Trollhunters (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

So I'm Dating a Sorceress

1 [alarm buzzing] [male announcer] Good morning, Arcadia Oaks! [upbeat music playing] [yawns] Ooh, yeah It's all good and getting even better Blue skies, only sunny weather It's the perfect day Ain't nothing wrong 'Cause everything's all right It's all good when we get together Why not make it last forever? When you got what matters It's all good and getting even better Doo, do, doo, doo, do-doo, do Doo, do, doo, doo, do-do, do-do - Morning, sunshine.
- [yelps] Feeling better? So much better.
I feel like I slept for 100 hours.
And you weren't joyriding around town with your staff again? - "Joyriding"? - You left it laying around last night.
- Weird.
I always keep it in here.
- I gots proof.
Beary McBearface saw the whole thing.
Turns out he's a Nanny Cam.
- [toy squeaks] - Found out on accident.
I had to, uh, ahem-- Erase a lot of footage.
This looks like a direct-to-video sequel.
But it's real.
[Claire gasps] [silent] I don't remember doing any of that.
I can't deal with this.
I gotta go to school.
[gasps, sighs] [sighs] - Something ain't right with you, Big Eyes.
- [door opening, closing] [roars] [roars] [bell ringing] Looks like everything's back to normal.
Speaking of totally normal things, what's going on with Gunmar's Trollpocalypse? Blinky says we can't throw a wrench in his plan till we know what it is, but Aaarrrgghh!!! Thinks he's close to uncovering something.
Claire! You're back! - Feeling better? - We gotta talk.
Did you remember how someone stole the election signs protecting the warehouse? I think I know who took them.
- The night the Gumm-Gumms attacked? - Claire! You're back! - You're not sick anymore, right? - Nope.
Awesome! That was one killer cold.
[Gasps] We gotta celebrate now that you're back.
- Are you thinking what I'm thinking? - [both] Double date! - If Claire's up for it, I am.
- [chuckles] Yeah.
It'll be good to get out.
- See you guys tonight.
- I'll catch up with you.
[yelps] - What are you doing? - Keeping an eye on you.
Do you think a date is such a good idea, what with all your weirdness going on? - It was probably just sleepwalking.
- Sleepwalking? I don't know.
Thanks for looking out for me, but I'm fine.
Now stay out of sight.
- [bangs] - [grunting] I think it's a good idea, Tobes.
It'll be nice to have a night free from imminent danger.
Never underestimate the danger of a double date.
[grunts] One wrong move and they will [grunts] dump us! - [bones crack] - [grunts] Tobes, relax.
I think you're being a little overdramatic.
Relax? [Chuckles] I'm relaxed.
I'm a total dating guru.
[Grunts] Ouch! [Coach Lawrence] Pepperjack, get up! It's okay.
I know this is your first date.
What? Darci and I went on a date last Tuesday.
[grunts] I'm nervous because this is your first date.
- [bell clangs] - Claire and I had lots of dates.
Trollhunting missions don't count, Jimbo.
[grunts] What about when we kissed on the bluff during Spring Fling? You almost kissed, then you ran off to fight Angor Rot.
- Trollhunting mission.
- I went to her barbecue.
And you fought your own clones.
[grunts] Darci will be there, so you two can't talk about trolls.
What else are you gonna talk about? Promise me this.
No Spanish, all right? You talk in Spanish when you get nervous around Claire.
- Okay.
What's your plan? - Keep it classic.
Dinner and a movie.
We just need to follow my three golden rules of love hunting.
I already hate where this is going.
Number one-- the art of conversation.
Pull inspiration from what's around you.
Her hair, the food, ze ambiance.
Oh, hello.
How did I not see you there? Your dimples are so exquisite and your skin is so radiant and orange.
Have you been to the beach? - You try.
- Uh hi? Your head's so [chuckles] round.
You look like you're having a ball.
[chuckles] Muy hermosa! No Spanish! Now, number two.
Physical contact.
This is where the movie comes in.
Specifically, a scary one.
It's why I picked Danger House 2: More House, More Danger.
[imitating Darci] "Ooh! Oh! I can't look! It's so scary!" Hold me close.
Tell me when it's safe to look.
" And most importantly, rule number three.
Above all else, never let them go to the bathroom together.
Why not? "Why not?" Girls don't pee, they conspire! They'll talk about us and that's when things will go south.
Then, if all goes well, when we walk 'em home, we'll seal the night with a kiss.
Uh [whistle blows] I told you, Domzalski! Quit making out with the equipment.
- [chuckles] - [classmates laughing] [Queen Usurna] Our Dark Lord has returned from his journey! My loyal followers, I have traveled far and have returned with the answer on how to bring forth our Eternal Night.
The Staff of Avalon.
[grunts] My trusted advisor must have seen this coming.
For he says the Pale Lady speaks through him in visions.
Obviously, Milord.
The Staff of Avalon.
Merlin's staff came to me in a dream.
A relic of great power.
[growls] Liar! [whimpers] I spoke to the Pale Lady.
She told me who you truly are.
- A fraud! - Oh, please, Gunmar.
After everything we've been through.
I stayed by your side.
- I betrayed my kind.
- Meaningless! I know-- I know how to find the Staff! [growls] [whimpers] [growls] No! Please! - Usurna? Usurna! - Traitor! You have earned your just re-- [grunts] [roars] [growls] [snarls] Aaarrrgghh!!! After him! [grunts] [engine stops] Right.
[Sighs] Okay.
[inhales] - Courage.
- [raps on door] [neighbor] Not tonight, honey.
Maybe tomorrow.
[switch clicks] - [gasps] Walt? - Barbara.
I'm not sure what exactly came over me, but I woke up and had to see you.
I know it's been a long time! [sighs] I know I ran off unexpectedly.
And I don't know where I found the courage to knock on your-- - [slams] - [grunts] [squeaks] - [sighs] - [distant dog barking] [sighs] He came back.
[Darci] Mary texted me, like, "We're back together.
" Tight Jeans Hank? Again? A beautiful night.
Just like my beautiful gal.
Shall we? - Hmm.
- [chuckles] - [grunts] Ow! - Huh! Oops! Sorry! [chuckles] - Hmm.
- Uh [chuckles] - Ha.
Uh - [chair screeches] Ooh.
I heard the duck confit is stellar.
I think I'll get that.
Same! OMG, when I went to Paris with the fam, the duck was amazing.
[in French accent] Ah, Paree! Zee city of love.
[softly] Tell me more.
[sighs] Paris sounds so nice.
I've only been to Mexico to visit my abuelita.
Ah, México.
- [Toby] Ahem.
- [Jim] Ow! Ow! How often do you think they wash these awnings? Uh - Because Parisians love me.
- [chuckling] - What can I say? I'm fabulous.
- [smooches] Ahem.
So, Claire, you saw the first Danger House, right? - There's a deep lore.
- I haven't.
OMG! Where do I start? So - You promised no Spanish.
- [bangs table] Tobes, calm down.
It was a natural part of the conversation.
The date's going well.
Oh, no.
Code Red! Code Red! He's our waiter? Gentlemen, ladies, what can I get for you today? Oh, Claire, is it? Have you been rehearsing for Battle of the Bands? Yep! Feeling pretty good about our chances.
[chuckles] Don't fraternize with the competition.
Okay, level with me.
The duck confit, are duck feet really that good? [distorted] Actually, Duck confit is a French dish made with the whole duck - [grunts] - [Toby] Jim! Jim! Stop him before he charms Darci too.
Steaks all around.
Thank you, Deuce.
I'm sure you're busy.
An excellent choice.
Now, how would you like your steak prepared? Well done.
- Well done? - Yeah, what he's having.
[Morgana's voice growls] Raw! Dripping with blood! [Gasps] - [chuckles] - Uh As the lady wishes.
Four steaks.
One raw.
Dripping with blood.
Uh, Darc, bathroom? Ah! Rule three! Rule three! - Huh? - [grunts] [whimpers] The other rule three.
- TP! Are you okay? What happened? - [groaning] - Claire, go on without me.
- [moans] Come on.
Pull it together, Claire.
[sighs] [sighs] Uh - [Morgana] Hello, darling.
- [gasps] - Claire, is it? - This is not real.
- [chuckles] Sorry, dear.
- Agh! - Did I scare you? - [panting] This isn't real.
I'm imagining this.
[grunts] [screams] You think I'm just a reflection you can run away from? I'm under your skin.
[panting] Get out of me! You're only hurting yourself.
Who are you? I have many names.
You can call me Morgana.
[Laughs] Stop it! [Grunts] Get out of me! - [grunts] - My, you are strong.
Strong enough to wield my weapon.
Strong enough to be my gracious host.
You open up a big enough door, something's bound to escape.
The portal, the sickness, the signs under my bed.
You've already told Gunmar all he needs to know but since I'm out and about, I thought we'd kill Merlin's Trollhunter, as soon as we get him alone.
[Cackling] [shrieking] [panting] [NotEnrique] Oi! You don't look so good.
Oi! Me scruff! [Morgana] What a brave little mongrel.
How sweet and stupid.
- [door creaking] - [grunts] [grunting] - [light switch clicks] - [Darci] Claire? You feeling all right, Claire Bear? Hmm? [Gasps] [grunting, coughing] I don't feel like myself tonight.
- [chuckles] So, um, did we miss anything? - You tell us.
What did you talk about in the bathroom? Did you talk about us? Are we still good? Yeah, wait, what? I was gone for, like, negative two seconds.
- Felt longer.
Felt a lot longer.
- [Darci] Uh yikes! Huh! Feeling better? [chuckles] I feel like a whole new girl.
[chuckles] - [chuckles maniacally] - Huh Uh [grunts] - No - [gasps] [shrieks] - [Morgana laughing] - [Toby, Jim] Uh [distorted voice] Oops! Butterfingers.
Your voice.
[coughing] [normal voice] Oh, I think my cold has returned.
- But not to worry.
- Not to worry? Is Claire acting weird? It's called flirting, Jimbo.
She's totally into you.
She's giving you the eyes.
Here we are.
Four steaks, rare.
But I'd love to hear your band sometime.
Be gone, servant.
My apologies.
[chuckles] You heard the lady.
- So, um should we eat? - [chuckles] - [Claire growls] - [gasps] [clatters] Mmm.
[Slurps] [Darci] Well, um that was an interesting dinner.
Never saw someone harf down a raw steak like that before.
[chuckles] Oh, your hand feels really cold.
Are you sure you're up for a movie? - [snarls] - [hisses] [meows] We should go somewhere else.
- Perhaps you should take me home.
- [gasps] Great idea! Walk her home! Darc and I'll see you tomorrow! [Jim] Oh, uh 'kay.
Bye, Tobes! Are you coming, little lamb? "Little lamb"? Sure, but your house is that way.
- I know.
We'll have to walk.
- [grunts] - I left my Skathe-Hrün at home.
- Your what? Oh.
Your Shadow Staff.
I've never heard you call it that before.
- Quickly now.
- A walk sounds nice--! - [Gumm-Gumms grunting] - Find them! They can't have gone far.
Milord, the guards have searched everywhere.
Neither Aaarrrgghh!!! Nor Dictatious are to be found.
And why did Dictatious cry for your help? What have you been plotting? I do not know why that blind fool called for me.
It must have merely been a last act of desperation.
Did the Eldritch Queen tell you how we will vanquish the Trollhunter? We will need the Staff of Avalon.
And her faithful servant will aid us in our quest.
- Who is that? - [growls] [gasps] Hmm.
[growls] [growls] [growls] Angor Rot.
You shall rise again.
[grunts] [clinks] [snarls] [gasps, grunts] - Follow stairs.
Find Blinky.
- You're not coming with me? I distract.
You escape.
But why? Why would you save me? You say big words.
Tell Blinky about Angor Rot.
[Grunts] [roars, grunts] Oh.
Oh [panting, roars] [panting] After him! [panting] [grunts] [grunts] [snarls echoing] [yelping, chattering] [growls] - [chain jingling] - [roars] [both grunting] The Pale Lady has a plan for you too, Aaarrrgghh!!! You can't escape! [both grunt] Don't you see? You're all players in a greater game! Fighting is futile! [bangs] [chain rattles] I need him alive for now.
I have plans for you.
- [Gunmar's laughter echoes] - Oh.
Oh--! - Are your parents away? - Gone for the weekend.
Well, I can stay and make you some hot soup or-- Sit.
I'll be back down in a minute.
Hmm! - [woman on TV] It's our dream house.
- Oh, first Danger House.
- [man] Don't go in that house! - This could work.
- It's dangerous! - Classic Danger House.
[creaking] [gasping] [woman screams on TV] Richard! Richard, where'd you go? Richard? Look behind you.
- Richard? - Look behind you! Where are you, Richard? - Where'd you go, Richard? - Don't be stupid, look behind you! - [woman screams] - [Jim screams] - Ah! What are you doing? - Trying to kill you.
[grunts] I thought the date was going well! Claire, what's going on? There is no Claire.
I am Morgana! [coughs] Who? The Eldritch Queen.
Baba Yaga.
The Pale Lady.
Ugh, I have many names! Sorry, still drawing a blank.
[distorted] I am your doom-- - Did you just hit me with a-- pillow? - [grunts] I'm not gonna hurt Claire.
[grunts] Drooma katorth-a myntarth-a klar.
I don't know who you are, but you have to take it down a notch.
Drooma katorth-a myntarth-a klar.
- [ground rumbles] - What the-- [gasps] [clattering] Drooma katorth-a myntarth-a klar.
Sorry about this, but For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command.
Drooma katorth-a myntarth-a klar.
Whoa! Drooma katorth-a myntarth-a klar.
Claire, if you're seeing this, I did not mess up your house again.
- [screams] - Whoa! [grunts] I am your doom! [snarls] [cackling] [gasps, grunts] You think I'm powerful now, just wait until the Eternal Night frees me from my prison! [grunting] [Morgana cackling] [panting] Claire! If you're in there, do something! Anything! Claire is not here! No, but her brother is! [bangs] [grunts] [gasps, pants] Nobody grabs me scruff.
- She called herself Morgana.
Who is that? - Uh Not somebody you want to date.