Twisted s01e03 Episode Script

PSA de Résistance

Previously on Twisted Desai's release from the detention facility that has held him since he strangled his aunt.
Where'd you get that necklace? A housekeeper discovered Regina Crane beaten to death I don't know if Danny did this or not.
But do you? - I know about last night.
- Please don't tell anyone.
You have to tell everyone.
I do need you to come in and give your official statement.
My statement? - You don't know me.
- You don't know me either.
About our sleepover.
I didn't tell Cheif Masterson about it.
And I asked Jo not to say anything either.
Danny wasn't alone the night Regina was murdered.
Lacey spent the night.
All we have to do is prove to him that someone else killed Regina.
I noticed a shelf of family photos and there was one with Tara Desai.
When we left the photo was gone.
Please don't drive.
This is a mistake.
Give me the keys now.
Don't tell me what to do.
Yeah, you're not the boss of us.
We have to drink to be cool.
Yeah, we're under a lot of peer pressure, to get accepted by our peers.
Cut! Are you trying to ruin my life? What? This is funny.
It's a comedy, right? No, it is a heartbreaking cautionary tale about the dangers of underage drinking and driving.
My foot hurts.
I need a break.
We only have 48 hours until Sobriety Awareness Day.
And the entire school is eagerly anticipating this assembly so Isn't it mandatory? Not the point, Lacey.
- We need to be amazing.
- Well, that ship has sailed.
Look, if we all work really hard, I know that we can make teenage sobriety seem pretty awesome.
Am I right? Okay, whatever.
Start from the top.
How was your therapy session? Therapeutic.
Tonight I learned that if I try harder to fit in at school, people will totally start trusting me again.
I think you might have to be cleared of the whole murdering Regina thing before that happens.
You might be right, Rico.
Man, I wish we could be more helpful.
Just kind of hard to figure out what happened to Regina if we don't know anything about her.
There's got to be some other people we can talk to though, right? Classmates? Other friends? People you know from extracurricular stuff? We decided to just focus on academic achievements.
I mean, that's why Jo and I have the highest GPA's in the school.
Wow, you guys are really getting the full high school experience, aren't you? Not everyone needs to turn high school into some lame social experiment.
Some of us just want to learn something and get out.
Fair enough.
So you guys go to school and then you come here and you study.
- Yeah.
- No.
I mean I also drive to school everyday with my dad.
What if I tried talking to Lacey? Lacey? She won't even say she was with you the night of Regina's murder.
I know, but You know sometimes I just get this sense that she misses us or something.
Plus Lacey's super connected to this school.
I mean she knows everyone and everything about it.
And she's Regina's BFF.
It'd be nice, right? Jo? Having Lacey in our lives again? I just don't want you to be disappointed.
Don't underestimate me, Masterson.
I can be very, very charming.
Worked on you, didn't it? Don't get cocky, Desai.
Man, I just wish I could offer you something more than a parent that's trying to put you back in prison.
We're gonna get through this.
Lacey's a good plan.
Yeah, and this way, we don't have to talk to any annoying people.
Right, Jo? Yeah.
That Phoebe is a perky demon monster.
I can't believe we agreed to do this.
We had to do something.
And a skit beats writing some stupid essay.
I don't know.
Writing an essay about not drinking might be better than having Phoebe yell at me to emote more with my facial expressions.
I'm kidding but I'm glad we're doing this.
That way I get to spend more time with my hot girlfriend.
You're stressing about tomorrow, aren't you? What? No.
I'm fine.
- It'll be fine.
- That's what I keep telling you.
Chief Masterson's cool unlike his weird daughter.
But my statement took me like five minutes.
You were home the night of Regina's party.
There wasn't much to say.
Well, you left the party and went home.
I mean how much more complicated is that? Yeah, it's not.
You're right.
It's not.
Well, I just got off the phone with Hector down at the studio.
I'm officially no longer renting space from them.
That place was a rip-off anyway.
We have an entire garage full of room for your kiln, your pottery wheels, all your work.
Yeah, a garage filled with years of crap.
You're helping me clear it out tonight, right? Of course, honey.
You guys are so adorable.
I love how you make that sound like an insult.
What's on top for school today? Oh, nothing too exciting.
How's work? Work? Work is good.
Care to elaborate on busy? You know I can't talk to you about my cases, right? Any of them.
I guess I was just wondering if you had a real suspect yet.
How about a fun new rule? No talking about suspects or murders or Danny at breakfast.
Sound good? Agreed.
Or on the ride to school.
You know what? I think I'm gonna walk to school.
- Really? - Yeah.
We don't have to do the same thing everyday.
Maybe it's time to shake things up a bit.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Don't take it personally.
I'm not.
You still gonna try to talk to Karen on your way in? Yeah, "try" being the operative word.
You sure you don't remember anything about that photo of Tara Desai? Any details? I wish I did.
I guess she looked pretty pissed off in it.
Tara always looked pissed off.
See you tonight.
See you tonight.
Top of the morning to you.
Ah, I get it.
So it's okay to talk to me in private, but not in the hallowed halls of Green Grove High? Glad you're catching on.
I I might be misreading this situation here, but are you afraid to be seen in public with me? Look at you, Mr.
That's what my fancy new therapist is calling me, but I think she's just trying to boost my self-esteem.
Is this freak bothering you? Archie, I'm so glad you asked.
She kinda is.
- Psycho made a funny.
- You guys, can we please avoid a sequel to that fight? That's cool with me.
Archie? Oh, you're not in this conversation anymore.
Chief Masterson, oh, I'm sorry.
I just finished breakfast.
But if you want to yell at me while I'm drinking my coffee Karen, I owe you an apology for the other night.
I was a guest in your home and I had no right to disrespect you like that.
Or Danny.
Thank you.
That all? Can I come in for a minute? Hmm, I'm really busy.
Keeping the place up I'm sure.
Tess and I were talking last night about how great the house looks.
Thanks, yeah.
I've had to maintain it over the years, hoping to attract buyers however unlikely.
Tough market.
- Well, thanks for stopping by.
- One quick question, Karen.
When we were over for dinner, Tess noticed a photo of Tara, but it was gone by the time we left.
And? I was just curious why you might have moved it or why Danny might have.
I knew you had an ulterior motive.
If I could just see that photo Since you and Danny have nothing to hide, I can't imagine that's a problem.
But you harassing me is becoming one.
So the next time you want to chat, call my lawyer first.
Hey, where were you? Class is about to start.
Eloise is getting worried.
Calm down.
I decided to walk.
Why? Is your dad's car broken? Do I have to drive to school with my dad everyday? No, wow, walking makes you grumpy.
Before we dive into today's experiment, Jana has requested to change lab groups.
Miss Moseley, please warn whoever volunteers that my group is evil.
Tell them that Scott is a cold heartless animal who will use them and toss them aside like garbage.
Come on, Jana, it was one night.
You said you'd call! Well Anyone want to switch? Anyone? Miss Moseley, I'll do it.
I'll switch groups.
I mean who asks a girl for a ride when they already have a car if they don't actually like her? Hello, mixed signals, how are you? Uh, will you excuse me, please, for a second.
Well, do you care to explain yourself? You know you could actually just sharpen that thing for real.
Come on, Rico.
It can't hurt us to like spread our wings a little.
Now, I'm getting to know Scott and Sarita and you're getting to know Jana.
Oh right, yeah.
I'm getting to know Jana.
She won't shut up.
I even know what freaking birth control she uses.
You have me doing chemistry with someone who uses birth control.
Look, it was an impulsive decision, okay.
But we can't help Danny if all we do is study at the diner.
So we're off for tonight then? Or course we're still on for tonight.
Hey, guys.
So where were we? Hey, Jo.
You were just gonna tell us what psycho-sex is like.
Can we Can we talk for a second? Heard you guys got a big game Friday.
Go, Grizzlies.
What the hell are you doing? I'm not trying to start a fight.
Okay, I swear.
You know, I used to play soccer growing up.
I even played a little bit in juvie.
I don't think kicking a coffee can around a jail yard counts as playing soccer.
That's a good one.
Look, we don't have to be friends, but Lacey and I, we go way back.
I knew it was about Lacey.
You're into her, aren't you? What? No.
No, that's exactly my point.
- I want to be friends.
- She doesn't want to be your friend.
I kinda think that's up to her.
Don't you? Look, you guys seem like a really great couple.
And the last thing I want to do is mess that up.
I got to get back to my team.
She got it sometime last spring.
Know where? Who gave it to her? Does it have something to do with what happened to her? We're not sure.
Okay, Lacey, walk me through the rest of that night.
What happened after you left the party? I saw Jo walking with Danny and I knew she'd been drinking so I gave them a ride.
Didn't get a chance to thank you for that by the way.
Yeah, well, that was it.
I dropped Jo off then Danny.
Then I went home, went to bed.
That's all.
Can anyone vouch for that? No one was awake when you got home? There isn't anything you're not telling me, right, Lacey? I knew Jo would tell you that I spent the night.
Jo knew? She didn't tell you? Who told me isn't important.
Look, Danny convinced me to come upstairs to talk.
And it got late and I fell asleep.
But nothing happened.
What time did you fall asleep? Uh, midnight.
Around midnight.
And you woke up at? I was home at I remember seeing the time on our grandfather clock when I walked in.
So from midnight to around six I was sound asleep, I swear.
Okay, Lacey.
You can go now.
I'm sorry, Chief Masterson.
It's just if anyone found out I understand.
But I'm trying to find out what happened to Regina.
I can't do that if her friends lie to me, okay.
God, Jana's posting mean stuff all over my Facebook page.
I told you she was cray-cray.
You never listen to me.
One night! I hung out with her literally one night.
It's like she's giving my soul an STD.
Lacey just texted me.
Phoebe wants to rehearse an extra hour tonight.
You guys doing that skit for Sobriety Awareness Day? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I just wrote that stupid anti-drinking essay instead.
Got it over with.
Of course you did.
What is that supposed to mean? Well, you're a mole person.
Mole people don't usually take part in life above ground.
So what? You guys just gonna perform a skit on the dangers of drinking? - Could be kind of fun.
- Yeah, it's not.
But maybe you'll learn something.
You know after your hung-over decision to defend the socio to the whole school.
Hey! Where're you coming from? None of your business.
You know, I bumped into your boyfriend earlier.
I don't think we're ready to start braiding each other's hair just yet, but there was very little kicking or punching.
Did I do something to upset you - in the last couple of hours? - You tell me! I just gave my statement to Chief Masterson.
Oh, well, how'd it go? You can drop the act, Danny, it's over.
He knew everything.
What do you mean he knew, how? He didn't hear it from Jo.
It must've been my mom then.
- Right.
- No, you got to believe me.
Lacey, I would never do that.
Just stop it.
I don't care.
I don't want to hear it.
Just stay the hell out of my life.
Jo, I'm telling you.
She was really angry with me.
When we were kids, wasn't she always the easygoing one? A lot's changed in five years.
So I'm learning.
Although my mother certainly hasn't changed.
Still screwing up my life, but in fresh, new, interesting ways.
So the Danny Desai charm offensive is over already, huh? You didn't witness her rage, Jo.
Charm is not gonna cut it.
Okay, so try a different approach.
Be more real.
Appeal to her emotions.
Worked on me.
Yeah, but you're more open-minded.
And how can I be honest with Lacey if I can't even get near her? How about this? What about it? I heard Lacey's involved.
Bet you they could use more help.
I'm sure Lacey would be thrilled.
Come on, I'll do it with you.
Could even be sort of fun.
What? Someone's a joiner all of a sudden.
And someone's a quitter.
Since when do you give up so fast? So Sarita, tell me about your character.
- Who is she? - A bitch who likes alcohol.
But what does she want? For this conversation to be over.
This conversation will be over once you start to show some appreciation for the importance of what we're doing.
Phoebe, let's just rehearse.
Okay? This is a private rehearsal! We wanted to volunteer.
- Actually.
- Thanks, we're good.
Bye now.
Look, we do need more people on crew.
And technically, I'm not allowed to turn away volunteers for a school-sponsored event.
Even suspected murderers.
Suspected? We do need more help on AV.
There's an anti-drinking video that runs post skit when the school is feeling all raw and exposed.
Yeah, whatever, just find Doug.
He'll explain.
Okay, what part of stay out of my life was confusing to you? - It was my idea.
- It's true.
But now that I'm here, I'm very excited.
Teenage sobriety has always been a pet cause of mine.
I know what you're trying to do.
And it's not gonna work.
Less charm, more emotion, right? Hey.
Are you trying to get near Lacey when you think I'm not around? No, no.
I'm just being a joiner.
I knew that little speech in the student lounge was total BS.
Hey, been researching Tara; Looking for pictures online.
Nothing much there.
I also pulled her file.
A necklace? She had a necklace in her possession - when Danny - I knew you'd latch on to that.
Is it in the crime scene photos? No, it was in her purse when she died.
Come on, boss.
Lots of women wear lots of necklaces.
This isn't necessarily I know, but it would explain so much.
Why else would Danny move the photo? Why did Karen react the way she did when I showed her the picture of the necklace? It was Tara's necklace.
And without proof, it's just a theory.
We have to see that photo of Tara.
Unless you've conquered the space-time continuum, there's no way to see it anymore.
It's gone.
Probably destroyed.
What if we could go back in time? The Desai house was on the market for almost a year.
That realtor must have photographed every room, every corner, every lamp.
Every photo.
I'll track him down.
From back here, Lacey's about - two inches tall.
- Okay, I'm just gonna go backstage and get some - fresh batteries.
- I'll get them.
No! No.
That's don't You cannot do that.
And it's fine.
I can - Get them.
- It's fine.
- I really want to help.
- It's all right, really.
- It's fine.
I got it.
- Doug.
I'm in charge and I need to maintain that control.
Really? Okay.
- So, Doug - Yeah.
You grow up in Green Grove? You a lifer? I need to go urinate now.
Jana just texted asking for ugly photos of you to post online.
I'm sending her one of you eating a burrito.
I hate you.
If you hadn't borrowed my car all freaking night, I wouldn't had to ride with her.
You owe me a tank of gas by the way.
Doug told me to look for batteries.
She's doing this thing? Haven't you heard? Her and the freak are helping out.
Archie, hi.
What's happening? I told you to redo your entrance.
I'm talking to my friend.
Just chill, okay? Did you just tell me to chill? Yes.
Chill out.
You're insane, okay.
Can we take a 15-minute break or like an hour? Does anyone understand what's happening here? The entire school is about to watch you make fools of yourselves.
- Phoebe, it'll be okay.
- Yeah, I just tweeted that this thing is gonna be awful.
Lowering expectations, duh.
You know what? We'll just figure this out tomorrow.
Or we won't 'cause I really don't care.
So I'm just gonna be in the lounge not caring if anyone wants to come apologize.
Hate to admit it, but I think Sarita's got a point.
This skit is beyond lame.
I think it actually makes me want to drink more just to defy it.
You know what? I could probably write a better script than this.
Can I borrow your laptop? Yeah, it's okay.
A little heavy.
I drew from personal experience.
The best writing is honest, right? Why are you guys doing this? We just want to help out.
Maybe be more involved.
Involved how? Within ten feet of the stage.
I could help you direct.
Like I took an exclusive youth directing course at the St.
Athens Summer Theater Festival so I could direct with an ex-convict.
I guess you can be my assistant.
And what about you? I want the lead role.
I haven't acted since like the fourth grade.
Do you remember that play our class did on photosynthesis? I was such a kick-ass leaf.
I was the sun.
It was my finest hour.
Yeah, it was.
Wasn't Lacey like a raindrop? Hey, do you really think reading this thing will have any effect on her? Like you said, honesty over charm.
It affected me.
And I promise I will perform the hell out of it.
I'm sure you will.
Why are you doing this anyway? Come on.
Starring in a school assembly? Two days ago you would have mocked that idea.
No, I wouldn't have.
This isn't about our conversation last night, is it? I didn't mean to make you feel self-conscience.
You didn't.
Okay, maybe you did like a little bit.
But you were right.
I mean you only go through high school once.
Who wants to get to the end of it with a perfect GPA when no one knows who you really are? I think people know who you are.
And there's nothing wrong with getting good grades.
I know.
Do you want to read lines with me? Aren't you meeting Rico to study? Oh crap! Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, I got to run.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Hey, honey.
- Hey.
Someone's in a good mood.
We got a strong lead on the case.
We'll find out tomorrow.
What happened to never talking about your cases with me? "Strong lead" is pretty vague.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I had plans with this really cute guy I kinda like, but he stood me up.
The garage, I completely forgot.
Let me just run upstairs.
I'll get changed.
We'll do it right now.
It's late, Kyle.
And it's a really big job.
It's fine.
We'll do it tomorrow night.
Maybe we should wait till the weekend 'cause the case is really Heating up.
I know.
It's fine.
I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
I know how you get on a big case.
Drinking alone, mother? It's only my second glass.
How was your day? Well, people are just stepping over each other wanting to hang out with me.
Homecoming King, here I come.
Sarcasm doesn't win friends, Danny.
Just keep trying.
I am trying.
Not that you're helping.
Did you move a photo from the dining room? What are you talking about? You know what I'm talking about.
There was a family photo in the dining room and it's gone now.
Tara was in it.
Well, I didn't move it.
And neither did I.
And we're the only two people who live here.
I'm very aware of that, mother.
And since we're grilling one another, do you have any idea how Chief Masterson knew about Lacey spending the night here? She's not my child, Danny.
But she's my friend, at least I'm trying to convince her to be.
Not that that's very likely now that you've intervened, which I specifically asked you not to do.
I was trying to protect you.
I don't need your protection! Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
Guess who's now starring in the big anti-drinking assembly.
I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be telling me unless it was you.
So would you mind quickly running lines with me before we jump into our history homework? Actually, I was just leaving.
Oh, okay, you're mad.
I get it.
But this skit is tomorrow so Danny and I just really had to You know what, it's fine, Jo.
Okay, it's very good and fine and okay.
It doesn't seem fine.
You're doing that weird twitching thing with your mouth.
I ate a blueberry muffin and had lots of sugar.
Okay, just lay off me.
Come on, I can't be late one time? Look, I'm sorry you're bored with studying with me or whatever.
I'm not bored.
Bored is such a harsh word.
You know what, go star in skits, and study with morons, and be all involved in the school.
Whatever, I can get good grades on my own.
- Rico - I guess I just thought we cared about the same things.
We do.
And we can still study it's not that late.
I'm tired.
I'm going home.
Everything okay with your new part? It's fine.
It's better, actually the skit.
Danny really wrote it? Yeah, he's really trying, Lacey.
Maybe you should give him a chance.
Okay, why does my script have different words on it? And why'd you change my character's name? Sorry, we wrote your character out.
It's Lacey, Archie, and Jo now.
You're kidding.
I assumed you didn't care.
You didn't seem that into it.
But we still really need you on AV with the anti-drinking video.
Please go see Doug now.
Hey, hope you like the new script.
Sorry about the surprise.
Oh, I'm not surprised.
What is that supposed to mean? You manipulate other people to make them like you so that you can get what you want.
That's what you do.
You're a sociopath.
Hey, boss.
Guess what Bickner Realty finally just sent over.
Let's see what we got.
That's where it was.
These are their personal photos? That's not them.
They staged the house.
Hey, I'm glad you came.
It's mandatory.
Look, I know you're still mad.
I just want to say I could never get bored of you.
Okay? It's not possible.
Break a leg.
Just try saying it with more passion.
It won't matter.
The line's dumb.
Just do it, Archie.
It's two minutes until curtain.
Why can't we just do the old skit? That one at least made sense.
Don't drink.
It's bad.
I don't even know what this one's about! It's about forgiveness.
Haven't you ever wanted someone's forgiveness really badly? You know what? - Screw this.
- Archie, come on.
No, I'm gonna write the anti-drinking essay.
I don't care.
I not reading something this freak show wrote.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
It's fine.
It'll be okay.
Danny can just do it.
Yeah, she's right.
He knows all the lines.
Yes, Danny.
Danny can do it.
Places everyone.
You do know your lines, right? - I think I'll manage.
- Great.
- Freak! - Shh! Hey, enough of that.
It was just another night.
I can still smell what it smelled like, dry leaves or something.
The party was supposed to start at 10:00.
Everyone was over at my house beforehand for a couple of drinks.
A couple? Okay a few.
We had a few.
I knew something was wrong.
I knew you had too many, I told you.
I didn't hear you.
I couldn't.
We've all been there, right? The discomfort, the anxiety, sometimes it's easier to go to a party With a little liquid courage.
I know I shouldn't have got behind the wheel.
I can still hear the thud when we hit him.
The broken windshield I can't change what happened.
I have to live with it.
I have to live with it too.
Me too.
I just want to forget.
You're never gonna be able to forget.
You might as well try and forgive.
We might not be able to change what happened.
But we can learn from it.
Talk about it.
It's all we can do now.
That was just wow.
Am I right? Okay.
Now for a short PSA video on the dangers of binge drinking.
I know that we're all scared and sad and angry.
And it's easy to focus all of that on the obvious sa-sa-sa I know that we're all scared and sad I know know know that we're all scared - and sad Sad sad sad I know that we're all scared and sad and angry I know that we're all scared How could you do that? It was pretty easy, actually.
So many people recorded all that stuff with their phones.
I just gathered up a few nerds.
Through it together.
Took me an hour.
It was cruel, Sarita.
To who? To Jo? The girl hanging out with our best friend's killer? - Regina would have loved it.
- Not the Regina I knew.
I'll see you soon.
Was that Jo? How is she? She's all right.
I had nothing to do with that video just so you know.
I know.
Could you please tell Jo that for me? Why don't you tell her yourself? You really think it's that simple, don't you? One drunk-driving skit and the three of us are all good and everything's fine.
Fine? Everything is not fine.
What do you want from me, Danny? I just wish What? I just want How are you feeling? Strangely okay.
I'm sorry again for ditching you.
Oh, that's okay.
I bet our boring, old routine probably seems pretty nice after what just happened, huh? Yeah.
But I'm not going back to it.
Oh? Well, not completely.
I don't know.
It's just The last few years, I've been telling myself that I was making like this big, bad-ass choice not to care about anything, but really I was just scared of letting people see me.
And I'm sick of being scared.
I actually like that girl that stood up in that video.
I like her too.
I just don't want to lose you.
Well, come with me.
Where? I don't know, out of our booth in the diner once in a while.
But I love our booth.
It's so cozy and safe.
Yeah, I love our booth too, but it's not going anywhere.
We are going there right now, though, right? We've a really important chemistry quiz - tomorrow.
- Yeah, come on.
I heard I missed quite the show.
You were right, by the way About Lacey.
She'll she'll never be my friend again.
I'm glad you're catching on.
Look, I'll stay away from Lacey, but can you and I at least tolerate each other? Whether you like it or not, I'm I'm here.
I don't need you calling me psycho and freak every time I walk into a room.
I'm just trying to blend in.
Danny, you're not gonna blend in here.
All right.
You're never gonna fit in.
You might as well accept that.
I saw you standing.
Guess you gave up on me, huh? Nothing personal.
I'm not mad.
I promise.
I know this case is important to you, to the town.
But I have to get this done.
It's important to me.
You're important to me.
More important than any case.
Prove it.
Grab a box.
I Joined the soccer team.
The coach says he needs another forward.
Especially one the other team will be afraid to attack.
That's wonderful, Danny.
Danny, why did you move that picture? Mother, not now, please.
And why is every picture of your aunt Tara missing from this album? - Danny! - 'Cause it's morbid! I'm trying to start over.
And I can't have anything that reminds me of what I did.
Including Tara's necklace? What necklace? You know what necklace.
The one that used to belong to Tara and then somehow ended up with Regina Crane.
Kyle showed me the picture.
I recognized it, Danny.
Tara was wearing the necklace in the photo you moved, wasn't she? What are you hiding from me? Nothing.
I just I was so scared.
When Chief Masterson showed me that photo, I knew how bad it looked.
I just didn't say anything.
I don't know how Regina got that necklace or where it is now.
Mom, please.
Do you know how hard it is being here? Back at this house? What chance do I have if my own mom doesn't believe me? I do.
I do believe you.
What did you get for number two? Um Good, me too.
Jana kept calling it "Bellarium.
" She couldn't pronounce beryllium.
It's so annoying.
- That sounds horrible.
- No, it was.
And if I have to hear one more word about how Scott swept Jana off her feet and then poured gasoline on her heart and then lit it on fire, I'll move to New Mexico.
I got to hand it to the girl.
She paints a vivid picture.
Trust me I know.
I could tell you everything that happened at Regina's party and I wasn't even there.
Regina's party? Wait, you mean the one where she Yeah, definitely.
She thought it was a turn on the way Scott shoved Danny.
And that's why they hooked up.
Wait, Scott said he only hooked up with Jana once.
And the only reason he was with her in the first place was because Archie was borrowing his car all night.
Wait, I thought you said Archie was home the night of Regina's party.
Yeah, that's what he said.
Resting up for the big game the next day.
If was home resting, why did he need to borrow Scott's car all night? Where did he go? Why did he lie about it? Hello, Tara.