Twice Upon a Time (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


Piece of shit.
Piece of shit.
I was so afraid of losing her,
I said things I didn't mean.
- What exactly?
- That we had to stop.
That we couldn't go on.
I should start from the beginning.
If you like.
Say what you like.
Here, you can say anything
that crosses your mind.
A little over 4 months ago,
on Valentine's Day,
Louise and I had a date.
I decided it was time to clarify things.
- How are you?
- Fine, thank you.
And yourself?
Good. Thanks.
If we want a restaurant, we should go.
It'll be a nice day.
You think?
Yes, it'll clear up.
I'll get my jacket.
It's over.
What is?
My thesis. I quit.
I suppose you thought it over.
And I might cut my hair.
I'm sick of it.
No more ponytails.
The more I want you, the less I see you.
I need you closer,
and you grow more distant. Why?
It makes me miserable.
I can't do this anymore.
I know.
I can't keep this up, it's too painful.
It's like I've gone numb.
I'm sorry.
I'm completely lost.
It's hurts like hell, you have no idea.
I'm so sorry.
Tell me what to do, Louise.
Tell me.
What can we do
It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
You have no idea how sorry I am.
I tried.
I really tried.
But you're right.
It's been on my mind for a while,
but I lacked the courage.
You have it.
Hurting you is too painful.
Your suffering and mine are too much.
I've never loved anyone like I love you.
There must be a way.
We'll think of something.
This is the only solution.
Are you cold?
Your hand is freezing.
My hands always are, you know that.
I'm taking Stanley to the movies tonight.
What are you doing?
Having dinner with Brenda.
She has a new boyfriend.
You know him.
Then again,
they make a nice pair.
When are you leaving?
On the 20th.
- You'd never mentioned this girlfriend.
- Really?
Thought I had.
I'm gonna go.
Stay a while.
I can't, Louise.
You can.
You have to.
Was that the last time you saw her?
No. I mean
Not a day goes by
that I don't regret letting her go.
I tried to fix it.
I called her, stopped by her place.
Then Brenda, her best friend,
told me she'd gone back to London.
That was 4 months ago.
4 months without any news.
And, well,
we broke up 4 months ago
and she's come back.
I was in the basement,
when I went back upstairs,
she was in the kitchen.
We picked up where we'd left off,
as if nothing had happened.
Are you happy?
You act as if nothing had happened?
So does she.
It's peculiar
It's disconcerting.
As if we were reliving past events,
the same over again,
give or take a few details.
I'm telling you all this
to understand her thinking
before our breakup.
You could help me
anticipate her reactions.
I must've fucked up somewhere.
Does all this make sense?
Was the kitchen in real life?
Excuse me?
Did she appear in your kitchen?
Yeah, the kitchen at my house.
What does that kitchen call to mind?
I don't understand.
Say what comes to mind, don't think.
About the kitchen?
That's it.
Kinda silly, I've never made crepes there.
That's all for today.
That's it?
The first session is free.
We'll establish a fee next Friday.
You'll help me, right?
Louise and I already had an argument.
See you on Friday.
Come on, let's go.
Why can't I go?
I told you. It's not for kids.
But why?
Because it hurts.
It hurts where?
Hurts your head.
And stomach.
Why do you do it?
It's for my work.
Is the cube magic?
No, and it doesn't work. I'm returning it.
You're returning it?
I don't like the cube.
You forgot me.
You forgot me earlier.
I'm sorry.
My head's a mess, lately,
you have no idea.
Is it work?
I'll have a lot of work
over the next few days,
so I'm trying to figure out
how to get organized.
Can you take him to Nadège by 8 PM?
Or later, I don't mind.
8 PM is good. Don't forget, ok?
What is it?
You're acting weird.
It's your breath.
Oh yeah?
Shower before taking him.
Ask me to shave, why don't ya.
Guess who came to the bar, last night?
Asked for your number.
Your redhead from the party.
She's a looker in daylight.
I gave it to her.
It's a free country.
She's got her sights on you.
I saw Louise again.
A guy delivered a package,
there was a wooden cube inside.
I crawled in and when I came out,
she was there in my house.
A cube?
That's right.
When I climb into this thing
it goes back in time.
Are you high?
With a kid in the car?
What did you take before coming?
Careful with Stanley.
I'm not a retard!
See ya, sweet pea.
- Don't you want me to
- I'm fine, Mom.
No you're not,
look at you.
You've had an accident
and your pillow's crooked.
I'm fine.
Did you do it on purpose?
Did Dad plant that in your head?
You can tell me.
Where is he?
He left.
He said he'd come by tomorrow.
I won't be here tomorrow.
You have a concussion, sweetie.
They want to do more tests.
When are you leaving?
Promise me you didn't throw yourself
under that car.
Stop it.
- Promise me.
- Stop it!
Only if you
Leave me alone. Go.
Go, please. Go away.
I'll call you tonight, sweetie.
Still nothing.
And now?
No difference.
- Now?
- It's on!
Your cord is too short.
Don't move the router.
Your dad and I didn't get along.
He never mentioned it.
You were too young to understand.
Understand what?
I was in love with your mom
for a long time.
Your dad knew.
Did you talk about it openly?
We even got into a fight once.
Sorry, I've
I've had a lot to take in recently.
I understand.
How long did it last?
2 years.
What did my dad do during that time?
Was he ok with a love triangle?
Not really.
We went on with our lives.
Besides, she loved your father.
Didn't want to leave him.
How did you manage, as neighbors?
We used hotels.
We even went on a weekend together.
And Denise?
Didn't your wife mind?
No, she understood
we didn't have a choice.
That we had to live it out.
It was easier for me, we didn't have kids.
How old was I?
About 10.
I asked her
to leave everything behind.
I wanted her to myself.
Wanted her to abandon
you and your brother.
Love is terribly selfish.
Only the relationship matters.
Vincent, those are the happiest
and the saddest years in my life.
2 years out of 60.
Doesn't sound like much.
But it can fill a life.
Fill it with meaning.
When she died, I almost went to pieces.
I thought of your father.
What did I amount to
in the face of your grief?
I was even angry at her for being ill,
for dying,
for abandoning you to your pain.
How could I stay here
as if nothing had happened?
Why didn't your dad move?
I don't think we had a choice.
In the end, we needed each other.
Staying close helped us pull through.
When he died,
he left me a beautiful letter.
I cried all day.
Why are you telling me this now? Today?
I really don't know.
I guess it had to come out.
Do you know the story
about the Icelandic yule boys?
It says that in the northern mountains
lives a couple, Grýla and Leppalúði.
They have 13 sons.
And those 13 sons
are the Santas of Iceland.
- Hard to say.
- You're not trying.
- You know my family?
- Nothing's normal.
You're the expert? Just fuck off!
What's the matter with you?
I'll win you back.
I thought you'd be angry.
I was an idiot.
I hate myself.
No, it's my fault.
I should have shut my mouth.
No, on the contrary.
I need your opinion.
It matters to me a lot.
Does it?
Of course it does.
I've postponed my trip.
I'll talk to James next week.
Do you think I'm a coward?
I am, though.
You're just a bit lost, that's all.
But I'm here.
I'll help you.
He'll be devastated.
I feel for him.
He wanted kids.
Everyone said we'd grow old together,
that it'd be fantastic.
It's pathetically shitty.
Lots of people have kids.
It can't be all bad.
Would you grow old with me?
Of course I would.
I'd give anything to grow old with you.
You'll still want me
when I'm all wrinkled?
Do you want to see my dentures
floating in a glass?
I'd rather not think about it.
What'll become of us?
We'll live this out,
as for the rest, we'll see.
We have time.
Can you picture
the speed of a shooting star?
That's us.
Some people can withstand anything.
They bounce back from anything.
I don't have that strength.
I never will.
Living the moment is the only solution.
Get dressed.
Where are we going?
We visited every day, and one morning
my brother refused to see him.
Alexis decided Dad was responsible
for my mom's illness.
Where does he live now?
With my aunt in Bègles.
6 months ago, he relapsed.
What's it like
having a schizophrenic brother?
The pits.
I'd love to meet him.
Will you introduce me?
How can you make love to the same woman,
every week, same day, same time?
You must have feelings for her.
I didn't say I never had any.
You don't desire her anymore?
Since you met me?
That's right.
Does your son know
about you and his mother?
You're full of questions today.
If you keep seeing her,
I won't be jealous.
Do you mean that?
Is that code for:
"I still sleep with my Brit"?
Pedal! Come on!
It's hurt.
We have to save it.
What can we do?
It's already
We'll find a vet.
Today's Sunday.
We can't just let it die.
The guy relives events,
except they're different.
He lives the same situations twice,
but never duplicates the same moments.
So, he can't change the past easily.
He can correct certain things,
but not completely.
It's great and annoying at the same time.
Especially since
he can't stay in the past.
Why not?
Because he has a son.
He doesn't want to abandon him
in the present.
It could be set in the 18th century.
Nicolas de Chamfort
traveling through time.
We could mix my thesis and your story.
Wouldn't work.
I want to tell a love story.
If I really had this cube,
would you go inside?
What for?
To see the future.
How horrible.
I don't want to know the future.
What would you change in your past?
I'd change parents.
No kidding?
And I'd delete a few memories.
What kind?
The kind that kill.
5 years ago, in London,
I saw a woman jump in front of a train.
She was on the opposite platform.
When the train came, she jumped.
No shit?
Did she die?
Cut in half.
I quit school
and traveled for 6 months.
When I returned,
another Louise was in my place.
I too had been split in two.
Cut in half.
Ever had the feeling
you were someone else?
My brother gave me a good introduction
to split personalities.
You're not eating?
Sure, I am.
No, you're not.
I'd never told anyone.
Not even me, before.
Before what?
Oh, right.
You're still on your trip.
Don't die, you.
Hello, you've reached
St. Jean Veterinary Clinic
No one.
It's too early.
Don't take me in my sleep anymore.
You didn't enjoy it?
I did, but I don't want that.
You can't use me like an object.
I'm going to London today.
You are?
I have to tell James it's over.
I can't lie anymore.
It was nice seeing the ocean with you.
Drop me here, I have an errand.
You sure?
Don't you want me to come up?
No, I have to stop by the pharmacy.
Eat your food, little one.
Vincent will take care of you.
- Two days, no more.
- Yes, until Thursday.
When I get back.
Take care of yourself.
Always do.
Shit. James.
Thank you.
Sir, please.
I'm sorry. I was just at the pharmacy.
I got the call an hour ago.
Please, gimme a break.
It'll be at the lot.
I need it to pick up my son.
You've been drinking.
My rabbit needs a vet.
- I can't help.
- It's for my son.
I can't help. Your car will be at the lot.
Please, you can't.
I'll call the police.
Look, I'm not lying.
- Shit.
- I'm sorry.
- Really.
- Please.
And my girlfriend's cheating on me.
I can't help. It'll be at the lot. Sorry.
Where you going?
What do you care?
Come in and I'll call the cops.
We know you're here, you slut!
Just you wait!
911 sound familiar?
We'll get you!
- Bitch.
- I'll fuck you in the mouth!
You ok?
Fuck it's cold.
Why are they after you?
How old are you?
Cut it out. Tell me.
What's your name?
Why'd they hit you?
I wouldn't suck off the second guy.
You should tell the police.
It wasn't my first blow job.
For the first one, I was ok.
I'll run you a bath.
Don't get weird on me. I'm not a dyke.
There are three ways of living.
Through reality.
Through imagination.
And through another person.
You believe me?
Of course I do.
Every time I enter the cube,
I go back 9 months in time.
That's the life span of a photon.
Its gestation time, if you prefer.
Like a baby.
But the real question,
what determines everything else is:
How do you control photons?
How do you repeat them indefinitely
in order to control the flows?
To simplify.
Light decides.
Not light directly.
Its son decides.
The son of light?
That's the name I give it.
It, and its entities.
It works in flames.
Light and flames.
I'm not talking about Hell.
You'd never mentioned this before.
There's lots we've never talked about.
You'll go home to auntie's soon.
We'll have a dinner with Stanley.
That's the plan.
There's something else.
I'll never wear a yellow t-shirt again.
I went to Andernos to play poker.
Almost crashed the scooter.
And I lost.
Could've been worse.
I can't cover for you forever.
I said I was sorry.
What? You wanna talk
or keep up the attitude?
Never mind, I have bad shit to deal with.
So you reek of booze first thing?
The boss came by and didn't see you.
If you're not here tomorrow morning,
there'll be trouble.
What is it?
You left your son with a nutjob,
that's what!
Wait, take it easy.
Your pal let Stanley walk home.
He didn't drive him?
Stanley got sick of watching him drink.
Holy shit.
Your son came home in tears.
He said you'd gotten rid of him again.
Not at all.
I've got a lot on my plate these days.
You know what day this is?
Today's Monday, right?
Yeah, Monday.
It's our day, isn't it?
Don't touch me.
Shit, the tetras!
You gotta see this.
You're serious?
Are you free tomorrow?
Who's that chick?
You don't give a shit, do you?
I'm sick of you.
You've been rambling about this girl
for months. Forget her!
Good evening.
What's up, Nordine?
You good?
Good enough to kick your ass.
You being funny?
Step outside and you'll know.
What's your problem?
Everything ok?
Broke up with Brenda?
You get around.
- He your boyfriend?
- Let's go.
He can't, he's getting a beating.
Go home and sleep it off.
What's with him?
He's sick of being fucked over.
You psycho.
- Did you screw her?
- Who?
Did you screw Louise?
- Let's go, bro.
- Coach, my ass.
- Cut it out.
- We're talking.
Did you screw her?
Fucking snitch.
Sending the cops.
Take that.
You ready, sweet pea?
I'm the one waiting for you.
I left several messages. Did you get them?
- No.
- I thought so.
Here's the thing,
when I came here last Friday,
I must have left an extra package.
There's a package in your basement
that's not yours.
- I don't have it.
- It has to be here.
I checked my route.
No, I opened everything,
I would've noticed.
I must insist, it has to be here
and it's very important.
You left it elsewhere.
No, I checked my entire route.
May I come check?
It won't change anything.
I swear, I opened everything and nothing.
It's not here.
It'll take a minute.
Sorry, I'm running late.
- I'll get fired!
- I can't help you.
Sorry. Thank you.
Open up or I'll call the cops.
Open up, come on!
I know it's here, bastard.
I'm sure of it.
I'm gonna kill you, motherfucker.
Subtitle translation by Mariette Kelley
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