Turn Up Charlie (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 - Standin' in a crowded room - [PHONE BUZZING] And I can't see your face Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh-oh Put your arms around me Tell me everything's okay Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh-oh In my mind, I'm runnin' round A cold and empty space Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh-oh - Just put your arms around me Tell me everything's okay Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh Darlin', hold my hand Oh, won't you hold my hand? 'Cause I don't wanna walk on my own Any more Won't you understand? So, darlin', won't you hold my hand? Oh, wow, look at you! You look amazing! I am so proud of you, princess.
Thanks, Dad.
Where's Mom? - You're sure none of you want a toke? - We're good, Layla.
Unleash the creativity buried by inhibitions.
- [SARA] That's a good lyric, actually.
- Since when did we start making tracks with prepubescent prima donnas with anxiety issues? I thought the wild child was an act to help her sell albums, but she is a lazy egomaniac with a great stylist.
[ASTRID] I should have asked around about her before letting you come in here and do this.
Why are we not in your studio? Huh? Why are we here? Wherever here is.
This place is set up wrong.
[SCOFFS] [SARA] I'm sorry, you guys.
I was desperate to pin her down.
I didn't think recording a few vocals was gonna take all night.
- [PHONE RINGS] - Shit! Gabs! Good morning, superstar.
You ready for school? Yeah.
Are you? I'm sorry, babe.
Uh Mom messed up.
I'm stuck in the studio, and we're going on hour 17 and we're so close to finishing.
I can't leave yet.
[SIGHS] It's fine.
It's no biggie.
It's just school.
I mean, you don't have to hold my hand.
I know, but I wanted to.
I really am so proud of you.
I haven't done anything yet.
Yes, you have.
You chose this.
Being brave enough to say you wanna go to school and learn and make friends It's already pretty epic.
Yeah, and making a record with Layla Valentine is pretty epic.
Make it worth it.
We're working so hard.
It is gonna be mega.
I love Don't be mad at her.
- She'd be here if she could.
- Yeah.
I guess I'm lucky to have such hard-working, talented, successful parents, aren't I? Yeah, that's the way to look at it.
Anyway, for your first day at school, you want the ultimate cool points.
And who's cooler to drop you off? Your mum or huh-huh? Yeah, Mom, for sure.
Anyway, you'll be late for rehearsals.
I can get the bus.
- What? - Charlie got me a bus pass.
Let me see that.
Aww! - Dad? - Yeah? I'll make friends, right? Oh, honey.
Of course you will.
Don't worry.
And anyone who doesn't wanna hang out with you isn't worth your time.
You're wonderful.
And don't you let anyone tell you otherwise.
You know whenever I doubt myself, or I feel overwhelmed, I just look at myself in the mirror and I say, "I am awesome!" Yeah, I heard you.
It's weird.
It's not that weird.
Mwah! - I'm having that one.
- Hey! Right.
You can take gardener off my list of potential - careers.
- Ah, ah.
Charlie, you have the potential to be many things.
But you have to turn that potential to capacity.
Come on, now.
It's not like he ain't tryin'.
In the last 20 year, Charlie been a a personal trainer, a bouncer - Hm.
- Secretary He even tried dog walkin'.
Listen, I thought all dogs could swim, all right? Wasn't my fault.
- That was your fault, bro.
- Hm.
But I'm good at one thing, and that's DJ-ing.
And not paying your way.
I'm gonna get money, don't you worry about it.
I always do.
Until then, I own you.
If you're not pulling your weight at home, you're going to pull it here.
Listen, no no disrespect now, Aunt Lydia, yeah? But If Charlie couldn't handle a couple of days as a nanny - I wasn't a nanny.
- do you really trust him to plant a community garden with a bunch of teenagers? Weren't my fault it didn't work out with Gabrielle, all right? What can I say? She's a spoilt little brat.
Nothing is ever your fault, is it, Charlie? [CHILDREN YELLING] - [LYDIA] Hi! - [CHARLIE] Oh! - [LYDIA] Okay, come on.
- [CHARLIE] Whoa.
Hey! Whoa! Hey! Hey! 'Scuse me, what are you doin'? - Are you Sorry.
- Charlie, I'm too high for this right now.
- Hello? - Can I use that little spade? That's my little spade.
[DAVID] You have a brilliant first day at school, darling.
You're gonna knock 'em dead.
Thanks, Dad.
- Wahey! Come on! - Bye, Dad.
Love you.
And you, babe.
Oh, and Dad, good luck with rehearsals [LAUGHTER] Austerity's a crime that's killing young people.
We deserve to have our say.
Can I have one? Sure.
It's our money too.
We should decide where it goes.
I'm new here.
It's my first day.
I'm Bea.
I run the politics society.
Labour or Tory? Oh, God.
Socialist? I'm not really into the whole mainstream politics thing.
It's like Kanye says.
Kim's done more to change the world than Bernie ever could.
Maybe I can get them to tweet.
They're friends of the family.
It's all about who you know, right? Americans can't vote.
Maybe you'd be more suited to the drama club.
Austerity's a crime that's killing young people.
We need to open [BELL RINGS] [SIGHS] - [MUSIC PLAYING] - None of these are any good.
I like this.
- [BUZZING] - Yeah.
[SARA] I can't hear you, leave a message.
- [DOOR OPENS] - [GIGGLING] Okay, so, apparently, their marriage is just a brand.
They moved over here to strengthen their careers.
[LAUGHTER] Bitchy schoolgirl routine? Seriously? It's gonna take a lot more than gossiping about my parents to upset me.
We weren't talking about your parents.
So you guys don't know who I am? Oh, we do but we don't care.
[SIGHS] You are awesome.
You are an idiot.
- [SARA] Take a deep breath, sweetie.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
I'm such a screw-up.
Smoking's how I control my anxiety.
There've been so many nights that Astrid had to hold my hair back 'cause I had too many tequilas.
You're so nice.
Like, I just made you miss your kid's first day at school.
Don't worry about it.
I just want you to focus on the record and what you wanna make, and sing your heart out.
- You're really nice.
That's so rare.
- Don't tell anybody.
I don't wanna ruin my reputation as a ball-busting bitch.
I gotta go take a quick shit.
Nice work, boss.
Totally worth it, right? Yeah, totally.
[SNIFFS] All right, girls.
To get fit like a beast, you gotta move like a beast.
Let me hear you roar! [ALL] Raaarrr! Grrr.
[LAUGHTER] In the wild, you would die.
In the wild, I would want to die.
Ah, not interested in physical education, are you? [SCOFFS] I wasn't aware that running around in a muddy field counted as education.
We cater for all academic aspects at this school.
And all are equally important.
In what way is getting a gold star for hitting a ball at all equal to knowing the periodic table or what dark matter is? Play the game, or get sent to the head teacher.
- [BLOWS WHISTLE] - [GIRLS YELLING] This is nothing like Harry Potter! [GRUNTS] Expecto fucking patronum, bellend.
- [GIRL] Pass it back there! - [SECOND GIRL] Come on! [TEACHER] All right, girls, pass it! [GIRL] Hey! [GRUNTS] [GROANS] [GASPING AND LAUGHTER] Oh - [GASPING] - Oh, my God! You hit her in the boob! [PANTING] [GROANING] [FOOTSTEPS] [DOOR CLOSES] [FOOTSTEPS] You know the drill.
Wait here.
[SIGHS] What's the drill? Depends.
What are you in for? First-time offence, or repeat offender? First time.
You'll still be in the rehabilitation phase.
Lecture, warning.
Letter to your parents if they're feeling generous.
The school therapist if they're not.
What comes after rehabilitation? [CHUCKLES] You don't wanna know.
Super Glue in the hand cream.
At least no one can fault your creativity.
Gabrielle, this way.
Well, good luck with whatever comes after.
Kid, I'm a homo.
My dad gave the school shitloads of money last year, and my mum's shaggin' half the faculty.
[CHUCKLES] They couldn't get rid of me, even if they tried.
Gabrielle, now! What? But it was an accident! Well, actions have consequences.
Sit down! [SIGHS] Please don't tell my parents.
They're gonna freak! Well, maybe you'll be more obedient when you return.
Please, don't.
It was my first time even playing lacrosse.
[LEADER] For fuck's sake, whose phone is that? This is meant to be a safe space.
Neither of them are picking up.
[CRYING] Oh, stop being so theatrical.
Well, maybe you should join the drama club.
- Gabrielle! - [WHEEZING] - Gabrielle! - [SOBBING AND GASPING] Oh, dear.
All right, all right, all right.
Listen, sit Okay.
Oh, all right.
Calm down.
Have some water.
It's all right, it's all right.
- [GASPING AND SOBBING] - Calm down, now.
Calm down.
Headmistress? What? Oh.
Oh, right.
Is she? Oh, well, maybe you you should call her mum.
Erm, I can't get there.
No, no, no.
Listen, I can't [SIGHS] All right.
Is that your kid's school? Well, yeah, but not Well, no, not my kid, it's my mate's kid.
My dad never turned up for anything.
You should go.
Do you want a hug? No! Dale, I'll see you later.
All right, man.
] Alight here for City Station.
Whatever awkward thing you were gonna say, let's just pretend you already said it.
I'm fine.
[SNIFFLES] It was just a panic attack.
They're a sign of intelligence.
Everyone knows that.
Your dad used to have 'em.
He never told me that.
School is hard.
I thought it was gonna be cool.
Panic attacks are shit! - [SIGHS] - I want my mom.
- Okay.
- [SOBBING] - No, no, no.
- You just go in there, okay? - Just wait for us.
- I don't want her here.
- I don't - Sit in there.
This allotment is for deserving children.
- Not a disrespectful girl - I couldn't leave her, she's all upset.
What did you say to me about forgiveness or something this morning? Yeah.
This place is weird.
Well, yeah.
Not everyone is lucky enough to have a posh school with gardens and sport fields.
You don't know how lucky you are.
You, young lady, have to grow up.
Here comes the pep talk.
Me, Auntie Lydia, the school, the teacher you whacked in the breast I mean, listen, honestly, you can't keep coming at people that try to educate you.
Er, no, you can, but we won't keep comin' back, Gabs.
All right, your parents aren't there for you.
I get it.
I totally get it.
My parents left me 35 years ago to be raised by some sweaty aunties in Finchley.
It was crap.
But you could either be bitter about it and be a brat, or you can make the best of it.
Do you understand? You know that stuff I told you about what Dad said? - I don't wanna hear that.
- That wasn't all he said.
- Oh, great.
- He also told me that when he got beat up for being posh you saved him.
He called you his superhero in a hoodie.
I've never been told off in my life, but when Dad found out about what I said to you, he flipped out.
Good, really good.
He's gutted about it.
We both are.
Is that an apology? Yep.
There's a first time for everything.
[CHUCKLES] Don't ever disrespect me or your dad like that again.
Get your bag.
[VOCALIZING] [PHONE RINGING] [SARA] Try it one more time, Layla.
Take 723.
Okay, Layla, from the top of the verse, yeah? Thanks.
Astrid, Charlie.
Can I speak to Sara, please? - [LAYLA] Hey - Sara.
It's the Manny, for you, on my phone.
- Yep.
- Sara, you all right? Listen, nothing to worry about, but Gabs' first day hasn't gone to plan.
She's okay.
I just picked her up, it's all good, but, er [CLEARS THROAT] - Where is she right now? - She's with me.
I'll text you the address.
I gotta go.
What just happened? Don't have kids.
Kids? What? What? - [CHARLIE] I'll show you right now.
- Oh, thanks, you.
- Hm.
- You take the end and Yo, listen to me, man.
Whatever you do, don't eat worms.
Aunt Lydia? I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I'm really, really, really sorry.
Okay, well, you've apologized for the past.
But what about your future? School can be hard.
Even Charlie found it challenging until he became friends with little David.
Huh? You must learn to make friends, and to be a friend.
There was this one kid who seemed cool.
- His name is Hunter.
- Uh-huh! Perfect.
Go back to school.
Be bold, and exchange numbers with that child.
You know, true true friendship.
- It takes many many years - Yeah.
- to build - Found him.
Request sent and accepted.
- Okay.
Thanks, Auntie.
- [CHARLIE] What? True friends What? The elders of the community are the voice of God Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm.
Stop spouting your blasphemous proverbs from the internet.
I am so sorry.
I should have been there this morning.
Yeah, you should have.
But it's fine.
We all make mistakes.
Maybe I shouldn't have hit my sports teacher in the boob.
- You what? - The school will be sending you a letter.
But it won't happen again.
I'll be good this time, and I'll mean it.
Well done, Charlie.
You've proved you're more than just a pretty face with sick beats.
So much pressure.
[TUTS] [LYDIA] Come on, hurry up and play your shot, idiot.
[GRUNTS] Can you help a brother out, please? Lydia's bustin' my balls right now.
Auntie Lydia.
Thank you.
I thought I'd find you here.
Wow, this place hasn't changed.
So, will you boys play nice, or should I knock your heads together? - I'm not here to cause any trouble.
- I've heard that before.
And then you used my car as a brothel.
- Brothel? - Disgusting.
- A brothel? Really, bruv? - Oi.
- You all right? - Yeah, I'm all right.
Good to see you again.
Why is she still pissed off at me? You had the handy in the back seat.
Thank you for today.
Me, Gabrielle, Sara, well, we we all thank you, man.
About what Gabrielle said to you Look, I don't know what you're saying in front of your little girl, - but if that's how you feel about me - I didn't mean it like that.
I'd rather you just Just say it to my face.
All right? I mean, we're a bit too old to be bitchin' behind each other's backs.
Yeah, you're right.
Fair enough, man.
Listen, you were there for me when I was a kid, and today you were there for my little girl, and Look, it meant the world.
You're a good friend.
I'm I'm sorry.
- All right, man.
- Thanks, mate.
Have you two knobheads kissed and made up yet? Gabs! You wanna come bowling with us? - Nah, not really my thing.
- Well, ours either, but we made the mistake of letting Gabs choose the family outing today, so [GABS] Aw, come on.
Please? Or are you worried a little girl is gonna get more strikes than you? You? As if.
Prove it, then.
[CHUCKLES] Look, I promise you it's gonna be different this time.
We are gonna work away from home a lot less and be there to pick up the slack.
We're not asking for anyone to parent for us or anything.
We want you around.
We want you in our lives, and Gabs' life.
I ju I I really I really wanna keep making my music.
Yeah, of course.
We'll give you time for gigs whenever you want.
No, I I get gigs.
It's just er studio time.
You know, I just Well, whenever I'm not using my studio, you can use it.
Yeah, with Sara's magic music dust, I'm sure we can get you back in the game.
This isn't a job.
This is you as a friend helping us out.
So as your friends, we wanna help you out as much as possible, honestly.
I mean Yeah, I Er, I suppose I could take her to school, right.
And, you know, watch her and be there for her when you're not.
But listen.
I'm not here to deal with the temper tantrums or the bad behavior, or the swearing, or calling me a bitch, none of that.
I promise you.
Today, her having a panic attack is a wake-up call.
We're gonna be better.
Aren't we? Absolutely.
Please tell us you're in.
I'm gonna ask the boss, all right? - All right.
- Thanks.
All right, so it looks like it's you and me, kid.
Seems that way, old man.
Yeah, that was terrible.
Oh - What's this? - My terms.
Ah, right, yeah.
I don't do nice.
You don't need to.
I'm 11.
I'm not a baby.
I will not cook for you.
That's why we have a chef.
And you have to give school another chance, non-negotiable.
Fine, but let's take the bus more, because your car stinks.
- Deal? - Deal.
No, your hands are a bit clammy, sorry.
I just don't do sweat.
That's it, though.
All right? If you mess up again I'm out.
You know, you're still my bitch, right? Hey! Don't call me a bitch.
- Bitch.
- I'm nobody's bitch.