Trust (2018) s01e07 Episode Script


1 (bell tolling) (rooster crowing) (chuckles) Ah (grunts) Eh? (speaking Italian) (speaks Italian) (line beeping) (phone ringing) (line beeping) (phone ringing) PAUL JR: Where is it, where is it, where is it? - (phone continues ringing) - Pauline, Pauline.
Here it is.
Look at this.
(chuckles) I love the outfit.
Oh, this was California.
It was 1960 I don't know.
Little Paul was a baby, and I was literally out front, uh, pumping gas and cleaning windshields.
You look happy.
Oh, we were.
We were.
Broke but happy.
Then this shows up out of the blue from the old man.
"Dear Paul, I was pleased to hear from George "that you are working hard pumping gas for Getty Oil.
"What better place to learn about the oil industry "than from the customers themselves? "It's time you were promoted.
"Come to Italy.
It's time we met.
Your loving father.
" "Your loving father.
" ("Maruzzella" by Renato Carosone playing) Oh.
Well, at least I won't have to pick him out of a crowd.
I don't even know if I could recognize him.
- It's been so long.
- GAIL: Your own father? PAUL JR.
: Oh, it's been 15 years.
- He's not like your father.
- PAUL: Paul.
(door closes) Hi, uh Dad.
You may call me Paul.
Gail, I presume.
Lovely to meet you.
Why didn't you tell me your wife was so pretty? Oh, well, I PAUL: I trust the flight was satisfactory.
Oh, it was amazing.
- Thank you.
- PAUL III: Are you my granddad? - PAUL: Yes.
- Well, how do you do? Now, how do you do? - I'm Paul.
- I'm Paul, too.
I know, silly.
- PAUL: Ah.
- (Paul Jr.
chuckling) (men singing in Italian) (Paul III whining indistinctly) PAUL: Don't you have a nanny? - PAUL JR.
: Oh, no, no.
We can't, uh - Come here.
- (chuckling): We can't afford one.
- Sweetie.
Really? (Paul III whining) - PAUL III: Come on, Ma.
- (whispering): Paul.
(whispering): Hey, can't you keep him quiet? He's tired, hungry and bored.
So am I.
Gail, this is important.
I know.
Does Renaissance art not interest our young visitor? Oh.
I'm sorry.
He's not usually so, um It's just that it's his dinnertime.
Well, it's really his bedtime.
Oh, the Italians eat late, pay late, they do everything late but they sure can paint.
Paul, let me show you something.
Do you know what a hammer is? Yes.
- And do you know what a nail is? - Yes.
Well, that, young man, is all you need to know about crucifixion.
Now, these fellas here have decided that this old man with the beard, Peter, shouldn't believe in the things that he believes in, so they took a hammer and some nails and they banged them straight through his hands and his feet to that piece of wood there.
Bang, bang, bang.
See? And then they stuck that piece of wood up in the air and left him hanging there until he was dead.
What do you think of that? Do you want to know what happened to this poor fella here? (sighs) It was perfectly unpleasant.
- Herod was having dinner - Well, maybe another time.
(chuckling): Yes, yes.
We will go and have our own dinner, and I will show you a rabbit.
(Offenbach's "Barcarolle" from The Tales of Hoffmann playing) PAUL: Look out for the bird, little rabbit.
Look out for the bird.
Did you see the bird? No.
PAUL: Strange.
Neither do I.
A bird! PAUL: What do you say? Watch out for the bird, little rabbit.
Watch out for the bird.
What bird? Oh, look, now, someone else has come to see you.
The sandman.
He's come to say good night.
Watch him closely.
Count to three.
One two three.
How did you do that? (Paul chuckles) I like him.
I don't care for children, but him I like.
Put him to bed, will you? We have business to discuss.
Of course.
You have an appetite.
I can see that.
- An appetite? - Mm-hmm.
I saw you looking at that waitress back there.
- Oh, I'm a happily married man, sir.
- (scoffs) Probably true but irrelevant.
You need that to succeed.
And then there's money, of course.
You have an appetite for that, too? Well, we could certainly use a bit more.
That's for sure.
Don't play the self-effacing lapdog with me.
There's millions in the trust.
Hundreds of millions and you know it.
Is that your appetite? Yeah, looks like it, doesn't it? But you can only drive one car at a time.
You can only live in one house at a time.
What money gives you is power and that is the real ache in the balls, young man.
A bit of it makes you want a lot of it, and a lot of it makes you want all of it.
(chuckles) You want some? (door opens and closes) Well? Jesus.
It's a promotion, all right.
So, why does it look like you've just been fired? Because it's in Saudi Arabia.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
He wants me to run the whole setup down there.
The whole goddamn thing.
It's a huge job.
It's massive.
(whispering): He's showing his faith in you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- He likes you.
- Yeah? He likes you, too, the old goat.
Actually, I, I saw him looking down my cleavage.
- No.
- Yeah.
- Jesus, those eyes.
- (pouring drink) (Paul Jr.
sighs deeply) It's only a couple of years, right? - (scoffs) - And then we'll be transferred - back to the States.
- Yeah.
I'm in if you are.
Thank you.
Well, drink up.
Because all we're gonna be getting in Saudi is some potato hooch that we buy off a Bedouin.
And I hope you're happy wearing a veil.
Because that is all you're going to be wearing.
- Don't be stupid.
- (laughing) God, it's amazing the shadow puppets.
He never did that with me.
He never did anything.
- Poor baby.
- (laughing) (Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro" from Gianni Schicchi playing) - (Paul speaks indistinctly) - Granddad! Well, well, well.
(chuckles) Archaeologists have combed here, and you find this.
Two and a half thousand years it's been waiting for you to find it.
You're gonna go far, young man.
May I have this? No, you want it back.
All right, you can have it back.
You just have to tell me which hand it's in, okay? Wrong.
Ah (laughing) (film projector whirring, clicking) PAUL JR.
: We went all over, the four of us.
Like a like a proper family.
You know, blue skies, laughter The wine was cold, the sun hot.
My wife this beautiful, flame-haired angel my son, my father.
He-he liked me.
Jesus Christ, he liked me.
Just for a while, for a while we were happy.
CHACE: Where are the children, ma'am? - They're at La Fuserna.
- Oh.
I thought it should just be the two of us when he you know is back.
Um, it's gonna be his birthday.
Isn't that, um? It is going to happen, isn't it, Chace? Everything's on schedule.
Contracts are drawn up.
Money's being counted.
Um, there are a few loose ends to tie up that'll make him look pretty, and other than that, we're good to go.
And Paul, he's met with the old man? I believe that's an ongoing situation.
You know they don't get on.
Well, to my understanding, it's just business now.
They're not normal, Chace the Gettys.
It's okay, he's your boss.
I know you can't say.
They seem normal human beings, but there's a slice of pure animal in the old man.
- Animal? - Yeah, you know, that thing that the rest of humanity holds onto for dear life? Love, compassion, care, kindness whatever you want to call it.
There is a a-a switch in him that clicks.
(snaps fingers) And it's gone.
(camera whirring, seagulls squawking) - You know how to swim? - PAUL III: No.
- Well, it's important.
- Will you teach me? (Paul laughs) You don't want me to teach you.
I do.
I suggest not.
If you insist.
- (Gail gasps) - PAUL JR.
: Hey! (muffled): What the hell? - Paul, get him! - No, wait.
Leave him.
GAIL (muffled): Paul! Paul! The water's pretty cold.
Winter's coming, I guess.
- For me? - For you.
You are going home.
Really? Yeah? (sniffs) How could you do that? What if he drowned? I don't do "what if.
" He didn't, and now he can swim.
What's the matter with him? (Paul III muttering) Saudi's not much of a place, you know.
No, but, hey, all part of learning the ropes.
Right? And I do appreciate you putting your trust in me, sir.
It's not like Italy.
A lot of sand.
Not much sex.
(laughing hoarsely) You-you okay? We We-we could (laughs) We could we could what? W-We could (laughing) - (laughing): What? - We could send Gordon in your place.
Well-well, but Gordon, Gordon doesn't know the first thing - about oil.
- I know.
Not a thing.
(laughing) But what about me? I mean, I, I-I want to work.
(laughing): Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
You stay in Italy.
That's what I've been doing here buying out Piomboil.
Somebody has to run it.
Me? Really? Why not? Gordon.
(laughing hoarsely) Buongiorno.
(clears throat) (Paul Jr.
clears throat) Paul.
What a place.
Needs to be taken in hand, Paul.
You know that they take a two-hour lunch, for God's sakes.
Needs to be trimmed down to its essential.
Squeeze it till it starts turning a profit.
Yes, of course.
You're going to have to let at least half of those people go.
What, th-them? Which ones? Well, you're in charge.
You choose.
I'm gonna keep in touch with you.
You'll keep in touch with me? Yes.
I have to go to England.
What, England? Stop repeating everything I say.
- But - Yeah, but I will be in touch with you every evening at 7:45.
Make sure you are available for the call.
All right? I will be.
- (laughing): It's gonna be fine.
- (laughing): Yeah.
- Just choose well.
- (chuckles) (sighs) (door shuts) Well, I'm, uh I'm afraid we're gonna have to let you go.
Your position is no longer available.
I'm terribly sorry.
It is impossible! I'm s I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(man shouting in Italian) PAUL: No, that's a bad idea.
All of it? The, the entire proposal? Why would we expand at a time of such international uncertainty? Because the price of oil will go up.
You might care to gamble the family, silver on that but I do not.
Wow! PAUL: All right, but don't embark on that by yourself, for heaven's sakes.
You need Enzo on that.
- Get him on it.
- But Enzo doesn't work for us anymore.
You let him go? - Well, I you - Enzo is the sharpest mind in the whole company.
E-Extraordinary decision.
- I - (disconnect tone) PAUL JR.
: Now, we sign a five-year contract, and even if their shipping costs go up, our bill doesn't.
It was a tough negotiation, but Onassis will undercut any rival carrier by 15%.
(clapping) PAUL: Good work, Paul.
Thank you.
But no.
- No? - No.
I've decided not to go forward with that.
I think we should purchase our own tankers.
I mean, why pay someone else to ship our oil when we can ship it ourselves? And you decide to tell me this now? I wanted you to have the opportunity to make your proposal.
And it's very promising.
It's just not as promising as mine.
(exhales) Wow! (screaming) (yells) (disconnect tone) (exhales) ("Tutto Nero (Paint It Black)" by Caterina Caselli playing) (shouting) (woman singing in Italian) (Paul Jr.
shouting) (dogs barking in distance) GAIL: It's not an excuse, but I was lonely.
Even with four kids? Only a man could say that.
Yes, even with four beautiful, beautiful children, I couldn't have been lonelier.
Makes you do stupid things.
(singing in Italian continues) Darling, well, you're not even dressed.
We were due there ages ago.
Well, I got to get this right before the old bastard calls.
(sighs) Well Can't it just wait? This once? It's gonna be fun.
The-the actors from Roman Invasion are gonna be there.
And, um, you know, they're gonna do some scenes, and Why don't you t-take Little Paul? He loves that stuff.
Please? Paul, honey? You're my date! Again.
(trumpets playing) (camera whirring, clicking) (overlapping chatter) Grazie.
(shouts) (audience gasps) (applause) (cheering, applause) (grunts) (laughs) LUCIA: I like your new boyfriend.
GAIL: Shut up.
LUCIA: I'm serious, he's definitely looking at you.
No, he isn't.
But even if he was, I'm married.
I thought you and Paul, you know, you had an arrangement.
We do, but I've never acted on it.
Well, Paul has.
And, Gail, I mean, where is he? Where is he, ever? Ladies.
Tesserarius Lang Jeffries, of the Ninth Legion, at your service.
An honor.
(woman singing in Italian) - PAUL: Are you sick? - PAUL JR.
: No, no.
You're not on top of it.
Any of it.
They tell me you're hardly ever at your desk in the morning.
What's going on? I'm trying my best, sir.
Do better.
(exhales) I'm trying, but every time I do something, you suggest I do something different.
I have 40 years' business experience.
You expect me to stand by and watch you make a fool of yourself? No.
Take the advice from someone who knows.
I hear your marriage is in trouble.
(scoffs) That'll cost you.
You're not focused.
I've talked to Enzo, I'm bringing him back.
Oh, right.
PAUL: Take some time off, sort yourself out.
: How much time? Wait, wait.
Are you firing me? (sniffles, exhales) Paul, I'm hearing talk about drink and drugs.
(scoffs) But that accounts for the mess we're in around here.
Well, maybe if you'd let me handle a few things myself Paul, no one who takes drugs works for me.
You know that nobody.
(exhales) We'll talk again when you're better.
One, two - (sniffles) - One, two, three (camera whirring) (whirring stops) (whirring) (whirring stops) PAUL JR.
: Well, we had an arrangement.
It was the '60s, right? Let it all hang out, baby.
GAIL: The idea was, we could see other people, but we'd stay married.
For the kids.
And how'd that work out? How it always works out, I imagine.
(brakes squeak) (applies parking brake) - I won't be long, okay? - (engine stops) PAUL III: Sure.
(bell tolling) (camera whirring) If you look up, the dome of the church causes an extraordinary effect, similar to the famous whispering gallery in St.
Paul's Cathedral in London.
If you sit in the center here, your voice is channeled through this grate down to the crypt, where both your friends and your enemies may listen to it.
If we turn our attention to the GAIL: Paul.
He saw us.
So we met in a church.
He's gonna find out soon enough.
Not yet.
When I'm ready.
JEFFRIES: I want to be with you.
I love you, Gail.
Will you still love me when I have no money? I won't take a cent from him.
I got a job at Lucia's.
- It pays the rent, but I - It's It's not about the money.
(laughs softly) Well, you're clearly not a Getty.
Damn right, there.
I want to be with you, too, Lang, but this is going to break his little heart.
JEFFRIES: He'll adjust.
Kids are adaptable.
GAIL: Paul loves his dad.
JEFFRIES: That's okay.
I'm not stopping him.
But we need to be together.
You and me.
Like it or not, he's just gonna have to get used to that.
Sorry, I bumped into Lang, which I know you saw.
Do you know why this church is famous? Because it's beautiful? - (scoffs) - No? No.
Why don't you educate me, smart-ass? The shape of the dome creates an acoustic weirdness, like a magic trick.
If you stand below the grill in the middle, you can hear people from all over the church.
(sighing) (Leonardo laughs) What are you gonna do with the money? (grunts) I don't know.
(Paul III scoffs) You're just like my grandfather.
All that money, he doesn't know what to do with it.
No, no, no, no.
Big difference.
We are poor.
We will spend it.
Why so long? Your father.
If my son is kidnapped, I pay the next day.
Everything I have.
My, uh my dad's tricky.
You know, sick in the head.
- Ah, pazzo.
- Pazzo.
He was in love.
With this, uh, beautiful woman.
Not his wife? No, my mom she ran off with an idiot, and my dad fell in love with someone else.
("Torero" by Renato Carosone playing) Talitha.
(man singing in Italian) PAUL JR.
: I will be back in a sec.
PAUL III: Can I come? No, just a quick stop.
Five minutes.
(knocks on car) Five minutes.
Where have you been? You said five minutes, like, an hour ago.
Sorry, my fault.
I'm Talitha.
You're so beautiful.
(laughs quietly) ("Black Magic Woman" by Fleetwood Mac playing) I got a black magic woman Got a black magic woman Yes, I got a black magic woman Got me so blind I can't see That she's a black magic woman And she's tryin' to make a devil out of me Don't turn your back on me, baby Don't turn your back on me, baby Yes, don't turn your back on me, baby You're messin' around with your tricks Don't turn your back on me, baby 'Cause you might just break up my magic stick - VICTORIA: Hi.
- Hey.
You're in love with her, aren't you? - No.
- Why not? She's very beautiful.
You're in love with her.
I'm in love with him.
But they're not in love with us.
What can you do? Here, try some of this.
You got your spell on me, baby It takes the pain away.
You got your spell on me, baby Yes, you got your spell on me, baby Turnin' my heart into stone - I need you so bad - (coughing) (laughs) (Talitha laughing) (clock ticking) The summer had inhaled and held its breath too long The winter looked the same, as if it never had gone And through an open window Where no curtain hung I saw you I saw you - Comin' back to me - MAN: Talitha! No, no, no! One begins to read between the pages of a book Talitha! The shape of sleepy music, and suddenly you're hooked Through the rain She died and Dad went a little crazy.
He still is, you know.
I saw you I knew he'd come good in the end, though.
You know, he's my dad.
: Dad.
She's dead.
What do I do? What-what-what, what do I do? I have no idea.
Will you help me? Will you? Will you, will you help me, Dad, please? I will help you when you are in a fit state to help yourself.
Dad, please.
- Until you stop taking drugs, - Please, Dad, please, God.
do not contact me.
- Am I making myself clear? - (sobbing): Please help me.
Dad, please, please.
(sobbing) I saw you Oh, fuck! - I saw you - I don't know what the fuck - Comin' back to me - (phone ringing) (phone continues ringing) (phone ringing) (shuddering) (gunshot) Well, they're all ready to go, but your son's procrastinating.
Oh, what is the matter with that boy? A, uh, phobia of the phone.
Oh, for God's sakes.
(sighs) Victoria.
Go through her.
She's the only one who can talk sense into him.
We need to meet, sign those papers, and get that foolish boy released.
Pull! The other matter? Well, you may find this unpleasant.
- That's for me to decide, Lansing.
- (sighs): All right.
Investigator's report dated fifth of June.
Patrick de Laszlo, pilot.
Currently residing in Kensington.
He's single, his wife died six years ago.
War hero, Polish Air Force, decorated after the Battle of Britain, George Cross.
Polish aristocracy from How often does Penelope visit him? Day or night? (grunts) Pull! - (crow cawing) - Well Take her out of the will.
Not a single dollar.
One single dollar.
Just one.
And get hold of that useless son of mine.
Paul? - Paul, it's your father.
- No, go away.
- He wants to see you.
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's about Little Paul.
He's going to give you the money.
He said that? (speaking Italian) Huh.
Christopher will keep you safe.
(speaking Italian) Good luck, huh? Good luck.
(car door closes) (both sigh) You often get them to open up after hours? I have an understanding with the director, Lord Jefferies.
It's actually more of a misunderstanding.
He believes that I'm going to bequeath my two fragments to the museum.
And you're not? No, I'm going to give them much more than that.
I've been to Rome.
You've b You don't travel.
Do you remember Hadrian's Villa? Yes.
Yeah, of course.
- Amazing place.
- Well, it's it's the same.
I found this.
It's just like the one Little Paul found.
Apparently, they're everywhere.
I met with the leader of the Mafia outfit that is holding your boy.
We did business.
Good business.
I agreed, on your behalf, to a ransom of $5 million payable within a week.
Oh, right.
$5 million, well that's a good price.
It's considerably less than the asking price.
Still, you do not have the money.
In cash, no.
Obviously, no.
So I propose that you pay the ransom out of the trust.
Agreed? (laughs) Really? - (laughing): God.
Really? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, God, thank you.
Um, we ha we have a little problem with time, given your allergy to the telephone.
- I - Lansing.
(sighs) Signatures.
Here, here, and here, please.
I'm so glad that we're finally able to I can't tell you how pleased I am, Paul.
Uh wait.
This is a-a loan? Minimally so, yes.
It has an interest rate repayable at four percent over base.
- You're lending me the money.
- No.
The trust is lending you the money, and you have a responsibility - to pay it back.
- But it's my money.
No, it's the trust's money.
Money in the trust that belongs to me.
The money in the trust has been earned entirely by my efforts.
I don't want to get into an argument about semantics Semantics? Semantics.
You're gonna make a profit off the kidnapping of your own grandson.
- Oh, please.
Don't be ridiculous.
- (mutters) You know, you-you can go to a bank and see what kind of an interest rate you Oh, God, I am so stupid.
So stupid.
I mean, I'm-I'm such an idiot.
What are you talking about? I-I-I thought you were gonna give me something.
I thought you were giving me something.
I mean, all my life, that is what I have wanted, for you to give me something, anything.
I don't care what.
That-that little bit of pottery in your pocket.
It's worthless apparently, everywhere apparently, but you still had to have it back.
And it's a loan of my money, to me, with interest! Of course it is! - Paul, I am trying to help you.
- By burying me deeper and deeper? Well, I will not do it.
Do you hear me? Do you hear me? I will not be buried! I can't do it anymore! No! No! No! No! No! (clock ticking) (flicks lighter) (flicks lighter) (film projector whirring, clicking) (crying) (sobbing) (film ticking in projector) (sobbing): No No (sighs deeply) Yes, sir.
I understand.
Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Happy birthday It's my birthday.
(door opens) (engine starts) (applause) (engine revs) Yay!