True Beauty (2009) s02e02 Episode Script

The Secret

(Vanessa) Ten people who think they're the most beautiful people in America (bell dings) I'm gonna keep ridin' the "I love me" train all day.
The scale of 1 to 10 is not big enough for me.
are competing to become the Face of Vegas.
I'm blessed to be beautiful.
But what they don't know is three judges are watching their every move on hidden cameras to see who is the most beautiful on the inside.
You want us to be real? There you go.
- Aah! - Last time, Liz made her presence known.
There can only be one winner.
And in their first challenge, we tested the beauties' honesty - as they put together an iconic Vegas look.
(woman) I love it.
Who would steal an item for their costume No one needs to know.
- and who would not? - No, I can't do it.
The people of Las Vegas voted on their looks.
(bell dings) Thank you.
Liz took the prize (bell dings) Yes! Whoo! But J.
And David fell short, and it was J.
who was sent home.
Tonight, nine beautiful people remain to compete for $100,000 cash and a featured photo in "People" magazine.
In the end, only one will have what it takes to emerge as the True Beauty.
There is so much fake hair in the house.
Who wears the extensions in the house? Erika, Michelle, Regina.
Amy does not wear it.
She has natural, beautiful hair.
(Regina) We all have fake hair.
I'm just gonna say it.
I have fake hair, everybody.
That's wrong.
Let me tell you something.
Sometimes I'll go by the bathroom, and I'll smell, like, the curling iron on the fake hair.
It's just so nasty.
There's a lot of fakeness goin' on, a lot of fakeness.
I mean, my hair yeah, I got some stuff up in there, but it's not, like, you know it's not coming off, so it's good.
Who do you guys want to come back? If J.
comes home, I'll be the happiest man alive right now.
I'm waiting for J.
to run through the door so I can just be like, "Whoo!" We're awesome friends, like a couple schoolgirls.
I'll cry myself to sleep tonight if he doesn't come back.
Oh, it feels so fantastic to survive elimination.
Now I'm going back to my hotel room to show everybody who just won the first face-off.
I am gonna be the number one competitor now I have one up on everybody now.
I know what it feels like to have almost lost, and I'm gonna charge forward and win this competition.
This suspense is really killing me.
I know.
It's killing me, too.
Oh, what?! (cheering) What?! Yeah! Yeah! David comes in, and he is like a tornado.
(David grunts) I'm so stoked.
You have no idea.
Yeah! Whoo! Whoa! David runs in the house like a crazy banshee, - just, "Aah!" - What?! I'm gonna be honest with you.
I cannot believe that J.
was eliminated.
I'm still I still can't believe it.
- Oh - You're back! You have no idea! I don't know how everybody felt about J.
Everybody was so excited to see me, they didn't really bring it up.
I don't have a dryer here.
I actually have to iron things here.
(gasps) First of all, who uses ironing boards nowadays? Why is it not ironing? Is it supposed to be smoking? (Michael) Woman, that's steam.
- Well, I don't know.
The iron's smoking? That's steam.
- She's never ironed anything in her life.
- Yeah, but so I just go like - You act like you've never ironed before.
- I never have.
What? Wow.
You're just lookin' at her, like Come on.
I suggest you throw like this, on the edge.
- And then so you can hit that up flat.
- Oh, my God.
- That is so smart.
- What is she gonna do whenever she's on her own? I'm worried for her.
It's not that hard.
It's just basics.
You need to get your (bleep) together, all right? - It's basic livin' stuff, girl.
- I learned, though.
I'm learning things.
See, I'm gonna go home, and I'm gonna be a good wife one day.
- Time to go to our "caban-ya.
" - Our cabana.
Being able to hang out at the Planet Hollywood pool is a blast, because, you know, you look around and you see everybody in their in their bikinis.
And yeah, there's some there's some abs.
There's some muscles.
There's some booty.
Um, you know, there's some cleavage, and, you know, that's my favorite thing.
(cheering) I'm the youngest of six.
We're a big Italian family.
Like, you know what I'm saying? Like, and we're so close-knit.
(Amy) Regina talks.
- You don't understand how much I love my family.
I'm close with my family.
We're a big Italian family.
That's all I'm gonna say about Regina.
She she just talks and talks and talks.
Do you know what I ate for lunch? I had chips and dip, okay.
The way I eat, I should weigh, like, 135 pounds.
My body would be amazing if I worked out.
Excuse me, waitress, when you're done, can you come over here when you get a chance? Thank you.
I eat whatever I want.
I don't work out.
I'm skinny.
Sometimes I'll just pretend like I'm listening to her and smile and nod, but really I have her tuned out completely.
Italians have the best.
We have the best food, the best families, the best-looking people - Just talk, talk, talk, talk - Like, the frickin' the best designers, the best culture all together.
Everybody knows Italian culture.
Talk, talk, talk even when you put the muzzle over her, she gets out of the muzzle and just keeps talkin'.
Are we missing somebody right - Oh, yeah all right.
- Liz.
Hey, I was, like, there's only four broads.
(growling) I'm glad she ain't here.
I'm glad.
(normal voice) She's, like, the only one that I even wanted to leave in the first place.
(Liz) I think I'm a loner at the house.
You know, a lot of people see me as competition and a high one.
She walks around like she's, like, the one that we're thinkin' in the back of our heads, "We we gotta watch out for her.
" She's just nasty.
Liz shouldn't be the Face of Vegas.
I don't think she has the right attitude.
She's not a likable person, you know? (Liz) No, I don't think that everybody likes me.
Ooh! I can't be liked by everybody, can I? She has this thing in her head that she's - just way better than us.
- Oh, like her movements with her head She'll be like, "Mm-hmm.
" Yeah.
Bro, my objective here I just kind of want to rock Liz out.
Good morning, Beth and Carson.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
This week, our contestants will be learning some new tricks from Las Vegas's most famous magicians.
They think they're competing to win an on stage appearance - for a magic show.
- Okay.
Well, we know there's something else going on.
We're actually going to be judging them on their ability to keep a secret.
Right now I want you guys to go out and tell them what's going on, and I'll be sitting here in the spy room waiting for your return.
- Got it.
- Okay.
- So disappear.
- We're gonna disappear.
- Hi.
So excited.
- Welcome contestants.
- Good morning.
- Nice to see all of you.
(Craig) Morning.
- Everyone looks so good.
So we walk into this theater, and I'm like, oh, my God, what are we gonna do? Are we gonna be performing here? - Am I singing? Like, what's going on? - So, guys, did you take a look around? Pretty amazing theater (voices overlapping) And right here on this stage, really famous magicians perform amazing feats of wonder and illusion in front of huge, sold-out crowds.
Today, you're gonna meet a couple of those illusionists, work with them and learn a few of their tricks.
After you meet with our celebrity guests, you'll head over to a press conference to talk about your experience.
Now back to our special guests.
They're one of the most famous acts in all of Vegas.
I'm like, "Who could it be? This is gonna be someone really, really big.
" Please say hello to Penn & Teller.
(cheering) How you doin'? (Michelle) Penn & Teller are definitely A-listers.
I've seen them on television, so I was just, like, star-struck.
I was like, "Oh, my gosh, I get to meet them? No way.
" (Taylor) I was stoked.
I was really, really excited for this.
People know who Penn & Teller are.
Okay, well, the contest today is we are gonna teach you one of our magic tricks.
And then you will show us the magic trick.
And we'll see which one of you does it the best and seems like would be good to be on stage at our show doing a trick for a sold-out crowd.
(voices overlapping) So one of you gets to do that.
(cheering) (Michelle) I was like, "Oh, my gosh, are they gonna saw me in half?" Like, I don't want to take the risk of getting sawed in half.
Like, I don't want to lose my legs.
- Coming up - Look, and my hand is empty.
The beauties audition for Vegas icons Penn & Teller.
Ooh, look what I've got here.
- Bam! (giggles) - Go into a trance.
They didn't give you a roofie.
They said a trance.
(Erika) Bam! (giggles) Okay, well, the contest today is we are gonna teach you one of our magic tricks, and then you will show us the magic trick.
We'll see which one of you does it the best and seems like would be good to be on stage at our show doing a trick for a sold-out crowd.
(cheering) The, uh, trick goes like this.
Look, my hand is empty.
Look, a little red hanky.
Watch closely.
Not closely enough it's gone.
But a little whiffle dust and notice how I jump and it's back.
Thank you.
That's what the, uh, trick will look like.
That's the one you're supposed to be, uh, working on.
If someone asks you how it's done, you don't know anything.
Take that to your grave.
I can't boil coffee.
You really think I could do a magic trick? - No, I'm not that skilled.
- Penn & Teller are actually gonna be your judges for this challenge.
Their winner will perform with them on this stage tonight in front of a sold-out crowd.
And they'll also choose the bottom two, who, as you know, will come to the final face-off to plead their case before Beth and me.
Carson and I cannot wait to see all of you perform under pressure.
- Good luck, you guys.
- Thank you.
(Carson) Good luck.
Have fun, everybody.
(Regina) Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
All right, so Penn & Teller have already explained the trick - to the contestants.
- Okay.
And they are judging the beauties - solely on their performance of the trick.
- Hmm.
They'll head to our hidden challenge later.
Now we get to sit here in the spy room and watch their one-on-one auditions.
- Ready? - Ready.
How's it goin' so far for you? It's goin' pretty well.
I'm enjoyin' my time here.
Good, good, good, so did you work on the magic trick? - I did.
I worked on it a little bit.
- You did? Can you fool us with it? Let's try it out.
All right.
I have never performed magic.
It's not something that I even do in my spare time.
Look, my hand is empty.
And look, a little red hanky.
Look closely.
Not close enough.
With a little bit of whiffle dust Voilà.
Very nice.
Is there a problem with me that I don't understand that trick? The scarf goes into a fake thumb.
And the other thumb goes over your real thumb.
And you just shove it in there when you're doing this.
- Yeah.
- Right.
It goes into the thumb - The thumb.
- And then you go like this, and Thanks, Vanessa.
Now I get it.
Well, you know, if we if we put you in the show tonight, we're gonna be suspending you in front of the audience.
I have no doubt that all of you have the stomach muscles necessary for this, but I think we might put you in a trance.
Can you go into a trance? (laughing) That's great.
Wait, what's your fake trance? Yours? - Oh, sorry.
- Oh, no, you can come out.
- You can come out of it.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
So how how'd you do on the, uh, magic trick? Pretty good, actually.
I I feel good about it.
I'm ju I'm just hoping that my thumb stays in here.
That's the only thing that worries me.
Okay, well, you're you're tippin' a little bit of the gaff, you know.
You you've got your thumb hanging out there.
(bell dings) Her trick thumb is right there on the table.
She's not even toast at this point.
She's a crouton.
So do the, uh - Do the magic trick for us.
- Okay.
(Regina) I was like, dude, I could win this.
I know how to perform, and I'm pretty, so that's fine.
I was dressed really cute.
I have great stage presence.
Like, this is perfect for me.
My hand is empty.
(gasps) What's this? A little red scarf.
Watch closely.
But not closely enough, 'cause it's gone.
But a little bit of fairy dust, and It's back.
(bell dings) (applause) thank you.
Beautifully done.
And, uh, if we asked you to go into a trance, a fake hypnotic trance on stage, how would you do that? - Okay, I could do it.
- If is said, "Go into a trance" Huh, there you go.
No, they didn't give you a roofie.
They said a trance.
All right, here we have Liz.
Look, and my hand is empty.
Look at my red hanky.
With a little tuck it disappears.
- Would you like to see it appear? - Yeah.
There you go.
- Oops.
- Oh Where's that fake thumb again? Look at my hand.
It's empty.
Look, a little red hanky.
Aha, nothing.
Well, with a little bit of magic dust Voilà.
- Wow.
- He did it well.
I think he looks like a magician.
Watch closely, y'all Y'all.
but not close enough.
But with a little bit of pixie dust, - it's back.
- Whoa, it's back.
- The kick.
- Oh, the kick.
- That was very good.
- How about that! Hello, Amy.
- Hello.
- How are you doin'? I'm good.
I've never performed magic in my life.
When I was younger, I tried learning the card tricks, like the card magic tricks No, absolutely not.
I I'm more of a watcher when it comes to magic than a performer.
Look, my hands are empty.
- Oh, look, a little red hanky.
- She was the only that, at first, went, "Look, my hands are empty.
" the other people had - She set it up.
- They had the finger in their hand, and they're like, "look, my hand's empty," - but they're holding the finger.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- She actually I don't know where she put the thumb at first.
Now watch closely, but not close enough.
And before you know it voilà.
(whispering) It's gone.
(normal voice) All I have to do is grab a little whiffle dust, and before you know it Ta-da! And thank you.
Thank you.
That's great.
- Very nicely done.
- Very nicely done.
If we use you during the show, we might put you in a, uh, fake trance for this.
Can you do a cheesy showbiz trance? Oh, I could do cheesy anything.
(laughing) I I'm good like that.
Okay, do a trance for us.
- Just a trance? - Yeah.
Just a daze.
That's a good trance, good trance.
- Oh, Amy.
- She has a cute cute sense of humor.
Craig, please do this one with your shirt off.
(laughter) Watch closely as I make this hanky disappear.
The hanky's gone.
And just with a little whiffle dust gotta dig deep the hanky reappears.
He has a lot of flair.
Can you do a good fake, cheesy showbiz trance for us? (laughing) Oh, that's a good trance.
He looks like he's waiting for the Hale-Bopp Comet to appear again.
I loved it.
Look what I've got here, a pretty little red hanky.
Look at Teller.
What do you think he's looking at right now? Not her hanky.
(gasps) Look, my hands are empty.
But then with a little bit of magic fairy dust (gasps) the hanky reappears.
Ta-da! Honestly, I thought I was, like, so hot.
Bam! (giggles) - If we use you in this, you won't be doing - I think it would be a great idea.
We're actually going to float you in the air.
I would love to float.
You can saw me in half.
You can do whatever you want.
I am at your will.
She's so perky, I could almost vomit.
- Lay it on us.
- All right.
Let me get this bad boy out of here.
I have a hand that's empty.
And I have a red hanky.
Watch closely as I make it disappear.
But with a little bit of whiffle dust - I can bring it back.
- Nicely done.
- Very nicely done.
- Michael didn't excite me that much.
- No.
- I didn't care to see the end of the trick when I was watching it.
It wasn't very good.
- Thanks so much.
- All right, cool.
Now we're ready to move on to our "inner beauty" part of the challenge.
All of our contestants got all dressed up, and they're ready to meet reporters from "People" magazine.
They're gonna talk about their experience with Penn & Teller.
Now they think that this is a regular press conference, but we know there's so much more going on.
Here's how it's gonna go down.
- How are you? How you doin'? - This is Mark Gray.
He's a real reporter from "People" magazine.
What makes you the perfect - Face of Vegas? - My personality.
He'll be interviewing our contestants one by one.
What they don't know is that Mark's in on it.
As far as being the Face of Vegas, you'd be involved in a lot of things, obviously, if you get this.
Uh, I know that you were with Penn & Teller.
- Yeah.
- What was that like? Earlier, Penn asked them specifically to keep the magic trick confidential.
When someone asks you how it's done, you don't know anything.
Take that to your grave.
We want to see who's gonna spill the beans.
This should be really interesting.
Did you get involved in the magic? Did they let you do tricks with them or anything? - They taught us a trick.
- What did they make you do? You take a little red hanky, kinda make it disappear bam and then reappear.
And they taught you how it works and all that kind of thing? Yeah, they taught us the secrets.
What are the se I I'm fascinated with magic.
- W what are the secrets? - Um It's, uh It's pretty simple.
Uh, I know - You were with Penn & Teller.
- Yeah.
What was that like? Did you get involved in the magic? Did they let you do tricks with them or anything? They taught us a trick.
- What did they make you do? - This, uh I it's pretty simple.
I I'm fascinated with magic.
W what are the secrets? Um I can't tell.
I can't tell.
That's that was part of the deal.
(bell dings) That's part of the deal.
- Good answer.
- Pretty charming way of deflecting.
They showed us one little minor trick.
There was some little thumb thing we had to put on that was, like, the initial, like, secret of it.
- Well, tell me about it.
- Okay.
So not cool.
I have to think that she'll do anything to win.
- That's the vibe I'm getting.
- What did they make you do? They made us do this, uh it's like a little red scarf trick, where you put, like, a little thumb right here.
Put it in your then you come out like this Like this and you have a little thumb right here.
Then you pull it out.
You're like, "Yeah, here it is.
" (gong rings) She's singing like a canary.
I know you guys - Were with Penn & Teller.
- Yeah, we W what was that like, and what did they make you do? Did they let you do tricks with them? I I'm fascinated with magic.
W what are the secrets? Yeah, we interacted with them.
It was it was a good time.
(bell dings) Good boy.
They showed you how to do the trick, right? Hey, no, stop now.
Shouldn't say, 'cause they're, uh, recording right now.
That works.
That works.
(bell dings) - Good for her.
- Okay.
If she told the secret, they would track her down and cut her in half.
I was set up.
I had the thumb in my hand.
I had the hanky here.
I performed it.
They liked it.
It was it was huge.
I liked it.
I had a great time.
That's all I got for you, man.
Oh, no.
I believe you just you guys were with Penn & Teller.
Did did you guys do any tricks or anything like that? I don't know if I can answer that.
Thank you for everything thank you so much.
- Very nice.
- Good.
That's what I like to see.
They showed you how to do the trick, right? Oh, I can't talk about that.
I want to know.
Maybe another time.
Thanks, hon.
- Nice meeting you.
- You, too.
- Good job.
- And deflected very charmingly.
I adore her.
They show you how to do the trick, though? Yeah.
Yeah, they did.
They showed us a little trick, but we can't tell.
We can't tell.
It's a trick that tou know, you can't reveal your secrets.
If we show 'em how to do it, then we can't trick anybody.
(bell dings) - Love him.
- Yeah, that was great.
It's interesting, because this week, the bottom two are gonna be decided by Penn & Teller.
So I say you guys go out there, see who won this challenge, who gets to appear in the show, and, um, who the bottom two are, and then we can go from there.
- Ooh, this is getting good.
- I know.
I can't wait.
Welcome back, you guys.
How did it go? - Very well.
Very well.
- Good.
Penn & Teller were your judges today.
And they are gonna be picking our winner and also our bottom two.
We'll start with each contestant, and maybe give us a little rundown, tell Beth and I how they did.
First I want to say kind of generally that you all did fabulously.
And, uh, I also want to say that any time we have ever been in a competition, separately or together, we have always lost.
The two bottom people certainly here are the two of us.
Of everybody on this stage, we are the least good-looking.
We are the least charming.
And I believe we smile the least.
Having said that, we're the judges, and we will continue.
- Aw.
- What we ended up doing was judging people very, very much on how they did the actual magic trick.
We wanted to see how seriously people took it.
So now we'll go through.
And do you want to go one by one? - We can start with Taylor.
- Taylor did not have the trick set up that properly to really be deceptive.
Moving on to David.
Once again, we don't think you would have fooled an audience.
And they're going through David and Taylor and saying, "He couldn't really fool me on the trick.
" And I'm goin', "Ah, ha ha, I'm gonna snag it up.
" Okay, Michael.
Uh, not really that deceptive on the trick.
Someone else watching that would not have been fooled by that performance.
That makes a big difference to us.
- Regina.
- Regina, the gimmick, the secret thing that has to be kept secret you had laying out there on the table when we walked in.
So pretty much you diagrammed - how the trick was done - Okay.
While when we when we walked in.
Well, they're the ones that taught it to us.
They knew the whole time what was going on.
Like, if it was a live studio audience, I obviously wouldn't reveal the secret.
I mean, I it was a total dumb blond moment.
Next was Erika Erika, uh, completely would have fooled - anybody in the world with the trick.
- Yeah! Craig also really good on the trick, would have fooled us on the trick.
Amy, uh, is the only one that made the trick better - than we taught it to you.
- Wow.
How is this girl just ridin' through? Like, that's crazy.
She can't even read a watch.
I mean, come on.
Michelle also a wonderful presentation, uh, completely deceptive.
And finally, Liz, you also did the trick wonderfully - and took it very seriously.
(whispering) Thank you.
The winner it came down to the two people who did the trick best, which were Erika and Amy.
And we thought the person that actually created something new, which was Amy, we should go with.
(gasps) (cheering) (Amy) I was genuinely shocked.
Are you looking at the same person? You know, I'm Amy.
You know, I wanted to make sure that they had the right girl.
But, hey, at the same time it's like, hey, I'm safe from elimination, so I'll go with it.
All right, Amy, congratulations.
You'll be working with Penn & Teller - for tonight's show.
- Oh, my gosh.
And please tell us who are our bottom two going to the final face-off? We had to go with the people that did the trick not as well, and that was Please tell us who are our bottom two going to the final face-off.
Okay, well, it came down to the people that did the trick not as well.
Regina had the secret laying out on the table - I'm so sorry.
- Uh, so that puts you at the bottom.
You stepped right into it.
I could possibly be going home, but I'm a fighter.
I'm competitive.
And I'm gonna show that in the final face-off.
Like, I'll show you I deserve to be here.
And the next one at the bottom was Michael.
All right, Amy, congratulations.
You'll be working with Penn & Teller for tonight's show.
Regina and Michael, unfortunately, you'll be heading to the final face-off where you can plead your case before Beth and myself.
Okay? Wow, I might be going home next.
(Carson) Bye, everybody.
(Regina) Bye.
(Taylor) Bye.
- See ya later.
I know I shouldn't be here.
I know for this competition, I'm the dude.
I didn't think I did that bad.
I mean, that's rough.
Winning right now, it doesn't even mean that much to me.
It's, like, keeping my head above water, you know, like, not being in the bottom two.
But then when your two, like, best friends here are in the in the bottom two, it makes you feel like crap anyway.
Stop talking about it.
It's you and me.
Good night tonight, not think about it.
I'm not gonna think about sending your butt home tomorrow.
Regina is spoiled.
Snap of the fingers, you get what you want.
(high-pitched voice) "All it takes is one call.
Daddy, come and get me, blah, blah.
" (normal voice) My time to go home is when everybody else has already left the building.
I just want to come running through that door tomorrow so bad.
I don't think that I should not have a shot at being the Face of Vegas because I messed up a little magic trick.
I'm not going anywhere.
I need and I deserve to be here.
If they tell me no, I'm gonna be like, "No, no, no, do it again.
I'm staying.
Like, no.
I'm not going.
" (David) Regina is a competitor.
She's into herself, which is good.
I'm into myself, too.
So I can relate to her well.
I definitely want Michael to go home.
I'm embarrassed that I'm could possibly go home this early.
Regina just keeps going and going and going and going.
I'm just so pissed at myself that I let it happen.
- Like an energizer bunny.
- No, no, no, listen, seriously, I need to be here.
(babbling) I have so much talent and charisma and drive to do this, and I'm not letting something so stupid like this send me home.
Just say your good-byes to Mike.
(high-pitched voice) Bye, Mikey.
We know you're not comin' back.
(man) Please welcome Penn & Teller! (cheers and applause) (Penn) Good evening! - Whoo-hoo! (whistling) (Regina) Whoo, yeah! We spent all day this afternoon with an ABC show, and our job was to try to find out who was the best of them to be a magician's assistant for us tonight.
After a lot of deliberation, the one we decided on to do a trick tonight is Amy.
(cheers and applause) I'm obviously a little jealous of Amy, 'cause there is no way she did this right.
Like, these dudes just got a thing for Asian women, and that's the bottom line.
Just take a step up on the stool and sit down facing the audience.
(cheering) I was excited for her.
But at the same time, I was like, "Oh, I wish I could have been up there," you know, on stage and, like, part of the show.
It would have been fun.
I think that I would do amazing.
Swing your feet around.
Lie right back where you are, would you please, Amy? Right back here, yeah.
Scoot toward me a little bit.
Being on stage is the best feeling on the face of the earth, but the scariest feeling ever.
It might be a little more comfortable if you do close your eyes.
This is not for religious or meditation purposes, but just so you're not looking directly up my nose.
(laughter) Okay, Amy, I got your feet.
Do not lift them.
Don't lift them yet.
In just a moment, Amy, I'm gonna ask you to lift your feet.
Keep breathing evenly and regularly.
Keep your head back, eyes closed, hands in position.
Very slowly, just like before, Amy, lift your feet again.
Right there, Amy, right there.
Hold it, Amy, hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
(cheers and applause) Hold it, Amy.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
(Amy) Wow, that's and relax, Amy.
We've got you.
That is Amy! Amy from the Face of Vegas right there.
It was such an experience, and it was so much fun.
How many people can say that they were on stage with Penn & Teller? Oh, it's it's so cool.
(Michelle) Are we gonna have to make a shrine of Regina - or you tomorrow? - Regina.
I mean, I was in there energy, just like I am all the damn time.
I think it was definitely hard for Michael.
I just feel for him really bad.
And I don't want him to go home.
I'm not a loser.
Not too many times do I hear somebody saying, "You're a loser.
" It's more or less like, "You're a winner.
" Failure is not an option.
It's not technically my slogan, but I use it like like I made it up.
All right, so Penn & Teller have chosen Michael and Regina as their bottom two, based on their performance of the magic trick.
One of these contestants will stay, and one will go home.
They both passed the inner beauty test this week.
- So we have to consider - Yeah.
everything they've done thus far to make our decision.
Michael's never been dynamic to me - Right.
- in any of the challenges.
Help a player out! I have a hand that's empty, and I have a red hanky.
He's not showing the charisma that I need - for him to be the Face of Vegas.
- He doesn't want it enough.
I do feel like there's something about Regina - I can't put my finger on.
- She wants to win, no matter what.
She shows up every week with her game face on, and she does the challenge, and she does it well.
This week she didn't.
I'm just hoping that my thumb stays in here.
That's the only thing that worries me, yeah.
Okay, well, you're you're you're tipping a little bit of the gaff, you know.
Well, both of them trash-talked Liz.
She has this thing in her head that she's just way better than us.
- I just kinda want to rock Liz out.
- On the trash-talking front, - Michael was much less of a trash-talker - She knows there's a camera right there.
- than Regina.
- Yes.
- Yes, she can be downright nasty.
- She can be Biggest bitch in the house, and the winner is Oh, my God, it's Liz! (fake laughing) She's probably a little icky on the inside.
I think the worst thing about Michael was that, you know, the very first challenge, we said, you have $200 and twenty minutes.
"Go and find an outfit.
" And instead, he stole something.
- Yeah? - I feel like Michael's he's adorable.
He seems like a really good guy.
When he stole the shirt, and it wasn't just like, "Oh, okay, I don't feel good about this.
" - Actually he was celebratory with that - Yeah.
He was like, "Oh, thanks, I stole the shirt.
- High five!" - "High five!" - He was, like, dead to me.
- Yeah.
You know, it's crazy for me, - because they're pretty much even.
- Yeah.
- Absolutely.
- They're both talking smack about Liz.
- Neither one revealed the magic secret.
- Neither one revealed the magic secret.
I think we need another test.
Coming up This right here is it.
I just can't go home.
Clothes are a little tight now, aren't they? Someone's gotta go home.
I'm gonna make sure it's him.
One last hidden challenge can save Michael There's a drunk man in the car about to drive.
- or Regina from elimination.
- Wow.
And later, our bottom two will head to the final face-off, where one of them will be confronted with the secret twist.
Do you think that you're the total package? There all comes a time when all of you - will be in this situation that I'm in - Yeah.
'cause the smaller it gets, the more chances you are gonna be in that bottom two, so the - the stress does suck.
- It's like a chess match, and all you have left is, like, a rook and one pawn.
(sighs) Even though I'm kind of worried, I just know I'm gonna go out there and just use me and my personality and what what God's given me and just really put it out there.
I'll take bottom place, but I won't accept losing.
You come into this thinking, "I'm winning.
" So - I hope so.
(David) Michael was a little bit reserved and a little bit in his head.
And I'm all about the energies, and he was thinking about losing too much.
He wasn't thinking about winning.
(Taylor) You fought to be here, bro, fought to be here.
(Amy) It's a tough call.
They can keep you both for, like, different reasons.
Who do I think is the better representative of Vegas? Well, you, obviously.
Right, and that's what I hope it comes down to.
And I hope that's what they, you know, really are thinking about.
Like, "Who do we see between the two of them as the Face of Vegas?" And in that case, I think I'll win.
I just really don't see Michael having that fire that I have.
I know I can sell myself better than him.
Of course, like, I I like Michael a lot.
He's awesome as hell, but I mean, you're, like - You want me to stay.
- Yeah, you are like, my B.
Someone's gotta go home.
It's me or him, and right now I'm hopin' it's him.
I'm gonna make sure it's him.
Heaven forbid you don't come back If I don't come back, you're gonna win.
I'll take it home for the Jersey team.
(Michael) Bein' the Face of Vegas just kinda, like, fits me.
I need to be in the public eye.
Imagine the whole world all blue dots, and then you got these random, like, green, random yellow dots.
Like, I'm one of the colored ones.
I'm not one of the blue ones.
I'm different.
I stand out.
I'm lookin' good for the victory This is it.
(clicks tongue) This right here is it.
- I just can't go home.
- Clothes are a little tight now, aren't they? That's what looks good, girl.
(Regina) You know, I'm excited, because I think I have a really good shot at this, and I'm I feel very confident.
Like, I'm not leaving.
Like, I'm not leaving till I win.
- Bye, Mikey.
- Take care, girl.
- Hmm, you, too, but you're comin' back.
- Yeah.
Peace in the Middle East.
- Bye, "T-balls.
" - Bye.
On a personal level, it would be cool to see Regina again.
On a competition level hell no.
She's probably my toughest competition.
- Hmm, you guys - You have to come back.
I know.
I'll come back.
(whispering) I'll come back.
Don't worry.
For me, they're both head-to-head, - statistically speaking.
- I think the worst thing about Michael He failed one of the challenges when he stole I I feel like I just I've seen such an other side of Regina that I can't forget about.
She can turn on you.
I wouldn't trust her.
I think they're neck-and-neck, and I think that's why - we need to see more.
- Well, I've set up one final straw for Michael and Regina.
As each of them makes their way out to the hotel to come to the final face-off, we have a hidden camera set up in a van across the street.
And there is a drunk man that they're gonna encounter in the lobby of the hotel.
He is visibly intoxicated, holding a pack of beer.
- And he's acting.
He works for us.
- Right.
And he's gonna get the keys from the valet and try to drive off.
The valet's in on it.
So we want to see if Michael or Regina stop him.
- Okay.
- Let's see Regina.
Hey, buddy, where's the party? Sorry.
Oh, man.
There you go, sir all ready for you.
Is that guy driving? Now that's service, man.
Go ahead, the car is already running for you.
There's a drunk man in the car about to drive.
Hey, are you the man, or what? - Should he be driving? - Hey, Luis - Are you letting him drive? - Yes.
- He has beer in his hand.
- Hey, don't worry - He stumbled out with beer in his hand - I'm sorry.
- and you're gonna let him drive? - I didn't notice that.
I'm so sorry.
- Thank you for pointing it out.
- No, I just I don't want him to hurt anybody or himself.
(Vanessa) Good for you.
(Carson) Yeah.
- I'm really, really glad that she stepped in.
- Yeah.
She did seem genuinely concerned.
And now, Michael.
Hey, hey, hey, now that's service.
Luis, my man.
- How was everything? - Okay, dude.
- Thank you very much.
- All right, man.
- Hello, Regina.
- Hello.
- Hello, Michael.
- How you doin'? Hi, guys, welcome to the final face-off.
Now this week's challenge was for you to audition in front of Las Vegas icons Penn & Teller.
The two of you are here tonight because they chose you as their two least favorite performers.
So before we announce our decision, Michael, do you have anything to say? I have the most personality.
I am the most outgoing.
I have the most drive.
I'm not here for my five minutes of fame.
I'm here, you know, for a purpose To be the Face of Vegas.
And I just know that - I'm supposed to do this.
- Okay.
And, Regina, is there anything you'd like to say? I'm gonna be totally honest, and I know I messed up on the challenge, and that's why I'm here.
Um, you know, people make mistakes.
And I believe people deserve second chances.
I believe I possess everything the Face of Vegas should have.
And if there's something I don't have, tell me what it is, and I'll do it.
I never want to be in this position again.
If I get to stay, I will make sure I win the next challenge, because I want it that bad.
I know that I can do this, and I know I am the perfect person for this show.
And I I just I can't express to you how much I just want that second chance to really show you - what I'm made of.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Those were great statements.
I'll start with Michael.
First of all, you have such an amazing look.
You are one handsome guy.
- Thank you.
- But you describe this Face of Vegas, this dynamic personality that I just have not seen throughout the course of this competition.
And, Regina, one thing that always impresses me about you is that, you know, I love your attention to detail.
You came in here and you seemed very prepared.
You're very well-spoken.
You're very articulate.
But one thing that I didn't think you were very careful about was when you were asked to audition for Penn & Teller, the secret for the trick was was exposed in the first five seconds you were in the room.
And it was a little sloppy.
And I think it shows a lack of respect for what they do, but also it shows a lack of knowledge about what your audience is about.
This is the final face-off, and somebody does have to go home.
And we have made our decision.
Regina, Michael, this was a very difficult decision for us.
And our decision is Regina You are safe to go back to the suite.
- Thank you so much.
- There's a car waiting for you outside.
I'll miss you.
Thank you so much.
I'll make you proud, I promise.
Michael, you will be going home tonight.
But before you go, there is something else you should know.
There is more to this competition than meets the eye.
Hello, Michael.
Over the past two weeks, Beth, Carson and I have been watching you compete to be the Face of Vegas.
But we've also been watching for signs of your inner beauty, because the winner of this competition will have the total package of both inner and outer beauty.
Do you think that you have the total package? See for yourself.
I think you need the shirt.
I think you need it.
Yeah? (Michael) You're awesome.
- Really? - Yeah.
(growling) I'm glad she ain't here.
I'm glad.
(normal voice) She walks around like she's, like, the one that we're thinking in the back of our heads, "We we gotta watch out for her.
" I just kinda want to rock Liz out, man.
I just kinda want to she's, like, the only one that I even wanted to leave in the first place.
We did give you one last chance to redeem yourself and prove your inner beauty.
It was the drunk man at the hotel.
(drunk man) Now that's service.
- Thank you, Luis.
- You're welcome, sir.
- Okay, bye.
- Dude was a little bit ridiculous.
- Yeah.
- He was walkin' like this.
You let him get in his car and drive away.
Regina didn't.
Anything you'd like to say, Michael? I don't know.
I think you got me all wrong, really.
Well, beauty is something that is both inside and out, but true beauty comes from within.
Thank you, Michael.
- We wish you luck.
- Thanks.
Good luck, Michael.
Good luck.
(Michael) I'm a beautiful person inside and out.
I pride myself on being a nice guy.
That's how I live life.
Anybody who knows me knows that this is not me.
It sucks.