Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (2018) s07e01 Episode Script

Freeze Tag - Whimsy Wasps

1 Put your hair up in the air - Live it up - Hey! Every day you wake up singing - Turn it up - Whoo! The party's just beginning All together, you and me Hair in the air, we're a family We got everything we need Hair in the air 'Cause we're proud to be Celebrating who we are Yeah, we made it through the dark Harmony is everywhere Put your hair up in the air Put your hair up in the air [Poppy.]
In Troll Village, we celebrate Trolls of all different shapes and sizes.
[scrapbook Trolls.]
We find strength in diversity! Yay! But there's one Troll that's a bit more different than everyone else.
His name is Fuzzbert! This is his story.
And, as you're about to see, it's the most fun, thrilling and truly moving tale any Troll has ever told.
You see, Fuzzbert came from Poppy! Oh.
Uh Smidge, I was right in the middle of a scrapbook.
It will have to wait.
Come quick.
It's Cooper.
Oh, my guh! - [Trolls murmuring.]
- Smidge, what happened here? Why is this area streamered off? Because when I was here earlier, I found something.
It was Biggie doing chalk drawings.
Hello, Poppy! Oh.
But then I found this.
[Poppy screams.]
Is it what we think it is, Poppy? Looks like it.
See the surprise on his face? The way his feet are turned as if to run? Textbook.
Someone's started a new game of Freeze Tag! [cheering.]
[breathing deeply.]
I am calm.
So, who's It? [Trolls murmuring.]
Guys? - Wait, nobody knows who It is? - [Branch.]
Nope! And you're never gonna know.
That's the point.
Branch, what are you talking about? Just look at the evidence.
Cooper's been wiped clean.
No fingerprints, no stray hairs, no glitter-fart residue.
Whoever It is wants to remain anonymous.
[Trolls whimpering.]
Wait, wait.
Hold on.
How do you know all of this? Because Cooper is not the only Troll who got tagged.
[Trolls gasp.]
[Poppy gasps.]
I-I can't believe it.
It-It's gotten so many so fast.
And see how they're all running in random directions? They couldn't tell where It was coming from.
Tagged with a finger up his nose.
Of all the ways to freeze.
I-I don't believe it.
This is so brilliant! This It is a joy genius, a fun phenom, a pleasure uh, a pleasure uh - Prodigy? - [groans.]
Right on the tip of my tongue.
Anyway, the point is, if we don't know who's It then we don't know who to avoid.
Don't you see? "It" could be anyone! Hug time! [in unison.]
Hug time! Aw! Wait! It could be anyone! [grunting.]
[in unison.]
You'll never get me! [Smidge.]
I love this game! We'd better get moving, too, preferably in erratic patterns.
Hard to get tagged if you don't stand still.
Side step! [panting.]
No, Branch, conventional tag tactics won't help this time.
It has too much of an advantage.
Our only chance at winning this game is to figure out who It is, before they get us.
Eh, I don't know, Poppy.
Zig-zag! [grunting.]
I mean, where would we even start looking? Donut! Well, I do have one idea but it's a long shot.
Hey, wait up! Pencil roll! - What is this place? - Shh! An underground Troll club.
I've got a hunch our anonymous It might hang out here.
What's the password? "May we please come in?" - [voice.]
That's it.
- [locks turning.]
You can't be too careful.
There's a freeze tagger on the loose.
Totally understand.
Cartwheel! [piano playing.]
What is this place? The Game Changer's Club.
It's for Trolls who find traditional game structures too mild.
Down here, they play by their own rules.
You ever have a staring contest? These guys flipped the script.
A reverse staring contest.
- You looked first! I win! - [sobbing.]
And over there, Surrealist Guess and Draw.
It's uh transcendence? Um Timelessness! - Uh Ambiguity! - Yes! And, of course, Tic-Tac-Total Nonsense.
Ha! Three O's, five ducks, eight pork chops, and a snorkel.
I win! [Poppy.]
Dad! [laughs.]
Poppy! Dad! [laughs.]
Poppy! [both.]
Wait! - How do I know you're not It? - Same time! Same time! [both grunting.]
Aw! Look, Dad, we're trying to uncover who the mystery It might be.
Any chance some of the members of this club specialize in Tag? [King Peppy.]
There is one group.
But rumor is that they've been working on some pretty crazy ideas.
They're here in the club members scrapbook.
Let's see.
There's the Crazy Eights Kids.
The Four Square Foursome.
Here they are, the Tag Team.
If any Troll had the imagination to start a game like this, I can promise you, it's one of them.
Any idea where they might be? Come to think of it, they ran out of here just before you showed up.
Said they were headed to Meadow's pod for an emergency meeting.
Bingo! All right, Poppy got Bingo! - [cheering.]
- Go, Poppy! Oh, no, sorry, guys.
False bingo.
[chuckles sheepishly.]
All right, one of the Trolls in there is It, and to catch them off guard, I called in the best surprise partiers around.
The Surprise Wonder and Awe Tactical Team.
The SWAT team? They're not that good.
- Oh, aren't they? - Huh? - Surprise! - [screams.]
- Surprise! - [screams.]
Prepare to move in.
Go, go, go! Get down, get down! - Tagging hands in the air! - I'm a plant! Ha! Busted! Nobody move! [gasps.]
Actually, I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
They've all been tagged.
Crab walk! This makes no sense, Branch.
The entire Tag Team can't be frozen.
"It" has to be one of the five Trolls in this picture.
What's that? I I can't make it out.
Enhance! Enhance! [Branch.]
DJ Suki is the sixth member of the Tag Team! She has to be our It.
We've got to tell the Village.
Wait! There might be a better move here.
Tell everyone who's still unfrozen to meet me in the Fun Dungeon.
[Trolls murmuring.]
OK, everyone, gather around.
Is this really everyone? Afraid so.
Our tagger's been busy.
What's the story, Poppy? Branch said you found a way to win? You bet I did.
See, while the tagger, DJ Suki, is locked out there, we're in here with enough food and fun to last as long as we need to.
DJ's got no choice but to call "olly olly oxen free!" I.
We win! - Ayo! - [airhorn blares.]
- [grunts.]
- Well, well.
Look who showed up.
Troll, my goodness.
There you are.
I was worried I was the only unfrozen one left.
Let me in! Nice try, DJ, but we know you're It.
And while I'm very impressed with your tagsmanship, I'm afraid you've met your match.
No! It's not me.
For one, the tagger worked really hard on their strategy.
I'd never make that much effort! Pfft! Please! And also, if I'm the tagger, why is Smidge frozen? [gasps.]
Oh, no! - The tagger is in here with us! - [screaming.]
DJ's frozen, too? W-Why is it so quiet in here? I-I played right into It's hands! [Branch.]
Poppy! Come with me! I found a way out! You! You're It! What? Oh-ho-ho! You sly Troll! It all makes sense now! No, Poppy, I swear it's not me.
I can see where you're headed, but we do not have time to scrapbook summarize - [Poppy.]
First - OK.
You were the one who examined Cooper, claiming no evidence was found.
He's been wiped clean.
Trust me and don't think too hard about it.
Ah, a clever misdirect.
And second, I bet you went into Meadow's pod ahead of me to ensure you froze the Tag before I could question them.
Wait, we were together the whole time.
That doesn't quite add up.
[scrapbook Poppy.]
This theory is shaky at best! Yay! Uh Hold on.
I can I can iron this out.
Just give me a second, Branch.
Branch? [gasps.]
Tagged during a scrap recap? B-But how, and-and who? Every possible Troll is frozen.
Or pretending to be frozen! [gasps.]
Cooper? [chuckles.]
Oh, you're good.
I know.
Freeze! Oh, no! You got me! Only one Troll left.
- [dance music blaring.]
- [crowd cheering.]
[music continues.]
Well, hey, there, stranger.
I've never seen a critter like you before.
Guys, check this out! He loves our party! [laughter.]
Ha-ha! Get that cupcake, boy! [cheering.]
Hey! [cheering.]
Oh, my guh! These bugs are ruining our dance party! Hey, hey! Be optimistic, Smidge.
They aren't ruining it.
They just changed the theme from dance party to Infestation Fest! Infes-I-I-Infestation Fest! - [music blaring.]
- [cheering.]
- [King Peppy.]
Stop! - [music stops.]
Stop this delightful frivolity right now! Don't you know what we're dealing with here? [buzzing continues.]
Shoo! - These are the infamous - [gasps.]
the disastrous [gasps.]
the bootiful Hey! whimsy wasps! Oh, no! The what? OK, you've got us hooked, Dad.
But we need more information.
It's all right here in this nature scrapbook.
"The whimsy wasps are drawn to merriment, like moths to a flame.
" Oh, come on! A bug that's attracted to fun? That makes no sense biologically! Never mind.
Every 20 years, their migratory path takes them right past us a swarm of thousands.
- [buzzing.]
- [gasps.]
They're coming! If they get even a whiff of jubilation, they swoop in and devour the entire Village! [others gasp.]
Yes! Yes! All right! [mimics record scratching.]
Uh Branch, are you enjoying this? Come on, you guys can appreciate this, can't you? You've finally run into a dilemma that can't be solved with singing and dancing, or farting glitter.
I feel like that was directed at me! This time, you got a serious problem, and to deal with it, you're gonna have to get serious, like me.
You see what I'm saying? You have to be more like me.
Gross attitude, Branch.
Yeah, this is an unflattering shade of curmudgeon on you, man.
Not to mention, you're totally underestimating us.
All we have to do to stop that swarm is to cut back on our whimsy.
What do you say, gang? - Cut down on the w-w-whimsy! - [dance music.]
[in unison.]
Cut down on the whimsy! - [buzzing.]
- [screaming.]
Uh You were saying? [chuckles.]
[clears throat.]
Branch's swarm defense plan, step one.
Biggie, the entire Village needs to know the peril we're in.
Go spread the word.
And remember, this is serious.
Harper, I have something to tell you! Step two.
Satin and Chenille, to keep the swarm out, weave a net like this that covers the entire Village.
[both grunt.]
Step three.
Smidge, Guy, spray this bug repellent on everything.
[both grunting.]
See, Poppy? With a Branch-like attitude, the Trolls will handle this emergency in no time.
Uh Are you sure about that? Seems like Biggie is still warning Harper.
And then I said, "I don't care if it is what the cool worms are wearing, I am not getting you a tiny leather jacket.
" Biggie, you're supposed to be spreading the word! Uh I am, Branch, but Harper and I haven't talked for so long, I can't just run off to warn the others without catching up.
What kind of word-spreader would I be then? An ideal one! We finished the net, Branch! Oh, good.
At least someone's staying focused and [gasps.]
Holes? You embroidered holes? Oh, yeah.
Your net was so matchy-matchy.
We just gave it a little jeuje.
Ta-da! [sighs.]
But - [laughter.]
- [gasps.]
- I got you! - [Smidge laughs.]
Whoa! Stop! You guys can't eat the bug repellent! Pfft! Duh, Branch! [auto-tuned.]
Yeah, Branch, duh! We swapped frosting in for the repellent.
It smelled awful.
- You're welcome! - [laughter.]
It's not working, Branch! The main swarm is getting closer! [faint buzzing.]
OK, new strategy.
We just have to get rid of all the Trolls' whimsy.
Yeah, but how? Trolls like to have fun and party by nature.
We can't control it.
See? [dance music.]
Then what if we didn't try to control it? What if we threw a party so over the top that it temporarily gets all the whimsy out of their system? Oh.
An over-the-top party? [chuckles.]
Challenge accepted.
Listen up! We need a party to end all parties, people! I want your biggest, craziest ideas! Glitter cannons! Good.
- Dinkles costumes for everyone! - Crazier.
A mountain of snacks? - Ten turntables playing different songs! - Crazier! A pack of frosting-covered puffalos square-dancing to Swiss electropop! Now we're talking.
Ceiling dancing! - A giraffe raffle! - A giraffle! A cake shaped like a pair of pants baked in a tuba! - Critter karaoke! - Cupcake spas! - [DJ.]
Disco dubstep! - [Cooper.]
Fruit punch hair wrestling! [dance music.]
[horns honk.]
Listen up! Word from the front line is that we need more dancing at turntable 16! Sparklers! Glow sticks! Novelty glasses! Go, go, go! [panting.]
Need a break! It's too much fun! No, Biggie, don't stop! Not until all your whimsy is out! [yells.]
Stay back! [grunts.]
This better work.
[light snoring.]
[grunts and coughs.]
Huh? H-Hey, guys? - Did the party work? Did it get out the - [gavel banging.]
Next, agenda item 23.
The De-whimsifying Initiative Assessment Committee is ready to report its findings.
Uh Cooper? [exhales, clears throat.]
Our initial evaluation finds, and I quote, "Last night's party met all objectives.
The Trolls have exhibited a total loss of whimsy.
" [murmured agreement.]
So serious.
The committee recommends we move to the topic of Village defenses.
- I second.
- [auto-tuned.]
I third.
Excuse me.
[clears throat.]
I third.
- I fourth.
- I fifth.
- I sixth.
- I seventh.
I twenty-ninth.
Hey, everybody, you got to see this! All in favor of following Branch? Come on! [Poppy gasps.]
They're leaving! It worked! Isn't that great? Indeed.
In fact, perhaps this goes without saying, but um oh, my guh? [others.]
See, everyone? When you take them seriously, all your problems literally fly away - Whoa! - [thud.]
[Branch grunts.]
Well, that was unexpected.
- [Branch grunting.]
- [clattering.]
Whoa! What is this? A-Another infestation? [screaming.]
- [rumbling.]
- W-What are those creatures? Ah, yes, the boring beetles.
They're the opposite of the whimsy wasp.
They're driven away by whimsy and attracted to dullness.
Objection! Creatures drawn to dullness? That's ludicrous.
Ah, but, Smidge, you've forgotten my previous rebuttal.
I see.
Yes, yes.
Point withdrawn.
OK, guys, uh, we can do this.
If they're boring beetles, all we have to do to make them go away is um go back to being whimsical! Good plan! Let's form a committee to evaluate Branch's proposal.
- Wait, what? - I second the motion.
Motion? No! - I third.
- I fourth.
Everyone, stop! We don't have time for this! You need to get out there and and be Trolls! Ah! But what is it to be a Troll? [others murmuring.]
You got to party now! [clears throat.]
Branch, I assure you, we are taking the problem very seriously.
But there is simply no Troll here who can do what you want.
You're wrong.
There is one Troll.
[pop music.]
Yeah Come on Whoo! I got whimsy Coming out of my eyeballs It's in me Yeah, breaking down all of my walls Now I'm gonna shine brighter Than ever before All of my colors are truly magical I'm gonna let it out I'm not boring no more I am more fun than the funnest Troll Oh, I'm a party of one And I'm gonna get it done With my whimsy Whoo! I am so cute When I shimmy, yeah! The power of joy is within me I'm all whimsy And I'm gonna let it out I'm all whimsy There, we're finally safe.
- Good show.
Very good.
- Thank you, Branch.
Yeah, of course.
It was nothing.
Branch needs our assistance.
- All in favor? - Aye.
- Aye.
- Aye.
- Aye.
- Aye.
Well, Trolls, I'm happy to announce that, after a little rest, everyone is back to normal.
- N-N-Normal! - [dance music.]
[in unison.]
Back to normal! Well, looks like you were right.
I was underestimating you.
Sometimes it is best to be a whimsical Troll.
Yeah, but you were right, too.
Sometimes it's best to be a serious Troll.
I guess what we're saying is that the best place to land is somewhere in the middle.
Everything in moderation.
- [rumbling.]
- [screaming.]
Trolly moly! It's the moderation moles! They're drawn to balance and compromise! They'll destroy us all! [roaring.]