True Jackson, VP (2008) s01e16 Episode Script

115 - Amanda Hires a Pink

True Jackson, VP was filmed In front of a live Studio audience.
Oscar, where's True? If she's not behind mdesk, I have no idea.
Thanks Oscar.
She's in one of her moods.
If she's cranky, It must be Monday.
At least it's not Freak-out Friday.
She can't help it.
Any time Mr.
Madigan goes away, She gets a little goofy.
At least we only have One crazy person here.
What are you doing? Oh, it's for a project.
I ask the question, "if a kid in a rabbit suit "walks through Manhattan, "would anyone Throw a carrot at him?" The answer is "yes.
" True, you might Want to head over To the staff meeting.
It starts in two donuts.
I know what You're all thinking.
Where's Mr.
Madigan? Oh, I know this one.
He's taking His girlfriend to Italy Because she's never had pizza, Whicif you ask me, Is a long way to go For just a slice, Especially when That joint downstairs is, Muy delicioso! In Max's absence, I will be in charge.
I have his agenda right here.
Item one: K.
Now, what could That possibly mean? Item two: Sebastian fabulous Will be here today.
Wow, Sebastian fabulous Is the biggest fashion buyer In the world.
And the most amazing.
Rumor has it, he can tell A fabric's color just by touch.
Gingham! He's also One of the busiest Men in America, So getting him to come in Was a real coup.
He said he'll Look at one design only.
One design? True, I know In our little get-togethers You like to sweep in And steal my thunder, But you can forget it.
Because the one design We'll be presenting is mine.
I like it.
Thank you.
But what if it had A colorful belt? That's a great idea! I found This really cool fabric At the factory last week.
Ooh! Fine, we'll add The stupid belt.
It would not be unheard of For Mr.
Fabulous to order Are you sure you can deliver That much fabric? I give you The True Jackson guarantee.
He'll be here At exactly 3 o'clock.
If he's more than 10 seconds late, I'd be shocked.
Now, unless Ms.
Jackson Has any more bright ideas I do.
What is it? How about We all go to the pizza place Downstairs for lunch? Hey, that's a great idea! What's wrong, Lulu? You've got on tense face Number seven.
I've got bad news.
You know how We weren't going to tell The pinks about you Working here? Yes.
I told them About you working here.
It's not my fault.
They tricked me.
How? Pinky turzo was like, "I heard True has a job," And I'm like, "yeah, here's her address.
" you gave pinky turzo The address here? All right, somebody help me Start boarding up the elevators.
Okay, that's good.
That's good.
True, did you check to see If the factory Has enough material? What? Huh? You seem distracted.
No, I'm just A little distracted.
Pinky turzo Is on her way here.
She is one of the pinks.
They're the popular girls In our school.
They're witches.
One time I saw them fly.
Hold this for me, Will you, Curly? Oh, I believe I like these girls.
from my head to my toes it's all real and you know fresh and cool is just what I do t-r-u-e j-a-c-k-s-o-n v-p working at a grown up job never really knew I could work this hard used to sit at home and watch t.
now I'm in an office as a new v.
I'm always setting trends with my two best friends when things get out of hand we have a plan we're just messing around and we're making new ground for the whole wide world to see if you see us in town you know it's going down 'cause I'm the new v.
so, this is my office.
What do you think? I love it.
Really? No.
It looks like a rainbow Threw up.
Actually, Everything used to be gray, But it reminded me Too much of school.
They haven't painted That place Since Reagan was president.
I don't even know Who that is.
They said I could decorate The office any way I wanted, So, I decided, Why not make it colorful.
And the popcorn machine is Because I like popcorn.
Sometimes I sit on the couch And pretend I'm at the movies.
I'll be all "watch out Beethoven 3!" and I pretend to be The cranky guy behind her, And I'll be like, "shhhh.
" I'm going to slaughter you.
No one else heard that? So, you're like Her assistant? Yeah, watch this.
Jackson, is there anything I can do for you? Actually, can you Go to the dress vault And see if they have Any cool belt buckles? Right away! See? That sort of thing.
Lulu, I'm actually Asking you to do it.
Oh, right away.
Ryan, do you want to come? No, thanks.
I'm going to put you In a box.
Wait up! So, well, Having a fun summer, cammy? I'm thirsty.
They have drinks In the break room fridge Right across the reception area.
Whatever, bossy.
Did you see those pants? Hello? Hello.
I like her pants.
Oh really? Do you like bad dreams Because that's what Those pants are Going to give me.
I couldn't find The break room.
It's right across The reception area.
To the right And down the stairs.
No, it's right across The lobby.
And then to the left And up to the roof? No, literally a straight line Across the reception area.
Well, I couldn't find it.
I'll go.
How about that dress? Hello? Hello.
Hey, my grandma had a shirt Just like that one.
She died of poor taste.
This happens to be An original cardellini.
Is that Italian for mistake, Because I think you're shoes are Cardellini's too.
What are you doing? Shaking stuff.
Well, put that down.
It's not a toy.
Here, you want a soda? It's nice and cool.
Yeah, pass.
I'm sure True was delighted To get a visit from you today.
Probably not.
I think I make her nervous.
They are totally witches.
Ryan, they are not witches.
How do you know? Well, For one there are no witches.
Two, witches don't skate, And three, I went To photography camp with them And they didn't mention it.
Bet if you Threw water on them, They'd melt.
Don't get any ideas.
Tell me if you see Any belt buckles over there.
You don't think that had Anything to do with me, do you? Can you go five minutes Without messing something up? Honestly.
No! You want to leave and pretend Like we were never here? Good plan.
Any other ideas? Well, we could play tennis Until we starve to death.
Oscar, did the pinks leave? I believe so.
I lost the morning, But now that the pinks are gone, I can really get focused.
What the Gotta go.
Pinky! Pinky! Yeah.
What are you doing? Looking for long hallways To get some speed going.
These turns are murder On my ankles.
I should Sue you.
I don't mean to sound Harsh or anything, But it's a little busy today, So, maybe you should go.
Yeah, I don't see That happening.
Why not? I work here.
You what now? What do you mean, You work here? You heard me.
Looks like you're Not the only one who took a swim In Lake lucky.
But who hired you? I forget her name.
Big metal hands, Might be a robot.
Amanda! Did somebody call me? Pinky here Was just telling me That you hired her.
Isn't it wonderful? She'll be here all day, Every day, Sitting right outside your door.
Excuse me, won't you? Amanda, how could you Do this? What? I go out of my way to hire One of your little friends And you're acting like You're not happy.
How's that supposed To make me feel? The truth is She's not really someone I hang out with too much.
I can't get involved In teen drama.
Is she your friend or isn't she? No, in fact, She freaks me out.
Well, this is a side of you I haven't seen.
I'm sure you're overreacting.
Look at my hand.
Hands aren't Supposed to shake like that! Well, except my Uncle Troy's do, But that's only Because he went over Niagara falls in a barrel.
Oh no, and you have All those belts to make.
Maybe you can get pinky To help you.
Pinky! What now? True could use your help On a project.
Shouldn't I be Designing clothes? Yeah, that's more of a day 2 Sort of thing.
Right now, Just stick to True like glue.
You got it, chuckles.
What do you call that color? "I got dressed in the dark Green?" Hello! Now you say hello.
Now you do it again.
We are gonna Have to work on that.
Nice job, Ryan.
You're not Still blaming this on me, Are you? Who builds a keypad That explodes when you hit it With a tennis ball? We don't even know Where we are going.
What if we come out and we're in Another building entirely.
Wait, there's a light.
Oh, it's kopelman's office.
kopel-man I'm going to kill you kopelman.
Did you see that? He ran out of there Like there was a sale On shiny white shoes And hair gel.
Ryan, why didn't you tell him We needed help? My bad.
I think I see some light Up ahead.
It's the mailroom.
Hey, there's Jimmy.
Well, figures he's asleep.
Wake up, Jimmy! Wake up! Wake up! Wait.
Hey wait.
Let me just It hit him right on the head.
How's he still sleeping? What did you drop on him? Cell phone.
You had a cell phone? My bad.
Stop it.
Stop playing with that.
Pinky, this is not a toy.
Your face is a toy.
True hasn't checked On the material she promised, Has she? Not that I saw.
I think I finally found her kryptonite.
She can't concentrate With you around.
This is like the time We made fun of her leggings, And she failed an English test.
I'm giving you a raise.
We have to warn True.
Nice job Throwing your cell phone away, Genius.
You should Really be more responsible With your things.
Where's yours? Under the leg of my desk To keep it from wobbling.
Come on.
We'll make it out of here.
The key is, We have to stick together.
Oscar, Did the factory call back yet? No.
What about Lulu? No.
Can you call her again? Will do.
I'm in big trouble, Oscar.
Do you think there's any chance We could get Sebastian fabulous To come in next week instead? Impossible.
He's notoriously busy.
They say He sleeps five hours day, And during those five hours, He also exercises.
Is that evepossible? Rumor has it that he once had Two hours to spare And he got married And had a honeymoon.
If this is your way Of calming me down, It's not working.
My teeth are chattering Worse than my Uncle Troy's After he got hit by lightning.
Hey hibbert! Hibbert! Up here, you cheesebag! Get me the Russian embassy.
This is the sandman.
Hibbert's a spy? I can't explain right now, But I need a van To pick up Ryan Laserbeam.
Take him to skull island For deprogramming.
Oh, this is not good.
Oh, and replace All of his bones with cat bones.
Are you sure You don't have anything Like that? I need a thousand yards In an hour.
Hello? Hello! Now you're getting it.
What am I gonna do? I said I could get This special material And now it's not available.
Tough luck on them.
Tough luck on me.
I'm the idiot Who promised something I can't deliver.
Just say you have mono And stay home for two months.
I'm getting The Uncle troys again.
Are you okay? Couldn't be better.
I just What was the question again? True, I've never seen you So off your game.
It's those pinks.
I can barely focus With pinky turzo Rolling her eyes At everything I do.
You know, When I was your age, There were these popular boys At my school.
We called them the Rogers.
They wore Matching brown sneakers And looked down on anyone Who didn't wear them too.
What did you do? I wore brown sneakers, And for a little bit, I looked down on people Who didn't.
Then one day, I accidentally spilled Orange paint on my shoes, And I realized They looked so much better.
The Rogers Mustn't have liked that.
They did not.
They gave me a lot of grief.
But sometimes that's the cost Of being yourself.
Conformity is bad.
Mad style.
Sebastian fabulous Is in the building.
Thanks Oscar.
No, You can't deliver it tomorrow.
I said I wanted it today.
Yeah, baby.
I'll remember to pick up milk On my way home.
If it's not delivered today, I will slap you with a fish.
Go to the seaport And get me a fish And some milk.
Sit down, everyone.
It's exactly 11 seconds until 3.
Ten, nine, eight sorry, I'm early.
Fabulous, do come in.
Before I present our design, May I tell you a little story? No.
Oh, let's begin.
And there you have it.
I like the belt.
How fast can you deliver A thousand units? Immediately, right? No.
I'm sorry? Actually with its Flawless silhouette And classic design The dress stays constant, But the belt is unique.
Unique, how? No two are exactly the same.
Some are this pattern And some are solid And some are a little of both.
Thank you.
You want me to sell something Without telling the buyer Exactly what they're getting.
I call it "uncommon couture.
" Max is going to love this.
I'll help you Pack up your office.
We'll take 5,000 units.
Hey, what's your name? True Jackson.
I like you, True.
Here, keys to the silver diablo In front of the building.
It's yours.
I can't drive.
Give them back, then.
Nice to meet you, True.
Let's go, Willy.
Uncommon couture.
Where did you pull that out of? My butt.
That's not a toy.
Don't play with it.
Then can I play With your face? Hey, did True tank the meeting? She did not.
Man, she's so lucky.
No, it's not luck.
It's something else, An open mind, A refusal to be daunted.
I mean, it is exhilarating To watch sometimes, How she always manages To turn problems around And create something amazing.
"uncommon couture.
" It's positively inspired.
I understand Why you'd be jealous of her.
Jealous of her? Like I'd ever be! Well, you should.
Whatever else I might think about her, She is really something special.
But don't ever tell anyone I said that.
Like I was even listening, Huh! Lulu, We gotta get out of here.
What do you think We've been trying to do? Hibbert's a spy.
He wants to have me Sent to skull island And have my brains rewired.
Oh, I hear It's nice this time of the year.
Just send me a postcard.
I hope my new brain remembers How mean you are.
Heard you aced the meeting.
Yeah, I guess I got lucky.
Look, don't take this The wrong way, But this is for you.
Don't take this the wrong way But I don't really Wear pink headbands.
Maybe I'll give it to Amanda.
Yeah, she'll like it.
You know she's probably Going to fire you, right? Yeah, right.
That's about the last thing She is gonna do.
Where's pinky? It was nice working with you.
Pinky, Stop playing with that.
You're not my boss anymore.
Well, put that down.
It's not a toy.
Yeah, right, what's the worst That can happen.
Uncommon couture? Someone really smart Once told me That conformity's bad.
Any sign of Lulu? No, and her desk leg's Been ringing off the hook.
Oscar, do you hear a noise? No.
Ohhhh! Hey True, Couldn't find any belt buckles.
Who told you to look In the heating vent? And where is Lulu? Aaaah! Did Ryan tell you We couldn't find Any belt buckles? Are you guys okay? Yeah, we're fine.
Hey, did Amanda fire pinky? You know it.
Why are we doing this? I don't know, But it's kind of fun.
Hello, mad style, How may I direct your call? Where is the break room? I'm thirsty.