Twice Upon a Time (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Ti Amo

Surprised, and not.
I tried to call, you don't answer.
How was London?
You're not sitting down?
It's possible to love two people at once.
My mother did that for years.
If you still love James
it makes no difference.
I didn't go.
James was waiting for me.
When you dropped me off, he was there.
I wanted to tell you
we should take a break.
I mean
some kind of pause.
Pause for what?
To get some clarity in our relationship.
I don't need to.
It's all clear to me.
Not to me.
We never paused before.
I mean, in the present.
You get my meaning.
Your place?
My place?
No, someplace neutral.
They're going for it.
If thrills could kill
You have time for coffee?
I'm running late.
Picking Stanley up from school.
At 9 AM?
Are you still on that trip?
He's seeing an eye doctor.
Might need glasses.
We'll catch up tomorrow.
Go on, I'll get this.
You sure?
Don't forget the rabbit.
I was going to tell you about that.
He relapsed.
What do you mean?
He died.
On my couch.
I'm sorry.
- Gosh.
- You all right?
Yeah, go on, you'll be late.
What's in the trunk?
A dead body?
Is your power still on?
Yes, why?
- Mine keeps cutting out.
- Really?
I have a friend, Yves Cape.
Have I mentioned him?
- I don't think so.
- I have.
Lives in Naujac.
He's got a bad case of eczema.
All over his body, even his face.
Started when those wind turbines
were put in.
How are you, ok?
Fine. But a bit rushed.
- I'm off.
- Before the blackout,
I was watching TV.
People drawing perfect circles.
Ten people in the world have that gift.
I tried it.
It's impossible.
I need to go.
See ya.
Probably a knife.
All four. Not a warning, retribution.
I'm so late
I'm not going anywhere.
Take mine.
I like you, Vincent.
You know that.
I think so.
I'm easygoing.
Not on anyone's ass. Right?
So why lie to me?
Why do you keep screwing me around?
Can you answer that?
I was here at 8:55.
It's 9:45.
Is that what you call respect?
Is that how you show me respect?
I'm sorry.
I did hurry.
Had to borrow my neighbor's car.
First off,
respect means
not fucking your boss around.
It means telling the truth.
The truth is the easiest way out,
trust me.
I respect you.
You know it.
Have I ever disrespected you?
So why the lies?
Nobody believes the truth.
Try it anyway.
I can't.
No more lateness.
No more no-shows.
If you need a day off, just resign.
- Got it?
- Yes.
And if that gook covers for you again,
he's fired.
Go on.
I can't!
What do you mean?
- Keep going.
- It's blocked off.
Stupid. How could I get in there?
What the hell?
I don't understand. It works at home.
I can make it through.
You expect me to buy that?
Anyone would send you packing.
It only works in my basement.
- Let's go.
- You're insane.
- Now.
- I can't, goddammit.
How about tonight?
- Cut the crap.
- Tonight.
I won't come.
Fuck you and your cube.
Fuck me.
Get out.
I didn't do it.
- Out!
- It wasn't me.
Some guy.
Yeah? What guy?
He had a dog.
A dog?
Can I come out?
He went for your car, with a knife.
It was quick.
I did my round again.
It has to be your place.
I hate to insist, but honestly,
it'd be great if I could check.
It's my fault anyway.
I'm not accusing, I screwed up.
When are the cops coming?
I was angry.
Did you do that?
So? Your package's not here.
- Don't see it.
- There you go.
My second count of gross negligence.
There's no third chance, I've been warned.
Same here. I'm close to being sacked.
You have kids?
I have three.
Three kids, three loans.
You sure you had that package
to begin with?
I started with 33.
I was one short at the end.
Know what it contained?
No idea.
Who was the client? The addressee?
Don't know.
I'm sorry for you.
Could I look over there?
You didn't go there.
You never know.
You could have unwittingly
Sure, go ahead.
Good luck to you.
You too.
Want me to open the trunk?
If you're ok with it.
Are we done?
You ordered tires?
Here. Thanks.
The UPS guy was searching your trash.
You don't look good. Worried?
No, I'm just beat.
I need sleep.
- Ask anytime.
- Will do.
Excuse me.
Can you tell me
You've gone up a notch.
You stood me up,
now Stanley too. Pathetic.
Quit nagging me.
I'm nagging you?
You want me to say I fucked up again?
Well, I did.
Happy now?
You're never late?
He's pissed off.
He's not coming down soon.
He doesn't decide when we leave.
Fuck me.
You heard me.
I want you to fuck me now.
starting up again was a mistake.
Don't I turn you on anymore?
I don't feel like it.
Show me?
It's over.
I'll suck it. Slap me if it turns you on.
I'm ready.
LONDON Waltham Forest
Can't hear you.
I do like him.
So what's the problem?
You won't tell Mom?
- I promise.
- You swear?
So gross.
Stéphane has a girl, besides Mom.
- No.
- Yes.
You saw him kissing someone?
No, but the other day, his phone buzzed.
He was in the toilet,
I looked at the text.
You shouldn't do that.
A smiley with its tongue out.
"I wanna rub and suck the lumberjack"
Hot stuff, right?
First the smiley, then "Rub and suck
the lumberjack."
The lumberjack's gotta be Stéphane.
She'll suck his tongue like in the movies.
I get it.
A lot of silly things get sent by mistake.
I get a lot of stupid stuff.
I'm not stupid.
Stéphane has another girlfriend.
I'm ok with it.
Even you go with Mom sometimes.
What's that about?
- Not eating your fries?
- I am.
Don't read other people's texts.
That's not nice.
Can we do the merry-go-round?
By your ex-girlfriend's house.
It's awesome.
Not that one.
- The other ones suck!
- Not that one.
She's home.
Yeah. Come on.
How many rides?
At least five.
Can I leave 5 minutes?
You'll wait? I'm back in five.
It's awful.
What's up?
Where's Louise?
I don't know.
She's dead.
She collapsed in the street, in London.
That's impossible.
She was coming back tonight.
What did she die of?
Brain hemorrhage.
The doctors blamed it on the accident.
When did it happen? Exactly what time?
Tell me, what time?
I'm looking for my son.
Long, dark hair.
He left.
- With who?
- I don't know!
- How long ago?
- 10 minutes.
- Which way?
- No idea.
- Where?
- I don't know!
- I wanted to tell you
- Fuck off.
What are you doing here?
- My card. I'd lost it in the cushions.
- Right.
Get lost, before I
Just go.
God, Stanley.
You scared me.
He was alone, crying.
He thought you'd left him.
Thanks. A lot.
I wasn't far.
I was coming back.
He got really scared.
I'm so sorry.
I was coming back. I had a problem.
It's ok. Good night.
Thanks, I mean it.
I just needed my card back.
Then again
- I won't need it, they gave me notice.
- Right.
I'm sorry.
Wanna play?
Don't feel like it right now.
I cry too sometimes.
Feels good, even for daddies.
I'll kill him.
Man, look at you. Are you high?
Why are you here?
He's got the nerve to ask.
Bad timing, guys.
Hey, little toad!
Get lost.
- Got a beer?
- No.
Please, guys.
You shitting me?
I'm here for the cube.
It was your idea.
Stanley, go to bed.
That sucks!
D'you have some white wine in your fridge?
I figured I'd go into the cube,
and find the watch
that I lost last year.
I'm not showing you. You're trashed.
No shit?
We're trashed?
And thirsty.
That's it.
Coffee for you, and for you. Then, out.
What about a little beer?
Louise Aaron's voicemail.
Please leave a message
Complete Maxims and Thoughts,
Epigrams and Anecdotes
You all right?
I fell asleep.
Same nightmare?
No. This time,
you and I were stuck in a tsunami.
Not really a nightmare.
This time, we both died.
Together till the end of time.
Only dead.
Big difference.
Do we break up first, or die?
If it's Feb. 14, we're down to
eight days.
Not a lot.
Maybe I managed
to change things after all.
Of course. Using your superpowers.
Four glasses?
She's introducing her new boyfriend.
New job, boyfriend
Your protégé's come a long way.
Good read?
"Why learn to die?
It's easy enough the first time."
I like that one.
Do you trust me?
Of course. Why?
when we get back from Paris,
I'd like you to do
something important for me.
And for you.
No questions asked.
Important for what?
No questions.
It'll be a beautiful gift for us both.
I'll buzz downstairs,
and open the front door.
Come on up.
I'll do it.
I'll let you open the champagne.
How are you?
Ok. You?
Jordan, Vincent.
Don't I know you?
Don't think so.
We're happy together.
I'm reassured she won't leave.
It's a new relationship.
That's it.
Just wanted to say it's all good.
I'm not really
I think we can stop.
No need to go on.
I don't think quitting is advisable.
It is, really.
Nothing left to say.
I've never been happier.
I'm going to put her through
a cube.
A what?
It's something
a bit hard to explain.
A wooden cube.
A wooden cube?
It's a passage
a way of joining her in the past.
So she can avoid
her future.
I wanted to thank you. A lot.
It's all thanks to you.
I've been able to
I don't have the words.
Won't you lie down?
Friends, I'd like to wish my sweetheart
a happy birthday.
Clément, happy birthday.
You won't move in together, I hope.
God forbid.
You'd be screwed.
But 'screwed' isn't 'screwed'
if it's your chosen path.
You go beyond 'screwed',
you get 'scratch'.
But I doubt you're cynical enough.
You'll come to Madrid this summer?
Why not?
I won't bother you, I'll be in Barbados
with Paul. You'll have the house.
I want you to taste something.
How's your work?
My work?
Is it going well?
It's going.
I find you very brave, Vincent.
You're an inspiration.
To own up to your lack of ambition
in such a relaxed way
is nothing short of admirable.
Mine has always embarrassed me.
My lack of initiative, my lack of passion.
I don't know how to take that.
Take it well, believe me.
Don't worry.
I wanted to be a vet.
Ended up selling exotic fish
and aquariums. No glory there.
Giving up is the prize.
We should give up on everything.
Life, death, money, love.
Even love?
There's nothing more nauseating
than hand-holding geezers
pretending they're 20.
Chatting away?
Vincent thinks I'm an alcoholic.
No, I never said that.
Not out loud.
You are an alcoholic, Mom.
Preserved and pickled,
but an alcoholic nonetheless.
Shall we?
Is this another test?
I'm supposed to have answered already?
Simon was #5.
Was it love?
What does that mean exactly?
Like us.
Like us,
Nobody's made me come like you do.
Say that again.
With you, I've reached the epitome of cum.
I never told you that?
- You sure?
- I'd remember.
Can't wait to get to Madrid with you.
Me too.
Must've been sinister
growing up around your Mom.
She must have overdosed you guys
on pessimism.
I need out.
- Tell him to go.
- Traffic jam?
Looks it.
She's claustrophobic.
Can't help it.
Breathe. Open the window.
- Turn around.
- I can't.
It's over.
It's over.
I don't understand.
My period was two weeks ago.
You can bleed even when pregnant,
the first 3 months.
Have you ever miscarried?
It's not always obvious.
We need to establish
everything was expelled.
Get a sonogram, asap.
Or else?
You'll need surgery.
A curette. But we're not there yet.
What time's your train?
When do you go back?
I'll take care of it.
I'd like to meet your son, some day.
No excuses.
Give me the fucking address I asked for.
I've paid for it too. No!
The address. Right now.
You all right, sweet pea?
What did you get up to today?
Math and French.
We're going the wrong way.
Where we going, Dad?
It's a surprise.
Go on, tell me.
It wouldn't be a surprise.
- How long's your leave?
- Two weeks.
Then we evaluate.
Wanna burn some PlayStation?
- And a Red Bull.
- Seriously.
You bunch 'em up.
They're action figures, or spheres.
Then you throw them.
During recess?
Not necessarily recess.
What's that?
What the hell?
That's the house!
Sir, you can't go that way!
Nobody's there.
Go to the basement.
We checked it. What's your name?
Tell me your name.
Vincent Dauda.
That's some crazy shit.
When I took it, I split into two people.
Three, even.
The other Me's, they were real.
You can talk with yourself.
Problem is, you can't say Fuck Off.
The others are self-reliant.
He was so far gone
Didn't remember anyone.
Not his girl, not his parents
Some crazy shit.
Way cool.
- You see her?
- No.
- What time did she say?
- 11.
What do you call
those horrible black bugs?
Roaches? Cockroaches?
Cockroaches, yes!
He was covered in cockroaches
when he woke up.
I ate one once. Not good.
He invented everything.
Human/environment interaction.
All right.
Macro-systems, chrono-systems,
exo-systems, that's him too.
The human/environment interaction:
Urie Bronfenbrenner, Human Ecology.
He's not into Bronfenbrenner, is he?
No, he doesn't know
What was his name, Karl Frombrenner?
The bitch is at Bar St. Louis.
Let me introduce What's your name?
Brenda, Louise.
Hi, Louise.
No, I'm Louise.
Of course.
I didn't mean that.
Can we go?
He just got me a drink.
That'd be impolite.
You live in Bordeaux?
I've been in London for a few years.
Why London?
Working on my Master's.
Modern Lit.
Prepping for Summa Cum Laude?
You're a brain?
Where do you live?
Been there long?
Yeah, I was born there.
Never moved.
What's that about?
The boondocks.
No, it's right out of town.
Fifteen-minute drive.
Spit in my mouth.
It was my parents' house.
They designed it, they were architects.
Lots of light.
I like it.
We were good last night.
Doesn't happen often.
I mean, it'll never be that strong again.
I mean, yes.
Why do you say that?
Want to leave it at that?
Doesn't mean we can't
catch up for a drink.
For a drink.
Subtitle translation by Joël Savdié
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