
[metal crunching] [gulp] [grunting] [chuckles] So that's the way you wanna play it? Let's dance.
[Strickler] How do you think this is going to end? This is the real world.
In a war against Gunmar, there are no happy endings.
I want to teach you, help you, but you're so blind to the truth.
What truth? You can't walk away from a fight with Gunmar.
This isn't you.
It's the Grave Sand talking.
- No.
- [thunder rumbling] I thought I could burn the weakness out of you, but the weakness is you.
- And the world will rot.
- No, it won't.
[snarling] Then kill me, or I shall kill you, ending this charade once and for all! [grunting] [Eli screams] [both grunting] "These violent delights have violent ends.
" "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep.
The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.
" You're an amazing teacher, Miss J.
I don't wanna have to slay you.
A student should never have to slay their favorite teacher.
[grunts] I am your favorite teacher? Oh.
Oh! Eli? Uh, why are you dipping me in the theatre? 'Cause "all the world's a stage.
" [grunts] [Señor Uhl] Missy.
Oh, come on, you big Austrian teddy bear.
We must have something in common.
[in Spanish] Oh, little cat.
Come here, little cat.
Tacos, burrito, especial number 32.
- That's all the Spanish I know! - [meows] Wait, we both ate that super spicy burrito, remember? El Diablo Maximus.
The Devil.
Very bad! Hey, I love Moral Weapon.
That stars an Austrian muscle guy.
- Or Moral Weapon Two.
- [growls] Yep, no one liked Two.
- Toby, I saved Miss Janeth! - Good for you.
Now save me! [Grunts] [screams] Okay, this was a mistake.
[both grunting] [coughs] Think of your wife, your children.
Do you have either of those? [screams] [screams] His truck! He loves his truck! It has a name, right? Something with an S? Sally? Samanda? - Sabena? Shirley? Susan? - Su Susannah! That's it! Think of Susannah, señor.
[Toby] Think of Susannah's glorious white paint, her nearly flawless bumper.
Only a few dings.
They're dimples.
She's smiling at you.
You love that truck, don't you? - Toby? - [sighs] High five.
Time to whip you into shape.
[both grunting] - [screams] - [metal clanging] You gotta talk to me.
No way I'm bringing you home to Mom like this.
I'm not going home.
[Grunts] Give me cats! [grunts] No, you like dogs.
And I know what else you have a soft spot for.
[grunts] I meant what I said this morning.
You're not my father.
[soles squeaking] My real dad's never around and can be a real buttsnack.
But you are-- I mean, you're not a buttsnack.
You're the dude who sticks around which makes you cooler than my dad.
[grunts] You may not be my father, Coach Lawrence, but you are my friend.
[grunts] You can't resist the love, Coach.
We're gonna [whimpers] we're gonna hug it out.
[grunts] Wha--? Steve? [sniffles] Bring it in.
- [clears throat] - [humming] [grunting] If you don't believe in me, then why train me? I didn't return to train you.
I returned to protect her.
[both grunting] [screams] [thunderclap] So you do have it in you.
Go on, finish the fight.
You wanna live.
You wanna help me.
I want nothing.
That's not true.
You want [panting] you want to protect my mom.
You care for Barbara.
- Remember how happy she made you feel.
- She doesn't even remember me.
She does.
She still cares for you.
She still cares for me? [sighs] She loves you.
Loves me? The Grave Sand.
How did you--? - Let's just say I said what I had to say.
- [door opens] So there's a couple of teachers looking for an explanation, and we don't know what to say.
Anyone? [Strickler] It's okay.
I'll have a word with them.
You've proven yourself today, Young Atlas.
There is hope for you yet.
Yeah, sure.
Wait until Claire hears about this.
I have a feeling she's happy to have slept through this one.
[thunder rumbling] Pale Lady, I have come.
[Morgana] You seek magic.
What makes you worthy? We seek the same thing.
The Eternal Night.
[snarling] Then we shall show you the way.
[Gunmar] We? My child and my champion.
Angor Rot.
[Morgana] He will rise again.
Together you will free me, and we shall bring the Night Eternal.