Trying (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Lift Me Up

Have you sorted out Karen's hen do yet?
Yeah, I think so.
It's tricky though, 'cause, uh,
I'm scared of checking my emails,
'cause I know there's gonna
be bad news about the kids,
- so
- Yeah.
- What you gonna do for Scott?
- Just gonna go pub.
- Is that it?
- Well
How is that different from any
other time you go to the pub?
- Scott's coming.
- Jason.
Well, it's a bit weird, innit? I mean,
I didn't ask to be his best man.
I've only known the fella 18 months.
Yeah, he doesn't have
many friends, does he?
Obviously not.
That's what you get when
you pronounce it "choritho".
He's given me a list of three
people that he wants to invite.
One of them is his barber.
He couldn't even remember who Scott was.
I had to describe the back
of his head to the guy.
It's true.
Yeah, yeah.
All right. Okay.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
- Look.
- All right then. Thank you. Bye-bye.
I don't believe it! I got the promotion!
I got the promotion!
I got the promotion!
- What?
- We didn't get the kids.
You need to go.
- We need to talk about what this means.
- No, we don't.
- Yeah, but does this mean
- Doesn't mean anything.
This is not an emotional
thing. This is just
It's just atoms.
And at one point, the atoms
were in a certain position,
and then they moved and they
were in a different position.
On top of each other.
But it is just atoms.
It doesn't It Do not
add emotion to atoms.
- What you doing?
- Going to the toilet.
- Freddy.
- I'm bursting.
- All right. Don't let Lauren see you.
- I won't.
- Daddy!
- Oh, f
Hi, darling.
How long have we been here now?
- About four minutes.
- Oh.
Really? Feels like longer.
I know.
I miss "five minutes ago" us.
Plenty more kids out there
for us, Nikki, you know?
Did they not just feel
like the ones though?
- Can you not see there?
- What?
Can you not see them?
There, there. Look.
- What? Here?
- In the distance, there. Our kids. Look.
Can't you see them?
Oh. That's because you're very short.
- Oh, is that why?
- So Yeah.
So you can't see over the horizon.
- Look.
- Oh!
Can you see them now?
- Yeah. I can.
- Yeah? What do you reckon?
- They're very cute.
- They're lovely, ain't they?
- Huh?
- Yeah.
I quite like it up here, you know?
Can you not carry me around all day?
- No.
- Why? Aw, why?
- You're actually heavier than you look.
- Well, you're cheeky.
- Oi.
- What?
- Mrs. Manager.
- I know!
- I know. Yeah.
- All right, I tell you what then.
Show me your best manager point.
- Oh, that's easy.
- Okay.
- Huh, okay. Hmm.
- Jase, that's really good pointing.
No. You've gone a bit disco there.
You've gone a little bit
little bit Saturday Night Fever.
Right, you wanna trust me.
- Yeah?
- I've been a manager for six weeks, okay?
- Oh, so you know.
- So, it's more like this.
- All right, hmm. Yeah.
- Oh, turning. Hmm, okay.
It's your turn. Yeah, nearly. Ready?
You're ready.
You're good to go.
Here you go.
Where did you go?
My mum's.
Look, I'm sorry. It
just It wasn't right.
So I am being dismissed by Miss Newman?
Well, it should never have happened.
It didn't happen.
You're ending an affair
that never started.
- Are you gonna be able to get over me?
- Well
At least there's drawings
of you all over my house.
That'll help.
It's a shame though.
I literally just decided you were
worth pissing off my parents for.
On the plus side,
I got a feeling Raina's gonna
get a good end of term report.
Uh, no. No, Deven.
That is not how I do things.
And she has a few
things to work on, so
So, how come you needed
an alibi? What was that about?
Oh, it's fine. It was just
a miscommunication thing.
Yeah, but Karen, who were you
miscommunicating with though?
I'm sorry, but what is this?
Okay. I figured out what you'd love most
by thinking what Erica would hate most.
I hope it's got a bar. What a joke.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God. I bloody love it! Yes!
- Yes!
- You beauty!
- Yeah.
Hello there. Hi, are you in charge?
Uh, is this what you thought it was?
Yes, Mum! She'll love it!
- Oh, okay. As long as you meant it.
- Yeah.
On our hens, we just used to
have a sherry and a little cry.
Right. Well, there's
absolutely no chance
of anyone putting their hand
down my top here, is there?
Complete waste of my time.
- I got a babysitter for this?
- I got a wax.
Well, you'll be more
aerodynamic then, won't you?
There we are.
How long you been barbering, Yusuf?
Eight years in Turkey.
Four years here. Not happy.
Oh, okay.
But, uh, thanks for coming.
No, I want to. Things
are not good at home.
Oh. Oh.
What grade is that?
- Uh, it was a four, I think.
- Ah, no. No, no, no.
It makes your head look
big, man. Like pumpkin.
Okay, good. I'm just gonna
get some shots here, all right?
Let's at least take our coats
off. Bloody hell, lads.
Hello, mate. Can I, um, have
four shots of tequila, please?
Hello? No. Hold on.
Hold on. Hold on.
- Yes.
- Hi, babe. It's me.
- I need your help.
- Why? What's happened?
Well, I've Jason'd it
and I should've Nikki'd it.
And now it's like the worst stag do
ever and Scott seems really upset.
Well, what do you
want me to do about it?
Can we Can we have one
of your activities, please?
- No! They're mine!
- Oh, come on.
- Where are Where are you now?
- Go-karting.
Go-karting! That sounds amazing.
I'd love to go Where
you going afterwards?
Graffiti workshop.
Okay, can we have the
graffiti workshop, please?
No! We want graffiti.
Look, you're going go-karting
and then a graffiti workshop.
That's two arm things. Your
arms are gonna get tired.
Okay, fine. But you pay for graffiti.
- And another session here.
- Yes.
Thank you so much, Nikki. I love you.
Oh, it's booked for 11 people.
Uh, well, that could that that
could be a bit of a stretch, but
Okay, bye.
All right. We ready?
- Yes!
- Yeah? Come on. Whoo!
Let's go.
Come on. Come on.
Okay, racers, we go on green.
Are you ready, Mum?
Shh! I'm in the zone, love!
All right.
Oi! Why you being weird?
It's nothing.
Okay. Fine.
- I slept with Freddy.
- What? Why?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Erica, what are you
- Hey, Nikki.
- What?
- I'm thinking of calling off the wedding.
- What?
And we're off.
Wait! Wait!
Wait! Wait!
Graffiti, yeah? The language
of the disenfranchised.
Right, this one costs 69 quid a pop,
so these lot are pretty franchised.
Thanks for coming, Dad.
Your mum says I've got to
do one new thing every day
so if I do this, I don't have
to eat the moussaka.
That's the spirit.
Oh, for God's sake.
Whoo-hoo! This is so fun!
What are you doing?
Look, it's not what you think.
I slept with him as as
a father, not as a man.
And why you calling off the wedding?
- What?
- I don't know!
You calling off the wedding?
You're calling off the wedding?
Can I get changed?
- No!
- Is it 'cause of Deven?
Absolutely not!
- Who's Deven?
- And we're off!
Oh, God! Will you stop doing that?
Bloody hell!
The theme today for you is love.
Remember, everyone,
to follow your passion
and be free with your art.
But also, remember, please, to
put the lids back on the cans.
You are having too many head thoughts.
You need some gut thoughts.
Listen to what it's telling you.
- Just don't overthink it.
- Don't overthink it.
Bloody hell, that's
coming on, innit, John?
It's getting there, Jason.
It's getting there.
Grasmere looking down
from Loughrigg Terrace.
You avoid a lot of the mist
you get up at Castlerigg.
How you getting on, Dad?
Nah, I've lost it.
- It's got away from me.
- What is it, mate?
Harry and Meghan.
I have to tell you something.
All right, go on then.
Nah, don't worry.
All right. Good chat.
- What you doing?
- Would you just bloody talk to me?
- Pull over!
- What? No!
Karen, pull over!
- Just stop, Karen! Pull over!
- What you doing?
Pull over now, Kare
- Hey.
- What's going on?
- I found his wedding vows.
- All right.
They were from a template.
That's all right. Loads
of people use them.
What, those seven special words
every woman wants to hear?
"My life changed on 'enter date here'."
He's supposed to be a writer.
Yeah, but he's not a
very good one, is he?
Yeah. Yeah, but that's
the thing, isn't it?
He thinks he is.
If he's not even self-aware,
how is he gonna be me-aware?
- Watch out!
- Oof!
For God's sake!
What's going on?
We are going to get a drink.
- Finally. Right.
- Oh, thank God.
Come on. Let's go.
No! No, guys. I didn't plan for this.
It's not on the email!
Is it a satire?
No. It's just a unicorn in a hat.
Hello, mate. You all right?
No. Actually, no, I'm not.
Mate, I, um
I slept with Erica.
And now I don't know
what to do about Harper.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- So, what do you wanna do?
- I don't know.
I mean, she's great,
but she's not my wife.
Maybe you should get her
a card with that on it.
Sorry. Go on.
Seriously. Maybe if we gave it time,
we could really be something.
Yeah, but, Freddy, do you not think
you maybe want it to be something
so then you haven't, you know,
left your wife and kids for nothing?
Do you think I love her?
I don't. No.
'Cause I-I don't think
that that is what love is.
- So, what is it then?
- I don't know. It's not that, is it?
It's It's, uh It's It's peace.
Uh, you know when a a sound
that you didn't know was
there suddenly stops, right?
And then you get this second
of, like, exquisite peace.
Yeah? It's like that.
But all the time.
Or maybe I'm just high off
whatever's in these cans.
Is that what that is then? Peace?
That's because I don't know
where I end and she begins.
I mean, it hasn't totally come
together as I would've hoped.
Do you wanna talk about it? Or
No, I just need some time
to think about things.
Do you think that that's gonna
be more or less than a week?
You know, because obviously that
that's when the wedding is
Oh, I don't know, Nikki.
You know how sometimes you
see a bright star better
if you look away slightly?
I think Scott is like that.
So I'm just gonna look away for a bit
and then look back really quickly,
and I will see it all.
- Yeah, I've seen your wrist.
- Okay.
- Wristband?
- We going to the pub.
All right, good.
- Hi!
- Thank you.
These last few months
have been so great.
I just think that you are this
amazing and courageous person.
And you live so bravely and so boldly.
And when you laugh When
you laugh, it's this full
If you're gonna break up
with me, do you wanna just
'Cause this is seriously an insane
amount of time to talk at a person.
Uh, okay. Well, then, um,
I think it would be for
the best if we broke up.
- But I hope you're not
- Okay.
too upset.
Clearly not.
Have you seen Scott?
- What?
- Have you seen Scott?
Oh, yeah, no, it's sticky.
I'm trying to look back and see it all.
But I can't.
Maybe it'll come when
you least expect it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Come here.
How does Jason make you feel?
Oh, I don't know, Kaz.
Come on.
So much noise going around my head.
About everything.
Took me three months to decide
whether to buy these shoes.
I went into the shop seven times.
Became friends with the assistant.
I went to see her band play.
I doubt every decision I make.
All these questions just
swirl around in my head.
Except with him.
With him, when I met him
All the questions just stopped.
And now I just I-I can't
imagine him not being there.
If Scott wasn't there
How would I feel?
I don't know, Kaz.
White wine, please.
That's Lauren. She's nine.
Oh, my God. Look at them.
They're so cute.
I know.
They just grow up so slowly.
Has anyone seen Karen?
- Huh?
- Karen.
Scott, are you here?
Oh, God, no.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
It was in a box in the garage.
Sorry, looking everywhere.
For what?
I thought you'd left.
No. Here I be.
Come here.
Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah.
It's just been really noisy tonight.
The peace is nice.
Listen, I, um
I wanted to thank you
for putting up with, uh
You know, all of this.
What do you mean?
Well, I know that I'm not
everybody's cup of tea.
Don't say that.
Kaz, there were three
people at my stag do.
I might not be the
most self-aware person
in the world, but I know how to count.
And it's fine. I get it.
- I mean, I am a joke to most people.
- You
Oh, I mean, it's You
know, I'm pretentious.
I use big, fancy words when
they're not strictly perimetric,
but I look at you
And I think, "I can't
be that bad, can I?"
If you're with me.
I know how lucky I am.
I've been making some
bad choices recently,
and I really think we
need to talk about it.
You don't have It's
I think that would be supererogatory.
What does that mean?
- All right?
- Yeah, she's home.
- What's she gonna do?
- I don't I don't know, Jase.
Tonight, I was Karen and she was me,
and I'm gonna have to start
being a lot nicer to her,
because it is much harder than it looks.
Are we okay?
But we will be.
We always are.
Yeah. We always are.
Will you lift me up again, please?
Go on then.
- It's peaceful.
- Yeah.
Don't forget you still
owe me for graffiti.
What? Are you really gonna
charge me for that?
Yeah, of course I am.
- Okay.
- In the water!
- Can we go home?
- Yes, please.
Twenty, 40, 60
Yeah, and the rest.
Thank you. There.
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