Twisted s01e04 Episode Script

Sleeping with the Frenemy

Previously on Twisted It's not like I lie around wishing I could hang with you and your lame superficial friends anyway.
I don't blame you for anything.
Then why did you call me a bad mother? You're not gonna blend in here.
You might as well accept that.
I joined the soccer team.
Why did you move that picture? I'm trying to start over.
What chance do I have if my own mom doesn't believe me? I do.
Where are we with the necklace? Get lost finding the bathroom? Wait, I thought you said Archie was home the night of Regina's party.
If he was home resting, why did he need to borrow Scott's car all night? Why did he lie about it? Hello, Tara.
Proof it and get it back to me.
- Jo, everything okay? - Yeah.
You left really early this morning.
Since we're no longer carpooling, I thought I'd start coming in earlier, get a jump on my days.
What's up? I have to ask you something.
It's umm, it's a police question.
Well You came to the right place.
Okay, so if you're investigating a crime and someone lied about their alibi, you'd want to question them again, right? Maybe.
Sometimes people lie for reasons that have nothing to do with the crime.
Is this about Lacey? What? No, it's about I know she was with Danny that night, asleep.
It's okay.
I get it.
You wanted to protect your friend.
Lacey's not my friend.
Whatever she lies about is her business.
It's about her boyfriend, actually.
Archie Yates? What makes you think he lied? I just heard it around school.
I don't know he said he was at home sleeping but I know that he was borrowing Scott Ogden's car because Scott had to get a ride to Regina's party with Jana and then Jana got all mad at him because he never called her back.
And Okay look, all I'm saying is maybe just talk to Archie again.
I don't have time for this.
Archie Yates isn't a suspect right now.
- But dad, he lied - Have a good day at school.
Study hard.
Get multiple scholarships.
This looks good.
Send it to Judge Davis.
I'll follow up with him later on today.
It's pretty circumstantial.
You think he'll bite? Two murder victims wearing the same necklace? It's at least enough to get us a warrant to search the Desai house.
If we can get that necklace, maybe we can wrap this one up.
So it's only a violation to be in a offside position when? When you're in active play.
- That's my boy.
- The Greener Grove Charity Committee will be here soon.
Could you please put a sheet over that chair? Only if we can cover that brocade number with the lion feet.
I mean, I know it's an antique, but really, Karen Vik, I am serious.
This does not fit.
At least it has a purpose: Slot for the remote, cup holder for my beer Oh, thank you.
And space for two soccer fans.
Right, Danny? Mother, please, you're blocking the Revs.
If that chair bothers you, I can move it into the garage.
I thought about that after your father died.
But I couldn't.
He he really loved this piece of crap, didn't he? Yeah, he really did.
It reminds me of you two watching soccer together.
He always said you could play professionally one day.
Was that after his fourth or his fifth beer? Stop it.
He would be so proud of you.
You're gonna do great today.
I hope I don't make too big a fool of myself.
You won't.
I hope tonight won't be a huge mistake.
Okay, Phoebe and Sarita have never really liked each other.
Maybe they're just not meant to be friends.
They just need a night to break the ice.
A whole night in an enclosed space with Phoebe.
That makes me want to take a nap just thinking about it.
She's not that bad.
I'm sure it'll be all right.
We could use a little less tension around school.
Well, as long as Danny De-Psycho goes here, we're tension central.
Okay, could you please try not to beat each other up on the soccer field today.
I will try.
At least the freak will give me and the boys something to bond over tonight.
What's tonight? We're going out; blow off some steam.
Big game tomorrow.
I thought you liked to stay in the night before a big game.
Isn't that why you didn't go to Regina's party? That was an "away game.
" This is a home game.
Different rules.
Are you nervous? Why? It's just practice.
Well, it's your first practice and it's with Lacey's Agro boyfriend.
He'll settle down once he see's how good I am.
Wow, soccer makes you cocky.
It's confidence.
There is a difference.
Archie may hate me, but he wants to win.
Who knows what that guy wants.
He's a mystery - and a jackass.
- True, but that doesn't make him a killer.
He lied about his alibi.
It's a little weird.
It's very weird.
But if it was really something, don't you think your dad would have figured it out? My dad's a little like one-track mind at the moment.
So how do figure out what Archie's hiding? You're one of his team mates now.
Can't you just use that? Oh good.
That's a great idea.
I'll just be like, "Glad to be on the team guys.
By the way, you know if our captain had a reason to commit murder?" Okay, obviously you have to bond with them first.
You got to make them like you.
I was planning on that.
I had a lot of guy friends.
I did grow up in juvie.
I miss those delinquents.
Rico and I aren't enough for you? Well, you know, you and Lacey had that girl thing.
Whatever, girls are horrible, snarky monsters.
Give me guy friends any day.
Hi, Tess.
So You just Buying some meat? You're very observant.
Karen, about that dinner Oh, there's no need to rehash it.
I think everything's been said.
I was just gonna say that I really liked it.
I was hoping to get the recipe for that pasta.
Buy pasta, boil water, put tomato sauce on it.
Danny made it.
I'll ask him if he did anything special to it.
That would be great.
Is that Karen over there? Nice to see you, Tess.
All right, listen up.
We got a new player.
Danny Desai.
He's got skills.
We're gonna give him a shot.
I think he can really help us.
If he doesn't kill us first.
- Five laps.
- Coach, I was just Five laps, now! You think you guys are nervous, just imagine how scared the other team will be, right? Sure, whatever, man.
Enough chatter.
Let's go, warm up! Hey, freak.
You heard him.
Let's warm up.
We're back to freak, huh? I kinda missed it.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
Jo, wait.
Just so you know, I didn't have anything to do with that video.
I never said you did.
Yeah, I know.
I just wanted to tell you that.
Good talk, Lacey.
Jo, is that you? Jo.
Jo, it's been so long.
I've missed you.
I've missed you too, Mrs.
Oh no, I went back to my maiden name a few years ago after the divorce was finalized.
I'm a single lady now.
Waiting for somebody else to put a ring on it.
Mom, really? Travellini Cupcakes, it must be a special occasion.
Oh, Lacey's having a couple of girls over tonight.
It's really small.
Sounds like a blast.
You're welcome to join, Jo.
Oh, I I don't think that I can.
Honey, I am serious.
I mean, we have all these cupcakes.
Mom, Jo said she didn't want to come.
You know what? I'd love to come.
Who can say no to a Travellini Cupcake, right? Right.
Blue Ranch chips.
No, I got sick off those, once.
Spicy pork rinds.
It's too messy.
Everyone will be like washing their hands every five minutes.
What? Nothing, you're just such a girl right now, picking out special girly snacks to go be girly with the gals.
Please don't say "gals.
" Plus, I'm not doing this for fun.
Lacey was Regina's best friend and her boyfriend is our prime suspect.
The intensity of girl bonding makes people reveal all sorts of things.
All right well, if you get bored, I'll be at the diner eating real, non-packaged junk food.
You should invite Danny to go with you.
To the diner? Me and Danny together, just us? Are you afraid to be alone with him? No, no.
It's not that.
It's just like, what would we talk about? I don't know.
Guy stuff? Cars, sports, hot chicks? Please don't say "chicks.
" Ooh.
High-fructose corn syrup shaped like corn, we have a winner.
Let's go.
Sarita, come on.
If having Jo there is a disaster, you can go.
I'll even let you pick the movies.
It'll be fun.
I promise.
Okay, bye.
- Mom, I'm busy.
- I know, but Mrs.
Crane is here.
How are you doing? All right, Lacey.
How are you? Fine.
I just wanted to stop by and give you some of Regina's things: school stuff mostly, some pictures, and things from her locker, anything the police didn't take away from me while they've been busy not arresting the Desai boy.
This It means a lot.
Oh, and thank you again for taking over the Greener Grove brunch tomorrow.
I'm just not ready.
We all miss you so much.
Oh, everything okay with Sarita? Yeah, after a lot of bribing, mom.
Okay, sweetie, I'm sorry, but come on.
You and Jo used to be so close.
Maybe it's time for you to bury the hatchet.
That sucked A lot.
All right, next group.
Yates, Ogden on defense.
Desai, Farrell on offense.
Let's go.
Hey, Yates, you explain the drill to Desai? Yeah, sure did, coach.
Let's go! Okay, are you a left or a right? Whichever one you want, man.
Danny! Very nice.
Yeah, man.
That was awesome.
- Thank you, man.
- Good job.
Good job.
Nice work, Desai.
Be prepared to start right forward tomorrow.
Whoa, coach.
You're gonna replace Brandon with a guy who's been here a day? Who's line up is it, Yates? It's your line up, coach.
Glad we got that settled.
Very nope.
Stop it.
Your clothes are great.
- They're you.
- Yeah, that's the problem.
I'm me and Lacey does not want me there.
I guess if it gets really bad, I can just go downstairs and hang out with Judy.
I think it's sweet that Judy invited you.
Sometimes we all need a little bit of a helping hand.
That sounds like the lyrics to a children's song.
This has a cat on it or at least I think it's a cat.
That's girly, right? Stop.
You're gonna have so much fun tonight.
I promise.
Hey, girls.
Look who's here.
Jo, hi.
I like your shirt.
Is that a demon? It looks like a fetus.
So then I told the waiter; "I'm sorry, do I look like a girl who drinks pink lemonade?" I'm bored.
Lacey will be back in a minute with food.
I think we can tolerate each other until then.
Can we, Phoebe? I guess we might as well pick a movie for later.
Okay, what'd you bring? "We Need to Talk About Kevin," "The Bad Seed," "The Good Son," and "The Omen.
" Your choice, Jo, since it's your favorite genre.
I'll watch anything As long as I'm not starring it.
I didn't bring any stalker movies.
I was invited, actually.
Yeah, by Lacey's mom.
All right.
Food's here.
Everyone having fun? Hey, uh, so should I pitch in for pizza? It's okay, my mom's treat.
So your mom seems really happy.
Yeah, I guess.
I just remember how sad she was right after the divorce.
Um, but she's great now so Yeah, I don't really talk to her about that kind of stuff.
Right, yeah, I'm sure.
She looks really good.
For her age.
I just think that guys would have a lot of fun with her at restaurants or bowling.
Did you just call Lacey's mom a slut? Tess, what are you doing here? I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by and say "Hi.
" Oh, okay.
I also wanted to let you know that the Greener Grove Charity Brunch is tomorrow.
I haven't been to one of these in years.
Do you want to come with me? I know what you're thinking.
But it'll be okay.
People want to see you.
They know you've been having a hard time lately.
Just think about it.
- Okay? - Okay.
Thank you.
- I will.
- Okay.
These onion rings - are good, huh? - Yeah, they are.
You want me to get some more? Yeah, if you want to, that's cool, man.
I'm cool with that plan.
Casual evening hang out A couple guys chatting bros.
You all right, Rico? Yeah, I'm sorry.
Whenever there's a pause in the conversation, I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
Dude, just relax, man.
Let it be.
I'm a big fan of the awkward silence.
Just relax; focus the mind.
Shh, just Yeah, okay.
That was fun.
- Right? - Yeah, yeah.
- You're right.
I needed that.
- It's good.
Hey, how'd your first practice go today? It was pretty good.
I think I'm starting in the game tomorrow.
Oh, that sounds promising.
Yeah, some of the guys are starting to warm up to me.
I actually got my first fist bump.
Dude, congratulations.
Danny, I've never gotten a fist bump in my entire life except for like my Uncle Clyde, but that doesn't really count because he's blind so usually that's by mistake.
Do you want to give it Come on, put it right there.
Park it.
You got it.
All right, yeah, right.
- Okay, doing it again.
- What's up, dog? All right.
Hey, what's up, dog? No, that's enough.
I yeah, I'm sorry.
I was gonna - No.
- I mean, I Okay, well, it looks like they had the same idea as us.
What's a girl's best friend? - See it? - Got it.
Okay Centaurs Special musical guest Cher, Ryan Gosling riding in on a white horse.
Obviously I'm picking Gosling on a horse.
Who's was that? It's mine.
Good call.
Another point for Jo.
Hey, Lacey, what is this? Regina's mom gave it to me.
Just some of Regina's personal stuff, mostly from school.
I haven't really been able to get myself to go through it yet.
I wonder if her old Spanish text book is in there.
Remember the one she used to pretend to have lost every time Mrs.
Mertes asked her to read aloud.
How about a movie? Good idea.
What are we watching? Okay, I didn't want to say anything before, but I brought a really awesome surprise.
"Grease", the sing-along version.
That's not happening.
The sing-along version? It's a group activity.
And we're supposed to actually sing along? And it really doesn't seem like their having that much fun.
No, not at all.
Come on.
It was your first practice.
Plus, Archie hates you and he's the captain.
Rico, I appreciate that, but I'm fine.
And it's been fun, you know? Just us hanging out.
You want to sneak out the back? Hey, guys.
- You following us, Psycho? - No, no.
I'm just hanging out with my buddy Rico.
Rico, the team.
The team, Rico.
Desai, you want to join us? No.
No, man, that's okay.
Try the onion rings.
They're really good.
Did we get the search warrant? Great, Sandy.
All right, let's meet tomorrow morning.
We'll figure out a plan from there.
Got to go.
See you tomorrow.
I got a text from Jo.
She said all the girls decided to just spend the night.
- Just like old times, huh? - Yeah.
Can you pick her up tomorrow morning? I have to get ready for this charity brunch.
Thing sounds exhausting.
It's for a good cause.
I invited Karen, by the way.
Did she accept? She's thinking about it.
What time is that thing over? Around 2:00, why? No reason, just wondering.
I feel so bad for Karen.
I ran into her today.
She was just she's a pariah, you know? Just bring the whole bowl back.
You were getting candy corn, right? Yeah.
This was a really good idea.
I can't believe they're both asleep already.
All that back and forth snarking was clearly exhausting.
I guess I was naive to think that one girl's night could make them friends.
My God, is she a bear? Thank you.
I'm sort of glad you came.
Sort of? Wow, don't get too carried away there, Lace.
You know what I mean.
Remember that time Danny tried to crash one of our sleepovers? Yeah, he always whined about not being invited.
He was such a baby.
What's it like? Being around Danny all the time again? It's not that different.
It's extremely different.
He talks about you all the time.
He really misses you.
Give me the bowl.
What are you going to do? You want something? Yeah.
I want to win.
So how about for the next couple of hours, we hate the other team more than we hate each other.
I promise you can go right back to hating my guts afterwards.
They rely to much on forwards and defenders.
And their midfield is weak.
Good to know.
I thought you said you weren't coming.
Oh, I know, but the house, it just felt so empty.
I hope that's all right.
It's wonderful.
Would you excuse me for a second? I have to make a call.
I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
Come on.
I'll buy you a free mimosa at the open bar.
What is she doing Karen.
It's been a while.
I'm so pleased you could come.
Oh, thank you, Gloria.
I think I'll take that free mimosa now.
Go, go, go! Hey.
Nice job! Nice job, Desai.
Farrell, nice job.
Yeah, Danny! - Yeah! - Dude, that was awesome.
Hey, risky pass.
Nice finish, Desai.
It's halftime and our Grizzlies are up by one.
So you think that Archie and Regina - had a thing? - I don't know.
You should give this DVD to your dad.
This could lead to a motive or something.
That's not enough.
He won't listen.
Have you gotten anything on Archie? Not yet.
But I've only been on the team a day.
Scoring that goal probably helped.
Then score more goals.
It actually didn't suck having Jo there last night, you know? Come on, admit it.
You hate Jo a little less now.
I was gonna tell you this morning, but you looked so grossly happy.
Tell me what? You should have seen Jo and Lacey this morning.
It was like nothing had changed.
I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear that.
Would you ladies excuse me? I'll be right back.
I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry for your loss.
I didn't know Regina, but I heard she was a really lovely girl.
She was lovely.
And she'd still be here if it weren't for your deranged monster of a son.
Gloria, I Danny didn't do it? We both know that's not true.
I've already talked to the school board about having him kicked out of Green Grove High.
Don't worry.
I'll find a way.
Oh, and Jo's hair, it looks so cute all frizzy like that.
You know she's really grown into such a beautiful girl.
And then I'll make it my personal mission to ensure that he spends the rest of his natural life exactly where he belongs in prison.
It's good to see you, Karen.
We should get tickets to something, have like a moms' and daughters' outing.
Judy, will you excuse me? Karen, Karen.
What happened? I never should have come here.
Yates, what the hell was that? He had a man on and he didn't have control of the ball.
Come on! Come on, make more points! What are they Come on, hey! Whoa.
And the Huskies score.
I may be wrong, but it seems like we're losing momentum.
What did you take from that box? I don't know what Don't lie to me! Sarita saw you.
Uh, okay.
I found this DVD that Regina made of Archie.
I'm sorry that I took it from you.
I was just trying to figure out what it meant before I I didn't want you to get hurt.
What was on the DVD? Tell me now! Okay, um, it's Archie playing soccer.
But it just made it seem like like maybe that they were more than just friends.
What? - That's - It's crazy I know.
Okay, it jumped out at me because Archie's alibi from the night of the party, it's not true.
He was at home sleeping.
No, he was borrowing Scott's car.
Okay, let me get this straight.
You're telling me that my boyfriend was sleeping with my best friend and that lead to him murdering her.
No, Lacey, I don't know exactly what happened.
- I'm just - Save it! We're down to the last 30 seconds of the game.
It's crunch time for the Grizzlies.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Arch, man on.
Get it to Desai.
Hey, hey! He's open.
Hit him.
Hit him.
Hit him.
Nice finish, captain.
I know we're all disappointed, but they had a strong day.
And we had an off day.
We'll get them next time, right? Well, you know what? We would have gotten them this time if you weren't such a ball hog.
What'd you say, Farrell? He called you a ball hog.
I was wide open at the end of that game.
You were blocked.
Oh, and nobody else saw that? Looks like you're on your own there, captain.
These guys may have forgotten who you are, - but I haven't.
- I paid for what I did.
Not for killing Regina.
I didn't kill Regina and you know that.
And how would I know that? Because your alibi for the night of the party, it sucks.
I was home.
Is that right, Scott? Yeah, he was home.
Then why'd you lend him your car? I I I didn't.
You sure about that? Gee, I hope you are because if not, you're gonna be an accessory to murder.
Just tell 'em, Archie.
You're not going anyway.
Going where? Yeah, okay.
I borrowed Scott's car.
I had a meeting with the coach at Marston Prep.
What, were you just gonna you gonna ditch us in the middle of the season? It was just a meeting.
Nothing came of it.
They go to State every year.
It was just an opportunity and I just I hope you're happy.
Karen Desai, I have a warrant to search the premises.
It's in connection with the murder of Regina Crane.
There's an item missing from the crime scene.
Well, it's not here.
If you don't let us in, you'll be in contempt of court.
Don't force me to arrest you, Karen.
Guys, upstairs bedroom.
Yes, sir.
Regina's Uncle is the athletic director at Marston.
She made the DVD to help me out.
And you didn't tell me because I didn't even tell my parents.
I didn't want to make a big deal out of it unless it happened.
Lacey, I'm sorry.
Okay, I'm an idiot.
Coach just yelled at me for an hour.
The team's freezing me out.
Can you please just forgive me? Mom? What's going on? Anything in the bedroom? Okay, let's go.
You okay? I need a drink.
I went to your house.
Your mom said you might still be here.
I had to talk to Archie.
The team's pretty mad at him.
I'm sorry, Lacey.
Stealing that was well, I shouldn't have done it so I'll see you.
Why did you even come last night? I don't know.
Maybe I just miss us hanging out.
Obviously not that much since you're willing to steal from me.
I'll do whatever I have to do to help Danny.
I have to believe he didn't do this.
Why? The last five years have been really hard.
And I just feel like I'm finally getting my life back, you know? I don't want to lose that, Lacey.
I can't lose that.
It's open.
What happened? Your husband happened.
He had a warrant.
He didn't find anything though.
But he certainly looked.
Karen about today, I I'm sorry.
I had no idea that Gloria Crane was coming.
I know you didn't.
I was such an idiot to go to that thing in the first place anyway.
I mean, the people here, they're not gonna accept me.
I'm here, aren't I? Want help cleaning up? It's okay.
Danny said he'd help me when he gets back.
Mother-son bonding, right? I mean, what did he think he was gonna find? Like a secret Regina Crane shrine in your closet? It's really hard to get a warrant.
Okay, you have to have really good probable cause or like sleep with a judge or something.
I know what he was looking for.
When Regina died she was wearing my Aunt Tara's necklace.
Okay, hold on.
The necklace Regina was wearing when she was murdered used to belong to the person you Why didn't you tell us that? I know this doesn't look good.
Okay, but he didn't find anything obviously.
So when Regina sent the text, maybe she really knew why you did what you did.
No, no one knows why.
You do.
I can't help you if you don't tell me what you know.
Are you sure you want to help me? Tell me about the necklace, Danny.
It's a family heirloom.
It belonged to my aunt.
It was very important to her, but I don't know why.
I don't know how Regina got a hold of it.
But it has nothing to do with why I did what I did.
You got to believe me.
Okay, Jo, I get it.
I get why this freaks you out.
Maybe it's just better if you take a couple of steps back from all this.
Let me figure it out by myself.
Okay, um someone took that necklace to make you look guilty.
Someone who knew it would connect you to the crime.
I know.
So what do we do now? I guess we have to figure out how Regina got that necklace and who has it now.
It might be the person that killed her.