Trust Me (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 2

Welcome to the Jimmy Stewart.
New recruit, Jamie McCain.
Serving soldier, injured in the line of duty.
GUNSHO Sometimes people find it hard to accept that their reality's changed.
- I can relate.
- I'm Zoe, by the way.
Don't take it too personally.
When I was your age, I thought I could save everyone too.
Moving on, our resident eccentric, Danny Adams.
We all have to be careful in here.
Mortality spikes way above average.
Young people are dying, but the real question is why? I want you to leave me alone.
Isolate yourself in a place like this and your mind can start to play tricks.
Four soldiers lost their lives that day.
The truth can't hurt you, unless you really have something to hide.
- So this was an accident? - Sure, of course.
I want you to have this.
You will need the data.
Danny, what are you trying to say? There's only one thing that fits the data.
Angel of Death.
A killer on the ward? You have to be careful.
We all do.
Especially at night.
Danny? HE PANTS Danny? Danny.
It's me.
Danny Adams' family have been informed.
I know many of staff were close to him, and his untimely death is a real tragedy for this unit.
But we still have a responsibility to our other patients and their recovery.
So, we'll do our best to keep calm and carry on, yes? Any more on the cause of death? Not yet, but the pathology report should clear up what happened.
There will be an M&M meeting to review current protocols when I have the relevant data.
Rest assured, I will be the dog with the proverbial bone.
OK, thank you, everyone.
Another day, another dollar.
I told her what she could bloody well do with her hand-me-down Dyson.
and the woman was like, "What?" MUFFLED: Hey.
You OK? Sorry, I'm tired.
Didn't sleep much last night.
Danny, you know.
We're all pretty shocked.
Archie tells me you need some stitches in your leg.
What on Earth were you doing out of bed last night anyway? I think I tried to sleepwalk and forgot my legs don't work.
So, how did you do it? Bike accident.
Got a new patient.
One, two, three.
Do you know what happened yet? To Danny? We won't know anything until after the PM.
Danny talked to me, told me he was scared.
He had data .
about people who die here.
He wanted to show it to me, thought .
thought I could do something with it.
You're saying Danny Adams was collecting mortality data for this unit? That's right.
Why? He thought there was a killer on the ward.
A killer on the ward? That's right.
Those were his exact words.
Now he's the one who's dead.
I think he was right.
This isn't normal, right? For a place like this? Spinal injuries increase mortality.
People don't understand the potential complications.
So, it's just a huge coincidence? One minute he's telling me there's a problem, the next minute he's dead.
Everyone is doing their very best, and there's no evidence that Danny's death was suspicious.
Is there a problem, Archie? Well, you tell me.
You looked like you'd seen a ghost in there.
I was concerned.
Is everything OK? Um This this thing with Danny is a real blow to all of us.
He told me something .
on the home visit.
We were just chatting about going home and, you know, all the usual sort of things and, uh .
and then he told me that .
that he'd had thoughts of harming himself .
and that he'd been on these damn websites where they actually encourage it, for God's sake.
I didn't really know what to do, so I just told him to stop being so silly.
Did he make any specific threats, have a formal plan or any particular method in mind? No, nothing.
What I'm about to show you .
is strictly confidential.
One of the cleaning teams found this amongst Danny's sheets this morning.
Now, this could be a case of negligence, which will mean trouble for us all.
Oh, shit.
On the other hand, given what you've just told me, Danny might have used it to kill himself.
Please keep it to yourself until Parveen's had a chance to confirm the exact cause of death.
I'm going to tighten security around here to ensure that medication doesn't fall into the wrong hands again.
He was everybody's patient.
If Danny did kill himself, then we all failed him.
You did everything you could, darling.
Don't blame yourself for this.
It could all be connected to his PTSD.
He's currently experiencing a fight or flight adrenaline rush 24/7.
In effect, his body believes he's still fighting.
His military training makes him feel guilty that he couldn't save Danny.
So now he's choosing to believe Danny's theory.
Places like this can play tricks on you, lack of normal sensory input, confusing environment, change in routine.
So what do we do? Keep talking to him.
Contact with visitors from outside, friends and family, make him feel safe and secure.
Well, you know, as much as any of us can.
MOVEMENT NEARBY I don't want 'em.
Knock me out too much.
I can't think straight.
- If they've been prescribed - I don't want 'em.
You're refusing to take medication? Looks that way, doesn't it? I'll talk to the doctors.
Baclofen's prescribed for muscle spasms.
They should make you more comfortable.
Then why does it knock me out? There are mild sedative side effects, - but the benefits and increased mobility - I'll risk it.
I don't need to be comfortable.
I need to stay alert.
I don't trust anyone around here.
Uncontrolled muscle spasms could delay your recovery.
If we're going to get you walking again, you need to cooperate.
So get me something that doesn't turn me into a zombie.
What if we try a reduced dose? I don't want to delay your physio programme.
Debbie's dying to get her hands on you.
I really think it's for the best.
HE SPITS So, how long does the science bit take these days? It depends on the backlog.
You know Campbell has gone off sick.
He was one of yours? Afraid so.
Partial T6, very sad.
None of the other doctors ever come down here.
More than happy to bury their mistakes.
Well, that's because I'm secretly in love with you, Parveen.
I'm just working up the courage to tell you.
Now I know you're joking.
No-one fantasises about pathologists.
Would you be able to take a look at this syringe for me? I suspect it contained insulin.
And a cause of death? I mean, not to rush you, but as soon as you have anything could it hit my desk first, just so that I can get my facts straight for the powers that be? I'll try and look at it today, if I can.
What would we do without you? IMAGINED VOICES GUNSHO No-one would believe me.
But they'll trust you.
You're in the Army.
Guess what.
Your boss is here.
All right there, buddy.
Given you top spot.
I'll just go get her.
Corporal McCain? We've reviewed the evidence in its entirety so far.
There are discrepancies with your initial statement.
You told us the attack was unprovoked.
It was.
So you maintain you all simply returned fire? We were ambushed and we responded by the book, Sergeant.
Can I be honest with you, Corporal? I don't believe that's what happened, which means you're lying to me.
There are questions about your leadership that day, decisions that you made 14 men have died in that region in the last four years.
Shot, blown up, picked off by snipers.
They killed a foot patrol with a roadside bomb, hung their bodies up from the trees.
Just left them there.
My guys had to take them down.
So you can understand if my men were a little tense.
No-one is denying the operational strain you were under, but it is still important the Army establish the truth.
We believe you didn't follow protocol that day.
If enemy combatants were killed, unlawfully, then a crime has been committed .
which is why I'm going to recommend that this investigation continues, with a view to a possible court martial.
Do you have any questions? I might be easier if you talk to me.
I think Charlie Elland found it very helpful, psychologically.
What did he say? He gave my colleague a full and detailed report of the entire incident.
Charlie said nothing.
I thought you were better than that.
This is a serious charge.
If you're found guilty, it could mean military prison.
It's getting cold.
- I'll take you inside.
- It's fine.
HE SIGHS McGould, Matt and now Danny.
I'm not surprised that Jamie's freaking out.
It's a hospital - people die.
Just like when you shoot them.
You'd think he'd be used to it.
Danny was a partial T6.
Put him at risk of sepsis.
- Is this a tutorial? Because I could take notes.
I liked him.
He was a nice kid, not a case study.
We dehumanise people so that we don't have to care when something happens.
Maybe YOU do.
Look, it's not your fault, OK? It's not my fault.
It's not anyone's fault's.
It's like Archie said, we've just been unlucky.
A bad run.
These things happen.
There doesn't always have to be someone to blame, OK? I should definitely be taking notes.
Sorry, that was shit.
Hey, I'm sorry.
You're right.
You're always right.
That's what's so irritating.
Right, you going to be good tonight? Don't let the bedbugs bite.
You have to be careful.
People die in here.
It's important that you listen to me.
You're still weak and I won't be around to help you.
Come on.
Oh, no.
Oh, I couldn't resist it.
- Oh, God.
- If you want your report, it's not ready.
I can bring it up tomorrow.
I've got a thousand things to do, thanks to Campbell's so-called spine.
They say yoga is very good for spines.
I was considering euthanasia.
Mm, sadly not yet an option.
Plus, imagine how swamped you'd be if we all started bumping off our patients.
So, tomorrow? Tomorrow.
First thing.
I appreciate this is above and beyond, Parveen.
I owe you a drink.
Somewhere nice, I think, if you fancy it.
SNORING DOOR OPENS What are you doing? It's OK.
God's sake.
Jamie, you have to stay in your bed.
I can't have this.
Not quite sure the world is ready for us to be arriving together.
Thank you for last night.
You know what it felt like? The future.
Our future.
I do.
However, can I just point out we are now a future couple who are running five minutes late? Yes, sir.
Straight away, sir.
Sure, a wee camera's simple enough.
The thing is, we've had a few things go walkabout and I want to get this done pronto.
You're the boss.
So they tell me.
Next time just ask, yeah? Yeah, OK.
Ready? Catch.
No worries.
Nothing to do here but binge on TV shows, eh? Right, yeah.
Can't live without it.
Me again.
Brought you these.
Come on, let's hit the beach.
It's lovely once you're in.
You ready? There.
And I've just got one more, just under your arm here.
Are you ready? Are you OK? All right.
Right, here we go.
Too cold? Thought you were meant to be a tough guy.
Now, then.
Taking the weight off your muscles a little bit, isn't it? And with time and a bit of dedication, we will rebuild them.
Just try and breathe for me.
Can you do that? Imagine you're on a nice beach, lovely warm sun in your face.
Jamie! GUNSHOTS OK, you're safe.
Just breathe.
Just relax.
Stop, you're hurting me! I hear Jamie McCain was out of bed again last night in another patient's bay.
He's also been refusing medication.
Baclofen makes him drowsy.
We agreed to try cutting it down.
So, now we're letting patients dictate treatment.
We sure he's not special forces? He seems to favour night manoeuvres.
BEEPING Hydrotherapy.
What happened? He was in the pool and he panicked and just started thrashing around.
I thought he might have been having some kind of seizure.
He's hyperventilating and tachycardic, 160.
Jamie? He's OK.
Let's get him back to the ward before hypothermia kicks in.
The blood tests were normal.
Looks like you had some kind of panic attack.
Don't worry, it's happened before in the pool.
Lack of control can upset people.
What I'm saying is it's nothing to be ashamed of.
Anyway, I'm here if you ever What I'm trying to say is that you can trust me.
Can I? It's the law.
Patient's best interests.
I think there's even some kind of oath thing.
I know you don't believe there's a killer, but Isn't that Danny's? I had to take it.
If he's right, this is evidence.
It's statistics, death rates.
You stole it? I needed it and it was left on his bed the night he died.
I think it's all here.
Names and dates, comparisons with other units.
I've looked at it, but I don't understand it.
You will.
I need to take this now before anyone sees you with it.
I really can't let you keep another patient's property.
But you'll look at it? Sure.
I'll look at it.
Anyway, it's dinner time.
You need to eat.
Just leave this with me, OK? And don't talk to anyone else about it.
It won't be helpful.
Oh, you'll need the pass .
Perhaps he still sees things in terms he can relate to, good and evil, threat and response.
If he's given you Danny's tablet, that's a good sign.
He's learning to trust again.
Now he needs to realise that there was nothing he could do for Danny.
I'll talk to him.
FLY BUZZES FLY BUZZES Danny Adams' parents, to see Dr Watson.
Thanks, Alastair, shouldn't be long.
Could you just give him a call and tell him they're here? Yes, Mr and Mrs Adams.
This way, please.
Excuse me? Hey.
Sorry, dropped it.
- Could you? - Yes, of course.
There you go.
Lost my place.
I'll have to start again from the beginning.
Perhaps we should all do the same.
Would you mind drawing the curtains for me? I keep asking the nurses.
Of course.
You're Danny's mother, right? I'm Jamie.
Jamie McCain.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
He was just across from me.
We used to talk.
Football, that kind of thing.
Danny hated football.
I know.
That's what we talked about.
How was he? When you visited him.
What do you mean? Did he say anything to you? About about being scared or worried in here? No.
I don't think so.
God bless you.
HE SIGHS How's Jamie? Fine.
It was just a simple panic attack.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
You know, I just thought, well, I didn't want to after everything with Danny, you know.
God, you must think I'm a right fool.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
- You did the right thing.
- Oh, thank you.
Do you know, he is so strong? When he was grabbing at me in the pool, I think I just panicked myself a little bit.
I think he's actually a very unhappy boy, don't you? You know, I mean, not just the injury, but you know you can just sense these things? Maybe.
We'll get there.
Always get there in the end.
First of all, can I just say how .
sorry I am for your loss? Are those? His effects, yes.
We are still missing a tablet thingy that he had.
I'm sure it'll turn up.
I imagine you both have questions.
We just want to know why he died, Doctor.
Well, that is something we are still trying to ascertain.
Rest assured, when we have an answer, it will be communicated to you.
What we don't understand is that he wasn't sick.
He'd been discharged.
How did it go? As well as can be expected.
They're shocked, of course.
But you dealt with it? I hope so.
Excuse me? - Hi.
- Dr Watson was anxious for this.
He's not in his office, so Sure, I'll make sure he gets it.
Danny was my patient.
Was there anything specific you wanted me to tell him? I don't think so.
Glucose levels were low, even for postmortem vitreous sampling.
Insulin high, C-peptide absent.
OK, just be clear, you're confirming exogenous insulin as cause of death? Huge overdose.
Either he took it himself or someone made a mistake, some agency nurse using the wrong syringe? We get a few every year, despite all the training.
I'll make sure he gets it.
It's very upsetting, for everyone.
I just feel that if Danny's the latest in a series of clinical errors, we need to do something, urgently.
Mm, you're absolutely right.
Or you would be if this was indeed the fault of a member of staff.
Tragically, I don't think this was a mistake.
We found a syringe in Danny's bed.
Parveen's confirmed it contains traces of long-acting insulins.
Together with the pathologist's report, I think the most likely explanation is that Danny used a massive overdose of insulin to take his own life.
We knew that Danny was suffering from depression, but now we've learned that he's been researching suicide online.
You think he took his own life the day before he was due to leave? Well, think about it.
Once he'd left the hospital, where else would he have found insulin? It's a shock, but you of all people should know how overwhelming these feelings can be once they take hold.
I'm sure you're right.
I'm always right.
DOOR BUZZES I can't find the oxybutynin.
It should be here, right? Ah.
There you go.
Way too easy, Danny.
DANNY, WHISPERING: You have to be careful.
We all do, especially at night.
That's why I stay awake.
People die in here.
The numbers don't lie.
I have the evidence.
It's ready! OK.
DANNY: Stay awake, stay awake.
Stay awake.
It's me.
Hello, Jamie.
How are the nightmares? Better.
The pills help.
I worked on an acute unit for ten years.
Oldest trick in the book.
We can't force you to take them, but I'd rather you trusted me.
Zoe told me you think Danny was killed.
Don't blame her, she's a good doctor and she wants to help you.
I'm going to break medical confidentiality for you.
Believe me, I don't do it lightly.
Danny Adams was being treated for multiple mental health problems.
Obviously he was on the autistic spectrum, but he also suffered severe anxiety and depression.
That diagnosis causes increased risk of suicidal acts to nearly seven times the population average.
You're telling me he wanted to die? Suicide sites.
Online communities devoted to ending your life.
Danny joined them, communicated with others on message boards and forums.
And you didn't try and stop him? This is not unusual behaviour.
Lots of our patients talk about suicide.
It's very difficult.
There's nothing you could have done to stop him.
Danny killed himself.
I'd like to view the pathology files of some of our patients from the last six months.
Sorry, I can't release archived pathology data without a consultant sign off.
OK, well As you know, we are very short-staffed at the moment.
If you leave your details, I can get back to you.
I can wait.
It's important.
Lunch is served.
Can I help you? Hi, I was just getting some reports for the boss.
Most people just call us.
Yeah, I know how busy you are, what with Dr Campbell being off.
It's gym time and I'm not .
taking no for an answer, right? We need to get you up and moving about.
We need to build those muscles back up, give them half a chance.
Don't worry, you'll be on dry land this time.
Should be nothing for a man like you.
Here we are.
My little world.
Right, scooch a bit forward.
You got it.
And That's it.
There we go.
Right, just, just put your arms around me, just for a wee sec.
Can you do that? OK.
Arms back on the bed.
There you go.
That's it.
Now all you have to do is push.
I'm going to show you the movement, all right? Just like that.
OK? You going to have a try? It's OK.
It's really tough the first time.
I can do it.
Listen, it's OK.
We will do this again tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day.
OK? Hello, son.
What happens now, with all this? I lie here until my legs start working.
So that's it, they just start working again? Maybe.
Maybe not.
That's the exciting bit.
I'm surprised you agreed to come back home.
I had no choice.
Military place was full.
This was my last registered addressed.
Not my idea.
Why didn't you call me? You know why.
Is there something I can do? You can leave me alone.
I want to know who told her.
Who told her I was here? I have a right to confidentiality.
We don't speak.
Not for a long time.
It's a difficult situation.
I'll talk to the doctors.
Let's have a look.
I don't want Juniors accessing pathology data without permission.
Can you have a word with her? Each one's the same.
All the patients Danny identified, each one had low blood sugar.
Just the way Danny died.
But I thought he killed himself? I don't think so.
I think you were right.
Danny was murdered, and not just Danny.
All those people.
So, what do we do? Look, if this is true, I need some time to think, decide how to handle it.
But you think I'm right? Either that or we're both nuts.
I was just starting to believe that.
If only.
I'll find you tomorrow.
So, are we ready to step this up a gear? Where did you get all this? Danny Adams gave it to Jamie McCain.
Jamie McCain? The same guy who creeps around the ward in the dead of night? Sorry, these terminals are strictly staff only.
Insulin is the weapon of choice.
This isn't real proof of anything.
He's getting more delusional.
I want to go home.
Everyone's out to get him.
Come on in, I've put the kettle on.
If he acts a bit strange, try not to worry too much.
If you examine the reports, there's a clear pattern.
Can we just stop this now, please? I don't want you to have any more contact with Jamie.
It's time this unit was rid of him.
Welcome to the GBH Arms.
You know, what happened, what you did out there, I'll back you every step of the way.
Zoe, she really doesn't need any complications.
I think we're looking at detention and treatment too.
You can't just imprison him, Archie.
It's outrageous.
I need to talk to someone, they're killing people!