Trying (2020) s04e06 Episode Script

Airport Run

Lilac and Thorn.
Oh, hi there. Um, I
wonder if you can help me.
I recently ordered some flowers for
a funeral, but they never arrived.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Yes. Very disappointing.
Would you like us to send you some more?
What, in case she dies again?
No. Um, I'm actually wondering
if the payment didn't go through.
I've recently moved. Can I check I
gave you the right billing address?
Yes. Yes. Yes, of course.
What was the name?
[GASPS] Oh, here we are. I've got you.
Great. Um, wh-what address do you have?
Um, sorry, how do you spell that?
I-I mean, I know. Just to
check that you've got it right.
[TYLER] It happened again.
The words "doll's house" needs to
be right at the top of the listing.
I swear, they do it on purpose, Tyler.
[SIGHS] I'll get another refund.
[CHUCKLES] So small.
- You can't fit anything in there.
Well, something's not right.
It's not getting a signal.
Have you been playing
around with the thermostat?
No, I haven't been playing
around with the thermostat.
Because I told you before
- that you're not supposed
- Okay, yeah. You got me.
As soon as you leave, all I
do is play with the thermostat.
I know it's wrong. It's just, the
buzz. I can't get enough of it.
Sometimes I get friends over.
We just can't tear ourselves
away from the thermostat.
Well, it's nice that
they take an interest.
[NIKKI] Jase and I will let you
know. All right. Okay. Thank you.
Okay. Bye. Bye. Right.
Uh, that was Noah.
He wants us to do a Q and A for
people thinking about adopting.
- Oh. When?
- Yeah.
- Well, later on this afternoon.
- [JASON] Oh.
Another couple pulled out. I don't
think we were his first choice.
[JASON] Why are you so negative?
Well, when I answered the
phone, he said, "Hi, Emily."
- [JASON] Oh. Okay.
Yeah. Maybe you're right.
[NIKKI] Just, I'm not sure I know
enough to be lecturing other people.
You should do it. You'd be amazing.
- Really? [CHUCKLES]
- Totally.
You You guys are amazing parents.
Your advice could really help someone.
Oh. [CHUCKLES] Aw, thank you.
- Okay, bye.
- Oh. Okay, bye.
[GROWLS] I am getting
whiplash from the mood swings.
- Well, that's 'cause you're too rigid.
- What?
You need to relax with her.
Apparently, if you get,
um, attacked by a bear
- Yeah.
- you're supposed to just go limp, right?
- Right.
- Allow it to happen to you.
You need to do the same
with her. Like this.
- Allow it to happen.
- Hmm. Stop it.
Oh, please can you unblock Karen?
She just sent me
another message for you.
- Is she dying?
- No, she's not dying.
Well, then I'm not interested.
Unless she's dying, she's dead to me.
[GROANS] Okay.
All right, Vic?
Looking forward to your date?
What have you got planned?
I think I might cancel.
What? No. Why?
Oh, it's not for me.
I'm not good at talking to people,
and I'm even worse with women.
Listen, Vic, there is more to
life than fixing our thermostat
and possibly our bathroom
shelf if you have time.
You know what? Okay,
right. What you gonna wear?
- What do you mean?
- Well, why don't you go and buy some new clothes?
Ooh, maybe some nice new
shoes. Women notice shoes.
No, I don't buy new shoes.
I'm 77. I won't get the
wear. I could go any minute.
Geez, Vic.
What kind of shoes does Jason like?
'Cause I could get a pair one size
up and he could have 'em when I die.
Yeah. No, yeah. That
would be of some comfort.
- Yeah.
- [CLICKS TONGUE] Right. See you later.
Let's hope so.
- Scott. Come on. Let's go, let's go.
Oh, God, this is [PANTS] One sec.
You can't be out of breath
already. We haven't even started.
- There's a lot of steps.
- Not really, buddy.
Not unless Dorothy here
has been on the steroids.
I am actually having some serious
doubts about whether I can do this.
I made a risotto last night,
and my arm still aches.
I don't know if I can
row across an ocean.
I think you might be right.
When did you realize?
These steps weren't
part of the training.
They're just the steps
up to the rowing center.
Why were you there with your watch,
going all the, "Come on, buddy"?
Well, because you were a bit late.
I think this is crazy.
This is crazy. I need to shut it down.
I I mean, I'm I'm I'm
I could die.
I don't think there's any
"could" about it, mate.
- Hiya, Dad.
- Black or brown shoes?
- Hey?
- What shoes do you prefer?
Black or brown?
Uh, brown, I suppose.
And what collar size are you?
I don't know. Twenty?
That's very big.
What's this about?
Dad, what
I'll take these [SIGHS] and,
uh, one size bigger on the shirt.
Okay. For this Q and A, I want us
to be completely honest about things.
We can only help other people
if we admit our mistakes.
And I don't mean sometimes we love
too much. I mean actual mistakes.
Oh. Like tell them about the time
we decided to let two kids with
attachment issues watch Bambi.
Oh. Or when you forgot to
pick Tyler up from a sleepover
and he thought he was
being adopted again.
Okay. We're gonna talk
about your mistakes as well?
Yeah, course.
- If there's time.
- [NOAH] Nikki, thanks for coming.
- [NIKKI] Hi, Noah.
- Hi, Dad.
- Would you ever wear a waistcoat?
What? No. Why?
Oh, that's a shame.
Why are you asking me these things?
Dad? Why
He's gone.
- So, it's a very relaxed format.
- Mm-hmm.
Just wanna get the inside track
from you. Don't pull any punches.
- They need to know it's no picnic.
- Okay.
Well, Jase has a lot to share
about his struggles, don't you?
- Well, we I mean
- [NOAH] Ah.
Here are the others.
I have paid.
- Ben and Denise?
- Oh, you know them?
Yes. Yes, we know them.
They are the most evil people
in the whole entire world.
Nik. Princess and Tyler were
placed with them before us.
There was a tree house.
It was a whole thing.
Well, they always have very positive
things to say about the process.
- Oh.
- [NOAH] Ex Excuse me.
Yeah. Nikki
It is easier if you just
give back the tricky ones.
Nikki, please don't.
Ahoy-hoy, Jason. [CHUCKLES]
Ben. Denise.
Jason. Nikki.
Denise. Ben.
We were so glad when Noah
said you'd be here too.
We were worried we wouldn't have
enough to say, weren't we? [CHUCKLES]
It's all gone so smoothly for us.
It's great they can hear the
other side of it from you.
Okay. So shall we get set up?
Yep. Yep, yep, yep, yep.
- Okay.
- What?
We are not doing honest anymore.
Not a single negative
word about our kids.
They are gonna leave here knowing
how amazing Princess and Tyler are.
Let's win this Q and A.
Nikki. Nik.
- Hello. [SIGHS]
- Hi.
I'm Vic.
Your doorbell's buggered. [SIGHS]
[NOAH] Welcome to our
thinking of adoption Q and A.
Uh, Denise, shall we start with you?
So, uh, we adopted Lulu five years ago,
and I have to say, uh, we are
absolutely smitten. [CHUCKLES]
Yes, we are too.
We've been so lucky.
Yeah, us too. Yes. Yes, we feel
we feel like that. [CHUCKLES]
Uh, she has so many passions.
Uh, music, writing, d-dancing.
Princess too. Mm-hmm.
Tyler loves fonts.
Uh, as in type typefaces.
Absolutely loves his fonts,
although not too keen on Helvetica.
If you wanna see passion, Denise,
show him a poster in Helvetica. [LAUGHS]
he talking about? Honestly.
And, uh, she's really
come on academically.
Um, she's doing her GCSEs
a year early. [CHUCKLES]
Well, Princess has a
Nissan Micra. [CHUCKLES]
[NOAH] Good to know.
I wonder if we could talk about
some of the difficulties we've faced.
Jason, you mentioned it was hard
early on, um, finding structure.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay.
- Yeah
Yeah. I mean
[STAMMERS] there were some
tricky moments early on, you know,
for th for the first hour or two.
But after that, I have to
say, pretty straightforward.
[DATE] This is very kind of you.
I'm afraid a few things have fallen
through the cracks since Paul died.
Your shirt's a bit big.
Yeah. My son's got broad shoulders.
- It'll be his one day.
- Thanks.
- Yeah. All fine now.
Right. I'll be heading off.
W-Would you like a cup of tea?
- You sure?
- Mm-hmm. Well, you've been here an hour.
You should probably come in.
It would be a nice change.
I get fewer visitors these days.
Well, how would you know?
Your doorbell's been knackered.
You might be a very popular
woman with a broken doorbell.
All right. Let's have
a look at these jobs
that are falling through the cracks.
Oh. Um, Mr. Filbert. Hi.
Um, would you mind popping in for
a sec? I'd just like a quick word.
Is this about Karen's e-mail regarding
the school-approach speed limit?
She really does regret her tone.
No. There's just some
people who wanted to see you.
Uh, Stevie told us all
about your Atlantic row,
and the parents have raised some money.
[STAMMERS] Stevie told you?
Yes. She can't stop talking about
you, and some just saw the article.
There you go, Daddy.
[SHOUTING] So, what sort of things
do you like to do in your spare time?
[SHOUTING] I said, so what sort
of things do you like to do
- in your [NORMAL] in your spare time?
[NORMAL] Uh, I like to read.
- Vic! [SIGHS]
Should we have a sit-down
and get to know each other?
are not being cared for
by their birth mothers.
Their older siblings have been
left to look after the brood.
Once the young reach
the age of three
It is now the responsibility
of the older birds
to protect the younger siblings
I'm gonna be in my room.
This smaller-than-average brood
has the odds stacked against them.
Love you.
[NARRATOR] alone leaves
him vulnerable to attack.
It's learnt to take responsibility
I think it's safe to take the
face guard off now. [CHUCKLES]
You got a nice face.
well done.
[EXHALES SHAKILY] Oh, it feels
odd doing this all over again.
Everything feels odd.
I keep busy by fixing things.
Because the one thing you
can't fix is your broken heart?
No, I'm no good at
tumble dryers neither.
Right. Well, if I'm gonna re-felt
that shed roof, I should
I'll make a cup of tea. [SIGHS]
I mean, it's not all been
plain sailing. [SIGHS]
The other day, we came down and
found two open butters in the fridge.
- You know, we're not perfect.
[NOAH] Okay. Well, we've got
lots of audience questions here.
Nikki, first one here is about trust.
Uh, sorry. Uh, one sec.
[TYLER] Princess, can
you make me some popcorn?
We tried for a long time
to get Denise pregnant,
it was a right old
slog, truth be told.
Uh, no one was enjoying
it, least of all me.
[STAMMERS] And it was very hard on her.
She saw so many people but no joy.
[STUTTERS] It's just such
an uncomfortable position
for her to be in for that long
that at some point, you just think,
"No, no, no, no, no. This is horrible.
I'm not gonna do this anymore."
And, uh, we haven't.
And that's nothing against Denise.
She's one of the very
best people I've had
Oh, hello. Yeah, I-I think someone's
using my card to make a purchase.
Yes. Yeah, a flight to Mallorca.
Well, the first clue is that
I haven't booked a flight
to Mallorca. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh, sorry. It's a [GRUNTS]
[BEN] And that's when we turned to Noah.
And [STAMMERS] to be
fair, he he nailed it.
- We have to go.
- What?
[STAMMERS] We-We still
have a few more questions.
I think we covered it.
[STAMMERS] Um, it's
really not that hard.
Uh, seriously, the the stupidest
person you know has got kids.
Um, just don't overthink it.
- Microphone.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, sorry. Hmm.
[NOAH SIGHS] Well, I guess
we're wrapping this up then.
Tell Vic we'll be there
soon. Okay. Bye-bye.
I've just gone on Find My Phone,
and she's on the way
to the airport now, Nik.
And the planes to Mallorca
leave from terminal three.
Hang on a sec, Nik. That
flight leaves at 7:20,
- we'll never make it on the tube.
- Yeah. Well, we've got to stop her.
What are we gonna do?
Apparently, he's at a conference,
and he's saying that counts towards
one of his days in the office.
Um, I don't think so, matey. [SCOFFS]
Thank you so much for doing this.
Oh, not at all. It's
halfway home for us.
- [DENISE] Where are you heading off to?
- Paris.
- Belgium.
Belgium, with a stopover
in Paris. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah. Lovely.
- Never think of Belgium.
No. Yeah. Well, it's a
[SIGHS] it's a bucket list
thing for me. [CHUCKLES]
I've always wanted to go.
I always wanted to see the,
and the sandwiches.
No luggage?
No, no, it was all a
bit last minute dot-com.
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
When I get a hankering for
waffles, Ben, no stopping me, mate.
[CHUCKLES] Wh-Where are you staying?
- [NIKKI] Hmm?
Where are you staying?
- Kerplunken. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
We're staying in Kerplunken. [CHUCKLES]
[JASON] Yeah, gonna get
ourselves down to Kerplunken.
Look at some tiles, eat some sandwiches.
Can't wait actually.
- Hi, this is Princess. Leave a message
she's just ringing out.
Do we have a plan?
[WHISPERING] Well, we bring
her home, and we shut this down.
Yeah. But if we do that,
then she's never gonna tell us
anything or trust us ever again.
Yeah, Jase. It would be
terrible if we lost the trust
of that pile of pillows arranged
in the shape of our daughter.
[NORMAL] You okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
she just wants answers.
She's not going to find any.
Well, that is an answer.
[BEN] Okay.
Once more into the A406, dear friends.
[SIGHS] Thank you so much for this.
If there's ever anything
we can do for you
Ah. Well, they do do that beautiful
Château Thivin Côte de Brouilly
- in a caviste on rue Montorgueil, if
- Yes.
Shit, it's right over the other side.
- Hang on, Nik.
- Huh?
We can't run in an airport.
We'll get waterboarded.
Can't see her anywhere.
Oh, there she is! Princess!
- Sorry. Sorry.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
[GASPS] Where did she go?
- Oh, it's okay.
- Oh, it's okay.
What was the plan, sweetheart?
I just wanted to find my mum.
I have things I need to ask her.
But I went to the wrong check-in
'cause sometimes an up arrow means up
and sometimes it means straight on,
which is honestly ridiculous.
And then I got in the wrong queue,
and people were so mean to me.
Everything in life is so much
more difficult than it looks on TV.
And then the security
man kept staring at me.
So I started yawning so I looked relaxed
and like I'm not planning anything,
but he just kept on watching
me no matter how much I yawned.
More actually. [SIGHS]
So then I went and
bought a giant Toblerone.
And then you came.
[SIGHS] Is Tyler okay?
Yeah, he's all right.
He's with your granddad.
What is it that you,
um, wanted to ask her?
I made a list.
It's double-sided.
I'll tell you what, why
don't we write to her?
No. If I write, she might run
away again. I have to go now.
Listen, I promise you
that we will help you,
but you are not going
to Spain on your own.
I'm sorry. It's not happening.
[PRINCESS] I took your passports
so you couldn't follow me
and I spent money on your card.
That's okay. [CHUCKLES]
Stops me buying tiny
furniture with it. [CHUCKLES]
- Did it happen again?
- Yes.
It's fine though, 'cause I've
ordered a tiny skip to get rid of it.
I'm really sorry.
It's all right. Maybe we
can get the ticket refunded.
Come here.
[EMPLOYEE] Thank you.
Hi. Can I help you?
Or like a chocolate bar.
[JASON] Where is she? I can't see her.
I don't know.
Hiya. Where are you? I can't see you.
It was double-sided.
- What?
- She deserves answers, Jase.
She's not gonna stop.
We can't let her go.
I have to go for her.
So I booked a ticket.
Sorry, what are what
are you talking about?
- Are you joking?
- I need to go. They need my phone.
I think I've made a big mistake.
Me too.
- [ATTENDANT 1] Any drinks or snacks?
- [ATTENDANT 2] Drinks or snacks?
Drinks or snacks, anyone?
Any drinks or snacks?
[STAMMERS] Um, what alcohol do you have?
We've got a red and white wine,
um, some craft-distilled vodka,
Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin and
tonic, and a range of craft beers.
I'll take all of those
and some nuts.
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