Trying (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

A Long Day Down

As long as it's a three-bedroom flat,
we can take Princess and Tyler.
Penny said she'll know more in a week.
- So, we have to make it amazing by then.
- Hmm.
I need something to occupy my brain,
'cause it starts to do that fizzy
thing when I worry. [SIGHS]
But, yeah, I mean, how much
space does a kid need?
- He sleeps here. He dresses here.
- Mm-hmm.
- And this area here is for relaxing.
- Hmm. Hmm.
- You know what else we could do?
- What?
- Right. Put water
- Yeah?
in the paint. Make it thinner.
Apply a single coat.
That's gonna give us an
extra millimeter of space.
Exactly. See? It's all
gonna be fine, isn't it?
- It's a three-bedroom flat.
- Oh, yeah.
That was me, not the room.
Stop it, Jessie. Stop it.
Uh, Hayley, please. There's
people trying to sleep in here.
[JASON] Bought the
wrong crisps by mistake.
These are horrible.
[CHEWS, GROANS] Bloody horrible.
I got a message from the adoption crowd.
About that party at Ben
and Denise's tonight.
With the gang.
I thought we could go
to take our minds off
What has happened?
I'm on edge waiting for news,
so I thought this would distract.
Jason, I'm scared.
- What even are they?
- Pom-poms.
I told you my mind goes fizzy.
They were a happy
thing at first, but, uh,
now they've become something else.
Right. Okay.
- We're going to the party.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
- Put it down.
- Right.
- Let's go.
- All right.
- I just
- That's it.
- [NIKKI] Ooh.
- Bloody hell.
- [NIKKI] Wow.
- The size of this place.
I bet they ask us to take our shoes off.
[NIKKI] Oh, I hope not. Mmm.
- Hello, welcome.
- Hello.
- [JASON] Thanks, mate.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
- Wow.
If you could just slip your shoes off.
- We're a little Japanese round here.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Nice socks, mate.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- They do the job.
Head on through. Gang's
all here as they say.
Who says?
- Hey.
- Hiya.
- Hello.
- How are ya?
- Good. How are you?
- Yeah. Good, good. Oof.
Oh, no. Oh, I hate myself
in paintings, don't you?
- Yeah.
- Come on. Come through.
[BEN] Yeah, so we're at
The Ivy tomorrow night
for Denise's actual birthday
and then driving down to the
south of France this weekend.
It's a ball ache, but
it's a stunning area.
You ever noticed how people
always say "the south of France"?
Like they want you to
know it's the south.
Whereas everywhere else, people
just say the country, don't they?
Yes. Yeah, I suppose that's
true, yeah. [CHUCKLES]
Lovely spread.
Thank you.
[LUKE] So that's two
adopted kids in two years.
We were sort of tempted
to go for a third.
Three. You've had enough.
Leave some for the rest of us.
- Maybe a fallow year for Luke and Kwame.
[LUKE] And, uh, what about you guys?
Oh, yeah, we're getting there.
We're just waiting for final
approval. [CHUCKLES]
- [LUKE] Mm-hmm.
- Hmm. That's amazing.
Yeah, we've met some
really amazing kids too.
We're just waiting to
see if they pick us.
So, you know, we're just really hopeful.
- [KWAME] Hmm.
- Oh, that's great.
Mm-hmm. Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- [KWAME] Ooh, careful!
- [LIZZIE] Ooh!
- Oh, no!
- Oh. Ooh.
- [BEN] Don't worry.
- [DENISE] What's happened?
- [LIZZIE] Oh, dear.
- [MAN] Just a mistake.
- [WOMAN] Here. Shall I grab a broom?
- [WOMAN] Careful.
- I hope it wasn't too expensive.
Well, it was quite expensive.
If she wasn't adopted,
I'd be mortified by this.
Although not that far from
[WOMAN] Came from a really
strange little place in Ireland
Sorry. Yeah.
What's going on? Have you
broken something again?
- It's them.
- Who?
- They're the other couple.
- What you mean?
It's Princess and Tyler. Ben and
Denise are the other couple.
- They're They're our competition.
- Oh, no.
Jason, we shouldn't even be here.
We're behind enemy lines.
If we're Wait.
Nikki, where you going?
I wanna see the rest. I wanna
see what we're up against.
We've seen the rest of the
house. It's lovely. All right?
You don't know. It might
not be as nice upstairs.
Nikki. Nikki, you can't go up there.
[NIKKI] Well, those curtains
don't match the wallpaper, so
that's embarrassing for them.
[JASON] I can't believe you
took their adoption form.
[NIKKI] No, it's okay. I'll
bring it back in the morning.
Back to their perfect house. Yeah.
In a way, do you think
it's all a bit too perfect?
Like they're trying to hide something?
I don't get that impression. No.
They don't even have a TV, Jase.
How are you supposed to
raise a child without a TV?
I mean, what are you gonna
ban if they're naughty?
"No TV" people are the worst
people in the whole entire world.
I know, Nikki. They're the
absolute scum of the earth,
but that doesn't mean that they're
gonna choose us and not them
because they haven't got a telly.
Yeah, I know.
It's fine. It happens
to a lot of men, I think.
We'll try again in three, four minutes.
I mean, you do know it's
not about you, right?
I know. [CHUCKLES] Why
would it be about me?
- Huh.
Have you thought about
switching to probiotic yogurt?
Oh, my God. Not everything can be solved
by switching to probiotic yogurt.
Look, you're gonna be 40. Who cares?
No, don't say that. I find
that very triggering.
Okay, you're using
that word wrong again.
Look, just do star jumps
until you feel better.
- [FREDDY] What?
- Come on.
No. I wanna talk.
No, that's what your brain is expecting.
Do star jumps, and it's like,
"What the hell?" Come on.
Yes. Come on. Yep.
- All right then, you. What's the plan?
- I think I'm gonna be honest
- Hmm.
- and admit that I panicked
- Yeah.
- and that I took it.
- I think that's a good idea.
I just really hoped it
would look less nice today.
No, it's just a lovely nice house
on a lovely quiet street. That's all.
Yeah, but do you think
maybe it's a bit too quiet?
Nikki, enough, please.
Yeah, I just have a feeling
that something's not right.
And if there is any chance that our
the kids end up somewhere bad, then
Do you think you just
want there to be something
so they can live with us and not them?
- Yeah, maybe.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Ay up.
Here he is. Oh, look.
There she is up there.
Oh, my God. Are they
gonna have afternoon sex?
- Oh, come on.
- I hate couples that rub your nose in it.
Why would we wanna see that?
- I know. Come on. Before they get started.
- Okay.
- Hang on a sec.
- What?
- Look, that fella jumping
- Oh, my God.
- Hide. Hide.
- Oh, my Go What? Where?
Hide, hide. Get down.
Brilliant, Jase. Like a ninja.
- You know, this is way more suspicious.
- What was that all about?
- Don't know.
- [JASON] Weird.
[SIGHS] Come on. Let's go.
- No, hang on a second. Let's follow him.
- What?
- What?
- Something's not right. Let's follow him.
- Are you being serious?
- I'm being serious.
- Let's go!
- Oh, this is so exciting.
- All right.
- All right.
[JASON] Let's go.
- All right, yeah.
Yeah. There might be a cyclist.
Okay, "Highway Code".
Let's do it. Floor it.
Is this stalking?
No, it's not stalking. We're just
following him to see what he does.
- Maybe drop back a little bit.
- No, I don't wanna lose him.
Not an issue.
- What you doing?
- Disguise.
- Oh, my God. Where did you go? [CHUCKLES]
- All right, all right.
Just pretend like we're out
for a casual drive, all right?
Oh! Ugh. God, well,
I've missed my turn now.
- What you talking about? What?
- I should have turned right.
- I'm out for a casual drive.
- That's good. Yeah.
- That's good pretending.
- Thank you.
Jase, should we be doing this?
Yes. People do crazy things
to protect their kids.
Honestly, Jase, I've got goose bumps.
- Oh, I think he's seen us.
- What?
He's seen us. Turn in here.
- Where? There's nowhere to go.
- Here!
- There's nowhere to go!
- Turn!
It doesn't matter if he sees
us. He doesn't know us.
That's true.
- Hello, mate.
- I am telling you something is going on.
- Really?
- Nikki, she's definitely having an affair.
- Jason.
Let's just review the evidence
for a second. Right? Okay.
- Number one
- Mm-hmm.
you said they were cold to
each other at the party. Correct?
Yeah, but, I mean, everyone's
tense before a holiday, aren't they?
Hmm, okay. Right. Number two
- Yeah?
- fence jump man.
- Okay
- Right? [GRUNTS]
You're regretting
using your fingers now.
- Little bit. Yeah.
- Yeah.
I think you're saying all
this to make me feel better.
Which, Jase, that's really sweet.
No, Nikki, you're right. [STAMMERS]
We know these kids now.
We care about them, right?
So what happens if they
get placed with a couple
- Hmm?
- one of them is having an affair,
then they end up splitting up?
What's gonna happen to the kids then?
Have you seen my copy of
The Secret Garden?
Why do you want that?
I told you. My mum's doing
a reading at the wedding.
You know, I have to say,
as a piece of work, I do
find it outstays its welcome.
- Well, it means a lot to me.
- Yeah.
Oh, listen, um, about tonight.
Oh, please. Scott, no, no.
I cannot go to another wedding
menu tasting on my own.
It looks weird.
I know. But writing class
has moved to Friday.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Can I ask you something, Scott?
- Mmm.
Is your writing more
important to you than me?
Karen, that's a crazy thing to ask.
You know I don't believe in hierarchies.
You just You're
two things that I love.
One informs the other,
and you both circle me.
You know, like planets.
See? Equidistant.
- I circle you?
- You do, my love.
Listen, it's just a very busy,
very exciting time for both of us.
I've got my novel.
You've got your wedding.
Frida. God, I miss her.
[JEN] Yeah, well, I was
Jennifer until I was 19.
Then my boyfriend and me were gonna
get each other's names tattooed,
but he had a low pain threshold.
So he started trying to
get "Jen" off the ground.
So, um, yeah. That's the story
of how I'm called what I'm called.
Sorry, I forgot your question.
Oh, right. Yeah, no, I can't
reduce the excess on that.
I mean, I could, but I'm
not going to. [CHUCKLES]
Hello? Hello?
- Oh.
- I'm following 'em.
- Who?
[JASON] Denise and, uh and
that guy. They're together again.
I was on lunch. I've seen them
going into a shop so I followed.
Jason, don't. They'll see you.
It's fine. I'm in disguise.
- What, you mean
- The beanie.
[SIGHS] Okay, what what they doing?
Uh, just sort of walking about a bit.
What, like in an affair-y type of way?
- Well, I mean, it's hard to tell.
- Well, what have they bought?
Uh, some, uh, cushions and, um,
a rug, I think. Uh, some paint.
- What color?
- Uh, lilac, I wanna say.
That's so coupley.
Pick something up so it looks
like you're buying something.
No, that that's worse.
Will you FaceTime me so I can see?
All right.
- Hello.
That That is mad to What
I'm just, um, buying a bit of, uh, rope.
What Okay. Sorry. What
kind of rope do you want?
The long one The long
one or the short one?
Long one? Yeah. No problem.
That's the I've got that.
Right, so I've got the saw,
the knife and the rope.
I need to I've got to tie
something up, uh, and then, um,
- cut it a little bit, so
- [DENISE] Okay.
Well, we'll leave you to your
tying and cutting. [CHUCKLES]
- All right. Nice to see you. Mad.
- I'll see you.
You all right, mate? Yeah?
Bloody hell, what a rush.
It was like a Bond film.
[CHUCKLES] You were like Bond.
I am like Bond.
- Will you pick up some of them tea lights?
- Yeah, yeah.
- [INTERCOM] Would customers please note
[JASON] I'm telling you,
it's a secret love pad.
It is a secret lilac love pad.
Somewhere for them to
meet up. I'm telling you.
Jase, are we the good guys
here or the bad guys?
- 'Cause it's really hard to keep track.
- Listen, listen.
We're just asking questions.
If they've done nothing wrong,
then they've got nothing to worry about.
Sounds like something
the bad guys would say.
No. Do you know what? I think
we should just return the form
and and leave them alone.
- Have you not returned it yet?
- Well, no.
It's been hard to find the time
because of all the spy stuff.
Okay. We're definitely the bad guys.
Have we got any sorry wine?
This is not expensive
enough for sorry wine.
What you talking about?
That's a £7.99 bottle of wine.
We should get some wisteria.
Where do you want to
put it? Around the TV?
- Oh, my God.
- What?
Here he is.
- What are we doing?
- I don't know. I just panicked.
- What's he doing?
- Well, he's just at the door.
- Is she coming out?
- He's very handsome.
Is he?
- Oh, this is stupid.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
[BEN] Hey! Hey!
Oh, my Oh, my God!
Jason, go do something.
- He's got a hammer.
- He's gonna kill him.
Your hammer. This is
your hammer, you left it.
- Is that mine?
- It's definitely yours.
- Yeah.
- Cheers. Appreciate that.
Yeah, that's fine. It's definitely
yours. You left it in the garden.
- Just thought I'd bring it out to you.
- Okay.
- All right? Okay. Good job.
- Thank you. See you next week.
All right. Cheers, pal.
- Come on. Let's go. [GRUNTS]
Oh. Bloody hell.
[SIGHS] This is ridiculous.
- Oh, my knees have locked up. Hang on.
- Ow.
- Ow.
- Ow.
I don't I don't get it.
There's no building work.
I bet it's the conservatory.
They're such conservatory people.
- Hmm.
- What?
- Should we have a little
- Let's go have a little look.
- Come on, Nikki. Let's go. Please.
- What? What is it?
Oh, my God.
My God.
- Shit.
- Shit.
Can I come in?
All right. Come on, love. Can
you go upstairs now, please?
Go on. Off you go.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Thanks for letting me stay.
She wanted to see you.
- How are you?
- Good. Yeah.
- You?
- Good. Yeah.
- Really good. Things are going good.
- Hmm.
I mean, Harper's just this
really positive person.
So, yeah, it's all good.
She's got, like, absolutely no
time for non-positive things.
Obviously, I have no emotional
support, but that's fine.
It's fine as long as I don't
- Freddy.
- As long as I'm happy
100% of the time, which
I am. So it's all good.
Sure, it would be great if, like,
she tried to just
understand me a tiny bit.
I mean, I make the effort. Like
I bought those vegan trainers,
and I went on her ice
cream tasting podcast.
Freddy, you cannot do this.
You cannot come to me
with your problems anymore.
I am a person. I'm not just some
help blob.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
- That podcast is shit.
- I know.
There's no peril. All
ice cream tastes nice.
Exactly. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, God, you're such an idiot.
Of course you're gonna feel old
if you go out with a young person.
You wanna feel young, you
go out with an old person.
You always went looking for your
happiness in the wrong places.
You know there's no guarantee that
they're gonna choose them over us.
- Please, Jase.
- There isn't. It's true
Why would those kids
want to live with us?
I don't wanna go back to our flat,
and all of our stuff is there.
It's just so weird though, 'cause
when I looked at them, I just
I really thought that I
I was looking at our children.
I know.
- All right, come on.
- Mmm.
Let's go.
No, Jase, it's not hooked on to Oh.
- Why would you pull it up?
Because, uh, it's a tree house,
and you're supposed to.
- What?
- No, you're not. What do What
- Don't worry. I'll just climb down.
- No! You It's too high.
It'll be fine. I'll just climb down.
No, I've lost enough
people today. Just
- Let's ring someone.
- It's quite high.
- Yes, it is.
- Yeah.
- I've left my phone at home.
- Should I call Freddy?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh, no, nothing.
- Try Erica.
- Yeah?
- [GROANS] For God's sake.
- No luck.
- Hmm.
Yeah, go on.
I'm really glad you came.
[RAINA] Daddy!
Just give me a sec.
Ay up, there he is. Well done, mate.
- Hello.
- Thank you.
No problem. Where's, um
No Karen?
Karen? [CHUCKLES] Why
would Karen be here?
Uh, no, it's just a miscommunication.
I know what I'm
Yeah. No, that's fine.
Um, uh, what's What
do you What's the plan?
If you'd just chuck that up,
mate, we'll be golden.
- Oh, yeah.
- [SIGHS] Thank you. [CHUCKLES]
That's it, is it?
Oh, the gate's, uh, locked, guys.
You have to jump over it.
[TOGETHER] We know.
[JASON] Oh. The lights. Hang on.
I'm sorry for acting so crazy.
- That's okay.
- It isn't.
- I like it.
- Oh, yeah?
Makes me feel less lonely
when you act crazy too.
We can't compete with
Ben and Denise, Jason.
Your dad's homemade bedroom
isn't going to change that.
We need to take this down. [SIGHS]
- [CLICKS TONGUE] I really don't want to.
- I know.
But these kids deserve
more than we can give them.
The first thing in their new life
shouldn't be a compromise, should it?
Yeah, I know.
Maybe when we get the fairy lights up
If these were our kids,
we'd do anything for them.
This is one thing that
we can do for them.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay. Here you go.
What am I meant to do with that?
Oh, shit.
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