Trying (2020) s04e05 Episode Script

Mother's Day

Okay. [SHUSHES] Two, three
- Happy Mother's Day!
- [JASON] Morning.
- Oh! H hi. [LAUGHS] Oh.
- [STAMMERS] Morning.
- Your dad had something in his eye.
Don't even.
We got you some flowers.
- Aw. [CHUCKLES] Thank you. [CHUCKLES]
- Look at this, eh?
We wrote you separate cards
'cause we couldn't agree on pens.
- Oh, look. Aw.
- Aw, that's lovely, mate.
That's so nice.
Oh, looky-dooky.
- That's for you.
- Thank you.
[STAMMERS] Is this Is this
the ten pounds you borrowed off me
- to spend at the escape room today?
- Yeah.
Wow. Thank you.
[GRUNTS] That's very thoughtful.
- Ooh, nice card.
- [SMACKS LIPS] Oh, very fancy. [CHUCKLES]
Oh. Thank you.
- Oh, my present is the trip to the spa.
Oh, but that's my present
to my mum. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, but I'm coming and I don't
want to, so coming is my present.
- Oh. Well, thank you. [CHUCKLES]
- You're welcome.
[TYLER] Well, we bought
you a special breakfast
so you can come down and
cook it whenever you're ready.
- [STAMMERS] Oh. Thank you. [CHUCKLES]
- It's your day. [CHUCKLES]
Does she seem okay to you?
- Princess?
- Yeah.
Yeah, why?
It's just, she called
me Nikki in the card.
Whenever something's up, she
goes back to calling me Nikki.
- Nah, she seems fine.
- Yeah?
Hey, let's wait for
trouble to come to us
- rather than look for it. Yeah?
- Well, how's your eye?
- It's still in there.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
Right. [SIGHS] Lie still.
- Okay, don't blink this time.
- Okay.
[STAMMERS] D-Don't poke it too much.
[SCOTT] Exciting news!
I have a special episode of
my podcast recording today.
Do you really need a podcast, Scott?
Well, listen. If you're
gonna row the Atlantic,
you need a companion podcast.
I mean, that's It's
as important as the boat.
Plus, I think I think,
uh, making-of shows are
a very welcome piece of
German expressionist artifice.
Plus, top-tier subscribers like
yourself get a free tote bag.
- Hmm?
- Huh?
Oh, Scott, I ca
I can't walk round town holding a
bag with my husband's face on it.
- [KAREN] Okay. Well, I'm off.
- Mmm.
- I'll see you later. Love you.
- Yeah.
Be good.
[ANNOUNCER] Welcome to Escape
World, a world of mystery and fun,
- here in the heart of London.
- Ow! Ow! Kelly! Kelly! Pickle! Pickle!
Okay, he said the safe word.
I heard him say it. Stop.
You guys, we've spoken about this.
Friends shouldn't need safe words.
All right. Stop it. Stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop.
I don't know why I'm doing
this. I don't even like kids.
I like my kid sometimes.
Look, you saw the game on Saturday.
They need to find a way of
being able to work together
without it descending into a fight.
And I think an escape
room is gonna help that.
[MAX SHOUTS] Kelly! Get off!
Or it won't and they'll all die in
there. Either way, problem solved.
Welcome to Metropolis Capital Bank.
- Yes!
- I'm your games master
and I am here to help you pull off
the biggest bank heist in history.
Is this your job?
- Yes.
- Max, be respectful, mate. All right?
Once the doors shut,
you'll have 60 minutes
to get to the vault and steal the gold
before the security
cameras come back on.
- Is that your lanyard?
- Max.
- Yes, obviously.
- Do you love that lanyard?
- Michael.
- He loves that lanyard.
- Michael.
- Well, they make us wear it.
- You got a girlfriend, Lanyard?
- [JASON] Max.
If we don't listen to
what Lanyard's got to say,
we're not gonna know what to do, are we?
Assemble your team of crack thieves,
negotiate your way through the
manager's office and into the vault.
Escape with the lanyard
with the gold in record time
and you might find
yourself on the leaderboard.
- Ooh.
- Did you go to school, Lanyard?
Michael. Whatever mistakes Lanyard
has or hasn't made in his life
is no business of ours.
Go on, Lanyard.
- Shall we?
- Yes!
Come on.
Let's get it.
- [MICHAEL] Open it.
Sorry, mate. Look, um,
don't worry about it.
A lot of 'em haven't got parents.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that that does make
me feel a bit better. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you.
Do you know what, mate?
Maybe we should just, uh,
hang back, uh, for a while.
See if they can work together as
a team, do you know what I mean?
- Yeah.
- Building exercise.
- Yeah.
[JILLY] I can't remember the
last time I went to a spa.
Okay. Now, you're coming in as my guest.
- You have to pretend to be 18.
- Okay.
So, you figure out what that
would make your date of birth
- 5th of June, 2005.
- Well, that was quick.
Right. This is my friend Maxine's card,
so you're gonna be Maxine and
Nikki's gonna be your guest.
- Ooh.
- What do you mean I'm Maxine?
- Well, you have to pretend to be Maxine.
- But I don't know anything about her.
- You don't need to.
- What does she do?
She's a retired coroner.
What if they ask me
about being a coroner?
They won't. They never talk to
you here. That's what you pay for.
What's happening to
Jilly? Is anyone being me?
No. Two people are being Maxine.
You here, and then
Maxine, wherever she is.
No one is Jilly. Jilly is being paused.
- God. Help me. I'm scared.
- Oh, go on.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- I'm the coroner, Maxine.
- Sorry, I'm new here. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh.
Oh, yes. I've got you. Shall
we book you in for your usual?
- Yeah, that should do it.
- Yeah.
[JASON] Which way was it again?
Manager's office.
Ah, see? They're
already working together.
They must've made it
through into the next room.
- That was quick. I can't hear 'em.
Where do we start?
Well, let's start looking
for some clues, I suppose.
forget to lock up."
Yeah, it's called Scott of the Atlantic,
where he interviews adventurers
who've overcome great challenges.
Really? 'Cause that last episode
was Freddy talking about his divorce.
Yeah. [CHUCKLES] That was a stretch.
Well, listen, it's good
he's got a producer involved.
Oh, no. No.
He pretends there's one there
so it seems more professional.
- Anyway, rowing's all he talks about
and it's really getting to me.
long we been in here now?
Twenty minutes.
How are you not sweating?
I don't sweat. I don't see the
point, it's just not for me.
- Okay, Nikki, I'm gonna go for a swim.
- [NIKKI] Oh. Okay.
- Um, I'll just be down the corridor.
Have fun. [CHUCKLES]
Does she seem okay to you?
Yeah, fine. Why?
I don't know. I just always feel
like I'm playing catch-up with her.
I wondered if it was about her mum.
Really? Do you think so? [CLEARS THROAT]
Why would that be?
It's Mother's Day, isn't
it? It's a hard day for her.
Oh, yeah. Right, yeah. [BLOWS]
[CHUCKLES] You actually
have started sweating now.
Have I?
[NIKKI] Mum, that's you.
Lie yourself down. I'll
prepare the hot cups.
Now, this can be quite uncomfortable,
but I've seen you've
had it many times before.
- I'm sure you'll be fine. [CHUCKLES]
And so I said, you know, "Not in
this century, mate." [CHUCKLES]
- Anyway, three [MOUTHING] two, one, me.
[NORMAL] Welcome to
Scott of the Atlantic,
the podcast where I meet
with adventurers and explorers
as I make preparations for my
own transatlantic row in August.
On today's show, we
have with us Sally Trent.
- Hello.
- Whose book All At Sea,
uh, better than the title suggests,
- has been a real inspiration to me
- Aw.
as I prepare to
pick up the oars myself.
And, uh, my producer is, uh,
informing me that it's time to tell you
that today's episode is
brought to you by Plantly.
Delicious, mindful, veg
boxes delivered to your door.
Better for the planet and for
you. Plantly. Goodness from nature.
Sorry, it's just, uh I just
I'm hoping if I keep reading that
out, they will, uh, sponsor me.
- Oh, okay. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- So, Sally Trent.
- Mmm. Yes.
Now, you paint a, uh
a wonderfully peaceful image
of-of life alone at sea.
As long as you don't
mind your own company.
- I don't have many friends, so.
Do keep those questions coming in guys.
Um, I can see that the
phone lines are lighting up,
we'll be tackling that very, very soon.
And, um Ah, we've got an email
question already from Freddy.
Uh, thank you, Freddy.
Right, I'm not asking her that. But,
uh, no, she's not wearing a ring.
- Um, let's talk about the Atlantic.
- Wow. Yes.
Now, Sally Trent, one of the
things I love most about your book
is just how accessible you make it.
It really got me thinking, "Do
you know what? I can do this."
Good. That is so nice
because so many people want to focus
on the negative part of the trip.
I like to focus on the things
on that trip that did go well.
Right, as you would.
- Yes. What was your favorite part?
- Well, the beginning. [CHUCKLING]
- Yes, ok Well, okay.
All right. Why's that?
- Have you read the whole book?
- Yeah, absolutely.
I've read Yeah, I've read the
whole book. I've read [STAMMERS]
almost the whole book. [SMACKS LIPS]
It was a one-in-a-thousand and I
don't wanna put you off in any way.
It was just a freak
wave, and that was that.
Nine days in an air
pocket under the hull.
I think I found a pattern
in these staff rotas.
Okay. Talk to me.
- "Billie. Oleg. Paavan."
- Ah. Bop.
- "Ciaran. Asiz. Nick. Simon."
- Ah. Ah.
What's What's "Bopcans?"
Nothing at first.
But look at the date here:
"Week commencing 3rd of the 4th."
Look at the third and the
fourth letter. "PC," for
This postcard is the goddamn Rosetta
stone for everything in this room.
- And?
- And it's from Greece.
What do we have here? [GASPING]
- Greek yogurt.
- Ah.
Barcode of which is "028573
299." There's your code.
I mean, it's quite a lot
of numbers for a door code.
Zero, two, eight, five,
seven, three, two, nine, nine.
No. Come on. I mean, it's got to
be something simpler than that.
Okay. This coffee cup says "Gareth."
Gareth must be the name
of the bank manager,
so the code probably relates to him.
Maybe it's his date of birth, or
Those are HR files.
On it.
All right. Come on,
Gareth, you cheeky little
[GAMES MASTER] If you want a
clue for getting into the vault,
remember to keep your eyes peeled.
Is that you, Lanyard?
It's the games master, yes.
You might enjoy it more if
you put your phones away.
How does he know we're on our phones?
Are you watching us?
Are you a pedo?
- Oi, Lanyard's a pedo!
- [ALL] Ew.
Would you like another clue?
No. Open the door.
You're only a room away from
all the gold in the vault
Open the door now, Lanyard, or
we'll tell everyone you're a pedo.
- [THEO] Let's party. Ooh, ooh.
- Get in.
[WHISPERS] Thank you, Lanyard.
Not for me. Thank you, thank you.
Come with me.
[KAREN] There you are. Okay. I
need to talk to you in private.
You come with me. Now.
What's the matter?
[KAREN] Go and sit down.
Look, Nikki is suspicious.
She knows something's wrong.
You have to tell her
that we looked for Kat.
- Here?
- Yes.
While everyone's relaxed. And in towels.
[GRUNTS] You promised me
that you would tell her.
- That's the only reason I helped you.
- Yeah, I know. I will.
- Princess.
- I said I will!
[JASON] And you've tried
all the old house numbers?
- Even the temporary ones?
- Sanford Terrace, 2012?
- Yes.
Man. Are you sure there's nothing
in the medical records? No?
Hang on. [CHUCKLES]
"C7913Y." Of course!
Seven-nine. 79. The
chemical number for gold.
How the bloody hell did
you know that, "Bopcans?"
Layers, mate. I got layers.
[JASON] We are definitely getting
on the leaderboard for this.
Come on.
- Yes! Come
I know, hang on a
second. Hang on a minute.
Maybe the door is a
decoy. Look. "This way up."
I remained alive
by licking the condensation
collecting in the upturned foot brace.
One lick in the morning. Two in
the evening, that was a treat.
By day four, the extended
submersion in seawater
caused the top layer of
my skin to completely shed.
- But as I tried to haul myself out
- Okay. All right.
Okay. Let's go to the phone lines.
- We've got F We got Freddy from London.
- Okay.
Uh, do I just
Yeah, just put it on speakerphone.
- Hello?
- [FREDDY] Hello.
Freddy, you're on the air.
Hi, longtime listener,
first-time caller.
I just wondered whether your
boyfriend or long-term partner
- was worried about
- No. No.
[SIGHS] Sorry.
- [THEO'S PARENT] Can you see anything?
- Uh, no. Not really. It's quite dark.
Yeah, you gotta look
through the darkness.
- What?
What the hell is going on?
What are you doing in my office?
Can I have a word?
[KAREN] What's the matter?
What? I was having a massage.
You helped Princess
try and find her mum?
Okay, um, look. She came to
me because she was worried.
And then, when we got to Brighton,
- she wasn't there anyway.
- What?
Brighton? That's what that was?
I thought that was upcycling.
No. No, she thought Kat lived there.
How could you do this?
Look, she was gonna do it anyway.
- She needed me to make sure she was
- She needed me, not you!
God. What is it exactly that
you've done that makes you feel
- like you are better than me?
- I don't.
Yes, you do! You always have.
I have had to work for
everything I've got,
and you've just had it handed to you.
- What?
- Up there in your big house
you didn't pay for, with
a kid you didn't plan,
with a name that you
didn't even think of.
I did think of that name.
You've always known that I
wanted to name my daughter Stevie
after Stevie Nicks.
I didn't name her after Stevie Nicks
- Yeah?
- I named her after
Stevie Wonder.
Oh, you did not name
your daughter Stevie
- after Stevie Wonder.
- Yes, I did.
Oh, okay. Name one of his songs then.
Well, you couldn't use it anyway,
your kids already had names!
Oh, you are mean. You are
a mean, selfish person.
You're the selfish one.
- Me? [LAUGHS] I am famously nice.
- No.
You're just a big bag of tears,
ready to burst any second.
[STAMMERS] She couldn't come to you
because she knew you'd get upset.
in movies people like you
turn into people like me and then
the movie ends and everybody's happy.
[LAUGHS] Oh, you know what?
Have you ever considered just getting
over yourself a tiny, teeny bit?
Actually, you are
irresponsible and thoughtless.
And I've been meaning
to say this for years:
No one likes your sweet and
sour chicken. It's too sweet.
Where's the sour, Karen? Where is it?
At least I know how
to make a cheese board!
Three kilos of mild cheddar
does not a cheese board make.
I I thought I had
some Edam in the fridge!
"I Just Called To Say
I Love You!" [SIGHS]
Damn it.
Special Russian technique.
Sorry again about
about all that, mate.
I imagine that sort of thing
happens quite a lot, does it?
Dread to think what
state the kids are in.
- Nikki?
- There you are.
Am I too late for the massage?
No, no, come in. Make
yourself comfortable.
My colleague will be here soon.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Fine.
It's just, I talked to Karen
and she said you might be upset
about me trying to find my mum.
Me? No. [CHUCKLES] No, no.
What that was was, um
was the tea tree oil.
I think I'm allergic maybe.
[PRINCESS] Oh, okay. That's a nightmare.
I hope you know
it doesn't hurt me.
- What you do in your life
it doesn't hurt me.
I'm tougher than I look.
You have to be really tough
to get this far in life
- when you're not tough. [CHUCKLES]
Thanks, Mum.
Did she leave?
Yeah, I think so.
Nice and refreshed?
Hi. Could I see the membership options?
Uh, for a friend.
Look, I I just wanted her to know
that her mum had died. That's all.
- And tell her that me and Tyler are okay.
- Mmm.
I thought that maybe she was
waiting for me to contact her
and that she was sad that I didn't.
[JASON] The thing is, darling, Bev
tried to track her down for years.
We just We We don't think
that she wants to be found.
We don't want you to get hurt, you know?
I would like to go and see Bev.
It's Mother's Day and she doesn't
have anyone else who will go.
- Okay.
- Can I?
- Of course. Yeah.
- Lovely.
Why don't you, um, go on
and take these for her.
- [PRINCESS] Thank you. I love you, Mum.
- It it's okay.
- [NIKKI] We love you, sweetheart.
- Okay.
I need you to tell me that
we're doing the right thing.
Well, we nailed that chat.
- Really?
- Yeah, we were amazing.
- Come here.
- Look, we can get through
anything together if
we just keep talking.
Oh, if Karen calls,
I'm not speaking to her.
And neither are you.
That's the spirit, yeah. Exactly.
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