Trollhunters (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

The Exorcism of Claire Nuñez

1 [grunting] Release these shackles or I'll wear your spine as my crown, peasants! -That's a new one.
-Her creativity knows no bounds.
-[growls] -[both grunt] Apologies for my delay.
[grunts] I was awaiting Aaarrrgghh!!!'s return, he never showed.
I'm sure he's fine, we've got bigger problems.
-[growling, biting] -[shrieks] [grunts] After I feast on your souls, agony will rule for a thousand millennia.
How long is a millennia? Like a million years? I think it's a thousand.
Indeed, Master Jim.
I would not like my soul to be feasted upon, if that's all right with everybody in the room.
[laughs] -What's wrong with her? -She is most certainly possessed.
Does the name Morgana -mean anything to you? -[gasps] You cannot hope to contain me, trollish whelp.
I am the Eldritch Queen of the Seventh Plane.
Baba Yaga.
The Pale Lady.
I have slain scores of Merlin's fools.
[laughing] I do know that name! This is far worse than I could have ever imagined! Morgan le Fay, Merlin's apprentice.
Like Merlin who made my Amulet? I spit on his name as I spit on his grave.
Sounds like they didn't get along.
He thinks he can be rid of me? The fool.
[laughs] I will erase his name and all of his creations.
[laughs] The sorcerer and sorceress dueled for centuries until Merlin sacrificed himself to banish her from our world.
But now she's here.
Oh, what little lambs.
My work here is done.
Gunmar knows how to bring the Eternal Night.
All you can do is sit back and watch the world as it burns.
-Oh, boy.
-It's not possible.
-With what relics? What magics? -Blinky! -[Blinky groans] -[Morgana humming] Hi, Madam M.
I'm Tobias.
-[growls] -[screams] -Can you save Claire? -If the Eternal Night comes to pass-- -Blinky, can you save Claire? -I cannot.
-I think I know someone who can.
-[Toby shrieking] [theme music playing] [roaring] [roars] [wolves howling] -[liquid splashing] -[groans] Darn it.
-[Toby screaming] -[banging] Morgana, in the flesh.
-[Morgana laughing] -Well, that flesh isn't hers, so if you would be so kind, do tell us how to get her out of that poor girl! [Toby sobbing] Dim dock, Sa-tu lark [screams, grunts] The Book of Ga-Huel.
You were reluctant to dabble in dark magics.
-I fear now you are neck deep in it.
-Traitorous impure! I made you! -How do we fix her? -Hmm.
Dealing in dark magiks is never easy.
There is always a cost, though I fear we have no other choice.
-We all want to save Claire, don't we? -Go on with it.
Morgana is using her as a vessel, a puppet, a toehold into our plane of reality.
But how? Where is the real Claire? [growls] -[gasps] She doesn't have a shadow.
-No shadow? -Dude.
-Of course! The Skathe-Hrün! The Shadow Staff! It is a relic of Morgana.
-What are you trying to say? -[snarls] [all gasp] Morgana is the Mistress of Shadows.
She doesn't cast a shadow because she is a shadow.
Claire's spirit is trapped in the space between worlds.
-The Shadow Realm! -[growls] -How do we get her back? -There is only one way.
Someone must find her spirit in the Shadow Realm and return it to her body.
But we must do so quickly.
The longer Morgana stays in her, the stronger the hold on Claire.
[laughs] You will never find her! You will meet your death first.
-I'll do it.
-Not alone, Jimbo.
Claire's my friend too.
Then I will stay back to conjure the portal.
It will remain open for as long as I hold the staff.
You mean we will stay.
You two find Claire and get back.
I will keep all my six eyes on you, on both of you! [suspenseful music playing] [grunts] Merlin dead.
Staff lost.
But what is lost can be found.
She told me who will show me the way.
Why bring me? When we arrive, all will become clear.
Don't worry, you shall serve your warlord one last time.
-[grunting] -Mm-hmm.
We brought everything you asked.
And some tacos! You didn't ask for those, but-- -Did you bring the emotional anchor? -Here.
She's had it since she was a baby.
It will lead you to her.
When you cross over, speak the incantation "Modus Occul-Takh.
" -Modu-- Modus Ocultahm.
-Modus Occul-Takh.
Once you get Claire, to return, use the rabbit again and say the incantation in reverse.
[stammering] Hkat-Lucco Sudom.
-[both] Hkat-Lucco Sudom.
-Got it.
We haven't much time.
We must act now, or she may be lost forever.
The staff! Claire always made it look so easy.
Remember, Master Jim, the Shadow Realm is a plane of chaos, devoid of light or reason.
-Spare no time.
-[Strickler] Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
[Morgana snarls] Let's bring her home.
Deya, guide them.
[both screaming] [screams] [screams] -Tobes, you can breathe.
-[gasping] [takes deep breath] -This is nuts, Jim! -[rumbling] Whoa! Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
[grunts] You might wanna hold onto Suzy Snooze.
Modus Occul-Takh.
[squeaks, beeps] -[squeaks] -[both gasp] [squeaks] What the? [both screaming] Wait.
Was that Claire's couch? -Is that Claire's house? -[squeaks] [Toby whimpering] [Toby] Um uh [Toby whimpering] [creaking] -[Jim gasps] -I'm scared, Jim.
-[screams] -[growling] That's our stone! -We need that to save my brother! -Claire! -Oh, no! -I can't.
It won't work.
[shouts] [grunts] It's killing her! Jim, don't let them do this to you.
-[Jim screaming] -Jim, no! [Claire] Jim, no.
I got a bad feeling about this place, man.
be ours! -[growling] -[creaking] [banging] [baby crying] Claire? Claire, are you in here? [baby continues crying] -[groans] Ugh.
Sweaty palms.
-What? I'm scared.
[whimpering] [baby crying] Enrique? [both gasp] Enrique! Mi hermanito.
[baby crying] -There, there.
-Claire? Claire, are you okay? -So much to do.
-Claire! Mom and Dad will be so mad if I don't finish it all.
Calculus homework, band practice -Aah! -I gotta be the best daughter.
Mom needs me to be good.
Can't cause trouble for the campaign.
Claire! Claire! We're in the Bizarro Zone! Wake up! [baby sucking pacifier] [Claire] Ah.
This is bad.
How are we supposed to get her back if she doesn't know she's gone? [grunts] Why haven't they returned? You've sent those boys to their doom.
The Realm of Shadows does not operate by our rules.
Give them time.
Have faith.
I have faith in them.
[chuckles] Oh, it must be heart-wrenching to see your pupil turn to another for guidance.
Spare me, witch! Your words are useless on me.
I spot a pattern.
Even your own brother turned against you.
-Who can blame him? [laughs] -[grunts] -[sighs] Where are you going? -To find a gag! Oh, the poor soul stands in the presence of his Lady Creator, but insists on siding with babes.
You expect that feeble boy to be your savior when a deity is before you? I don't deny who you are, but I choose to believe there's a better way! [grunts] [Morgana] I know your heart, Stricklander.
You desire power.
Changelings aren't equals.
They are better.
I've heard all this before.
But I can offer something more.
[gasps] The heart of another.
[Strickler] Nice try.
She's done with me.
[Morgana] I can bend her will.
I will make her fall in love with you despite the monster that you are.
All you have to do is drop the staff and seal their fate.
Strickler, no! Don't listen to her! Aah! Oh! No! [grunts] Now, it's just you and me.
[shouting] Can you hear me?! Blink if you can hear me! [gasps] She blinked! Finals are tomorrow.
Can't fall behind.
She can't hear us, Tobes.
We can't even drag her out.
Well, if we don't get out of here, Claire might have some permanent roommates.
-That's us, Jim! -Yeah, I got it.
Claire! Claire! [sighs] This is pointless! It's not working.
[grunts] [gasps] Jim! The books! The books! She saw them fall! Must keep studying.
Finals are tomorrow.
-[gasps] -Dude! Do it again! -I'll do one better.
-[gasps] Uh Mm.
[grunts] -She has to read it.
Make her read it.
-Read it, Claire.
Read it! Stay away from me.
Leave me alone.
"Claire, this isn't real.
It's us, Jim and Toby.
Wake up.
" -[Toby] Claire! We're here! -[gasps] [Jim] Claire.
We're here.
Claire, we're here! -Claire, see us? Come on, right here.
-We're right here.
Whoo-hoo! Claire, do you see us? I know.
I see you.
What are you two even doing here? [both gasp] -She can see us! -She sees us! She sees us! What? Why is everything so weird? And why am I see-through? Holy shish-kebab! I'm dead! You're not dead.
It's kinda hard to explain.
Allow me.
[inhales deeply] You're a ghost in a ghost house in a crazy shadow space, we gotta get you back to fight a sorceress who hijacked your body.
Plus, I think she's been dead for a few centuries.
Morgana! I'm gonna kill her! Slow down.
Let's get you back first.
Oh, there! There it is! [Claire] That's a long way.
As long as we hold onto this, we'll get there together.
Suzy Snooze! [chuckles] Jim, say the magic words! Helkat-Luccho Sudom.
-No, no, you have to say them backwards! -I am! Hkat-Lucca Sudom! No, no, Jim.
It's hot-local-sumo Oh, my gosh! We totally forgot it! -You forgot it? -We were in a rush.
-[Toby] I thought you knew it! -It's hard enough just saying it forwards! Okay, so we'll do it the hard way.
Take us home, Suzy! [Toby screaming] -[Blinky] Strickler! -[pounding on door] Her heart will be yours.
All you have to do is let go of the staff.
All I have to do is let go.
But I've come to learn that a stolen heart [grunts] is never truly yours! All you have to do is let go of the staff.
What Faustian bargain did you make with the witch? I said "no," you idiot! Now, where is that gag? Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon! [Blinky grunts] -Aah! -[growls] I am your doom! [laughs] Oh, no! Where'd the light go? That was our way home! We're sealed in! [Claire] Look! My staff! Get it! It's our only way back! -Toby! Don't let go! -[screaming] [grunts] [laughs] -Yes! -[growls] [yelling] [laughs] She's controlling the staff! [growls] She's growing too powerful! We must stop her! -How would you suggest we do that? -[grunts] Aah! Don't you dare! We must! We've already lost two! How many more deaths will be on our hands? [laughs] Don't you get it? Claire's gone! They're not coming back! We don't know that! This is Morgana! The Morgana! We mustn't! We can't! [laughing] It's too fast! How do we catch it? Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon! [growls] [Jim] What are you doing? I don't know.
These words, they're in my head.
Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon! [groans] She's stronger than me! -[gasps] -Stand aside! I will not let you harm that girl! Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon! [growls] Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon! You don't control me! Get out of my head, child! [growling] -Forgive me, Claire.
-No! But it must be done.
[whimpering] Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon! You dare wield a weapon of my power? My Skathe-Hrün will be your end! It's not yours anymore.
I made it mine.
And now I'm taking it back.
Okay, Suzy Snooze, it's you and I.
-[roaring] -[screaming] [screaming] [screaming] -[Toby] What's happening? -Grab onto the staff! [panting] We're alive! We're alive! [objects clattering] [sighs, gasps] [screams] -Claire! -Were you gonna stab me with that thing? -No! -Yes! -Obviously, we were-- -Going to break your chains! -Ha! -Claire, that was-- We were around the world in zero seconds! And you, you out-witched a witch! Is she still there? No.
She's [sighs] gone.
But while she was under my skin I was in her head.
I remember things.
-That's new.
Not only did you overcome a 12th-century sorceress, but it appears you've picked up a few of her tricks.
I don't know if it's enough to stop her.
Plus, Morgana told Gunmar how to bring the Eternal Night.
And if he does, I got a bad feeling this won't be the last we see of her.
[thunder rumbling] She led us true.
Aysa-Thoon, the Temple of the Pale One.
The Temple of the Dark One.
Morgana's magic is strong here.
It weakens the walls of her prison.
You brought the fallen Gumm-Gumm.
He shall become bait.
Pale Lady, the eye of Angor Rot.
[Morgana] My champion.
Centuries ago, you came to me on your knees.
I granted you power.
In return, you served me faithfully.
Take your soul back and a tad of my own and live again.
You shall serve me once more, Angor Rot.
Yes, my lady.
This time, I will destroy them all.
[screams] [laughs] [theme music playing]