True Jackson, VP (2008) s01e15 Episode Script

114 - True Intrigue

"True Jackson, VP" Was filmed in front Of a live studio audience.
Oscar, do we have an eta On Max? His plane landed an hour ago.
He should be here shortly.
Well, I'd like everything To be perfect when he arrives, So please Straighten up your desk.
Little help? What do you think You're doing? Well, I think I'm playing dodgeball With Ella in accounting, why? I may have mentioned this Once or twice, But this is a place of business, Not a playground.
Well, then how do you explain All the sand in my shoe? Ball.
Have fun.
You knows it.
Hey, Amanda, Is it okay if a college student Follows me around for a day? Okay for whom? I imagine It would be very boring For this person.
Her name's Judy.
She sent me a letter Asking me if she could see What it's like to work In fashion.
It's fine with me, But you might want To run it by Max.
He's got something big Planned for us today.
What? I don't know exactly, But I would imagine It has something to do With his trip to Africa.
My parents went to Africa For their honeymoon.
I don't think They had a good time, though.
My dad was all worked up Because the flight attendant Only gave them one bag of nuts.
I mean, he still talks about it.
My mom's like, "let it go, Larry.
" something wrong, Lulu? Well, sort of.
I was texting with Mikey j, And he wrote me this.
I don't get it.
Neither do I.
It kind of looks like A penguin if you squint.
Were you talking About penguins? No, we were being Kind of friendly, But also kind of flirty, And then I asked him If he wanted To hang out sometime, And there was a long pause, And then he sent me this.
Maybe Amanda knows.
Hey, Amanda, You go out with boys, What does this mean to you? It means your cell phone Is broken.
There's nothing But a bunch of unrelated letters And punctuation marks.
It's an emoticon.
You know, like happy or sad Or confused.
Don't you use them? No, I express my feelings With actual words, Like happy or sad Or not interested.
So what are you gonna do? I don't know.
You'll figure it out.
Man, isn't it hot in here? Yeah, right? I'll turn up the air.
from my head to my toes its all real and you know fresh and cool it's just what I do t-r-u-e-j-a-c-k-s-o-n-v-p working at a grown-up job never really knew I can work this hard just used to sit at home and watch tv now I'm in the office as a new VP I'm always setting trends with my two best friends when things get out of hand we have a plan we're just messin' around and we're makin' new ground for the whole wide world to see if you see us in town you know what's going down 'cause I'm the new VP Max? Jambo.
That's swahili for hello.
Welcome back, Max.
We missed you dearly.
Wow, Mr.
Madigan, I love your new clothes From Africa.
Why thank you, True.
Uganda was a truly Unforgettable likizo.
That's swahili for vacation.
What's swahili for hurry up And give me my present? Present? Did you say present? Because I brought back Some special surprises.
True, when I was in Uganda, I spent a great deal of time With the baganda tribe.
I told the tribal elders About a young girl Who works for me, And they were so impressed, They wanted you to have this.
It's amazing.
I'm so glad I didn't get a goat.
I heard they give goats.
Big goat givers, are they? Now me.
Amanda, when I saw this, I couldn't help But think of you.
I am incredibly honored.
This came from Africa? Indeed.
They said It's over a hundred years old.
There's a barcode On the bottom.
Now for the real surprise.
Something so top secret That only My most trusted executives Can know about it.
Where's kopelman? Kopelman.
I'm making an extremely Important announcement.
I want you nowhere near me.
In fact, Get out of the building.
Now that he's gone, I can reveal perhaps The most important discovery In the history of mad style.
Shut the door.
This is mutuba cloth.
It's amazing, Max.
This is truly amazing.
Shall I open the door again? What the whozit's A mutuba cloth? Mutuba cloth Is a completely organic fabric Made from the bark Of the mutuba tree.
It's going to make mad style The leader In eco-friendly fashion Around the world.
Mad style's going green.
As green as a pea On the back of a frog.
I am going to announce My discovery to the press Next week.
Who is it? Oscar.
You may enter.
True, I just want To let you know That your guest has arrived.
Oscar, while you're here, I brought you a souvenir From my trip.
This is a hand-carved statue Of mukasa.
He's known as the ugandan God of administration.
Be careful, though, There is only three like it In the entire world.
Thank you so much.
I will treasure it forever.
What did you get? Just be glad You didn't get a goat.
Oh, that reminds me, I've got something for Ella In accounting.
Judy? Oh, hi.
I was just playing scrunch On your computer.
What's scrunch? Oh, you don't play scrunch? It's this great game Where all these bears Wear lipstick And they try to kiss you, So you have to hide Before they turn you Completely red.
I had a nightmare like that One time.
But except instead of bears, It was my aunt tonisha.
I mean, I woke up Screaming so loud My dad jumped out the window And broke his leg.
Then my aunt tonisha came And stayed with us.
Oh, this is so frustrating.
What does it mean? Maybe Judy has an idea.
She's in college.
You're in college? Yes.
Why, do I look dumb? No, old.
Everybody in college Looks like me.
I love college.
We drink milk shakes And sleep in bunk beds.
Yeah, I can't read this.
I know, right? It's from this boy, Mikey j.
I can't tell if he likes me.
He totally likes you.
Why else would he spend Two solid years avoiding you? That's dedication.
Can we take that tour now? Oh, Ryan wants us to meet him Downstairs at happyberry.
You like yogurt, right, Judy? Are you kidding me? We have a hip-hop yogurt shop On campus, yo yo yo gurt.
Hey, Oscar, it's cool If we go get some yogurt, right? Yes, But wash your hands first.
Both sides.
He's kidding.
No, I'm not.
Oscar, I'm trying to look cool here.
Hey, Judy, this is Amanda.
Amanda, this is Judy, The college student I was telling you about.
Oh, a pleasure.
What are you working on, Amanda? An exciting new project Called none of your beeswax.
Not really.
She just doesn't want To tell you.
Oscar, do you mind If I keep my mug here For safekeeping? Be careful, don't Is it okay? Yes.
How about now? What are you doing? Oh, It's just a little experiment.
I'm seeing how long I can pour water back and forth Between two cups Before the manager kicks me out.
It's been over an hour.
This guy's terrible.
I'll bet he's a spy.
Not this again.
Oh, hey, this is Judy.
She's a college student.
You're a college student? Fo' shizzle.
Why is Mr.
Madigan wearing His bathrobe to work today? That's not a bathrobe.
It's a dashiki, you know, He got it on his trip to Africa.
What was he doing there? Well, I bet He was riding zebras.
I know he found This really rare fabric.
Made out of zebras? It has something to do With the environment.
It's really top secret.
Oh goody, I love to gossip.
What's it really made of? I'm not sure.
Trees or something.
He's calling it a mutuba cloth.
A mutuba.
True, can I talk to you For a second real fast? You think it's a good idea Talking about Mr.
Madigan's secrets? What if she's a spy? Ryan, you've got to trust People a little.
Well at the very least, Make her pinky promise.
Hey, Judy, You won't mention anything about What we just talked about, Will you? It's top secret.
Not if you don't want me to.
I don't.
Pinky promise.
Look, I hate to do this To you But would you mind Pinky-promising? Well, if that's What you want.
I will not tell anyone about Mr.
Madigan's mutuba cloth.
Oh, it's my r.
I probably left The stereo on again.
I should take this.
I'm getting yogurt.
Who wants? Me.
Can you get go go bears on mine? Forget it.
What are go go bears? Sugar balls filled With an energy drink.
I know a guy Who had two servings And literally outran a cougar.
So can I please get some? No.
Hey, Ryan, What do you make othis? It's very interesting.
Ooh, you know what it means? No, my finger's bleeding.
Oh, I can't figure it out.
I asked Mikey j.
If he wanted to hang out And that's what he wrote back.
You know what you should do? Just send him A crazy emoticon back.
Put the ball in his court.
Hey, that's a good idea.
Yeah, I'm full of good ideas.
Like my idea For the pocket cheese grater.
Actually I have one with me.
Oh, not again.
True, there you are.
It's a code yellow In the conference room, stat.
Oh, what does that mean? Oh, it's an emergency Staff meeting.
Can I come? No, you probably shouldn't.
Hang in my office Till I get back.
Play some scrunch.
What is that? Sit down, True.
I need all my top executives.
Where's kopelman? I just want you to know that It was wrong of me to throw you Out of the meeting earlier.
But this meeting Is much more important, So get out.
I've just been informed that Simon cristini has found out About the mutuba cloth And is going to announce it As his own discovery.
We have to act quickly.
I have moved The press conference To 3:00 today.
Is that even possible? We have no choice.
But don't worry, Doris has asked her cousin To help us out As a spokes-omelet.
Did you just say Spokes-omelet? Did I? I meant to say spokesperson.
I didn't have breakfast This morning.
Doris' cousin, how exciting.
I'm sure the press Will be clamoring For that exclusive.
Who's her cousin, Mr.
Madigan? Al Gore.
Al Gore? The former vice-president? Yes.
But let's keep it quiet, True.
We've already had one secret Stolen today.
I don't think anyone here Would tell your secret.
Well, you'd be surprised.
In the big money world Of fashion, Secrets are very valuable.
You never know who's a spy.
Hey, True, I What are you doing? Just chillin' like Bob Dylan.
First of all, I have no idea Who that is.
Second, you're hiding a camera Behind your back.
Since this is a green event, Do you think the podium Should be green? I love it.
I mean, if you do.
Not now, Ryan.
I need to talk to you.
Look, fingers bleed, Get over it.
Judy's a spy.
Look, I know I think Everyone's a spy, But this time she really Is a spy.
Okay, and you know this Because how? Spy camera.
Yup, Judy was taking pictures.
Maybe she was taking Pictures for her project.
And what did she say When you asked her? Well, that she was taking Pictures for her project.
I don't have time for this.
Wait, wait, wait, Just see for yourself.
Yes, sir.
Do you think I should Stand tall and proud Or hunched forward with concern? A camera, excellent.
You always come prepared, True.
Take my picture.
Oh, is that swahili For cheese? No, it's swahili for "ouch.
" I stubbed my toe.
My dopey friend, Ryan Took your camera.
Where are you going? Pep rally.
Well, do you have to go As soon? 'cause we really didn't get A chance to finish our tour.
True? Yeah? In light of what's going on, Are you sure it's the best idea To be showing the office To strangers? What is with everybody today? Judy is just a college student.
Right? Oh, I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention.
I was just thinking about this Great rock and roll song I heard at college.
Can we take that tour now? Go right this way.
Our design department Has over 600 designers on staff.
Six hundred? That seems like a lot.
You can take notes if you want.
Oh, good idea.
My Professor is always, "take notes, take notes.
" He's like a broken record.
What's a record? Never mind.
Oh hey, Everyone's rehearsing For a big press conference Later.
You want to sit in? Yeah.
I mean, whatevs.
Mad style, How may I direct your call? I'll put you right through, Mr.
Chuff a.
I don't know how it works.
Do I just tell you Who I'm looking for? Yes, that's always A good start.
My name is Mikey j.
And you're looking for Lulu? Yeah.
She said she worked here.
Yes, she's right in there.
Okay, and I just go right in? I don't really know How it works here.
You just move one foot In front of the other.
Do I tip you? No.
That's cool.
I got your text.
I got yours.
So, we're boyfriend And girlfriend now? What? Isn't that What your emoticon meant? Yes.
I mean, That's what yours meant, right? Hey, Mikey j, What are you doing here? Just visiting my girlfriend At her job.
Hey, Mikey j, What are you doing here? Beat it, Ryan.
Where's True? She's taking Judy on a tour Of the offices.
What? But Judy's a spy.
Ryan thinks Everyone's a spy.
That's cool.
No, it's not.
Does he work here? Not really.
That's cool.
So, do I hold your hand? I don't really know How it works.
In summation, The cloth of the mutuba tree Is unusable Since the oils from the bark Are quite poisonous.
Questions? What do you think The new fall colors will be? Seafoam green and periwinkle.
Yes? Men's suits, How many buttons? Eleven.
Two on each cuff And seven down the middle.
Does our young student Have a question? Um, yes.
Are you saying that mad style Will not be using mutuba cloth In its upcoming designs? That's correct.
Then we'll introduce Our special guest And we'll close with a song.
Good rehearsal, everybody.
Oh, I should get back To my dorm.
I think I left my hot plate on.
Don't go.
You got to check out Ella In accounting.
She's got a goat.
It ate her keyboard And kicked a hole Through the wall.
Too cute.
Yeah, goats are da bomb, But, you know, If I burn down my dorm, Dean wormer's gonna give me Double secret probation.
Are you insane? Ask them.
Good work, True.
That ought to keep Simon cristini off our backs For a while.
What, you tricked Judy? No, they did.
I just let her into the room.
I am so proud of you, True.
And as a special thank you, I'd like for you To have this mug.
No, I couldn't, no.
You take it.
Take the mug.
Oh, I'm just kidding.
I love this ancient Microwave-safe mug.
Well, I'm just gonna Okay, I'll go now.
What's wrong? We won.
It's just fashion Is not supposed to be About winning and losing.
It's supposed to be Something beautiful.
And today, it just felt mean.
Judy took advantage of me.
True, you know that feeling You get in your stomach When you draw a design Or when you get A really good idea That you're proud of? Sometimes you have to draw A hundred designs Before you get that one.
And you know it's right.
I love it when that happens.
Me too.
Some people Will never get that feeling.
Those are the people I feel sorry for.
Hey, True, Can you save three seats For the press conference? Three? One for me, one for Lulu, And one for Lulu's boyfriend.
You said what now? And so, in this time When the environment Is the single Most important issue facing us, Mad style is committed To lowering Our carbon footprint.
Today we make a decision, Not for ourselves, But for the countless Generations that follow us.
Why are you bouncing your leg So much? I'm not sure.
I mean, who's to say How things happen, right? It's not like we're scientists.
Wait, you didn't have Go go bears, did you? Maybe.
Okay, Ryan, You know you can't have those.
They make you crazy.
I'm sorry, what? Sit there And try to keep it together.
Our mutuba line Will be available Across the globe And represents the first Entirely eco-friendly collection In the world.
And now, I'd like to introduce Our special spokes-burger.
I'm sorry, I mean spokesperson.
Somebody needs to get Max Some food.
It is now my great honor To present to you Vice president al Gore.
I love this guy.
So, we tell you What flavor we want? I don't really know How it works here.
Just two cherry Berry hellos.
And you pay.
That's how it works.
That's cool.
So, are you still worked up From the go go bears, Ryan? No, I think It's all out of my system.
So, what ever happened To Judy? Simon cristini fired her.
How many spies Have I brought down now? Including her? One.
Take that, spy community.
Don't worry about her, Though.
I heard she already got A new job.
Where? No idea.
Hey, peeps, what's the haps? Oh, fro yo in the house.
Guess who treated me To yogurt? My boyfriend.
My boyfriend bought this for me.
Boyfriend, yogurt.
Are you going To be doing that a lot? Yeah.