Trollhunters (2016) s03e11 Episode Script


1 [heartbeat thumping] [Jim panting] [dogs barking in distance] [door bangs, glass shatters] [echoing] Jim! Are you okay? - [Jim grunts] - [crash] [theme music playing] [roars] [roaring] - Please, I implore you! - [Aaarrrgghh!!! Grunts] Cease this brutality at once.
He cannot stand it much longer.
Let this be a lesson.
This is what happens to those who defy us! - Why won't you fight? - Won't fight Krubera.
They are my brothers.
They follow orders from traitor.
[guards growl] Me? A traitor? It is you who turned your back on your kind.
[growls] It takes a leader to know how to survive.
When to strike, and when to make sacrifices.
Like when I traded you to the Gumm-Gumms.
Gunmar raided village.
Took me away from family.
Gunmar didn't kidnap you.
You were selected.
The Skull Crusher needed an army.
I gave him a champion.
What's the lives of a few younglings when the Krubera could rule alongside him? You don't care for Krubera.
Just yourself.
I am the Krubera! [Aaarrrgghh!!! Grunts] Aaarrrgghh!!! [screaming] [growling] How dare you interfere? Stand down.
I command you.
[grunts] You betray your queen? You stupid brutes! I'll make you pay.
I'll make you-- [screaming] Help me, help me, you idiots! I will, I'll make you pay.
[screaming, blubbering] [grunts] Aaarrrgghh!!! - Our queen led us astray.
- We have done terrible acts.
Killed for Gunmar.
We are bad.
Bad trolls can change.
I know.
- Well said, old chum.
- Thank you, outsiders.
If allies you came for, many you have found.
[all ululating] [Blinky] I'm sure Master Jim will be thrilled to hear of our success.
- We now have an army! - A short one.
Ha-ha! - Our luck is beginning to change.
- [sniffing] Aaarrrgghh!!!? Troll.
- Come again? - Troll! Aaarrrgghh!!!, wait! [snarls] Step back, please.
Tell me exactly what you gave my son, or heaven help me, I will A concoction you won't find in your medical books, I promise you.
"Promise?" "Promise?" You promised to help Jim.
- What has happened? - Ask the wizard.
[Claire] Um Guys? He's waking up.
[groans] Great grumbly Gruesome.
- Honey, do you feel okay? - [Jim groans] - He's fine.
- We're not asking you.
I I'm fine.
- Ah! What's wrong with my hand? - Nothing's wrong with your hand.
It's just a little meatier.
In a good way.
[Chuckles] It's like you leveled up.
[Aaarrrgghh!!! Sniffing] [grumbles] No like.
No like Troll Jim.
My elixir transformed our Trollhunter into something not quite human, not quite troll.
- [Jim] Like a Changeling? - No.
Changelings switch from fully troll to fully human.
Jim is neither.
- [Jim grunting] - [pans clattering] Aah! This isn't so bad.
You know, after a little haircut, we'll find you some sunglasses, maybe a good dentist, huh? I know one.
- You'll be right back to normal.
- I'm hideous.
You're really not.
Jim is troll like Aaarrrgghh!!! [laughing] Jim troll! Forgive Aaarrrgghh!!! He's emotional.
And I'm at a loss.
- Why would you do this to him? - To prepare him for the final battle.
He is now capable of feats we never thought possible.
Like what? [Blinky] Now then, we don't know the limits of Master Jim's or should I say "Troll Jim's" new form, - so let's try to take this slowly.
- [Aaarrrgghh!!!] Good one.
[chuckling] Troll! [Aaarrrgghh!!! Chuckling] - Are you even listening? - Sorry.
Master Jim? I didn't feel a thing! I like new Jim.
Troll Jim.
[Grunts] I got you.
Troll Jim strong.
[grunts] Troll Jim fun.
[both chuckling] Half Troll, full Hunter.
You're welcome.
[Aaarrrgghh!!! And Jim grunt] All right, you two.
Playtime is over.
We're burning night.
Let's see what else our new Trollhunter can do.
[chuckling] Troll Jim best! He seems to be handling this well, right? Sure.
What's wrong? It took me years to handle the diverse emotions of either troll or human, but I've never had to deal with both at once.
Walter, will I ever get my son back? [Barbara cries] But I've been wrong before.
What do I know about being human? Fair Claire, the challenge is simple.
Land a strike on your beloved Trollhunter.
No problem.
Um [crash] - [Claire grunts] - Whoa.
[fighting grunts] Yes! Up high.
Down low.
Too slow.
Gotta go! - [Jim] Am I moving too fast for you? - Playing hard to get, huh? Huh.
[fighting grunts] Ha-ha! [Grunting] [panting, grunts] Huh? [groans] - Still haven't hit me.
- No kisses.
We're fighting.
Jim? I can still find you.
[effort grunting] [grunting] [growls] [growling] Our time has come! Our Eldritch Queen has awoken to give trollkind what is rightfully ours! [Gumm-Gumms roaring] [Morgana] You've suffered long enough under man's rule.
Today, the sacrifice of a few will bring forth the Eternal Night - and your freedom! - Sacrifice? Dwo Krost dan otzulak aka emp el-kloka emp bruzi.
Stop this madness! [Toby and Blinky gasp] You felt that, right? That wasn't just my stomach grumbling? I fear those are grumblings of something far more sinister than your digestion.
- He didn't come back? - I thought he was with you.
He was so fast, I lost track of him.
I can't find him with the Staff.
It's like it doesn't recognize him anymore.
- [Aaarrrgghh!!!] Uh-oh.
- [Blinky sighs] [grunts] Heh.
Claire? Claire! [loud rumbling] [yelling] - Hm.
- Whoa.
- [River troll] Troll.
- Troll? Not troll.
Not human.
[pained grunts] No.
[yells] Jimbo! Where are you? [grunts] [Wumpa] Huh? [gasps] Toby, watch out! - Sorry.
Any sign of Jim? - [sighs] Nothing.
This is nuts.
How can he just disappear out of no-- Hey, is that Merlin? - What's "Captain Crazy-Armor" doing now? - Ugh! [gasps] It's uh You! It's all your fault.
Jim's vanished.
Now my Shadow Staff can't find him.
Are you even listening to me? You can't find Jim because there is no Jim.
- At least, not the one you knew.
- Listen up, puzzlemaster-- [yells] I don't know what you did to him, but when this is all over, you're turning him back.
"Back"? There is no "back.
" It's permanent.
You can't just turn my boyfriend into a troll.
"Boyfriend"? Time for a status update, huh? Good for you.
He's half-troll, half-boyfriend.
[both gasp] Hmm.
Oh, yes, yes.
Gross! What's your deal, dude? You trolled Jim.
You lick cement.
Are there any other secrets you're keeping from us? - Oh, plenty.
- Tell us.
But then they wouldn't be secrets.
[wobbly grunting] [gasping] Are those quakes coming from Trollmarket? Worse.
We need to find the Trollhunter.
[trolls groaning] You've killed them.
By the dust of our dead, I shall deliver the Eternal Night.
No, Walt, I called the school.
They haven't seen him either.
I don't know.
Maybe he left a note or a-- [pans clattering] Oh, hey, Mom.
I hope you brought your appetite.
Jim? [Scoffs] Okay, Walt, I found him.
Just please tell the others.
You know, we have been looking all over for you.
Oh, sorry.
Lost track of time.
I thought I'd come home and make us a nice dinner.
Dinner can wait.
Okay? You can't run off like that.
You had us all worried sick.
- We should talk about this.
- Can it wait? I'm starving.
Ugh! [Chuckles] Just needs more salt.
It's delicious, honey.
There's nothing wrong with it.
[retches] - You wanted to talk? - Yeah, well, you've been through a lot.
More than any one kid should have to go through.
- And you're my kid.
- Mmm.
I just want to make sure you are processing all of this.
[swallows] I seem to have dropped my fork.
I'll go get another.
Walter said it was confusing to be human and troll [sniffing] but he still has the ability to choose one or the other, and I'm just worried about how you're adjusting.
- [kitchenware rattling] - Honey, is everything okay in there? [mouth full] It is totally fine.
Jim! Are you eating the blender? [swallows] Uh Not all of it.
- Ugh I just wanted a normal dinner! - Jim.
Mom, please! I need some time to think.
Honey, Jim.
Wait! [sighs heavily] Hmm.
[effort grunting] Come on.
Come on.
[yells, grunts] [roars] [grunting] - Walt? It's just like you said.
- [Jim] No! No! I don't recognize my son.
Just-- just please come quickly.
[groans] [growls] Jim, are you okay? [gasps] - [door slamming] - [footsteps approaching] Barbara! Toby, it's Barbara.
There's somewhere I need you to look.
[School bell rings] [Strickler] Which tactics specifically? - [Jim] The, uh, winning ones? - [students laughing] [Strickler] All right.
Don't forget my [Strickler] Jim, if you fancy Miss Nuñez, I submit that talking to will be much more effective than staring at.
- [Jim] Blinky said we can bring you.
- [Claire] To Trollmarket? Seriously? When? Are we going now? [Jim] After school.
But try not to let the whole world know.
- [Toby] Jim? - [gasps] Jim? Jim? You in here? Jim? Jim? Jimbo! - [clang] - [gasps] Is that you? Jim? - I know you're there.
[Gasps] Jim.
- [clang] [Jim growling] [snarls] It's okay.
It's me.
It's Tobes.
Look, if you just - Toby! - He's here! Jimbo? Jim, wait.
Don't you get it? I'm not Jim anymore.
Go away.
[Snarls] He's going to the roof! [Strickler] There! I see him! [snarling] Jim.
Please, Jim, don't run away.
Whatever you are I love you.
[sighs deeply] [panting] I love you, too, Jimbo, but let's talk on the ground.
I'm just a tiny bit tired of running after you.
[Claire] I understand what you're going through.
You're not Jim anymore.
But you're still someone we all care about.
I can't fight Gunmar and be the person you want me to be.
We're here on this roof for you.
Especially me, man.
I just climbed three stories for you! And maybe you feel like everything has changed, but only the outside stuff.
Inside, you're still you.
And we're better for it, Jimbo.
- [sighs] - [Toby] Maybe your old life is over, but that doesn't mean we can't be a part of your new one.
[door opening] [Strickler] Huh.
We're here for you.
I can't live in your world anymore.
I can't be in the daylight.
- I can't eat dinner.
- But you can let us help you.
[sighs] Master Jim.
Where are you going in such a hurry? [Aaarrrgghh!!!] Uh, help.
There seems to be something different about you.
Why, with a few more eyes and arms, we could be related.
Troll brother.
[chuckles] What am I, Blinky? When I gaze upon you, do you know what I see? I see a champion.
A friend.
A son.
A magnificent son.
- I'm scared.
- Goodness gracious, who isn't? He'll be fine now.
Hey, think of it this way.
- You're like a Nougat Nummy.
- A what? You know, a sweet, velvety nougat mixed with a crunchy chocolate cookie crumble.
You're one part best friend, one part new friend.
Troll Jimbo.
[Merlin] Splendid.
Team Trollhunter is back together.
I knew you would all figure it out.
This has been rather heartwarming, but unless you plan to hug Gunmar to death, I advise we make ready because, as you say these days, "the fight is on.
" Dwo Krost dan otzulak aka emp el-kloka emp bruzi.
Dwo Krost dan otzulak aka emp el-kloka emp bruzi.
[theme music playing]