True Jackson, VP (2008) s02e16 Episode Script

218 - True Jackson Trapped in Paris

- I'm a giant! - I'm a giant! - I'm a giant! - I'm a giant! - I'm a giant! - I'm a giant! Shh! Shh! Lulu keep it down.
- Why, who's gonna hear us? - True is that you? - Any other questions? - Get in here! Now, try to make yourself look presentable, this is a professional office.
Madigan! - What are you doing? - I'm in a bit of a pickle.
This morning Doris took off her wedding ring while she was doing the dishes.
And I noticed a small crack in the ring, see? - So.
- So? If Doris sees the crack in the ring, she'll think there's a crack in the marriage.
- Shes terribly superstitious.
- Why don't you just take it to a jeweler? Because I'm even more superstitious.
I believe if I walk into a jewelry store, I will activate the crack in the marriage.
- You want me to take it there for you? - Would you? - Sure, I'll do it tomorrow morning.
- It can't wait till tomorrow.
I've sent Doris to an exclusive day spa for two days, so I'd have time to fix it.
You have to hurry.
But I've got a catalog shoot to take care of.
- Boyswear.
- Ooh! Don't worry about the shoot, I'll have Amanda cover it.
Ha, I'm sure she'll love that.
In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic.
Oscar lets go, lets go! The mail waits for no man! This is not a drill.
This is not a drill! - True, I need that vest.
- Okay, why? Going to a fashion show in Paris remember? Woo! Well, I've got a ton of work to do.
- Like what? - I'm going to brush my ponies hair.
Ryan, what are you doing? Pretending to be a statue.
Forget I asked.
I was walking to work this morning right? And by work you don't mean here do you? Yeah.
Anyway I saw this guy painted gold pretending to be a statue, all these people were getting their picture taken with him.
And then they give him a dollar.
It's the third easiest job in this town, right after Mayor, and whatever Lulu does.
Hey, Lulu works hard.
Mind if I take off I'm pretty bored.
What's with him? Ryan's thinking about becoming about becoming a human statue.
Oh cool! And he wont move at all? - Mm mm.
- Not even if I do this Oh gross! What are you laughing at? You had your finger in his ear.
Oh gross! Oh hey, did you want me to find a repair place? - For what? - Mrs.
Aidem's ring.
Oh I forgot all about it.
What is with my memory today? Where did I put that thing? Oh no! The vest, I put the ring in the vest! Oscar, have you seen Jimmy? - Jimmy, where's that vest I gave you? - Don't worry it's on its way to Paris.
You said what now?! From my head to my toes, it's all real and you know.
Fresh and cool, it's just what I do.
Working at a grown-up job.
I never really knew I could work this hard.
Just used to sit at home and watch TV.
Now I'm in an office as the new VP.
I'm always setting trends, with my two best friends.
When things get out of hand, we have a plan.
We're just messing around, and we're making new ground.
For the whole wide world to see.
If you see us in town, you know it's going down.
Because I'm the new VP.
No luck.
The plane took off five minutes ago, that ring's on its way to Paris.
Can they get someone to send it back as soon as it arrives? No can do, talked to all my guys, Vern, Deb, Larry, Dana, Ronnie Vale, Gordie, Jim We don't need to know everyone's name.
Still, it's pretty impressive how many people I know.
Bernie, Rich, Nia, Rashied What do you think Mr.
Madigan is going to say, when he find out you sent Mrs.
Aidem's wedding ring to Paris? He can't find out, he trusted me.
We're just going to have to go to Paris and get it back.
- I don't know about that.
- Why not? International flights are almost imposable to get tickets for.
I can try calling some of my airplane connections, Leon, Bill, Danny, Beck Jimmy! I've got a better idea.
Oh yeah I don't actually know what we're nodding about.
- Are you sure this is going to work? - Nope.
Excuse me, I have a very important meeting to get to, is the Paris flight on time? - What are you asking us for? - Aren't flight attendants? Yes we are, and as far as we know ma'am the flight is on time.
Well it better be, I have a very important meeting to get to.
Yeah, you said that.
It's very important, lot of big wigs, lot of big wigs.
There's even talk that Mr.
Nakamura may be there.
And you're wearing that? Uh, thank you for flying Galaxy Airlines.
- Lulu.
- She started it.
Thank you for flying Galaxy, here's your pillow Miss.
I asked for headphones.
Yes, of course.
- Do you know where they keep them? - No.
Here you go.
Hello little girl, can I get you something? My I please have a bottle of juice? - I'm sorry, what? - My I please have a bottle of juice? - I'm sorry, what? - Baba cheese! This job's kind of a hassle, everybody want something.
What you making? Either hot chocolate, or lasagna.
These bags aren't marked very well.
If you find anything labeled "baba cheese" let me know.
There's one of the real flight attendants, act busy.
- What do you think you're doing? - Cleaning off a spot.
The nun in 6F asked for peanuts ten minutes ago.
I've already given her three bags, what is she an elephant? I need the two of you to take care of passengers, while I check on the Vector Capasitator.
What's that? It's complicated airplane talk.
- Sounds more like gibberish.
- It does, doesn't it? Hi, one more question, do you know if the Flight Transducers have been calibrated? - Mm, they have indeed.
- Ha! Made that one up.
- Hey, you're a kid.
- Oh, that is the most outrageous thing Okay, don't tell anyone.
Don't worry I wont tell, I'm a kid too.
You are, whats the meaning of this? Lulu.
What's your name? - Vanessa.
- I'm True, and this is Lulu.
So, why are you pretending to be a flight attendant? - I'm running away.
- From where? Home.
My mom just got remarried and I want a new dad about as much as the lady in 2B wants a blanket.
Yeah, what is with her? I tried handing her one and she tried to throw it out the window.
Yeah, which for the record would have torn the plane in half.
What are you doing here? We've got to get a vest back from Paris before my boss finds out.
Sort of a long story.
Well, I'll keep your secret, if you keep mine.
Which one of you turds stole my headphones? Oscar, where are the boys for the catalog shoot? I've been waiting in the conference room for 20 minutes.
- Aren't you in charge of the shoot? - Yes.
Well, doesn't the person in charge usually hire the models? Sweet cinnamon, there are no models? Where am I going to find a boy model on zero notice? Jimmy! How would you like to model for me? Oh, I don't think I'd be any good at that.
Oh, sure you would, come on.
- But, you - I don't think so.
Fine, forget it.
I guess I'll have to cancel the shoot.
Oscar, do you see what I see? A dopey kid hitting a rubber ball? No, a young George Clooney hitting a rubber ball.
Ryan, come closer.
You're not going to punch me are you? What? No, I want to shoot you.
- Technically that would be worse.
- Shoot you for a fashion catalog.
Why have I never noticed how ruggedly striking you are? I am pretty ruggedly striking.
Meet me in the conference room in fifteen minutes.
Kelsey? Guess who's going to be a major international male model? Nope, guess again.
Guess again.
Yea, guess again.
Okay, I'm just going to cut to the chase it's me! No not somebody named "me", like actually me.
Hello? We do crazy stuff all the time, we got to meet Justin Bieber.
- You did not.
- Yes.
We pretended to be pizza delivery guys.
That's the pilot, one of you get it.
- Lulu, get it.
- Why me? You're closer.
No, you're closer.
Hello? Yes, this is the flight attendant.
Yes, of course.
- He wants us to give the safety lecture.
- Oh.
The what? Ladies and gentlemen, Galaxy Airlines is proud to present today's safety lecture.
Excuse me Sir, can I get a beat? - Exits on the left.
- Yeah.
- Exits on the left.
- Yeah.
- Exits on the right.
- What? - Exits on the right.
- What? In the event of landing in the water you see, your seats can turn in to floaties.
That's news to me.
In case we loose air pressure in the cabin Oh no! A mask will drop above you.
Full of H2O! Actually, just oxygen, but that didn't rhyme.
Galaxy Airlines y'all! Hey, this isn't exactly what I was expecting.
I'm sure you look great.
I look like I'm seven.
That's absurd, here hold this.
I gotta be honest, I'm feeling a little silly.
Silly? No one will ever think that.
I can't Peanuts! Get your peanuts! Here you go.
Peanuts! Get your peanuts! Here you go.
- Hot towels are ready.
- Over here.
These aren't that hot ya! What are those, lava? I hope you enjoyed our inflight presentation of Spooky At 30,000 Feet.
We'll be beginning our decent in about a half an hour.
All right! This isn't bad at all.
We'll have plenty of time to get to the fashion show, find the ring, and be on our way back to New York before Mr.
Madigan knows anything is wrong.
- Uh, it's the guy in 2C.
- I'll see what he wants.
- Would you like an omelet? - No.
Let me know if you change your mind, thank you for flying Galaxy Airlines.
I don't feel so good.
Hey True, some guy back there is all "my tummy hurts" ooh.
We better go tell somebody, Vanessa can you go knock on the pilots door.
You're closer.
Dang! Got me again.
Yes? Sorry to bother you Captain, but some guy here is complaining of chest pains.
Thanks for the update Mindy.
You're welcome, and I'm not Mindy.
This is your Captain, Mindy tells me we have a fellow back there in need of some assistance so we'll be making a little pit stop.
Hope no one's in a rush to get to Paris.
We are in a rush! This is gonna be a little steep folks, hold on.
What did he say? Wee! Wee! - Why haven't we taken off yet? - I don't know.
That guy with the chest pains over there is eating onion rings.
He looks totally fine.
Well I'll tell you who's not totally fine me! I'm missing a very important meeting in Paris.
I know, with Mr.
That's not public, who told you that? You! Like a thousand times.
Hold that thought.
Moshi moshi, Mr.
Tenki wa dou desu ka? - Where's Vanessa? - I haven't seen her.
I talked to the baggage guy, and he said he can give us a ride to Paris.
- Great, he has a car? - Not exactly.
- Know what I mean? - Oh yeah! No, not really.
It's a little bumpy.
Ah! Hadn't noticed.
Hey, I recognize you.
You're Ryan's girlfriend.
No I'm not.
- Excuse me I'm looking for Ryan.
- She's his girlfriend.
No I'm not! Ryan's doing a photo shoot, you just go straight down the hall Wait! You really don't want to disturb him while he's working.
- He gets really focused.
- What, is he dressed in something stupid? Just the opposite, he's looking really studly.
Why don't you wait out here till he's done? - You must be Jimmy? - That's right.
You're the doof who works in the mail room.
You must be thinking of Hank, I'm not a doof.
Tell that to Ryan, he calls you "Jimmy dummy the mail room doof".
He does? Come on, let's go say hi to Ryan.
- Where were you? - I was at my Taekwondo class.
- How long you been doing that? - Oh this was my first lesson.
It's held at the pre-school on 34th street.
- Are the other students - Children? Yes.
But don't let their size fool you, they're quite vicious.
One of them gave me one of these.
Hm, whatever this is.
Mad Style? Uh, please hold.
- It's for you long distance.
- I'll take it in my office.
Oscar, would you mind terribly going to the bank for me? - Not at all.
- You can take my car but, don't touch the radio station I'm listening to a Spanish soap opera.
- You speak Spanish? - I do not.
We sure were lucky to get a ride huh? Lucky? Now I know what the inside of a maraca feels like.
Look, it was either this or take that limo.
- What limo?! - Nothing.
I wonder how Vanessa's doing.
- I'm okay.
- Vanessa! You didn't think you'd get rid of me that fast did ya? What are you doing here? Same as you, summoning all my energy not to barf.
Don't worry, blind Pete said it won't take long to get to Paris.
- Who's blind Pete? - The guy who's driving.
You know Vanessa, I was hoping you had changed your mind about running away.
Not a chance.
Look, I don't know anything about your step-dad, but there's got to be something good about him.
- Why else would your mom marry him? - He makes her laugh.
Like you need a husband to do that.
I mean I laugh all day long, and I don't even have a boyfriend.
- You laugh all day long? - Mm hum.
- Won't you miss stuff? - Like what? - I don't know, do you have a dog? - Not really.
How can you not really have a dog? It's a bird but we named him dog.
Weird huh? Not at all, I've got a turtle named Monkey, and a hamster, named Mountain Goat.
I'll tell you what I'd miss You know that feeling when you're so tired you fall into bed? And your mom comes in and pulls off your socks.
You kinda of yell at her to knock it off but Really you're super glad she pulled off your socks.
I'd miss that.
Oh! Hey! Be careful blind Pete.
Okay as soon as we get there we have to find our way to the fashion show, then we'll have to sneak backstage find the model, get the vest, get the ring, and get out.
Right! And then if there's time we can go rob Fort Knox.
What's the problem? Well, for one we're two high school kids dressed like stewardesses.
Yeah, you're right.
It sure would be better if we had some real clothes.
You thinking what I'm thinking? We sell that mean ladies yellow suitcase, and use the money to buy some clothes? How much longer blind Pete? Don't worry, I know a shortcut.
We are here! Thanks blind Pete.
I guess this is goodbye.
I guess so.
Good luck, on whatever you decide to do.
Let's do this.
- Take the bear.
- I don't want the bear.
- Hold the bear.
- I don't want the bear.
Love the bear.
Fine, give me the bear.
- Ryan? - Kelsey! Ha-ha-ha.
I guess I look pretty stupid, huh? Stupid hot! I'm sorry, what?! Hot? You just look so adorable, I want to hug you like crazy.
- Let's be cool.
- Real cool.
- Bon Jovi.
- Bon Jovi.
Alto! Alto! Wait.
May I help you? - Oh we're fashion critics - From New York.
- The big apple.
Hot dogs and skyscrapers.
- Street crime and sewer rats.
I'm afraid this area is strictly off limits.
- We're on the list.
- There is no list.
- What's that in your hand? - The crossword puzzle.
This area is for the models only.
- Yeah, we're models.
- You just said you're fashion critics.
Dang! - What are we going to do? - We've got to distract him.
Good idea.
Whoa! That's the biggest baguette I've ever seen.
It looks like a warm crusty canoe.
You are trying to distract me with the promise of a giant baguette? Sort of.
You mistake me for a fool.
Still In the event that your not lying, I'd hate to miss out on this warm crusty baguette you speak so fondly of.
Okay were good.
Now keep your eyes open for a vest with colorful buttons.
Got it.
- What the!? - Oh.
Everybody's wearing a vest.
That girl's wearing two vests.
Come on Lulu, let's find that ring.
Excuse me, I was wondering if there might be a ring in your pocket? .
A ring in your pocket? .
A ring in your pocket? A ring in your I don't have time for this! - Lulu, anything? - Nothing.
True! Lulu! Are you looking for a wedding ring? Mr.
Madigan, what are you doing here? I got a call that a certain ring, popped up in the pocket of our model.
So I hoped on a plane and came here.
Your private jet? No! Actually I forgot I had a private jet, and I flew commercial.
Now would you care to explain? I put the ring in the pocket of the vest, and I guess it just went straight out of my head.
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? Do you have any idea what's going to happen when Doris breaks out of the seaweed wrap and discovers the ring is missing? - You're not going to believe this.
- What? I had a seaweed wrap for lunch.
I'm going to be sleeping on the dog house this time.
You have a dog house? No, that's what we call our estate in the Hamptons.
It's actually quite lovely, it's right on the water.
We should have you out.
Madigan shouldn't we be looking for the ring? Yes, yes, yes.
We just have to find our model.
I understand she's wearing a green headband, with a yellow disk with a little red heart inside of it.
- There she is.
- Her!? - No the girl next to her.
- Oh! Excuse me young Miss, I believe you have something of mine? - Are you speaking of the ring? - That's right.
We'll just take it and be on our way.
I'm afraid I'm no longer in possession of the ring.
- Well then who is? - Me.
Who are you? I go by many names.
But you can call me Neal.
- Hi Neal.
- I like your jacket.
Thanks, I just got it, you think the sleeves are too short? - No.
- Really? These buttons are okay.
Ahem! Neal, do you know where my wife's ring is? The ring is being kept safe by none other than Karl Gustav.
- I don't know who that is.
- Neither do I.
- Yes, who is that? - He's a very powerful man.
There's a car waiting out front to take you to the Gustav mansion.
It means follow me.
Gustav is not the sort of man who likes to be kept waiting.
Uh, yes speaking of Mr.
Gustav, what exactly is he doing with my ring? That is a question you will have to ask him yourself.
I've got a question.
Who decorated this place, Scary Von Boogeyman? Lulu, don't be rude someone lives here.
I'm just saying would it kill them to buy a few plants, maybe put in a skylight? In! Oh, be careful there's a little step.
That's a lot of locks.
There's no doorknob on this side of the door.
I'm starting to get a bad feeling about all this.
- What is this place? - It looks like some sort of design room.
- Look at all the fabric.
- Not even! - What? - What is it? There's a a book here called "Ponies, ponies, ponies".
What a rip off, it won't come out.
Oh! I take it you like ponies? Uh-huh.
Do you believe in magical ponies? Of course not! Yes.
I do too.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Excuse me, but who are you? My name is Karl Gustav.
And I'm an international, fancy pants.
Is that a real thing? Oh, indeed.
Uh, Mr.
Gustav what have you done with my wife's ring? I assure you the ring is safe.
How do you open this thing? You need the key of which only I am in possession of.
Listen, I like games as much as the next person, but can you just give us the ring so we can go home? I'm afraid you wont be going anywhere.
Well then, we'll just have to call the police.
I own the police, and the army, and the National Guard.
And the pet shop on the corner.
Mention my name for a free sparrow.
I ordered too many sparrows.
Gustav, you've been a terrific host.
But we should be getting back to America, we have homework.
Advanced calculus so hard.
I will be perfectly happy to let you go.
In exchange for one dress.
- You want us to design a dress? - For my daughter.
Easy peasy, True can design a dress in her sleep.
She isn't kidding I do it all the time.
I wake up with a pen in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other.
That's why my parents lock their door at night.
I should warn you my daughter has a particular finicky fashion sense.
She hates everything.
I've got a better idea.
Why don't you just go through our catalog, and we'll ship you some choices.
I'm afraid that won't work for us, good day! - Does this sort of thing happen a lot? - Not a lot.
I'm sorry to bother you, but did you drive here? As a matter of fact I did, why? I may need to borrow your car to escape.
Escape from what? Don't tell anyone but, I'm robbing the bank.
Shh! I wouldn't deposit that.
- That's nice.
- Well thank you, that's nice too.
Thank you.
I'm hungry, do either of you have a cheese burger? Let me check no.
You didn't check.
I wonder if Mr.
Gustav's daughter is going to be as weird as he is? Oh I wouldn't think so, I've traveled the world over and I find that children - tend to be as sweet as - Can it windbag! Now, where's my dress? We're working on some designs for you now.
- I hate them.
- You haven't seen them.
I hate them.
- Well what are you looking for? - The most beautiful dress in the world.
Very good, are there any particular colors you prefer? - I hate colors.
- You hate colors, excellent.
True, she's all yours.
Oh, what do you think about a simple black dress? It sounds great, for my fireplace.
Okay, how about a cute little top and pants? Fireplace? I just want to be beautiful.
If you want I could describe a bunch of styles you might like.
I don't have time for that.
I'm going to go watch Yo Gabba Gabba.
I'll be back later.
Can you bring a cheese burger and three orders of fries? I got you guys some fries.
Madigan I'm thinking this is going to be a little harder then we thought.
We've got to get out of here, but how? - I have a phone.
- They took our phones.
I carry two of them remember? True's office.
Hi Ryan, Lulu, me, and Mr.
Madigan, are being held captive.
You have to come save us.
Well, consider it done! - Where are you? - Paris.
I'm sorry it almost sounded like you said Paris.
I did.
How am I supposed to get to Paris? Take Mr.
Madigan's jet! We're at the Gustav mansion.
I've got to go before they find out we have a secret phone.
Jimmy we've got a big problem.
- What's wrong? - True just called from Paris.
She's being held in the Gustav mansion with Lulu and your Uncle.
- Let's go! - Wait, wait! How we gonna get there? - Take Uncle Max's jet.
- That's what True said.
But how long will it take us to get a pilot? Don't need one, I've got the keys.
This is your Captain speaking It's just me Jimmy.
How you all doing today? It's just me.
And now for your inflight enjoyment Fire and ice! True, that hemline is terrific.
Thanks Mr.
I know she doesn't like colors, but how can anyone resist sparkly gems? - She'll love it.
- I hate it.
Why? It's got everything, it's girly but still "Yeah, what's up?" And it's flattering but it isn't all "I know I look good somebody get me a soda".
It sure talks a lot for an ugly dress.
Perhaps there's a specific element you're not responding to.
Specifically, I don't like the top, the middle, or the bottom.
- But you like the back? - No, no the back's the worst.
The back makes me wish I could see the front again.
Carla, we're really trying to work with you here, can't you tell us what you do want? I just want to look beautiful.
- I'm really sorry.
- For what? - This! - Ah! Shall we go? I hate to rain on your parade, but remember we're locked in a room without a doorknob.
Well, this is embarrassing.
Way to go nitwit.
She's even mean, locked in a box.
It's awfully quiet out here, where is everyone? - I'm looking for Max Madigan.
- Not here.
I'm supposed to deliver a gift for him, it's a gold bar.
I'll take that.
I'm sorry I'm only supposed to give it to Max Madigan.
Oh that's me, Maxine Madigan.
- You're Max Madigan? - That's right.
- You're under arrest.
- You said what now?! Your car's been involved in a bank robbery.
Max's car robbed a bank? This is an outrage! How dare you handcuff me.
- Oh nice tie.
- Lovely bag.
Come on.
- Do something.
- You do something.
Ding dong front door.
We're selling cookies! Man, now I really want cookies.
Prisoners? Maybe they're in here.
It's locked.
No problem for a member of the Junior Magicians Club.
- The JMC y'all! - Shh! Keep your voice down.
This is the same device Houdini used to escape from the trunk of swords back in 1910.
Abracadabra! Alakazam! Yay! Yo Gabba Gabba? What are you guys doing here? We're being held captive, but we don't mind, right friends? Hi Foofa.
I'm trying to help Carla eat her vegetables.
Carrots! Give me some carrots.
Carrots! Listen to Brobee.
Carrots! Ryan! Sorry to interrupt, but we are kind of in a hurry.
Come on friends.
Ut-oh, guards.
I'll take care of these two.
Thanks DJ Lance! Hey guards, who feels like dancing? This dance is called "the Bad Guy Boogie"! Bad Guy Boogie.
Bad Guy Boogie.
Jump! Jump! Up and down.
Hold hands turn all around.
Go crazy.
Go crazy.
Go crazy.
- Okay, now's our chance.
- Right.
Go crazy.
Go crazy.
Go crazy.
There seems to be a mistake, first of all I'm not Max Madigan.
- You said you were.
- I lied.
You lied to a police officer? Is that wrong? Should I not have done that? What did you do? - Nothing.
- Mm.
And by nothing, I mean robbed one if the biggest banks in New York.
Oh! You know, Houdini once escaped from a milk crate, that was set on fire and suspended above the Hudson River.
- Wow! - Yeah.
JMC y'all! Ow! Ryan! I didn't come all the way to Paris to get knocked unconscious by one of my best friends.
- Oh! I'm one of your best friends? - Not anymore.
- What's up? - Jimmy, you came to save us! You're my hero.
Hey I'm the one that got hit on the head.
No time to argue.
Let's get out of here.
- Wait! - Oh! - I can't leave without the ring.
- But Mr.
Madigan It's Doris's ring, go on without me.
No way! We're not leaving without you.
Thanks guys.
Lets go! Karl Gustav.
Did you lock my daughter in a trunk? - Of course not! - You crazy.
I mean yes.
Was that wrong? Should we not have done that? If the intent was to make me mad, you have succeeded nicely.
Come along, blueberry.
Thanks for helping me up dad.
- I'll buy you a pony.
- Okay.
Gustav, may I have a moment with your daughter please? - So you can lock her in another trunk? - Have you got another trunk? Carla can you, please? Carla, I know you want a dress to make you beautiful.
But no dress will ever do that, unless you're beautiful inside.
And when you feel beautiful anything you wear is beautiful too.
Perhaps I'll purchase your company, and turn it in to a dog food factory.
That seems like a terrible business plan.
And I'll turn your personal office into a toilet.
That would actually be kind of convenient.
It's closer to his office.
And you can fit a lot of sinks.
I hate waiting for a sink.
- Carla, are you ready? - I'm ready dad.
- Carla, you're beautiful.
- I feel beautiful.
- And I'm going to be a beautiful bride.
- Beautiful bride? Yes, when I marry him.
- Me? - Not you, the handsome one.
- Me? - Yeah, we're totally getting married.
You said what now? It could be worse.
- How could it be worse? - Oh, I don't know, it could be raining.
I can't marry that girl, I'm engaged to Kelsey.
- No you're not.
- I will be.
She wont even sit with you at lunch.
She's saving up for all the dinners we're going to be having when we're married.
Think Lulu! - Oh no.
- What? Mikey J just texted, he can't go to the movies with me tonight.
You can't go to the movies tonight! Remember we're trapped in a Castle in France, with no doorknobs.
Oh yeah.
Wait, give me that.
Mad Style? Oscar, it's True and you're never going to believe it Me first! I was in a bank robbery and this very friendly robber stole Mr.
Madigan's car.
- That's terrible, but my news is bigger.
- I doubt that.
We're being held captive at the Gustav mansion in Paris.
Okay you win.
Oscar? Hello? I think the battery just died.
Probably, I've been playing games all afternoon.
Little boy, would you see who that is, my phone is in my bag.
- That one? - Yeah.
- This is Ricky.
- Ricky? Ricky race car.
Vroom! Is Amanda there? Vroom! - Is Amanda there? - She's handcuffed to a bench.
I don't even want to know what that means.
Hold on, she wants to talk to you.
- Hello? - Amanda, what's going on? They're saying I had something to do with a bank robbery.
But I didn't do it Oscar, you have to believe me.
Of course I believe you, I know the guy who did it.
You know the jerk who stole Max's car? He's not a jerk, he's actually very nice, he's putting himself through dental school.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to insult the man responsible for me being handcuffed To a police bench! Listen forget about that, we have to get to France, to rescue Mr.
Madigan, True, and Lulu from a Castle.
- How on Earth are we going to do that? - I'll take care of it.
- How?! - My brother works for the Pentagon.
- That sounds pretty good Neal.
- Thanks.
I can also make it sound like dogs.
Hey! - What's the plan? - What plan? That's what I'm asking.
Well I think the plan is you're getting married.
Before we begin, does anyone have any objections? I see we have no objections.
Now then, invited guests, captive prisoners We are gathered here today to honor the institution of marriage Pick it up! I have dinner plans.
Do you, Carla Toftee Gustav take this guy to be your husband? You bet ya.
Do you Ryan Laserbeam take this girl to be your wife? Ahem I do not.
I'm sorry, I couldn't quite hear you.
I said, I Ryan Laserbeam, do not want to marry this girl.
Please let me go.
Try it again son, louder this time.
Do you Ryan Laserbeam take this girl to be your wife? Uh Ya uh wa Uh Um uh The chandelier! Quick give me a hatchet.
- Where did you get this? - What, you asked for a hatchet.
It's a tragedy.
I'm okay.
Not you, the chandelier! I made that at camp.
Come on! Guys! We've talked about this.
Show some initiative.
They're escaping! Let's get out of here! Wait.
Where's Mr.
Madigan? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
- Going somewhere? - Home to my wife.
I'm afraid you wont.
I'm afraid I will, let me just adjust my tie.
- Kwando! - Oh! Oh! Get him! Ha! Oh! Not the face.
Not the face.
Not the face.
Not the face! Honk! That was for threatening to turn my office in to a bathroom.
Ah! - Oh come on! - What are we going to do now? I guess Ryan's going to have to marry that girl, and we'll have to be his servants forever.
- I don't want to do that.
- Yeah, me neither.
I'm saving myself for Kelsey.
- That rude skinny girl? - That rude hot skinny girl.
Give me some room.
This is for you Kelsey.
Ah! Ryan, are you okay? It's possible that I have several hundred splinters.
Coming through! Wait for us! This is Captain Jimmy speaking fire and ice! Sorry about that folks, I really thought I saw some fire and ice on the wings.
- This is a pretty fancy plane Mr.
- Hm, no, no, no, it's not that fancy.
- Anyone feel like bowling? - This plane has a bowling alley? Just a few lanes, on the other side of the pool.
Well is there a restaurant in this joint, I'm starving.
I'll have one of the flight attendants bring us a snack.
May I help you? Yes please, can I have four chocolate milkshakes and a Fruit Cocktail? - Of course.
- And what ever my friends want.
- I'll have the same.
- Yeah, sounds good.
- I'll come help you carry everything.
- Me too.
What are you doing? Going home.
I thought about what you said, about my mom taking off my socks and you're right.
I'd really miss that.
Hey, you know what Mr.
Madigan needs? - What? - A safety lecture.
Ryan, can a beat? - What did she say? - I believe she needs a beat.
Mm, yes of course.
- Exits on the left.
- Yeah.
- Exits on the left.
- Yeah.
- Exits on the right.
- What? - Exits on the right.
- What? In the event of landing in the water you see, your seats can turn in to floaties.
That's news to me.
In case we loose air pressure in the cabin Oh no! A mask will drop above you.
Full of H2O! Well, really just oxygen.
Right, I suspect if water came out of your mask it would drown you? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
Oscar, Amanda, we're home! - There still in Paris Mr.
- Oh yes, yes.
- This has been one tiring day.
- Yeah, it was worse than Tuesday.
We have P.
on Tuesdays.
Well, it shouldn't be long before Doris is back from the spa.
What are you going to do about the ring Mr.
Madigan? Don't worry I've got it right here.
But it still has a crack in it though, right? Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
That's odd I don't see the crack at all anymore.
It's a miracle.
An honest to goodness miracle.
No, no there it is.
Ah, boy it's good to be back in my office, oh.
- It's my office.
- Yeah, either way.
I'm never getting up from this couch.
True Jackson's office.
It's Kelsey, she wants to know if you want to go to the movies.
Yeah, sure! - Thanks for saving us Jimmy.
- It was nothing.
I'm a hero, it's what I do.
You're my hero.
I wonder what Karl Gustav's doing right at this moment.
Why don't you go ask him.
Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba!