Turn Up Charlie (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 [CROWD YELLING] - Charlie Ayo! - Sweet love Sweet love Sweet love, sweet love - Sweet love - [SNIFFING] Sweet love, sweet love Sweet love Sweet love, sweet love Ah It's all, it's all It's all love It's all love, it's all It's all, it's all It's all, it's all love It's all love Yeah, yeah Sweet love Sweet love [GASPING] Spread, spread, spread, spread, spread Spread love It's all love It's all love It's all, it's all, it's all It's all, it's all love It's all love [SNORING] [FAN WHIRRING LOUDLY] [SCRAPING] [GRUNTS] [DELL MUMBLES] [GAGGING] [GROANS] Ugh.
[DELL SNORING] [TOILET FLUSHING] [SIGHS] [SPITS] Ugh! Who pissed in the lemonade? Ugh.
[GASPS] Oh, man.
Oi, yo! Oh, man.
Listen, you promised me exclusivity, yeah? Luxury apartment.
- Am I the comeback king? - You are the comeback king.
You can't go down the strip without hearing my tune.
You know what I mean? So what is this? My man, my mate, my mission.
Look, I appreciate you makin' your concerns heard.
I do, okay? But can I counter by suggestin' this is the ultimate Ibiza experience? - No! - You're livin' with the hottest, most excitin' talent on the circuit.
No, I'm livin' with cockroaches and wannabes, mate.
The island's packed.
What you want me to do? If I could find us somewhere swankier, course I would.
Just keep your head on.
Keep smashin' your gigs, okay? - Yeah.
- And I swear to you, I will get this place spruced up for my biggest star.
Yeah, well, you need to be quick about it, man, because plenty of other promoters are slippin' me their number.
Come on, cut the guy some slack.
We're staying here for free.
We're staying here for free, innit? Exactly.
Aah! Someone shit that? Bro, someone shit out a crab! That's not the sort of crab I was expecting to find.
[DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] There's some fitties here.
[CROWD] Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! - Hey! Hey! Hey! - [LAUGHTER] What the fuck is she doin' here? Ah! What, you worried she's gonna grass you up to your girlfriend Asteroid for shaggin' about? Her name is Astrid, and she ain't my girlfriend, bro.
I forgot, innit.
You're not into wildly successful, gorgeous women who are way out of your league.
Out of my league, man? What are you talkin' about? Bruv, come on.
She is, and so was Alicia.
Bro, listen, real talk, yeah? You need to sort out your commitment issues or you'll become some lonely old man.
- Have you got a girlfriend? - Huh? No, you don't, so shut up.
Here comes the manager.
- [WOMAN] Make sure you let him know.
- I will, I promise.
You all right, darlin'? Charlie, Delta.
Just had a good chinwag with Lucia.
- Uh-huh? - Dust off your decks, you're up in ten.
Yes, man! I can't wait to mash this up, man.
- I'm gonna kill it - Just a little thing.
We'll play Tommi's graphics over your final ten.
So if you can just get the crowd chantin' her name, - big her up a bit - What's that? Tommi's graphics? - Yeah, yeah.
- Over my set? Shut up, man! [CHUCKLING] Bro, what are you talkin' about, man? - You're a fucking joker.
- He's playing! - Are you jokin'? - No.
Tommi? Come on, man, don't be silly.
That fucking girl's been diggin' out my music since day one.
I'm no hype man for some jumped-up engineer with a stick up her arse on the come up.
- No, man.
- I like it when you play hardball.
It just keeps me on my toes, doesn't it? Compromise, negotiation.
Should be my middle name.
It's not, it's Claude, 'cause my dad loved Timecop.
Listen, I'm not doin' that.
You're a superstar, Charlie.
I know that, you know that, Dell-boy here knows that.
- But the manager doesn't.
- Yes, she does.
All she knows No.
All she knows is Tommi's tune is blowing up right now, okay? There's no hate here.
There's no judgement on you, the way you look, how old you are.
My age? What's my age got to do with it? [LAUGHS] See? That's what I love about him.
That's what I love about you.
In the face of adversity, he just shrugs it off.
Bit of sarcasm.
- Yeah, go on.
- Oh, man Go get in the zone, bring back those party vibes.
Yes! - You're both fucking idiots, man.
- [WOMEN] Cheers! Whoo! [WOMAN] Hola.
Fuckin' hell, man.
Weak! [PANTING] Charlie! Come on, don't sack this off, man.
I know, that guy is a fuckwit for sure.
But he's been bustin' his balls gettin' you these gigs.
You would have been dyin' for a set like this a few months ago.
You know what? Times have changed, bro.
Times have changed.
Yeah, yeah, they have changed, man.
We've time travelled back to the '90s, the last time you blew off work 'cause your ego.
- Come on.
- No! This is not about my ego.
This is about integrity.
Yeah? Can you spell that? Come on, man! What do you think Sara would think if she found out I was playin' second best to some sound skivvy with the short haircut? No, rasta! That's not gonna happen.
I'm bigger than that! Brother, this is not a competition with Sara, man! She don't even care that you're here in Ibiza now.
You know what? You're wrong, bro, 'cause she would want better than that for me, yeah? At least she had some faith in me, bro.
- Faith! - Honestly, get this into your head, please! She had one thing in mind when it came to you.
- And that's how to use you, my brother.
- Shut up, man.
- She used you to look after that kid.
- You chat shit, you know.
- To keep her arsehole husband in check.
- You been drinkin' too much piña colada? And, bro, most importantly, she used you to help her music - Nope.
- She's a fucking rinser, bruv! No, man.
Do you know what, Charlie? I thought things was different now.
But no, man, you're the same aggressive, cocky idiot that lost everything 20 years ago.
- Carry on, innit.
Carry on! - You know what? And you're the same cling-on, record-carryin' box-man who used to carry on behind me the whole time.
- It's like that, yeah? - Yes, Dell! Yes! Listen, I might be the same cling-on guy that's here today, but at least I stuck around when everyone else dropped you! - Dumped me! - Yes.
- Fuck you, man.
- No, fuck you, Charlie! Nobody dumped me.
Fuck you! Blud, fuck you! No, no, no, fuck you! How about Fuck you? No, but just fuck off, man.
- Yeah? - No, fuck you, man! - How about that? - Get out of here! You're kiddin', boy! Come on, then! - Oh.
ow! Ah! Ah! - Yeah? - [YELLS] - How about that? - Take that! - [YELLS] - [GRUNTS] - Come on, then! - Oh, shit! - Come on.
- Come on.
- Fuck all this shit, yeah? Come on, don't do this, man! I'm too good for this! - Nah, you're really not, mate.
Jesus! Agh! [PHONE RINGING] Hey, it's Gabriella.
I'm livin' it large in LA.
Leave a message and I'll respond when I land back in London.
If you're lucky.
Gabs it's Charlie.
Look, uh Pick up your phone.
Stop ignoring my messages, 'cause if you don't, I'm gonna come out to America and teach you some manners, yeah? Charlie Ayo-o-o! I miss you, kid.
Danny! You're late.
Keep people waitin' and they realize how important you are.
That's not how it works here.
Darlin'! Apologies for the delay.
- Hey! - May I present to you Charlie Ayo.
Hello, gorgeous, you all right? Be quick.
What new tunes are you ready to drop? Uh New tunes, yeah? Well, I've got a wicked playlist for here.
Mm Like, incredible.
Yeah, wicked playlist.
And, erm obviously, my "LUV" remix is, you know, blowin' up, so Blew up, heard it, over it.
You can't dine out on one Sara Caine collab the whole summer.
Erm Can't do that.
But the truth is, you know, erm, I've got some new stuff as well.
Like, loads of new stuff.
And, erm yeah.
It's always been a dream to play here though, like pfft.
- Know what I mean? Lio.
- Well, keep on dreaming, then.
This is the most exclusive club on the island because we book the best DJs.
Not party boys who bail on set, show up late to meetings, and then don't have fresh music to play.
No, no, I do.
Don't waste my time on pricks like him again.
No, no, I've got pl I've got fr I've got fresh music.
- What was her name? What's her name? - Robyn! Robyn.
Robyn! That wasn't necessary, was it? Pricks like me, what's she talkin' about? I thought we were the same, you and me, you know? We both see opportunities.
Ladders to climb.
My gift of the gab, your contacts.
Match made in heaven.
But then you ruined it.
- I didn't ruin it.
I'll fix it, all right? - You were the ultimate hustler.
You were.
But ever since you've got out here, all you've done is cause agg in the villa with diva-ish behaviour.
You're bailin' on gigs, gettin' high.
High? [LAUGHS] Half the shit up my nose has come from you, actually.
By the way, have you got a couple of bags? 'Cause I love it.
Really? Fuckin' hell.
You are an arrogant, greedy twat, Charlie.
- Danny.
- Always have been, always will be.
Not really.
How long will it take you to get packed up? - Packed - Seriously.
You're kickin' me out? Thing is, bro, I work with dickheads, but I need dickheads who work.
[CHUCKLES] Danny Danny! - Hola! - Buenos dias.
[CHEERING AND WHISTLING] - Not today, fella.
- Whoa.
Chill out.
- I got it.
Hey! - You're not comin' in.
- My mate - You heard.
- I just want to talk.
- It's not happenin'.
All right.
Por favor.
- Oi! - Aah! - Sara's bitch boy! [LAUGHS] - Bitch boy? Pffft.
You've been nickin' my sets since you got here.
- Don't touch me.
- I don't need to do that.
- Hey? 'Cause I'm just better than you.
- [SCOFFS] I thought you were gonna shag your way into Sara's studio.
- What the fuck? - But you used that poor kid for a step up.
- What the fuck are you talkin' about? - Then dropped her when you got hot.
- [SCOFFS] - I bet you don't give a shit - about Gabrielle.
- What the fuck? You're such an arrogant - Oi.
- Get off me, man.
Didn't I just tell you to get off me, man? Hey, you know what? Tommi, you're shit anyway! Hey! She's a shit DJ! Shit! - Oh, yes! - [CHEERING AND LAUGHTER] Get the fuck off me! [GRUNTING] Oi! Oi! Get off me! [GRUNTS] Yeah? Oof! - [GROANS] - [SIREN WHOOPS] - Fuck off! - [RADIO CHATTER IN SPANISH] [GROANS] [LOCK CLANGS] [DOOR SLAMS] [SIGHS] [ELECTRICITY BUZZING] [SIGHS] [FAN WHIRRING] [ELECTRICITY BUZZING] [BREATHES DEEPLY] [SIGHS] [ELECTRICITY BUZZING] [FAN WHIRRING] [ELECTRICITY BUZZING] [SKYPE RINGTONE] [GROANS] [RINGING CONTINUES] Mum, Dad.
I found this on Alicia's Facebook.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
I should have told you we split up.
[MUM] What will the family say? Does it really matter what they'd say? Ha! God forgive my son for his disrespect.
[DAD] What did we do to deserve this? - [MUM SIGHS] - [DAD] Why can't you find a wife? You're a successful businessman.
No, I'm not.
I'm a liar.
Okay? I I'm a grown man, I'm broke, I'm unemployed.
I I I I've been workin' as a nanny.
I've been workin' as a nanny, lookin' after my best mate's daughter.
And, I had another shot at my my music I messed it up.
I know I lied, but, as Dell said [LAUGHS] I'm just saving you from the shame and the disappointment.
We wanted you to be a doctor.
A lawyer.
Eh? But the music business is the devil's industry, full of heathens and gays! Aunt Lydia is gay! Does that mean you love her less? Mm? [TUTS] Fuck! [SIGHS] - [PHONE RINGING] - [LYDIA] What's all this flashing, eh? Who's flashing me? Charlie? Hello? Hello, Auntie.
My friend, are you on the beach? Have you found a church to frequent? No, I have something to tell you.
Eh? Yes? [SIGHS] I've spoken to my sister earlier on the Skype.
She is furious about the lies her sister and son has been keeping from her.
Look, I'm so sorry.
I I can't live a lie no more, you know, and and and your secret wasn't mine to tell.
My friend.
Life is full of ups and downs, and more downs than ups.
Remember that.
[SIGHS] I miss you, Aunt Lydia.
I don't miss you and your music.
And your mess and your different lady every month, making the bed click, with your clicky clicky, eek, eek, eek.
Charlie, I hope Ibiza is the start of a special time in your life.
I'm so proud of you chasing your dreams.
Don't stop chasing them, hm? God be with you.
[SIGHS] Oi! Taxi! [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] Let me outta this shit Hey, look, hey Over Yarmouth bay Over bay Over, over Yarmouth bay First time for everything.
Do you know what I mean? [MAN] Whoo! Man, Dan! Oi, oi, oi, oi! You ain't welcome here.
Nah, you've burnt enough of my bridges.
You know? Down a pill, pick a bird, fuck off.
Come on, man, I'm not here to party, yeah? I did what that woman said.
I made some music, and I I wanted to play to you.
Well, that's what SoundCloud's for, isn't it? I know, yeah, that, erm I overstepped the mark.
I let the fame get to my head, all right? I'm sorry, okay? I just I just want another chance.
Okay, how do I know you're not gonna think with your dick in your nose again? Because I'm desperate, bro.
And I will work harder than you've ever seen.
And I tell you now, I won't give up.
If you say no to me today, I'm gonna come back tomorrow.
I'll come back the day after tomorrow and the next day after that as well.
All right, stop groveling.
It makes you look more pathetic.
Don't have to like you.
I just have to like your music.
Let me tell you, listen to this.
Can you turn it down a bit? Don't turn it down! Ignore him! I'm not listening to it now, am I? - It's a big tune.
- I'm sure it is.
All right, listen.
Seventy-thirty split.
No accommodation, okay? And top of the middle is not realistic anymore.
I'm thinking middle of the bottom.
You know, throwback nights, foam parties, wet T-shirt contests.
Okay? Deal? Oh, sorry.
You still too good for me? Hmm? All right, gotta start somewhere.
I knew you'd come back.
- What? - Yeah.
[PHONE BUZZING] Gabri-smella! - I miss you.
- I miss you, too.
How's LA? - This is how LA is.
- My job isn't My job is important too! - Yikes.
- Then don't take it! - We're supposed to be in London! - Listen, it's probably nothing, okay? I'm the only kid in the entire world that wants summer to be over so I can go back to school and get away from this drama.
Let me tell you something.
It's probably better than Ibiza, okay? 'Cause, er I'm livin' with a cockroach in my bathroom.
I called it Gabby, after you, because it's gross, it's, er, creepy, and it sneaks up when I'm not looking.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Sound familiar? - [CHUCKLES] - [SARA] Come on, we gotta go.
[GABS] But I'm talking to Charlie.
Hey, stranger, how's it goin'? Hey, I'm great.
How are you? I can't believe summer's nearly over.
How's work goin'? Are you getting good gigs? Yes Oh, yes, I am, yeah.
I, erm I've got a few days off now, chill.
Then I've got a new gig at the end of the week.
- Awesome, where? - Where? Erm It's on the tip of my tongue.
It's, erm Oh! Pffft Gee, I can't remember the name of it, to be honest.
I just, erm, show up where Danny tells me to bring the party, you know? I bet you are smashing it out there.
Right, then.
I'd better get back, 'cause, whoo! - Busy, busy, busy! - Speak soon.
- See See you later.
- Bye.
[SIGHS] Ugh.
Let's celebrate Let's celebrate Let's celebrate [MAN] Hey, sir.
You want a shot? Er - No, it's all right, yeah.
- No? - Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Ready? - Yeah.
- Hey! - You all right, babe? How you feeling? [CHANGES TRACK] [CHEERING] Yes! Yes! Whoo-hoo! You've got me kissing on the right Every single night Surprise! What are you doing here? Your hands around my waist Stare at me and turn away You are mistaken to the blonde - What are those? - I asked for two beers and the bartender gave me these.
- Fruity! - [LAUGHS] Mm.
- Whew! - [LAUGHS] - I can't believe you guys are here.
- I was over LA.
- David's at a mind-cleansing retreat.
- A what? He said the play's broken him, but I think a summer with her running wild has exhausted him.
I hope you don't mind us gate-crashing.
She wanted to see you play.
I mean, we both did.
Of course not.
So, now that you've seen me, what are you plannin'? Erm Astrid's flying in tomorrow which, no doubt, will be entertaining.
[CHUCKLES] How's she been? Uh, last time I talked to her, she was drunk somewhere in South America.
- You haven't heard from her? - Mmm No.
That's how she is with men.
Don't take it to heart.
She was just a fling.
- It was cool.
You know? - [LAUGHS] I don't know how she's done it, but she's pulled some strings and got me a set at an epic closing night party.
Oh! So that's why you're here.
'Cause you need an experienced nanny to look after Gabs while you smash your set.
I get it.
- No.
- Yes.
No more nannying for you.
You have to keep making music.
Fuck, Sara, it's been hard.
It's been hard.
I mean, you saw where I was playin'.
Everyone finds it hard.
You know, I didn't lose it all back in the day because of agents and managers.
I lost it David was right.
Because I was just partying too much.
And this time? I acted like a dickhead.
Let my ego get the better of me.
- Pissed people off.
- Everyone makes mistakes.
Everyone pisses people off.
Your talent and charm and good looks - were only gonna get you so far.
- [LAUGHS] Cut yourself some slack.
You've owned up to your shit.
- [SIGHS] - Now you gotta use your contacts.
It's not about that anymore.
You're gonna turn down a chance to warm up for me at my closing night gig - because of a moral code? - What? - Tell me you're not serious.
- [WHISPERS] Yeah.
Listen, if I keep relying on people around me, I'll never fix up, never do this by myself, so Are you sure? Yeah, it wouldn't be right.
I can't.
You're a fool.
But you're a fool with principles.
[SNORTS] Thanks, though.
Honestly, you're you're too kind to me.
She really missed you.
We both did.
I missed you too.
Though you may not drive A great big Cadillac Gangsta white walls TV antennas in the back You may not have A car at all But remember, brothers and sisters