Trust Me (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 3

Let's start with our new admission, Corporal James McCain.
We all have to be careful in here.
Young people are dying.
The real question is why.
There's one thing that fits the data, Angel of Death.
Do you have any contact with the outside world? - Hi there, sleepyhead.
- No.
Most of my patients look forward to visits from friends and family.
- Hello, son.
- We don't communicate.
Isolate yourself in a place like this and your mind can start to play tricks, see things that aren't there.
We've had a few things go walkabout and I want to get this done pronto.
The wee camera's simple enough.
Corporal McCain, there are discrepancies with your initial statement.
I might be easier if you talk to me.
I think Charlie Elland found it very helpful, psychologically.
Dr Watson was anxious for this.
Just to be clear, you're confirming exogenous insulin as cause of death? Huge overdose.
All the patient's Danny identified, each one had low blood sugar.
I think you were right.
Danny was murdered, and not just Danny.
All those people.
HE SIGHS We're late.
Breakfast? Uh-huh.
Shower, five minutes.
You're off for an MRI.
Since when? Because I think And seeing as I'm free, I'm going to take you straight down.
OK, so I checked.
There have been other cases.
Couple in America, Texas, somewhere and Manchester a few years back.
So, we go to the police? We've got evidence.
Danny's data, the pathology reports.
If they believe us.
You told me you think this is real.
It also sounds crazy.
Laila thinks you have PTSD.
Why would that matter? They'll use that against you, and last year I was having some problems of my own.
I used to come down here to hide, then I was signed off work.
I'm fine now but I want to go to Alex with this.
Watson thinks the sun shines out his arse.
If he's with us, we both stand more chance of being taken seriously.
Like you said, we have evidence, just not enough credibility.
We need Alex on our side.
I'm asking you to let me deal with this my way.
So what do I do? Trust me.
See, grossly abnormal mortality rates.
Six extra deaths in the last eight months.
And these are in comparable units? That's a 310% excess, 95% confidence of a real effect.
Where did you get all this? Danny Adams gave it to Jamie McCain.
Jamie McCain? Are you talking about the same guy who creeps around the ward in the dead of night? You know Laila has diagnosed him with PTSD.
That's irrelevant.
He's also under investigation with the army.
This isn't about Jamie.
I checked the data myself, OK? It doesn't make sense.
This pathology stuff, this is all confidential.
Look, five different path reports, blood sugar low each time.
Suggests insulin is the weapon of choice.
This isn't real proof of anything.
I'll just take it to Archie myself.
Or straight to the police.
Zoe! These are accidents, Zoe.
It's a bad run.
Something's wrong here.
Really wrong.
This time last year, I was sitting in ITU with you.
That's not what this is about.
I'm fine.
You're recovering.
There's a difference.
Look, sometimes you just, you need to let people help you.
People are dying.
I'm not prepared to ignore that.
All right, all right.
You win.
I'll talk to him, it will be better coming from me.
You know what a misogynist he is.
If someone with a penis tells him there's a problem in his department, well, he might even listen.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Yes, they said I could head back at the weekend.
That's great.
Wasn't going to say anything in case they changed their minds.
It really gets lonely here, can't wait to be back with you lot.
We're looking forward to having you back too, aren't we? OK, Lewis Hamilton.
You're driving, come on.
Vroom! Vroom, vroom, vroom! Ah! There you both are.
You can run, but you can't hide.
Come on.
Let's go, both of you.
Simon's going home.
He only just got here.
Star pupil.
Why do you think I got you two in here at the same time? Eh? Hoping some of his shine rubs off on you.
He's got kids.
Shame, really.
You married? Or partner? I was.
He died a long time ago.
Seems like it anyway.
It's all right.
OK, so are we ready to step this up a gear? OK.
That's it.
Wee bit more.
Keep going.
That's it! Better, eh? OK, so 30 seconds rest and then we'll go again, OK? Alex, I'm glad you came to see me.
I need to speak to you as a matter of urgency.
- Is something wrong? - I need you to see this.
So what are you going to do now? Get Zoe's side of the story, but if this is what it looks like, then you and I are going to have to nip this in the bud.
She's just given me this.
You should think about it seriously, now you're through the initial recovery phase a home visit to your mum's house is the next natural step.
So send me back to base.
Well, you know we can't do that.
It's impossible.
The OTs have already ruled it out.
But a lot of people prefer to be with family, at least for the first few months, a familiar environment, support.
Isn't your mum local? I'm sorry, I thought I'd been speaking English for the last five minutes but clearly I'm wrong.
I'll spell it out.
I'm not going back there.
Well, I don't deserve to be spoken to like that.
No-one does.
You can apply for a suitable single accommodation but it can take several months, which would mean you have to stay here.
- Fine by me.
- Look, would it really be that bad, eh? Going home.
It's really hard on your own.
I know that.
I mean, poor wee thing, you really have no-one? - She just sprung this on you? - Mm.
Jamie McCain is obviously suffering from PTSD.
I can live with that, even if he can't, but if his delusions are hurting Zoe And she honestly believes someone is harming patients? She's more vulnerable than many people see.
Something like this could, it could do a lot of damage to Zoe, to the unit.
You did the right thing in bringing this to me, thank you.
Let's get this done, eh? Physically, he is finally making progress, but I broached the idea of a home visit, accompanied, of course, and well, I have to say his reaction was quite extreme.
Basically bit my head off.
I could discuss it with him, if that would help? Thanks, Zoe, but I think if he's becoming a little institutionalised then we'll let Laila handle it.
He's a tricky customer.
If that's OK with you? - That's what you almost pay me for.
- HE CHUCKLES Well, we're all Cinderellas here, Laila.
If I'd lusted for money and glamour, I'd have taken up the surgeon's knife.
I'm sure Mrs Watson would have been delighted.
Well, that's it.
Let's do it to them before they do it to us.
Zoe, five minutes? Take a seat, please.
These reports contain confidential patient data.
As a medical professional, you can access that information when it impacts their clinical care.
Unfortunately, that definition does not include idle curiosity.
I was concerned.
After Danny died An incident I told you I had under control.
I felt I needed more evidence.
If someone has been doing this deliberately Look, can we just keep this discussion within the bounds of credibility? All of that is nothing but wild speculation based on very little.
With respect, I disagree.
If you examine the reports, there's a clear pattern Can we just stop this now, please? Listen to yourself for a moment.
You're projecting some kind of conspiracy onto a regrettable but frankly unremarkable series of events.
I'd rather talk about the fact that you've been stealing medication from the ward, and it's clearly affecting your state of mind.
That's not true.
In the wake of Danny's death, I thought it wise to improve security.
You don't need me to tell you how serious this is.
I had a headache.
A migraine.
I took some paracetamol from the ward supply, that's all.
Pharmacy carried out a stock audit, there were significant discrepancies, sedatives mainly.
Ironically we're fine for simple analgesia.
Can I be honest? I'm very concerned about you, Zoe.
I'm worried that an excellent young doctor is getting herself into a real pickle again when she should be putting herself first.
Sometimes it's all right to look after number one.
We doctors are terrible at it.
I don't know, maybe it's some kind of saviour complex, help others, hurt yourself, I don't know.
Anyway, that is why I'm going to tell you what we are going to do and you are jolly well going to do, OK? You are going to come to work every morning and go home on time every single night without fail.
You will plan a beautiful wedding, get married and have a nice little life.
That way everything is fine.
Otherwise, all of this is going to get very, very complicated for you indeed.
Glad we understand each other.
You're very tense.
You should get Alex to give you a little massage.
I don't want you to have any more contact with Jamie either.
I don't think he's a happy man.
And, to be honest, it's time this unit was rid of him.
In a manner of speaking.
Please be kind to yourself, Zoe.
In this job, it can save your life.
I was trying my best to defend you but I'm not the one stealing drugs from the ward.
I told you, I had a headache.
Oh, Zoe, stop lying.
If you told me the whole truth, I could have helped you see this was the old Zoe, the old problem.
Someone like Jamie is only going to make it worse.
You need to take care of yourself, or at least let me take care of you.
I just I just don't want to see you getting sick again.
This is all this has ever been about.
You'll have to ask the doctor about that, though OK? Zoe.
I can't talk to you.
What? Why? What have they said to you? Zoe.
Look, I think we made a mistake.
Last year, I was struggling, with the job and everything.
Really struggling.
I was diagnosed with hypomania, low-grade manic depression.
When I was up, I could work for days in a row, but the lows were bad.
I tried to kill myself.
Like, really tried.
ITU for three months with renal failure.
I shouldn't be here.
Why are you telling me this? Because I don't know if I can trust myself.
Or you.
This is real and we're the only ones who believe it.
We owe it to Danny, to all of them.
Look, I've had an idea.
Bring in the staff rotas, see who was on shift when the death occurred.
We can try and find a pattern.
I can't do this, and neither can you.
We were wrong and I shouldn't have encouraged you.
You should go, get away from here.
- Zoe - Go home, Jamie.
Of course, take a couple of days if you need it.
Make sure you've got everything.
- See you, pal.
- Yeah, sure.
Let's go.
INAUDIBLE There's no pornography.
I just needed to check something.
Sorry, these terminals are strictly staff only.
I think we should get you back to your bed.
Hmm? Allow me.
This is just something to help you stay calm.
Can't have you wandering the corridors at night, can we? I'm OK.
Unfortunately, I disagree.
We have a lot of very vulnerable patients here.
It's my duty to look after them.
In fact, I think you're very vulnerable yourself, Jamie.
Your own worst enemy.
- I don't want this.
- HE SIGHS Hold him down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
HE GRUNTS That's it.
HE GROANS That's it.
Shh Thank you.
Jamie, what you need to understand is that everyone here is just trying to help you.
OK? So, I've added it to the PR inside too.
20 milligrammes of Haloperidol.
If he causes any trouble, feel free to give him another whack and maybe we can all have a quiet night.
So what exactly are we treating? Incipient hospital psychosis.
It was all discussed in the last MDT.
He's getting more delusional.
Everyone's out to get him.
TV: Whenever a man dies without property, he seems to think it gives him the right to dispose of other people MAN CALLS OU GROANING CREAKING SHOUTING Hey, come on.
Drink this.
He's been restless.
Wandering the ward at night.
And this is three or four times the recommended dose of a powerful anti-psychotic.
Well, sometimes that's what it takes.
He was acutely disturbed.
Tough guys need flattening.
Or would you rather I asked him about his mother? I know you don't respect me or what I do, but please don't insult me to my face.
I'm removing this now.
I have the full support of the clinical lead on this.
And we both agree that Jamie McCain is a risk to himself and others the longer he remains here.
And I disagree.
This needs to be discussed.
Oh, I'm sorry, I think we just did.
Well, I hope you're feeling fit? I want to go home.
Right, let's go.
GIGGLING So this is where you grew up then? Moved here when I was 15.
Dad's job.
- Hello.
- Hiya.
Come on in.
I've put the kettle on.
Thank you.
Oh, no.
No, thanks.
I've got to watch my figure, set a good example.
I gave all that up a long time ago.
Oh, adorable! Shame they have to grow up, really, isn't it? Right OK, so shall we get down to business then? I usually start with the bedroom.
They set up the bed in here.
You keep a tidy house, Mrs McCain.
I wish I could say the same for some of the places I visit.
I do my best.
Honestly, the way people live, sometimes it's hard to credit.
Happy to exist in their own filth.
Well, shall we see the rest? INDISTINCT CONVERSATION SHE SCREAMS So, we'll need to improve the wheelchair access to the bathroom as a priority.
I mean, the room's a little bit small, but it'll serve.
All in all, though, not too bad.
So you're saying I pass? Oh, it's not a test.
I'm just here to help you, both of you.
Right, well, time for me to go.
Have a lovely time and I'll be back on Monday to pick you up.
- OK.
- Thanks.
Right, so this is my mobile number.
Call me if you have any problems, promise? Sure, thanks.
I think he's finding it quite hard, so if he acts a bit strange try not to worry too much.
It's just the first step on a very long road.
Thank you.
Well, here we are.
Shall I make some more tea? Then I thought we'd try the shops.
I tried to find you yesterday.
Sorry, I went home.
I get them too.
Stress, usually, or too much chocolate.
Actually, mainly the chocolate.
Better now? Fighting fit.
- Was it anything important? - Just Jamie.
I know you've been talking to him so I thought maybe you could help me.
He's my patient, that's all.
Still, I value your insights into his mental state.
It takes one to know one, is that what you mean? Empathy is an underrated diagnostic tool.
You know Alex put him on Haloperidol, 100mg, TDS? He's a good doctor.
He knows exactly what he's doing.
That's what I'm worried about.
Are you OK? I'm asking as a friend.
Zoe PAGER BEEPS Sorry, I've got to take this.
Maybe a couple of steaks tonight.
See what they've got on offer.
Jamie? SIGHING: Shit You look amazing.
So, you're released now? Weekend leave.
Still doing rehab.
Wow, OK.
You know, I tried to come see you again.
They told me you didn't want visitors.
Richard, this is, er, Jamie.
- He's a - Friend.
We go back a long way.
Do you want something reaching? Whisky please.
There you go.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
Well, we'd better be, um I'll give you a call sometime.
Can I get you anything else? - Ketchup? - It's fine.
So, where's Dad? Well? One of the costas.
She has a "finca" or something.
She calls it a "finca", I've seen the pictures.
- It's nothing but a shitty bungalow.
- You think he beats her up? In her shitty bungalow? I hope not.
Must be some mixed feelings though.
A bit of pay back? I really don't think about them any more.
I stood up for you.
As soon as I was old enough, I took him on.
Broke a knuckle but it was worth it.
And you threw me out.
- I'm sorry.
- Why? When you knew what he'd done, to both of us.
I was never as brave as you were.
So you abandon your son and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the bastard? And he left you anyway.
KNOCK ON DOOR So, I'll have him back by midnight, Mrs McCain.
Just a few quiet drinks, talk about the old days.
Right, chief? - Sounds good.
- Right.
All right, Ironside, let's roll.
Welcome to the GBH Arms.
THEY LAUGH Funny! I had you down as a wine bar type.
Oh, I love a wine bar, me.
HE LAUGHS Andy's been here since opening.
Guards, Aden, Korea.
They should donate that liver to medical science.
That is one of God's finest creations, right there! HE CHUCKLES So, how are you? - Doing nothing? - Can't stand it.
Only thing worse than the army is being idle.
They got me on leave.
Non-negotiable, of course.
Brother-in-law's fixed me up with a wee job in a warehouse.
They even time your piss breaks.
You take three shits on company time, you're getting fired! HE LAUGHS I mean, I could put a good word in if you want, seeing as you've got your own wheels.
Probably make you employee of the month.
I see myself more as management material.
HE CHUCKLES What about you? How are you coping? I'm just glad to be out of that hospital.
The place was starting to mess with my head.
You sleeping? A Scotch or three usually does the job.
That's why I need the work.
You sit still for five minutes, and Trick is not to think about it, right? The past is the past.
What's done is done.
We were sent in to kill people, what do you expect? So, did you talk to them? The RNP? Did I fuck.
You? She tried to tell me you spilled your guts.
LAUGHING: That's cos they're desperate! No evidence, no crime either.
Just you, me and four other poor dead fuckers stuck in the middle of someone else's war.
The way I see it, Jamie is they all had it coming or they were in the way.
And, I mean, that's tough, for everyone.
I'm an uncomplicated man.
You know, we lost good men in that shithole.
A good woman, too.
All men when you're dying for Queen and country.
You know, what happened and what you did out there look, I'll back you every step of the way.
They weren't there, I was.
Right, let's step this up a gear.
Shots? No, you stay seated, chief, I'll get these in.
HE LAUGHS Hey, my round.
That's a direct order.
Right, get us a couple of shots, then.
Come on I'm tired.
HE CHUCKLES You need to relax.
HE LAUGHS Come on! Come on! There we go! HE LAUGHS - Hey, no man left behind.
- Charlie Come on, let's go dancing.
Let's go.
I'm all right, I'm all right, I'm all right.
Sorry, lads, not tonight.
This man, you know, this man right here, he's dying.
His last wish in life was to spend a night in Distinct nightclub.
If you could just Sorry, could you just Sorry.
Eh? Sorry.
Excuse me! Sorry.
GUNFIRE Oh, shit! Sorry, mate.
Can I buy you a drink? - Hey, apologise now.
- I just did.
It was my fault.
Are you OK? No, not like that, mate.
To his face.
- It's just one of those things.
- One of those things, eh? It's fine, Charlie! I want you to apologise for spilling your drink on my friend! What's your problem, mate? Leave this, Charlie.
That's an order! Just an accident, right? Prick.
What did you just call me? Did you just call me a prick? CROWD GASPS Leave it out, mate! You OK there, son? Sorry you had to get mixed up in all of this.
Can we give you a lift somewhere? I'm with him.
Don't touch my chair.
Name? McCain.
Address? North Glasgow Infirmary, James Stuart Unit.
- Shouldn't this man be in A&E? - He refused, Sarge.
Bite you in the leg, did he? Should've broken his fucking arm.
Park him in a cell.
GUNFIRE EXPLOSION There are questions about your leadership that day.
We believe you didn't follow protocol.
You're lying to me.
GUNSHO They trust you.
HE BANGS ON DOOR Hey! Hey! I need to talk to someone! They're killing people! Hey! Hey! HE BANGS ON DOOR HARDER You've got evidence.
Statistics, mortality data, pathology.
You're not writing this down.
OK, Inspector Taggart, your ride's here.
Zoe usually does my blood tests.
She's busy.
What's this for? It's just routine.
Zoe talks about you a lot.
Sharp scratch.
But then they all love the, the whole super secret agent thing the nurses, I mean.
I'm in the army.
Nothing secret about that.
Oops! Must've hit a nerve.
Oh, there it is again.
You know, I often think this place is similar, to an army.
Doctors and nurses, brothers and sisters in arms, all fighting a common enemy.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm.
The patients, of course.
HE GROANS I can stop if you want.
Carry on.
Yes, Zoe she's had a tough time recently.
Under a lot of pressure.
That and the fact that we're getting married.
You knew that, didn't you? She really doesn't need any complications.
If you understand what I mean.
HE GROANS IN PAIN One more try? Or shall we call it a day? Hm? HE BREATHES HEAVILY HE EXHALES There we are.
All done.
If you ever need to speak to a doctor, just ask for me, OK? I think it's safe to say that this little awayday was something of a failure.
Obviously, the alcohol didn't help, but I think it's now acute paranoia.
- Alex? - Oh, absolutely.
I already have him held under Section 5.
I think we're now looking at detention and treatment too.
In the circumstances, I don't believe that's appropriate.
But we both feel that it's crucial we take control of this situation now.
You can't just imprison him, Archie.
It's outrageous.
Even using a temporary Section 5 is pushing it.
I need to protect my patients.
So, reluctantly, on this occasion I'm going to have to overrule you.
So let's see if we can't make this poor man better.
That's what I'm trying to do.
But I won't take away his rights.
Luckily, I play golf with the team psychiatrist.
I'll tee him up.
If he was running a temperature you should've called me earlier.
I thought he was sleeping.
- He came in still reeking of booze.
- Some hangover! Blood pressure was low.
I moved him straight away and paged you.
Jesus! You're telling me you only just noticed this?! Cellulitis.
ECHOING: Acute confusional state.
You need to treat this as sepsis, immediately.
I'll write up the antibiotics and fluids for you now.
PAGER BEEPS ON PHONE: You have no new messages.
For saved messages, please press 3.
Shit! CONTINUOUS TONE I've got nothing.
Cardiac arrest.
Get some help! Now!