Twisted s01e19 Episode Script

A Tale of Two Confessions

Previously on "Twisted" Did you tamper with Vikram's car? That's absurd.
Then why is your DNA all over it? Maybe Jack isn't such a Saint after all.
I had another baby.
I know where he kept the adoption papers.
She died when she was only two years old.
I brought you some photos.
I don't think this is my baby.
I'm still thinking about Danny.
Kyle: We found Vikram's cell phone in the boat house.
It's cracked and covered in dried blood.
You're the one framing him.
As far as going down for murder, that's on you.
Danny was here.
He beat me up pretty bad.
Everything that I have done has been for you.
- What have you done? - When I saw what happened What do you mean, when you saw what happened? - Oh my God, I have to go.
- Wait! Jo, just wait.
- Please.
- Let me go! Chief Masterson, you've got the wrong guy.
- Did you move the body? - No, sir.
But I know who did.
Danny was here.
He confessed to killing his father.
- Do you think that's true? - I know it is Because I was there.
(Knocking at door) Coming.
Chief Masterson.
Oh, you know, Jo Jo was here, but then she, um she left.
Actually, I'm here to see you.
- Really? - Yeah.
You and I are going to take a little ride if that's okay with you, Charlie.
Tess: Vikram attacked you.
And attacked Danny.
It's self-defense.
We didn't think anyone would believe us.
You father didn't say anything about you.
Well, I guess Danny just wants to protect me.
But, mom, the body was moved and the accident was staged.
And at first we couldn't figure out who did it or why they would do it.
But Jack's in jail.
Your father has evidence.
I know.
We thought it was him too at first.
We even thought it might be Mrs.
Desai, but it wasn't.
It was Charlie.
Charlie? He has something to do with this? We think he has everything to do with it.
Can I ask where exactly it is that you're taking me? You'll see.
See this gash? You know, Danny did this to me.
Knowing Danny, he had a good reason.
You're not taking me to the police station, are you? No, son, I'm not.
(Indistinct police radio chatter) (Indistinct chatter) Recognize this place? Look Danny obviously said something to you.
Hey, I'm just following up.
I mean, you're okay talking about this, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I got nothing to hide.
So Danny claims this is where Vikram Desai died.
He says he hit him and it sent him off that cliff.
He's also convinced that you were a witness to the crime.
Here's the deal, Charlie: You can either answer my questions here or I can take you down to the police station, arrest you, we can bring in the attorneys and sort it out formally.
I was there.
In the woods, I saw them.
Danny and his dad, they were arguing, and then Danny hit him.
And he fell.
Was it self-defense, Charlie? Look, chief I didn't come forward originally, because I knew that I would get in trouble.
But maybe you and I, we can Make a deal here.
Oh, let me guess you want immunity in exchange for your testimony.
Why don't we start by you telling me the truth about what happened that night, and then we'll talk? It wasn't self-defense.
Danny was in a rage.
I knew from juvie how much he hated his dad for making him take the fall for his aunt's death, but He was in a blind rage, sir.
Why were you even out here in the first place? I wanted to see Danny.
I mean, I hadn't I hadn't seen him since juvie.
And what did you think when you heard the body was found in a wrecked car? I thought "Wow.
Danny must have moved the body.
" Thank you for your cooperation, Charlie.
I certainly will consider what you said.
There is one more thing.
Stay the hell away from my daughter.
Do we understand each other? Yes, sir.
Danny thinks you have nothing to do with any of this.
Do you believe him? Yeah.
I think I do.
But you still want me to confess.
No, I wouldn't expect that.
Well, you can hope, right? Jack, he's my son.
I'm going to do Danny a favor and I'm going to let him decide the outcome of this because I believe, in the end, he's gonna do the right thing, Karen.
You want him to confess.
I want him to prove to you and to the rest of the world that he's not his father.
And if confessing does that, then, yeah, I want him to just do it.
Put his faith in In what? God? The police? I was going to say in the truth, 'cause right now, that's all the kid has.
Just like me, right? (Handcuffs click) (Elevator dings) Oh, uh, Mrs.
Desai, Chief Masterson is looking for you.
- About Jack? - It's about Danny.
(Sighs) Nothing goes public his arrest, his confession.
And keep the damn press away from the ravine.
Once that gets out in the open, it's gonna be a circus.
You arrested him? He's in custody? (Sighs) Look, everybody knows what they have to do.
Get going.
In here, please.
Danny confessed to killing Vikram in the woods out by the old post church.
He says they were alone.
That's insane.
Is this the first time you've heard this? What? Has Danny ever talked about killing his father? No, of course not.
Oh my God.
I can't believe this is happening.
You know I believe in my heart that Danny is a good kid.
And so far he's been very cooperative.
And even though he's still a minor, the circumstances are He could be tried as an adult.
But I want you to know that I will do everything to protect him and make sure he is fairly treated under the law.
You understand that, right? Yeah, I understand.
May I see him? Of course.
I'll take you up there right now.
Thanks, Kyle.
(Indistinct chatter) (Door opens) Excuse us.
We're here to see Kyle.
Anderson, will you please escort Mrs.
Desai up to see her son? (Door closes) We'll need your office for this.
(Door opens) I had to do it, mom.
You told them you were alone.
That's what should have happened.
I should have been alone.
Tess and Jo just got here.
I'm guessing Jo is confessing she was there.
(Sighs) I didn't want that.
Why? She'll testify it was self-defense.
I just wanted to keep her out of it.
I always just wanted to Well, right now she's the best chance you've got.
Tess: Where did they take her? An interview room.
She's being interrogated by a female detective.
I'm not allowed because I'm her father.
We could have worked this out as a family.
That's not procedure.
To hell with procedure! For once, take off your cop hat and think like a dad.
Our daughter has been lying to us for weeks.
She's a witness to a major crime, an accessory after the fact plus she left a body in the woods.
I didn't have a choice! But I'm going to help her and get her the hell out of here.
What Danny did had to be self-defense.
The only problem is I've got a witness who says it wasn't self-defense.
And then there's the issue of them not coming forward right away.
Do you have any idea how much easier this would have been if they had? Okay.
I get it.
You're in a tough position.
We all are.
He would have hurt me if Danny hadn't stepped in.
And I think that he wanted to kill Danny, too.
Thank you, Jo.
If anything else comes to mind, I'm available 24/7.
I'm sure Jo appreciates that, Kate.
Chief Masterson, I've obtained a release for Jo into your custody.
There are some forms.
In my office.
The desk sergeant will help you.
(Door closes) Dad, I'm really sorry I didn't say anything earlier.
I Just I know that I put you in a really bad place, and I'm I'm really sorry.
(Door opens) You're not allowed to leave the city limits, operate a motor vehicle, or be out after 10:00 P.
When are you going to arrest Charlie? He lied about what he saw at the ravine.
Danny, stop with all this.
They're letting you go.
I'm not gonna stop, okay? Something has to be done here.
Forensics found nothing at the ravine, nothing at the church.
So even with your confession, you may just walk.
- I don't care.
- Oh, yes, you do.
Look, I just need to know what's going on with Charlie.
You just leave that to me.
And just so you know, any contact with Charlie McBride could be interpreted as threatening a witness.
Same goes for Jo.
So give your car keys to your mother, and then it's home, school, the library that's it.
Nowhere else.
Understood? He understands.
Let's go.
(Door opens) Hey.
No no no no.
No contact.
Chief Masterson just said so.
Desai, please.
I mean, I came forward for Danny.
My dad knows that.
So do you.
(Sighs) Fine.
I'll wait in the car.
I really didn't want to involve you in this.
I know that.
I kind of didn't have a choice, though.
You were right about Charlie.
I should have listened to you.
I I want to apologize.
No, it doesn't it doesn't matter.
Your dad believes me, and you He's going to nail Charlie.
I'm sure of it.
I saw his face.
Whose whose face? Charlie's, what you did to his face.
I didn't do anything to him.
We got into an argument.
I pushed him, but I didn't hit him.
I believe you.
Thank you.
I was visiting my dad at the jail when I heard.
Rico: Wait wait wait let me get this straight.
Danny came into the jail and confessed something, and then Jo came and confessed something.
But we don't know what.
Hi, mom.
Whitney Lacey's mother told me you guys would be here.
- Nice to meet you.
- Oh.
Thank you for your family's hospitality.
Oh, yeah.
I would love to stay and chat with all of Whitney's new friends, but there's no time, kids.
Whitney, dear.
I've come to take you home.
This ugliness with your father has made it impossible for you to stay here.
Yeah, a murder charge is ugly, all right.
Your father is certainly unpredictable if nothing else.
He's not a killer, and he's going to get off.
Well, wouldn't that be wonderful.
In the meantime, pack your bag.
We're leaving after school tomorrow.
I'm staying at the green grove hotel tonight.
Why don't you and Lacey join me for dinner? Just the three of us.
It'll be fun.
Actually, we have other plans.
Sorry, mom.
Lacey, nice to meet you.
Well, I guess we better get back to your place and pack.
Yeah, man, I can't believe you're leaving already.
Story of my life.
Once I start to like a place, on to the next.
Bye, guys.
Both: Bye.
(Sighs) Wow, a lot of drama this morning.
This'll pale in comparison.
My parents want to meet you.
They're really warming up to the idea of you and me together.
Didn't you say your parents were kind of strict? I'm hoping this is a first step, you know, to get them to start lightening up.
Okay, yeah.
Don't worry.
I'll be at my most charming.
I know you will.
What are you doing here? My dad told you to stay away from me.
Yeah yeah yeah.
He did.
But, look, Jo I mean, you got the wrong impression.
- Go away, Charlie.
- No.
Look, your dad he took me to that ravine and I was cornered, you know.
I had to say something.
All you had to do was tell the truth.
You know it was self-defense.
Okay, look, I left you out of it to protect you.
I mean, you shouldn't have come forward, Jo.
I had to for Danny.
(Chuckles) Yeah, for for Danny.
Charlie, you can still get yourself out of this.
Just go to my dad and tell him that you lied.
It's not that easy, you know.
I have to think about it.
I just Danny never hit you.
You did that to yourself.
You don't think that.
Um, let me explain.
- Goodbye, Charlie.
- Look, I'm sorry! Okay? I'm sorry.
Just go find your own life and stay out of mine.
Don't worry.
I'm getting used to it.
New teachers, new friends.
On to the next nightmare.
My mom's not even letting me finish the school day.
She'd ship me out U.
if she could.
(Sighs) You I mean, you seem to like the city.
Yeah, don't get me wrong.
It's the greatest city in the world.
I'm just not in love with some one of its inhabitants.
Your mom? No, actually, her scuzzy, tofu-obsessed boy toy.
He came on to me.
What? That's why my dad let me stay here.
To keep me away from that jerk.
But now my dad's in jail and my mom won't listen to me.
Well, maybe she'll listen to me.
Just forget about it, Lace.
I should've come forward right away, probably when it happened, but and I just let you sit in there.
You did the right thing, Danny.
Especially for for not saying anything.
Sometimes keeping quiet's the only way to go.
You and Jo sure did, a long time.
How's that going, by the way? (Sighs) I don't know.
I got high hopes.
Nothing wrong with hope.
I just got a good dose of it myself.
Jo: Through all of it, I just tried to keep everything inside.
Lying to so many people was really hard.
It was hard for Danny, too.
- Wow.
That - (Sighs) I mean, that explains a lot, you know? Like why you were throwing yourself into so many things.
I mean, I just wanted you guys to be happy, like you with Andie and Danny with Lacey.
And then everyone started to figure everything out but I'm glad, 'cause confessing felt really good.
I knew something was up, too.
It just it didn't seem like you wanted to let anyone in.
Yeah, I didn't want to.
But I needed you through this.
You're the only person I really wanted to talk to.
Um, well, you and Danny got close.
That's that's good.
Well, I mean When you go through something so awful with someone, it just makes it seem like They're the only person who can understand you.
Yeah, then you push each other away to avoid confronting it, - but there's like this incredible bond.
- Exactly.
(Sighs) Oh God, I am so late.
- Oh my God.
- What? I'm I'm s I'm late for dinner with Andie's parents.
- Oh, okay.
It's go, it's fine.
- Is that Okay.
Thanks for sharing all that.
- Uh - Thanks for listening.
(Door opens, closes) (Indistinct chattering) Oh.
What? No no room for dessert? Uh, Mr.
and Mrs.
Dang, I'm Rico.
I'm I'm really sorry I'm late.
A friend of mine was in jail.
She she's not anymore.
She just needed someone to talk to.
Jo's fine.
She's great.
I know you were concerned wow, you guys are fast eaters.
Well, mom and dad have a big day tomorrow.
We'll have to pick another time, right, Peter? Yes, very soon.
Nice meeting you, Rico.
Let's go.
I'm I'm I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
I'll see you at school tomorrow.
(Sighs) - Hey.
- (Sighs) You know there's a door downstairs.
This isn't a door? (Chuckles) - I just wanted to see you.
- Not my dad? No, just you.
Charlie tried to talk to me today.
He was trying to be apologetic.
Is it okay if we don't talk about him? I think at this point we both know who he is.
We do.
I couldn't wait to tell you this.
I know that things got messed up between us, - and just - Danny, it's really Can you just let me finish, please? Lacey was right.
I just I can't stop thinking about it.
What are you talking about? It's always been you, Jo.
Even if this thing with my dad never happened I would still have these feelings.
- Even if I tried to deny them - Please.
- Please.
- I thought that Maybe all that we would ever be is just friends.
And I was okay with that, but I don't think I am anymore.
(Sighs) You you don't feel the same way.
- No, I want to.
I just - Okay.
You need time.
Just sleep on it, okay? Yeah.
Thank you for saying that.
- (Indistinct chatter) - (School bell rings) - Hi.
- Hey.
- I heard you came forward.
- Yeah, I kind of had to.
And Danny's out with an ankle bracelet.
It's just Danny and I that came forward.
My dad doesn't think that anybody else knows, so I probably shouldn't say anything.
But Danny told the truth, right? We both did.
(Chuckles softly) - Have you seen Charlie? - No.
I just I didn't see him in geometry, so I was Danny: Hey.
Danny's right, though Charlie is bad news and we should all stay away from him.
Especially you.
Danny, I'm really glad that you're out and you're okay.
This is all gonna work out, right? - I hope so.
- Yeah.
We're back on the right tracks.
Oh, there's Whitney.
Um I'll see you guys.
(Sighs) Thanks for another sleepless night.
Yeah, me too.
I just want to make sure I don't say too much or Did you mean it? Every word.
I've wanted to hear that from you for forever and - This is a really bad place to talk.
- (Both laugh) Do you want to meet up later tonight? Yeah, outside the library By the statue.
Like 7:00? Yeah.
I'll see you there.
Whitney, you've gotta let me do something.
It's too late.
Parents are so good at making everything a fait accompli.
All done, sweetheart.
It's easier each go round.
I know exactly where to sign, where to initial, car's around back.
Taylor, I'm sorry, but I can't keep quiet about this.
Your boyfriend came onto Whitney and she's scared to stay in your house.
It's an apartment, actually.
As for Gavin, I'm well aware of her wild accusations.
That's how she got to stay here.
There's always some motive behind her lies.
Jack, too.
I wouldn't be surprised if they cooked that one up together.
But I really I don't believe that.
Oh, you haven't figured it out yet? She's a habitual liar.
It's been a problem since she was old enough to talk.
Isn't that right, Whitney? - Whatever you say, mom.
- Did she tell you the reason that was she kicked out of her last boarding school? Yeah, something to do with skinny-dipping.
- Mom, come on.
- And that she was with another student the son of the Dean.
- What? - (Truck approaches) Oh, look who's here.
- (Door shuts) - Hey.
They're reviewing my case right now and it might be dropped, but in the meantime I'm out on bail and Whitney stays here with me.
She settled, she has friends.
There's nothing for her in the city.
You know what? Fine.
You two deserve one another.
Here you go.
You can unsign them.
Good luck with everything.
Lacey, have fun with all this.
- Just in time, Jack.
- Apparently.
- (Car door closes) - Come on, let's get you back enrolled.
- (Engine starts) - I'll call you later, okay? (Sighs) I was so angry at Kyle for putting Jo through all that.
Well, she did it for Danny.
Her testimony that it was self-defense - is his only chance.
- I know.
God, listen to us.
Our kids are in trouble and we're looking for someone to blame.
- It's not Danny or Jo.
- Oh no, it's Vikram we should blame.
Yeah, he lied to all of us, paid someone to kill a young girl, tried to kill our children And falsified adoption papers so I'd never find my child.
- What? - Oh yeah.
Those papers you gave me that wasn't my baby.
God! The lengths that man went to - to hurt people.
- (Sighs) Well, you know what? Let's make a pact right now that we never mention his name again and we just wipe him out of our lives.
That may be the best idea you've ever had.
Yeah, and I start here his office, that desk.
- You wanna help? - With what? Scouring this house of anything Vikram.
(Screams) Karen: Oh, it's useless.
They had to take it apart to bring it down here.
But I think this will help.
No, I'll give you the honors.
- This is your catharsis.
- Well, I think a little bit for both of us.
- Why don't you step back? - Uh-huh.
(Grunts) (Yells) - One more time! - (Yells) Okay, your turn.
- Your turn.
- Okay.
(Laughs) Yeah.
(Yells) Oh.
This feels amazing.
Wait wait wait wait.
There's something hidden in here.
Looks like more secrets.
(Beeps) I thought I told you library, school, home, - nowhere else.
- Look, I'm worried about, Jo.
We were supposed to meet up at the library - and she didn't show up.
- Meet her? - Didn't I just tell you - I know, but we had some important things we had to talk about, and she wouldn't just skip it.
- I'm assuming you called her.
- I called her, I texted.
No response.
And Charlie wasn't at school today.
- You're supposed to stay away from him, too.
- Chief, you have to know where someone is if you want to stay away - from them, right? - (Chimes) "At Johnny Cakes studying with Rico.
" - There you go usual haunt.
- Thanks, Chief! Danny! (Sighs) With Vikram, there's always a money trail.
- Is there a middle initial? - Yeah, "M.
" Dr.
Robert M.
You know, it could be a check for anything.
Dated two days after you gave birth? - (Beeps) - I got him.
(Sighs) And it's Everton a little town near the farm where I had the baby.
A country doctor, and he has a clinic.
A hundred thousand dollars to deliver a baby? It's awfully steep.
Unless an illegal adoption was part of the package.
(Doorbell chimes) - Jack.
- Hi, Karen.
- You're out.
- Bail.
After Danny's confession, it's all up in the air now.
Hello, Jack.
I'm sure you guys have a lot to catch up on.
Come on in.
I'm actually surprised you're here.
A little surprised myself.
I'm sorry for what I said when I visited you.
I'm not gonna lie.
I struggled in there, Karen.
But as upset as I was, how can I argue with a mother protecting her son? I never tried to kill Vikram.
Funny thing is, you were right.
I moved the body.
I staged the accident.
Just didn't plan on them finding my D.
How did you You asked me to find Vikram.
I did.
And before you even ask, I did not know about the $10 million.
I was protecting Danny.
I was protecting you.
Jack, I am so sorry.
I never should've doubted you.
Could you ever forgive me? Here we are again, right? Me not being able to say no to you.
Why won't you answer my calls? You really have to ask? Okay, so I lied about boarding school.
And you told me you'd only been with girls.
I needed a weekend pass to get into the city.
His dad was the Dean.
It's not like (Inhales) It wasn't a relationship.
I'm sorry.
I'm just a little sensitive to lies right now.
I know, and I should've realized that and just told you, but, Lace, I've risked a lot by being with you, too.
Risked what? - What'd you risk? - No, I mean (Sighs) I haven't had a lot of close friends.
- (Sighs) - And Maybe I am like my mom in that way.
I just use people to get what I want.
Guys and girls.
You really think that you can just say all this and then, what, we'll be besties, - and live happily ever after? - (Sighs) No.
I didn't think that.
I'm sorry.
I just can't right now.
Okay then.
Just so you know, I'm sorry, too.
You okay? I kinda overheard.
I don't know.
(Sighs) What's the matter? (Sighs, chuckles) It's kind of a mess.
Hey, Rico.
Where's where's Jo? Is she in the restroom? Uh, I I doubt it, unless she snuck past me.
She hasn't been here all night.
I haven't seen her since school.
Is everything okay? I'm not sure.
She texted her dad saying she was gonna be here and she won't answer any of my calls, so Danny, aren't you supposed to be, like, home, then school and nothing in between? Yeah.
Okay, I'm just worried that you know what? Never mind.
You're just gonna say I'm being paranoid again.
Well, not if you're right, then it's good thinking, not paranoia.
Jo told me what happened.
- (Sighs) - Great, Lacey, can you actually text her on her phone? "Track a friend" is better.
Hold on.
(Beeping) - Okay, I got her.
- (Beeps) Chief (Sighs) Chief Masterson, this is Danny.
I found Jo.
She's in Willoughby.
(Buzzes) (Moans) (Gasps) I'm holding it for you.
You're probably thirsty.
I got Don't don't come near me, Charlie.
I'm not gonna hurt you, Jo.
Look, I just I brought you here so so so we could talk and I could figure out what to do next.
This is wrong, Charlie.
This is this is really wrong.
Yeah, no, I I know, and if I could've figured out another way We're not in Green Grove, are we? No.
This is where I lived before before my mother was murdered by Vikram Desai.
Your mom? (Grunts) Yeah.
My mom was my mom was Danny's aunt Tara.
How is that possible? "Stay away from Green Grove," she said.
You know, "stay away from Vikram Desai.
" - (Chuckles) - Why? I don't know why.
I mean, no one no one told me anything.
I mean, you have to understand.
I I grew up in this this this cloud.
It wasn't like other kids who had families, they had siblings normal things.
- And then Tara was murdered.
- Yeah.
I was 13 and no one no one really said anything to me.
They just they put me in foster care.
But all I could think about was was how my mother had died, who killed her.
It wasn't an accident that you ended up in juvie with Danny.
No, it wasn't an accident.
I stole a car so that I would be put in the same facility as him.
I mean (Laughs) it took months to figure out how to work my way into being his roommate.
To kill him.
- You wanted to kill him for revenge.
- No.
- Understand that's not what I said.
- Yes, you did.
You wanted to kill him for killing your mom! - Admit it, Charlie! - Okay, fine! Yes! I wanted him dead! But then I find out that he didn't kill my mom, that Vikram killed her! And then what happens, you know? Danny and I, we we (Crying) we become close, and all he talks about inside is is you, Lacey, and Green Grove.
Everything that he was missing - was what I never had.
- So you just decided to come here and take it from him.
No, there's no, I just wanted a fresh start.
Like I told Danny, like I told everybody.
That night in the woods, you saw everything.
Why didn't you tell us? I didn't I didn't want You thought that you could use it somehow.
No, I just I followed your lead and I didn't say anything.
And then he and then what? And then I fell in love with you, Jo.
Maybe back in juvie, but definitely when I got to green grove and I saw this sad girl just dealing with so much.
Just like me.
Charlie, if you love me, you'll let me go, right? You'd never hurt me.
(Breathing heavily) (Screaming) - Tess: Dr.
- Yes? You delivered a baby 18 years ago and were paid vast sum to make sure that child ended up in a certain family's arms.
(Sighs) I knew you'd come eventually.
(Sighs) I suppose it doesn't matter that was the only unethical thing I've done in my life.
I built this clinic with that hundred thousand.
I'm not going to the authorities, doctor.
I just wanna find my baby.
(Sighs) There was a reason Vikram went to such lengths to keep that knowledge from you.
Look, I really appreciate you doing this, especially after all that happened between us.
I I'm worried for Jo, too.
And no matter how angry I get at you and at Jo (Scoffs) It always comes back to the friendship.
(Cellphone buzzing) - (Beeps) - Hello.
I got your message.
I'm on my way.
I also got a report your ankle bracelet went off.
Where are you? Danny? Can you hear me? - Danny? - Losing you, Chief.
(Beeps) Woman's voice: Call ended.
He wants us to turn around, doesn't he? He wants me to.
He didn't say anything about you.
(Door opens) (Door closes) Nice house, huh? To die for.
- Think you're gonna like it here.
- Yeah.
How are things with Lacey? She said I'm a liar and manipulator.
- Smart girl.
- How about Charlie? He went rogue.
Never was comfortable working with him.
But don't worry.
Pretty much, it's all worked perfectly we're in with the Desais now.
That's all that matters.
(Grunts) I need you to stop this, Jo, okay? You just really have to listen to what I'm saying, all right? I need you to understand.
Charlie, that's too tight.
(Creaks) - Charlie.
- Stay back, Danny.
Let her go, Charlie.
I'm the one you want.
- Not her.
- Danny, you don't understand.
Your aunt Tara was his mom.
(Parking brake clicks) I shouldn't have told you.
I should've kept it secret.
- I just - It's okay.
We were all keeping secrets.
Look at me.
Charlie, you don't wanna hurt Jo.
You want to let her go, okay? - Give me the knife.
Just give me the knife.
- (Gun cocks) Nice and slow, Charlie, - drop the knife and let her go.
- Easy, Chief.
He's not gonna hurt her, right, Charlie? - You're not gonna hurt her.
- Danny, get out of the way.
Charlie, stop.
Kyle, you can't hurt Charlie.
He's my son.
(Folk music playing) * lightning crashes * - * a new mother cries * - Tess: Charlie.
* this moment she's been waiting for * * the angel opens her eyes.