Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (2018) s07e05 Episode Script

Extreme Sleepover Club - Vega Swift

1 Put your hair up in the air - Live it up - Hey! Every day you wake up singing - Turn it up - Whoo! The party's just beginning All together, you and me Hair in the air, we're a family We got everything we need Hair in the air Because we're proud to be Celebrating who we are Yeah, we made it through the dark Harmony is everywhere Put your hair up in the air Put your hair up in the air Next up on our Fun Time Factory tour, get ready for a live demonstration of cake sprinkling by our own Klaus Von Frousting.
You want to see the sprinkles, ja? - All right! Yeah! - Yeah, yeah, yeah! The sprinkles cannot hear you! - Wahoo! - Yeah! - [Guy.]
All right! - [Smidge.]
Yeah! [bellows.]
Where to next, Tug? What other wonders does this palace of party hold? You'll never forget our next stop.
The exit! Huh? Oh, come on, Tug.
We barely saw anything today.
Untrue! We got to see self-twisting balloon animals! Elaborate backdrops for theme parties! Yeah! Lagoon party! - Wahoo! - [whistle bellows.]
Huh? [Tug.]
And a brief encounter with Sky Toronto himself! - Tug.
- Sky! We're done here.
But all good things must come to an end.
And we're leaving, we're leaving, we're leaving This is such a special place.
So much happiness.
I could spend an entire day here.
We might not be able to spend the day, but what about the night? Oh.
[both laugh.]
I hereby call to order this emergency meeting of the Extreme Sleepover Club.
Step forward when you hear your nome de slumber.
Big Sleep.
Forty Winks.
The Napster.
Oh, right, that's me! [laughs.]
Fellow sleepover enthusiasts, we joined this storied club with one mission - to push the traditional boundaries of sleepover fun.
Together, we have held slumber parties in locations never dreamed possible.
Well, tonight our dance continues.
Are you with me? Of course, Lil' Cozy! We took an oath.
And it shall not be broken tonight.
A night of endless joy.
When the sun sets, the fun rises.
No rules allowed, only smiles and surprises.
Friends bound together, making pillow forts and memories.
Let us endeavor to make sleepovers exemplary! Extreme Sleepover Club! [snoring.]
[doors creaking.]
Oh, yeah.
It's glorious! Let's get to it! [laughter and cheering.]
Hey, guys, look! A gift-wrapping machine! Let's give it a whirl! [whirring.]
[bell dings.]
Whoa! We'll watch it come out the other end! [giggles.]
[bell dinging.]
Wow! So, this is where confetti comes from.
I always thought it was just tiny pieces of cut-up paper.
- Hm? - Confetti fight! [chuckles.]
[laughter continues.]
Where's Guy? I'm at DEFCON-fetti One, y'all! Whoa! Look what we found! The noisemaker maker's work bench! Just adding the finishing touches.
Oh, my guh! Oh, my guh! [noisemaker.]
Meep! [noisemaker fanfare.]
Noise! Noise! - It's a - Noise! maker! - It makes - Noise! - Ooh! A mystery party fog machine! - [beep.]
Smidge, what do you have? - A winter party snow machine! - [beep.]
Yay! [both.]
Cooper! Cooper! Get ready for the power of the lightning machine! Guys, look! Sky's newest board games! [both.]
New games! New games! I'll be back, machine.
- Oh, my guh! This new game is hilarious! - All right, Biggie, it's your turn.
Poppy, King Peppy, Nova Swift: Hug, hi-five, tickle.
Go! Hm.
Ooh! Um Well, I would definitely hug Poppy.
King Peppy, uh I guess I'd hug him, too.
And Nova Yep, I'd hug them all.
Correct! [laughter.]
Do you guys realize that every party in the Village starts here? It's the heart of so much happiness! And now, somehow, I love it more than ever! Pillow forts and memories.
Pillow forts and memories.
- [Sky.]
Attention intruders! - [alarm buzzing.]
Attention intruders! Attention intruders! [whimpering.]
All your mischief is for naught.
Rest assured, you will be caught.
Do not mistake my rhyming for whimsy.
This is serious.
Intruders? In the factory? Where? En garde, poopers of parties! We will defend the factory to the last Troll! [gasps.]
Oh, my guh! I think he means us! Us? - [gasps.]
- Me? An intruder? The damage to my reputation will be devastating! Or maybe a hint of bad boy is just what I've been missing.
When I catch you, your punishment will be severe.
Tonight will be your last time here.
Again, accidental rhyming.
I mean to say, you're going to get a lifetime ban.
- [echoing.]
ban, ban, ban - [thunder crashes.]
- [beep.]
- [cackles.]
Told you I'd be back, machine.
- [beep.]
- [cackles.]
A lifetime ban? A ban for a lifetime? A time for a ban life? Sense making I'm not! [hyperventilating.]
Easy now, Lil' Cozy.
- Breathe into this.
- [inhales.]
Your fun here is through; I'm coming for you.
- [beep.]
- Not intentional rhyming.
Every Troll for themselves! [panting.]
You can't hide fro - Hm.
- [rustling.]
A-ha! A-ha! - The nesting piñata.
- [mariachi fanfare.]
The party favor that keeps on giving.
Achoo! Wait a minute.
The sneezing disco ball - another brilliant idea from yours truly.
A-ha! The Cooper Lamp.
Not my best idea.
[all panting.]
Look! I think we can make it! [cheering.]
Party backdrop.
[cackles and groans.]
I know you're all around here somewhere.
Oh, my guh! We're doomed! Guys, come with me! I've found the perfect spot to hide! We can stay here as long as we need.
I grabbed the necessities.
Food, water, and strongly scented cinnamon spice candles.
No! [sniffs.]
Do I smell water? Oh, my guh! Time to see what this is all about.
Whoever's in there must come out.
That rhyming was intentional.
Show yourself! [buzzer.]
Oh, this is it! Banned from the factory for life! At least we will have each other in our misery.
No, we won't! - What? - This is the night I've always dreamed of.
If this was my last night here, it was worth it! No, Smidge! You can't! Pillow forts and memories! [snores.]
[low pitch.]
No! [ding.]
Now, show yourself! [chuckles.]
Says here in your customer file: "Feisty, loyal, unexpectedly vulnerable.
" Smidge, you seem a good Troll.
I'm sorry to do this, but you're banned.
I'm really sorry, Sky.
I didn't know I was breaking the rules.
It was just supposed to be a night of endless joy.
- endless joy - Hm? endless joy Did you say, "A night of endless joy"? When the sun sets the fun rises! No rules allowed only smiles and surprises! Friends bound together, making pillow forts and memories.
Let us endeavor to make sleepovers exemplary! [snoring.]
You know the Slumberer's Oath! Well, I ought to.
I'm a founding member of the Extreme Sleepover Club.
Why do you think I'm here in the night? Nothing beats a sleepover at the factory with your best friends.
Best friends? Hm? - Have they been here the whole time? - Never mind that.
Where are the others? - Everybody ready? - [others.]
Ready! [all.]
Extreme Sleepover Club! Troll Village, time for another Trend Report, where we hear what's hot and what's even hotter from our very own Nova Swift! [cheering.]
Thank you, nuggets! But I must inform you that I will not be sharing my opinions tonight.
- [gasps and murmuring.]
- But how will we know what to enjoy? I need guidance! Instead, this report will be given by two Trolls whose taste-making skills equal my own.
My interns, Satin and Chenille! [cheering.]
Satin and Chenille? [sighs.]
Thank you for such a glamorous opportunity, Nova! I still can't believe it's happening! Oh, nuggets, it's not happening! - [twins.]
Huh? - This is a dream! [cackling.]
Wait, what? [alarm blaring.]
- [alarm stops.]
- [both gasp.]
- We overslept again! - I know! So we're already behind on our daily intern tasks! - I know! - And we have really bad morning breath! I know! [both groan.]
Intern task one: Get Nova's coffee.
Tall, half-caf Trollberry latte, extra whip, hold the latte! Hurry! That's just a cup of whipped cream! She said hurry! [barista whimpers.]
Intern task six: Pick up Nova's clothes from the glitter-cleaners.
- [bell dings.]
- [twins gasp.]
Thank you.
Task 13-B: Walk Nova's puppy.
- [growling.]
- [twins scream.]
- [panting.]
- [twins scream.]
Final task: Help with Trend Report rehearsal! [screams.]
This is it, Trail Villains.
Time for another Friend Retort from our very own Nina Sworft? Sorry.
My spelling's terrible.
[laughs and grumbles.]
We're here! At ease, guys.
Nova's running late.
[both groan.]
Oh, what's wrong? Are you not enjoying your internship? What? No! Of course we are.
But we do the same tiny jobs every day.
We keep hoping for some more fabulous responsibilities.
Yeah, like all the glamorous things Nova gets to do.
Mm, I don't know, guys.
Nova is amazing, but I bet if you walked a mile in her hair, you'd see her life isn't as glamorous as it seems.
[disco music.]
Greetings, nuggets! [photographer.]
No way! Nova Swift! Her life is exactly as glamorous as it seems! Sorry I'm late, but I have news.
My sizzle-umptious cousin just dropped in for a visit.
Perhaps you've heard of her.
Vega Swift.
[both gasp.]
No, we haven't.
Well, you're going to.
She's the next big thing.
We're gonna have the most delicious time! Hanging with a cousin of yours? So glamorous.
What am I thinking? Tonight's the Trend Report.
Well, dress me in beige.
Who will entertain my cousin? [gasps.]
I know! [both gasp.]
- I'll have to cancel with Vega.
- What? Nova, no! Let us do it.
You, my darling twinterns? Are you certain you're up for it? One hundred percent certain.
I'd swear Satin's life on it! [Satin growls.]
Well, that would be exquisite! I'll bring her out right now.
Without further ado, I give you the one, the only [mimics drumroll.]
Vega Swift! [both gasp.]
[pram wheels squeaking.]
She's a baby? [laughs.]
No, nuggets.
She's the baby.
And I know you'll just take excellent care of her.
Actually, Nova And, who knows, do a good job with this and there may be even better opportunities in your future.
[both gasp.]
OK, have fun.
I'm off to wardrobe! [pram wheels squeaking.]
I hope we know what we're doing.
We can do this, Satin.
According to this Troll baby how-to guide, Troll babies are very easy to keep happy.
- Hug? - [twins.]
Aw! She's so cute! Aw! Hug? [twins.]
No! Vega, those are sharp! Let's put you somewhere safe.
Hug? [twins gasp.]
Buggy! [twins.]
No! [groaning.]
[Vega giggles.]
[sheepish chuckling.]
[trills lips.]
Here comes the fire bug.
"For obvious reasons, Troll babies love food.
" Open wide! Yours! Yours! "It's their favorite thing to share.
" Sounds like a Troll.
No, sweetie.
- Baby Vega has to eat.
- Yours! - Yours! - Yours! [giggles.]
Yours! [screams.]
It says that Troll babies are still learning to control their hair, so always make sure she wears her [clattering.]
- What happened to her bonnet? - Don't you have it? [twins scream.]
Oh, no! [screaming continues.]
We need help! You think? Sorry to spring this on you last second, Gia but everyone knows you're the best babysitter in the Village.
Happy to help.
You guys are always there when I have a fashion emergency.
Don't worry.
I will make sure Vega has a great time at my day care.
She'll fit right in here.
Ooh! - [pumping dance music.]
- [babies giggling.]
Goo-goo, ga-ga.
Actually, it looks kind of fun.
- [baby.]
Hug? - Hm? Hug? Huggy! - Hug! - Hug! [babies.]
Hug! Hug! Hug! [twins groan.]
Never mind! There, back to normal.
Now when Nova comes to pick her up, she'll never know we couldn't handle Vega.
And just maybe, she'll give us more glamorous responsibilities.
- [Gia.]
Emergency! - [twins gasp.]
Vega's escaped! - What? - How? I just turned away for a second, and [pumping dance music.]
Hug Nova! I have a bunch of fresh garms for this Trend Report.
You're really gonna love it.
Hug? Hug.
Hug? Thanks for coming with me, Queen Poppy.
This Trend Report is gonna be so much cooler than that time Branch was my model.
- And for Satin and Chenille.
- Hug? [Nova laughs.]
Huggy! She could be anywhere by now! [gasps.]
We must find that baby! There they are.
Samples of all the upcoming crazes that I'll unveil at tonight's Trend Report.
Like these new carbonated cupcakes.
Oh-ho-ho! Yes, it's all very sizzle, but I still don't have an opener for the big show.
- Hm.
- Um [twins panting.]
Nova! - Did she see us? - I don't think so.
Look! Hug? [both gasp.]
Quick! [whispering.]
Vega! Hu Did you hear something? Nugget, I'm Nova Swift; I hear everything.
And no.
- Hug? - Shh! [twins sigh.]
Phew! Crisis averted.
- Wahoo! - [both laugh.]
- [twins.]
Uh-oh! - [Vega giggles.]
[twins scream.]
- [twins scream.]
- [clattering.]
OK, I definitely heard something.
Nuggets! [twins gasp.]
Where's Vega? Is she OK? [Vega giggling.]
Of course.
She's perfectly fine.
We've been totally responsible with her.
What's behind you? [twins.]
Nothing! [Nova.]
Nuggets, I'm confused.
And confusion is very last season.
- Nova - we have something to say.
Go on.
We offered to take care of Vega because we thought it would be glamorous.
But it was so tough.
Yeah, Satin really struggled.
Worth a shot.
We let you down.
Nuggets you didn't let me down.
We didn't? [chuckles.]
Oh, no.
I know what it's like to struggle.
Believe me, my life is not as glamorous as it seems.
So you're not mad? Oh, why be mad? Just because it brings out the color of my eyes? Not worth it! Besides, I've already thought of a way you two can make up for it.
- Of course! - Anything! Do the Trend Report with me? [both gasp.]
With you? You'd let us do that? Absolutely! And I think I just figured out what the opener should be.
- [dance music.]
- [Nova.]
Oh, thank you, nuggets! [cheering.]
I am Nova Swift, here with my fabulous co-presenters, Satin and Chenille! [cheering.]
Presenting the hottest new trend [both.]
baby couture! - [cheering.]
- [Vega.]
Ooh! Ready, set, pose Eyes on you, baby Go ahead and do what you do How you do, baby This is your runway, ready, set, pose Ready, set, pose, switch Told you she's the next big thing.
That's a wrap.