Twisted s01e02 Episode Script

Grief is a Five-Letter Word

Previously on Twisted Desai's return to Green Grove High from the juvenile detention facility that has held him for the past five years since he strangled his aunt Karen never changes.
She's always ready for her close-up.
Principal Tang, once everyone gets used to having him back, things will return back to normal.
I am throwing a party at my house tonight.
- You in? - Where'd you get that necklace? I know about last night.
Please don't tell anyone.
I won't because you have to tell everyone.
I was asleep.
Regina texted me.
- That necklace look familiar? - Not at all.
- Why did you kill her? - I didn't.
I need you to trust me.
Yes, Regina definitely knew how to have fun.
But she was more than just the life of the party.
She was smart in her own way, supportive, loyal.
The kind of friend you could open up to, who you could tell anything to.
And she was always there ready to listen and then offer her great, funny, Regina-patented advice.
Regina loved The Beatles.
We'd always listen to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
" Last one there starts the fire.
I say first one gets to.
Danny, you're such a pyro.
Me? You always start it.
You fools keep talking.
I'm gonna win.
Jo honey, you okay? Yeah.
We always used to love to listen to the Motion City Soundtrack and drive to the mall.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Thanks for coming.
- Sure.
It was a good speech.
Um, it was well-structured.
Oh, well, thanks.
Lacey I'm so sorry.
Thanks, Mrs.
We were proud of you up there.
How are you and your friends doing? Okay.
We're hanging in there.
In a weird way, losing Regina has brought us all closer.
I know it's a difficult time, Lacey, but I do need you to come in and give your official statement.
- My statement? - We're talking to everyone that was at that party, anyone who knew Regina, whoever can help us.
Don't wait too long or he'll drag you out in front of the entire school.
It's kind of his thing.
- We talked about that.
- You talked.
Can we not do this right now, please? I'm sure I don't have to remind you, but Danny Desai is not someone that you should associate with right now, at least until we can piece together what happened, which is why we need to gather these statements as fast as possible.
I'll come in, but I won't be able to tell you anything useful.
You never know what might be useful.
Yeah, you never know.
I've got to run.
I'm late to meet someone.
Rico, right? Of course, dad.
Who else? Well, you're probably the only 16-year-old left who reads the paper.
Just catching up on the news.
The Middle East is still a mess, huh? I already read it, Danny.
I wake up early for pilates, remember.
How could I forget? Well, at least they used a cool picture.
Menacing really works for my complexion, don't you think? Well, I'm glad you can make jokes.
Well, dad always said if you can't laugh, you might as well be dead.
If your father was here, he would want you to do everything possible to solve your situation.
Mother, we've discussed this.
I'm not using Lacey as an alibi.
She was with you the whole night.
Yeah, and we were asleep.
I'm not dragging her into this.
If the police find some way to pin this on you, you could go to jail for the rest of your life.
Real jail this time.
- Not juvie.
- You think I don't know that? I want to help you so badly.
But I'm gonna figure this out.
Okay? And Jo's helping me.
Jo's a sweet girl.
It's the Mastersons that can't be trusted.
Well, I get hating Chief Masterson, but what do you got against Tess? Nothing.
Well, Jo has been pretty freaking forgiving.
So she must have inherited it from someone.
Cheer up, mother.
Everyone may hate me now, but the police need real evidence to pin this on me.
Evidence they clearly don't have.
Staking out a memorial service Wow, keep it classy, local news.
Chill, baby, Regina would love it.
Yeah, she did always want to be famous.
She told me once that she wanted to be a weather person like Al Roker but you know, white, and a lady.
Well, thanks to psycho boy, she's definitely getting her 15 minutes.
Lighten up.
We can't be eulogy-profound all the time.
She was my Regina, you know? It's like I lost a part of me like one of my ribs or my spleen.
You only have one spleen.
I only had one Regina.
Are you hearing this? Yeah, did she just compare Regina to a spleen? That's so gross.
Phoebe hated Regina.
They haven't been friends for months.
If there is a heaven, I am sure that Regina is there.
And I know that she is wearing the cutest outfit.
Okay, she literally told Regina she'd see her in hell.
Phoebe's a theater freak.
Let her perform.
Doesn't it piss you guys off? The only thing pissing me off is the food at the Memorial.
Let's get some pizza.
When is this gonna air? The text was the only reason he brought you in, right? Yeah, that's it.
One booty-call text one really disturbing booty-call text.
God, I hate when that happens.
It's hard out there for a pimp.
What else did he ask you? Not much.
Okay, in murder mystery parlance the text is known as a red herring.
Yeah, a red herring my Dad's basing his entire case on.
Well, then it's a weak case.
They have nothing unless they can connect Danny to the crime scene.
You sure you want to do this, Rico? I mean, Jo is kinda stuck with me after her little speech to the whole school, but you could still avoid the hassle.
If Jo trusts you, I trust you.
Besides, I love solving mysteries.
"Murder she wrote" Is Rico's favorite show.
He has a weird thing for Angela Lansbury.
I have a thing for her character, Jessica Fletcher.
There's really a big difference.
Is there? Yeah, Angela Lansbury is the actress and singer.
And Jessica Fletcher is the mystery writer and amateur detective.
What is it that attracts you? Is it like the tweed? Do you like tweed? - I don't - She's just a classy lady.
So if my dad's focused on this text, we need to figure out who else had a reason to hurt Regina.
Okay, well, Jessica Fletcher would start with the people closest to the victim.
Well, Archie's an ass.
Scott's a groping douche with impulse control problems.
Sarita probably drowns kittens for fun.
What about Lacey? I mean she's Regina's bff, right? Yeah, but Lacey wouldn't hurt anyone.
No stone unturned, right? J.
Fletcher would totally agree with that.
Danny said that he'd kill me.
And that he'd enjoy it.
Just like last time.
Thanks for coming in, Scott.
- That's it? - We'll let you know if we need more.
- I think he did it.
- Yeah, I know you do.
What, do you think he's lying? He's not smart enough to lie.
You really believe that one random text about a murder he committed five years ago would be enough to make him go back? If somebody claimed to know your deepest darkest secret, wouldn't you want to go ask him about it? You know me.
I mean, I'm an open book.
All right, so where are we with the necklace? Well, the parents confirmed she never took it off.
She started wearing it about six or seven months ago, but they have no idea where it came from.
You think he recognized it? Danny has a very good poker face.
I still can't believe Jo was with him drunk.
So unlike her.
Hey, she's a teenager.
And Danny is pretty dreamy.
Don't make this personal, boss.
When it's about your kid, everything is personal.
So, once all this craziness blows over, we can actually start talking about other things.
Movies, books, music, popular culture.
You can explain to me who the Kardashians are for instance.
- You don't want to know.
- Jo! Dad, Danny and I were just - Get in the car.
- Okay, calm down.
Car, now! Chief Masterson.
Hello, sir.
We're just grabbing a bite.
Is that a problem? I'm trying to give you a fair shake.
Don't make it harder for me.
I don't know what you mean, sir.
Stay away from my daughter.
Because he's potentially a serial killer.
Serial killer, really? What's going on? I was driving home when I passed your daughter on Main Street with our good friend Danny Desai after I specifically told her to stay away from him.
You suggested I stay away from him, a suggestion which I chose not to take.
I am responsible for the safety of everyone in this town.
Especially you.
- Someone's on a power trip.
- Jo, enough.
Mom, Danny didn't do anything wrong.
He's just an easy target.
Any evidence dad thinks he has against him is weak and circumstantial at best.
Who are you, Jonny Cochran? Sorry, I don't know who that is.
Maybe that's because you don't know anything - about murder cases.
- Maybe it's because I'm not 50.
Stop it, both of you.
Jo, your dad isn't saying you can never see Danny.
Just not right now, while the case is pending.
Right, Kyle? See? - Unreasonable.
- Jo, I know this is hard, but you've got to trust me.
I can't tell you why right now, but my gut is telling me Danny did this.
Yeah, well, my gut's telling me he didn't.
And I know him better.
Know him? You don't know him at all.
You don't know a boy who murdered his own aunt.
You don't know a boy who - spent five years in prison.
- Juvie.
You have no idea what he went through in there.
Trust me.
You don't know him at all.
He's wrong.
He means well.
Just give the whole situation some time, okay? Yeah, curls.
Curls are better.
Girls, hey.
How you holding up? Phoebe, hi.
We're fine, thanks.
So we haven't had a chance to talk since Regina left us.
And as her close girlfriends, it's on us to figure out how to honor her.
We could burn a cow.
Didn't the Greeks or the Aztecs or whoever burn cattle or dogs or something to honor the dead? I have lots of ideas.
Um, a memorial concert, a charity drive.
I am lobbying Principal Tang to name the chemistry lab after her.
Chemistry was her favorite subject.
Well, let's talk about this later okay? - We need to run.
- Sure, yes.
To be continued.
Oh, also There's a grief session at school tonight with a prominent local grief specialist.
I'm co-running it if you want to join.
We'll think about it.
Well, that was fun.
Chemistry, really? Anyone who knew Regina knew her favorite subject was free period.
I wish she were here just to mock that conversation.
Sometimes it's like I can still hear her laugh.
- And I turn - Can we not? Not what? Regina was a big old bitch and we loved her, but she's gone now.
What else is there to say? Karen? Hi.
Did I catch you at a bad time? Uh, no.
- Of course, come in.
- Thank you.
Well, I love what you've done with this room.
It's a great use of limited space.
Oh, well, thanks.
Karen, I'm so sorry about Vik.
I can't even begin to imagine what you've been going through.
Yeah, it's been difficult.
I wanted to call, but you know.
Oh well, the flowers were lovely, Tess.
Vik's death has been especially hard on Danny.
- I'm sure.
- Yeah.
I mean coming back here was a big enough challenge Without his dad? And now with all this unfair suspicion and being pulled out in front of the whole school, - It's - I wish that had happened differently.
Did Kyle say why he did that? I mean, I can't understand why he was so unprofessional.
Kyle and I don't discuss his cases.
Look, Tess, I know this is a lot to ask.
But from one mom to another, could you please talk to Kyle? Reason with him unlike last time.
That wouldn't be appropriate.
But Karen, please, if you ever want to grab lunch or something, if you need someone to talk to I'll be fine, Tess.
Thank you.
No, she didn't.
That's obnoxious.
This okay? Your dad doesn't have like psycho cams everywhere, does he? I have a plan.
Does it involve brainwashing? Uh, sort of actually, my mom.
Okay, so I say we do like a fun low-key dinner Just us and our moms.
If we just show my mom how normal you are, she can convince my dad to tone it down.
He listens to her.
Jo, I don't think our moms are that close anymore.
I'm sorry, but it's kind of naive to think that a dinner is gonna fix everything.
So I'm naive? No, that's not what I meant.
Don't worry, Jo.
Your killer boy-toy here will get conjugal visits once he's back in prison.
And when you get there, maybe we can be roomies.
I call top bunk.
What'd you say? - Danny.
- You heard me.
Why would I end up there? Come on, pal.
We all know this story.
Popular jock, right? You peak early.
You lose your hair.
You get a beer gut and you become a drunk.
Either you're going to prison or you're pumping gas for the rest of your life.
You don't know me.
You don't know me either.
Get him, Archie.
- Come on.
- You can take him.
Hey, hey, hey.
Break it up.
Come on.
I can't believe Principal Tang is punishing me.
You're lucky he didn't expel you.
I wish he did.
Grief session! I'd rather jab out my eyes.
Maybe it'll be good for you.
You clearly have some pent-up anger.
The guy murdered our friend.
- Whose side are you on? - Your side.
But you obviously overreacted back there.
The freak goaded me.
I'm not saying it wasn't his fault.
But maybe talking about all this tonight will be good for you.
What we're going through, it's not easy.
We all miss Regina.
- I just feel like - Stop, Lace save it.
I don't feel like being lectured right now.
I'm not lecturing you.
Will you come with me tonight? I can't.
I can't sit there listening to Phoebe make Regina's death all about her.
So some people aren't grieving enough and other people are grieving too much.
- That's not what I said.
- Of course it is.
You're perfect and everyone else can't handle their own emotions.
The Tang has spoken.
I have to start seeing a school-sponsored therapist.
Better than getting expelled, though, right? What, are you mad at me? No, I'm just not wasting any more of my time helping someone who doesn't want to help himself.
I do want to help myself.
Really? Okay, let's look at the evidence.
You won't tell anyone why you killed your aunt.
- Yeah - I know.
You're protecting me.
Fine, whatever.
But you also refuse to use Lacey as an alibi.
- Jo, I told you - You were asleep.
Lacey was asleep.
I get it.
But then while I'm sticking up for you to the entire school and defending you to my parents, you go and get into a huge fight in front of everyone.
Maybe you are the delinquent my dad says you are.
I'm meeting up with Rico to study.
I'll see you later.
Is this all because I rejected your little mom-dinner idea, or what? Do you really think after the way you just acted I'd let you anywhere near my mother? Did you talk to the school board? Yes, everything's fine.
Oh good.
For now, but everyone's pretty freaked out by Danny's violent outburst.
But he said the other boy started it.
The other boy isn't a suspect in a murder investigation.
I'm not in the mood, mark.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do about Danny.
And I don't know how to be a good mom to him.
You're a wonderful mom.
Mark, I said I'm not in the mood.
How can I help, Karen? You can't help.
I can't help.
No one can.
He even has an alibi and he won't use it.
So take matters into your own hands.
You're the parent.
You need to do what you think is right for him.
Can I at least brush your hair? Mark, please don't ask me that again.
It's creepy.
Put that away.
Hey, Lace.
Now was the fire pit yours or Jo's idea? I don't remember.
I think it was Jo's.
I should go.
Hey, can you stay for a little bit? I didn't tell, you know about our sleepover.
I didn't tell Chief Masterson about it and I asked Jo not to say anything either.
I don't want to mess things up for, you know, you and that guy.
- His name's Archie.
- I know.
And for the record, I never went back to Regina's house.
Do you believe me? I don't know.
How you handling losing your friend? It must be rough.
I'm fine.
What? You don't believe me? If you're fine, then why are you here? This is where we went when we needed to unload, you know? Tell secrets, laugh, cry.
Did you really think I'm gonna cry in front of you? No.
But maybe you should talk to somebody.
- You know, like a professional.
- I tried that five years ago.
It didn't help much.
This place is in pretty good condition, considering.
Yeah, after you went away, Jo used to come here.
She didn't want the place to fall apart.
You think she still comes here? She and I haven't talked much in the last couple years.
But you know Jo.
It takes a lot for her to give up on something.
Hey, your dad isn't home, is he? No.
He's working late tonight.
But my mom's gonna be home any minute, so what do you want? I think he wants to apologize.
Just based on body language and the way he said, "Hey.
" I'm sorry, Jo.
Okay? My fight with Archie was stupid.
It was really stupid.
- Extremely stupid.
- Extremely stupid.
And I know how secretive I'm being and how complicated I'm making your life, but just please don't give up on me just yet.
What's going on here? He was just stopping by for a minute.
Actually, I was going to invite you and Jo over to my place for dinner tonight.
Tonight? - Danny, I don't - Mom, just think about it.
I mean it's not like I'm asking to go hang out with him by myself.
You and Mrs.
Desai will be there.
Sounds like a delightful evening.
- You're invited too.
- Really? Thanks, man.
You think he's gonna kill us all over a pasta dinner? Very funny.
For the record, I think this is a terrible idea.
Duly recorded.
Love you.
My next teen interviewee here? Yeah, but someone else would like to talk to you first.
Karen, please have a seat.
So I hear you're hosting a little dinner party tonight.
Yeah, I just found that out myself.
What can I do for you? Danny wasn't alone the night Regina was murdered.
So you're telling me that you and Danny stayed up all night eating bonbons and gabbing? I was asleep, but I do know that Lacey spent the night.
I saw her leaving the next morning.
You don't believe me, do you? - I didn't say that.
- Well, you don't have to.
It doesn't fit with the "My son's a monster theory" That you and this whole town want so badly to believe.
- There is actual evidence.
- What? One text from a drunk girl claiming to know about something that happened five years ago? So Danny told you.
I know he's an easy target, but please don't ruin his life now just because you're still holding a grudge.
I don't hold grudges, Karen.
That's your department.
While you're here, this necklace look familiar? No, it doesn't.
Why? It was the only thing taken from Regina's body.
In fact, it was the only thing missing from the whole house.
I've never seen it before.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've a dinner to prepare.
Well? How'd it go? Let's just say she doesn't have as good a poker face as her son.
So tonight is a chance to talk about Regina, share memories, - Sorry I'm late.
- That's okay, Lacey.
I'm so glad you're able to join us.
I knew you'd decide to come, babe.
Thanks for supporting me.
Let's begin.
I am honored to introduce a special guest.
She graduated magna cum laude from Green Grove Junior College and she is a certified grief specialist.
Welcome, April Tanaka.
Thank you.
To most people who've never experienced it before, it's just a five letter word.
Right? Three consonants and two vowels.
But to everyone here who knew and loved Regina, it's more than just a word.
It's a weight on our hearts.
Thank God you're back.
I need some help.
Cooking for five at home is oddly more stressful than cooking for 30 in juvie.
Danny, can we talk? It's about this investigation.
Uh, sure.
What about it? Ooh, uh, okay.
Can you watch that? Dinner smells great.
I brought Pinot.
A heads-up would have been nice.
He decided to come at the last minute.
- Didn't you get my text? - No, I was cooking Apparently for the man who wants to pin a murder on me.
- Why'd he even come? - I don't know.
Maybe my mom convinced him to lighten up a bit.
He's here, so charm him.
You're really good at that.
- Can I help set up? - No thanks, sir.
Actually, we got it covered, but thank you.
You're very welcome, Danny.
Yeah, this place hasn't changed at all.
It's like going back in time.
Yeah, my mother isn't big on change.
Well, I get it.
Change is hard.
But necessary.
If you spend too much time trying to recreate the past, you can miss what's happening in the present.
I agree, dad.
But if you spend too much time obsessing over the past or something that happened in the past, you can lose focus on the present situation.
- Refill on the wine, sir? - Sure.
I need to use the restroom.
I'll be right back.
You're doing great.
Let's just get through tonight, okay.
I'll get him his wine.
Get lost finding the bathroom? Sorry, I passed your room and saw this photo.
I think I took this one.
My dad took that photo, actually.
Do you need help finding the bathroom? No, I got it, Danny.
You're welcome.
Dinner's ready.
I'm starving.
So she didn't know what boron was.
So I told her.
And she was all like "I like you.
I want to make you my nerd pet.
" But I never got to be her nerd pet.
You know? I never got that chance.
You were her nerd pet, Doug.
You will always be her nerd pet.
Thank you.
Thank you.
How about you? Well, this one time I was hungry.
And I told Regina that.
And then she gave me her raisins.
That's it.
Seriously? What? You know I like raisins.
If Regina could, she would toss you a box of raisins from heaven right now.
Thank you.
How about you? It's Lacey, right? I think I'll pass if that's okay.
Whenever your heart is ready.
How about you, Phoebe? Would you like to share? Um, my mind keeps taking me back to a sleepover Regina and I had in the 8th grade.
We would stay up all night, talk about everything.
Boys, love, animals, clothes, the Jonas Brothers.
That's when they were sort of still relevant.
That was the night that I knew Regina would be my soul mate - forever.
- I'm sorry.
But this is all such total crap! Excuse me, but we don't interrupt when others are sharing.
Did anyone here actually know Regina? Donna, you spoke to her what? Like twice? Shane, all you did was hit on her at parties.
She thought you were creepy and gross.
Doug, you weren't her only nerd pet.
She picked one in every class and called him her pet just so that he'd do her homework for her.
- Oh.
- And you.
You and Regina hated each other.
You talked behind each other's backs.
You mocked each other's clothes.
And after you had that big falling out last year, you broke into her car and put a fish in her glove compartment.
Her car smelled for months.
So where the hell do you get off calling her your soul mate? So Loki is just watching Iron Man and Thor battle.
And then Captain America swoops in.
It's just crazy.
Yeah, that sounds crazy.
Yeah, you'd love it.
Hey, we should rent it.
We can show Danny the scene that looks like it was filmed in McNally Park.
Oh, right, Danny, have you even seen the new McNally Park? I didn't even know there was a new McNally Park.
Well, they renovated it last year.
We should check it out.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Uh, Saturday night? I don't think that's a good idea.
And why is that? I'm not sure it would be safe.
You mean it wouldn't be safe with my son there.
Karen, that's not what he meant.
It's just not appropriate to let your kid go to a park at night.
You know, sexual predators.
Well, thank you, Tess, for that lecture on appropriate parenting.
I'm not sure there's much of a sex crime problem in Green Grove.
- There's a bit of a murder problem.
- Dad! Say it, Kyle.
You think my son's a psychopathic murderer.
Karen, everyone's trying to deal with a very difficult situation.
Yeah well, a situation you blame on me.
Okay, uh, mother.
I think you've had enough wine.
Danny, you wanted this dinner.
Well, here it is.
- I don't blame you for anything.
- Really? Then why did you call me a bad mother? That was five years ago.
And what you were asking of us was completely unreasonable.
Wait, what are you guys talking about? My late husband and I wanted your parents to let you be a character witness at Danny's sentencing.
And they turned us down.
Jo was eleven, Karen.
We were just trying to protect our daughter.
And I was trying to help my son.
I know what Danny did.
It was But Jo knew Danny, the real Danny, since he was a baby.
And her testimony might have made a difference.
It would have made no difference! I lost my son for five years! He's lucky he got five years! My parents left.
They're giving Rico a ride home.
They left their daughter behind with a psychopathic murderer? That's very irresponsible.
I insisted on walking home.
My dad wasn't really happy about it.
Try not to kill me, okay.
It'll make me look really bad in front of my parents.
I'll keep that in mind.
Is this the same Yeah.
Yeah, I guess it is.
Your mom really does hate change.
Oh, I visited our fort today.
It's in pretty good shape, you know, after five years of neglect.
Yeah, I check on it from time to time.
Yeah, I know.
Lacey told me.
She did? When? Today, at the Fort.
She was there? Hey, I was just as surprised as you are.
Yet she still won't tell anyone she was with you the night Regina died.
I didn't know, by the way, about the character witness thing.
They never asked me.
If they had, would you have said yes? Of course.
Okay, maybe not.
Your dad was right.
It wouldn't have mattered anyway.
So what are we gonna do about him now? He still hates me.
I don't care.
All we have to do is prove to him that someone else killed Regina.
I couldn't help you five years ago, but I can now.
The grief session just finished up.
Phoebe, I wanted to apologize for my little freak out.
I kind of needed to blow off some steam.
Did Regina ever tell you what happened between us? Something to do with Craig Bentley.
I told her that I had a crush on Craig.
So she went and told him that I had an STD, something yucky, something in my butt.
Which I don't have.
I haven't even had sex.
I mean I kind of went to third base Okay, I believe you.
I believe you.
When I confronted Regina about it, she claimed that she liked Craig seven months ago for three-and-a-half weeks and that he was off-limits to me.
Our friendship was over.
God, it sounds so dumb now.
And Craig Bentley isn't even that cute.
My last interaction with Regina wasn't so great either.
What happened? I was at her party.
She embarrassed me in front of someone.
I called her out.
She told me not to be so sensitive.
And then she walked away.
And that's the last time we spoke.
Regina knew that you loved her.
I hope so.
She did.
You were her best friend.
I was always kind of jealous of your guys' friendship.
I even tried to turn her against you a couple times, but it didn't take.
Where are you going? To the diner.
I need to do some homework.
When you get back, we still need to have a conversation.
About what? How you had a complete freak-out at dinner? I'm sorry, but I don't like to be made to feel like a bad person in my own home, okay? - Kyle and Tess - Kyle and Tess are not the problem! Okay? It's my fault.
I spent five years in juvie, mother.
Not Jo's, not Kyle's, not Tess's, mine.
You took long enough.
I was about to drive around looking for you.
Sorry, I just needed some air.
Jo about that dinner.
I didn't intend to cause a scene.
Hey, it's pretty much a mass parental meltdown anyway.
- And about what Karen told you - It's okay.
I know you and mom were just protecting me.
And you know that's all I'm trying to do now too, right? You're my baby.
But I'm not a baby anymore.
And I'm not backing away from Danny.
It doesn't matter that you think he did it, or why.
I believe in him, dad.
You always taught me to follow what I believe.
I thought we made it past the rebellious teenage phase unscathed.
She's related to you, Kyle.
She was bound to go rogue eventually.
That dinner party was fun, huh? Just like the good old days.
Isn't it strange how similar that house looked? It's like Karen hasn't altered a single plant.
I know.
Did you see that photo? When we got there, I noticed a shelf of family photos.
And there was one with Tara Desai in it.
- Really? - Yeah.
The weirdest part was when we left, I passed the shelf again and the photo with Tara was gone.
Strange, huh? Maybe Karen or Danny moved it.
Maybe they saw it and were embarrassed it was sitting out like that.