True Beauty (2009) s02e04 Episode Script

Finding The Ring

I'm gonna miss you, girl.
In the challenge Hi, guys! It was all about being the host with the most.
"Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps.
" So what-- Another question.
(chokes back laugh) Whoo! We love Vegas! She's a dingbat.
Ouch! Craig prevailed Congratulations, Craig.
As Taylor and Liz bottomed out.
But at the elimination, they were shocked With unexpected news.
You are both safe.
Regina, you violated our show's rules.
We have no choice but to disqualify you.
Tonight, seven beautiful people remain To compete for $100,000 cash And a featured photo in "people" magazine.
In the end, only one will have what it takes To emerge as the true beauty.
(David) who do you think's coming back? Taylor.
Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.
I think we're all gonna agree it's Taylor.
(David) the whole house feels That Liz is going home, the whole house.
We should set up for Taylor's coming back.
Waiting for Taylor, uh, to come back, we all Lined up shots for him, And we were just like little girls, you know, On, like, Christmas morning.
do, do, do, do, do, do Taylor is coming home (laughs) (Liz) I would have loved to have come home alone Because Taylor has qualities about him That sets him back in this competition.
What are some of the qualities that she says That it's holding me back? 'cause I-I said-- you got a lot of negative vibes that come off of you.
And I think-- and--and you could be a little bit more positive.
Liz, I think you need to look at the common denominator And all the drama in the house-- it has been you.
I'm not a doctor.
I don't have a degree in psychology, But I'm pretty sure Liz is bipolar.
Her picture's in the dictionary.
I want you to go around And ask every person in this house tonight, "who is the most hated person in the house?" I don't want to ask anybody in the house Who I want-- so I'm not the one bringing negativity.
You are.
I'm not here for no one but me.
We're here to become friends, or we're here to compete? People are forgetting what they're really here for.
I want to be here Because I want to win.
And I am The face of Vegas.
(girls laughing) it's--if it's Liz that walks through here, We are all gonna feel like idiots.
Nobody wants Liz in this house-- not one person does-- Well, except for Craig, 'cause Craig loves Liz.
I kinda feel bad for her, 'cause even though she's crazy and wild, You know what? I'll kinda miss her a little bit.
If she comes back, I'm still gonna treat her like the psycho crazy bitch she is.
(cheering) (David) oh, my God! What up, baby?! What up?! I was right! Hey, I was right! (laughing) They were all screaming and jumping, And everybody was just super excited, But then Ohh! dun, dun, dun Shut up! She did.
Where's Regina? What happened? Where did she go? I don't care.
I'm just happy to be here.
Why is Liz back? I thought she was gone for good.
How did this happen? Why, God? Why? Are these the shots we're all gonna take? (Craig) yeah.
(Amy) actually, no, they're not.
(laughs) They were for the seven of us That, you know, fought for this the right way.
And, of course, Liz wants to drink right away.
The last thing that we all want to do is give Liz some alcohol.
Give me a drink.
Aah! Get away from me! Oh, God.
Get away from me! Whoo! That's the last thing on our minds.
(David) wow.
What a weird day.
(Craig) well, at least-- you know what? Let's celebrate.
From the second Liz opened the door, it was a nightmare.
It was a nightmare.
(creepy music playing) What's up? I love living with guys.
You get a sense, you know, Of what guys really do every day.
(Amy) I would say all the girls Are pretty much in the mirror all the time, But Craig takes it to a whole new level.
He rubs cocoa butter (squish) From his toes to his face.
(Craig) I love cocoa butter.
It makes you feel good.
It makes you smell good.
(squishing) It keeps your skin moist and looking young.
(squish) it's an island secret.
I rub cocoa butter everywhere.
(squishing) Really, Craig? (Amy laughing) it's so gross.
Something is very wrong with that.
(David) oh, my gosh.
Dude, today and tomorrow Are intense days astrologically-- Huge, actually-- And I'm really starting to feel it right now.
(David) how about I do a little astro reading for everybody? Who wants to go first? David's super passionate about his, like, Pseudo-hippie, feng shui Astrology psychobabble.
(clock ticking) the universe is gonna unveil things in your inner child In what your dreams are And rejuvenation.
So right now, Pluto's in Capricorn.
It hasn't been there since 1776, so what is Capricorn Especially, like, the challenge And all that get to you, dude, Because Mercury's retrograding right now.
(sighs) everyone was just, like, rolling their eyes.
And it's just like come on, come on.
So don't stick to any old ways.
If "I've always wanted to be like this," You will be, like, completely changed.
(Taylor) breakfast is here? Oh, thank God.
This is just horrible.
Really? Wow.
Good morning, Beth and Carson.
Good morning.
Hey, Vanessa.
This week, our contestants will be taking part In a sexy photo shoot Cool.
For an advertisement for the hotel's buffet.
They're gonna be wearing nothing but food.
Oh, wow.
Okay, yum.
And the fun part About this episode is you guys Get to judge their final advertisement.
Also, I've set up a little hidden challenge.
Surprise, surprise.
Of course.
Surprise, surprise.
I want to know If our contestants have compassion.
We want to see if they'll help a person in need.
Oh, I should hope so.
I do, too, but we never know.
So, Carson, you go tell the contestants what's going on.
And we'll be here waiting for your return.
I'll go explain the challenge Du jour.
(giggles) Good morning! Room service! (Erika) good morning! (Taylor) oh, ho! What've we got? Hello.
Everyone, gather around.
It's not breakfast, but it's a delicious idea.
(laughs) Carson came in With a little roly ditty, And he had little domes that had plates underneath it, So I instantly knew this was gonna do something with food.
We all know that Vegas is famous for its all-you-can-eat buffets.
But when you think of them, you don't always think That they're very sexy or very cool.
But that's where you guys come in, Because you're gonna change all of that.
You are actually gonna design a new ad campaign For the buffet here at planet Hollywood.
You will be posing for a sexy billboard photo Wearing nothing but The food under these domes.
(boing) I'm confident with my body.
You know, I've been told my body is actually perfect.
To pick your food, I'm gonna give you numbers.
This next challenge we have is awesome.
I'm really excited for this one.
I could sell anything.
I could sell fruit.
I could sell vegetables.
I could sell used cars.
I could sell tires.
I could sell boats.
I could sell carpet.
I could sell anything in this world.
Okay, who has number 1? Okay, come up and choose your food.
(dome clangs) okay.
Your muffins bring all the boys to the yard.
I'm just thinking out loud here.
Okay, who has number 2? That would be me.
Come on down.
(sighs) Okay.
(all) oh! Oh, no! (Craig) hey! It's moving! It's moving! (Amy) oh, my God! Aah! That is not okay.
I don't--aah! (boing, boing) (Erika) no! I have crabs-- um, not literally-- But, you know, I had crabs to use as my prop.
Um, that's freaking me out.
Okay, Taylor.
You have sushi.
(sighs) all right, Michelle.
Oh, my gosh.
I don't know.
Vegetables? All right.
David, come get your food.
Fruit! (all laugh) You have ice cream.
Yeah! (David) I think Erika's boobs help her Just because of the sheer fact Of a girl covered in ice cream and sauce Will sell anything.
Boobs sell.
(whip cracks) and now number 7.
What is that? I had no idea what that was.
It looked like ramen noodles, meatballs and peppers.
It's Italian.
It's pasta.
So you'll be modeling pasta today.
(boing) (David) I think Amy's gonna have The hardest time with this challenge, Especially because she's very self-conscious Of the way she looks, And pasta isn't the sexiest thing in the world.
So the ad campaigns will be judged on three criteria-- Your appearance, the creativity of your slogan And the overall look of the photo.
The best ad campaign will be our winner.
The bottom two ad campaigns Will be the two that go to the final face-off Where one person will be sent home, okay? Good luck.
Have fun.
Bon appétit.
I'm out of here.
(Michelle) yes, thank you.
If I don't win this competition, Then that means that I'm going home, But I don't think Liz is going anywhere.
Losing is not an option for me.
Up next So I want to be holding the banana like it's my junk.
(boing) yeah, that's perfect.
Okay, here we go.
The contestants think The photo shoot is the whole challenge (camera shutter clicking) Last one.
(whines) But how they react to a test of compassion (yawns loudly) Will be the real sign of true beauty.
Wow! (Taylor) let's do this.
All right, let's go.
So we're all going to the photo shoot, And I'm definitely a little nervous.
We're supposed to be naked.
(giggles) I've never posed naked.
I've never, like, done anything, Like, topless or anything like that.
(Michelle) my dad's gonna love seeing this.
(Taylor) at least your crotch isn't gonna smell like raw fish.
All right, looks like we're here.
That's crazy.
Now that they've arrived at the photo studio, The contestants are going to meet with a food stylist To create their ad campaign.
But as we know, there's also a hidden camera challenge.
Of course.
Here's how it's gonna go down-- One by one, our contestants will plan out their ad campaign While the assistant Emily is cleaning up.
What our contestants don't know Is that Emily is in on it.
(bell dings) (whip cracks) Emily is going to pretend To lose her engagement ring in the trash.
We want to know If the contestants will have compassion And actually help her dig through the trash.
Asking them to dig through garbage Is a lot to ask, but ultimately, the right thing to do.
So I guess we just have to see what happens.
Let's see.
Hey In the trash? Well, I-I-I'm pretty sure it's in here.
I know it's in this room.
Here, I'll help you look.
"I'll help you look.
" Sweet.
(bell dings) Go, Amy.
Oh, Liz.
I say she will.
I lost my ring.
Oh, my God.
I know.
I feel sorry for you.
"I feel sorry for you," but not enough to get up.
"I feel sorry for you"! But not enough to get up.
(gong chimes) No heart-- could care less.
Erika--she'll help.
Are you all right? You looking for something? I lost my ring.
Oh, I feel horrible.
Will she get her hands dirty, though? Will she get in the trash? (gasps) oh, my God.
You poor thing.
She's so perky and sweet.
If she can't find it, she'll go mine a new diamond And chisel a new ring and present it to her.
It's disgusting.
Well, I know it's gross, but you gotta find your ring.
(bell dings) wow.
Oh, good job.
She's really sweet.
All right, your boy Craig.
I lost my ring.
Did you? Yeah.
Well, good luck.
I hope you find it.
That sucks.
(Carson and Beth) "good luck.
I hope you find it"?! (gong chimes) Wow.
He failed.
I lost my ring.
I'm sure it's in this room, And I'm pretty sure it's in this trash.
Aw! What kind of ring are we looking for? My engagement ring.
That is kind of important.
(bell dings) He is the nicest person ever.
I lost my ring.
(chuckles) Oh, really? I'll help you find it.
Oh, she's looking everywhere.
It didn't fall down here, did it? Oh, she's precious.
She's on the ground looking.
Did you drop it in the trash? (bell dings) I like that I'm learning a little more about Michelle.
Yeah, she's kind of been unnoticed thus far.
She hasn't done anything terrible.
She hasn't done anything great.
That was something great.
She was on her hands and knees.
She was up.
She was looking.
She was everywhere.
She really cared.
What do you think, Vanessa? You know what? These contestants have yet to cease to amaze us.
(garbage rustling) I lost my ring.
No! Oh, yeah.
My engagement ring.
Oh, no.
"oh, no.
" oh, come on.
He was doing all of his emotions.
He did "surprised," and then he did "concerned," But he didn't get his ass off the chair.
(garbage rustling) He sees her going through the disgusting garbage Ahh.
And he is yawning.
Wow! (gong chimes) wow.
(David) hey, was there a lady looking for her ring When you were in there? Yeah.
(Erika) did you guys help her? I was thinking about it, But I was like, jeez, hello, I am in the middle of, you know, waiting To go get this done.
(Vanessa and Carson) "I'm in the middle of waiting.
" I'm in the middle of doing nothing right now.
No, I got stuff to do.
I-I just don't even deal with people like that.
I didn't help her.
I was like, "oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
She was freaking out, And that's why I felt so horrible.
I didn't fly all the way out here To go help a girl with her ring and then lose the show.
The person that stops and says, "well, you know what? I should help this person," Now they may lose because they decided to help, But that's the point of the game.
(Michelle) that's so mean! It's not mean.
It's the truth! Come on.
But it's just like-- Just like we didn't fly all the way out here to-- it's just somebody's ring, You know what I mean? It's not like it--it's an accessory, Like, "oh, I lost my bracelet.
" It's--she lost an engagement ring.
That has a lot of meaning to it, you know? No, I get what you're saying.
"it's just somebody's ring"? I help people every day.
That's what I do.
My job right now is to pay attention to this game.
(whistles) No, that shows that he's very one-dimensional.
I just can't believe it.
"right now, I am in a competition.
" Craig and David both better have the best slogan And the best photograph.
Of them all.
Okay, so now it's time for our photo shoot.
It's gonna be interesting, and I can't wait to see What the contestants come up with.
Because they're--it could be really, really creative, Or it could go terribly wrong, you know? Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Both Craig and David better have the best slogan of them all.
And the best photograph.
All right, let's see what the contestants do.
I'm pumped, baby! (man) David, how's it going? The fruit man is here.
Uh, my name is Joaquin.
I'll be your photographer.
I'm stoked.
I'm--I don't know if you can tell, But I'm ready to go.
Let's do this! And I want to have some fruit around me, of course Okay.
But the main fruit is a banana, 'cause my whole slogan goes with peeling.
So I want to be holding the banana like it's my junk.
(boing) No, he didn't.
(Nina) do you want to sit Indian style, Other positioning or Maybe like this, 'cause I want to have that.
All right, sounds good.
That's, like, the main thing, is the banana's gonna act like-- It goes with my whole slogan.
Yeah, that's perfect.
(Joaquin) all right, looks good.
You ready? I'm ready.
Okay, here we go.
(camera shutter clicking) There you go.
That's it.
Good job, my man.
Thank you.
We have total control of this.
We get to create our own slogan for the ad, so it's awesome.
I have total control of this event.
That does look good.
Mmm, I'm getting hungry.
Okay, here we go.
Love it.
I was meant to do this.
I was put on this earth To look beautiful.
And you know, when I'm in front of the camera, Honestly, I don't feel like anyone's judging me.
I feel free.
Ah, that's fantastic.
So hot.
Okay? Now why couldn't have-- I have been a food stylist? Okay.
It felt like I was finally expressing myself And taking control of a challenge, And I-I-I totally loved it.
(Taylor laughing heartily) I think that I'm gonna win this challenge.
I really do.
I can feel, like, the energy.
I was good to go.
Okay, you ready? Beautiful.
That looks fantastic.
Someone's gonna compete.
"lettuce" entertain you.
(camera shutter clicking) fantastic.
Very nice.
(exhales) that's hard.
Oh, they are both alive.
I'm gonna have you just hold 'em for a minute.
Oh, ho! I hope he's wearing protection.
Ooh, little bastard.
He's feisty, huh? He bit me.
Here we go.
All right.
(camera shutter clicking) I hope that the judges look at my photo And see the risk that I took.
I mean, we're talking crabs crawling around down here, Claws and all.
There you go.
I took a risk.
Yeah, this one here.
(Joaquin) yeah, dude, I think that's your winner.
Yeah, I like this.
This is-- this is totally funky.
That's gonna get messy.
So is she the cherry on top? (Nina) you liking it? (Joaquin) yep.
I was a little nervous at first, But I feel like I've been playing the game, like, Sort of conservative.
I feel like I had to step up my game.
I'm hoping that it's not gonna hurt me.
You guys ready? (Erika) yep.
(camera shutter clicking) fantastic.
I love it.
That looks great.
Now it just looks like someone got sick.
Last one.
(whines) Beautiful noodles.
I haven't seen that many carbs, though, since '74.
You ready? Let me tell you how much fun it is To have refrigerated pasta all over your body.
Here we go.
Last one.
Good job.
It's so much fun.
Oh, okay.
You ready? Yeah, I'm ready.
Just rip it off like a band-aid? Yeah, go ahead.
Okay, here we go.
My photo shoot went I don't know.
It just looked really not attractive.
And I just didn't like it, Because I didn't feel like it flattered me at all.
My stomach looks like (bleep) in my picture.
Like, might as well give me my luggage and bring me here (sighs) And make me pack my (bleep).
I'm going home.
(sniffles) Don't just throw it all in yet.
It looks like I have five stomachs.
It really does.
It needs to be untwisted.
I look like I weigh 150 pounds In every single picture.
I look absolutely horrible.
I-I don't--I don't know why she's crying.
I-I don't know.
Maybe she wanted attention.
I don't know.
I mean (scoffs) I think you're gonna be okay.
(Michelle) Amy has been going through, Like, a little emotional roller coaster.
After every challenge, she's been getting upset.
And, like, I try not to be a bitch, But it gets annoying.
It gets so annoying.
Trust me when I tell you you're beautiful.
And if your face is conveying your message, And you--that's what they're going to be looking at.
They're not gonna be like, "oh, she shouldn't have eaten That much lunch today.
" (Taylor) here's what you have to be confident in-- Did you like your face? Yes.
Did you like your slogan? Yes.
Do you like the overall look, other than your stomach? Yes.
Then hallelujah! You have one negative in this entire picture Of criteria that they're voting for.
Move on.
I was trying not to be stern.
I was trying to be Comforting and compassionate, but, you know, Trying to kick her in the ass at the same time, Saying, "listen, this challenge is not over.
" You're gonna be absolutely fine.
Well, it's not you, The one that's, like, being put up in the picture.
It's not you, The one that gets to look like you're frickin' 200 pounds.
You don't look anywhere near 200 pounds.
Not even.
Like, 190 maybe, but 200 is ridiculous.
Thanks, Tay.
(sighing) up next, Beth and Carson weigh in on the ad campaign.
I hope this is a toro roll.
And they separate the good, the bad I thought condoms and s.
And the crabby.
We're talking about a buffet, not the free clinic.
(Taylor) it's the California Taylor roll.
That challenge is already out of our hands.
We did what we could do.
I'm just excited to see everyone's slogans, you know? I had nightmares all night last night because of that.
I just think that maybe I could have done much better.
I wasn't really so creative with my pose.
It was not enough.
Either they're gonna love it, or they're just gonna hate it.
(sighs) I'm interested to see What they say about my picture.
(Michelle giggles) It's either gonna be a hit, Or I'm gonna get really negative, you know? (whip cracks) I feel like this competition should really go to me.
And I just showed that I'm willing to do whatever.
(camera shutter clicks) I'm willing to go.
I'm willing to do it.
That's what taking a risk is all about, you know? Sometimes it's best to do that than play safe.
Yeah, I was like, "I'm not playing it safe.
" I knew, like, his mind and the way he thinks-- I was like, "oh, gosh, he's gonna do something with a banana In an area that sh-- bananas shouldn't go.
(boing) At least America will give me some props.
Here comes the hot buffet.
And how are you guys? (David) awesome.
(Craig) good.
Did you get the food off of all your nooks and crannies? It's all washed off.
Okay, good.
In my 25 years of modeling, I never had to work naked with food, So I give you props for that.
Thank you.
So now it's time to judge your photos.
The judges for this challenge are Beth and me.
We took a look at all of your photos, And we judged them on your appearance, Creativity of your slogan, And the overall look of the final photo.
Now the winner of this challenge will obviously stay In the competition.
The people with the two worst campaigns Will head to the final face-off, Where you'll have one last chance to plead your case Before Beth and me.
So let's take a look at the photos.
(Erika laughs) You've got a crotch full of sushi.
Um Sushi, some sashimi, Some shrimp.
I hope this is a toro roll and not what I think it is.
It's the California Taylor roll.
It's the Taylor roll, okay.
(Taylor) I think I did really well.
I was able to express myself and take control From start to finish, and I think it showed.
Your body looks smokin'.
I love the angle.
The problem I had with this was your face.
You've got a beautiful face.
You've gotta connect with the camera, With the photographer.
You want to lure your audience in.
If--if you're at that buffet and you're lookin' At the camera, I'm gonna be there.
Moving on to Liz.
"make your life sweeter with a little bit of brown sugar.
" I feel that you're too covered up.
Like, you have an amazing, gorgeous body.
You can't tell.
You could be chubby in this picture, You're hidden so much.
I just think you're prettier than this picture shows.
Let's move on.
(Erika laughs) So, Craig, you were working With the crab, or the crabs, um, which is hard to, You know, proclaim to the world That you've got crabs.
Uh It was a dirty job.
I happen to like your attitude in this photo.
I think you look like you're having fun.
I don't like the slogan.
"we've got crabs.
Get protection.
" Really? We're talking about a buffet, you know, Not the free clinic.
Right away, I thought condoms and s.
You are You say that like it's a bad thing.
Um For a buffet? At a restaurant, it is.
Yeah, you're right.
Okay, Michelle.
Your theme was vegetables.
So "lettuce" talk about this one.
(groans) But I really like this one.
It's still sexy.
It's still appealing.
But I think it's also-- It appeals to men and women, And it doesn't look off-putting in any way.
Sure, I'll take a Michelle salad With ranch on top.
Next we have David.
Oh, here we go.
(boing) Man.
(laughs) I can't even look at this one.
It actually makes me uncomfortable.
Really? Yeah.
In this business, you take a photo, It's there forever.
This is a photo That this is gonna come back and haunt you.
I mean, I just found it tasteless.
I think that you just went to the extreme, so Okay.
We didn't find it "a-peeling," pun intended.
Going into the challenge, I'm thinking that Dave would definitely be a threat.
Going out of the competition, I'm kind of like, Yeah, not so much.
Next up, we have Erika, And your theme was ice cream.
(mouthing words) (chimes tinkle) Tagline's okay.
I like the "indulge" part.
I think that, you know, is alluring.
I love this picture.
It's provocative.
It's sexy.
It's appealing.
I think it's beautiful.
I think that is a job well done.
(mouthing words) and then last but not least, We have Amy.
Take a look at Amy (beth) Amy.
In her Linguini bikini.
Whoo! Yeah, it's not good.
You're giving carbs a good name.
Um, you kind of look like you're in a carb coma, though.
It's a little uncomfortable-looking, maybe.
Amy, you couldn't even look at this photo.
I sensed that you were concerned about it.
Was there something that you were worried about? Just that I-I don't know, I look fat.
Fat? She's skinnier than 99% of the women out there.
She's--she's 105 pounds soaking wet, and she's walking around Thinking she's fat? It--I mean, it--I think it annoys everybody.
Your body is one thing that you should be very confident about.
You're lacking that confidence.
The face of Vegas, you know, Always looks good and looks confident.
So we have the results for you.
It was a very close competition, But we can only have one winner.
And that winner is So we have the results for you.
It was a very close competition, But we can only have one winner.
And that winner is Erika.
Ad campaigns were Craig, David And Liz.
(mouths word) Liz You are safe and will remain in the competition.
David and Craig, you guys are obviously heading To the final face-off, Where you'll have one last chance To make your final plea before Beth and me To see whether you stay in this competition Or whether we send you home.
Thank you, all.
Thanks, guys.
I'm not even scared or nervous.
I'm gonna go in there And just be, like, "yo, are you joking? You thought it was that bad?" Me popping a banana off and peeling-- I should be able to do that, Because that's what this place represents.
This place is the "city of sin," And I'm getting in trouble for sinning in the city of sin? That's like going to Disneyland and getting in trouble For having fun.
Yeah, I can't believe that I'm gonna go in there-- Like, I can't believe I'm standing here right now.
Are you joking me? I put my (bleep) ass on the line No, you shouldn't-- don't drop f-bombs In your speech.
Don't do the f-bombs.
Honestly, I want Dave to come back.
I enjoy Dave's company Just because his energy is so good.
And plus, I see Craig as bigger competition than David, also.
So strategically for me, would I want somebody to come back That would be tougher for me to beat? Well, brother This is it, my friend.
This is totally it right here, baby.
It's the crab against the banana.
It is.
Craig doesn't even know what he's gonna get! He doesn't even know.
He's not that pumped like me.
He doesn't want it that much.
I want it way more than he does, way more.
I'm gonna miss you, brother.
You know, you keep it real up there in Canada.
(laughs) David is no competition for me.
I've risen above on every challenge, and he hasn't.
Well, if I don't come home, It's because I'm too (bleep) hard For Las Vegas.
(laughter) (Craig) see you, guys.
See you later.
Sooner than later.
That's right.
Love you guys.
Love you, too.
Okay, so you guys have decided That Craig and David are our bottom two this week.
Both of their ads were in poor taste.
I-I agree.
David's just looked bad.
Craig--I thought his tagline was terrible.
There were inappropriate sexual connotations to both.
I'd have to agree with you.
Those slogans were in pretty bad taste.
So the bottom two this week is definitely a unanimous decision.
So now what we need to decide is which one of these contestants Goes home Right.
And which one stays.
So Neither have been angels, Let's be honest.
The thing that sticks out with me with Craig From the beginning is that he stole his outfit.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Okay, no one needs to know.
Taking the vest was really bad.
And then from then on, I think he's been kind of okay.
But Craig failed the Penn & teller challenge And gave the secret away.
I was set up.
I had the thumb in my hand.
I had the hanky here.
I performed it.
They liked it.
It was--it was cute.
I liked it.
I had a great time.
Craig didn't help the woman with the dog.
He walked past her.
(Carson) right.
I'm just stuck.
It's okay.
Excuse me.
Oh, could you do-- could you help-- uh, you know what? I don't have time.
Neither did David.
Neither did David.
I can call you as soon as I get out of here.
Excuse me.
Can you excuse me for a second? Please? Okay.
If you could just help me get him.
No, I gotta do something.
But if you guys remember, neither of them helped The assistant Emily look for her engagement ring.
I lost my engagement ring.
Well, good luck.
I hope you find it.
That sucks.
(Emily) thank you.
But it comes down to attitude, and for me, I think Craig's attitude is so much better.
Craig definitely seems like, uh, an easier-going guy Right.
And he definitely hasn't joined the pack on ganging up Against Liz.
And David's been really And David's been mouthy.
I'm still gonna treat her like the psycho crazy bitch she is.
I don't care if you're drunk or anything.
I'm not drunk.
I'm saying you're crazy.
I'm not drunk.
You've lost all the screws.
I think David has the attitude Of "I'm gonna win this no matter what it takes," And that's exactly what we don't want.
We don't want him To step on people to get where he needs to be.
So we have one last opportunity to see their character When they think nobody is watching.
When each of them leaves the hotel to come see us At final face-off, they don't know we have a hidden camera Set up in a van across the street.
And we have placed Ray out front with his wife To ask him if he can take a picture.
Now Ray isn't just any guy.
Ray works for us.
So the question is, will our bottom two take the picture? If Craig passes this, it's pretty much a home run.
Craig's gonna help.
You think? Yeah.
You agree? (Canadian accent) oh, yeah.
I think He's a nice Canadian boy, eh? And I think he'll totally help.
All right, this is Craig's final straw.
Ex-excuse me, Would you--would you mind taking a picture of us? Yeah, not this time.
Um Yeah, it's our last night here at planet Hollywood.
(Craig) uh, not this time.
(normal voice) that was really awkward.
Not this time.
(groaning) (beth) craigy-poo.
Are you kidding me? Wow.
I am absolutely shocked.
I-- not even an "oh, I'm sorry.
" Wow.
The defining factor right now is gonna be David.
All right, let's see if David passes.
So what we want to do is maybe we can find somebody here To take a picture of us before we--we go.
Here, this--this-- would you mind taking a picture of us? (Ray) could you-- (David) no problem.
Oh, nice.
(woman) yeah, it's our last night here and Look, he's helping take a picture.
First of all Here you go.
I'm an excellent photographer, too.
One, two, three It's perfect.
But he took the picture.
(Carson) exactly.
He did take the picture.
Now we just have to think, Is it enough to--to weigh out all the bad that he's done? Right.
I think the defining factor right now is gonna be the pleas.
It's very important to hear what they have to say.
All right.
Let's hear what they have to say.
Let's do it.
(Beth) hello, Craig.
Hello, David.
Welcome to the final face-off.
Now you guys know you're here because you each had The least successful ad campaigns For the hotel buffet.
David, you know that this is your second time Here in the final face-off.
Yes, I do.
Why do you feel you have the personality To best represent the face of Vegas? Well, first off, I want to say I felt like I wasn't going too far off With the ad portrayed.
I thought my slogan was perfect.
If you were to even just move the banana a little bit up, The slogan was great.
My ad portrayed my personality great, Where I go to the extremes.
And Las Vegas-- it reaches extremes.
In the city of sin, you can sin, And that's why I'm the personality Of the face of Vegas.
So, Craig, tell us why you think you have that personality.
And remember, this is your final plea.
I have taken every challenge that has been thrown at me And given 110% in each challenge.
This fourth challenge, I took a risk.
I think I took a great photo.
You commented on the physical attribute of the photo.
But I chose the wrong slogan, And I would love to be able to stay here in this competition And prove to you in other challenges That I'm the face of Vegas.
(beth) thank you, both.
I think we get a great sense of your passion Mm-hmm.
For this competition and the show.
So much so, that tonight, Beth and I are going to have To step aside and deliberate our final decision.
We'll be right back.
Pretty intense final pleas.
I'm still kind of confused.
I felt like Craig's was a little bit more heartfelt.
David--I felt his point was well-made That he's, you know, he's the rebel, And he's the outlaw, and he's pushing the envelope A little bit, but, um, ultimately, he wants to win.
It doesn't matter who he steps on to get there.
Okay, I understand it's a competition, But we're also looking for inner beauty.
Yes, we are.
So it's interesting, because, you know, Craig has shown Some signs of things--lying and cheating and stealing-- And both of them really want to be here, So you can't deny that there was passion In both of those speeches in different ways.
Oh, completely.
So I think that right now, we just have to really take Everything that we've learned over the past couple weeks And keep the best contestant That will open up and show us More of themselves in a good way And send home the person that continually lets us down.
You guys ready? Yeah.
Okay, guys, thank you so much for those statements.
We really got what both of you had to say, But unfortunately, one of you has to go home.
David You will be going home.
(whispers) okay.
Craig, you're safe, and you can remain in the competition.
(exhales) Good luck, buddy.
Take care, dude.
Keep it real down in the o.
, dude.
For sure, dude.
It was nice meeting you.
For sure, man.
David, you're going home tonight (sighs) But before you go, there's something else you should know.
There is more to this competition than meets the eye.
Hello, David.
Over the last four weeks, Beth, Carson and I Have been watching you compete to become the face of Vegas.
But we've also been watching for signs of your inner beauty, Because the winner of this competition Is gonna be the total package-- A perfect combination of inner and outer beauty.
Do you think that you are the total package? I definitely feel like I'm the total package.
See for yourself.
I can call you as soon as I get out of here.
Excuse me.
Can you excuse me for a second, please? Okay.
If you could just help me get him No, I gotta do something.
I lost my ring.
(David) I didn't fly all the way out here To go help a girl with her ring.
(Erika) that's so mean.
I-it's not mean.
It's the truth.
Come on! (Craig) but it's like you didn't fly-- It's just somebody's ring, you know what I mean? Tighten the bolt in your head.
Tighten it up! I did--I am-- (speaking indistinctly) you actually don't even have a loose bolt anymore.
That (bleep) thing left! I do want to just add that you're full of life.
That's a great way to be, and don't ever change it.
That's what makes you unique, but you have to remember, You can't forget about others along the way.
You know, this is a competition, And, uh, I don't know if you know, But I'm actually a spiritual teacher For a living.
I actually help people every day of my life.
That's really what I do.
And I was in a competition, and you know what? I thought it was gonna be the opposite-- Like, hey, the face of Vegas needs to be somebody That can compete and stay on top of their game at all times, And that's how I felt through this whole competition.
All I will say to take out of this Is never compromise yourself.
You say you help people.
That's why we brought you here.
We thought you would be a fun mix, A perfect combination of inner and outer beauty.
And unfortunately, you haven't shown us that other side of you.
So we wish you luck and want you to remember That beauty is something That is both inside and out, But true beauty comes from within.
Thank you, David.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Best of luck to you, David.
Thank you, guys, so much.
I really appreciate it.
If I would have known That helping the people Was basically the--the way of winning this competition, I-I would have won this better than anybody.
But you know what? This was the great lesson for me to learn.