Trollhunters (2016) s03e09 Episode Script

In Good Hands

1 [theme music playing] [roars] [roaring] All this time, she was beneath our very feet.
Eldritch Queen, you will be freed from this wretched prison.
And together, we will bring forth the Eternal Night.
[in Trollish] Make the day night, the sun darkness, and me King.
[grunting] [Usurna] My lord! [grunting continues] "Only human hands may wield.
" But how are we to find a human who can speak the Trollish incantation? Find me an Impure! Mm.
But how do you know the light goes out when you close the door? I never expected Merlin to be in my house.
[Claire chuckles] You've had trolls, goblins, and changelings here.
- Why not a wizard? - Merlin, the Immortal.
What an honor.
[Gasps] Allow me to introduce myself.
Waltolomew Stricklander.
Well, Strickler for short.
- I've been mentoring the Trollhunter.
- Spare me the life story.
Now and forever, changeling.
So Gunmar stole your staff.
Isn't that all he needs to make the, um, the, the--? - The Eternal Night, Mom.
- [sniffs] Yes, the Eternal Night.
Fear not, Mother of Jim.
When I designed my staff, I put in a safeguard.
See? We're in good hands.
[chuckles] Then again, no safeguard is a guarantee.
It's been centuries since I've eaten.
Metalface here was lucky I didn't eat him back in the cave.
[chuckling] He's joking, right? Mm, not really.
Time is of the essence.
Take me to the nearest blacksmith at once.
We have a couple of tools and some old Christmas decorations.
Will that work? Or - What are you making, exactly? - It's none of your concern now.
No forge? No grindstone? - Not even a bellows? - No.
But Jimbo has a garage door.
Check it out! [Toby] Open.
What's it do next? Close.
[sighs] This will have to do.
Well, when you said you put in a safeguard, how long do safeguards typically guard safely? - Yeah, are we talking weeks? Years? - [metal clicking] [Jim grunts] Depends on Gunmar's cleverness.
A few hours.
But you can stop him, right? - I have lost most of my magic.
- [Jim sighs] But this old bucket knows a few spells.
I need you to acquire a few items first.
[Jim] What sort of items? I'm sure nothing too difficult to gather.
Lend me your quill.
I shall write you a list.
- [chuckles] We're fresh out of quills.
- Can you text it? Eh [school bell rings] Blinky and Aaarrrgghh!!! Are collecting a bunch of these, which leaves three things for us.
- 'Kay.
What's first on Merlin's list? - An Antramonstrum shell.
Strickler thinks he has one in his old office.
Ugh, I'm having flashbacks of Fart Cloud McDoomsday.
Let's make this quick.
[Mary] C-bomb! Where have you been? The Battle of the Bands is right around the corner and you've missed, like, every rehearsal.
[sighs] I know.
It's been super crazy.
And what's this I hear about your parents in a play with Darci's dad? - I thought theater was your bag.
- Shh.
It's a real crazy story.
But here's what happened Uhl's not much for redecorating.
- Got the key? - Strickler fixed it so we can use it.
[thudding on door] - [shuddering] - Hide! - What are you doing in my office? - Señor Uhl! I mean, uh, Interim Principal Señor Uhl.
[laughs, inhales] Ah, it's so hard to keep track.
I'm just, uh, looking for guidance! Ah.
Oh, well, I'm glad you came to see me.
I'm worried about your attendance.
- You've missed 43 days.
- Shut the door! Forty-three days, you say? [Señor Uhl] I am afraid because of this lack of commitment, you may have to repeat your sophomore year.
Hold me back.
Wait, what? He's gonna hear that is what my mom will say about my father.
Whom I never see.
That bum.
You never thought you could be separated from your peers, did you, Mr.
Lake? But actions have consequences.
Isn't there anything I can do? Like play the piano or sing a song? Please, Uhl, I want to stay in school School, Uhl I'm such a fool, Uhl You cannot sing your way out of this, Mr.
- But there is one thing you can do.
- Phew.
I mean, there is? We have two students who are not from these parts.
They're having some difficulty fitting in.
They are a little strange.
We'll fake illness.
I've seen it work for others in gym class.
My leg.
It hurts.
Oh, my stomach hurts.
[Coughs] My throat hurts.
[Coughs, grunts] Feeling better? Hmm? [Señor Uhl grunts] Show them around, make them feel more at home in Arcadia.
And I could be compelled to look the other way regarding your absences.
[chuckles] If there's anyone that wants you to look the other way, it's me.
Jim! You made it out okay.
And with two strangers I've never met before.
[Toby] Wait, are they on the list? Meet Aja and Krel.
I think they're foreign exchange students.
Principal Uhl says, if I want to pass "sophomore year," I have to show them around this wonderful, ordinary world of Arcadia.
You do know Arcadia is not a world, right? - [metal clanging] - It is barely a municipality.
Amazing! You have robot teeth.
Can I touch them? - Aah.
- Hmm.
Uh, who are these people, Jimbo? Better yet, where did they come from? - [both] Cantaloupia.
- [Claire] Cantaloupia? Yeah, Can-ta-loupia.
From the Latin conjugation cantaloupali.
It is a very small island off the coast of Santo Puerco.
- What? You didn't learn that at school? - Uh, guess I missed that day.
- Mm.
That much is clear.
- [grunts] Don't you remember we have some important errands to run? ASAP? Yeah, but I also remember I need to graduate sometime this century.
So let's show them our totally normal town.
[Gasps] Lively! [Laughs] You know, lively.
- Lively! - Lively.
- And very odd.
- [school bell ringing] [indistinct chattering] Nice to have you back, Miss Nomura.
- [classical music plays] - [Nomura humming] [grunts] Hello, Nomura.
What do you want? I want what Gunmar wants.
Fortunately for you, he wants you alive.
I'm not going back to him to be tortured for entertainment.
Oh, well, this is different.
Now Gunmar needs you.
Only human hands can wield the Staff of Avalon.
And he has chosen you for that honor.
Come quietly, and you shall be rewarded greatly.
I was never one to go quietly.
[Grunts] - [pants] - Capture her! Alive! [growling] [grunting] [grunting] Just imagine.
Morgana freed by your hand.
You would be the greatest changeling who'd ever lived.
Never! [yelling] [grunts] Impures were made to serve.
[grunts] Stop, you fools! [both grunting] Tell them to let the chains go! I won't.
Even if you kill me, they will never let you escape.
There's nothing you can do.
[Nomura grunts] There is one thing.
Now, let's not be hasty.
You're a bright changeling.
You would never-- You're right.
I wouldn't.
[grunts] No! No! No! Amazing.
We love rooms that move.
Don't we, little brother? I am so bored.
[exhales] Where are we going again? Someplace not boring! A A super-secret teen center! [Chuckles] Five stories underground? Yeah, 'cause teens are so loud and crazy here.
No parents allowed.
So no telling, you two.
No, no, no, no.
[Laughs] We are excellent at keeping secrets.
You have no idea.
[gasps] What are those? Ooh! Looks like human bones with bite marks.
[chuckles] Now things are getting interesting.
- Teen center? - Let's see you justify how we're supposed to be collecting the femur of a changeling and everything else on Merlin's list.
We, uh, raged here pretty hard last time.
Guess we haven't cleaned up from the Halloween party.
Oops! [Toby chuckles] You do realize your teen center does not have any teens in it, right? - Where is the house music? - [blows] - That's not a harmonica, you know.
- Oh, we just love music! - Krel is a totally lively disc jockey.
- Oh, you don't say? [gasps] Ay, yai, yai.
Finally! Something not boring! [keyboard beeping] - Got the bones.
What's left? - Just the last thing.
- "Lightning in a bottle"? - You mean like in a metaphor, right? - It would be impossible to catch.
- Ha! You think that's hard? You should see the ones I gave Blinky.
[growling] Just a drop.
[gas burbles] - Oh.
- Careful.
- [squeaking] - Ew.
[Straining] Careful.
[forceful gas burbling] [gagging, retching] - [groans] - Guys, we're down one.
Aja, where's Krel? - Krel? - Krel? [lively music playing] You people really should be moving it.
How did he turn the Janus Order into a rave? Ah, Cantaloupia tech.
Man, Europe gets all the cool tech first.
[grunting] No, no, no.
- I so enjoy moving picture stories! - [Toby] Turn it off, Jimbo! I'm trying.
[Grunts] Try harder.
Huh, looks scary.
What is it called? - Gun Robot.
- Trollhunters.
I mean, Trollhunters.
Here's an idea.
Who wants to see the house of Arcadia's very own councilwoman? - Yeah, we should go.
span style= "style2" /-Ay, yai, yai.
[Sighs] [clattering] [Merlin] Ow! This infernal contraption! Shut the door, please.
Ugh! You'll clean that mess up when you're done.
[laughs] No.
[Nomura] You've reached my cell.
- You know what to do.
- [sighs] Nomura still isn't answering? [grunts] I should have gone with her.
It's dangerous to be alone.
- Uh, maybe she turned off her phone.
- I have to find her.
Wait, wait.
Uh, I'll drive.
You said it's dangerous alone.
We're in this together.
[clears throat] And this is where the leader of our town, Councilwoman Nuñez, makes enchiladas.
Does that make you a council-princess? They won't tell you this on the normal tour, but I hear she likes spinach with salsa verde and-- A question if I may.
How do you know the light goes off when you close the door? Fascinating.
But I do not trust it.
- You and Merlin both.
- [both] Who? Uh How's it going up there? I'm really running out of things to show.
[Toby] A little longer.
Who wants to count how many books Councilwoman Nuñez has? Tobes, this is ridiculous.
There's not a cloud in sight.
[Toby] Weather says two-percent chance of drizzle.
You just gotta believe, dude.
Son of a-- [grunts] This is my fifth phone.
Jim, this is never gonna work! It has to.
Unless you have a better way to capture lightning in a bottle? Did I hear you say you're trying to capture lightning in a bottle? Oh! [Chuckles] We used to play that game as children.
No, no, you don't understand.
Like, a thousand volts of electricity in a jar.
Actually, it's closer to several hundred million volts.
And that's not the way you do it.
Seriously, you know how to catch lightning? Sí.
You obviously don't, but we do.
So that's some sort of super capacitator? Capacitor.
I made it from the microwave.
It can hold sudden bursts of energy.
Have you never been to physics class? - Well, I've missed 43 days.
- Uh, we're more into Earth sciences.
Anyway, how we gonna get a bajillion volts of lightning in there? [murmuring] Are you seeing this? I think she just hacked into the Arcadia power grid.
Of course.
That's where the locals store their power.
Do you think 200 million volts will be enough? [both] Um - Sounds good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's about right.
- Is this technically legal? Define "legal.
" They're geniuses, Jimbo.
Weirdo geniuses.
That's the best kind.
- Mm, boop.
We're all set.
- [computer beeping] I've redirected the power to one corner at longitude 36 degrees.
Uh, fifth and Main in T-minus 15-- minutes and 30 seconds - and approximately 71 milliseconds.
- [laughs] All we need now is a metal to act as a conductor.
Toby, I need your robot teeth.
[chuckles] [inhales] Jim? Stop these weirdo geniuses.
I think I have something else we can use.
- Something's wrong.
Stay close.
- What happened here? [screams] [clears throat] Curious.
First, metal teeth.
Now, metal clothes.
And you always tell me we are the ones who have to be normal? Lively.
What is the power source? Um, I don't know.
Just a standard safety suit.
Uh, yeah.
Safety first.
Safety? [Scoffs] You're wearing metal in a lightning storm.
- Hup-two.
Better hurry.
- Good luck.
Redirect in T-minus ten seconds.
Yep, just another boring day in our perfectly normal town.
And three two, one! - [all] Oh.
- No, that's not good.
- Nomura.
- Where is she? Is she okay? I don't know.
But we're not.
We need to go.
- [screams] - Run! Walt? Hang on to me and take off your glasses.
- [stammers] Why? What are you going to do? - This! - Oh! - It's all right.
- I've got you.
- [gasps] - Walter, you can fly? - Yes, I'm a keen swimmer, too.
We need to warn Jim! [Stalkling growling, screeching] - What is that? - Trouble.
Hold on! What do you think I'm doing? [Strickler] Aah! [Barbara screams] Hold on! [grunts] [car alarm blaring] - Lose him in the forest.
- Doctor's orders.
It's working! Aah! Take them to Gunmar.
The changeling will serve him once more.
[Claire] Don't drop it.
If that jar breaks, we're all fried.
- Do you wanna hold it? - This is us.
You want us to walk you home? Jim can light the way.
It is completely unnecessary.
Our domicile is but a few blocks away.
Thank you for the tour.
It was-- - [all] Lively! - I was going to say "legal.
" And we'd like to thank you.
You really helped us out.
- You guys are out of this world.
- Precisely.
- Maybe we'll see you around this summer.
- Sure, maybe at the "teen center.
" We're home, Mom! Merlin? Got the stuff you needed.
- [sniffs] What's that smell? - [Blinky] We're in the garage! Ah, Master Jim.
It appears your little excursion was just as fruitful as our own.
My Vespa? Aah! [groaning] - Oh.
[Retches] - What did you do? I put it to much better use.
This one is for Tobias.
[Toby] What?! We get armor, too? I've been waiting my whole life for this! So cool! So cool! Look how shiny it is.
Oh, my gosh! Is that a shield? Totally a shield.
[Merlin] And this one is for Lady Claire.
[Chuckles] Wow.
- Holy guacamole.
- I like mine better.
[Chuckles] - That's surprisingly nice of you, Merlin.
- Quick query.
If we've been collecting items for a spell to thwart Gunmar, then why would they require armor? A spell? You thought we would stop Gunmar and Angor Rot without going to war? Do you have sand for brains? [Jim] Wait, a war? Once freed, Morgana will attempt to bring forth the Eternal Night.
We must prepare.
Sounds like you're saying you're not going to stop Gunmar from freeing that witch.
Oh, did I not make myself clear? I'm not here to stop Gunmar.
I'm here to kill Morgana.
[metal clanging]