Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (2018) s07e03 Episode Script

The Fast and the Friendliest - Much Achoo About Nothing

1 Put your hair up in the air - Live it up - Hey! Every day you wake up singing - Turn it up - Whoo! The party's just beginning All together, you and me Hair in the air, we're a family We got everything we need Hair in the air Because we're proud to be Celebrating who we are Yeah, we made it through the dark Harmony is everywhere Put your hair up in the air Put your hair up in the air [Poppy.]
Learning to fly a flyer bug is a challenge for any young Troll.
Which is why each young flyer gets an adult Troll to mentor them.
Mentor, mentor.
Mentor, mentor, mentor! Until everything clicks.
Everything clicks! And, of course, after a week of training, the young flyers get to show off everything they've learned at the Junior Flyer Grand Prix! [cheering.]
The next logical step is for us to pair with our mentors.
Any idea when that might commence? I don't know.
Maybe right now? Just draw a name out of the Fuzzling and find your match! [kids gasp and cheer.]
I got Guy Diamond! [cheering.]
Ooh, Branch! Good.
I have been meaning to tell you, I am so proud that you volunteered to be a mentor.
Oh! - But - Oh.
just remember, these are kids.
They respond more to fun than they do to uh pragmatic severity? Great, now you tell me.
Branch, you're my mentor! Oh.
Uh [grunts.]
Look, Keith, I had a rigorous 47-step flying lesson planned, but Poppy says I got to keep this fun.
So we'll just wing it, and, I don't know eat marshtato crispy squares! Oh! [gasps.]
You think I didn't know you were gonna tell me to keep it fun? Give me a little credit.
Did I hear someone say "matching bomber jackets"? No, you didn't! Whoo! Branch equals the best plus infinity times awesome! That math checks out.
Now, hop on, dawg! [revving.]
OK, the bug knows what to do, so you don't need to pull too hard on the controls.
- But I can if I want to, right? - Uh Well, I mean [yells.]
[Keith continues laughing.]
Keith! Keith, you got to even out the [chuckles.]
Oh, never mind.
Just have fun! I'm impressed, Branch.
I thought maybe with the Junior Grand Prix you might make this mentoring thing too much about winning.
Winning? Why in the world would I care about winning a kids' race? - [Creek.]
Attention, friends! - [others gasp.]
Creek! [bug panting.]
I am very proud to present my star pupil, Priscilla.
Incredible! Priscilla is to flying what Guy Diamond is to winning the hearts of Trolls everywhere! Oh, yes, she'll probably finish first place in the Grand Prix, thanks to my mentoring.
- Way to mentor, Creek! - Oh, yeah! You're a perfect ten, boy! Wahoo! [cheering and laughter.]
Oh, please! If Priscilla wins it's because she's the smartest kid in the Village, not because of Creek's mentoring.
- Branch! - How rude! [chuckles.]
Not that I care because this isn't about winning.
[chuckles sheepishly.]
Oh, I agree, Branch, it's not about winning.
And I thoroughly commend you for how you've prepared your pupil to not win.
[Keith continues laughing.]
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pass more wisdom onto my pupil.
Mentor Creek! Increasing the angle of the wing would also increase forward velocity.
Right? Um Yes? Excellent! [cheering.]
Oh, we'll just see who's the better mentor.
You know what, Keith? Before our first lesson, I want you to know, I see a lot of potential in you.
I think you could win the Grand Prix next week.
Well, if you want to win, we could always use booster bugs.
Booster bugs? [groans.]
No, Keith.
Boosters make you fast [retches.]
but the point is that you learn how to fly.
You just need to buckle down and do a little less goofing off.
But I thought this was supposed to be fun.
And it will be! There's no reason we can't have fun and put Creek in his place.
Uh Get first place.
Now, run this course as fast as you can.
Go! - [yelling.]
- [revving.]
- I hit them all! - [groans.]
OK, maybe you're not ready for hands-on flying just yet, so, this is a model of your flyer bug.
Now, three key factors affect air speed: thrust, drag, and? [Keith.]
Monsters! Roar! I'm gonna eat you! No! Deploy sprinkles! Poof! Argh! My monster eyes! [groans.]
All right, that's it! New approach.
No more distractions.
If we're gonna win this race, we have to have a strict zero-fun policy.
Zero fun? But you said I know, I know.
But I was wrong.
From now on, I need you to stop goofing off and be absolutely serious, OK? Well, if you say so, then I guess I'll just have to [robotic whirring.]
Keith? Feels like you're headed in the wrong direction here.
[robotic whirring.]
[robotic beeping.]
What is my first objective? What is my first objective? Uh What? [whirs.]
Serious mode engaged.
Goofing off impossible.
Well, this is an all-new level of weird.
But I think we can make it work.
Pay attention.
Spinning out occurs when a flyer bug can't control its Y-axis rotation.
Turn it up! Whoa! Turn it on, now! Turn it up! What's wrong with you? Turn it up, now! Turn it up, now, louder and louder Wow! Keith is so so Amazing! Hold on to your hair, Trolls, because Keith has taken a commanding lead.
Must win race.
Must win race.
Whoo! And now, for an in-depth take, let's check with our color commentator.
Cooper, thoughts? Well, Poppy, my favorite color is red, or yellow, or really anything but blue.
You know what you did, blue! [robotic.]
Must win race.
Must win race.
Keith is spectacular.
He's a real Guy Diamond in the rough.
- [cheering.]
- Impressive mentoring, Branch! You're scoring off the charts, my man! Wahoo! Th-That's impossible.
He's He's so far ahead.
Is he? Well, what do you know.
I care so little about winning, I didn't notice how thoroughly Keith was defeating your pupil, Creek.
- [chuckles.]
Ah, good times.
- [grunts.]
With only one lap to go, Keith pulls in for his final pit stop.
Cooper, color commentary? Purple, purple, purple.
Not to mention, green, green, brown.
How's it going up there? [whirs.]
Objective in sight.
Must win race.
Must win race.
So, still weird, but the right kind of weird.
Perfect! Go, go, go! Wahoo! [grunts.]
This is so much fun! Well, it's going to be even more fun when we teach Branch a lesson.
[crowd cheering.]
Must win race.
Must win race.
How is she going so fast? Booster bugs? Creek! That's unfair! Not that I care about winning! Yay! I know! It's about having fun! Ha-ha-ha! Whoa! Look at Priscilla go! [Priscilla.]
Wahoo! [Creek.]
Don't worry, Branch.
There's nothing wrong with being [chuckles.]
second-best mentor.
Not a chance.
Keith, don't let all of my our work be for nothing.
You got to win this one, whatever it takes! [whirs.]
Must win race.
- Whatever it takes, Priscilla! - Whatever it takes, Keith! Whatever it takes! Whatever it takes! Wow! He's fast! [laughs.]
Yes! Nothing between me and victory now, Creek! But I can go faster! [sputtering.]
- [screaming.]
- [beeping.]
[both gasp.]
Oh, no! I don't think she can hold on! Turquoise! Crimson! Periwinkle! [both.]
What have I done? Don't worry.
Keith can catch her.
Keith, you've got to turn around.
Priscilla needs you! [robotic.]
Must win race.
Must win race.
Must win race.
Keith! Forget about winning.
I was wrong to focus on that, OK? Now, please, Priscilla's in danger, and she needs your help.
You've got to save her! [echoing.]
You've got to save her! - [non-robotic.]
Save her? - [Priscilla screams.]
- [crowd gasps.]
- Priscilla! [Priscilla whimpers.]
[gasps and cheering.]
Yes! He did it! He did it! Chartreuse! [cheering continues.]
[both laugh.]
[both grunt.]
Oh, well! [laughter.]
In addition to sharing the most thrilling moment in Grand Prix history, I am happy to announce that by crossing the finish line on the same bug, Keith and Priscilla tied for last place! [crowd cheering.]
Well, bud, sorry it's not first place.
I never cared about that.
Just between you and me, I'm a bit of a goof-off.
In that case, shall we? Yeah! [laughter continues.]
[Keith continues laughing.]
OK, Keith, that's enough fun for now! Keith? Keith? Keith! It's hair-tug-of-war time! The winning team goes home victorious, while the losing team gets pulled in a pit of frosting.
[all gasp.]
Embarrassing and delicious.
- [whistle blows.]
- [grunting.]
Oh, my guh! The worm tugs with the heart of a champion! Give it all you've got, Mr.
D! Achoo! [low-pitch.]
Whoa! [whistle blows.]
We fell in the frosting.
- Yay! - Wahoo! [Guy.]
We want in! [all cheering.]
Achoo! [all.]
Aw! Even his sneeze is adorable.
Achoo! OK, now he's just showing off.
Uh Biggie, I think something might be wrong.
Something wrong with Mr.
Dinkles? [Milton.]
Say "meep.
" [Mr.
- Achoo! - [Biggie.]
I know it's not a cold, because with a cold he gets so sluggish, and he's as worm-ish as ever.
- Achoo! - Do you know what it could be, Milton? Hm.
Let me test his reflexes.
Huh? Appears to be normal.
Our little friend here doesn't have a cold.
He has an allergy.
An allergy? To what? Could be anything, really.
Like this mushroom.
- [gasps.]
- Or that rock.
- [gasps.]
- Or that rock.
- Achoo! - [gasps.]
What is wrong with you? I'm sorry, Biggie, but I think he's allergic to you.
What? Not to Biggie! He can't be.
If it was, then when I pulled him close to me, he would Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! No, no, no, no! He is allergic to me! Actually, it's your hair.
Critters can develop allergies to certain types of Troll hair over time.
And I'm afraid there is no known cure.
[both gasp.]
Except for this one.
- [both.]
- That's convenient.
Yay! - Not a moment to waste! - But But, Biggie Here goes nothing.
Huh? This is for Dinkles.
Better go with the full treatment.
[screaming continues.]
Fifty-eight, 59 [watch beeps.]
- Ah.
- Milton, Biggie's been gone for a while.
Think he's having trouble with the elixir? Does this answer your question? - Oh! - Wow! Meep! Yay! [laughs.]
Oh, Dinkles! Ah Ah - Oh, no.
- Ah choo! [all groaning.]
It It It didn't work.
Please, Milton, you've got to have an extra-strength elixir.
Or an extra-extra-strength one.
- Or an extra-extra-extra-extra-extra - Biggie! Shh-shh-shh.
He understands.
Anything more powerful? I'm so sorry, but, no.
If that didn't work, I'm afraid the only other treatment is separation.
[Biggie screaming.]
Good morning, Mr.
How did you sleep? Oh, right.
This is the fantasy where we're separated.
Isn't it great that we live together now, Mr.
Dinkles? I have a triple sad-berry cake with lonesome-frosting.
For one? That's me.
No! I will not let that happen! That's the spirit, Biggie.
We can find a way to beat this allergy.
Maybe you and Dinkles can still spend time together.
Just keep a little distance.
All right, Mr.
D, it's time for your favorite story.
- "Once upon a time " - [Mr.
- [yells.]
I said, "Once upon a time " - Meep.
I said, "Once upon a time" [Smidge.]
Oh, my guh! Pick a different book! We've all heard this one! [Cooper.]
Yeah! Sorry! Achoo! [humming tune.]
Poppy! I figured out how to stop Mr.
D from sneezing! Ta-da! Meep.
He hasn't sneezed once since he's been in there.
Well, are you sure he's safe rolling around in a ball outside? Of course.
He does it all the time inside.
What's the difference? - [giggling.]
- [gasps.]
D! [low-pitch scream.]
Meep! [Biggie screams.]
I'm getting closer, Mr.
D! Almost got you! No! [grunts.]
Yoga, yoga [grunts.]
D, I'm coming! Mr.
Dinkles! I've got you now! [shrieks.]
Wait up! [low-pitch scream.]
Sorry, Biggie.
He just can't control the ball out here.
You're right.
But I can.
Branch, could you build a ball big enough for me to fit inside? It would really help me and Mr.
I know it's an odd request.
It's not odd at all, Biggie.
I mean, if it was for Gary, I'd probably do the same thing.
Really? But he's just a remote control.
- He doesn't even have - Hey! Want me to build the ball or not? Sorry.
Yes, please.
Well, what do you think? It's perfect! [laughs.]
I'm coming, Mr.
D! - [beep.]
- Wahoo! [grunts.]
Should have built it outside.
I'm coming for you, Mr.
D! [sighs.]
Welcome to the first day of the rest of our lives, Mr.
- What do you want to do with it? Oh! - [watch chiming.]
Hug time! Well, that answers that.
Smidge! Biggie! No, wait! Biggie, don't! [Smidge screams.]
Sorry! Still figuring out how life in this ball works.
Ninety-eight, 99 100! Ready or not, here I come! [sighs.]
Found you.
How did you? Oh.
Now, here you go, Biggie.
Your favorite.
Delicious! [shrieks.]
No! No, no, no! [sobs.]
Rocky road! Meep.
What? No, Mr.
Sure, "living in a ball is a heavy mantle for one's soul to bear" - poetically said, by the way - but if it means we can be together, it's for the best, right? - [squawks.]
- What's this? [caws.]
D? No, you can't! Leave us alone! [grunts.]
Dinkles! Vicious bird, stay away from my worm! [squawks.]
He's not a snack! No, no, no, no! [grunts.]
Don't you make me do something we'll both regret! [squawks.]
He almost ate Mr.
Dinkles! But he didn't! [Biggie.]
Whoa! Biggie, are you OK? No, Poppy.
I'm not.
I I can't live inside this ball.
It's no good for me or Mr.
So I want him to live with you.
- [gasps.]
- Oh, my guh.
That way, he'll be safe from birds, allergies, and everything else.
Will you do that? Well, yeah.
But, Biggie, I I don't know what to say.
I know, Mr.
It's not what I want, either but it's what's best for you.
And that's what matters to me most.
Goodbye, my friend.
Wherever you go in this crazy world, whatever you do, may you always Achoo! Wait, what? I'm still in the ball! How are you sneezing? My bad! I have a certain type of hair that makes critters sneeze sometimes.
Achoo! That's why Milton Moss told me to drink this elixir.
[steam whistle blares.]
It does not taste good! [cackles.]
"Drink" the elixir? - I'll be right back! - But, Biggie, you could drink it here! That makes a lot of sense.
[steam whistle blares.]
Now, to test it.
Biggie and Mr.
D, back together forever! - Yeah! - All right! Seems like Biggie found his happy ending.
Warms the heart, doesn't it, Gary? - [Gary sneezes.]
- Oh, no!