Trollhunters (2016) s03e13 Episode Script

The Eternal Knight Part 2

1 [growling] [Jim moans, grunts] Ugh! -Ooh! -[blade scrapes] [growls] [Jim grunts] [growls] [grunts] Ha! I trained him.
Not as easy as last time, is it? [Angor Rot] You've made some improvements, I see.
Stronger, faster.
Part troll.
[snarls, growls] [grunts] He's mine.
-[growling] -[Nomura shouting] [Nomura grunting] -Got everyone to safety? -Yep.
Ones who couldn't make it are hiding at school.
[Toby] Why's the eclipse here? Wasn't Merlin supposed to have his magic back? Where is that stupid wizard? -[blasts popping] -Ugh! [gasps] Merlin.
What has become of my once-vaunted master? -[staff rings] -[grunts] You might've stolen my magic, Morgana, but there are still a few tricks left in these old bones.
Old bones for an old fool.
[grunts] [growls, gasps] [growls] While you slept for centuries, I had your Trollhunters killed one by one.
-[laughs] -No! -Now your cause dies with them.
-Aaarrrgghh!!!, lend a hand? [growls] Hand.
[roars] Aaarrrgghh!!! [whirring] Hand! [Chompsky chattering] -[grunts] -[Chompsky chatters] [NotEnrique] Oi, that's a lot of babies.
-[snarls] -Get out! [chuckles] All right, kiddies, into the Cradlestone with you, and Go! -Eh? -[chattering] Oh, I'm doing it wrong, eh? -What's your bright idea? -[chatters] That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! -[bangs] -[yelps] That's not gonna work! [Chompsky groans] [crying] [babies' voices squealing] [Chompsky barks] -[cooing] -Look at 'em giggling.
So happy.
I told you that would work.
Hah! Whoa! And that's our cue.
Back to the portal.
[grunting] This ends tonight.
[yelling] -[gasps] -[grunting] [Angor Rot growling] [yelps] -Kill me.
It won't change you.
-[laughing] I heard you were once a great warrior.
-A hero to trollkind.
-[snarls] [screeching] [howls] [growls] [Jim] What's your excuse now that you have your soul back? [growls] You are weak, assassin.
-[growls] -[grunts] [Jim grunts] Ugh! [gasps] [gasps] [birds warbling] [panting] [groans] [grunts] [grunts] You wear a troll's armor, now you share our skin.
-But inside, you will bleed red! -[grunts] The age of man has ended.
[yells] -You will be my first human slave.
-[howling] [gasps, moans] [screaming] -[grunting] -There are so many ways to kill you.
Do you mind if I try them all? -[horn honks] -[gasping] [growling] For the Glory of Merlin, once more into the fight.
[grunts] [snarls] It can't be.
[gasps] Argh! [grunting] [growling] Unkar the Unfortunate no longer! I'm back! Go, get to the surface.
Protect our Trollhunter.
[Gunmar growling] [grunting] -[growling] -[screaming] [screaming continues] Jim! [screaming] -Jim! -We're too late! [screaming] In their darkest hour, I burn brightest! [rings] What? No! [grunting] [growls] [Gunmar growling] [Gunmar gasps] No.
[gasps] It cannot be.
[gasps] [gasps] [snarls] It is.
[screams] [Gunmar howls] [fizzling] For Draal.
[Jim grunts] Jim! Ow! Careful.
You did it, Jimbo! Daylight went supernova.
At long last, after centuries, Gunmar's war is at an end.
And you, my dear boy, have ended it.
Um, not to be a total buzzkill, but why is the night still all eclipsey? -[panting] -[Toby] Ah! -Wingman! -Where's Merlin? In trouble.
[laughter echoes] -[Blinky] But Merlin's plan -Not work.
[Blinky] Indeed.
Don't despair, weak ones.
Your lives will soon be over.
She's beautiful.
But totally evil.
Yeah, yeah, we have to stop her.
Without Merlin, how can we? [Morgana] Merlin's champion.
I have so looked forward to meeting you.
[chuckles] -And then killing you.
-[all scream] [grunting] [yells] [grunts] [blade clatters] Good evening -and good night.
-[yells] Jim! [grunting] [laughs] We need to stop her.
[yells] [gasps] [fire roaring] [roaring] -[gasps] -Behold, Trollhunter, the beauty of the Night Eternal.
Can't say I'm a fan.
[yelps] [grunting] Jeez, lady.
What did I ever do to you? Merlin never told you what he used to craft your Amulet, did he? He took my left hand! [chanting] [groans] [Toby] Gotcha! [both grunt] -What? -He said, "Gotcha!" It's a colloquialism and a contraction, you vile troglodyte.
-[growls] -[grunts] Jim? Come on, come on, wake up, Jim.
Oh, yeah, there we go, buddy.
Don't worry, we got your back.
-[gasps] -Hello.
[Morgana yells] [chanting] [Claire] Hey, M, you and I got some unfinished business.
[yelling] [sighs] [Aaarrrgghh!!! grunts] [growls] -Insolent things.
-[Blinky grunts] -You are like gnats to me.
-[yells] Aw, jeez, lady.
Pick a metaphor.
[grunts] [yells] [grunting, gasping] Enough! [groaning] [panting] [grunting] I showed your friends mercy, Trollhunter, so they can watch you die.
[grunting] [screaming] [clatters] [screaming] [Angor Rot] Pale lady! [Morgana] My champion.
On time for the grand finale.
For your efforts, I give you the honor of finishing him.
[growls] [panting] -[groans] -[growls] [all gasp] Witch! I am no one's pawn! You! What did you tell him? [Jim yelling] [grunting] The boy reminded me who I fight for.
You fight for me! [Angor Rot growls] This is the end! Death is all there is for you! [grunts] [Angor Rot howls] [screaming] [gasps] Well played, Hunter.
You think that toy can kill me? I am no troll.
I can't be killed! -Daylight! -[clatters] Die, Trollhunters! No! [grunting] [screams] Jim! [grunts] [laughing] [gasps] Trollhunter, the Staff! Huh? [chanting] [Angor Rot grunts] [Morgana grunting] [laughing] The Eternal Night is here.
[gasps] [gasps] [roaring] [grunts] [Angor Rot grunts] [screaming] Angor! -Die, Witch! -[gasps] Claire! [Morgana wailing] [all grunt] Oh, no.
Claire! [crackling, rumbling] -[gasping] -Look! [crackling, rumbling] [grunting] [groans] Claire! [groaning] [yelling] Give me your hand! [screaming] -[Blinky growls] -[grunts] Toby! Destroy the Staff! -Wingman! -Right behind you! [Toby yells] My turn! Uh! [howling] [screaming] [screaming] [Toby gasps] Morgana's magic has finally been defeated.
-Thanks to you, Claire.
Thanks to all of us.
-[gasps] Jim! -[Toby] Oh, no.
-No, no.
-[helmet clatters] [Claire gasps] Jim.
Stay with me, stay with me.
Stay with me.
[sighs] Jim.
[sobs] [Aaarrrgghh!!!] Jim? [gasps] [Claire sobs] "I shall be much in years before I again behold my Romeo.
" [sniffles] "Oh Thinkest thou we shall ever meet again?" [sighs] -[Claire] "I doubt it not.
" -[sighs] "And all these woes shall serve for sweet discourses in our times to come.
" [gasps] [sobs] -[Jim] Hey -[gasps] The last line.
-That was mine.
-[chuckles] -Ah! Jim! -Whoo! Oh, Jim! Jim! [laughs] [laughing] Jim! Awesome-sauce! [yelling] [chanting] Oh, now he shows up.
[sighing, grunting] Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, everybody, lighten up, buttsnacks.
-They're our friends.
-You hear that? Steve and I are friends.
-[yelps] -[laughs] -[grunts, laughs] -[moans] Oh! -[troll] Friend! -[gasps] [child laughs] [gasps] Remarkable.
Thank you.
[laughing] Ooh! Remarkable.
[giggles] Well, I do use a leave-in conditioner.
Janeth chuckles] -[all gasp] -[troll groans] Come with me.
Let's find some shade.
You have made me proud, Champion.
I am forever in your service.
[Jim grunts] The Eternal Night is finally over.
Heartstone gone.
[Blinky] In Deya's name.
Then we'll need to find a new Heartstone out there.
I've heard tell of a Heartstone in a place called New Jersey.
We'll make preparations and gather what we can from Trollmarket.
We'll leave at nightfall.
-[sighs] -[bird squawks] [faint clanking] [Barbara sighs] I promised I'd never leave you.
Honey I knew this day would come.
I just never knew when.
[Barbara] I hope you find what you're looking for.
[Barbara sobs] Just call often.
Every day.
Now and then? Of course, Mom.
I love you.
[chuckles] Not more than I love you, kiddo.
Are you ready, Master Jim? Ready as I'll ever be.
I don't know what tomorrow brings, but with our Trollhunter by our side, I don't fear it either.
I really appreciate that, Mr.
[Jim gasps] -Claire, I can't ask you to-- -You didn't ask.
[gasps] She has enough credits to graduate early.
We're treating this like some time abroad.
As long as she comes back soon.
[laughing] Good luck, Young Atlas.
[sighs] You did good raising him, Doc.
-Here's a thousand new babies to raise.
-What? -Have fun with that, you two.
-Wait! Wait! Wait for me! [gasps] Whew! Boy, these goodbyes are tough, you know.
Nana wanted me to take Mr.
Meow Meow P.
, but he does not travel well.
[chuckles] What? [sighs] Tobes you have to stay.
What? You're going on a quest.
I love quests.
We go everywhere together.
I'm hurt.
Claire lost her Shadow Staff.
You are the only one who can protect Arcadia.
No, Wingman.
I help.
I stay.
[gasps] So, you're staying with me and you're leaving? But we'll be back.
[sniffles] You better.
[sniffles] -And then, we'll get tacos.
-[chuckles] And enchiladas.
-[Jim chuckles] -[Toby sobs] We sure found that adventure.
Right, Tobes? I'm really glad we took the canal that morning.
Keep Arcadia safe.
You're its only Trollhunters now.
I still don't like you.
I know.
[chattering] I believe this belongs to you, Trollhunter.
[rings] [Jim] Destiny is a gift.
Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor.
That to strive and triumph -in the face of fear -[rings] is what it means to be a hero.
Don't think.