Trollhunters (2016) s03e12 Episode Script

The Eternal Knight Part 1

1 [theme music playing] [roars] [roaring] [crackling] [male radio announcer] Good afternoon, Arcadia Oaks.
Lots going on today.
- Whoa, whoa! - [car horns honking] Gene, you feel that? [Grunts] Uh, seems like tonight's Battle of the Bands won't be the only thing rocking and rolling in town.
[school bell ringing] School is out, so there's no excuse for missing it, because everyone should be in the Town Square this afternoon for what should be an epic showdown.
The finale doesn't get any bigger than this.
- [strums] - [drum beating] In fact, I'm willing to bet this town's never gonna be the same after tonight's Battle of the Bands.
I've taken the liberty of constructing a rudimentary model of Arcadia.
If we focus our defensive efforts here, then when the Gumm-Gumms attack-- [sighs, mumbles] - Do you have something to say? - This is a waste of time.
You broke the museum.
You Philistine! Our focus is not Arcadia, it is Trollmarket.
If we destroy Morgana, we stop the Eternal Night.
The Trollhunter and I must venture into Trollmarket.
- [Aaarrrgghh!!!] Gas station.
- While Gunmar and Angor Rot turn Arcadia into an all-you-can-eat buffet? For having six eyes, you are very short-sighted.
Defeating Gunmar is pointless if Morgana is still-- And defeating Morgana is pointless if everyone in Arcadia is dead! [ground rumbling] - I don't know my own strength.
- [Aaarrrgghh!!! Grunts] That was the third tremor today.
At this rate, I fear the Eternal Night will be upon us within the hour.
The Battle of the Bands is on.
The square will be packed.
- Everyone in Arcadia is there.
- [chomps, gulps] - Well, anyone who's cool, at least.
- [burps] On the bright side, with everyone clustered, we now know where the Gumm-Gumms will strike first.
- How is that the bright side? - Trollmarket will be deserted.
Morgana will be unprotected.
Gunmar and Angor Rot are my fight.
First, we'll do what we can to clear Arcadia Square.
So no one gets hurt.
Actually, uh, Master Jim, there is no "we" until the night falls.
In your current form, sunlight will burn you as much as any of us trolls.
Maybe Merlin can whip up some SPF one million? - Uh - We'll go with the children, and put a stop to this Battle of the Bands.
Then am I to fight Morgana alone? I'll go.
Keep safe.
Thank you, oh, very, very, big one.
The moment of truth is upon us all.
With fortitude and bravery, we can end the threat posed by Morgana, Gunmar and Angor Rot for all time! Oh, yeah! It felt like we were all gonna do that.
Merlin, won't all these earthquakes damage the Darklands? It'll crumble to bits, I fear.
Are you concerned for the Changeling Familiars? I promised to return for them.
We need to save them.
I was afraid your heart would stop you from seeing the bigger picture today.
- But I might have a solution.
- [microwave pings] [coughs] [Merlin] You.
You'll be able to safely transport the babies using this Cradlestone.
[grunts] - Can you handle this on your own? - I know a guy who can lend a tiny hand.
- [humming] - Hey, Chompsky, we gotta go.
[humming] Er? Eh? [murmurs] [Chompsky yelps] Please, sweetie, be safe.
I will.
Don't worry.
If ever there was a time to worry, this is it.
I'll be at the hospital.
I've got a bad feeling it's gonna be a busy night.
[birds chirping] [sighs] [groans] Jim, we're going to be okay.
Tonight, we will feel human skulls break beneath our feet.
Tonight, we claim the Earth for trollkind! [all cheering] Because tonight will never end! [guards chanting] Gunmar! Gunmar! Gunmar! Gunmar! Are you not thrilled for your kind's victory? Or have you lost your faith? Never.
The Trollhunter killed me once and took my eye.
Tonight, I take his life.
You are my champion.
You will stand by my side when the world becomes mine.
And what of Gunmar? Gunmar is a pawn, a brute to get what I want.
In time, he will be disposed of.
Wow, cool.
[stomach grumbles] Dang it.
Can you hold this for a second? I have to go pee.
[grunting, chuckles] - [door slams] - Huh.
- [faint trickling] - [Toby] Dang it! Aw! [voices wailing] [grunting] - [gasps] - [Chompsky grunts] [wailing continues] [nervous chuckle] Are we crackers? Why would we sign up for this? We gotta go back.
It's too late.
[mumbling] Whoo! [Chattering] [yelling] [chattering] [growls] [sniffles] Never before have I heard words of such poetry and passion.
[chattering] Let's go save some babies.
[music squeals] Dance, dance, dance, dance.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance.
[Aja] Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance! [music squeaking, chirping] [Aja] Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance.
Little brother, I don't think they're ready for this.
[sighs] Ay-yi-yi.
Easy listening it is.
- [music chord plays] - Let's go.
[dance music playing] - [cheering] - Whoo! - Whoo! - Yeah! Spectacular! [music ends] [audience cheering] Good job, whatever that was.
And now, Mama Skull.
Whatever that is.
[string twangs] Claire, did you text us? Were we supposed to make costumes? [whistles] Um, hello.
Can I have your attention? What's with the armor? [chuckles] I'm dating the drummer.
Look, I've got something to say.
Something about this town.
What is she doing? What song is this? Listen to me.
Something dangerous is coming.
Strange things happen in our town.
We all know it.
Pets go missing, people go missing.
- There's something alien amongst us.
- [gasps] But we bury our heads in the sand and ignore it.
Is she talking about us? I think I know what she's doing.
Try to keep up.
But we can't do that tonight.
Tonight, when night falls, you need to run.
- [guitar strums] - [gasps] [Darci] You need to run You need to run No! This is not part of the show.
You all need to run.
You need to run You need to hide.
Hide! Run! Hide! No.
No, no, no! All is ready, my queen.
[whirring] [rumbling] [crackling] [Mary Wang] You need to run [crowd gasps] You need to ru-- [gasps] [rumbles] Officer Brennan, you seeing this? [murmuring] This is getting creepy.
If it's creepy, then it's time for some Creepslaying.
[roaring] - Claire, what's going on? - You guys need to go now.
- Get off the streets.
Get somewhere safe.
- Safe? From what, C-Bomb? Claire, what is this? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
[grunting] Claire, this is not the time to show off your baton skills.
- Whoa! You've always been my best friend.
- Hey! Not fair.
Stay in the car.
[roaring] [roars] Son, let's go.
Now! [man] Get off the streets! [inhales, exhales] "At their darkest hour, I burn brightest.
" [growls] [grunting] [growling] [growling] [Aaarrrgghh!!! Gasps] Heartstone dying.
And once it's gone, sadly, so is Trollmarket.
Alas, that is a tragedy for tomorrow, my friend, for today brings its own doom.
[sighs] - [alarm wailing] - [people yelling] Oh, nein! Por favor.
Please don't hurt me.
Calm down, Uhl.
It's me, Walter.
- Oh! Nein, nein, nein! - [bangs] [grunts] [guards growling] [gasps] They're surrounding us.
[grunting] [groans] [moans] What's taking Jim so long? They won't stop coming.
[grunts] And we won't stop taking them down.
[spears clanking] [snarling] Oh, my gosh.
This is happening.
[Toby] Not another flying truck! - [grunts] - [Claire] Jim! [grunting] [yells] For glory! - [roars] - [clamoring] [growling] For glory! [grunting] [howls] - [Claire] Watch out! - [Toby grunts, gasps] Oops! Pardon me! - For glory! - [Bagdwella] For glory! You take one step closer - [Mary Wang whimpers] - [Darci gasps] [grunting] I've always hated those twits.
You all right, lovelies? [yells] Ah, Master Jim, we fight well together, don't we? I've got this area covered.
The rest of the city is overrun.
Fan out and take down any threat, Trollhunters.
Carry on without me, Master Jim.
If anyone else is in trouble out there, get them inside the school.
[cell phone ringing] - Hey, what's up, Nana? Kinda busy.
- Oh, Toby pie, it's an emergency.
- Your friend ate the entire pie.
- [burps] He may be blind, but his digestion seems to work just fine.
Keep the cats inside.
Promise me you won't go out.
Now what? She's supposed to be here.
She needs the power of the Heartstone.
[grunts] [Aaarrrgghh!!! Grunts, roars] Your friends won't be able to resurrect you this time.
Same for you.
- [laughing] - [grunts] Leave them alone, Morgana.
Oh, have you missed me? - [grunts] - [laughs] - You old fool.
[Laughs] - [gasps] [grunts] My magic.
You've-- you've taken it? All those centuries you locked me away, what did you think I was doing? Let me show you how strong I am now.
[Merlin grunts] - I am stronger than you.
- You won't win.
The Trollhunter-- - I've already won! - [grunting] Go finish the Trollhunter.
I'll handle this mess.
[Merlin groans] [Angor Rot grunts] ¡Es el apocalipsis! I swear, I saw demons.
But with perfect teeth.
Trust me, you're not crazy.
You're lucky to be alive.
- ¡Loco, loco, loco! - Oh.
[Chuckles] - So, what brings you here? - [shuddering] Zip-Slippers, don't fail me now.
[Yells] [grunts] [both cheer] Creepslayers! Yeah! [screaming] [both] Whoa.
- I've never felt this way before.
- She's so tall.
[Chuckles] [groans] [rumbles] School is the last place I wanna be.
Stalklings! [screams] Toby! Darci! [Darci squeals] Toby! [growling, screeching] Let go of my girlfriend! - TP! - [gasps] [grunting] [screams] [Toby screams] I think we can start dating again.
- [chuckles] - Officially.
[sighs] I don't wanna die just yet.
- [chuckles] - [rumbling] [Toby, Claire] Whoa! [screeching] Uh, I thought those were only in the Darklands.
- Well, they're in Arcadia now.
- [Wumpas yelling] - Toby King.
- Your spear, my Queen.
Hey! Queen now? All right.
Boom, boom, shake the room! My cousin! Say what? [roaring, whimpering] We gotta get off the streets.
Hurry, get inside.
[Gasps] [car honking, screeches] Sorry, pal, but nobody gets in without a hall pass.
Susannah and I will not allow it.
¿Entiende? We few! We happy few! - We band of brothers! - [car revs] [sighs] [Ms.
Janeth] I've always wanted to play Henry V! [Merlin grunting] [groans, gasps] Goodbye, old friend.
[buzzing] [groans] [panting] - [grunts] - [spears banging] [spears banging] No.
No! [grunts, gasps] [banging stops] [Gunmar] I told you I would kill you myself.
You let the old wizard work his magic on you, I see.
Scared it's gonna be a fair fight? [laughs] It's not going to be as fair as you think.
[laughs] [growls] You aren't strong enough to take on the both of us, Hunter.
You left Morgana unprotected.
Merlin is down in Trollmarket right now.
Once he stops her-- Merlin might have had centuries to devise his plan, but you forget.
He was sleeping.
Morgana was awake.
- [Angor Rot laughs] - [Gunmar cackles] [gasps] Now, who goes first? Why take turns? [yells] - [yelling] - [grunting] No! [theme music playing]