Trollhunters (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

The Oath

1 [theme music playing] [roaring] [growls] [roars] [sizzles] [clanks] [tapping] [ringing] [chanting in Latin] Ad lucem gloria mea.
Ad lucem gloria mea.
Ad lucem gloria mea.
To find Merlin's tomb, the Trollhunter must destroy the Amulet.
- That's-- - You really think - it was Merlin making the Amulet? - I wasn't finished.
That's deranged! I saw vague memories in my head left over from Morgana.
You're saying Jim should destroy his Amulet 'cause you think you saw some old man put a map inside of it? It was Merlin.
The key to finding his tomb, to finding his staff, is inside his Amulet.
The girl-child may be on to something.
The Amulet and the staff are connected.
Both fueled by the magic of Merlin.
If Jim breaks open his Amulet, he can't armor up! And if he can't, "Goodbye, Eclipse Blade!" How's he supposed to kill Gunmar? If we don't get the staff first, none of that will matter anyway.
Maybe I don't have to destroy the Amulet.
You said Gunmar has Aaarrrgghh!!! Captive? And Aaarrrgghh!!! Could be used as an emotional anchor.
- We'd portal-jump right to him.
- The plan is set.
We save Aaarrrgghh!!! And stop Gunmar by any means necessary before he acquires the staff.
I can't say we approve of all your life choices, but if you're going to run off, you're going prepared.
It's got a poncho in there, waterproof matches, a flashlight, chorizo-- Dad, Jim's got a sword made of Daylight.
You give me chorizo? It'll be a little taste of home.
I packed your favorite, Diablo Maximus breakfast burrito.
Along with an extra pair of undies.
Uh thank you, Nana.
I will take these two things that are completely unrelated.
No underwear for me? Just call, okay? Text every once in a while.
- And take pictures to know you're safe.
- [chuckles] Stay here.
You're my brother.
And I still don't trust you.
[chuckles] [clinks] You guys ready? For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command.
- Let's get our friend back.
- [crackles] - Stay alert.
Gunmar could be anywhere.
- Where are we? - [rat squeaking] - [gasps] [sizzles] [grunts] - Aaarrrgghh!!! - [gasps] Wingman! No, stop! It's a trap! [gasping, grunting] - [Toby gasps] A stasis trap! That's - The work of Angor Rot.
- And he's upgraded it! - Um, those are Dwarkstones.
If we deactivate the stasis, this place is gonna blow.
Aaarrrgghh!!!, my friend, they've used you as bait to kill us.
- [groans] - We gotta get him out of there! [straining] No, Wingman.
You leave.
- No, we're not giving up.
- [gasps] [rats squeaking] Guys, I got an idea.
[grunting] [metal jingling] We should be witnessing the Trollhunter's death.
Agreed, but our Eldritch Queen demands the Staff of Avalon.
Lead on.
[splashing] [grunts] [panting] "In this place of my final rest, no magics here may enter.
" [panting, grunting] [growls] [growls] [gasps] You took my mind! [Yelling] [both grunting] I will not be enslaved again! [both grunting] You are a dog and this is your leash.
You are a dog and this is your leash.
- [grunts] - Stop! He can be useful to us.
We do not know what lies up ahead.
- [snarling] Chain him up! - [rattles] You won't make it out of this cave alive.
[growls] [Aaarrrgghh!!! Groans] Toby drops the hammer, we drop into the room below.
The hammer's power and weight might be enough to override the trap.
Or it'll fail, Toby will disintegrate into nothingness, - and we'll die with the explosion.
- Cool beans.
Even if it works, what if we drop into something worse? Than this? I'll take my chances.
Tobes, are you ready? Ready to possibly kill us all and die in failure? Yeah.
For Aaarrrgghh!!!! [yells] [screams] [rumbling] Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Agh! [screaming] - [Aaarrrgghh!!! Grunts] - [Toby shrieks] [stones rumbling] - Is everyone all right? - [coughing] - Wingman! - Wingman.
[Claire chuckles] - What is this place? - [sniffs] Smells old.
[yelps] [Toby gasps] [Blinky] Remarkable.
An ancient gyre.
- [Jim] Why would there be a gyre here? - [Blinky] It doesn't even have controls.
[gasps] Master Jim, your Amulet! - It won't fit.
- No, but the blue stone inside will.
Claire, it's what you saw in your visions.
If I break the Amulet, it will lead us to Merlin's tomb.
[Blinky] Master Jim, are you sure you want to do this? - The Amulet is your sacred charge.
- I know.
- If you destroy the Amulet, it is forever.
- Forever and ever.
I get it! Just making certain.
[sighs] Thank you.
If we want to catch up with Gunmar and Angor Rot, we have to find the tomb.
And the staff.
For the glory of Merlin.
[Grunts] [whirrs] No turning back now.
Whoa! The map! Claire, you were right! [rattling] If this is fate, I really hope we're not destined to die.
Only one way to find out! [Screams] [Mr.
Nuñez, Strickler laugh] So there Jim was, sword to my throat, then Barbara comes out of the kitchen [gulps] with a pie! - [laughter] - Oh! What kind of pie? Jim and I looked at each other, and I say, "Where is that contact lens?" - How'd you let this one go, Barbara? - He tried to kill my son.
- Oh, that's unfortunate.
- Right.
- [phone vibrates] - I got a text.
It's Jim! [Chuckles] - Well, what does it say? - "We're okay!" Ha! They're okay! They're okay! Have they tried the chorizo? "On way to Merlin's tomb, we'll let you know if we make it out alive.
" - Winking smiley face? - [gasps, chuckles] That was a joke, right? - [Toby retches] - [Aaarrrgghh!!!] Hate gyre.
- [Jim] Whoa, a hidden entrance.
- Yeah, but to where? Gunmar must've come through here.
[Toby grunts, yelps] - Why no war hammer magic? - No magics here.
It appears this hallowed tomb is warded against sorcery.
[grunting] My Shadow Staff doesn't work either.
- These claw marks look fresh.
- Hmm.
Yes, yes.
As if a struggle.
[grunts] - [gasps] Draal.
- Draal is free? If there's no magic here, maybe Gunmar's hold on him wore off.
- [gasps] - [grunts] Then we're not just here for the staff.
We can save Draal.
[Aaarrrgghh!!! Groans] [Jim] No way we can climb that.
There must be some apparatus we can use.
A ladder, perhaps.
- [fly buzzing] - Ah.
[sniffs, coughs] Ugh! What is this? A tomb for Merlin's extra junk? - [Toby grunts] - [rattling] Wait! Wow! Wow! [Toby stammering] Ah! [stammers] What was that? [gasps] By Gorgus! Tobias, press that stone again! [rattling] [Toby] Awesome-sauce.
This feels super weird.
The switch makes everything new.
Or it's somehow jumping to the past.
That's crazy, though.
Right? You're onto something, Master Jim.
We do seem somehow flung into the past.
Or, at least, the room has.
By wear patterns on the rocks, I'd say this is hundreds of years ago.
Ooh! Olden times.
Today! - Olden times.
Today! - [Blinky] Tobias? Tobias! Oh, sorry.
I know how to get out! Okay.
Toby, take the bag off the tile.
- [Blinky chuckling] - [Toby] Whoa! Let's climb.
- [Jim] Claire, you're a genius! - [Toby] Good work, Claire! "And hey, good job, Toby, for finding that bag of seeds.
" [Claire chuckling] Yeah.
Good job, everyone.
- [grunts] Wish we had a light.
- Oh, wait.
I hate it when my parents are right.
[gasps] - [Toby] Whoa! - [Blinky] Great Gorgus! This appears to be a depiction of history.
A timeline.
[sighs] - [Jim] The Staff of Avalon.
- [Blinky] Merlin's most powerful relic.
He built it to channel the arcane energies of the universe itself.
Wow! [Blinky] Merlin's sacrifice to banish Morgana.
His cause carried on by the champions he left behind.
The Trollhunters.
Whoa! Check this out! Freaky.
This looks just like us.
[Claire] Whoa! That's us.
Impossible! The timeline appears to continue beyond the present.
- No, no, it can't be.
- Whoa! Forgot how gross this guy is.
- Can I smash him again? - Guys, if this is a timeline [snarling] We meet again, Trollhunter.
- [all scream] - [roars] [both grunting] [Claire] Run! [Blinky] Run for your life! [grunting] Over here! [Claire] There! Trollhunter! - [grunts] - [rumbling] - [grunts] - [gasps] [Toby laughs, yelps] Draal.
Jim! Look out! [rattling] - It's a dead end.
- [Angor Rot yelling] Plan! Plan! Plan? Anyone? We need a plan! Draal's arm.
Gunmar must've used it to halt the blades.
Here goes something! - [growls] - Go, go, go! I'll kill you! Jim! - Wingman! - [Claire] Toby! [Aaarrrgghh!!! Yells] - Gotcha! - [Toby screams] I never thought I'd enjoy a wedgie so much! [panting] Oh, Nana was right.
Gonna need those extra undies.
Toby! [Chuckles] [Blinky] By Deya's Grace.
It appears we're in the innermost sanctum.
The heart of Merlin's tomb.
If this is the heart, I bet Merlin's staff is somewhere close.
[Angor Rot screaming] Draal can't be far.
Look for the staff, I'll get him back.
There's only one way to go.
[Angor Rot screaming] Almost there.
Agh! [sighs] [grunts] Spot anything, Wingman? Crystals and more crystals.
Nothing yet over here.
This place feels like it goes on forever.
[Echoing] [faint sighing] [gasps] [grunts] Draal? [panting] - [growls] - [panting] Trollhunter.
Guys, I found Draal! [Echoing] - Awesome-sauce! - Hurry! We should regroup.
[Toby] We're on our way, Jimbo! [growls] I made an oath to protect you.
I have broken that oath.
I remember attacking you.
- I have lost my honor, failed you all! - No.
It's not your fault.
Gunmar forced you to do things you would never have done yourself.
You were under his control.
You're not just my protector, Draal.
You're my friend.
[gasps] [sighs] [Gunmar] Where is it? Gunmar.
We gotta beat him to the staff.
Come on, Draal! By my father's name, he will taste vengeance! [both laugh] [grunts] [squeaks] I see it! - Gunmar's almost got the staff.
- You get to the staff! I'll take care of Gunmar.
Hang on, Trollhunter! [Jim grunts] [grunts] [grunting] [yells] - [Draal laughs] - [Gunmar] No! [rumbling] Trollhunter! [grunting, panting] Not so fast! Give me the staff, Trollhunter! - Gotcha! [Grunts] - [Jim grunts, screams] [screams] [roaring] [grunts] [Angor Rot roaring] [both grunting] I was given a last chance.
I will not fail! [growling] You are nothing! I'm the sworn guardian of the Trollhunter.
And here I honor my oath! [Jim] Draal! Rule number three! [groans] Not again.
- [grunts] - [Draal roars] - [chuckles] - Great to have you back, Draal.
[thumps] - Race to the top? - Challenge accepted, fleshbag.
[howls] Sorry.
Bit close.
- Take it.
Don't make it weird.
- [chuckles] [panting] Draal, look out! [Gunmar growling] - [grunts] - [gasps] [screaming] [Draal groaning] [grunts, panting] Draal! [Gunmar] Some protector.
This is all there is underneath that metal shell of yours? [Sniffs] [grunts] You're not even a meal.
[Jim grunting] [gasps] We're too late.
Gunmar has the staff! [Jim grunts] [laughing] The staff! [growls] [groaning] - [growls] - Draal! [Draal grunting] You would give your life for a human? Why? [grunting] Because he's my friend! Draal! [Draal grunting] It has been my honor, fleshbag.
[Grunts] Draal! [Jim] Draal! [rumbling] [growls] You've served your purpose.
Gunmar! Gunmar! Draal! He's gone, Master Jim.
And without the magic of the staff, the cave is collapsing.
Go! Come on! Come on! [grunts] [sighs] [rumbling continues] [theme music playing]