Trollhunters (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

Parental Guidance

1 [theme music playing] [roaring] [roars] Mm.
[Barbara] Jim.
[gasps] [grunting] - Get out of here.
- [screams] - We have to get to the hospital.
- Can't.
[Coughs] - Our wounds won't be healed by - [shrieks] - [groans] - You're going to be okay, Barbara.
[grunts] You were always my hero.
My beautiful boy.
[Jim] For the Glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command.
[gasps] Oh, no.
[Shudders] - C-plus.
What did you get, Jim? - D, and probably summer school.
Señor Uhl said that next week's Spanish final counts for 20 percent of our grade.
- If you ace that - [Toby] Yeah, Jimbo.
Twenty percent is the difference between life and death.
I mean, academically speaking.
Yeah, let's bring our books to training.
Cramming couldn't hurt.
Mom, are you home? [Barbara] In here, kids.
- Oh, hello.
- [both chuckle] We need to talk.
Those four words are never good.
[bottles clanking] - Ooh.
- [can rattles] Who's there? I'm armed.
I beg of you, please, you must take me to my brother.
I don't know your brother and I don't know you.
Now shoo! Please! Oh! No.
[Gasps] - Take me to Blinkous Galadrigal.
- No, no.
No, no.
- The fate of the world depends on it.
- Oh! [upbeat music playing] [chatter and laughter] - [burps] - [squeals] [glass breaks] [goblin burps] - [farts, chuckles] - Ugh! [hisses] [growls] Ugh! Which one of you things is in charge? Hmm.
[Grunts] Do you know who I am? [beeping] - [computerized voice] Q is for Queen.
- [groans softly] - Clever.
- Yes.
[Growls] [sighs] I need you and your friends to track down a troll named Dictatious Galadrigal - and kill him.
- [growls] [Queen Usurna] Understood? [computerized voice] D is for Dog.
Woof, woof! - Y is for Yes.
- Yes.
- [Mrs.
Nunez] Barbara, what's going on? - [Mr.
Nunez] This is bad.
Nunez] You said our children's lives were in trouble.
My Toby-Pie would never be in trouble.
He's an angel.
Actually, Mrs.
Domzalski, I'm afraid they're in serious danger, but it'd be best if they explain.
- Kids? - [all chuckle] [Claire] Uh - I don't know what she's talking about.
- Neither do I.
- Jimbo, maybe you could help us out.
- Um Uh It's the drugs, isn't it? It's not drugs, it's trolls.
[all gasp] The Internet! I knew it.
Not Internet trolls, real trolls.
[laughter] [all chuckle] Trolls? Barbara.
[sips] - Are you on the drugs? - [Barbara] No.
There are these creatures that live beneath us.
It's not entirely clear in my head, but our kids are helping them and fighting them.
Oh, no.
[whispers] It is the drugs.
- I believe you, Barbara.
- You do? I, too, have dealt with stress and anxiety and have the number to an excellent therapist.
It's not stress, Ophelia.
[laughs] Trolls living beneath us? What? That's crazy town banana pants fosters.
[laughs] With extra nuts.
Jim, tell them.
Uh Um Uh [sighs] The hospital asked her to take some time off.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, dear.
What? - Look in their bags.
Search them.
- What? I'm sure you'll find a few surprises.
That's an invasion of my privacy.
Nana, don't.
Oh, my.
I don't know what's going on, but what do you call this? That's a protractor, Dad.
Nunez] I think she meant this.
Uh Isn't it clear? Your son stole these artifacts from the museum.
- It was in your daughter's bag.
- How dare you? Excuse me? The police arrested your son, remember? - Psst.
- [Mrs.
Nunez] How dare you? - Master Jim.
- [Nana] breaking and entering? - My daughter is-- Since she has met him.
- Cookies.
- We confess.
- What? We confess.
We're LARPers.
We're LARPers.
Live Action Role Players.
We play a fantasy game during lunchtime.
[Chuckles] She's a sorceress, that's her wand.
And I'm a war king.
That's a thing, right? And Jim has a metal He's a metalizer.
- It's worse than we thought.
- [scoffs] They're lying.
This is not make-believe.
I think I saw this in Blinky, what are you doing here? Forgive me for using the tunnel, it is urgent.
This is neither the time nor the place, Blink.
If you don't listen to me, there will be no time or place.
We know the reason for Aaarrgghh!!!'s absence, though I'm still unsure if I should trust its source.
[throat clearing] - Allow me, brother.
- Dictatious? Gunmar has taken Aaarrgghh!!! Captive and is en route to resurrect Angor Rot.
That's That's impossible.
We smashed him.
There is but one being with the power to resurrect him.
I fear we already know her name.
Why do you believe him? He's Gunmar's stooge.
It could be a trick.
I thought so myself, thus the timber-hitch quadruple knot.
But if what he speaks of is true-- [Barbara] Jim? Hide.
- Yeah.
- Let me get-- - [thuds] - [grunts] Speak of the devil.
- Jim, are you hiding down here? - No.
Uh I was looking at your paintings.
- You have quite an imagination.
- Don't you walk away from me.
You made me look crazy up there.
Do all Troll Knights let their mothers be humiliated? Trollhunter, Mom.
I'm the Trollhunter.
I know we've had this conversation.
- I didn't wanna drag you into this again.
- So instead you dragged your friends? [sighs] We're parents.
It's our duty to know if our children are in trouble.
Trouble? This isn't trouble.
This is real danger.
Genuine life-threatening stuff.
I almost lost you.
But you also saved my life.
That much I do remember correctly.
[Sighs] Jim, listen.
I'm a doctor.
I know saving lives isn't easy work.
I'm not trying to stop you.
I'm trying to help you.
But with danger this close to home, their parents should know.
- [Blinky] Hello.
- [gasps] - Barbara.
- [screams] Oh, I knew it! That's Mr.
[grunts] I can't see.
Is this a joyous occasion, or a terrifying--? I don't remember this one.
I wanted to tell the truth, but what if their parents don't understand? If they get in the way, my friends, human and troll, could die.
And if there comes a day when your friends don't come home, what will you tell their parents then? Jim, we're here to support you, no matter what the problem is.
If it's school, if it's girls, if it's trolls.
Especially trolls.
But if we don't talk, how are we supposed to help? - Oh, I see.
It's a heartfelt occasion.
- Shut it, you blind bat.
You're ruining the moment.
[sniffing] [growls] [sniffs, whistles] [growling] How dare you accuse my Toby-Pie? Well, there's something going on.
We used to have living room furniture, and now we do not.
I have something to say.
What are we doing here, buddy? - We're not really gonna, you know - Doubling down on the LARPing? - I'm good if you are.
- We're doubling down on the truth.
Our parents deserve to know what we do at night.
What do you do at night with my daughter? We fight trolls.
[sighs] Well, at least that's better than the alternative.
[Grunts] What? [Jim] Everything my mother said is true.
I am-- I mean, we are Trollhunters.
[chuckles] Ta-da.
That's enough of this nonsense.
We are leaving.
Kiddo, maybe you should show rather than tell.
Nana, you may wanna turn down your hearing aid.
And could you pass me that thingy? Here you go, War King.
[Chuckles] [all gasp] Hmm.
Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon! [gasps] [grunts] [all gasp] For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command.
[chuckles] Still better than the alternative.
- Uh [chuckles] - So, who wants coffee? - Brother, what are they saying? - Shush.
Do not shush me.
I may not see, but I have a right to know.
I said "silence" as in they are not speaking, you blundering ignoramus.
[Dictatious] Your litany of barbs is growing mundane.
Might I recommend eating a thesaurus? No.
[Gasps] Treachery! [Screams] [snarls, growls] Goblins! Why did I believe you? You led them to us, you vile bait of death.
I swear on my life, I performed no such treachery.
Usurna must've sent them here to kill me.
Please, cut me loose.
I should cut out your tongue.
Liar! Great Gorkus, it's an infestation.
This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.
- Oh! Can I get one? - No, Javier.
This is not awesome.
Our daughter is 16.
She can't even vote, and she's supposed to protect the world? You don't even know what I can do, Mom.
Uh - Who are you calling? - The mayor.
I have him on speed dial.
- Ophelia, you can't.
- Mom, what are you doing? Besides showing your age with the phrase "speed dial"? Oh.
What's a speed dial? If an apocalypse is brewing under my city, it's my responsibility to stop it.
- [goblins growling] - [both grunting] [Mrs.
Nunez screaming] - They're hideous.
- We could say the same of you.
We love what you're doing, Mayor.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks, bye.
Nunez, he's good.
- The other one, not so much.
- Hey.
Master Jim, apologies for interrupting, but we have a little problem.
[sniffing, growling] - Oh, geez.
These guys are the worst.
- We gotta get our parents outta here.
- [Mr.
Nunez] Are those the trolls? - They're not trolls, they're goblins.
So many kitties.
- [screams] Oh! - Stand back, sweetie.
I've got them.
[grunts] Come here, little fella.
Ow! Oh, you're a hungry fella.
Take the cookie.
[grunting] Here, kitty kitty.
Take the cookie.
Oh, nice kitty.
Nana, don't feed the goblins! [Grunts] - Oh, what did you do to that kitty? - Again, those aren't kitties, Nana.
Also, we should probably talk about our Japanese exchange student.
Whatever happened to Arthur-San? Claire! What are you waiting for? Portal them out of here! - Holy shish kebabs! - We are not going in that thing.
- [screams] - [grunts] Well, we're not leaving you here.
That's my girl.
[Grunts] - Nobody touches my little princess.
- Ay, Papá.
[grunts] [Barbara] Watch out! Behind you! That's it! Nice hit, kiddo! - Mom.
- Sorry, honey.
- [screaming] - [snarling] They're coming from outside.
- We have to seal the windows.
- I'm on it.
[grunts] [whimpering] Good kitties.
Help! He brought them here! I told you we couldn't trust him.
I only brought valuable information.
They are trying to assassinate me.
- Perhaps we should let that happen.
- Come on.
We'll deal with him later.
Brother? Brother? You have abandoned me.
[screams] Blinkous, help me! Help! [grunts] This is because of my campaign, isn't it? Not spending enough time with you.
Everything doesn't revolve around you, Mom.
Dad, duck! Cheese and crackers.
That's my girl.
Why do you wanna fight goblins? You wanted to be an actress.
- [growls] - [screams] [screams] Oh, dear.
I'm almost out of cookies.
You hungry little beasties.
Come on, Nana! Toby, I think these kitties come from a rough neighborhood.
No! - No No, have mercy.
- [door opens] That's not a crossbow, is it? It is.
[beeps] [computerized voice] K is for Kill.
Don't know what they told you, we can work this out.
[gasps] Waka-chaka.
Jim? A little help in the kitchen? [grunts] - They really are trying to kill you.
- Don't let them get me, Blinkous.
I'm far too old to die.
Come at me, you mangy rodents.
[roaring] You saved my life.
I forgive you for blinding me, brother.
- Forgive? You were trying to kill me.
- [glass shatters] That was circumstantial.
Claire, watch out! - [screams] - Oh! Where'd she go? [Claire screaming] [both grunt] [Morgana] Die! [Merlin] I banish you! Tell the Trollhunter I'm coming for him.
[grunts] [gasps] [Barbara] Jim, I'm open! Waka-chaka.
Waka B is for Blender, furball.
[whirring] [chuckles] And you say I'm hopeless in the kitchen.
[chuckles] [screaming] [Barbara] Not another step, vermin! Huh? - [gasps] - [whirring] [all clamoring] Claire.
What happened to my baby Claire? Javier, get her back.
This is bad.
Bring her back to me.
I forgive you again.
Step back, please.
A one-foot radius.
- You saved my life.
I must thank you.
- Back, back, back, I say.
That's better.
Javier, our baby is out there with those trolls.
Uh, goblins.
You hear that, Nana? They get it.
Don't worry, darling.
We will get her back.
- [Mrs.
Nunez sniffling] - She has her staff, right? She'll be okay? - Claire! Claire! Are you okay? - I've been better.
[Chuckles] [sighs] May I hug you now, brother? Mom, you can't tell anyone.
I'm an adult.
You don't tell me what to do.
[Jim] Claire's right.
You can't tell anyone.
If anything stops us from defeating Gunmar, it's not just us in danger, it's everyone.
And Jimbo's the only one who can stop him.
With our help.
[line ringing] Listen, I believe in my child and I need you to believe in yours.
We have to protect them the way they are, not the way we want them to be.
We don't have ordinary kids.
Listen, I know this sounds crazy.
I know this goes against every parental instinct.
But we have to trust them, to protect not only us but the fate of the world.
Thanks, Mom.
[woman] Mayor's office.
How can I help you? Oh, my Toby the Trollhunter.
- Ow.
[Chuckles] - What a stud muffin.
Claire, are you okay? Jim, I saw something in the Shadow Realm.
It was like seeing memories from Morgana.
You mean you saw another magic Morgana memory? I saw I saw your Amulet and a staff.
[gasps] She had visions.
- What sort of staff? - It had a green gem.
Staff of Avalon.
Legend says it's in Merlin's Tomb.
- I also saw Angor Rot.
- Angor Rot? See? I was telling the truth.
- He's back and he's after you.
- Are you serious? Did you see anything helpful in those visions of yours? Yeah.
- I found a way to Merlin's Tomb.
- That's helpful.
[Chuckles] But, Jim, to find Merlin's Tomb, you're gonna have to destroy your Amulet.
[Toby] Not helpful.
[theme music playing]