Trollhunters (2016) s03e10 Episode Script

A House Divided

1 - [classical music playing] - [muffled dialogue] [Merlin] if not Gunmar, then another monster.
[Blinky] Let me get this straight.
You want Gunmar to release Morgana? [Toby] Merlin, I thought you were here to save the world, not destroy it! [Merlin] I'm not destroying the world, I'm risking it! The world harbors greater dangers, not just the ones in your little town.
- [Toby] Whoa.
What dangers? - You could not hope to understand.
- [Claire] Jim? Jim? - [music fades] - [Claire] Jim! - [Toby] Want to weigh in here? Merlin just dropped the bomb we have to let Morgana loose.
Wait, he destroyed my Vespa.
He what? See? Then you must listen to the voice of reason.
Mine! Gunmar has the Staff of Avalon.
Soon he will find a way to free her.
This is when we will strike.
Together, we'll slay Morgana - before the Eternal Night starts.
- [Toby] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm sorry, you want Jim to go up against Gunmar and Angor Rot and Morgana? Now is the time to strike.
She's been imprisoned for centuries, and she will be at her weakest.
- This is our best chance.
- [Claire] Wait.
If Jim defeats Morgana, you get your magic back.
That would be a pleasant bonus, yes.
Oh, you only want your magic back! Aaarrrgghh!!!, my friend, put your fist through the old man's face.
Old man make sense.
Stop witch forever.
I'm with Blinky.
Sounds like Merlin wants his magic back.
What if Merlin's right? He's been right about everything else.
Thank you.
[chuckles] Claire, Gunmar and Morgana want to destroy the world.
We live in this world! Yet, this world is protected by the Trollhunter.
The choice is his to make.
- [Merlin] What say he? - Uh - I need to think.
- Then, I await your decision.
Whatever you choose, if we are to fight, we'll need an army.
Aaarrrgghh!!! And I will see what we can do.
As to whom we are fighting, I'll leave that to Master Jim.
[theme music playing] [roars] [roaring] - [grunts] - [Gunmar] Stricklander Where's Barbara? I need to know she's all right.
[Gunmar] Such compassion.
You've spent so long pretending to be a Fleshling, you think you are one.
And now, you pull the strings of the Trollhunter himself.
Oh, you are clever.
Clever enough not to align with a monster.
What? You think I'm a monster? - But, Stricklander, I can have compassion.
- [Barbara groaning] Let go of me! Barbara! It will be all right.
You must do whatever he says.
[growls] The Staff of Avalon.
If you unlock the Heartstone and liberate your Eldritch Queen, you will be rewarded.
He promises to not hurt anyone in Arcadia.
Save my son, Strickler.
[exhales] Barbara always called me Walter.
Usurna! [growls] I told you that wouldn't work.
Now where is Barbara Lake? [Barbara] This is Dr.
I'm not available.
- Please leave a message - Thanks.
Call me if you do.
- My mom hasn't seen her either.
- Not at the hospital.
Asking for Mommy's permission? You're asking us to wage a war.
It's only fair to have everyone weigh in.
I'm feeling a bit peckish.
Where do you keep your fresh haggis? What sort of cannibal wizard hungers for boiled meat in a sheep's stomach? Ugh! I'll see if anyone at the school has seen her.
[both grunt] - [Toby] Jeez, don't you knock? - Nomura! - [Nomura coughs] - [Toby screams] Blood.
There's blood on the rug and it's purple! - [groans] - What happened? Usurna tried to capture me at the museum.
Gunmar needs a Changeling to activate the Staff of Avalon.
So he found a way around my safeguard.
He needs human hands who can speak in a troll tongue.
If they failed to take her, they'll look for others.
- Strickler.
- Do you think your mom is with him? [Strickler] Hello, caller.
I'm sorry I'm not in.
If you could We don't know she was with him.
Split up and search everywhere! Find my mother! - Uh - It's okay.
We'll find them, Jim.
- Uh, hey, Nomura.
- [Nomura grunts] Your shoulder, it looks [gulps] - Is it falling out? - Aah! [Screams] [chuckles] There's no stopping Gunmar now.
I'm gonna get ready to fight.
- We'll call if we find anything.
- [gasps] - [Toby mumbling] - [gasps] For the Glory of Merlin I can't let you intervene.
But if Gunmar has Strickler, he might have my mother.
That is a risk we have to take.
You know she's with Gunmar.
And Gunmar needs Strickler to unlock the Staff of Avalon.
Better to liberate Morgana now so we can defeat her.
So you can get your magic back.
That's all you care about.
- [typing] - What are you doing? Texting Toby to meet me at the canals.
If my mom is in Trollmarket, we're getting her out.
I don't know what sorcery this texting is, but I do not like it.
- [gasps] - [beeps] You didn't know it could do that, did you? I did.
I made it.
You might have built it, but it's still mine to command! For the Glory of Merlin! Step away from the door, old man.
Who are you calling "old"? I think the butler did it.
Grabbing my helmet, Nana.
Trollhunter busi I may be blind, but even I can spot a red herring a mile away.
Toby Pie, have you seen Mr.
Meow Meow P.
? [belches] I haven't seen anything.
I'll add Mr.
Meow Meow P.
to the missing list, Nana.
My troll compatriots, we cannot remain divided! The juncture has arrived - to coalesce as one and fight as brethren! - [Gatto growls] [both gasp] You speak with words bigger than your mouth.
I enjoy a good riddle, but I have no idea what you just said.
War coming.
We need help from everyone in the troll lands.
Gunmar has the power to release Morgana and bring forth the Eternal Night.
Merlin has returned to allow it.
Merlin's alive? If he has returned, then this is the end of days! Hmm, I have no interest in human affairs unless they're dinner guests.
[laughs] As trolls, we must band together! [scoffs] Like you have the trolls in Arcadia? Riddle me this: What has six eyes, four arms and is the joke of trollkind? I will give you a hint.
One letter: U! - Good hint.
- I get it, I'm not well-liked.
Are you so ignorant to assume you're safe here? Gunmar won't stop with the surface lands.
One day, he will come for you.
True, but if I throw my lot in with you fools, I am as good as dead today.
It appears our reinforcements will be found elsewhere.
[growls] Barbara! Barbara! Walter! [Gunmar] The Trollhunter's mother.
[roars] [sniffs] Huh, brave woman.
But the brave are often the first to die.
Don't do it, Walt.
Don't do it! If I activate the Staff, you'll let us go? I'll let the woman go.
No! No, Walt! Please don't.
My life is not worth the world! It is to me.
[grunts] What kind of man are you to stop me from saving my own mother? [grunts] A man who has seen centuries.
You aren't old enough to understand.
[grunting] I was battling evil when the world was still young.
[grunts] - [man on TV] You're more than a - A talking crystal! If you can't defeat me, what hope do you have of defeating Gunmar? I thought you said I had a choice.
Not a choice whether to fight, but how to fight.
The Changeling tried to teach you, but you're too young and foolish to learn.
The Eclipse Blade is not enough to vanquish Gunmar! - [grunts] - Your humanity is not enough! You are not enough! No one will survive this war unscathed! You're a real jerk, you know that? Yes, but that doesn't make me wrong.
- Forgive me.
You leave me no choice.
- [shrieks] My troll compatriots, we cannot remain divided! The juncture has arrived to coalesce as one and fight as brethren! [chuckles] Toby here? Sweet Toby come back? - Is there someone else we can speak with? - [Wumpas chanting] Wonder if you'd come back, we did.
Trollmarket fell, my eyes did see.
You're safe now.
We are here.
Let us unite and combat Gunmar.
Hmm? - Perhaps I have been too loquacious.
- [Wumpa chanting continues] You are safe now.
We are here.
We'll make Gunmar disappear! Aah! [Aaarrrgghh!!! Chanting] Oh, forget it.
We need your help.
None of us can stand against Gunmar alone.
- This I know to be true.
- [groans] Sorry is Wise Wumpa.
- But for protection, a deal I have made.
- What deal? - Hello, Aaarrrgghhaumont.
- [growls] [growls] [Merlin] You were supposed to be my champion.
- You tied me up? - I'm opening your eyes.
You're worse than Gunmar.
At least he doesn't pretend to care about the world.
I care.
I do.
I just see the bigger picture.
For instance, that wasn't a wild goose chase I sent you on yesterday.
These ingredients hold a greater purpose.
- Hmm.
"Food Magic 3000"? - [blender whirring] Ah! That really is magic.
- What purpose? - To turn you into a troll.
- You want to turn me into a troll? - Actually, half-troll.
Consider this recipe my way of evening the odds.
- I'm not drinking that.
- Oh, you won't be consuming it.
If this old man could overpower you, what do you think Gunmar or Angor Rot will do? You must pour the elixir into water.
Submerge yourself in said water and, presto! You will be born anew.
But why me? [sighs] Your heart.
I once had a heart as pure as yours, I believe.
In my rest, I saw a way to finally end this stalemate.
To win this war, I must have a champion with a foot in both worlds.
- I thought you said I had a choice! - You do.
The Amulet chose you to become the first human Trollhunter, but you were never destined to remain so.
To protect the world you love, to be the champion for both humans and trolls, you need to be more than human.
You need to become both Troll and Hunter.
How long would I be like this? Alas, there is no going back.
Part of you will remain Jim, but the other part will never be the same.
If you really want to save your mother, your friends, this world you call home You're asking me to leave it all behind? James, I know this is the greatest call anyone has ever asked of you.
Huh? - You untied me? - I never tied you.
I was opening your eyes.
I said the choice was yours.
And there it lies.
[Merlin] This is that choice.
- None of your games, Stricklander.
- Please, Walt, don't! I'm sorry.
May the world forgive me.
For without you, there is no world! No, Walter.
Plo ex effr dan Morgana - [Barbara] Please, Walt.
- [clears throat] Kloka kwema foni xi brusen.
Ah! Don't look, Barbara! Keep your eyes shut! [grunts] - No! After them! - [growling] The Eternal Night is [gasps] The Eternal Night is here! [Merlin] Pour the elixir into water.
Submerge yourself in said water and, presto.
You will be born anew.
[both grunt] [gasps] Seriously? - Walt, we're trapped.
- [grunts] What are you doing? They're coming! [both grunting] [growls] - [car horn honks] - [gasps] [Toby] Dr.
L! Are you okay? - We have to warn Jim.
- Morgana, she's free.
- [gasps] - Jim! [phone buzzing] [Merlin] You need to become both Troll and Hunter.
You need to be more.
For the Glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command.
[electricity buzzes] [Jim] What the heck was I thinking? [roars] An amulet can't choose anyone.
It's an amulet! Master Jim, despite whatever doubts you may have about the Amulet's choice, it is now bonded to you.
[Blinky] This is a mantle you cannot refuse.
[phone buzzing] [Toby] Jim! [Claire gasps] Where's Jim? Finally becoming a true Trollhunter.
You'd never! - [thudding] - Jim! Jim? Are you in there? I want you to know something.
Even before you found this Amulet, way before all of this, you were always my hero.
My beautiful boy.
Jim! What's happening? Please let us in! Are you okay? [Jim] I'm fine, Mom.
You don't need to protect me.
[Jim] I think this is what I was meant to do.
[Toby] Jimbo? [Jim] For the doom of Gunmar, Eclipse is mine to command! [Toby] Come on, Jimbo, we're a team! Don't do this! I'm sorry.
I have to finish the fight! Alone.
[Claire] Jim! [Jim] Claire.
[Claire] Jim! [knocking on door] [Jim] For the Glory of Merlin where are you? [Merlin] My Amulet does not make mistakes.
[Claire] Jim! [Merlin] And of all creatures in our worlds, I chose you! [Claire] Jim, they've freed Morgana! [Jim] I thought you said I had a choice.
[Merlin] A choice not whether to fight, but how to fight.
If you really want to save your mother, your friends, I am asking you to change.
Young Atlas, you are not alone.
Don't do this! Open the door! [Blinky] Master Jim, never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor, that to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero.
[Merlin] There is no going back.
Part of you will remain Jim, but the other part will never be the same.
[Barbara] Jim! Jim? - [Barbara] Jim? - [heartbeat thudding] [muffled] Jim! What's happened to my son? Where is my son? [heartbeat thumping] - [heartbeat thumping softly] - [breath echoing]