Twisted s01e18 Episode Script

Danny, Interrupted

Previously on Twisted - There's been a car accident.
It's Vikram.
- Somebody must've moved the body.
- Jack.
- Why would he do that for me? He would do it for me.
When you quit working for Vikram, you attacked How could you think I'm capable of something like this? Well, you're capable of moving his body! When I came to Green Grove, I was coming from juvie.
- Did you know Danny? - I may know him better than you do.
I did not plan to kill my father.
You killed your dad? I had another baby.
I thought you should know.
I did know.
Vikram told me.
I know where he kept the adoption papers.
- Do you want to find your child? - Of course I do.
- Guys, they - Suck? And lie! - Something wrong? - You could say that.
- Why did you arrest him? - Lacey, can you take her home? I'm not leaving until you tell me what he did.
- And I know what you're doing with Jo.
- Leave me and Jo the hell alone.
I came to Green Grove because Danny made it sound great.
1x18 - Danny, Interrupted They found my Dad's DNA in Danny's dad's car.
They think that my Dad killed him.
Look, I'm sure it's just a big misunderstanding.
I don't know.
I mean, it's DNA.
- Sure, but - And I know my Dad really loves Karen.
He always has.
Their affair is what broke up my parents' marriage.
- Oh, I didn't I didn't - So I don't know, maybe he thought that was his chance - to finally - Whitney, your dad is not a killer.
That's what I thought.
You don't know him.
You just met him.
Okay, you're right, I I may not know your dad, but I do know for sure that he did not kill Vikram.
- How do you know? - I just do, okay? - Do you know Vikram Desai? - Yes.
Have you been sleeping with his wife? - Yes.
- Whoa whoa whoa.
Hold on, hold on.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Taylor, but I have to remind you that you're answering these - questions against the legal counsel - I have nothing to hide.
I'll answer anything he wants.
How about this? Did you tamper with Vikram's car? What? No.
Did you kill him? Make it look like an accident? That's absurd.
Next question.
Have you ever been inside Vikram's car? I worked for him Years ago.
But the car that he was driving when he died? No, never.
Then why is your DNA all over it? - That's impossible.
It - It's not only possible, it's true.
- So you think - I think you killed him, murdered him for the money and a chance to be with his wife.
- What do you think? - I think I'm gonna stop talking now.
Whitney, my god.
Listen, what they're saying about your father, it's not true.
- It's impossible.
- Yeah, that's what I keep hearing.
- Uh, I want to see Jack.
- Sorry, the chief's in with him now.
And when he's done, he wants to talk to you.
Danny, why don't you take Lacey and Whitney home, okay? - I don't think I - You're staying with us.
- I'll make sure it's okay.
- No, I mean I'm not leaving my Dad.
Honey, I've been through this.
They're not gonna let you see him anytime soon.
It's true.
There's nothing else you can do right now except for try to get some rest.
Yeah, like that's gonna happen.
You know, Whitney, Danny's right.
We should probably go.
Okay, whatever.
I'm telling you, we're gonna figure this out, okay? Yeah, we'd better.
- Thank you for letting me stay with you.
- Uh, of course, no worries.
I just gotta take a shower.
Maybe I can borrow some sweats? - Sure, yeah, it's all upstairs.
- Thank you.
Oh, hey, Whitney, I think I'm gonna take off - if you're okay.
- Oh, yeah.
I'm just my Mom's probably worried.
It's so late.
- Of course, I'm sorry.
- No, please.
"Sorry"? Lacey, you're been amazing.
Thank you so much.
- I'll call you in the morning, okay? - Great.
Come here.
Look, I didn't say anything, because - Well, I don't know.
Maybe I should have.
- Lacey, no, look You need to do something.
You can't let Whitney's dad take the blame for this.
I know, okay? No one understands that better than I do.
I got my Mom to call the best lawyer in New York.
She's on her way now so just don't worry.
It's late.
I should get out of here.
Oh my god, I can't believe I fell asleep.
This is so embarrassing.
No, it's so not.
I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to sleep.
Clearly so did I.
- Mom.
- Hey, Ms.
Nothing happened.
We were just Where's your father? Isn't he home yet? We wouldn't be well, because of - I don't know where he is.
- I spoke to him hours ago.
I thought he'd be home by now.
It's been a crazy night.
- Why? What happened? - Jack Taylor was arrested for killing Vikram, so I need to go call your dad.
- Jack Jack Taylor? Isn't that - Yeah, you should go.
No, I can stay.
Let me help you.
Please, I just I just need to talk to Danny.
All right.
Is Jack all right? Did he admit to anything? You know I can't talk about that with you.
All right, well, I'm gonna go home and then Actually, I have a couple of questions to ask you if you don't mind.
- Kyle.
- Have a seat.
I know you two were having an affair.
Technically, it's not an affair.
My husband's dead.
But it started before he died, right? Jack and I were together years ago, - but it ended.
- Why? 'Cause he realized you were never gonna leave Vikram? - Are you interrogating me? - Just asking some questions.
- If you need to call a lawyer - No, I'm fine.
Did you ever tell Jack about that life insurance policy? $10 million? Yes, but not until the night they found Vikram's body.
And Jack was with me the whole night, so The time of death was about 48 hours earlier.
The car had been in that gully for a while.
It's a pretty remote spot.
But Jack didn't know about the money then.
He used to work for Vikram, right? I mena, maybe Vikram told him about the policy or he found out some other way, don't you think? I guess it's possible.
Do you think Jack is capable of murder? Karen, do you have any reason to believe that Jack wanted Vikram dead? I didn't think so, but I don't know.
I just don't know.
How good is this lawyer? 'cause I'm not letting an innocent man go to jail for something that I did.
Well, he's not exactly innocent.
He's the one who staged the accident.
- As a favor to me, to us.
- Well, maybe.
Maybe Jack knew about the life insurance policy before I even mentioned it.
Maybe he wanted them to find your dad's body so that we could claim the money.
Wait, what are you talking about? - You're the one who said he was this nice guy - I know.
Vikram told Tess that his life was in danger, and he disappeared after Jack went to see him.
- They had a big fight, so - So what, you think Jack tried to kill him six months ago? I mean, what does that matter now? I'm just saying maybe Jack isn't such a saint after all.
Whatever he did, whatever his motives, I'm the one who killed my Dad.
And right now, that is all that matters.
Oh my god, what are you doing here? I need to talk to Danny.
- Fine, but - It's okay.
I got it.
- Come on.
- Danny.
Look, either Jack's about to tell my Dad everything or No, if he was gonna say anything, he would've done it by now.
So he's just gonna cover for you? He's gonna go to prison for a murder he didn't commit? You can't let him do that, Danny.
- We can't let him do that.
- I know that.
I'm handling it.
Right now, I'm more worried about Charlie.
Of course you are.
You know what? You said you wanted some space, Jo, - so take some space.
- Danny, seriously, - just tell me what you're gonna do.
- No.
I'm on it.
Good night.
Thank you so much.
I'll see you then.
- Who was that? - My daughter's mother.
- I mean, her adoptive - You're kidding.
I saw her last night.
She's beautiful.
You were right.
It it was too late to knock, so I I just left a note for the mother.
And now she wants to meet, even said she'd come to Green Grove.
- Today? - Yeah.
She's not gonna bring her daughter not yet, anyway.
But I think it's a really great first step.
Sorry I can't be there.
I've got a huge day.
- Yeah, of of course.
- Tess.
This is I'm happy for you, but I still just I'm doing the best I can.
I know, I know.
I appreciate it.
I'll be fine.
But I think it's time to tell Jo.
Come on! What is this big conspiracy that my Dad's caught in the middle of? I don't know what you're talking about.
Please, it's all three of you you, Danny, Karen.
- If my Dad really is innocent - Look, Whitney, - Danny hired a great lawyer.
- And what if that doesn't work? I've only just now gotten this chance to spend time with my Dad again, and he's already slipping away.
No, that won't happen.
Danny won't let it.
I thought you and I had made a connection.
We did, and it means a lot to me.
I just it's Police! Open the door, we have a warrant! What now? - I just came to get some of my stuff.
- Drop what you're taking.
It's evidence.
You girls need to leave right now.
Don't forget to check for fingerprints on any surface.
Yo, come over here.
So I have a sister? I mean half, but Yeah.
You do.
I know.
It's a lot to take in.
Why didn't you tell me any of this before? I wanted to, but, uh I kept it from your dad for so long I was afraid I would lose him.
And then one lie led to another and suddenly it felt impossible to ever come clean.
Well, I don't want you to have to go through this alone, so If it's okay, I would really like to be here - to learn more about her.
- Of course it's okay.
And, honey, if if you ever wanna talk about - What? - I don't know - Charlie, you, the couch.
- Nothing happened.
Honestly, that's the furthest thing from my mind right now.
I couldn't get any of my stuff, because the cops came and they raided the boathouse.
Honey, I know.
Let's just get through this hearing and then you can go home with your father and get whatever you need.
Well, I'm glad you're so confident.
- Why are you? - The truth is, I'm not.
I don't know what your father's capable of.
But we both know he can be very protective of the people he loves.
So who is he protecting now? You? Danny? Look, don't worry, okay? - Just gotta keep faith and - Okay, guys, We're in good shape.
Yes, there's DNA, but that only proves that Jack was in Vikram's car at some point.
And yes, Jack's denied that, but I can find a workaround.
There's nothing other than the chief's cockamamie theory about an unrolled window that indicates foul play.
- So that's good, right? - Yes.
Yeah, that's very good.
Hey, Karen, would you mind looking after Whitney a little bit longer? I can call child protective services, but No, I'm fine.
Jack's gonna be out on bail, so Maybe not.
What are you saying? And what is that? Look, you can tell us now or in but you need to disclose that evidence.
We found Vikram's cellphone in the boathouse.
It's cracked and covered in dried blood.
Must've had it on him when he died.
How did that get in the boathouse? That's what I'm hoping your father can tell me.
Excuse me.
Let's go inside.
We'll sort it out.
How could Jack be so stupid to keep Vikram's cellphone? That's just it he's not.
- Well, clearly he is.
- No.
Something about this doesn't seem right.
What are you saying? I think somebody planted it there to frame him.
Who would do that? I have a pretty good idea.
I'm so sorry.
If you saw us last night, then I understand the confusion, but that isn't your daughter.
But I have your name, - your address.
- Yes, we adopted a baby, your baby.
We named her Samantha.
But she died when she was only two years old.
What? It was an accident at the playground.
She fell off the slide and hit her head.
I wanted to reach out to you then, but it was a closed adoption, so I had no way of finding out who you were.
So, she's just gone? I brought you some photos.
I wanted you to see how happy Sam was, just an absolute joy A real gift to our lives.
In the wake of new, incriminating evidence, Jack Taylor has been denied bail.
He's expected to be arraigned on a murder one charge for the death of Vikram Desai.
Taylor! - Dad.
- Whitney.
- Dad.
- Whitney, come here.
Come on, guys, this is my daughter.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
- What do you want me to do? - Nothing, nothing.
- Where are you staying? - At the Desais'.
- Find another place to stay.
- Why? I mean, what do I tell them? Tell them they broke my heart.
- It's that bad? - Just tell them.
This is so messed up.
I just want to tell Whitney the truth, that whatever her father did, it wasn't murder.
Yeah, I I think it's even more messed up than that, actually.
I don't think I don't think that Jack is the one who moved the body.
- But there's DNA, the phone.
- Yeah.
That means the person who's framing him is doing a really good job.
- Framing him? Who would who would - Charlie.
- This again? - It's like when we were in juvie.
He covered for me when I got into this fight.
He said that he beat up this kid, but really I did.
At first I thought that I thought that he was helping me, but I just think that he was really helping himself.
- How? - People started looking up to him, they were scared of him, and I felt like I owed him, so I did whatever he wanted.
He's good at that.
He's good at twisting people like that.
So what's he trying to get now? - Hmm? - I don't know.
I just I think it might be crazy, but I think he wants my life.
- Look, Danny - He stole this photo of the three of us, and then he comes then he comes here to my town? It's like he's obsessed.
Look, it's a long way from stealing a photo and the girl you clearly like - to wanting your life.
- Yeah, you don't know you don't know Charlie the way that I do, okay? And he's the only person who makes sense.
- 'Cause he's the one that's obsessed.
- Okay, I'm moving out.
- What? Why? - Because my Dad just told me to.
Wh why would he say that? I just got him this lawyer, I'm doing everything I can I don't know, Danny.
There's obviously something going on that you guys aren't telling me.
What what did he say exactly, Whitney? He said that you and Karen broke his heart.
He's a mess, Danny.
- Can I stay with you? - Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
- Let's get out of here.
- She looks just like you.
- Right? I mean even more than me, 'cause I clearly got the Masterson chin.
I always thought I would've named her Catherine.
At least now I won't always be wondering.
Now we can both move on.
How long have you been standing there? Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt.
Things looked a little Yeah, it's been intense.
I gained and lost a sister in less than 12 hours.
So - That is intense.
- I don't think it's really sunk in yet.
Also, I think I'm avoiding everything with Jack and Danny says he has a plan, though.
- What is it? - He wouldn't tell me.
- But you trust him? - I mean, the worst that he can do is tell the truth and and maybe that's not such a bad thing.
No, Jo, I can't just let you throw your life away.
I can't let Jack take the blame for something that I did.
- Yo, you didn't do anything.
- You don't know what it's like, carrying this secret, lying to my parents.
I do.
I know how hard that must be, but that's nothing compared to what your life is going to be like.
It's not about me.
It's about doing what's right.
It's Danny's he's dragging you into all this.
He's the one that killed Vikram, not you.
Look, your mom just lost a daughter.
She can't lose you, too.
I think I know who's framing you.
And I think he's doing it to get to me.
Danny, what are you talking about? Charlie.
- Who's Charlie? - He's this guy I went to juvie with.
We were friends, but then Maybe he staged the car accident because he thought that he was helping me, but I think that he's doing that so he can have something on me.
And now he's cashing that chip in.
By pinning it on me? No.
He knows I'm not gonna let that happen.
He's trying he's trying to force my hand, get me to confess.
Danny, why would he want you to do that? To get rid of me so he can he can have my life, I mean, he already has Jo.
Jo? Always about a girl, huh? Amazing what we do for the women we love.
Is that why you didn't say anything? Because you love my Mom? At first, I didn't know anything.
Then I thought about what she said, moving a body to protect you.
- Figured it out.
- I have $10 million, and I will spend every penny of it trying to get you out of here if that's what it takes.
I don't think money is all it's gonna take, Danny.
Listen, Whitney, I'm really sorry about everything that's happening with your dad, And I'm even more sorry that I can't tell you everything.
- It's just - It's okay.
I don't know why, but I still feel like I can trust you.
You can.
I really care about you, Whitney.
So are we ever gonna talk about the kiss or I mean, clearly you've been thinking about it.
You're doing everything you can to keep me off of your bed.
I use this for all of my sleepovers.
I have a lot of sleepovers and this is what I use.
I'm not trying to Seriously! And also, out of respect I'm a sprawler, so I thought you'd be more comfortable on this.
- This is a nice air mattress.
- Yeah, sure, Lace.
That's that's it.
Okay, fine, I've been thinking about it a lot, and the truth is - I'm really confused.
- Because? I kinda liked it.
- Hmm.
- A lot more than I thought I would, actually.
Does that mean I'm a lesbian? 'Cause I've always been into guys, and I just recently found out that my Dad's gay, - So actually - Your daddy's gay? That is so chic.
But I hate it when people put labels on things.
- Oh, so you're so you're not - Oh, definitely a lesbian.
For me, it's always and only been girls.
- Oh.
- Look, what happened between us was a moment.
A really great moment.
But if you're confused, you should take your time figuring that out.
And I'll give you all the space you need.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
So, good night.
Good night.
Just F.
though if you wake up in the middle of the night feeling any less confused, I'll be down here.
What is this? I need to call the police, Desai? Your door was open.
Look, I know I know things kind of got out of control - but we used to be pretty good friends.
- Yeah, I know.
I was there.
And I gotta believe that somewhere deep down inside that this good person still exists.
"Deep down inside"? Gee, thanks.
Come on, you don't want to send an innocent man to prison.
I assume you're talking about Jack.
As far as going down for murder, that's on you.
And you too.
You're the one framing him.
Man, you must really think a lot of me.
I mean, to what get Jack's DNA, plant it in your father's car, load a dead body into it, all before staging a car accident? Yeah, and then plant my Dad's cellphone at the boathouse, which puts pressure on Jack, which put pressure on me.
- Dude, that's crazy.
- Admit it you want me to confess! If I wanted to, I could just turn you in.
Then you wouldn't look so good in front of Jo, which is the point, right? You've really thought this through, huh? If we can start talking about the truth, then I can start figuring out what to do about it.
I would love to help you out, Danny, 'cause I am a good person deep down inside.
And I know that you're in a tight spot and everything Don't lie to me! Screw you.
You're just pissed because I saw something in Jo that you never saw, something you missed for years.
- What are you talking about? - What is it you called her? A shy little puppy dog? Did you read my journal? - Did you read my journal?! - No, I just - Forget it.
You need help, man.
- Yeah, well, so do you.
Hey, Whitney.
I'm sorry about your dad.
- You okay? - Great, if you like being totally in the dark.
- Yeah, that's - Sucks, but even my Dad seems to want it that way, so On the bright side, Lacey's been amazing.
- I'm lucky to have her.
- Yeah, Lacey's great.
Tell you what: I'm gonna go use the little girls'.
You guys chat.
Jo, have you talked to Danny? - What are you guys gonna do? - I don't know.
He shut me out.
Yeah, because he's convinced that he can nail Charlie.
- For what? - For for moving the body - and now for framing Jack.
- That's ridiculous.
I don't even understand.
Charlie could never do that.
Jo, I don't know.
Danny's a little off the rails right now.
This is ridiculous.
I thought he had a plan.
He's just making everything worse.
Danny, we need to talk.
Call me back.
That's what it is.
- What are you doing? - Uh, I have to I have to write all this down so it's documented - in case I don't get a chance to.
- To what? It's all Charlie.
I can't let him get away with it.
I have to make sure that Jo is safe.
- What makes you think that Charlie - It's not It is not just Jo.
It-it it's Lacey, too.
He started with Lacey.
It's all - It's all three of us.
- What are you talking about? I made a promise to Jack, - and that lawyer is not gonna - Hold on.
That lawyer is working on it.
And the only way to save Jack is by turning yourself in, so I'm not letting Jack go to jail, because he loves you, Mom.
It's his decision.
He's a grown man.
He's not an innocent child.
Well, neither am I! Please don't do this to me.
I'll be all alone.
You how can you say these things? You love him, right? You love Jack.
I love you more.
And if Jack needs to go to jail to save you, - so be it.
- That is sick, okay? That is a man's life, and I'm done with this.
- Please, I'm begging you! - No! Hey.
So I don't know how well garlic bread holds up, but - Sorry, I just - What's wrong? There's something I have to I'll be back.
- You have a good night.
- You too.
- Dr.
Berger! - Desai? What the hell are you doing here? This is Jo.
Leave a message.
Hey, Jo, it's it's me.
I know you got a lot going on, but Danny was here and he has these these crazy ideas and he beat me up pretty bad and I'm in a lot of pain.
I was wondering if maybe you could come over.
So hopefully I'll see you soon.
Just come inside.
We can sit, get warm, - talk about whatever you want to.
- No no, sorry.
There's no time.
I have some questions about about Charlie.
He moved to my town right after he got out.
- Charlie McBride? - Look, I need you to tell me anything you know about Charlie.
Danny, you know I can't do that.
I am bound by rules of confidentiality, - and if - Okay, fine fine! Just I think that Charlie's dangerous.
Okay? And I want to make sure that I'm right before I Before you what, Danny? Everybody's saying that I'm crazy, and I feel like I'm losing it.
And I gotta know.
Am I? You're not crazy, Danny.
You were never crazy.
You know that.
So Charlie's? Has a past, like all you boys do, but there's more to him you don't know.
None of it's good.
- Then I know what I need to do.
- Danny.
Danny, wait.
I I can get in touch with his parole officer! - Hi.
- Hi, uh I'm sorry, but this bracelet around Samantha's ankle.
- The hospital tag? - Did she get sick right after she was born? Is that why she was there? No, I mean, she was born in the hospital.
I I don't understand.
I picked her up maybe from that medical center over in Trenton.
But my baby wasn't born in the hospital.
We were at a farmhouse upstate.
I don't know what you're saying, Tess.
I I don't think this is my baby.
- Oh my god.
- Yeah.
Danny kinda lost it.
Look, Jo, I think it's time to do something.
I mean, you said yourself Jack can't sit and rot in a jail.
I think that you should go to your dad, tell him what Danny did and leave yourself out of it.
- How could I do that? - Look, just say that Danny was by himself, that he told you that he killed Vikram.
Danny'll back you up on it.
He he loves you.
I don't think that And anyway, without anyone there - to prove it was self-defense - I know.
I understand that you care about Danny - I care about telling the truth.
- Screw the truth! Look at my face! Look, I'm sorry.
I just Look, I don't wanna lose you, okay? I mean, I just I just got you.
I've been dreaming about this moment forever, I mean, since before we even met, and What are you talking about? When I was in juvie, I saw Danny's pictures of you.
And Jo, you have to understand that everything that I have done everything - has been for you.
- What have you done? - Okay, let me let me let me - What have you done, Charlie? Let me just explain, okay? Look, what - When I saw what happened at the ravine - What do you mean, - "when you saw what happened"? - I knew that I had to do something.
- And I was just trying to help Danny, okay? - Oh my god, I have to go.
Wait! Jo, just wait, okay? - Please! - Let me go! Hey, is Jo here? No, she's out with Charlie, I think.
Why? Chief Masterson, you've got the wrong guy.
Jack didn't kill my father.
I did.
My dad and I, we got into a fight by the ravine near the old post church and he tried to kill me, so I hit him with a piece of wood.
You have to stop talking right now.
I'm taking you in.
- We're gonna do this by the book.
- I know we will.
Turn around.
What's happening? Danny confessed to killing his father.
I don't know where you are or what happened between you and Charlie, I think you're right about him.
I can't do this anymore, Danny.
I have to confess.
Hey, um maybe you should sleep up here.
Are you sure? I mean, I'm all about the cozy, but if you're really a sprawler, - Just get up here.
- I don't wanna Okay.
I'm so sorry.
- You're not feeling it, huh? - I don't think so.
Do you want to try it again? Just to be sure? You know, the truth is I'm I'm kissing you but I'm still thinking about Danny.
- Whitney, I - For you, I mean.
That's Whitney, I really like you.
I had such a good time the other night, but I It's okay.
I've been turned down before.
Actually, not really, ever, but I guess there's a first time for everything, right? - Ice cream? - Definitely.
So all through Regina, the accusations of an entire town, all of it, you kept this huge secret that you didn't kill your aunt? Yes sir, that's exactly what I did.
- Danny, this is - I know.
It is.
Does anyone else know about this? - Jo, Lacey, your mother? - No sir.
- None of them know anything.
- And there's a problem with your story.
Your father's body wasn't found anywhere near that ravine.
It was found 10 miles away in a wrecked car.
I know that.
- Did you move the body? - No sir.
- Try to cover it up? - No sir.
But I know who did.
- All right, who? - Charlie McBride.
- The kid that's dating Jo? - Yes sir.
- Why would he do that? - Because he wanted to have something on me.
We were in juvie together.
After he got out, he came here, 'cause he wants my life.
And that includes Jo.
- What's wrong? - Danny was here.
He confessed to killing his father.
Do you think that's true? I know it is, because I was there.
I was with him.