Twice Upon a Time (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Ne me quitte pas

Cool party, bro.
- Did you take some?
- Yeah.
You did? And?
- You have more?
- Hot shit.
Do you have more?
I do.
You're out?
Shit, I think I'm out!
Goddamn, you're white as a sheet!
How many d'you take?
How many hits?
- Only one, I swear.
- You shitting me?
You're shitfaced!
We rule!
What's her name?
I just told you. Claire.
Pump it up!
The sky gets narrower
as you're closing in.
A surprising outcome, considering
When you're stopped,
the rain falls vertically.
The apparent angle
of the falling raindrops
is no longer vertical.
Not too bad.
Hello. Are you Mr. Dauda?
Vincent Dauda?
That's me.
Be right back.
If we were only 4 or 5, it'd work better.
We'd lead the pack.
That's the issue. Leadership.
There's too many of us, it's crazy. Right?
- Dunno.
- For instance,
what do you know about Lithuania?
- Vilnius.
- What?
Vilnius, the capital.
How did they manage
10 years ago? It was different.
People say, "We did it the same way."
Nope. I disagree.
Whole different ball game.
They don't get it.
Their thinking's skewed.
People don't pick up on that.
So the system fails.
Sorry, but
What we call 'people,'
we don't know who that is.
I'm shooting my own foot,
playing their game.
Sorry, I've got things to do.
Have a good day.
Thanks. You too.
I'll be all right. I love my job so much,
I consider myself privileged.
So many people say There I go again.
Can't help myself. It's unavoidable.
What a pain.
Bye. See you soon.
Yeah, this is my beat.
Anything you order, I'll be the one
Unless I'm off.
Thanks. Bye.
I'm no thief.
How'd that happen?
Dog. I swerved to avoid it.
I think it was a dog.
How are you?
Bad knees, bad neck, bad back.
Feet too.
Same old.
And the hands.
My fingers See?
If I do this
How about your glass-raising elbow?
That one still works.
Can you make it 700?
No. That was my last offer.
There's no such thing.
- I threw in the de-ionizer.
- I have one.
Once again, yours isn't compatible
with AM-Proxim.
Make it 650?
Is this an act?
If 700 was out, so is 650.
It's overpriced
650's impossible. No can do.
We would if we could.
Why so expensive?
Multiply your time together by 3.
No, it's the other way around. One-third.
If the relationship lasted 3 years,
you'll suffer for one.
Chinese horoscope?
One day you'll realize
Vietnam isn't in China.
How long since the breakup? Six months?
You're clear then!
Out of the shithole.
How long does the smell last?
What's this one?
What the hell?
How many do you want?
What's wrong?
How long have you been here?
- Seriously?
- Tell me.
We got here last night.
How long have we been together?
Are you joking?
How long?
Since we met?
That'd be
We met 5 months ago. Yeah, 5.
9 months back
Wait a second.
Vincent, is this some kind of joke?
I'm processing this. Thinking.
- About something.
- But what?
Trying to figure out
It's something
It's totally
But good. It's really good.
Like a dream.
Are you cold?
I'm fine.
You're being weird.
You're creeping me out.
Can I kiss you?
What's with you this morning?
I don't know.
Did you forget
we'd had sex half an hour ago?
Shit. 9 o'clock, I have to go.
Meeting my thesis advisor.
- Stay with me.
- I can't.
We can't be apart.
What's the matter with you?
- I'll go with you.
- Are you nuts?
I won't impose. I'll wait outside.
I don't want you to.
You coming back?
No, I'll be all day.
- Tonight?
- I'm seeing my family. I told you.
Please don't leave.
I need you.
We'll hook up tomorrow.
What if we don't?
You're scaring me now.
Go back to bed.
I need to show you something downstairs.
Yeah, right.
I'm serious.
It's important.
Vincent, stop.
I have to leave.
I hate being late.
You live in the same place?
You're out of your mind.
Holy shit!
Can't believe this.
Police. Anyone here?
Is this Renault yours?
Can we come in?
He said you staggered out of the car.
He said that?
No. I was shaken up, that's all.
His mutt jumped under my wheels,
I swerved away.
He didn't mention that?
Not at all.
I save his dog, he turns me in.
Can you prove it?
Can he prove what he says?
Were you at Branly Junior High in 2001?
- Yes.
- Were we together in 7th grade?
Yeah, could be.
Your face seems familiar.
I'm Mélanie Trouet's brother.
Of course, Mélanie's brother.
Small world.
How is Mélanie?
She lives in Perpignan. Three kids.
Married to a dork.
You'll need to make a statement.
Your insurance will require that. We good?
Yeah, sure.
I'm making coffee. Want some?
D'you have a Coke?
A Zero.
This is Louise Aaron's voicemail.
Please leave a message
I can't.
Can't do it.
You could have K-crystals in your sinuses.
Happened to a friend of mine.
You know him, Mathis' brother.
Bald, short.
His brother's bald?
Always has been.
Born bald, probably.
The residue stayed in his pipes
for months.
He'd get random highs,
at work,
in his sleep a mess.
This is something else.
She was there.
I'm not shitting you.
Louise was in my house.
In the kitchen.
Did you do her again?
I went through a cube,
and it
A misdelivered package.
In the package, there was this cube.
You need therapy.
I've been meaning to tell you.
See a shrink.
Do it. It'll help you.
I don't need a shrink.
Typical denial.
I hear "Thibault, see a shrink," I'll say,
"Sure, ok, why?"
Not something defensive.
You're being defensive.
So you're in pain.
With a lot to express.
Your will says No.
But your desire says Yes.
You know you're in a spin.
You're hurting, man.
Are you on something?
You need professional help.
Not some cousin / meds dealer.
This stuff runs deep.
It's about your childhood, that shit
with your parents
And Louise, your ex,
is just the tip of the iceberg.
Either you tackle the big issue,
or you're gonna sink.
Nobody can help you then.
I've been through something abnormal.
No, you're just losing your shit.
Not quite the same.
Two's enough?
I'll get Babette's shrink's number.
Make the call.
You got me?
Ok, I'll see.
You're such an asshole.
Did you see the redhead again?
Why not?
She looked hot enough.
Ok, piss off.
- One's enough.
- Two!
Strong-minded kid.
Can we add a female?
I only have males.
Females are risky too.
You'd need a larger tank, a hideout.
Why a hideout?
He told you. They eat each other.
That's what they do. They fight.
That's their name, look.
Fighting fish.
I want two.
- What did you tell the boss?
- Your kid was in trouble.
It's happened twice. He's on to you.
Is not wanting kids normal?
Of all the dumb questions
That boy
got me wondering.
What's not normal
is having an unwanted one.
It's a personal decision.
There's no normal there.
You'd said no.
You're still glad he's here.
You could've warned me.
I'm sorry. My phone's bugging.
You wanted Monday nights.
I didn't push for this.
Than's sick. I'm covering for him,
or he'll catch hell.
I can't jerk Stanley around.
I know.
I get the message.
How's Stéphane doing?
You interested now?
Just making small talk.
Stanley's episode ends in 10.
We'd have time to
What do you think?
What "what"?
- You good?
- Fine.
I thought you'd be back later.
Meeting's canceled.
It makes no sense building ruins on ruins.
They claim they destroyed 20%.
They didn't.
They blew up the last two temples,
that were crumbling.
Palmyra was already gutted.
Is that so?
Have you seen pictures?
The city's a wasteland.
Just a symbol.
They make ISIS the villain,
but Christians invented decapitation.
We just followed suit.
There goes.
Vincent doesn't care.
Sure he does.
The media went wild
when the curator was killed.
Hanged him by his feet.
What did the Papists do in 1572?
Gaspard de Coligny
was emasculated, strung up, beheaded
They pissed in his skull.
4 centuries ago.
Time heals all.
That's deep.
At this rate, ISIS will be forgiven
in less than a decade.
You tell your Pol-Sci students that?
Better yet,
he sleeps with them.
You sleep with your students?
They don't talk anymore.
Why not?
Dunno. Since they've been together,
they've stopped talking.
It's dumb.
Stop saying 'yep'.
What about you? You want a girlfriend?
Why not?
I'd rather play.
I'm not sleepy.
I'm dog-tired.
It's not even 10 PM. That sucks.
I'm hot.
Stop that.
When do we go see Alexis?
Get some sleep.
That goddamn internet box again.
Sorry, I'm running late.
I'll drop by tonight.
You Vincent?
Come in.
I'm Clément. Her brother.
Louise went to gym class.
I forgot about that.
I'll just go.
Have a coffee, at least.
There's time. She just left.
Have a seat.
Good to meet you.
You work out?
You look buff.
I did some athletics when I was younger.
I pump iron. Core training.
Muscular development. I work the Cross.
Abs and spine.
You know Mathieu Nicourt?
He's my coach.
Two-time Euro champion.
Did cage matches in England.
You like free-fighting?
Not much.
It used to gross me out.
Once you're in, you're hooked.
We're going to Cap Ferret.
Raphaël has a beach hut.
You could take Louise sometime.
It's always empty.
Nice of you.
Being with you has done her good.
Haven't seen her this happy in ages.
Maybe ever.
I swear.
A little. She doesn't show it.
Louise is complicated.
Not complicated. Complex.
I'd call her indecisive.
What do you mean?
She's just lost.
Just a bit more than we are.
You can't fool me. Do it.
- What's up?
- All good.
Hot stuff, right?
If I were her guy,
I'd be watching Nordine.
The Arab's super-smooth.
No, thanks.
His sweat is awesome.
Female customers
book him just for his smell.
The bastard smells so good.
When's she finished?
Fifteen minutes.
You could sign up to keep tabs on her.
It's ok, I trust her.
Trust has nothing to do with it.
Does Nordine have a special smell?
You've been talking to Brenda.
I don't get what you see in her.
She's funny.
Funny how dumb she is.
I'm dropping my thesis.
I'm sick of Nicolas de Chamfort
and the 18th century.
Why study a guy who's been dead 200 years?
What'll you do instead?
Live in the now.
With contemporaries.
My mother
Not answering?
Did I tell you about the suicide attempt?
- Your mom's?
- No.
He dreaded going back to prison,
so he shot himself in the face.
Lost his nose, part of his jaw,
but not his life.
So he cut his throat with a letter-opener,
couldn't find the jugular.
he stabbed his own chest.
Passed out. His man-servant found him,
and saved him.
What a fucking loser.
He took six months to rot to death.
Gangrened through.
I could study physio.
I'd like offering relief.
Dunno. Seeing busted-up people all day
Precisely. You feel useful.
Like you're good for something.
I kneel in front of it,
I peek inside,
can't see the bottom.
So you crawl inside.
I wouldn't. Not my thing.
I know.
How do you know?
I imagine.
So I come out,
and realize I've gone back in time.
I go to the kitchen,
and there you are,
singing, squeezing oranges.
What, like yesterday?
We're back together - after four months.
Why did we break up?
I don't know.
Then what?
Then I wake up.
So you don't know the end?
There is no end.
You didn't try to get back
into your dream?
It wasn't a dream.
It really happened.
I have that cube at home.
At your house?
- What are you talking about?
- The cube.
That's why I wanted you downstairs.
I get it.
Sometimes I think I'm awake,
but I'm still dreaming.
What's real gets jumbled with what's not.
It can stay with you all day.
- This is different.
- For instance,
Saturday, I was with Brenda, shopping.
I felt like I'd lived that moment before.
That's just a sensation,
connected to some memory.
The brain jams them together,
and fills in the blanks.
Without asking us.
I swear this is different.
If I'm following,
you should know how we broke up?
I'm going to win you back.
Win me back?
We'll live together. Never apart.
That so?
We'll have tons of kids.
You're demented.
Your brother offered
to let us use his friend's beach hut.
Hold on.
Yeah, I know it's you.
I can't right now.
I can't talk.
I just can't!
I'll call you tonight.
Pain in the ass. You call that normal?
- What?
- That I should pay for her stuff.
What would you do?
- Hard to say.
- You're not trying.
Nothing normal about it.
What's that mean?
Your father, handing out money
Where does that come in?
A bit unhealthy, isn't it?
Big word.
That's not what I meant.
To me
- Never mind.
- No, go through with it.
I get that your mom feels cheated.
Your dad bankrolls you and Clément.
So she's entitled to make demands?
Yeah, maybe. I don't know.
- From her perspective
- What?
You think you know my family?
You're an expert,
because yours dwindled away?
I never asked for this money,
or anything else.
Fucking hell!
You're pissing me off too.
Wait a second.
Will you just fuck off!
What's the matter with you?
- Why are you here?
- Where were you?
Here. In the basement.
Not true. I looked for you,
I called, you were nowhere.
Come back to bed.
Did you get scared, sweet pea?
I'm sorry.
You won't vanish again?
I promise.
Subtitle translation by Joël Savdié
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