True Beauty (2009) s02e03 Episode Script

Grace Under Fire

Ten people who think they're the most beautiful people in America I'm gonna keep ridin' the "I love me" train all day.
The scale of 1 to 10 is not big enough for me.
are competing to become the Face of Vegas.
I'm blessed to be beautiful.
But what they don't know is three judges are watching their every move on hidden camera to see who is the most beautiful on the inside.
You want us to be real? There you go.
Last time on "True Beauty," - the beauties tried their hand at magic - Look what I've got here.
- with magicians Penn & Teller.
- That's great.
Would you like to see it appear? Yeah.
- Oh.
- I'm more of a watcher when it comes to magic.
- Bam! - Can you do a cheesy showbiz trance? No, they didn't give you a roofie.
They said a trance.
- Amy was the winner - Ta-DA! while Michael and Regina went to the bottom two.
- But it was Michael who was sent home.
- We wish you luck.
Tonight, eight beautiful people remain to compete for $100,000 cash and a featured photo in "People" magazine.
In the end, only one will have what it takes to emerge as the True Beauty.
It feels so amazing to survive elimination.
I never want to have to go through that ever again.
That was the most anxiety I have ever felt in my life.
I am just so excited that they you know, they heard me out.
They gave me a second chance, and I'm never gonna let myself get in the bottom two ever again.
- So who's comin' home? - I don't know.
I I really can't say who's comin' home.
Regina sounded like she wanted it more.
Regina wants the bigger picture.
She wants the fame, the fortune, everything.
- Mike wants the Face of Vegas.
- Yeah.
I think Regina's going home because Penn & Teller, they unleashed on Regina.
Regina had the secret laying out on the table.
You stepped right into it.
Either one who it is, we'll be stoked, - you know what I mean? - We'll be stoked, yeah, yeah.
What?! Oh, I told you! - I told you! I was right.
- Oh, my God! I did it, I did it, I did it! I told you.
I told you! There's more girls in the house, y'all.
There's five girls now and three guys, so I'm like, "Does that mean a girl's definitely going home next?" And you do not know how good it feels.
Oh! I was happy for Regina, but, uh, she could be competition in the future.
I'm here another day, let's get drunk.
Cheers! To Regina's reunion.
- Yeah.
- Salud.
Every time someone comes home, we have a little celebration.
This is to Mike and J.
To all the fallen heroes.
Yeah! Whoo! Liz is drinking a little more than she usually does, and she's drinking straight shots of vodka.
Whoo! Cheers again.
She just started drinking more and more and more.
You know what? I'm happy.
Liz plus vodka equals absolute insanity.
Aah! Don't tackle me! - Oh, God.
- Get away from me! Yes, I would classify Liz as crazy.
Look what you did.
I'm waitin' for her to just, like, - vomit all over all of us.
- Relax, okay.
I think Liz is a raging bitch when she's drunk.
- That's what's up.
- When she's sober, she's just a bitch.
Please, honestly, Liz, I'm begging you, you need to stop drinking - I'm telling you, I know.
- 'cause you are sloppy.
- Please, Liz - You can kiss my ass.
I want to save Liz from herself, and Liz does not want to listen to me.
She just wants more shots.
She wants more alcohol.
And I'm kind of like, "Liz, like, you need to stop.
" You need to relax.
And she was trying to tell me, like, "Oh, you know, stop drinking, da da da.
" Like, don't ever tell me what to do.
I won't do it.
I'll do the opposite.
Whoo! All I heard was "boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
" Oh, it was like, "When did we get, like, a washing machine in the house?" Craig is, like, "Mr.
Workout America.
" He wakes us up every morning around 6:45, 'cause we hear the "beep, beep, beep, pssh, pssh, pssh" on the treadmill.
Craig is a machine.
His bed is made before I even open my eyes, and he's on that treadmill, just doing his "dun, dun, dun.
" 7:30 for me is sleeping in big-time.
The days where you really just want to, like, sleep in and you hear him just, like, pounding on the treadmill for, like, two hours straight at, like, 6:00 in the morning, It's like, "Please, stop.
" Could someone make a pot of coffee? I don't know how.
Do you use one or two of these things? If you can't figure it out, I'll help you.
I've never made coffee in a coffeepot before.
Ew, this smells like crap.
You don't like the smell of coffee? Not like that.
So David showed me how to do it.
- Do you use two of these? - Yeah.
Coffee's very easy.
You open up the top.
You want to do twelve cups, so you go up to twelve.
- Shut up.
Really? - Yeah.
You put a filter in where the filter spot is.
You fill it with coffee.
You put it back in.
- Oh, and look.
- Right.
At home I have, like, the little thing, Like, that you put on the stove, the, um - Put this in there - Okay.
Like this.
Turn it on.
- That's it? - It's that easy.
I learned, though.
I'm learning things.
Damn, why did nobody ever tell me how to do that? Nice try, Amy.
Good morning, Beth and Carson.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
This week, the contestants will be making a video where they're interviewing people on the streets of Las Vegas.
Then we're gonna show that video to a focus group, where they'll be judging the contestants on their performance.
Will they be able to handle criticism gracefully? But before that, we also want to know if they'll take the opportunity to cheat in this challenge.
- Ooh.
- Okay, great.
Will they play fair? Let's find out.
- We'll see in a minute.
- Okay.
- Good morning, guys.
- Good morning.
Today, we're gonna test your appeal to the people of Las Vegas.
We're gonna conduct a little focus group.
Who knows what a focus group is? I don't know what a focus group is.
I've never heard of that.
I've heard of, like A.
meetings and stuff.
A focus group is a randomly selected group of people who critique all types of products.
We're gonna send you downstairs.
You're gonna hit the streets of Vegas, microphone in hand, and we're gonna give you a couple questions.
And you'll have fifteen minutes to interview the tourists who come to Vegas.
I love to look beautiful.
I love the cameras on me.
I like to be center of attention.
I was put on this earth to do this.
We'll then take that video.
We'll show it to the focus group, and they will score you based on hosting ability, presentation and appearance.
The person who has the highest focus group score will be our winner of the challenge.
And the two lowest scores will go to the final face-off, and one of those people will go home.
So today's challenge, we're gonna be judged by a group of people who are basically nobodies and, uh, are gonna be deciding our fate.
And I'm thinking, okay, this is gonna be an interesting one.
All right, here are some of your questions.
- Don't open them yet.
- Thank you.
We'll be watching.
Get out there.
Hit the streets.
And remember, do not peek at your questions until you meet up with your camera crew out in front of Planet Hollywood.
- Have fun.
- Thank you.
This'll be good.
All right, the contestants have been told not to look at their interview questions until they get down to the street.
But we've rigged the elevator with hidden cameras to see if anyone's gonna sneak a peek.
And this is gonna be interesting because it's a long ride down from the 50th floor.
All right, let's see what David does in the elevator.
What is he doing? He's doing the, uh, elevator shuffle, which is where you dance a little bit while you're going down.
- Is that Michelle? - I think so.
She's growing in me - throughout this competition.
- Mm-hmm.
Coming up - Oh, my God! - Oh! Our beauties are put to the test - Wow.
- Adjust your top, then cheat.
- and then take to the streets.
- I don't even know what that word is.
- Sound it out.
- I thought it was cack-a-phooey.
- You love the cack-a-phooey.
- Well, just take it as it comes.
All right, the contestants have been told not to look at their interview questions - until they get down to the street.
- Okay.
Is that Michelle? She's growing on me throughout this competition.
I'm surprised by that.
Okay, let's see what our boy Taylor does.
- He's not even thinking about it.
- He wasn't even looking in the mirror.
- There are mirrors.
- That's more impressive.
I don't think Amy's gonna fail.
- No! Amy? - Two girls down.
Amy checked it out.
Craig's gonna check himself out in the mirror.
Craig will totally check out either his butt or his pecs, but probably not the questions.
- Not cheating.
- Didn't look.
- So far.
- Good for you, Craig.
- Oh, she's holding the button, too.
- Wait, wait, look, look, look - Oh, my God! - Ohh! - No hesitation.
- Oh, look, look at I'm not surprised, though.
Now Erika is such a good girl.
She's definitely not gonna cheat.
- As soon as the door was closed, Carson.
- Wow.
Oh, Erika.
All right, Liz.
- Oh, finally - Finally! - Someone checked themselves out.
- Finally, somebody's checking out their outfit.
- She cheated.
- I like her priorities Adjust your top, - then cheat.
- Right.
- All the girls looked - Mm-hmm.
And all the guys didn't.
Well, now it's gonna be interesting to see how they interview everybody on the streets.
There were five quick and easy questions with a couple of big words "ostensibly" and "cacophony.
" How hard could it be? I want to see if the girls have this unfair advantage, - or if it was all for nothing.
- Let's see.
One quick question.
Anybody? Question? Hey, come here, let's Come over.
Excuse me, do you mind answering a question? The focus group is judging us based on appearance, hosting ability and presentation style.
I'm good in all three categories.
"Las Vegas is a city with all kinds of entertainment.
- Do you have any talents at all?" - None.
- You can't flex for us? Can't dance for us? - No, no.
- There's nothing? - No, I'm not doing anything.
"The cacophony of the mega-casinos of Las Vegas is overwhelming.
How do you cope with it?" - Vodka.
- Vodka.
Good answer.
- He can pronounce "cacophony.
" - His camera presence - and his people skills are charming.
- Great.
Anybody, sir, lady, come on over just one question.
Please? Being out in the street, it is really nerve-racking.
I just pretend I know what I'm doing, pass the microphone back and forth.
"So you're here to gamble, but in reality, - what are you really here for?" - Spiritual enlightenment.
- Oh, well, that's good.
- Yeah.
And she just did the, "Uh, you're creepy.
Get away.
" She's not real polished, but she has a lot of charm.
Yeah, I think she's trying really hard.
Come into my little home.
- "Do you have any talents?" - Um, I don't know.
I was trying to make everybody warm up to me.
What about do a little dance? Whoo, we love Vegas! Party in Vegas.
Party in Vegas! Whoo! Oh, dear.
"Would you rather spend a weekend in Las Vegas with your best friend or with your significant other?" little English.
Little English.
- With your friends? - No, no.
Nice answer.
Me, too.
Who wants to get crazy in Vegas? I think people were a little scared of me.
A little cheese-ball.
Today, we're taking it to the strip to learn more about the people that make this amazing city of Las Vegas.
That was stiffer than David's hair.
Excuse me, miss.
Excuse me.
Would you guys like to answer a few questions? No.
No, they do not.
"Las Vegas is a city with all kinds of entertainment.
- Do you have any talents at all?" - I'm an electronics, uh, man.
Well, I hope you have a great day.
- Okay, that's not good.
- So unnatural.
Let me ask you a question.
I belong on the red carpet.
Hi, you're with Elizabeth, the Face of Vegas.
W we're coming here to do the questions and ask people for their questions and it's very nice.
Oh, Liz.
I think I'm a good interviewer.
"Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps.
" "So what what " Another question.
Anyone, step right up, Let me ask you a quick question.
I was very confident with this competition.
I really do think I'll win.
"a lot of people come to Vegas to gamble.
Are you really here to gamble, or are you here to party?" - I'm here to party.
- Party, yeah? - We love you, Regina! - Thanks! - Aw.
- She's very cute.
I'm here to interview some of the people of Las Vegas and see how everybody's doing.
I am a star, and that's what Leos are.
Leos rule the sun.
And what is the sun? It's the brightest star.
Here's the question.
"Las Vegas is a city with all kinds of entertainment.
" Don't be nervous.
- Oh! - I love her.
She's coaching.
- "Do you have any talents at all?" - I used to be able to sing.
As far as asking the people questions, I did great, until there was one word I didn't know.
"Ob-stenis-ibly" It was the "ostensibly" question.
I don't even know what that word is.
"Ob-tentiously"? Sound it out, honey.
Oh, yeah.
of the mega-casinos of Vegas is overwhelming.
" I don't I don't even know how to say it.
"The co " Oh, gosh.
I don't know what the hell this word is.
I thought they were trying to throw us a curveball And make up fake words to see how we'd deal with it, so I didn't I didn't even try to pronounce it.
What is this word right there? I can't even pronounce that.
- "Cack-a-phoney.
" - "Cack-a-phoney.
" I thought it was cack-a-phoney.
You love the cack-a-phoney.
Well, just take it as it comes.
- Cacophony? - The cacophony - There you go.
- Ah! I'm great at English.
I was stumped.
Ha! If we can teach him to read, it'll be perfect.
- I think I'm good.
- Out.
"Face of Vegas," baby.
- Thank you, Las Vegas.
- Does that work? All right, buh-bye.
Up next, the focus group weighs in.
He kinda looks like Vanilla Ice with a spray tan.
- She looked like a bimbo.
- She's just jealous.
And later, the wrath of Liz continues.
'Cause I will beat your ass down the street.
- Tighten the bolt in your head.
- I did - Tighten it up! - Shut the (bleep) up! Nobody's talking to you.
And I will fart in your face.
After we were done filming our videos down at the strip, it was time to go to the focus group.
All right, now it's time for the focus group to weigh in - Okay.
- on the contestants' videos.
So the focus group is gonna be in one room, watching the videos and giving their opinion, while all of our contestants are in another room watching the focus group through a one-way mirror.
- Oh, great.
- Ouch.
It's gonna be interesting to see how they handle this - Yes.
- If they handle it with grace, or if they handle the criticism poorly.
And remember, the focus group is real.
They don't work for us.
All right, let's see what happens.
Hi, everyone.
Welcome to our focus group.
I'm gonna be your moderator today.
All you need to do is vote on appearance, style - and hosting ability.
- I was about to pee in my pants, just because I didn't know what to expect.
- I don't want anybody holding back.
- I'm shaking.
I'm shaking.
We're behind a glass window.
They cannot see us or hear us, but we can hear everything they're saying.
So I'm so nervous.
I'm, like, in panic mode right now.
Okay, you guys, ready? Let's start viewing the tapes.
Today, we're taking it to the strip to learn more about the people that make this amazing city of Las Vegas.
"ostensibly, you are here to gamble.
"Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps.
"Las Vegas is a city with all kinds What kind of trouble are you getting yourself into tonight?" - We're going to see Cher.
- I don't know how much trouble that is.
- All right, let's open it up for discussion.
- He was boring.
- What was - His style, the way he asked questions.
It was like he was reading it from a script - and and having trouble with that.
- I liked him.
I I I thought he was very personable.
- I think he looked great.
- He looked like he took his clothes out of the laundry basket.
They needed to be pressed or something.
- He has a mouth on him.
- Anybody else like him? I guess we can move on.
Taylor just did the "I'm gonna kill 'em" face.
(bleep, bleep) They could've said, "I didn't like the way he looked.
He's ugly.
He was uneducated.
" But to say I was boring is just like Oh! (bleep, bleep, bleep) - He did not handle that gracefully.
- He didn't - He did not.
- I saw whole - That scared me.
- No, he was angry.
I have never seen that side of him, - so that was definitely an eye-opener.
- Hi, I'm Erika from the cast of "Face of Vegas.
" Here I am at the heart of the Vegas strip.
We're gonna ask some people a few questions about this beautiful city.
"Do you have any talents?" what about do a little dance? Whoo, we love Vegas! Party in Vegas! Whoo! Party in Vegas! Do you like to back it up, John? Back it up.
Back it up.
What about Erika? She was bringing damn! I thought that was the face of Las Vegas right there.
She was bringing them right out of their shells.
- I really did.
- Talk about into yourself Couldn't care less about the other people.
And she was just all about the dancing and "Look how cute I am.
" She reminded me of, like, a bad weather girl.
- That's it! - Yeah, like, if I was - I thought she was in idiot.
- Yeah.
And she was so hyper that she made me hyper by the time that was over.
They were like an angry mob.
They wanted to chase us out of the building - with torches in their hands.
- She was the face of spring break.
All right, I don't think I did the worst.
- Very graceful.
- You know, that's so sweet.
- Yeah.
- Very interesting.
I really like that Erika.
"Would you rather spend a weekend in Vegas with your best friend or significant other?" Best friend, 'cause then I don't have to worry about my significant other.
This is your question.
"ob-stenis-ibly" "The ca-cuh-fuh the ca-cuh-fawny of the mega-casinos of Las Vegas is overwhelming.
" - Cacophony? - The cacophony.
I really, really liked him.
- You did? - You know, I thought it was cute that he couldn't pronounce those words and I think it made the people feel more at ease and more playful.
- I liked him.
- Are you allowed to award negative points? What's negative? He kinda looks like Vanilla Ice with a spray tan.
Uh The fact that he couldn't pronunciate anything was sad.
I'm disappointed that the focus group saw me as somebody who can't speak well.
I'm an astrologer for God sake, so I actually go farther out with my intelligence than most people.
Whew That wasn't bad.
- He passed.
- Wow.
Yeah, 'cause when the guy said he didn't like him, he went like this, but he didn't say, "Whatever.
" Hi, I'm Michelle.
You're watching "The Face of Vegas.
" Can I ask you a quick question? "The co " Oh, gosh.
- I don't even know what that says.
- Oh, my goodness! "Ost-ibility?" "The ca-cuh-phoney" - Oh, wow.
- Oh, whoa.
Oh, man.
Did you graduate from High School? How can you not say "ostensibly" or "cacophony"? I'm just asking.
I I really disagree, because she really tried to bring out the people that she was she was talking to.
Thank you.
She looked like no offense, Michelle a bimbo.
I think that people that said negative things about me are jealous.
How can you call me a bimbo? Like, is it just 'cause, you know, I'm cute? - She's at least taking it so gracefully.
- She is, because that's vicious.
That's really hard, as a woman, to hear.
How you doing? It's Craig here on the wonderful streets of Las Vegas.
- "Do you have any talents at all?" - no.
I don't believe it.
I believe you at least have one.
- All I can do is wiggle my nose and ears.
- Whoa, you're a talented brother.
"The cacophony of the mega-casinos of Las Vegas is overwhelmings.
- How do you cope with it?" - Vodka.
Good answer.
Thank you very much.
"Face of Vegas," baby.
Vote for me.
- Oh, he's my guy.
- He was it.
- Yeah.
- He's awesome.
- He was adorable.
- Yes.
His appearance, his style.
I didn't like him as much.
- He was reading his questions.
- I thought he was weird.
I I I thought he had a weird vocal thing.
I thought he kinda sounded like he was almost feinting to a fake Irish accent the whole time.
- He's from Canada.
- He was, like, somewhere between, like, a leprechaun and a Chippendale dancer to me.
- Yeah, I was just gonna say Chippendale.
Being called a half-Irish, half-Chippendale makes me feel great.
It means I can drink, and I can dance.
I thought they were gonna be way harder on me.
- At least he's laughing at himself.
- He took that great.
- I like him.
- "So what kind of trouble are you looking - to get into while you're here in Vegas?" - I'm lookin' to get into all sorts - of type of trouble.
- Are you? "Would you rather spend a weekend in Vegas with your best friend or your significant other?" Probably my significant other if she looked like you.
Oh, well, thank you.
- Do you know what this word is? - Ostensibly.
I know.
I thought she was very genuine.
I mean, she was very bubbly.
But she really was not into people.
She really - she was a little into herself.
- Yeah.
It was all about her and the camera, but not about the people that she was interviewing.
She's a dingbat.
It's oh, just put her back on her pole.
Oh! Ouch! I don't know how to feel about that.
I sat there and just stared at that lady.
Like, I was shooting her, like, devil looks through that mirror.
She better watch out after this, 'cause I'm gonna be outside waiting for her at her car.
(bleep, bleep) Oh, my God.
When Regina's not in front of us we're starting to see - this side of her.
- She took unkind criticism really poorly.
Hello, my name is Amy, and I'm here with "the Face of Vegas.
" Is that really what I sound like? I sound really dumb.
- "Do you have any hidden talents?" - I play poker.
You p-play poker? Well, then I guess you came to the right place then, huh? - "What are you really here for?" - Spiritual enlightenment.
- Oh, well, that's good.
- I thought she was the most genuine so far.
- She seemed like she was herself.
- I thought she was just very conversational, very smooth.
I thought she was the worst one yet, to be honest with you.
Her posture was terrible.
She was talking like a valley girl from the '70s.
"Oh, like, oh, totally, oh.
" Oh, all cutesy and telling her stories.
That's not what we have in Vegas, 'cause it makes people sound like we're stupid here.
We're not.
The focus group was brutal.
It's a bunch of people that basically tear you apart and rip you to shreds.
- She took the criticism - But she did accept.
- very graciously.
- Yeah.
Hi, you're with Elizabeth and "Face of Vegas.
" "Las Vegas" "Las Vegas is a city with all kinds of t-entertainment.
" "Las Vegas is a slee is a is a city that never sleeps.
" "What kind of trouble would you get yourself into?" No comment.
"What are your talents?" - You're nice.
- Yeah.
That's good.
She was horrible, horrible on all counts.
That was the worst one.
I'm not horrible.
I think I'm exciting.
- She looked like a playboy model to me.
- Yeah.
And I don't mean that that's I don't mean that offensively.
She acted with class, but she needed a little bit more schooling.
The women were all like, "We hate her," and the guys were like, "She's hot.
" Yeah, they're hating her because she's beautiful.
- I mean, she dressed sleazy.
- She had that "Twin Peaks" action.
I'm like, what is - She's taking it, though, letting it soak in.
- She is, very gracefully.
I think the real test here was to see if people take unkind criticism, which some of it was unkind.
- These are real people.
- These are real people.
It's what real people think, and if they can't handle real opinions, then they probably shouldn't be here.
Coming up I drink all night Liz makes waves.
Liz bothers me.
If she's relatable to anybody, can you please tell me who? And can I meet that person? See you guys later.
- Home, sweet home.
- It feels so good to be back.
After listening to what the focus group had to say, I'm extremely nervous at this point.
I tried.
- I knew it was gonna be bad.
- I didn't think it was gonna be like that.
Yeah, I'm not I didn't play any head games - with myself today.
- I know.
I was like, "I'm not gonna let this get to me at all.
" Yeah, I (bleep) up on a couple words, you know what I mean? I mean, that's not that bad at all.
- Really, it's not.
- Okay.
- You know what I mean? - Yeah, totally.
It's not, really.
I'm a Leo, so I'm overthinking my communication right now, because Mercury's going retrograde.
That's not bad.
After a very long day of the challenge and the focus group and all of us feeling like crap for getting picked apart by a bunch of random people, we decided to go down to the pool to see if we could have a drink.
The pool starts off pretty fun.
And we see Liz.
She was drinking wine.
I drink all night, dancin' my booty all day.
What? What? What? What? What? What? Have you ever professionally danced on a pole? No, man.
I can't do it.
I can't lift my ass up off the floor.
I can't do that.
Liz bothers me.
If she's relatable to anybody, can you please tell me who? And can I meet that person? See you guys later.
Erika showed up a little later, and Liz was trying to get her to dance on the pole.
Erika's like, "I don't really want to.
" - She's like, "Come on, I did it.
" - Oh, you did.
Yeah, everybody was here, and I started shakin' my booty.
- Yeah, I showed Taylor.
- I'm not gonna - Yeah.
Didn't you see it? - No, no.
- That's (bleep) - You said you couldn't.
For you to sit there in front of everybody here - and tell them I didn't (bleep, bleep).
- Taylor saw me dancing.
You said you couldn't.
Liz is angry with me because I didn't acknowledge the fact that she danced near a pole.
Liz is nuts.
You might have shook your ass while holding a pole, but that's not dancing on a pole.
Yes, I danced.
You didn't dance on the pole.
At least I (bleep) did something.
It was the most ridiculous argument ever.
Liz, you're the most fake person I know.
You know what? You're stupid.
I was sitting there, like, so confused.
Like, are they seriously fighting about, like, dancing? You think you're higher than mighty.
'Cause I will beat your ass down the street.
- You're ridiculous.
- And I will fart in your face.
When somebody disrespects me, I'm gonna blow up.
Liz, to tell you the truth, I don't think anybody in this whole entire place understands you at all.
- Do you know why? - Nobody even wants to figure out - a way to understand you.
- Dave, honestly - Tighten the bolt in your head.
- I did I am.
-Tighten it up! - You weren't even at the hot tub! You actually don't even have a loose bolt anymore.
That thing left.
You're trying to use psychology, and it's not working.
We all feel like she's bringing bad vibes to this whole household, and we all feel that she should basically just go home.
Thank you! At least I did a dance.
At this point, I have no idea who will be in the bottom two.
I don't think anybody's confident on this one.
I said if Liz wasn't in the bottom two, let lightning strike me.
- Hi, everybody.
- Hello.
- How you doing? - Well, this week's challenge, we wanted to send you out to the streets of Las Vegas to interview some tourists.
And then we took those interviews to a focus group - where you were judged on three criteria.
- We wanted to see who was the most appealing to the people of Vegas.
So the person with the highest score will be safe and remain in this competition.
The people with the two lowest scores will head to the final face-off, where one of you will go home.
The winner of this challenge is - Craig.
- Congratulations, Craig.
Thank you.
I apparently kicked some serious ass.
Craig, you seemed the most genuine and comfortable out of anyone.
Craig annoys me, because all he has to do is smile, and the public loves him.
It's insane.
The three contestants with the lowest scores in this challenge are Liz David - and Taylor.
- Yeah, I'm extremely, extremely nervous at this point.
My confidence level is a little low.
So, Taylor, the focus group thought that you were reading a script, a tad bit boring.
David, the focus group thought that you actually looked like Vanilla Ice with a spray tan.
Now, Liz, one woman said that you were horrible on all counts, - but you did get props for your beauty.
- Thank you.
David You are safe, and you can continue competing - to be the Face of Vegas.
- Thank you.
Liz and Taylor, you are the two with the lowest score.
You will head to the final face-off, where you can make your case in front of Beth and me, after which we will decide which one of you can stay in the competition and which one of you will be sent home.
I didn't think that that was gonna happen to me, but it happens.
You know? It happens to the best of us.
The guys are getting their asses kicked in this competition.
I'm scared about being in the bottom two, but I'm not going home.
Up next, the house rallies behind Taylor.
You're comin' back.
You have to get her out for all of us.
I knew this was gonna happen.
But it all comes down to the judges' final decision.
- Isn't it obvious what we have to do? - Yeah, Liz needs to go.
- Not so fast.
- What? - Congratulations.
- It's nice to be back.
- Yes, Craig.
- Thank you.
- Awesome.
- We all make me better.
I was surprised that I was in the bottom two this early in the competition.
You know, I even said the word "ostensibly," and all they were saying is how everybody started mispronouncing the words or they were smart for not even reading the words.
I said the word co-wectly.
How you feeling? Uh, upset that I have to pack.
Just bring it.
Like, don't freeze up.
You have to get her out for all of us.
This is gonna be, like, the party of all parties.
The celebration-est celebration ever! - this is gonna be - The party of the century.
I know nobody likes me.
I knew this was gonna happen.
I knew it.
- Are you nervous? - No.
I was just upset.
Maybe that's just not my forte, you know? Right.
Maybe you were the worst, but that's not grounds in one challenge to say, "You know what? You I you should leave.
" Craig is the only one that came up to me after today and was like, "You know what, Liz? I believe that you're gonna come back.
" If you really want this, you gotta fight for it.
You gotta tell 'em exactly why you're here.
You know, show 'em your personality.
Show 'em who you are.
The only reason why I think he does like me is because he finds me extremely attractive.
Liz is the perfect person for me to go up against because she doesn't embody anything about Vegas.
She is a train wreck.
I'm gonna miss you, girl.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
Now I have to plead my case, and I just gotta fight.
- Oh, my God.
- Hmm.
Brother, you're comin' back.
You're comin' back Okay? I am praying to the gods that Liz goes home.
- The O.
brother's comin' back.
- Whoo! Just make sure there's something ready for me - when I come in this door tonight.
- You know it.
I don't think I know Liz is gonna go home today.
So the focus group has chosen Liz and Taylor - Right.
- as the bottom two this week.
Well, I agree with them that Liz and Taylor - both did a bad job.
- Liz got a 15 out of 30 the lowest score of all of the contestants - In the focus group.
- Right.
I think Taylor couldn't take criticism gracefully.
It was a little surprising to see his behavior - reacting to the focus group.
- Yeah.
(bleep, bleep, bleep) But remember, Liz stole her outfit for the first challenge.
- Hurry up.
- Thank you so much.
- Shh, shh.
- You're amazing.
She gave away the secret to the magic trick.
The little scarf's inside the thumb.
Then you pull it out.
You're like, "Yeah, here it is.
" And she cheated by opening her envelope early in the elevator.
But Taylor was very catty about Liz.
- He's been very snippy about her.
- He has been.
You're the most fake person I know.
You're ridiculous.
On the list of bad behavior, Liz has, like, checked 'em all off.
- Yeah.
- And Taylor this was kind of the first time - where we were disappointed.
- Well, then isn't it obvious - what we have to do? - Yeah, Liz needs to go.
- Yep.
- Not so fast.
Neither Taylor nor Liz is going home tonight What? But another contestant is.
On the list of bad behavior, Liz has, like, checked 'em all off.
- Yeah.
- And Taylor this was kind of the first time - where we were disappointed.
- Then isn't it obvious - what we have to do? - Yeah, Liz needs to go.
Not so fast.
Neither Taylor nor Liz is going home tonight.
What? Unfortunately, another contestant violated - the rules of the competition.
- No! Now all the contestants know - they are not allowed to use cell phones - Right.
No texting, no e-mails, because they can find out what this competition is really about, giving them an unfair advantage.
The contestant that's gonna be going home tonight - used a cell phone.
- Oh.
So you get to go out and hear Liz and Taylor's final pleas Okay, torture them a little bit.
And then you're gonna tell them that they both get to return back to the suite.
Taylor's probably gonna want to hug me.
This is, like, the luckiest night ever for them.
It is Vegas.
- Hello, Liz.
- Hi, Beth.
- Hello, Taylor.
- Hello.
Welcome to the final face-off.
Before we fill you in on our decision, is there anything you'd like to say? Taylor? Since I've been here, I've been the life of the party and helped everybody bond and have some fun.
And I have a love and fire for this city that I think far exceeds everyone else in this competition.
Everything that makes this city so special is why I want to represent it and be the Face of Vegas.
- And how about you, Liz? - I came here to compete.
I came here to win.
I've been going through a lot of pressure with a lot of the contestants.
It's been really difficult for me.
So if you give me one chance to move forward and to prove to you that I can do this, I can.
I am the Face of Vegas.
Taylor, are you one of those people giving Liz a hard time - this week? - I think Liz has brought upon a lot of the problems to herself.
I want to thank you both for those statements.
Carson and I can sense your passion for this competition.
And that passion has paid off for you guys.
Taylor, Liz, you are both safe.
You two are incredibly lucky, and Vegas is a city that's all about luck.
But quite frankly, you've cashed in all your chips.
And if you don't step it up for the next few challenges, and we see you back here, you will definitely not be as lucky as you were tonight.
Now I believe, for sure, this is the city of luck.
This is just gonna make me stronger.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
What the hell just happened? I think Liz dodged the biggest bullet of the competition.
Regina, please enter.
Regina, you're here tonight because we have information that you've violated our show's rules.
We know you've been using a cell phone to access people outside of this competition.
Regina, those rules are in place to protect the fairness of this competition, and because you've broken those rules, we have no choice but to disqualify you.
You know, what's done was done.
And believe me, I I hate myself right now for doing that.
There's something you should know.
There is more to this competition than meets the eye.
- Hello, Regina.
- Hi.
Over the last three weeks, Beth, Carson and I have been watching you compete to become the Face of Vegas.
We've also been watching for signs of your inner beauty, because the winner of this competition is gonna be the total package a perfect combination of inner and outer beauty.
And by you violating our show's rules, you've shown us that you're not everything that we are looking for.
I made a big mistake.
I'm gonna be completely honest, because at this point, the truth will set you free.
It was just a moment of weakness.
You know, I gave in to the temptation.
I knew I wasn't supposed to do it, but at that point, I I couldn't take it back.
Please forgive me and just give me one last chance to prove myself, - 'cause I really am a good person.
- Well, breaking the rules isn't the only thing our cameras caught.
See for yourself.
Do not peek at your questions until you meet up with your camera crew.
"I'm little miss sassy.
I'm here to win.
I got this.
" and I was like, "Oh, please.
" I really don't want her in this house.
I can't stand her.
She's a dingbat.
Beauty is something that is both inside and out, but true beauty comes from within.
Thank you, Regina.
I'm really upset with myself, 'cause I did this to myself.
I just happened to get really homesick, and I gave in to a stupid temptation.
And I wish I could take it back, but I can't.
That moment of weakness definitely does not define or represent who I am.
It's not the last you'll see of me.
I I'll still make it to the top.