Two Summers (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 - Okay.
- Yeah.
- Shall I go in first? - Okay.
Hang on.
I'll grab the ropes.
With those flip-flops.
- Not exactly the best footwear.
- Be careful now.
They'd laugh so hard if they saw us.
- Sofie! - Oh, goodness me.
Let me pull this in.
- Yeah.
- Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Ahoy! Oh, my gosh.
Okay, let's look at this rationally.
Why would anyone resort to extortion? I don't know.
Cash, I guess, money.
Yeah, or revenge.
So we have to look at those two possibilities.
One of those two? - You think it's that simple? - We begin at the beginning.
I should go around pretending everything is okay.
Then you know nothing about Sofie.
Sofie is quick-witted.
No way, no.
For me, Sofie is the last person to suspect.
But she may have money issues.
Who among us could have money issues? - Nobody.
- Come on.
Mowgli, take a look at the whole group of us.
Which of us might need money? For me, it's like you're taking this too far.
You're assuming there's a blackmailer in our group.
But just as easily the tape could have been lost by one of us and found by someone else.
Unless there are ghosts in the house, okay? Someone in the group took the tape and made off with it, okay? And even if someone else might be blackmailing us now, there's still a member of the group who's a traitor.
Also, we burned he tape a while back.
Okay, now, don't get pissed off.
Sorry I have to ask.
Do you have money issues? - Hey.
- Answer.
- Man, are you serious? - No.
You don't seem to realize what's at stake here.
You're a thing of the past.
Didier's family life is ruined, okay? Mowgli, I think Sorry, man, but it seems like you're overreacting.
It was a long time ago and what happened that night was totally wrong.
Okay, we went too far, but until a couple of years ago it was just a bit of fun, boys being boys.
And honestly, huh, all that MeToo, now that is the thing of the past, man.
Come on.
No reason to get all worked up.
Peter, there is a video, a video where you happen to be taking a young girl forcefully.
- Come on, man.
- Rape.
Didier is there, - and I'm filming the whole thing, a video.
- You Sofie wanted it.
That's what she told me, man.
- A video, okay? - It didn't happen like that.
That doesn't matter! What are you going to say, "There were insinuating circumstances.
She was our best friend.
We didn't wanna harm the woman.
" Come on, man.
We've seen the worst of the MeToo thing.
Come on.
What planet are you on? Yeah.
And I have one in silver.
- Ah.
It must be gorgeous.
- Did Peter say anything? What did Peter say about what? Oh, it's that he's away.
Oh, yeah.
That happens.
This is an island, Didier, he can't be far away.
Aw, Didier.
Are the boys not letting you play in their game? That's not it.
If they're being naughty, tell us about it.
Oh, yeah, Didier, have you got something to say? Come on, Mowgli, you've changed, buddy.
You've become a fighter.
You're not gonna let this thing screw you, are you? You think I'm a fighter? I wonder what amazing things happened in my youth that made me who I am.
- What do you mean? - What I mean? Sure you know what I mean.
My bad, man.
Mowgli, really, you've gotta believe me.
I feel terrible about all that, the way we used to push you around.
- I hear you, Peter.
- Sorry it was so difficult for you.
You made your point.
Look, I'm sorry to say it like this.
But maybe all that contributed to you being so strong now.
You're successful all around.
It's true.
Listen, no one winds up successful just because they had to face violence as children.
It still nags you, huh? And and revenge is a slow thing.
And I I I'm totally with you, Mowgli.
So I'm getting revenge because 30 years ago you did something to me? I don't have time.
A minister has no time for that.
To do this I'm using a film clip? A film clip that I made public, and that will axe my personal life.
- No, no.
- That's brilliant.
It doesn't even have to go public.
You could just use it against us because of what happened so long ago.
And I have no issue with that, Mowgli.
I could understand it.
But I have to ask you if that's what's happening.
Talk about it, okay? I'm not listening anymore, Peter.
That's okay.
What are they doing? - They'll come back sooner or later.
- They're too far.
- Just on a boat.
- I forgot to tell you about it.
You have to stay close to shore or the current pulls you miles away.
Hey! In any case, it's like you're saying, everyone in the video is currently on this island, meaning that one of our friends is sitting around, munching on chips, waiting around to see how everybody reacts and that person must also be nervous.
Guys, get back! Guess that rules out Saskia and Sofie as potential suspects.
You've gone too far! Great! I'm impressed with that.
Oh, fuck.
Come on.
Oh, my.
Oh, Lord.
- My heart's racing.
- Oh, shit.
We're not little kids anymore, okay? Hey, you know us, right? Wait, no.
I'll be right back in a minute.
Whoo! God damn it, guys, turn it off.
My dad's on the phone.
Come on, man.
Shut it off! Hey.
No, not yet.
Yeah, I told 'em.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's all under control.
Yeah, no, no, we already did that this morning.
Yes, the pool has been vacuumed.
Is it okay if call you back? Yeah, okay.
Ha! Ooh! Come on! Come on, guys! Stupid rooster! Sorry, Didier, we didn't know you were on phone with the police.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Daddy.
Naturally you miss your doctor.
Of course, Daddy.
" Oh, don't let the women get to you, Didier.
Go on and laugh.
Go on, laugh.
The conversation with my dad was not pleasant.
In fact, it was horrible.
How come? My father called me because he got a phone call from a colleague at St.
The same doctor that's handling your case.
- Mertens? - Yeah.
The results of the last PET scan aren't so good.
Hey, Lukie, you know what, I'm just messing with you.
It's just a silly joke.
Come on, Luk.
Come on, Luk.
Luk, come on.
Booze, booze! ♪ Come on, it was a dumb joke.
This here sure ain't water And there's ♪ - No idea what you've done, right? - I'm sorry.
Just because you have everything in life doesn't mean that you can go around saying any damn thing you like.
- That is so fucked.
You're so lame.
- But it wasn't on purpose.
Not on purpose? Is anyone doubled up on your sick joke? Does anybody ever laugh at those stupid jokes of yours, you entitled filthy bimbo.
Be careful now.
- Luk? - Hey, whoa, whoa, Didier, that's not sexy.
A man drinking from a glass with a parasol in it.
It's like licking a popsicle, also really weird if a man does it.
Oh, my God.
The male ego in its full glory, huh? Yeah, I also eat my ice cream exclusively from the pint.
- Pistachio and strawberry every time.
- Whoa.
We were on the verge of dying out there.
- We almost drowned.
- What? - Sas, how about a - Gin and tonic? Yes, please.
Peter, you feel like making one? We paddled out on the bay, and I ended up in the water.
I should've said something, sorry.
Honey, the current was the only thing we were supposed to worry about.
Yeah, exactly.
And I'm so very sorry.
- Yeah, but - Yeah, but, hey.
Nothing a gin and tonic can't repair.
What do you say we take a group photo before one of us does die.
Yeah, great.
No timer, please, because that takes forever.
- Okay, okay.
- Over there.
That's fine.
- Let me go over there.
- Okay.
Come here, stand in the middle.
Yeah, yeah, here.
Honey, take off your sunglasses.
Is everyone ready? - It's just you know.
- Sorry, honey.
Just telling it like it is.
- Well, they survived, didn't they? - Hmm.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Cheese! - Yeah.
- Did it work? Hey, where were you guys? Oh, Mowgli and I just saved your wife's life.
- And then we went for a little walk.
- A walk? Oh, man, do I look good? Yeah, over there it's beautiful.
How come? - You just like, disappeared.
- No.
Well, I for one am glad they were here.
This wonderful weekend could have turned into a nightmare.
I'm going for some Rosé.
I don't like these cucumber slices.
I want to tell Didier about this.
- Didier? - Yeah.
- How come? - Why not? Well, because he is an emotional man and he couldn't handle it.
And also, he'd never be able to keep quiet and he might tell Sofie about it.
And maybe he's the person threatening us.
Or they both are.
Those, for me, are the very reasons to tell them.
And then we see what happens to us from there.
I don't I say it's a bad idea.
What then? We don't have any time to waste.
We having a little meeting in the bathroom? Yeah.
- Can I go? - Excuse me? - Is it free? - I think so.
- Everyone's at the table.
- Yes.
Mum is the word.
I fell in love with Marina ♪ Sweet brunette girl ♪ She gave me a kiss And our love blossomed ♪ Marina, Marina, Marina ♪ I want to marry you As soon as possible ♪ Marina, Marina, Marina ♪ I want to marry you As soon as possible ♪ Oh, my beautiful brunette Oh, don't leave me ♪ Don't break me, oh no, no, no, no, no ♪ Oh, my beautiful brunette Oh, don't leave me ♪ Don't break me, oh no, no, no, no, no ♪ I wanna, uh, a toast.
Um To life.
Of course.
Um I wanna toast to you over there, my brother.
Because a year ago, we couldn't imagine that he would be with us today.
And all my good friends present here, of course.
You really are.
And I want to drink to that guy over there, Didier.
Because I figure that everyone's got a right to be an asshole once in a while.
You shouldn't exaggerate, Didi, huh? But I understand that it's not easy having so many people over at your place.
So many pigs.
And that you have to explain this to your father.
So, Didier, skål.
- Thanks, Didier.
- And Lukie.
We can't toast you enough, man.
- Yeah, okay.
Skål! - Skål.
And if you don't drink up, bottle will stay full.
- Here, another one? - Hey, that was a cute speech.
Uh, Lukie, uh Sorry.
I, uh - Pint? - Yeah.
Guys! No one's ever died from eating a dried sausage, here you go.
Take one.
- Take one.
One for you.
- Yeah.
- I love these.
- I want one.
- Oh, you like them hot? - What? That's not what I meant.
Ow! Man, what the hell was that? He almost knocked my tooth out.
I think you're funny sometimes.
You got quite the tan.
Okay? And how are things, now that the kids have moved out? Um, yeah, actually, I'm glad that those first few weeks flew by so quickly.
Yeah, but you have to get familiar with those new machines very quickly.
Things are changing so quickly.
It's unbe Coffee or tea, Didier? Funny, Luk, funny.
Seriously, though, anyone want coffee, tea, or - I'm beat.
It's best I go to bed.
- Okay.
We've all been up since 5:00 a.
I guess it's pretty rough, huh? - Such a long day.
- Yeah.
What a day it's been.
And tomorrow is the real party, huh, Romée? Yeah.
Yeah, so we shouldn't have too much fun this evening.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
- That we can't do.
- Yeah.
- Good night, everyone.
- Good night, everyone.
Sleep well, Luk.
- You going to sit around some more? - No, I'm coming.
Okay, uh, you get the candles.
I'll do the candles.
Didier, wait for a second.
I can never relax as long as those candles are still lit.
No, I know what you mean.
We're gonna act like we're going to sleep.
But we plan to meet in the kitchen in 15 minutes.
- You guys are messing with me, right? - No, I'm dead serious.
Fifteen minutes, in the kitchen.
Say nothing about this to Sofie.
I'm sure I'll be the only one there.
No, Didier, scout's honor.
Hey, come on now, you're making me nervous.
No reception in this place.
Someone here is trying to drive us crazy.
- I know.
- You can't let that happen.
- I'm not going to.
- Okay.
I'm not gonna let it happen, okay? But you have to chill out and relax.
Guys! I thought this was a secret, You could hear it from outside.
- Didier, listen, my bad.
- Okay, wait.
- Oh.
- Hey.
Having a party? No, just still thirsty.
I mean Our regards to Luk.
- Sleep tight, okay? - Bye.
What, what What was I - "Our regards to Luk"? Damn it.
- What did she come here to do? She didn't wanna do anything.
She just needed water.
- You think she heard us? - No.
- Yeah, of course she did.
- She didn't hear anything.
- What's this about? - Okay, dude.
Outside, now.
What? It's a special type of wren.
It really sing this late at night? In Holland this bird's called Little John.
This only happens three times a year, it's incredible.
Men are downstairs having drinks.
Why don't you go down and join them? No.
Things would just end up out of hand.
- It's difficult.
- Super difficult.
I go around with a stupid smile on my face, but all I really wanna do is cry.
You must not tell them.
Okay? It's totally normal to feel that way.
Little John.
Hey, is this far enough? Oh, no, no, no.
Come on, here.
Yeah, how do I turn this thing on? What's this? It's an anonymous message that I got on my phone.
Uh, what No, no, no, no, no I know nothing about this.
- What do you mean know nothing? - It's not me.
Come on now, Didier.
No, it's no business of mine.
It's no business of mine.
Hey, Didier? Didier.
That can't be true.
You must remember.
Not true.
That's not how it happened! - Hey.
- Listen to me! Peter's being blackmailed with this video.
If he doesn't transfer a huge sum of money to a certain bank account, the whole world will see it.
We are also in danger, Didier, because our asses are also in there.
- And how much do they want? - 100 bitcoin.
Oh, well, that isn't so much.
- Bitcoin, idiot, that's millions of euros.
- Millions? How does that work? I don't know anything about Bitcoin.
Makes no difference.
We still have to pay.
It's you that has to pay.
I have to pay.
I'm the one who has to pay.
We two don't have to pay.
Look, I have to pay by Monday afternoon.
So when I get to shore, I need to immediately get online and do the transaction.
Oh, man, Sofie.
Oh, man, Sofie.
This This can't I And who sent it? - Well, it's from one of us, Didier.
- One of our friends? Of course, who else would have the thing? But we burned it, didn't we? - Apparently not, Didier! - Come on.
This can't be Is this some kind of a joke? Do you see me laughing? Am I glad? Is this shit humorous? - But this looks so weird.
- It wasn't like that.
That doesn't matter, Didier.
How would you explain it? Looks like a video of a horrid group fuck to me.
Whether that's accurate or not doesn't make any difference.
We have to stop pretending it didn't happen.
Stop fooling ourselves.
- I don't agree! - It did happen, Didier.
Maybe it didn't go down like that, but it happened.
Fuck! Let him go.
I said let him go! Damn it.
Didier, get up.
Get up! Come on! Sofie will freak out.
Sofie will freak out when she sees this video.
She'll freak out.
And she'll be angry, I think.
30 years of life together will be instantly ruined.
Listen to me for a minute.
Are you absolutely positive she doesn't know about this? - Mowgli.
- Yeah, it's just Do you think that she'd be walking around out here all smiles? Would she have had two kids with me if she'd known what had happened? You don't really believe As a matter of fact, no, I don't believe it.
But I know that there is someone on this island who is not who we think they are.
It could be anyone.
- Even Sofie.
Do you understand? - Even Sofie, Didier.
You must be joking.
My wife the victim here! Didier.
From my heart, I am telling you that that is the perfect motive.
I'm out of here, guys.
Gimme a break, man.
Sofie? You can't be serious.
Thanks a lot.
I got this camera after my first chemo.
- It's incredible, this kind of technology.
- Mm-hmm.
And it weighs only half as much as the previous model, and so many pixels.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You can't sleep? No, I mean Yeah, I've been sleeping pretty good lately.
- I was just thirsty.
- Ah.
No reception here, is there? I was just looking at these.
This old picture of us always makes me smile.
Cute, huh? - Do you remember? - Huh.
Do you regret choosing me back then? What's this all of a sudden? Of course, I don't have any regrets.
Come on, Luk.
We're both doing what we wanted.
Right? And if Peter hadn't left you, would I have been your choice? Come on, Luk.
There's no way we can know that.
You seem to be happy with Lia.
Yeah, I am.
Hmm, I can tell.
You shine.
And you? It's all right.
I'm doing things my way.
What? I've seen you checking out Mowgli.
Weren't you thirsty? Yeah.
- Okay, sleep well.
- Yeah, sleep well.
- Oh, hey, Luk? - Yeah? I was thinking, shouldn't we get that new wheelchair? Sounds fantastic, but our insurance doesn't cover it.
- It's okay.
I'll deal with it.
- Really? You okay money wise? It's Yes, I know, but I'll deal with it when I get home.
- Okay.
Good night.
- Night.
- What is it? - No, nothing.
I can see you're having fun with Saskia, so, okay, I'll just leave you.
Missed me! Hmm.
Fire, fire, fire The fire licks the sticks Till they burn After a while Hey, Mowgli.
If you had to make a choice between a heavy night with Saskia, and I mean a real all out good time, but you never see her again, or being good friends for the rest of your life, you'd share everything, but she would be messing around with somebody else.
So, what do you say? And you must choose.
I think I would go for the heavy night.
With who? With Mowgli or Saskia? Oooh! Welcome to lesbos.
- Mmm, yummy.
- Right on.
Come on, Mowgli, which is it? - I can't choose, man.
- You have to or you die.
Come on.
- Yeah, okay, the wild night.
- All right.
Shall I teach you a little trick then, to persuade the ladies? Okay, uh, Saskia.
Would you like to bet that I can wobble your boobs without even touching them.
- I can take that bet.
- Yeah? We'll bet for - Disintegration by The Cure.
- Sure.
Well, then, will you just stand up? Certainly.
All right then.
Hey, if I can win that album, you can try it with me too.
- Concentration.
- But I do get that CD, okay? Sure.
- Now come on and push out your chest.
- Yeah, this should be good.
- Hey.
Come on, man! - Dude! Hey, no hands you said comrade, you lose.
Yeah, but that's just a question of interpretation.
I expect to have that Cure CD in my possession by tomorrow, thank you.
With great pleasure, my lady.
Are there any other females interested in CDs here? Forget about it, Markey.
Have another glass of water, okay? - I think I'm going to bed.
- Me too.
- Put out the fire, guys? - Yeah, I'll take care of it.
No, I've got it.
I'm staying up a bit longer.
- I'm going for another swim.
- Guys, come on.
- What about a nightcap together? - No, Markey.
We've all had enough.
You should hit the sack too.
All right then, I'm bushed as well.
Sleep well, Mark.
Sleep well, Mowgli.
I think Didier has suppressed his memory of that night.
People do that.
Right, Mowgli? We always remember a version of the truth that's bearable.
I'll never forget that night with Sofie.
- No.
- I mean, like, the sense of guilt.
It stays with you.
It does a bit, Mowgli.
It's just that it hasn't really caused her that much suffering.
Where the hell is Didier now? - Not doing something stupid, is he? - No.
Yeah, he's so unstable now.
He wasn't like that back then.
No, we don't exactly make his life easier.
He sees how our lives have turned out, and and how we found success, and not for him.
- Didier! - Yeah, yeah.
Where have you been? - There.
- You had us worried, man.
Well, I've given it more thought and what you've said about Sofie is total bullshit.
But if you're talking about the theoretical possibility that it could be any one of us, I can live with that.
And, Peter, I think it's Luk.
He also wants a "successful" life.
You know that I'm here, right? I know that.
- Can I have a sip? - Sure.
Ah, a night swim.
I always thought it was so romantic when I saw it in films.
Yeah, I know.
And look at us sitting here, just like in a film.
Do you know La Piscine? La Piscine? Alain Delon, Romy Schneider? It's an old French movie.
Jane Birkin? Je t'aime moi non plus? I really like how all these things you can memorize them.
Yeah, silly, huh? No.
I forget everything instantly.
You can train it, your memory.
Yeah, that's true.
Mark's an asshole, right? Mm-hmm.
Don't spoil it.
You're really one of the coolest people I know.
One of my very best friends.
Please, let's keep it that way.
You'll find someone.
Well, it must be Saskia then.
It's not exactly a dream life she has, is it? She's been taking care of Jens her whole life.
And you guys aren't even helping out.
Saskia never harms anyone.
Well, none of us do, Mowgli, and yet, huh? You know what I mean, Didier.
What I know is that you're as crazy about her now as you were 30 years ago.
Did you ever get the urge to visit her when you heard that Luk dumped her? - I never had the guts to, I guess.
- Why not? I don't know really.
- Afraid of disillusion? - Maybe.
- Have you ever had an affair of the heart? - Come on, Didier.
What? Is that a strange question? Of course I've had an affair of the heart.
Is that a strange answer? Huh, I think it'd be best if we get some sleep, guys.
Yeah, I think so too.
Yeah, sure, sleep.
And then? Sleep, think about it, and get up in the morning, got it? - We went for a walk.
- Yeah.
- I was coming to look for you guys.
- Why? - Because you were gone for so long.
- Is something wrong? It's Romée's birthday, isn't it? Oh, it's twelve o'clock already? Yeah.
Saskia went to get her with some excuse.
Come on.
With me.
Be quiet.
Come on, come on, you guys.
Yeah, here they come.
Here they come.
Happy birthday to you ♪ What is this? Happy birthday to you ♪ Really? Happy birthday, Romée Happy birthday to you ♪ Hip, hip, hooray! Come here, kiss.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you, Didier.
Happy birthday, hon.
What's wrong, Didier? You look so pale.
Conscience troubles I'd say.
- Maybe we walked too far.
- Walked? What about us then? - We've been waiting for you guys.
- Yeah, what took so long anyway? It's just a walk.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Skål.
- Skål, hey.
- So, what does it feel like, Romée? 50? - A whole lot better.
- You're only halfway there? - Hopefully.
And you know what, Luk, the best half is yet to come.
- Yeah.
- Can breakfast be a little later tomorrow? Yeah, of course.
Hey, there's no pressure here at all.
- Right, Peter? - It's all good.
- You also still thirsty? - Yeah.
- Must be the salty air.
- Yeah.
It sure isn't the wild sex that's making our walkers thirsty.
Make sure your champagne doesn't get warm.
- Touché.
- To friendship.
- To friendship.
- Yeah.
You see that? They are still into kissing.
- Yeah.
- Cool, huh? Whoa.
What is all this? I don't know either, Didier.
- I can't take this anymore.
- Yes, you damn well can.
And by the way, you have no choice.
Didier, I'd really like to know if you're responsible for this.
- What? - To avenge Sofie.
I'd understand.
That's not what this is.
Hey, you comin' to sleep? Yeah, I have to go too.
- Ah.
Okay, sleep well.
- Sleep well.
- She was supposed to be in bed! - Yeah, and now she was here.
People with important jobs often turn out to be psychopaths! Yeah.
Go ahead and shut the door now.
No, I'll use the bathroom in my room.
Am I intruding? Oh.
- You startled me.
- Sorry.
No, of course you're not intruding.
- Beautiful, isn't it? - Yeah, it's incredible.
So, so wonderful.
- Just like in a film, huh? - Hmm.
Add a cigarette and it's picture perfect.
A cigarette, huh? You got the urge? No.
Well, not anymore.
- Urges stay with us.
- Yeah.
Quite a surprise this evening, huh? Yeah, she seemed glad, huh? Super cute.
- Did you enjoy yourself? - Yeah.
- With your girlfriends? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
- How about you? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- Cool.
Well No, no.
I think maybe Ugh, I get so nostalgic, have all sorts of things I'm always thinking about.
And they give me high expectations and I get disappointed and it's like the remake of a good movie you've known for years and then they make a new version of it, and you think, "Hey, don't do it.
You better not.
Just don't blow it.
" - Oh.
- Hmm.
But you're happy you came, aren't you? Yeah, yeah.
Hey, no, don't misunderstand.
Of course.
I'm very happy you came, Saskia.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And it's great to see everyone else.
- Oh, sure.
- Yeah.
- What? - That was my fourth glass of wine and I have begun talking nonsense, Sas.
Well then, thank you for the warning.
You're actually the only one I don't get annoyed at when they call me Sas.
- That right? - Yeah.
- No fifth glass then? - No, not a fifth one.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
Then it's bed time.
- Yeah.
Um I wanted to say something, but I can't.
- Okay.
- I was gonna say, in your case, the remake is much better than the original I once knew.
That's what I was hoping to say to you, but wasn't able to say it.
Okay, thanks.
- Sleep well.
- Yeah, sleep well.
I think everyone's having a good time.
I really think everyone's having a good time.
What? Are you repeating everything now? - What? What is it? - Nothing.
- No, I just put conditioner in.
- Hmm.
Shut the door.
- Did you have fun at the party? - Yeah.
- Oh.
- How about you? Yeah, yeah, it was cozy.
- What is it? - It's my foot.
I wanted to kick away a branch and crack, it was a root.
Oh, ouch.
You sure that you could make it all the way over to the bed? Yeah, I think I'm good.
Be careful.
And I feel like sometimes I believe all the problems I have can be solved.
But, yeah, we can't.
So then we panic.
Peter? Peter, where are you? Does he pay too? It wasn't weird, was it? Was it weird? - With the boys? - Yeah.
- No.
- Oh, okay.
Fuck! God damn it.

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