Trust (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

In the Name of the Father

1 (wind gusting) - (speaks Italian) - (lamb bleating) (rooster crowing in distance) (tires screech outside) (horn honks) (door closes) (indistinct chatter) - (shouts in Italian) - (engine starts) (sighs) - Si.
- (chuckles) (engine idling) (indistinct chatter) (door closes) (speaks Italian) (organ music playing) (choir singing) ALL: Amen.
(priest continues speaking) Si.
Si, Salvatore, si.
(priest continues speaking) Francesco.
BISHOP: Francesco.
ALL: Rendiamo grazie a Dio.
(organ playing) (indistinct chatter) Huh? No, no, no.
(scoffs) (bells tolling) - (indistinct chatter) - (bells tolling) A Francesco.
A Francesco.
(speaking Italian) (chuckles) (applause) (Leonardo chuckles) (laughter) (laughter) E A Francesco.
ALL: A Francesco.
ALL: A Francesco.
(applause) (laughter) - A Francesco! - (applause) ALL: A Francesco.
(birds chirping) (unzips pants) (urine splashing) (indistinct chatter) (indistinct chatter) (Salvatore chuckles) (Salvatore chuckles) (Regina chuckles) Signora - Salute! - ALL: A Francesco! - Un brindisi! - ALL: Salute! Salute! (applause) (clicks tongue) (scoffs) (Salvatore shouting excitedly in distance) - (lively music playing) - (rhythmic clapping) (lively music playing) (Salvatore calls out in Italian) (speaks Italian) Stefani.
(birds chirping) (lively music playing) (cheering) (lively music continues) (speaks Italian) REGINA: Salvatore.
Bravo, bravo.
(spits) - (bells clanging) - (goats bleating) (Paul III gasping, grunting) (exclaims) (goats bleating) (gulping) That's good.
- Paul.
- Si.
Golden hippy.
No, no, no.
It's just Paul.
Francesc They're gonna kill me, right? I would.
Nobody came.
Nobody paid.
And no one's gonna pay.
I'm worth nothing.
(grunts) You got any brothers and sisters? I miss mine so bad.
I think about what they're doing back home.
Like, right now, they're probably, uh fighting, um, over their snack.
Shouting at each other to pass the jar of peanut butter and jelly.
(sighs) And my mom, she, um You can't get peanut butter in Italy.
(sniffles) Not the real stuff, anyway.
(sighs) Yeah, we get it sent.
It's really beautiful here.
You think they'll do it out here? In the open? I wouldn't mind that so much.
If I could see the sky and the trees.
Grazie, Francesco.
(chuckles) (Paul III coughs) (speaks Italian) (shouts) There's nowhere to go.
There's nowhere to go! Cut it.
- No.
- Yeah.
- Cut it.
- No.
Posta to Mama e Papa.
Cut! No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You need to do this, 'cause I don't want to die yet.
- No.
- Hey! Please.
- No! - Please.
Please! Cut.
I don't want to die.
Not yet.
Now when you climb Into your bed tonight And when you lock And bolt the door Just think of those Out in the cold and dark 'Cause there's not enough love To go 'round And sympathy Is what we need, my friend