Trust Me (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

I think you were right.
Danny was murdered, and not just Danny.
- All those people.
- So what do we do? - We need Alex on our side.
- That is all confidential.
People are dying.
I'm not prepared to ignore that.
If we can get the staff rotas, see who was on shift when the deaths occurred These terminals are strictly staff only.
You haven't seen my ID card, have you? I can't find it anywhere.
Sharp scratch.
You have been stealing medication from the ward.
I am going to tell you what we are going to do, otherwise all of this is going to get very complicated for you.
- Zoe - I can't talk to you.
This is three or four times the recommended dose of a powerful anti-psychotic.
I'm removing this now.
I have the full support of the clinical lead on this.
If enemy combatants were killed unlawfully, then a crime has been committed, which is why this investigation continues with a view to a possible court martial.
You're telling me you only just noticed this? I'll write up the antibiotics and fluids for you now.
Zoe Shit! I've got nothing.
Get some help! - Right arm's just blown.
No access.
- Shit! That's two minutes.
OK, white needle.
- Back on the chest? - Wait.
We should restart CPR.
Zoe Doctor! OK, there's an output.
We're back in business.
Get me a BM, manual BP and one litre of dextrose IV.
We're going to need more 10% glucose.
All the glucagon we have in the fridge.
Call ITU for more if we need it.
Are you OK? How is he? It was a massive overdose.
Took all the glucagon we had just to get his sugars detectable.
Someone knew exactly what they were doing.
Same pattern would have been the same result if I hadn't been there to save him.
Say I buy it.
We have a murderer in our midst.
Then who? Who's blocked this at every turn? Refused to take my concerns seriously, then tried to pressure me into keeping quiet? Archie Watson? Killing his own patients? - Why not? Because he's one of us? - No, but Jesus.
You do know absolutely none of this makes sense? Not to you, maybe.
I stink.
I need a shower.
- How's he looking? - Good.
Amazing really, considering.
He's a tough guy.
So people keep telling me.
Chest? I'll have a listen.
What are you doing? Drip's tissued.
Thought I'd give it a flush.
It's just salty water.
There, all done.
Where's Zoe? Taking a shower after saving your life.
You've had a tough time.
You take it easy, you hear? We can talk later.
Yeah, I agree.
Much better.
In fact, I think we can move him back to the main ward now, don't you? - At least he's alive.
- Oh, thank God for that.
What the hell is going on here? Matt, Danny, and now this? Do you know how hard I have worked to build this place up? I know, I've watched you.
Dr Watson, can I have a word with you in private? I-I've got work to do.
She hadn't even checked the level.
Almost as if she already knew it was going to be low.
And it was Zoe who signed out the last saline bag before he arrested.
I double checked.
You're not suggesting that Zoe had anything to do with this, are you? It just seems strange, that's all.
Thank you.
I'll look into it.
So what happened? Someone tried to kill you.
You say it like it's a bad thing.
Shouldn't you be at home? Not tonight.
You need to sleep.
Doctor's orders.
Sorry, bud, nothing for you.
Everything OK? Long shift.
I'm awake.
God, I need a cigarette.
You told Alex? And he believes you? Honestly, I don't know what he believes, or who.
So what do we do? You nearly died.
If I hadn't been there, you Whatever it takes, we have to stop this now.
I'll go, with the evidence, and talk to the police.
- You think they'll take us seriously? - No idea.
But I don't think we have a choice.
Do you? Here's Dr Wade now.
Dr Wade? Yes? Can we talk to you, in private? Sure.
What's going on? Dr Wade, we're investigating a report of a series of suspicious deaths at this hospital.
We need to interview you under caution.
Why? Why me? I know this is a shock for you, Zoe.
If you cooperate with the police, I'm sure that would be best for your case.
I'm a suspect?! We are genuinely concerned for you.
All any of us want is the truth.
No, you can't do this.
- Talk to him, it's him.
- Just take it easy, love, OK? Don't you see? It's him that's doing this.
He's doing this! Name, please.
Look, love, it's easier for all of us if you cooperate.
Zoe Wade.
Is that Miss or Mrs? Doctor.
I want to call Alex.
He's my fiance.
Yeah, yeah.
We'll get to that.
Permanent address? So you gave James McCain a shot of glucose? That's just simple sugar, right? Well, it's a little bit more complicated than - Yes.
- And in doing so, you've saved his life? I did my job.
According to the nurses, you didn't actually check a sugar level during the arrest, so you had no way of knowing it was going to be low.
There have been other cases, patients with low blood sugar arresting.
I've reported it.
To Dr Watson.
He's my consultant.
My boss.
Because you believed someone as deliberately harming patients? I thought it was a possibility.
Then why not go directly to the police, if you had such significant concerns? I was advised not to by Dr Watson.
I raised all my concerns with him.
You should talk to Dr Watson.
We did.
Actually, he's been very helpful.
I understand you recently had some issues.
Mental health issues.
I mean, obviously, there's absolutely no stigma - attached to that - Obviously! Perhaps you'd like to tell us a little more.
That's my business.
It's not relevant to this.
Even when you've been stealing prescription medication and using it while on duty? That was a mistake.
I've I've been under a lot of pressure.
I've not been sleeping.
I'm supposed to be getting married.
Like I said, it was a mistake.
- Do you make many mistakes, Dr Wade? - No! I don't think so.
I hope not.
The hospital records confirm that you were on duty when James McGill suffered a cardiac arrest and died shortly afterwards.
There's Matthew Helm who was injured and still remains in a coma.
Also when Danny Adams suffered a similar fate.
I wasn't there when Danny died.
We've tracked your electronic ID card and it confirms you were on the unit at the time of all the relevant incidents.
My ID card went missing.
Did you administer a fatal overdose to Danny Adams? Danny was my patient and my friend.
And Jamie McCain, is he a friend too? You're friends with a lot of your patients.
I work in rehabilitation.
Relationships develop, it's what we do.
So, yes, and I'm proud of it.
More doctors should care about the people they treat.
Have you heard of the saviour complex, Dr Wade? No.
It seems that there are some health care professionals who become addicted to saving their patients' lives.
The only problem is that means risking them first.
Sometimes it goes wrong so innocent people die.
This is ridiculous! I was the one who raised it, I've been trying to stop it! I'm being set up, don't you see? It's obvious! It's Watson who's doing this, you should talk to him.
Get him in here! Talk to Watson! What the hell's going on? I was acting on information I felt duty bound to pass on to the authorities.
- What information? - It's confidential.
They've just had my fiancee arrested for murder.
Don't tell me it's fucking confidential.
We all make bad choices in life, Alex.
We want to help people who can't be helped, protect people who aren't worth our shelter.
The trick is knowing when to cut and run.
You know, I admire you.
You're a very resilient young man, Jamie.
Why have they taken Zoe? I want to speak to her.
I imagine when you first met me, you didn't like me very much.
A lot of patients transfer their anger from their condition to the people that are trying to help them.
I know you've become close to Dr Wade.
That makes what I'm about to say even harder.
Unfortunately we now suspect she's the one who's been harming some of her patients.
No! That's bullshit.
She's been trying to stop it.
We both have.
The police are now involved and we're leaving it in their hands.
The evidence strongly suggests she's a very disturbed young woman.
No, that's not true.
I need to talk to her.
I'm afraid that's both impossible and counterproductive.
When a doctor betrays a patient's trust, well, I for one think there's no worse crime.
You can't do this to her.
I'm leaving now.
I'll sign something.
I don't care.
I want to get out of here now and you can't stop me.
I understand you're scared and confused.
But I'm afraid that's impossible.
You're under section, and under the terms of the Mental Health Act Fuck that! If it's all true, if someone's doing this, then I'm not crazy, right? So you can't keep me here.
I know it's not easy sometimes, but we're all just here to try and help you.
I believe the police will want to speak with you.
If Jamie wasn't deluded, we have no grounds to either treat or detain him.
I'll examine him again.
If I believe he should no longer be under section, then that's what I'm going to recommend.
Thank you.
But as lead clinician in this unit, I've made my decision.
We'll review the section again in 30 days as is customary.
Until then, he stays exactly where he is.
And if I don't agree? I just don't see how that's relevant now.
Do you? Come on, Doc.
It's OK, I'm here.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
- You called Bobby? - He's the only lawyer I know.
Christ! I want to go home.
RADIO: Today police were called to a local rehabilitation unit in response to a series of unexplained deaths.
There are unconfirmed reports that a member of staff has already been detained.
Police have declined to name the suspect but social media sources have identified a female doctor in her 20s.
The investigation is ongoing.
The two of you had developed a relationship of sorts.
I just told her about what Danny said.
He had evidence, statistics.
I didn't understand them.
At first she didn't believe me but then she agreed it checked out.
And, so, you then informed the police? No.
Zoe wanted to handle it.
Check it was real.
I think she was nervous, you know, about blowing the whistle.
So you're saying she encouraged you to say nothing? No, not exactly.
I think she just wanted to be sure.
This isn't her.
Whoever is doing this, it isn't Zoe.
The serious incident with Matthew Helm.
A sharp object had been placed in his bed.
He had a seizure.
She tried to help him.
But she was first on the scene? Yes.
Need some help here! - This was an accident? - Sure, of course.
DC Crockett.
Uh-huh I think both you and Danny Adams got close to the truth.
The only mistake you made was trusting the person who was in fact committing the crimes.
You're saying Danny Adams was collecting mortality data.
I really can't let you keep another patient's property.
Trust me and don't talk to anyone else about it.
You know the truth can't hurt you.
Unless you really have something to hide.
You're lying to me.
She's a pretty girl.
Clever too, right? A bit special.
It's forensics.
We've got her.
We're still at the hospital.
Thank you.
- Soup's up.
- I'm fine.
You should try and eat something.
Doctor's orders.
Did you talk to Bobby about a barrister? Not yet.
I mean, we don't even know what's going to happen with this.
It's Watson.
He's set me up.
I know it! That's why we need to fight this with everything we have.
You know you can always be honest with me.
- Hope so.
- No, what I mean is, I'd prefer it.
Whatever the truth, you won't be abandoned.
What we've had has meant too much for that.
- Had.
- You know, the two of us.
There will be grounds for mitigation.
Bobby's already confirmed that.
I'm just asking you for your honesty so that we can deal with this thing together.
Leave it.
More bloody reporters.
And I want to know what's changed.
You've already questioned her.
Well, like I said, new forensic evidence has come to light.
So, what, now she's being charged? That's a decision that'll be made in custody.
Dr Wade, you can either cooperate or we will arrest you.
It's OK.
I'll talk to you.
Call Bobby.
Get him to meet us over there.
I just need to use the bathroom first.
OK? No problem.
- Don't lock it.
- OK.
Let's go.
Call it in! She's running! The forensic lab found two needle holes in the saline bag, enough to deliver a fatal dose, and apparently her fingerprints were all over it.
When the police came, she absconded.
They tell me her ID badge data checked out too.
Every instant, every suspicious death, Zoe was there.
Look, this needn't reflect badly on you, Alex.
It's just It's a desperately sad situation for everybody.
I know you've tried to do the right thing.
You'll continue to have my full support when the great and the good come knocking.
You've a great career ahead of you never forget that.
In the meantime, my advice to you is to look after number one.
Hmm? There you go, captain, one for you.
First time for everything, eh? Danny was murdered.
I don't trust them.
All those people.
I need some time to decide how to handle it.
Do you think I'm right? Either that, or we're both nuts.
I thought you weren't coming.
So does this mean you believe me? Or are you convinced I'm a psycho, too? Are you? They were going to arrest me again.
I ran.
Watson set me up.
I took it all to him.
All the evidence, and he used it to set me up.
And then he tried to kill you.
It's the truth.
Well? He's lying.
I'm not! I could go to where he used to work.
See if that happened there.
I need you to check his office, see if you can find anything there.
All right.
HE GRUNTS Hello, Jamie.
Please don't be alarmed, but I've already called security.
I don't know what you're doing in my office, but I'd like you to stop.
She didn't do it.
- Zoe.
- You may be right.
Why don't we discuss it in the morning? I think you killed Danny.
I know you do.
But that's because you've always been a very unhappy young man.
Still kicking myself that I didn't spot it sooner.
But, now, with the correct anti-psychotic treatment, we can help you.
I don't want your help.
Listen to yourself.
You're paranoid, Jamie, you're imagining things that aren't there.
You're allowing yourself to be manipulated by a disturbed woman, one, I fear, as equally vulnerable.
You killed Danny and you tried to kill me.
Oh, come on.
Doctors like me kill people all the time.
They don't talk about it, but they do.
Single stroke of the pen is all it takes.
"Make comfortable," I think the phrase is.
If I'd wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead.
Lucky for you, I only have your best interests at heart.
- Through here.
- Right.
I've been racking my brains trying to figure out what's gone wrong.
You must absolutely not blame yourself.
OK? Promise me? You don't deserve any of this.
Thank you.
Hi, darling.
It won't be long now.
You know how things are at the moment.
How's Margaret? Hi.
Are you feeling better today? Do you really think Zoe did any of this? What do I think? Um I think she's always been an unhappy and very disturbed young woman.
Sometimes, people can hide those things really well.
And she refused to admit any weakness, but well, these sort of problems, they don't just go away, do they? Not if they're inside you.
Oh, I'm sick of lying here.
Well, I think it's about time that we got back to business, don't you? Hm? Right.
I want to walk.
Are you sure? OK.
Skoosh your bum to the edge.
That's it.
Hands on here.
Strong arms.
OK, weight forward.
On the count of three.
Are you ready? One, two, three.
Good boy! That's it.
I want you to move one foot forward.
One at a time.
Come to me.
One foot at a time.
That's it.
That's it.
Well done.
And again.
Come on! You're doing great.
You're doing great.
Come on, Jamie.
Hey, hey, hey, it's OK.
I know, I know.
I understand.
You know you can talk to me, lovey.
I won't judge you.
I'm here to help you.
You know that, don't you? Whatever's going on in there, whatever your pain is I'm here.
I was married once, you know.
His name was Mark and we used to go running together, you know, marathons, that kind of thing.
This was before the world and his wife were all doing it.
We travelled all over.
New York, Berlin.
Of course, he always beat me.
Except this once.
When I teased him about that God, did I! And, then, a few weeks later, he started dropping things all over the place and I just laughed at him, clumsy oaf that he was.
That was just the start of it.
Turns out he had MND.
Motor Neurone Disease.
I'm sorry.
It was cruel, you know.
To see a man like that, a big, you know, strong, healthy man just wasting away.
That was what really hurt him cos he was so proud.
Some folk can deal with it, I know.
But In the end he just he wanted to die.
He welcomed it.
I know that.
Is that how you feel? Sometimes.
Well you still have a choice.
We all do.
What if I don't deserve to live, I mean? And is that how you really feel? Sometimes, yeah.
I want to die.
Oh, sweetheart.
But why? You know, you are getting so much stronger.
I know in there was hard, but we we're going to get there, I promise.
Debbie always gets there with her boys, you know? Even the stubborn ones.
Come on, talk to me, darling.
Talk to Debbie.
I promise you, it will make you feel better.
I killed him.
He was just a kid.
Jamie! Please! Please.
Shoot me.
Please! [GUNSHOT.]
He wanted me to.
I understand.
I do.
You just wanted to help him.
You just wanted to put the wee soul out of his misery.
I shouldn't have done it.
It was wrong.
That's what I have to live with.
And I'm not sure I can.
Oh, darling.
Oh, it's OK.
Everything's going to be OK.
I knew there was something.
I know what you need.
I can make this right.
Make it all go away.
I'm the new locum doctor.
I'm looking for the consultant offices.
I need to get my form signed.
Oh, right.
Just down there, love, second on the right.
Thank you.
Hi, there.
Did you find it OK? Yeah.
So, how long are you here for? A week? A month? God knows we could do with the help! That's what they all say.
No, I'm getting married.
I need the cash.
Oh, expensive business these days.
- So, have you got a permanent post? - Not yet.
I'm thinking about a job at the North Glasgow Infirmary.
The James Stewart? Dr Watson, didn't he used to work here? Archie? Oh, God, yes.
Good old Archie.
Anything I should know before I sign on the dotted line? Always a bit of a ladies' man, our Archie.
He'll brush past you in the lift, that sort of thing.
Most of us get wise to him pretty quick.
Word gets around.
Top buttons and M&S knickers girls, you know? And his patients? He was a good doctor? You didn't notice anything? No, they loved him.
Believed the Sun shone out of his skinny backside.
So, why'd he leave? I mean, this is a good unit.
New challenges, apparently.
But we all knew that his wife had caught him at it with a member of staff.
Gave him an ultimatum.
And he always was a gutless, little weasel.
Do you remember her name, the mistress? Er, what was she called? I remember she was a physio.
Debbie something.
You did the right thing.
I would have done the same.
Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only one here who really cares about the patients.
The doctors say they do, but truth is they let people down.
I mean, I ask you! I mean, would you let an animal suffer like some of the poor souls in here? No, you wouldn't.
The Glasgow Infirmary.
- James Stewart unit.
- No problem.
Sometimes you just have to do what's for the best.
And that's what you did for that poor soul.
He asked for your help and you gave it.
That's all.
You see, that's what we have in common.
When someone needs us, we are there to help.
It's called empathy.
You understand what a person really needs and make it happen for them.
It's all part of the job.
You take those poor, wee souls under your wing.
Angel of death.
You killed him.
You killed Danny.
Danny needed my help.
All my boys need my help.
Debbie! - Where's Jamie? - He's in hydro.
You know you can't be here.
Hey! - Deb! - Hey! [HE GASPS.]
Help her.
Debbie, are you all right? - [SHE COUGHS AND SPLUTTERS.]
- That's it.
Easy now.
They all needed my help.
Well, apart from nosey, wee Danny, but he was He wasn't right.
Was he? It was more important to me that I continued my work.
No-one else in that place was going to make the tough decisions.
You see, after my husband died, a lot of things just sort of made sense to me.
And that death doesn't have to be a bad thing.
We all have our time.
It's just sometimes God gets that time a wee bit wrong.
Lets people suffer.
So there has to be a correction.
You know? Someone to just snip the loose ends, as it were.
And that was me.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
It wasn't easy.
But my patients needed my help.
They were lonely, they had been abandoned, and I was the only person that was there to look after them.
So, believe me when I say that it wasn't easy.
But Debbie always got there in the end.
You don't have to do this.
You were sleeping with her.
We had an understanding.
You ignored legitimate concerns when they were brought to your attention, choosing instead to victimise a junior colleague.
Dr Karimi questioned you about the use of the Mental Health Act, which you also ignored Obviously, you'll all have heard that Dr Watson is on indefinite leave, pending investigation.
I'd like to start by encouraging anyone with further evidence of inappropriate behaviour to come forward and speak out.
- Is that clear? - Yes.
I know many of you have already taken advantage of the counselling that we've provided.
I'm hoping that we can put the past behind us and all make a fresh start.
So, shall we do it to them before they do it to us? [MUTED LAUGHTER.]
First patient.
We could just do it.
Go anywhere.
Well? They're ready for you.
You sure? I did it.
I need to tell them the truth.
I'll be here.